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Volatile leaf oils of some south-western and southern Australian species of the genus Eucalyptus. Part XI. Subgenus Symphyomyrtus. A - Section Bisectaria. (a) Series Occidentales, (b) unpublished Series Annulatae, (c) Series Micromembranae, (d) Series Obliquae, (e) Series Dundasianae, (f) Series Cooperianae, (g) Series Halophilae, (h) Series Salmonophloiae, and (i) Series Pubescentes. B - Section Dumaria. (a) Series Merrickianae

Bignell, C.M.; Dunlop, P.J.; Brophy, J.J.; Jackson, J.F.

Flavour and Fragrance Journal 11(2): 107-112


ISSN/ISBN: 0882-5734
Accession: 003011793

The volatile leaf oils of E. occidentalis var. occidentalis, E. astringens, E. sargentii subsp. sargentii, E. stowardii, E. annulata, E. macrandra, E. macrandra subsp. olivacea, E. aspratilis, E. grossa, E. dundasii, E. cooperiana, E. halophila, E. salmonophloia, E. brockwayi and E. merrickiae (all native to southern Western Australia) were isolated by vacuum distillation and analysed by GC and GC-MS.

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