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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3016

Chapter 3016 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gil, L.; Duarte, C.R., 1997:
Wood treatment using residues from the cork industry

Schmoldt, D.L.; Winn, M.F.; Araman, P.A., 1997:
Wood utilization research dissemination on the World Wide Web: a case study

Idris, M.M.; Suhartana, S., 1996:
Wood waste caused by forest road construction and shadow cutting by six logging companies in East Kalimantan

Chinsamy, A.; February, E.C.; Harley, E.; Rich, T.H.; Vickers Rich, P., 1997:
Wood within a polar dinosaur bone

Carlquist, S., 1996:
Wood, bark, and stem anatomy of Gnetales: a summary

Chew, S., 1996:
Wood, environmental imperatives and developmental strategies: challenges for Southeast Asia

Wu, D.; Salerno, A.; Sembach, J.; Maldague, X.; Rantala, J.; Busse, G., 1996:
Wood-based products inspection by lockin thermography

Alexander, J.; Bridges, C.B., 1927:
Wood-Boring Beetles

Parks, C.G.; Bull, E.L.; Filip, G.M.; Gilbertson, R.L., 1996:
Wood-decay fungi associated with woodpecker nest cavities in living western larch

Crane, P.E.; Chakravarty, P.; Hutchison, L.J.; Hiratsuka, Y., 1996:
Wood-degrading capabilities of microfungi isolated from Populus tremuloides

Mellanen, P.; Petänen, T.; Lehtimäki, J.; Mäkelä, S.; Bylund, G.; Holmbom, B.; Mannila, E.; Oikari, A.; Santti, R., 1996:
Wood-derived estrogens: studies in vitro with breast cancer cell lines and in vivo in trout

Halambek, M.; Novak Agbaba, S.; Dubravac, T., 1993:
Wood-destroying fungi as causes of English oak decline

Miyafuji, H.; Saka, S., 1996:
Wood-inorganic composites prepared by the sol-gel process. V. Fire-resisting properties of the SiO2-P2O5-B2O3 wood-inorganic composites

Saka, S.; Tanno, F., 1996:
Wood-inorganic composites prepared by the sol-gel process. VI. Effects of a property-enhancer on fire-resistance in SiO2-P2O5 and SiO2-B2O3 wood-inorganic composites

Gutwasser, F.; Deppe, H.J., 1997:
Wood-technology investigations on Ilex aquilifolium. Part I

Vermaas, H.F., 1996:
Wood-water interaction and methods of measuring wood moisture content: Part II - nuclear radiation to resistive cancelling methods

Thurkettle, V., 1996:
WoodLots - the project expands

Smith, P.M.; Ozanne, L.K., 1995:
Wooden furniture in the home: has the environment importance for consumers?

Dickey, D.P., 1997:
Wooden highway sound barriers: the Connecticut experience

Pachelska, H.; Matejak, M., 1994:
Wooden road surfaces

Komora, F., 1997:
Wooden sleepers for the future - problems and potential. Part 1. Part 2

Verweij, P.E.; Voss, A.; Donnelly, J.P.; de Pauw, B.E.; Meis, J.F., 1997:
Wooden sticks as the source of a pseudoepidemic of infection with Rhizopus microsporus var. rhizopodiformis among immunocompromised patients

Bonney, R., 1996:
Woodenworld II

Chidumayo, E.N., 1997:
Woodfuel and deforestation in Southern Africa - a misconceived association

Saxena, N.C., 1996:
Woodfuel sources and the poor in India

Koopmans, A.; Koppejan, J., 1996:
Woodfuel use and the value of woodfuels

Thomas, G.; Hobbs, S.E.; Dufour, M., 1996:
Woodland area estimation by spectral mixing: applying a goodness-of-fit solution method

Holmes, T.H., 1995:
Woodland canopy structure and the light response of juvenile Quercus lobata (Fagaceae)

Bradshaw, C.J.A.; Hebert, D.M., 1996 :
Woodland caribou population decline in Alberta: fact or fiction?

