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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3011

Chapter 3011 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Branton, S.L.; May, J.D.; Lott, B.D.; Maslin, W.R., 1997:
Various blood parameters in commercial hens acutely and chronically infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae

Park JongYoung; Seo SuAn; Cho TaeSoo, 1995:
Various chemical modifications of wood fibers to enhance the properties of medium density fibreboard

Sohani, S.K.; Joshi, V.; Negi, G.C.S.; Rawat, J.K., 1997:
Various collapsible frames of solar warmer-cum-nursery plant protector

Shafiq, M.; Zafar, M.I.; Ikram, M.Z., 1991:
Various grasses response to fertilizers in Pothwar plateau

Scheffer, J.J.C., 1996:
Various methods for the isolation of essential oils

Kim Kitae; Jeon JinHwa; Lee DongKyu, 1995:
Various pathogenic bacteria on German cockroaches (Blattellidae: Blattaria) collected from general hospitals

Bourlard, T.; Schaumann Gaudinet, A.; Bruyant Vannier, M.P.erre; Morvan, C., 1997:
Various pectin methyltransferase activities with affinity for low and highly methylated pectins

Shouno, K., 1995:
Various problems of the dairy industry

Sekerden, O.; Erdem, H., 1995:
Various udder characteristics and their relationships with milk yield in Simmental cattle of Kazova State Farm

Sekerden, O.; Erdem, H.; Altuntas, M., 1997:
Various udder characteristics and their relationships with milk yield in Simmental cattle of Kazova state farm

Calatayud, F.; Verdu, M.J., 1995:
Varroa - estimation from mites in hive debris

Ball, B., 1997:
Varroa and viruses

Abrol, D.P., 1996:
Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans as a carrier of microorganisms

D.G.zman, L.I.; Rinderer, T.E.; Delatte, G.T.; Macchiavelli, R.E., 1996:
Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans tolerance in selected stocks of Apis mellifera L

Bounias, M.; Andre, J.F.; Nectoux, M.; Popeskovic, D.S., 1994:
Varroa jacobsoni control by feeding honey bees with organic cupric salts

Wenner, A.M.; Bushing, W.W., 1996:
Varroa mite spread in the United States

Wenner, A.M.; Thorp, R.W.; Barthell, J.F., 1995:
Varroa mites in an island ecosystem

Eischen, F., 1995:
Varroa resistance to fluvalinate

Kauko, L., 1992 :
Varroosis in Finland

Faucon, J.P.; Drajnudel, P.; Fleche, C., 1996:
Varroosis: demonstrating resistance of the parasite to acaricides by means of the 'determination of mean lethal time' method

Ostergaard, H.S.; Knudsen, L., 1996:
Varying application of nitrogen fertilizer according to local resources - experience from Danish field trials

Ohler, T.A.; Nielsen, S.S.; Mitchell, C.A.; Mitchell, C.A., 1996:
Varying plant density and harvest time to optimize cowpea leaf yield and nutrient content

Green, Jerry M., 1997:
Varying surfactant type changes quizalofop-P herbicidal activity

Macmillan, K.L.; Taufa, V.K.; Day, A.M., 1996:
Varying the form of oestradiol administration in anoestrous cows previously treated with progesterone

Soares, H.M., 1997:
Varzeas (floodable lands), irrigation and sustainability

Hakim, R., 1996:
Vasava identity in transition. Some theoretical issues

Geboes, K.; el-Deeb, G.; el-Haddad, S.; Amer, G.; el-Zayadi, A.R., 1995:
Vascular alterations of the colonic mucosa in schistosomiasis and portal colopathy

Albertini, M.; Dimori, M., 1995:
Vascular and respiratory responses to the administration of endothelin-1 (ET-1) in pigs

Lentz, S.R.; Sobey, C.G.; Piegors, D.J.; Bhopatkar, M.Y.; Faraci, F.M.; Malinow, M.R.; Heistad, D.D., 1996:
Vascular dysfunction in monkeys with diet-induced hyperhomocyst(e)inemia

Nakamura, S.; Murakami-Mori, K.; Rao, N.; Weich, H.A.; Rajeev, B., 1997:
Vascular endothelial growth factor is a potent angiogenic factor in AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma-derived spindle cells

Cornali, E.; Zietz, C.; Benelli, R.; Weninger, W.; Masiello, L.; Breier, G.; Tschachler, E.; Albini, A.; Stürzl, M., 1996:
Vascular endothelial growth factor regulates angiogenesis and vascular permeability in Kaposi's sarcoma

