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Chapter 3,012

Volatile leaf oils of some south-western and southern Australian species of genus Eucalyptus (Series I) . Part XIII. (Series I) . (a) Series Subulatae, (b) Series Curviptera, (c) Series Contortae, (d) Series Incognitae, (e) Series Terminaliptera, (f) Series Inclusae, (g) Series Microcorythae and (h) Series Cornutae

Bignell, C.M.; Dunlop, P.J.; Brophy, J.J.; Jackson, J.F.

Flavour and Fragrance Journal 11(6): 339-347


ISSN/ISBN: 0882-5734
Accession: 003011783

The volatile leaf oils of Eucalyptus 'Species R', E. 'Species Q', E. socialis, E. 'Species O', E. wyolensis, E. glomerosa, E. leptopoda subsp. elevata, E. effusa subsp. effusa, E. effusa subsp. exsul, E. cosmophylla, E. longifolia, E. paludicola, E. calophylla, E. haematoxylon, E. ficifolia, E. diversicolor, E. cladocalyx and E. gomphocephala, isolated by vacuum distillation, were analysed by GC and by GC-MS.

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