Widdicombe, R.C., 1996:
Woodland change and the dendrochronology of Fagus sylvatica in a plateau of beechwood of the Weald

Englisch, M.; Starlinger, F., 1996:
Woodland communities and sites at two altitude profiles near Achenkirch (the Tyrol)

Mayle, B.A., 1996:
Woodland deer management

Latham, D.M.; Oldham, R.S.; Stevenson, M.J.; Duff, R.; Franklin, P.; Head, S.M., 1996:
Woodland management and the conservation of the great crested newt (Triturus cristatus)

Badenoch, C., 1997:
Woodland origins and the loss of native woodland in the Tweed Valley

Koistinen, A., 1995:
Woodland owners and timber harvesting - self-employment and part-time work

Loose, S.S.; Anderson, S.H., 1995:
Woodpecker habitat use in the forests of southeast Wyoming

Pechacek, P., 1996:
Woodpeckers and ants

Kantner, W., 1996:
Woodpeckers in managed forest: possibilities for coexistence

Mattalia, A.; Davico, L., 1996:
Woods and aesthetic perceptions: forestry and sociological aspects in the assessment of landscape value in the upper Tanaro valley

Zahn, A.; Kruger Barvels, K., 1996:
Woods as foraging habitats for bats

Ilic, J., 1997:
Woods of Eucalyptus - part 1. Distinguishing three species from the ash group (E. regnans, E. delegatensis and E. obliqua)

Kucera, T.; Jirasek, J., 1994:
Woods of the southern part of the Cesky les Mountains

Ruffinoni, C.; Pautou, G., 1996:
Woods on riparian and alluvial sites: forests for the future

Hodge, S.J.; Harmer, R., 1996:
Woody colonization on unmanaged urban and ex-industrial sites

Tokuoka, M., 1996:
Woody desert and sand plants in China. (II). Chenopodiaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Ranunculaceae, Berberidaceae, Capparidaceae , Cruciferae , and Saxifragaceae

Mizell, Russell F.IIi, 1996:
Woody landscape plants, tree fruit and nuts

Jurgensen, M.F.; Graham, R.T.; Harvey, A.E.; Page Dumroese, D.S.; Tonn, J.R., 1995:
Woody residue and soil organic matter in western larch ecosystems

Fayle, D.C.F.; Scott, P.A., 1995:
Woody root system development of white spruce layerings in a tundra environment

Miller, J.H.; Edwards, M.B., 1996:
Woody species susceptibility to forest herbicides applied by ground machines

Galan Sauco, V., 1995:
Woody tropical fruits in Spain. Biogenetic resources, plant material, production and prospects

Brooks, A.R.; Nixon, E.S.; Neal, J.A., 1993:
Woody vegetation of wet creek bottom communities in eastern Texas

Coates, D.T.; Lyman, K.J.; Ebinger, J.E., 1992:
Woody vegetation structure of a post oak flatwoods in Illinois

Anonymous, 1996:
Wool and woollen special : Western Australia: fostering ties in wool

Singh, O.P., 1996:
Wool and woollen special : Woolmark - the hallmark of wool quality

Anonymous, 1996:
Wool and woollen special : swings in fortune mar global scenario

Singh, O.P., 1996:
Wool and woollen special : woollen knitwear industry of Ludhiana

Panse, V.C.; Phatak, N.S.; Kulkarni, P.R., 1996:
Wool and woollen special: Deccani wool : present status

Anonymous, 1996:
Wool and woollen special: growth in India hinges on toning up quality

Sawal, R.K.; Bhatia, D.R.; Bhasin, V.; Malhi, R.S., 1996:
Wool attributes and nutrient utilization as affected by mineral supplementation in sheep

Scobie, D.R.; Walls, R.J.; Markham, L.J.; Woods, J.L.; Bray, A.R., 1996:
Wool fibre tenacity in Romney sheep genetically different in staple tenacity

Hynd, P.I.; Ponzoni, R.W.; Grimson, R.; Jaensch, K.S.; Smith, D.; Kenyon, R., 1996:
Wool follicle and skin characters-their potential to improve wool production and quality in Merino sheep

Beare, S.; Lubulwa, M., 1997:
Wool futures

Bray, A.R.; Merrick, N.C.; Smith, M.C.; Scobie, D.R., 1995:
Wool growth responses in Drysdale and high and low staple tenacity Romney sheep to nutrient supplementation in autumn