Benzing, David H., 1995:
Vascular epiphytes

Saxena, H.O.; Brahmam, M., 1995:
Vascular flora of Gandhamardan hills

Kamenjarin, J., 1996:
Vascular flora of Mount Kozjak above Split

Ison, C.F., 1996:
Vascular flora of St. Francis National Forest in Arkansas

Towpasz, K., 1996:
Vascular flora of the Kluczwoda valley

Séron, K.; Haenni, A.L., 1996:
Vascular movement of plant viruses

Langler, A.; Meusers, M.; Ulrich, B.; Toedt, H.C.; Tautz, C., 1995:
Vascular neuroborreliosis with hemiparesis in a 9-year-old boy

Doorn, W.G. van, 1995:
Vascular occlusion in cut rose flowers: a survey

Karagiannakidou, V.; Raus, T., 1996:
Vascular plants from Mount Chortiatis (Makedonia, Greece)

Cirilo, N.; Proctor, G.R., 1994:
Vascular plants of the Caribbean Swan Islands of Honduras

Garve, E.; Zacharias, D., 1996:
Vascular plants of the former administrative area Amt Neuhaus (middle Elbe river, district of Luneburg). Results of a detailed mapping in 1994

Radmehr, B., 1997:
Vascular segments in the spleen of one humped camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Yuan Ming, 1995:
Vascular system is the main route of electrical wave transmission elicited by localized wounding in Nasturtium officinale

Rutherford, M.A.; Flood, J., 1996:
Vascular wilt diseases of tropical crops caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Sanchez Hernandez, M.E.; Perez de Algaba, A.; Blanco Lopez, M.A.; Trapero Casas, A., 1996:
Vascular wilt of young olive trees

Joyce, D.C.; Beal, P.; Shorter, A.J., 1996:
Vase life characteristics of selected Grevillea

Tesi, R.; Paoli, C.; Nencini, A., 1997:
Vase life of cut clarkia flowers

Karunaratne, C.; Moore, G.A.; Jones, R.B.; Ryan, R.F., 1997:
Vase life of some cut flowers following fumigation with phosphine

Okine, E.K.; Miaron, J.O.O.; Cosgrove, S.; Christopherson, R.J., 1995:
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide inhibits electromyographic activity of the reticulo-omasal orifice in meal-fed sheep in warm and cold environments

Foster, N.; Lee, D.L., 1996:
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide-like and peptide histidine isoleucine-like proteins excreted/secreted by Nippostrongylus brasiliensis, Nematodirus battus and Ascaridia galli

Sanguigni, S.; Santercole, C.; Parlapiano, C.; Puhl, M.L.; Papa, A.; Redondi, A.; Fileti, A.; Campana, E.; Rota, C.; Angelis, M. de; Bertucci, P.G.; Marangi, M., 1995:
Vasoactive peptides and malaria: a preliminary note

Sanchez de Rojas, V.R.; Somoza, B.; Ortega, T.; Villar, A., 1996:
Vasodilatory effect of naringenin in rat aorta

Mohr, E.; Meyerhof, W.; Richter, D., 1995:
Vasopressin and oxytocin: molecular biology and evolution of the peptide hormones and their receptors

Grevelink, S.A.; Osborne, J.; Loscalzo, J.; Lerner, E.A., 1995:
Vasorelaxant and second messenger effects of maxadilan

Lawlor Smith, L.; Lawlor Smith, C., 1997:
Vasospasm of the nipple - a manifestation of Raynaud's phenomenon: case reports

Honeyman, M.S., 1995:
Vastgotmodellen: Sweden's sustainable alternative for swine production

Bettencourt, E.; Gusmao, L., 1995:
Vavilov mission confirmed pivotal importance of Portugal's plant wealth

Morel, I., 1996:
Veal calves: research directed to Swiss characteristics

Sabbioni, A.; Superchi, P.; Bonomi, A.; Mazzali, I., 1994:
Veal production with Italian Friesian (IF), Belgian Blue x IF and Garonnais x IF calves. Performance data

Ritter, W.F.; Scarborough, R.W., 1997:
Veal waste management systems in the northeastern U.S

Turell, M.J.; Presley, S.M.; Gad, A.M.; Cope, S.E.; Dohm, D.J.; Morrill, J.C.; Arthur, R.R., 1996:
Vector competence of Egyptian mosquitoes for Rift Valley fever virus

Dolan, M.C.; Maupin, G.O.; Panella, N.A.; Golde, W.T.; Piesman, J., 1997:
Vector competence of Ixodes scapularis, I. spinipalpis, and Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) in transmitting Borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of Lyme disease

Vaidyanathan, R.; Edman, J.D.; Cooper, L.A.; Scott, T.W., 1997:
Vector competence of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) from Massachusetts for a sympatric isolate of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus

Mead, D.G.; Mare, C.J.; Cupp, E.W., 1997:
Vector competence of select black fly species for vesicular stomatitis virus (New Jersey serotype)

Prakash, A.; Mohapatra, P.K.; Srivastava, V.K., 1996:
Vector incrimination in Tamulpur primary health centre, district Nalbari, lower Assam during malaria outbreak 1995

Lehane, M.J., 1996:
Vector insects and their control

Grübel, P.; Hoffman, J.S.; Chong, F.K.; Burstein, N.A.; Mepani, C.; Cave, D.R., 1997:
Vector potential of houseflies (Musca domestica) for Helicobacter pylori

Peters, D.; Wijkamp, I.; Wetering, F. van de; Goldbach, R., 1996:
Vector relations in the transmission and epidemiology of tospoviruses

Guo, J.Q.; Lapierre, H.; Moreau, J.P., 1995:
Vector specificity of barley yellow dwarf (MAV, RPV) luteoviruses and virus regulation in aphids

Campbell, R.N.; Wipf Scheibel, C.; Lecoq, H., 1996:
Vector-assisted seed transmission of melon necrotic spot virus in melon

Murcia, V.; Terraza, M., 1996:
Vectorial and autoregressive modelling of table wines in the French market: an analysis of monthly data

Bockarie, M.J.; Service, M.W.; Barnish, G.; Touré, Y.T., 1995:
Vectorial capacity and entomological inoculation rates of Anopheles gambiae in a high rainfall forested area of southern Sierra Leone

Cudicini, C.; Kercret, H.; Touzalin, A.M.; Ballet, F.; Jégou, B., 1997:
Vectorial production of interleukin 1 and interleukin 6 by rat Sertoli cells cultured in a dual culture compartment system

Oliveira Filho, A.M.; Melo, M.T., 1994:
Vectors control importance on leishmaniasis transmission

Stotter, M.; Mayrhofer, H., 1996:
Vegan diet: neurological syndromes, severe developmental and thriving disorders in babies and infants due to vitamin B12 deficiency

Ammann, M.; Phan Huy, S.A., 1996:
Vegetable and fruit market and production structure in the Bodensee region

Chinwada, P.; Giga, D., 1993 :
Vegetable and neem oils as protectants of stored beans against bruchids

E.G.ndy, A.M.; E.A.aby, A.M., 1996:
Vegetable crop response to surface and subsurface drip under calcareous soil

Michellon, R.; Seguy, L.; Perret, S., 1996:
Vegetable crops and rose geraniums grown in association with kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) controlled with fluazifop-P-butyl

Monnet, Y., 1997:
Vegetable crops and strawberries in 1996. The main phytosanitary problems

Jacobi, P.; Amend, J., 1996:
Vegetable growing in Dar es Salaam - an important source of income, not only for the poor

Zhang RunJie; Zhou ChangQing; Chen HaiDong, 1996:
Vegetable leafminer, Liriomyza sativae Blanchard, an important pest of international quarantine

Agarwal, N.L.; Saini, T.C., 1995:
Vegetable marketing - a case study of Jaipur market (Rajasthan)

Andrews, G.E.; Mkpadi, M.C., 1996:
Vegetable oil as alternative household fuel to imported kerosene in africa

Widmann, B.A., 1995:
Vegetable oils: processing and purification in decentralized facilities

Basler, A., 1995:
Vegetable production in periurban areas in the tropics and subtropics. Food, income and quality of life. Report of a DSE-ATSAF workshop, 14-17 November 1994, Zschortau, Germany

Abad, L.M.; Alzuru, I.; Gonzalez, L.; Moreno, R.; Vazquez, J., 1995:
Vegetable production units in Venezuela

Rastoin, J.L., 1995:
Vegetable production: an economic and nutritional asset for developing countries

Gruda, N.; Schnitzler, W.H., 1996:
Vegetable seedlings in wood fibre substrate

Kapur, S.K.; Srivastava, T.N., 1996:
Vegetable tanning materials of Jammu and Kashmir State

Badoux, S., 1996:
Vegetable varieties grown and recommended in western Switzerland from the beginning of the century to the appearance of F1 hybrids

Rimm, E.B.; Ascherio, A.; Giovannucci, E.; Spiegelman, D.; Stampfer, M.J.; Willett, W.C., 1996:
Vegetable, fruit, and cereal fiber intake and risk of coronary heart disease among men

Levre, E.; Valentini, P.; Caroli, G., 1995:
Vegetables and Listeria contamination

