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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3013

Chapter 3013 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Panis, A.; Oi, E.; Pinet, C., 1995:
Walking and non-reproductive behaviour in two species of Encarsia (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) used in studies on biological control of the white peach scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae)

Klazenga, N.; D.V.ies, H.H., 1994:
Walking distances of five differently sized ground beetle species

Ready, A.E., 1996:
Walking program maintenance in women with elevated serum cholesterol

Popov, A.N.; Pobedin, A.V., 1995:
Walking propulsion for tractors

Cubit, S.; McArthur, S., 1995:
Walking track management: only half the answer?

Walker, P., 1996:
Walking trails in the UK

Liebig, G., 1996:
Wallner queens under test: no detectable varroa resistance

Vedani, G., 1996:
Walls and ceilings reaching high standards of hygiene

Hatfield, J.L.; Jaynes, D.B.; Baker, J.L.; Burkart, M.R.; Buchmiller, R.C.; Soenksen, P.J., 1995:
Walnut Creek Watershed: linking farming practices to environmental quality

Gebre, E., 1996:
Walnut adapts to the highlands

Solar, A., 1995:
Walnut ripening, harvesting and drying

Janis, W.; Mohn, I., 1997:
Walnut situation and outlook

Crochon, M.; Guizard, C.; Steinmetz, V.; Bellon, V., 1995:
Walnut sorting according to their internal quality; primary results

Prunet, J.P.; Herman, I., 1995:
Walnut trees: decline related to excess water and to Phytophthora

Fraser, T.J.; Rowarth, J.S., 1994:
Wana cocksfoot: nitrogen effects on quantity and quality

Anonymous, 1997:
Wanted: a farming revolution

Morgan, J., 1994:
Wanuskewin: living in harmony

Anonymous, 1996:
War and food overview: how conflicts lead to hunger

Nikolic Ristanovic, V., 1996:
War and violence against women

Corr, F., 1997:
War cries galore at peaceful Kilkea

Loffler, T.G., 1996:
Waratah grown in alkaline soils

Nixon, P.; Payne, W.H., 1996:
Waratahs. The new breed to the year 2000

Minar, J., 1992:
Warble fly invasion in cattle of Czechoslovakia

Pruett, J.H.; Kunz, S.E., 1996:
Warble stage development of third instars of Hypoderma lineatum (Diptera: Oestridae)

Borgstrom, U., 1996:
Warehouse at Milko Bollnas, a profitable investment

Dhouibi, M.H.; Jemmazi, A., 1996:
Warehouse biological control of the pyralid date pest Ectomyelois ceratoniae

Castro, M.F.P.P.M. de; Pacheco, I.A.; Soares, L.M.V.; Furlani, R.P.Z.; Paula, D.C. de; Bolonhezi, S., 1996:
Warehouse control of Aspergillus flavus link and A. parasiticus speare on peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) by phosphine fumigation and its effect on aflatoxin production

Ramkumar, K.; Prasad, G.R., 1995:
Warehousing under total decontrolled scenario

Winter, W.; Banziger, I.; Krebs, H.; Ruegger, A.; Frei, P.; Gindrat, D., 1996:
Warm and hot water treatment of barley seed

Wiebe, H.J., 1997:
Warm culture reduces the risk of bolting in radicchio

Huang GuiQin; Wang YuJiang; Yuan HongYin; S.X.uLi, 1996:
Warm environment control of closed cowshed

Roundy, B.A.; Abbott, L.B.; Jones, C.; Biedenbender, S.H.; Livingston, M.; Winkel, V.K., 1996:
Warm-season grass establishment in relation to summer rainfall

Loo, D. van de, 1996:
Warmed drinking water for piglets

Kailuweit, H.D.; Krug, H., 1995:
Warmth promotes the length and greater soil resistance the thickness of asparagus spears