Fantova, M.; Moudry, L., 1995:
Wool production in the huacaya alpacas kept in the Czech Republic

Siqueira, E.R. de, 1995:
Wool production traits and the incidence of yellow discoloration in five breeds of sheep at Botucatu

Seale, J., 1996:
Wool selling options - strengths and weaknesses

McCormick, T., 1997:
Wordsworth, sustainable tourism and the private sector

Neumann, F., 1994:
Work after the end of the storage season

Harada, M., 1996:
Work and leisure in Japan

Volkerling, M., 1995:
Work and leisure in post-Fordist New Zealand

Chapman, L.J.; Schuler, R.T.; Wilkinson, T.L.; Skjolaas, C.A., 1996:
Work hazard control efforts by Wisconsin dairy farmers

Fujii, Y.; Lopachoke, T., 1996:
Work load of both muscular and skilled work in forest operations

Bogner, A., 1995:
Work of adhesion as a criterion for determination of optimum surface tension in adhesives

Marboutie, G.; Combe, F.; Boyer, E.; Berne, A., 1995:
Work on Ampelomyces quisqualis (1993-1994)

Tomasovic, S.; Javor, P.; Sesar, B.; Havrda, S., 1995:
Work on breeding durum wheat of the winter type (Triticum durum Desf.) in Croatia

Richards, J.; Kearns, P., 1997:
Work on micro-organisms within the OECD's environmental health and safety programme

Banaj, ; Zimmer, R.; Kuharic, D., 1996:
Work quality effects of pneumatic broadcasters

Klembalska, M., 1996:
Work safety hazards in agriculture against a background of the PIMR test results

Vondra, V., 1995:
Work standards and exertion of forestry workers

Aleksov, I., 1992:
Work studies into the use of available time capacity in wood industry production systems in Serbia

Rebula, E., 1995:
Work studies with the KP-40 processor

Sperandio, G.; Verani, S., 1996:
Work study and costs of coppice harvesting: results of fifteen years' experiences

Bichta, H.; Wegrzyn, A., 1993:
Work study of pneumatic pruning equipment

Gratton, C., 1996:
Work, time and leisure in Europe: national differences and European convergence

Schor, J., 1996:
Work, time and leisure in the USA

Diaz Ambrona, L.R.H., 1996:
Work-related accidents in the countryside

Pratt, S.C.; Kuhnholz, S.; Seeley, T.D.; Weidenmuller, A., 1996:
Worker piping associated with foraging in undisturbed queenright colonies of honey bees

Oliva Serrano, J., 1995:
Workers from the La Mancha region in the Madrid construction industry labour market. The crystalization of long-distance rural-urban labour commuting within the context of rural reconstruction

Pearson, R.A., 1995:
Working animals as an 'attraction' in rural areas, their management and uses

Parmar, O.S., 1994:
Working capacity of different genetic groups of purebred and crossbred bullocks

Møller, H.; Heseltine, E.; Vainio, H., 1995:
Working group report on schistosomes, liver flukes and Helicobacter pylori

Solomons, N.; Adeniyi Jones, S., 1996:
Working group session report: coordination of domestic and international effort in executing a research agenda in nutrition and pediatric HIV infection

Fox, B.; Timmins, R.; Macdonald, D., 1997:
Working in the HPE Key Learning Area: three case studies of curriculum change

Stettler, A., 1996:
Working in the forest

Shinabe, Y.; Sakai, K.; Watanabe, A., 1996:
Working life and stress feelings of family members of full-time farm households engaged in vegetable crop farming

Davis, G.; McMullen, M.; Coe, E.; Polacco, M., 1996:
Working maps

Mao HanPing; Chen CuiYing, 1995:
Working mechanism and parameters determination of field straw chopper

Zhogoleva, E., 1996:
Working out Russia's agricultural policy priorities in the circumstances of transition to a market economy

Hentschel, J.; Lanjouw, P., 1996:
Working paper 1: poverty profile

Lanjouw, P., 1996:
Working paper 4: poverty in rural Ecuador

Hentschel, J.; Waters, W.F.; Webb, A.K.V., 1996:
Working paper 5: rural qualitative assessment