Cox, D.N.; Anderson, A.S.; McKellar, S.; Reynolds, J.; Lean, M.E.J.; Mela, D.J., 1996:
Vegetables and fruits: barriers and opportunities for greater consumption

Marothia, D.K.; Gupta, S.P.; Chandrakar, M.R., 1996:
Vegetables marketing: a case study of two markets in Chhattisgarh region of Madhya Pradesh

Klonsky, K.; Tourte, L., 1996:
Vegetables, fruits and nuts account for 95% of organic sales in California

Farad Bensenouci, S.; Lamisse, F. , 1997:
Vegetarian diet, hypertension and coronary heart disease

Bakhiev, A.B., 1996:
Vegetation - an indicator of ecological system degradation in the lower reaches of the Amu Darya River

Huang YaoMoan; Ying ShaoShun, 1996:
Vegetation analysis of Sphaeropteris lepifera (Hook.) Tryon plant community at Su-Ao area

Chen TzyeIng, 1993:
Vegetation analysis on the broad-leaved forest of Machilus-Castanopsis forest zone in northern Taiwan

Whitlock, C.; Bartlein, P.J., 1997:
Vegetation and climate change in northwest America during the past 125 kyr

Elina, G.A.; Arslanov, K.A.; Klimanov, V.A.; Usova, L.I., 1995:
Vegetation and climate chronology in the Holocene of the Lovozerskaya Plain in the Kola peninsula (based on spore-pollen diagrams of a palsa mire)

Moutsambote, J.M., 1996:
Vegetation and edible plants of the Sangha area (northern Congo)

Hardtle, W.; Bracht, H.; Hobohm, C., 1996:
Vegetation and endangering of the Querco-Ulmetum in the Mittelelbe area between Lauenburg and Havelberg

E.K.dy, H.F.; Ayyad, M.; Bornkamm, R., 1995:
Vegetation and recent land-use history in the desert of Maktala, Egypt

Kawanabe, S.; Nan YinHao; Oshida, T.; Kou ZhenWu; Konno, M.; Matsumoto, S., 1994:
Vegetation and soil of alkaline meadow steppe in Wulanaodu region, Nei Menggu, mainland China. 1. Comparison of cut and grazed pastures

Kawanabe, S.; Nan YinHao; Oshida, T.; Kou ZhenWu; Konno, M.; Matsumoto, S., 1994:
Vegetation and soil of alkaline meadow steppe in Wulanaodu region, Nei Menggu, mainland China. 2. Relationship between the vegetation type and microtopography and soil

Lawson, M., 1996:
Vegetation and sustainable cities

McAdam, J.H., 1996:
Vegetation change and management in temperate agroforestry systems

Rose, A.B.; Platt, K.H.; Frampton, C.M., 1995:
Vegetation change over 25 years in a New Zealand short-tussock grassland: effects of sheep grazing and exotic invasions

Duncan, M.J.; Keane, P.J., 1996:
Vegetation changes associated with Phytophthora cinnamomi and its decline under Xanthorrhoea australis in Kinglake National Park, Victoria

Garsetiasih, R.; Sutrisno, E.; Hutauruk, H.T., 1996:
Vegetation characteristics and population of deer (Cervus timorensis) in Ndana Island Hunting Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Hibbs, D.E.; Giordano, P.A., 1996:
Vegetation characteristics of alder-dominated riparian buffer strips in the Oregon coast range

Chaverri Polini, A.; Cleef, A.M., 1996:
Vegetation communities in the paramos of the Chirripo and Buena Vista Mountains, Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Kazanis, D.; Arianoutsou, M., 1996:
Vegetation composition in a post-fire successional gradient of Pinus halepensis forests in Attica, Greece

Kamal, S.A.; E.D.rier, S.M., 1995 :
Vegetation cover and land use map of El-Hammam area, western Mediterranean coast, Egypt

Dworschak, U., 1996:
Vegetation development in the former coppice-with-standards forests of the Lower Rhine basin

Tsuyuzaki, S.; Titus, J.H., 1996:
Vegetation development patterns in erosive areas on the Pumice Plains of Mount St. Helens

Treiber, R., 1997:
Vegetation dynamics as affected by wild boar (Sus scrofa L.), exemplified by acid dry grassland of the Alsatian Rhine Plain

Siniscalco, C.; Barni, E.; Montacchini, F., 1995:
Vegetation dynamics in abandoned fields in the Susa Valley, Western Alps

Georgievskii, A.B., 1995:
Vegetation dynamics in gaps in Piccetum myrtillosum forests in the southern taiga

Ohkuro, T.; Matsuo, K.; Nemoto, M., 1996:
Vegetation dynamics of abandoned paddy fields and their levee slopes in mountainous regions of central Japan