Deckers, T.; Daemen, E., 1997:
Warning systems for fire blight

Hendriks, H., 1997:
Wart disease, a quarantine fungal disease of potatoes

Nash, A.; Sanders, T., 1994:
Was that an earthquake? The case of a vibrating floor

Ives, J., 1997:
Wash and go

Schruft, G.; Weingartner, S., 1994:
Wash-off of Bacillus thuringiensis by rain

Prato, O.S. del, 1995:
Washed-rind cheeses

Eremin, V.N., 1995:
Washing and disinfecting equipment which does not require dismantling

Ridder, J.K., 1996:
Washing and tuber disinfection of potatoes to control bacterial diseases and soil pathogens

Ubakata, H., 1995:
Washing nozzles of centrifuge

Witzel, E., 1997:
Washing places on farms

Fontenay, F.; Landman, R.; Diquet, B.; Sinet, M.;, P.; Rouzioux, C., 1997:
Washington Conference

Morrissey, B.; Burgess, J.L.; Robertson, W.O., 1995:
Washington's experience and recommendations Re: Anticoagulant rodenticides

Bloemers, G.F.; Wanless, F.R., 1996:
Wasimellus enigmatus gen. n., sp. n. (Nematoda: Tylencholaimidae), a remarkable new nematode from Cameroon

Thakur, S.S.; Kashyap, N.P., 1996:
Wasp control by lure trap in apiary

Marris, G.C.; Naylor, J.; Parkinson, N.; Edwards, J.P., 1994:
Wasp-induced infections in a parasitoid-host association

Hickel, E.R.; Schuck, E., 1995:
Wasps and bees attacking grapes in the Alto Valley, Rio do Peixe

Kluge, R., 1994:
Waste disposal: manuring with residues?

Walls, B.; Buggeln, R. , 1996:
Waste diversion at correctional facility

Franzetti, L.; Frontini, S., 1995:
Waste in the dairy industry

Kahlstatt, J.; Wendel, G.; Pirkelman, H., 1996:
Waste liquids from horizontal silage facilities. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation

Russell, P., 1996:
Waste management systems

Cummings, L.E., 1997:
Waste minimisation supporting urban tourism sustainability: a mega-resort case study

Bystrom, S.; Lonnstedt, L., 1996:
Waste paper recycling: economic and environmental impacts

Russell, P., 1997:
Waste recycling - a progress report

Kobayashi, M.; Kobayashi, M., 1995:
Waste remediation and treatment using anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria

Pope, P.; Eeckhout, E. van; Rofer, C., 1996:
Waste site characterization through digital analysis of historical aerial photographs

Fuchs, A., 1996:
Waste water disposal and (agricultural) land management through waste water spreading in agriculture

Geyer, M., 1996:
Waste water from potato washing

Zink Nielsen, I., 1997:
Waste water from the dairy industry

Amos, P.W., 1997:
Waste water in the food industry: a review of procedure and practice

Kubertaviciene, L.; Vaicys, M.; Gradeckas, A., 1996:
Waste water sludge, peat and wood residue utilization for pine seedling production

Kyritsis, S., 1996:
Waste-water reuse

English, B.; Clemons, C.M.; Stark, N.; Schneider, J.P., 1996:
Waste-wood-derived fillers for plastics

Immirzi, P., 1997:
Wasted assets or wasting assets: peatland functions and values

Panda, S.; Das, A.P.; Lahiri, A.K., 1997:
Wasteland reclamation by some papilionaceous taxa - possibilities and prospects

Henze, M.; Gujer, W.; Mino, T.; Matsuo, T.; Wentzel, M.C.; Marais, G. van R., 1995:
Wastewater and biomass characterization for the activated sludge model No.2: biological phosphorus removal

Madireddi, K.; Babcock, R.W.J.; Levine, B.; Huo, T.L.; Khan, E.; Ye, Q.F.; Neethling, J.B.; Suffet, I.H.; Stenstrom, M.K., 1997:
Wastewater reclamation at Lake Arrowhead, California: an overview