Sazonov, S., 1996:
Working peasant and enterprise farms

Barnes, H.M.; Amburgey, T.L., 1995:
Working plan: second international collaborative field trial

Asi, M.; Kaar, P., 1996:
Working process of a manure piston pump check valve

Puri, D.N.; Pratap Narain; Dhyani, S.K., 1995:
Working technique in degraded lands - Eucalyptus hybrid

Borin, M.; Sartori, L., 1996:
Working the soil: three different techniques

Dosskey, M.G.; Schoeneberger, M.M.; Bratton, G.F.; Hoagland, K.D.; Wells, G., 1995:
Working trees for agriculture - riparian buffers for the Great Plains

Trayhurn, P.; Chesters, J.K., 1996:
Workshop on 'Molecular biological techniques in nutritional science'

Anonymous, 1994:
Workshop on alternatives for feeding cattle during the dry season. Vth Scientific and Technical Conference of the Agronomy Faculty, Institute of Agronomic Research, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 13-15 October 1993

Anonymous, 1996:
Workshop on conservation farming for the semi-arid tropics, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia, 18-20 July 1995

Anonymous, 1997:
Workshop on individual fatty acids and cardiovascular disease

Anonymous, 1996:
Workshop on the development of the production of derivatives in the sugar agroindustry

Knudsen, A.B., 1995:
Workshop on the geographic spread of Aedes albopictus in Europe and the concern among public health authorities

Briese, D.T.; Woodburn, T.L.; Kemp, D.; Corey, S., 1996:
Workshop outcomes - a blueprint for research into the management of thistles

Darmody, B., 1996:
Workshop proceedings: on-farm quality management for the dairy industry

Onuma, M., 1996:
Workshop summary: Haemosporida

Scott, J.K.; Bowran, D.G., 1996:
Workshop to identify research priorities for Emex species

Roberson, R.; Paschal, R., 1996:
World 1995/96 cottonseed production with forecast for 1996/97

Anonymous, 1996:
World Decade for Cultural Development 1988-1997. Culture and Health: orientation texts on the 1996 theme

Braun, J. von, 1996:
World Food Summit 1996: challenges in follow-up for policy and research

Sahsuvaroglu, L., 1996 :
World Food Summit: changed approach

Anonymous, 1996:
World HFS production 1995/96

Rabishankar, A., 1995:
World Trade Organisation (WTO): the task ahead

Preston, T.R.; Xuan VoTong; Speedy, A.; Dolberg, F., 1995:
World University for sustainable agricultural development (WUSAD)

Heald, H.F., 1996:
World Water Council tackles global challenges

Ryff, T., 1996:
World agriculture: is this the time of thin cows?

French, T., 1996:
World airport development plans and constraints

Kazuo, H., 1995:
World balance of dietary essential amino acids relative to the l989 FAO/WHO protein scoring pattern

Matheson, A., 1996:
World bee health update 1996

Anonymous, 1995:
World cashew exports: India tops in 1993-94

Bily, S., 1997:
World catalogue of the genus Anthaxia Eschscholtz, 1829 (Coleoptera, Buprestidae)

Hokana, F., 1997 :
World centrifugal sugar production

Hokana, F., 1996:
World centrifugal sugar production

Haen, H. de; Lindland, J., 1996:
World cereal utilization, production and trade in year 2020

Caradus, J.R.; Woodfield, D.R., 1997:
World checklist of white clover varieties II

Stevens, D.; Burr, P.; Latner, K.; Gilbert, A., 1996:
World cigarette situation

Sreenivasan, T.V., 1997:
World collection of sugarcane germplasm in India: conservation and use

Roberson, R.R., 1997:
World cotton production

Griffin, M., 1997:
World dairy situation: changes and trends

Rosa, M.P., 1996:
World demand for olive oils

Jamet, J.P., 1994:
World demand for vegetable oils is led by Asia

Anonymous, 1997:
World developments

Sathiamma, B., 1995:
World distribution of acarine fauna on the coconut palm

Pellett, Peter L., 1996:
World essential amino acid supply with special attention to South-East Asia

Gerasev, P.I.; Timofeeva, T.A.; Pugachev, O.N., 1996:
World fauna of the family Dactylogyridae (Monogenea). Africa