Prasad, L.K., 1996:
Vegetation dynamics of some pasture grasses in India

Mayor, J.P.; Lambelet Haueter, C., 1996:
Vegetation dynamics' comparison of fallow land and of a floral plant mixture sown to revitalize agricultural land

Hirano, T.; Kiyota, M.; Aiga, I., 1996:
Vegetation in Sakai City, Osaka, as a sink of air pollutants

Gurrea Guerrero, M.M.; Jimenez Martinez, M.A.; Berrad, F.; Garcia Rossell, L., 1995:
Vegetation in a badlands region (Albox-Almeria)

Perez, R.; Condit, R.; Aguilar, S.; Hernandez, A.; Villareal, A., 1996:
Vegetation inventory of Coiba Island, Panama: composition and floristics

Larson, L.; Sheley, R.; McInnis, M., 1996:
Vegetation management and weed invasion

Howe, F., 1995:
Vegetation management in the Jervis Bay Botanic Gardens

Clay, D.V.; Dixon, F.L., 1995:
Vegetation management in the establishment of poplar and willow short-rotation coppice

Muasya, J.M.; Young, T.P.; Okebiro, D.N., 1995:
Vegetation map and plant checklist of Ol Ari Nyiro ranch and the Mukutan Gorge, Laikipia, Kenya

Vukicevic, E., 1991:
Vegetation map of the amelioration unit 'Goc-Gvozdac' - a commentary on the map

Perea, M.C., 1995:
Vegetation map of the eastern side of Santa Maria Valley, Tucuman, Argentina

Ustin, S.L.; Hart, Q.J.; Duan, L.; Scheer, G., 1996:
Vegetation mapping on hardwood rangelands in California

Brandao, M., 1995:
Vegetation of Alto Paranaiba (microregions 171, 172 and 179) - preliminary data

Bacieczko, W., 1997:
Vegetation of Lake Lubiaz in Gorzow district under conditions of human impact

Gavilanes, M.L.; Brandao, M.; Laca Buendia, J.P.; Araujo, M.G., 1995:
Vegetation of Sao Jose mountains, MG, municipality of Sao Joao del Rei e Tiradentes

Tuteja, S.C.; Singh, V., 1995:
Vegetation of Sheopur Forest Division, Madhya Pradesh

Ratynska, H.; Szwed, W., 1995:
Vegetation of forest islands in the agricultural landscape near Poznan (West-Central Poland)

Wright, P.E.; Daniels, N.P., 1995:
Vegetation of reclaimed colliery tips

Brandao, M.; Gavilanes, M.L.; Laca Buendia, J.P.; Ferreira, F.B.D., 1996:
Vegetation of the Caldas Municipality, Minas Gerais

Maxwell, J.F., 1996:
Vegetation of the Mai Soi Conservation Area, Chom Tong District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Pop, I.; Buz, Z., 1995:
Vegetation of the Sovata-Praid-Dealu area. III. Wetland and ruderal formations

Pop, I.; Buz, Z., 1994:
Vegetation of the Sovata-Praid-Dealu region. I. Forest vegetation

Neveceral, P., 1995:
Vegetation of the Tepla Valley Nature Reserve

Marynich, O.V., 1996:
Vegetation of the Tersek-Karagai region (Naurzum state reserve, Kazakhstan)

Diego Peez, N.; Maria Fonseca, R.; Lozada Perez, L.; Lorea HernaAndez, F., 1993:
Vegetation of the coastal lagoons and inundated zones of the state of Guerrero, Mexico

Titov, Y.V.; Potokin, A.F.; Sadekova, I.F., 1996:
Vegetation of the river floodplains in the upper reaches of the Taz river basin

Norton, D.A., 1995:
Vegetation on goat-free islands in a low-alpine lake, Paparoa Range, and implications for monitoring goat control operations

Thilenius, J.F.; Brown, G.R.; Medina, A.L., 1995:
Vegetation on semi-arid rangelands, Cheyenne River Basin, Wyoming

Elisseou, G.C.; Veresoglou, D.S.; Mamolos, A.P., 1995:
Vegetation productivity and diversity of acid grasslands in northern Greece as influenced by winter rainfall and limiting nutrients

Angiolini, C.; Boscagli, A.; Loppi, S., 1995:
Vegetation recovery after exposure to geothermal vapours

F.Q.ngLin; Luo YongJing, 1995:
Vegetation recovery and its ecological effect on red earth in the low hill area

Stern, Margaret J., 1995:
Vegetation recovery on earthquake-triggered landslide sites in the Ecuadorian Andes