Krauss, G.D.; Page, A.L., 1997:
Wastewater, sludge and food crops

Cianfrocca, M.; Von Roenn, J.H., 1997:
Wasting and cachexia in patients with HIV

Schwartz, M.W.; Seeley, R.J.; Woods, S.C., 1997:
Wasting illness as a disorder of body weight regulation

Charles, J.; Froud, K., 1996:
Watch out for this new pest - Ash whitefly - Siphoninus phillyreae (Haliday) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Anonymous, 1996:
Watching every movement

Deeprose, J., 1997:
Watching the detectors

Walker, S.; Fyfield, T.P.; McDonald, J.P.A.; Thackrah, A., 1995:
Water & crop models studied

E.Q.osy, D.E.D.; E.A.iz, Y.A.; Shouman, H.; Kamal, S.; Lowdermilk, M., 1996:
Water Users Associations role and rate of adoption - an Egyptian experience

Turner, A., 1996:
Water World

Boehme, C.; Hora, G., 1996:
Water absorption and contact angle measurement of native European, North American and tropical wood species to predict gluing properties

Carlesso, R., 1995:
Water absorption by plants: available versus extractable water and crop production

Tagawa, A.; Muramatsu, Y.; Kitamura, Y.; Murata, S., 1997 :
Water absorption characteristics of soyabeans during soaking

Starzak, M.; Peacock, S.D., 1997:
Water activity coefficient in aqueous solutions of sucrose - A comprehensive data analysis

Lees, R., 1996:
Water activity. Part 3. The effect of crystallisation and other changes on water activity

Murta, S.; Tanaka, F.; Amaratunga, K.S.P.; Shibuya, K.; Tagawa, A., 1996:
Water adsorption isotherms of polished rice. Analysis of equilibrium moisture content using the modified Chen-Clayton's equation

Moore, M.R.; Mulville, A.; Weinberg, M., 1996:
Water allocation in the American West: endangered fish versus irrigated agriculture

Moreno, G.; Gallardo, J.F.; Schneider, K.; Ingelmo, F., 1996:
Water and bioelement fluxes in four Quercus pyrenaica forests along a pluviometric gradient

Turvill, J.L.; Farthing, M.J.G., 1996:
Water and electrolyte absorption and secretion

Vachaud, G.; Kengni, L.; Normand, B.; Thony, J.L., 1996:
Water and nitrate balance in irrigated soils

Cockborne, A.M. de; Bruckler, L.; Delacourt, A.; Auge, G., 1994:
Water and nitrate balance under market gardening crops in the Mediterranean zone

Wahab, K.; Veerabadran, V.; Srinivasan, K., 1996:
Water and nitrogen management for lowland transplanted rice under limited water supply

Ashok Kumar; Sharma, D.K.; Sharma, H.C., 1995:
Water and nitrogen needs of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in sodic soil

Fernandez, J.E.; Moreno, F.; Cabrera, F.; Murillo, J.M.; Fernandez Boy, E., 1994:
Water and nitrogen use efficiency in a maize crop in southern Spain

Totey, N.G., 1995:
Water and nutrient management in forest soils

Nepomuceno, A.L.; Oosterhuis, D.M.; Stewart, J.M., 1996:
Water and osmotic potential in roots and leaves of cotton

Urban, D., 1996:
Water and rush associations of the Ciemiega valley

Sivapalan, M.; Ruprecht, J.K.; Viney, N.R., 1996:
Water and salt balance modelling to predict the effects of land-use changes in forested catchments. 1. Small catchment water balance model

Kerkides, P.; Protoyeraki, E.; Poulovassilis, A., 1994:
Water and salt balances in greenhouse cultivations in Crete

Burger, S.E.; Esrey, S.A., 1995:
Water and sanitation: health and nutrition benefits to children

Chen YaNing; L.W.iHong; Wang XiongXiang; Zhang XinTai, 1996:
Water and silt characteristics and sediment reduction in the Toutun River Basin, Xinjiang, China