Anonymous, 1995:
World food and agriculture: a 20 year perspective

Scott, L.; Shapouri, S., 1995:
World food consumption up, but not everywhere

Kohler, A., 1996:
World food supply in the 21st century: FAO policy in combating hunger

Rosa, S.; Strzelecki, K.K., 1996:
World fresh apple situation and U.S. export performance

Rosa, S.; Kirby Strzelecki, K., 1997:
World fresh apple situation and US export prospects

Somers, J.; Goldammer, T.; Strzlecki, K., 1996:
World fresh citrus situation

Seidband, D.; Goldammer, T., 1997:
World fresh citrus situation

Rosa, S.; Strzelecki, K.K., 1996:
World fresh pear situation and U.S. export performance

Rosa, S.; Kirby Strzelecki, K., 1997 :
World fresh pear situation and US export prospects

Denis, G.A., 1996:
World grain market at a crossroads

Corbett, T.; Lane, M.B., 1996:
World heritage in Australia: an uncertain future

Apeji, S.A., 1996:
World in a stew

Batjes, N.H.; Bridges, E.M.; Nachtergaele, F.O., 1995:
World inventory of soil emission potentials: development of a global soil data base of process-controlling factors

Anonymous, 1996:
World malaria situation 1993. Part IV

Anonymous, 1996:
World malaria situation in 1993

Anonymous, 1994:
World market for milk and milk products. Central Europe and the former USSR are the most affected by the decline in production

Anonymous, 1994:
World market for milk products. Only cheese has shown positive growth

Zucchi, G.; Nasuelli, P.; Setti, M., 1996:
World milk quotas

Vuilleumier, S., 1996:
World outlook for high fructose syrups to the year 2000

Monteiro, M.J.C., 1996:
World prices: a new ceiling

Anonymous, 1996:
World production and consumption trends for nuts

Anonymous, 1997:
World production of mink in 1996

Riddick, S.; Shnitzler, S.; Strzelecki, K.K., 1996:
World raisin situation in selected countries

Mineo, G.; Caleca, V., 1984:
World revision of four small groups of Gryon Haliday: the artum, the austrafricanum, the hospes, and the misellum (Hym., Proctotrupoidea, Scelionidae)

Rocke, T., 1997:
World rice crop outlook for 1996/97

Garcia, J.E., 1994:
World situation of the pesticide industry

Anonymous, 1996:
World soybean situation and outlook

Maitland, P.S., 1995:
World status and conservation of the arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus (L.)

Anonymous, 1997:
World sugar situation

Basden, N.; Helfer, S., 1995:
World survey of Rhododendron powdery mildews

Apsey, T.M.; Reed, F.L.C., 1996:
World timber resources outlook: current perceptions with implications for policy and practice

Krijger, A.; Gottschall, J.D.; Voorbergen, M.P., 1996:
World trade in dairy products 1984-1994 - the pre-1995 era

Anonymous, 1996:
World trade in dried milk

Dronne, Y., 1994:
World trade in oilseeds and fats

Bean, C.; Strzlecki, K., 1996:
World update on apples, pears, and table grapes, and U.S. export performance

Wedderburn Bomersheim, Y.; Shnitzler, S.; Baker, B., 1997:
World update on table grapes and U.S. export performance

Aigrain, P., 1996:
World vitivinicultural economic outlook. Report of the Group 'Economic analysis and outlook', March 1996

Aigrain, P., 1997:
World vitivinicultural outlook

White, B., 1997:
World wheat and barley outlook

Anonymous, 1996:
World wheat situation

Anonymous, 1996:
World wide DAP and MAP capacity listing by plant

Buchanan, R.E.W., 1995:
World wool supply and demand

Andersson, I.; Hanneberg, P., 1996:
World's biggest umbrella keeps acid rain away

Anonymous, 1996:
World-wide meat consumption trends and patterns

Anonymous, 1995:
Worldwide capacity listing of potash fertilizer manufacturers and traders

Hamon, N.; Shaw, R.; Yang, H., 1996:
Worldwide development of fipronil insecticide

Anonymous, 1996:
Worldwide directory of fertilizer traders, importers and organizations

Wang JawFen; Hanson, P.M.; Barnes, J.A., 1996:
Worldwide evaluation of international resistance sources to bacterial wilt in tomatoes: preliminary results