Boer, B.; Norton, J., 1996:
Vegetation rehabilitation in an enclosure in Abu Dhabi

Paci, M.; Ciampelli, F., 1996:
Vegetation responses in canopy gaps in the Sasso Fratino nature reserve

Deselm, H.R., 1994:
Vegetation results from an 1807 land survey of southern Middle Tennessee

Distel, R.A.; Boo, R.M., 1996:
Vegetation states and transitions in temperate semiarid rangelands of Argentina

Samra, J.S.; Singh, S.C., 1996:
Vegetation status and biomass estimates of Rel Majra dam catchment - base line survey

Pauline Rajan; Sundarapandian, S.; Chandrasekaran, S.; Swamy, P.S., 1996:
Vegetation structure and regeneration potential of a deciduous forest at Alagar Hills, Madurai

Singh, S.K.; Neelu Lodhiyal; Kathayat, J.S., 1996:
Vegetation structure under different aspects in the temperate zone of Tirthan Valley, Western Himalaya

Hrsak, V., 1996:
Vegetation succession at acidic fen near Dubravica in the Hrvatsko zagorje region

Helliwell, D.R.; Buckley, G.P.; Fordham, S.J.; Paul, T.A., 1996:
Vegetation succession on a relocated ancient woodland soil

JayBai, T.; Hao DunYuan; Cottrell, T.; Tala, T., 1996:
Vegetation succession trend analysis using a multi-dimensional sphere model

Losada Gavilanes, M.; Brandao, M., 1994:
Vegetation survey of Itumirim Municipality, Minas Gerais

Rodrigues, B.F., 1996:
Vegetation survey of Orasso Dongor iron ore mines (Goa)

Rodrigues, B.F., 1996:
Vegetation survey of iron ore mines at Sanquelim (Goa)

Brandao, M.; Losada Gavilanes, M., 1994:
Vegetation survey of microregion 178 (Uberaba), Minas Gerais, Brazil

Brandao, M.; Losada Gavilanes, M.; Dias Ferreira, F.B.; Bastos, E.M., 1994:
Vegetation survey of the municipality of Caete, Minas Gerais

Blasi, C., 1994:
Vegetation synecology and multi-functional forest management planning

Cai HengXin; Wang Bo; Q.G.i; Zhang XiaoChun, 1995:
Vegetation types on the northern slopes and in the interior of the middle Kunlun Mountains

Oswit, J., 1996:
Vegetation, agricultural value and productivity of grasslands in the inundated part of the Upper Narew valley

Pauley, E.F.; Nodvin, S.C.; Nicholas, N.S.; Rose, A.K.; Coffey, T.B., 1996:
Vegetation, biomass, and nitrogen pools in a spruce-fir forest of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stachowicz, J.J.; Allison, T.D., 1995:
Vegetation, browsing, and site factors as determinants of Canada yew (Taxus canadensis) distribution in central New Hampshire

Gibson, David J., 1992:
Vegetation-environment relationships in a southern mixed hardwood forest

Rydgren, K., 1996:
Vegetation-environment relationships of old-growth spruce forest vegetation in Ostmarka Nature Reserve, SE Norway, and comparison of three ordination methods

Nesmith,; Krewer, G., 1995:
Vegetation-free area influences growth and establishment of rabbiteye blueberry

Abrams, M.D.; McCay, D.M., 1996:
Vegetation-site relationships of witness trees (1780-1865) in the presettlement forests of eastern West Virginia

Yuasa, Y.; Sawata, K.; Murai, H.; Inoue, K., 1995:
Vegetational changes in revegetated open-cut mining lands of the former Matsuo sulfur mine, Iwate Prefecture

Pan DaiYuan; Kong LingShao; Jin QiHong, 1995:
Vegetational mapping in the experimental area of the Grassland Research Station, Hutubi, Xinjiang

Lamb, H.F.; Kaars, S. van der, 1995:
Vegetational response to Holocene climatic change: pollen and palaeolimnological data from the Middle Atlas, Morocco

Field, T.R.O., 1989:
Vegetational survey of managed pastures in New Zealand

Giorgio, V.; Piccioni, E.; Standardi, A., 1997:
Vegetative and productive behaviour of two sweet cherry cultivars grafted on 60 ecotypes of Prunus mahaleb L

Distel, R.A.; Klich, M.G., 1996:
Vegetative and reproductive characteristics in two Stipa species differing in grazing tolerance

Perez, Y.; Delgado, D.; Manzano, J.E., 1995:
Vegetative and reproductive development of melon cultivars growing in Venezuela

Tewolde, H.; Fernandez, C.J., 1997:
Vegetative and reproductive dry weight inhibition in nitrogen- and phosphorus-deficient Pima cotton