Bachta, M.S., 1995:
Water and soil conservation in Tunisia. Government intervention and rural strategies: economic perspectives

Achouri, M., 1995:
Water and soil conservation in Tunisia: results and prospects

Vauclin, M.; Angulo Jaramillo, R., 1996:
Water and solute transport processes in unsaturated soils: some hydrological and geotechnical aspects

Ayres, P.G., 1995:
Water and solutes in host:pathogen relations

Bernatowicz, G., 1995:
Water and water movement in wood

Cseko, G.; Lelkes, J., 1995:
Water application by travelling gun sprinklers in windy circumstances

Furlani Junior, E.; Machado, J.R.; Velini, E.D., 1995:
Water application date and depth in lowland rice

Thomasson, J.A.; Willcutt, M.G., 1996:
Water application method for composting cotton gin waste

Locascio, S.; Smajstrla, A., 1996:
Water application scheduling by pan evaporation for drip-irrigated tomato

Wald, P., 1997:
Water as a source of conflict: cross-border water problems in the Middle East

Frederick, K.D., 1996:
Water as a source of international conflict

Briscoe, J., 1996:
Water as an economic good: the idea and what it means in practice

Piana, Z.; Cavariani, C.; Tillmann, M.A.A.; Minami, K., 1994:
Water availability and seed germination in onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Water balance and its efficiency in rice field ecosystems of northern China

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Water balance and nitrate leaching in an irrigated maize crop in SW Spain

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Water balance and seasonal variation of evapotranspiration in the Tanggula Mountains, Tibetan Plateau, headwater of Yangtze river

Song, J.S.ob; Harkema, H., 1995:
Water balance and vase life of cut iris flowers as influenced by cycloheximide and some plant growth regulators

Quast, J., 1995:
Water balance and wetlands in a dry landscape - state - conflicts - measures

Kerkides, P.; Michalopoulou, H.; Papaioannou, G.; Pollatou, R., 1997:
Water balance estimates over Greece

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Water balance for the Vinkovci area

Libardi, P.L.; Saad, A.M., 1994:
Water balance in a bean crop irrigated by a central pivot on a red Latosol

Boujelben, A.; Maalej, M., 1994 :
Water balance in a field of forage maize irrigated by 'closed furrows'

Blankenburg, J.; Heidt, P., 1995:
Water balance in the area of the fens in the Dummer region

Sanchez Cohen, I.; Lopes, V.L.; Slack, D.C.; Fogel, M.M., 1997:
Water balance model for small-scale water harvesting systems

Frangi, J.L.; Richter, L.L., 1994:
Water balance of Nothofagus forests in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Said, S., 1995:
Water balance of a trickle irrigation system on tin-tailings

Abenney-Mickson, S.Y.mota, A.M.ura, T., 1997:
Water balance of field plots planted with soybean and pumpkin

Heinen, M.; Moolenbroek, J. van, 1995:
Water balance of lettuce grown on sand beds

Varanda, E.M., 1995:
Water balance of species from secondary semideciduous forest. II. Endlicheria paniculata (Spreng) Macbride (Lauraceae), Protium widgrenii Engler (Burseraceae) and Sorocea bonplandii (Baill) Burger, Lanj. & Boer (Moraceae)

Manen, H.A. van, 1994:
Water balance of the Binnenschelde

Ashoka, H.G.; Shashidar, K.C.; Channappa, T.C., 1994:
Water balance studies on graded border-strips in Alfisols under dryland conditions

Kuraji, K., 1996:
Water balance studies on moist tropical forested catchments

Bosnjak, D.J.; Pejic, B., 1994:
Water balancing as a functional approach to irrigation scheduling for soybean in the province of Vojvodina

Miller, K.A., 1996:
Water banking to manage supply variability

Lucas, J.R.; Ayzeren, C.; Bowron, M.; Invest, J.F., 1996:
Water based space spray technology: the FFAST way to control flying insects