Anonymous, 1996:
Worldwide ice-cream trends

Trichopoulou, A.; Lagiou, P., 1997:
Worldwide patterns of dietary lipids intake and health implications

Kneifel, W., 1996:
Worldwide probiotic boom. Reflections on a conference of the International Dairy Federation

Anonymous, 1997 :
Worldwide regulations for mycotoxins 1995. A compendium

Rodhain, F., 1996:
Worldwide situation of dengue

Todd, E.C.D., 1996:
Worldwide surveillance of foodborne disease: the need to improve

Shephard, G.S.; Thiel, P.G.; Stockenström, S.; Sydenham, E.W., 1996:
Worldwide survey of fumonisin contamination of corn and corn-based products

Madej, L.J., 1996:
Worldwide trends in rye growing and breeding

Gray, G.D., 1996:
Worm control in Australia - where now?

Waller, P.J., 1996:
Worm control of livestock - the biological alternative

Maingi, N.; Bjorn, H.; Thamsborg, S.M.; Dangolla, A.; Kyvsgaard, N.C., 1997:
Worm control practices on sheep farms in Denmark and implications for the development of anthelmintic resistance

Pennisi, E., 1996:
Worm genes imply a master clock

Bao ZengHai; M.G.iZhen; Zhang ChangZhao, 1994:
Worm grass resources and status of their exploitation and future prospect in China

Roush, W., 1997:
Worm longevity gene cloned

Herman, R.K.; Herman, R.K., 1996:
Worm spadework

Llayd, S.; Walters, T.M., 1997:
Worming of dogs in mid-Wales for Echinococcus granulosus

Griggs, T., 1996:
Worms can't wriggle out of this one

Woolaston, R.R., 1994:
Worms in Merinos: prospects for improved control through breeding

Dick, A., 1997:
Worms meet their nemesis

Alexander, John H.IIi, 1996:
Would a lilac by any other name smell so sweet? A search for fragrance

Dujardin, L.; Deblock, S.; Duriez, T., 1996:
Would a mathematical model help to define the characteristic features of the hook shape in Hymenolepididae?

Priyani Seneviratne, 1996:
Would the low production of seeds continue to be a problem for the farmers in wet regions?

Sokal, D.; Ankrah, E.M., 1997:
Would you like to use one condom or two?

Niwano, Y.; Koga, H.; Kanai, K.; Hamaguchi, H.; Yamaguchi, H., 1996:
Wound healing effect of the new imidazole antimycotic lanoconazole in rats

Balu, S.; Madhavan, S., 1995:
Wound healing property of Excoecaria agallocha L

Wier, A.M.; Schnitzler, M.A.ita; Tattar, T.A.; KlekowskiEdward J.Jr.; Stern, A.I., 1996:
Wound periderm development in red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle L

Weiner, G.; Liese, W., 1997:
Wound reactions in bamboo culms and rhizomes

Schmitt, U.; Liese, W., 1995:
Wound reactions in the xylem of some hardwoods

Bressem, U.; Baumgarten, S., 1996:
Wound treatment

Rieder, K., 1995:
Wound treatment with honey

Okey, E.N.; Duncan, E.J.; Sirju Charran, G.; Sreenivasan, T.N., 1995:
Wound-healing in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) stems and its effect on canker caused by Phytophthora palmivora (Butl.) Butler

Meyer, A.J.; Weisenseel, M.H., 1997:
Wound-Induced Changes of Membrane Voltage, Endogenous Currents, and Ion Fluxes in Primary Roots of Maize

Cranston, H.J.; Kern, A.J.; Gerhardt, S.A.; Dyer, W.E., 1996:
Wound-induced ethylene and germination of embryos excised from dormant Avena fatua L. caryopses

Klein, T.A.; Auld, B.A., 1996:
Wounding can improve efficacy of Colletotrichum orbiculare as a mycoherbicide for Bathurst burr

Thomas, V.; Vinod, K.K.; Pothen, J., 1995:
Wounding in Hevea trees

Bogre, L.; Ligterink, W.; Meskiene, I.; Barker, P.J.; Heberle-Bors, E.; Huskisson, N.S.; Hirt, H., 1997:
Wounding Induces the Rapid and Transient Activation of a Specific MAP Kinase Pathway