Bautista, D.; Salas, D., 1995:
Vegetative and reproductive growth and yields of passiflora trained as an arbour

Day, J.S.; Gould, K.S., 1997:
Vegetative architecture of Elaeocarpus hookerianus. Periodic growth patterns in divaricating juveniles

Day, J.S.; Gould, K.S.; Jameson, P.E., 1997:
Vegetative architecture of Elaeocarpus hookerianus. Transition from juvenile to adult

Katan, T.; Shabi, E., 1996:
Vegetative compatibility among isolates of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from almond in Israel

Wang KeRong; Meng AiZhong; B.Z.engGeng, 1996:
Vegetative compatibility among isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum from diseased tissues of cotton plants

Chung, K.R.n; Schardl, C.L., 1997:
Vegetative compatibility between and within Epichloe species

Ueno, S.; Takehara, T.; Naito, H.; Kuniyasu, K., 1993:
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Ventral slot decompression for cervical intervertebral disc disease in 112 dogs

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Venture into new dimensions. 'For you': national invoicing for regional supply networks

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Venturi-ridge for good ventilation and more light

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Verbena officinalis, vervain

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Verdict on triticale - the case for

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Vermicompositing in the Carolinas

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Verotoxigenic Escherichia coli O157 in Scotland

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Versatile machinery for maintaining green areas

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Versatility and reliability of the new powered trailers

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Vertebrate-type steroids in insects. Occurrence. Biosynthesis? Function?

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Vertical HIV transmission

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Vertical and horizontal distribution and abundance of resting cysts of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense and Alexandrium catenella in sediments of Hiroshima Bay, the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

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Vertical and temporal distribution of some arthropod predators in a rice ecosystem

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Vertical and temporal structure of herbaceous-dwarf shrub cover in a southern taiga birch forest in the context of competition

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Vertical conveyor reaper for harvesting safflower

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Vertical cooling crystallizers for AGRANA

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Vertical coordination and structural change in the pork industry: discussion

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Vertical coordination in agriculture: a case in the Canadian beef industry

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Vertical coordination: the case of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Midi-Pyrenees

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Vertical dispersal and infectivity of Steinernema glaseri, S. anomali and S. kushidai (Nematoda: Steinernematidae)

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Vertical distribution in soil, persistence, and efficacy against citrus root weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) of two species of entomogenous nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae; Heterorhabditidae)

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Vertical distribution of 90Sr and 137Cs in alluvial sod soils in the near zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power station

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Vertical distribution of alpine Thysanoptera

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Vertical distribution of different stages of Agasicles hygrophila (Coleoptera.: Chrysomelidae) on host plant in the field

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Vertical distribution of dry matter in four wheat varieties

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Vertical distribution of potassium in some normal (Ustochrepts) and salt-affected (Halaquepts) soils of Jaunpur District, U.P.

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Vertical distribution of sulphur in base unsaturated rice fallow profiles of Karnataka

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Vertical distribution of the mosquitoes (Dipt., Culicidae) in the mountain of Papuk, Croatia

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Vertical distribution of trace elements in forest soil profiles of East Germany

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Vertical distribution of zoosporic fungi in an agricultural field soil

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Vertical floor pressures during filling of a full-scale grain bin

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Vertical flux measurements of the submicronic aerosol particles and parameterisation of the dry deposition velocity

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Vertical fluxes of volatile mercury over soil surfaces in Guizhou Province, China

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Vertical gradients in photosynthetic gas exchange characteristics and refixation of respired CO(2) within boreal forest canopies

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Vertical integration and price transmission in the Spanish poultry sector

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Vertical integration and small scale on-farm processing: a theoretical and empirical analysis of the Swedish potato industry

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Vertical integration comparison: beef, pork, and poultry

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Vertical integration in business management in an agricultural area of activity

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Vertical marketing, processing and sale of wheat and wheat flour

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Vertical stratification of the incidence of Anastrepha fraterculus (Wied.) on fruit trees in southern Brazil

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Vessel length and diameter distribution in organs of ten Hibiscus species

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Vestigial glume (Vg1-R) plants exhibit cell death in the ligule

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Vetch and mutagenesis

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Veterinary museums

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Veterinary mycology

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Veterinary nutritional management of amphibians and reptiles

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Veterinary warning systems in the forefront of foot-and-mouth disease eradication

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Vetiver and its cultivation worldwide

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Vetiver grass for erosion control

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Viability of dairy plants

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Viability of irrigation farming investigated

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Viability of pathogenic Acanthamoeba and Naegleria and of N. fowleri during long-term cryopreservation