Jana, D.; Gasgupta, C.K.; Ghosh, M.; Shit, N.K., 1997:
Water borne hirudiniasis in free grazing cattle in Darjeeling

Ligda, D.J., 1997:
Water buffalo in the United States of America

Vale, W.G., 1994:
Water buffalo world uptake. Prospects of buffalo production in Latin America

Ohly, J.J.; Hund, M., 1994:
Water buffaloes grazing on floodplain pastures in the central Amazon region, Brazil

Ferry, C.; Corbet, S.A., 1996:
Water collection by bumble bees

Latimer, E.A.; Charley, R.W.; Hunziker, T.; Keller, A.A.; Welch, D., 1994:
Water conservation and delivery flexibility in the imperial irrigation district through lateral interceptor systems

Kok, H.; Kessen, S., 1997:
Water conservation education with a rainfall simulator

Shatanawi, M.R., 1996:
Water conservation measures in Jordan: opportunities and challenges

Schaible, G.D., 1997:
Water conservation policy analysis: an interregional, multi-output, primal-dual optimization approach

Hammel, Je, 1996:
Water conservation practices for sustainable dryland farming systems in the Pacific Northwest

Pereira, A.B.; Pedras, J.F.; Villa Nova, N.A.; Cury, D.M., 1995:
Water consumption and crop coefficient of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Itarare) grown in Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Askar, F.A.; Barakat, M.A.; Attia, M.M., 1994:
Water consumption and fertilizers use efficiencies by corn grown under different water regimes in a clay soil

Hornig, G.; Scherping, E., 1995:
Water consumption and the amount of waste water generated in milking plants and dairy houses of large dairy cattle farms

Novak, J.; Milotay, P., 1995:
Water consumption and yield dynamics of the cucumber cultivar Kecskemeti Livme

Grigorov, M.S.; Rasskazova, L.V.; Grigorov, S.M., 1994:
Water consumption and yielding capacity of corn as related to soil moistening depth

Czyz, E., 1995:
Water consumption by cultivated plants in a lysimetric experiment on sandy soil at different fertilization

Sizov, V.N., 1995:
Water consumption by the tomato in conformity with the growth of its biomass

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Water consumption in potato crop at three management levels of soil available moisture

Abdul Majid; Khan, A.S.; Ahmad, S.I.; Zaidi, M.A., 1996:
Water consumption of different rice production techniques

Kirkova, I.; Stoimenova, I., 1995:
Water consumption of soyabeans and Echinochloa crus-galli

Tusa, C.G., 1994:
Water consumption of soybean and crop water consumption - yield relationship in the pedoclimatical conditions of Burnas plain in southern Romania

Dorsan, F.; Sezgin, F.; Ul, M.A., 1994:
Water consumption-yield relations in second crop sunflowers

Plagge, R.; Roth, C.; Renger, M., 1997:
Water content determination of soils using time domain reflectometry (TDR)

Pulkki, R., 1996:
Water crossings versus transport cost: a network analysis case study

Bednarz, Z., 1994:
Water deficit limits tree-ring width of oak (Quercus robur) in Niepoomice forest, southern Poland

Conley, T.R.; Sharp, R.E.; Walker, J.C., 1997:
Water Deficit Rapidly Stimulates the Activity of a Protein Kinase in the Elongation Zone of the Maize Primary Root

Reid, J.B.; Winfield, D.; Sorensen, I.; Kale, A.J., 1996:
Water deficit, root demography, and the causes of internal blackening in field-grown tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Girousse, C.; Bournoville, R.; Bonnemain, J.L., 1996:
Water Deficit-Induced Changes in Concentrations in Proline and Some Other Amino Acids in the Phloem Sap of Alfalfa

Menzel, C.M.; Oosthuizen, J.H.; Roe, D.J.; Doogan, V.J., 1995:
Water deficits at anthesis reduce CO(2) assimilation and yield of lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) trees

Roguski, W., 1994:
Water demand of grassland and the possibility of irrigation in the region of the crater of the Bechatow lignite mine