Wink, M.; Lehmann, P., 1996:
Wounding- and elicitor-induced formation of coloured chalcones and flavans (as phytoalexins) in Hippeastrum x hortorum

Demalde, R., 1996:
Wrapping of round bales for ensilage of forage

Treasurer, J.W., 1996:
Wrasse (Labridae) as cleaner-fish of sea lice on farmed Atlantic salmon in west Scotland

Young, C.M., 1996:
Wrasse as cleaner-fish: the Shetland experience

Chauhan, S.K.; Mishra, V.K., 1996:
Wrenching - a prerequisite for successful establishment of Ulmus villosa seedlings

Hodges, N.J.; Starkes, J.L., 1996:
Wrestling with the nature expertise: a sport specific test of Ericsson, Krampe and Tesch-Romer's (1993) theory of deliberate practice

Duncan, D.R.; Widholm, J., 1996:
Wrinkled auricle (rough sheath?)

Kelly, P.M., 1997:
Wrong drug used for tuberculosis

Feaga, W.P., 1997:
Wry neck in rabbits

Stinard, P., 1997:
Ws1-Coop is allelic to ws1-Pawnee ws2-Pawnee

Stinard, P., 1995:
Ws2 is allelic to g1

Theodore, J.G.; Kaliraj, P., 1996:
Wuchereria bancrofti recombinant antigen-derived poly- and monoclonal antibodies for the detection of circulating antigen(s) in the sera of lymphatic filarial patients

Chandra, G.; Chatterjee, S.N.; Hati, A.K., 1996:
Wuchereria infection in the natural population of Culex quinquefasciatus in a rural area of West Bengal

Chen XinYun; X.Y.oXing, 1997:
Wuheputaoyou in northern Fujian

Booth, D.T.; Bai YuGuang; Roos, E.E., 1996:
Wyoming big sagebrush seed quality related to debearder operation during seed cleaning and storage

Robinson, T.J.; Harrison, W.R.; Ponce de León, A.; Elder, F.F., 1997:
X chromosome evolution in the suni and eland antelope: detection of homologous regions by fluorescence in situ hybridization and G-banding

Derse, D.; Mikovits, J.; Ruscetti, F., 1997:
X-I and X-II open reading frames of HTLV-I are not required for virus replication or for immortalization of primary T-cells in vitro

van Zelst, S.J.; Zupp, J.L.; Hayman, D.L.; Setchell, B.P., 1995:
X-Y chromosome dissociation in mice and rats exposed to increased testicular or environmental temperatures

Hinrichs, K.; Horin, S.E.; Buoen, L.C.; Zhang, T.Q.; Ruth, G.R., 1997:
X-chromosome monosomy in an infertile female llama

Nicoll, M.; Akerib, C.C.; Meyer, B.J., 1997:
X-chromosome-counting mechanisms that determine nematode sex

Guo, Y.; Walla, J.; Cheng, Z.; Lee, I., 1996:
X-disease confirmation and distribution in chokecherry in North Dakota

Maki, DL.; Moffett, JO.; Petersen, HD., 1990:
X-radiography effects on leafcutting bee, Megachile rotundata, body size and survival at emergence

Fendorf, S.E.; Sparks, D.L., 1996:
X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy

Ozalas, K.; Hajek, B.F., 1996:
X-ray diffraction analysis of thin clay films from dilute suspensions using glancing incidence diffraction

Lee, W.Y.; Kim, N.H., 1996:
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Xanthomonas fragariae

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Xenobiotic metabolism

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Xylem Sap pH Increase: A Drought Signal Received at the Apoplastic Face of the Guard Cell That Involves the Suppression of Saturable Abscisic Acid Uptake by the Epidermal Symplast

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Xylophagus ater Meigen, 1804 and X. junki (Szilady in F. Dahl, 1932) (Diptera; Xylophagidae) new to the Norwegian fauna

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Y+S Happening

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Yellow fever. Kenya

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Yellow fever. Peru

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Yes to the increase in the Italian milk quota

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Yet another potential utilization of sugarcane bagasse - manufacture of high class diesel oil

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