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Viability of service functions by co-operatives: an empirical analysis

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Viability of transgenic rat embryos after freezing and thawing

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Viability south of the Sahara. Sustaining the future: economic, social, and environmental change in sub-Saharan Africa

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Viable farms and agricultural transformation in Croatia

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Viable local ice cream production

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Viable maternal-effect mutations that affect the development of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

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Viable organisation building for sustainable development

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Vibrating probe measurement of ionic currents around developing embryo of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

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Vibrations in the driver's seat of tractor-drawn implements

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Vibrations of a tractor's power unit on an elastic suspension

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Vibrio vulnificus biotype 2, pathogenic for eels, is also an opportunistic pathogen for humans

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Viburnum clemensae (Caprifoliaceae s.l.), an unusual dioecious species from the high mountains of Sabah (Borneo)

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Vicilin and Napin Storage-Protein Gene Promoters Are Responsive to Abscisic Acid in Developing Transgenic Tobacco Seed but Lose Sensitivity following Premature Desiccation

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Victoria: a new variety of white bean

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Video and PRA in Eastern Burkina Faso

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Video gambling in South Carolina: an experiment in local option gambling

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Video image analysis as a nondestructive measure of plant vigor for precision agriculture

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Video image analysis for the detection of some external measures in vivo and for carcass estimation in young bulls

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Video image analysis for the measurement of relevant quality traits of beef

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Video knowledge bases and computer-assisted video production: a forestry example

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Video surveillance - as simple as a telephone call

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Video technology applied to the management of Bahrain's marine resources

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Video: a tool for participation

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Vietnam sugarcane in 2000

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Vietnam: Asian dynamo or paper tiger?

Anonymous, 1996:
Vietnam: a growing force in sugar

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View of the union movement on genetic engineering in cultivation and the production of produce

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Viewing disease as the synergistic interaction of host, agent, and environment

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Viewpoint: a theoretical basis for planning woody plant control to maintain species diversity

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Viewpoint: the development of a strategic management model for South African agricultural cooperatives

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Views of the local population about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Zumberak

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Views on the evaluation of rice imported urgently

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Vigisospirura potekhina hugoti subsp. n. (Nematoda: Spirocercidae) from Meles meles (Carnivora: Mustelidae) in Spain

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Vigorous development of the grain industry towards a market system

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Vigour & viability losses in brassicas during storage

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Vigour and yield management by summer pruning of the Lys training system (cv. Pederna, Vinhos verdes region.)

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Vigour increases the sensitivity of maritime pine to the trunk pyralid, Dioryctria sylvestrella

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Vigour of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar) seed produced from foliar spray of nitrogenous salts under rainfed condition

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Vigour of greenhouse tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.): analysis of the criteria used by growers and search for objective criteria

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Vigour of in-situ softwood mango grafts in relation to defoliation period and storage of scion shoots

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Vigour tests based on permeability of cell membranes: 1. Electrical conductivity

Anonymous, 1996:
Vikas volunteer vahini (VVV) programme helping people to help themselves

Sharma, N.K., 1995:
Vikramshila gangetic dolphin sanctuary

Laki, L., 1995:
Village - family - agricultural venture

Pal, I., 1995:
Village development - rural tourism

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Village forestry in Tanzania

Deng Wei; Wilkes, A.; Bloom, G., 1997:
Village health services in rural China

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Village institutions after the Law No. 5/1979 on village administration: the case of Rejang-Lebong in south-western Sumatra

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Village livestock and disease control in Northern Thailand: a survey examining socio-economic factors

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Village restoration in the Czech Republic

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Village vegetation in Northern Bavaria and Southern Thuringia

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Village voices challenging wetland management policies: PRA experiences from Pakistan and India

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Village-level integrated pest management in developing countries

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Village-level management of natural resources: a case study from the Himalayas

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Village-level workers and rural development: a case study

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Villagers and outsiders in cooperation: experiences from development praxis in the Philippines

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Villalon, a fresh ewe's milk Spanish cheese, as a source of potentially pathogenic Aeromonas strains

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Villous height and crypt depth in piglets in response to increases in the intake of cows' milk after weaning

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Villus length influences habitat selection by Heligmosomoides polygyrus

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Vinasse and fluid fertilizers on sugarcane in Brazil

Orlando Filho, J., 1996:
Vinasse application in a Brazilian sandy soil and N watertable pollution

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Vine and fruit growth of Seibel 9110 grapes for two years as affected by ecodormant root pruning

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Vine growth and fruit development of 'Pione' grapes planted in root-restricted buried and raised beds

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Vine protection by helicopter: study on distribution quality over vineyards and surrounding areas

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