Kirkova, Y., 1994:
Water depletion from the various soil layers by some crops under different water regimes

Isoe Jun; Millar, J.G., 1996:
Water deprivation and light affect responses of Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae) to oviposition site cues

Osweiler, G.D.; Carr, T.F.; Sanderson, T.P.; Carson, T.L.; Kinker, J.A., 1995:
Water deprivation--sodium ion toxicosis in cattle

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Water depth effect on Echinochloa sp. control efficacy in flooded rice

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Water diffusion through geomembranes under hydraulic pressure

Vidacek, Z.; Bogunovic, M.; Sraka, M.; Husnjak, S., 1996:
Water discharges and nitrates from some soils of the Sava River valley

Seta, A.K.; Karathanasis, A.D., 1997:
Water dispersible colloids and factors influencing their dispersibility from soil aggregates

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Water dispersible granule: a novel formulation for nematode-based bioinsecticides

Tariq, J.A., 1996:
Water distribution evaluation (case study of Kabul river canal system)

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Water distribution in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in various states of metabolic control

Medeiros, J. d' A.F. de; Brito, R.A.L.; Azevedo, H.M. de; Sampaio, F.M.A.S., 1995:
Water distribution in soil irrigated with the microspinkler ED2

Murav' eva, A.S.; Mikheev, P.V.; Il' yasov, A.V.; Enikeev, K.M.; Sitnikov, A.P., 1996:
Water distribution in stems of Amaranthus cruentus L. examined by NMR-microtomography

Jedryka, E.; Smoluchowska, A., 1996:
Water distribution in the Narew Park area

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Water distribution module of the SIMIS program

Fietz, C.R.; Hernani, L.C., 1994:
Water distribution uniformity for conventional sprinkler irrigation system

N.Y.oYuan; W.S.Fen; Hong ShiTing; Zhang XiMing, 1995:
Water dynamics in shoot and fruit of litchi variety NuoMiCi

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Water dynamics of saline soils under different controlled conditions

Wolters, H.A.; Vos, E., 1995:
Water economy of the Plattehoek polder in the Sliedrechtse Biesbosch

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Water efficiency - base of irrigation system rehabilitation

Mandych, A.F., 1996:
Water erosion and sediment yield in mountain areas: natural preconditions

Glinski, P.; Paszczyk, J., 1996:
Water erosion hazard of soils in the river Wieprz basin

Paez, M.L.; Aguero, H., 1995:
Water erosion in agricultural lands of Macizo Guayanes

Gicheru, P.T., 1996:
Water erosion indicators

Bonari, E.; Mazzoncini, M.; Ginanni, M.; Menini, S., 1996:
Water erosion of a clayey soil as affected by tillage systems at a hilly site of Tuscany

Astolfi, M., 1997:
Water familiarization at pre-school age: with enjoyment and fun

Heusser, C.J.; Denton, G.H.; Hauser, A.; Andersen, B.G.; Lowell, T.V., 1996:
Water fern (Azolla filiculoides Lam.) in Southern Chile as an index of paleoenvironment during early deglaciation

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Water flow paths and residence times in a small headwater catchment at Gardsjon, Sweden, during steady state storm flow conditions

Darusman ; Khan, A.H.; Stone, L.R.; Spurgeon, W.E.; Lamm, F.R., 1997:
Water flux below the root zone vs. irrigation amount in drip-irrigated corn

Falkenmark, M., 1997:
Water for a starving world

Dottridge, J.; Gibbs, B., 1996:
Water for sustainable development in the North-Eastern Badia, Jordan

Karalyos, Zs, 1996:
Water for the Great Hungarian Plain

Madeley, J., 1997:
Water for the desert: how irrigation can make all the difference

Biswas, A.K., 1996:
Water for the developing world in the 21st century: issues and implications

Prinz, D., 1996:
Water harvesting - past and future

Arora, Y.K.; Mohan, S.C., 1994:
Water harvesting and in-situ moisture conservation practices for fruit crops in Doon Valley

Sharda, V.N.; Shrimali, S.S., 1994:
Water harvesting and recycling in northern hilly regions

Oweis, T.Y., 1996 :
Water harvesting and supplemental irrigation: an efficient response to water scarcity in the dry areas

Prinz, D., 1994:
Water harvesting and sustainable agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions

Achour, H.; Zairi, A.; Ben Mechlia, N., 1994:
Water harvesting system: evaluation of soil moisture under micro-basins following various soil treatments

Panter, K.E.; Baker, D.C.; Kechele, P.O., 1996:
Water hemlock (Cicuta douglasii) toxicoses in sheep: pathologic description and prevention of lesions and death

Ismail, A.S.; Abdel Sabour, M.F.; Radwan, R.M., 1996:
Water hyacinth as an indicator for heavy metals pollution in different selected sites and water bodies around greater Cairo

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Water hyacinth: a tropical worldwide problem and methods for its control

Vostokova, M., 1995:
Water hyacinth: dual purpose

Chatterjee, P., 1997:
Water in India: mismanaging a vital resource

Busetti, M.R., 1995:
Water in animal feeding

Biswas, A.K., 1994:
Water in the international agenda

Araujo Filho, J.C. de; Ribeiro, M.R., 1996:
Water infiltration in Cambisols of Baixio de Irece, Bahia, Brazil

Rao, K.P.C.; Shriniwas Sharma, 1997:
Water infiltration in soil

Chikushi, J., 1995:
Water infiltration into cultivated soils: experimental observation with simulated steady rainfall

Easter, K.W.; Feder, G., 1996:
Water institutions and economic incentives to ameliorate market and government failures

Schoeman, S.J.; Visser, J.A., 1995:
Water intake and consumption in sheep differing in growth potential and adaptability

Gilchrist, F., 1996:
Water intoxication in weaned beef calves

Zhang QiShun; Zhang Xiao, 1995:
Water issues and sustainable social development in China

L.Moigne, G., 1995:
Water legislation in the Mediterranean countries

Woltemade, C.J., 1997:
Water level management opportunities for ecological benefit, pool 5 Mississippi River

Murty, V.V.N.; Takeuchi, K., 1996:
Water lifting devices and groundwater management for irrigation in the Asia-Pacific region

Gao JunPing; Sun ZiRan; Zhou ShanTao, 1996:
Water loss and its compensation in cut carnation and gypsophila during the process of vacuum cooling

Wharton, 1996:
Water loss and morphological changes during desiccation of the anhydrobiotic nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci

Zhang, H.; Graves, W.R.; Townsend, A.M., 1997:
Water loss and survival of stem cuttings of two maple cultivars held in subirrigated medium at 24 to 33 degrees C

Botzan, T.; Necula, A., 1995:
Water losses from water engineering works and hydraulic services: specific cases in Romania

Mejias, R.; Garcia Lopez, R.; Diaz Untoria, J.A.; Herrera, J., 1995:
Water magnetically treated for lactating Holstein cows

Khan, F.H., 1996:
Water management

Blackmore, D., 1996:
Water management - the next evolution

Andreini, M.S.; Steenhuis, T.S.; Makombe, G., 1995:
Water management and dambo irrigation systems in Zimbabwe

Bali, K.M.; Grismer, M.E., 1996:
Water management and irrigation scheduling of sudangrass in clay soils

Sundarsingh, S.D.; Palchamy, A.; Rajagopal, A.; Ramiah, S., 1995:
Water management and nitrogen levels on rice varieties under direct sown condition

Astorquiza, I., 1995:
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Nicolier, S., 1996:
Weed control in maize at COLUMA. Product and strategy news

Faustino, A.; Monteiro, A.; Moreira, I., 1995:
Weed control in maize with minimum tillage

Fayolle, C., 1996:
Weed control in maize. Post-emergence on trial

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