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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3017

Chapter 3017 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Henric, J.F.; Legros, J.P.; Sawinski, C.; Walczak, R.T., 1996:
Yield prediction for winter wheat in eastern Poland (Grabow) using the ACCESS-II model

Strand, Erling, 1994:
Yield progress and the sources of yield progress in Norwegian small grain production 1960-92

Kozik, E., 1996:
Yield quantity and quality of tomato F1 hybrids under greenhouse conditions

Board, J.E.; Zhang, W.; Harville, B.G., 1996:
Yield rankings for soybean cultivars grown in narrow and wide rows with late planting dates

Peltonen Sainio, P.; Valkonen, J.P.T.; Koponen, H., 1996:
Yield reduction caused by a soil-borne disease of naked, dwarf, and conventional oat in Finland

Shrivastava, M.B., 1995:
Yield regulation leading to sustainable management of uneven-aged forests in India

L.R.ux, C.J.G.; Swart, J.S.; Oosthuysen, E.; Trethewey, C.; Pittaway, C., 1996:
Yield response and profitability of Coastcross 2 Bermudagrass at different rainfall and fertility levels

Puchakayala Veeranjaneyulu; Shete, D.T.; Modi, P.M., 1994:
Yield response characterization under basin for deficit irrigation

Sanyal, B.; Ghosh, S.K.; Roy, P.K.; Paul, A.K., 1994:
Yield response of Cicer arietinum L. cultivars to Rhizobium inoculation in West Bengal

Zegbe Dominguez, J.A.; Rumayor Rodriguez, A.F., 1996:
Yield response of Mexican native to weeds and NPK fertilization

Rahman, M.M.; Hoque, M.M., 1994:
Yield response of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) to sulphur fertilizer

Cadena, J.; Cothren, J.T., 1995:
Yield response of cotton to nitrogen, irrigation, and PGR-IV regimes

Gianquinto, G.; Borin, M., 1995:
Yield response of crisphead lettuce and kohlrabi to mineral and organic fertilization in different soils

Patra, A.K.; Pani, B.K., 1995:
Yield response of different species of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus) to paddy straw

Abou Salama, A.M.; Dawood, R.A., 1994:
Yield response of faba bean (Vicia faba, L.) to planting density and phosphorus fertilization

Singh, D.; Rana, D.S.; Pandey, R.N.; Chauhan, I.S., 1995:
Yield response of fodder sorghum, maize and cowpea to varying NPK doses under waste water irrigation on Mollisols of western Uttar Pradesh

Assaeed, A.M., 1994:
Yield response of forage oats (Avena sativa L.) to nitrogen fertilization harvested at successive stages of maturity

Boquet, D.J.; Coco, A.B., 1996:
Yield response of irrigated and rainfed cotton to row spacing, N rate and plant population density

Ferguson, C.M.; Shand, J.A.; Evans, A.A., 1995:
Yield response of legume seedlings to simulated insect cotyledon damage and nutrient availability

Wada, M.; Carvalho, L.J.C.B.; Rodrigues, G.C.; Ishii, R., 1997:
Yield response of spring wheat cultivars at different irrigation rates

D.F.anchi, A.S.; Rivelli, A.R.; Marano, V.; Perniola, M., 1994:
Yield response of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) under different water and fertilizer regimes in environments of Basilicata

Csizinszky, A.A., 1994:
Yield response of tomato, cv. Agriset 761, to seaweed spray, micronutrient, and N and K rates

Abdel Rahman, H.A.; Elias, S.A.; Baguhin, G., 1995:
Yield response of tomatoes to soil moisture regimes

Naseem, S.B.; Mollah, M.I.U.; Ali, M.H.; Tariful Islam, 1995:
Yield response of upland rice to varying levels of weeding and nitrogen

Solankey, B.S.; Ray, N.; Yadav, K.S., 1995:
Yield response of wheat to K-nutrition in swell shrink soils in relation to tissue concentration of Ca and Mg

Singh, S.; Gangwar, M.S., 1995:
Yield response pattern of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) to soil and applied N, P and K in a Mollisol of Uttar Pradesh

Singh, O.P.; Singh, K.J., 1996:
Yield response to girdling by the girdle beetle Obereopsis brevis (Swed.) on different plant parts of soya bean

Caliando, A.; Zuffrano, M.; Mastro, M.A., 1997:
Yield response to irrigation in winter sugarbeet in southern Italy

Maroto Borrego, J.V.; Lopez Galarza, S.; Pascual Espana, B.; Bono Herrera, M.S.; Bardisi Ahmed, A.; San Bautista Primo, A.; Alagarda Pardo, J., 1994:
Yield response to plant growth regulator application in sweet pepino grown under forced systems

Khristov, I., 1995:
Yield response to soil moisture level changes during individual stages of maize development

Raghavendhran, S., 1994:
Yield response to water as affected by irrigation schedule

Paolini, R.; Pace, C. de, 1997:
Yield response, resource complementarity and competitive ability of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) and potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in mixture

Gibberd, V., 1995:
Yield responses of food crops to animal manure in semi-arid Kenya

Rotar, I., 1994:
Yield responses of simple mixtures of lucerne and cocksfoot in relation to applied mineral N

Adams, J.F., 1997:
Yield responses to molybdenum by field and horticultural crops

Ledore, F.; Itier, B., 1994:
Yield results with direct application of water stress criteria in irrigation scheduling

Wilkerson, J.B.; Hart, W.E., 1996:
Yield sensing technology in cotton harvesting applications

Dhiman, S.D.; Hari Om; Bikram Singh, 1995:
Yield stabilisation of scented dwarf rice (Oryza sativa) L. under late plantings through spacing and seedling age

Gristina, L.; Friedman, D.; Temple, S., 1994:
Yield stability analysis during the conversion from conventional to organic farming systems in the Sacramento Valley, California

Uma, M.S.; Patil, S.G., 1994:
Yield stability analysis of safflower genotypes under saline conditions

Uma, M.S.; Vijayakumar; Patil, S.G., 1995:
Yield stability analysis of sunflower genotypes over saline environments

Deshmukh, P.D.; Zade, K.B.; Deshmukh, V.A., 1994:
Yield stability and soil fertility in sorghum-wheat sequence over years

Lira, M. de A.; Dubeux Junior, J.C.B.; Fernandes, A. de P.M.; Farias, I., 1994:
Yield stability in Digitaria decumbens given nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

Cauwer, I. de; Vuylsteke, D.; Ortiz, R., 1995:
Yield stability of Musa germplasm in Nigeria and Cameroon

Kasno, A.; Nugrahaeni, N.; Trustinah, 1996:
Yield stability of groundnut lines tolerant of foliar diseases and drought in Indonesia

Peterson, C.J.; Moffatt, J.M.; Erickson, J.R., 1997:
Yield stability of hybrid vs. pureline hard winter wheats in regional performance trials

Palomo, A.; Godoy, S., 1996:
Yield stability of nine cotton genotypes

Palomo Gill, A.; Godoy Avila, S.; Santamaria Cesar, J., 1996:
Yield stability of nine cotton genotypes in the Comarca Lagunera, Mexico

Ragab, A.I.; Hoballah, A.A.; Kassem, M., 1995:
Yield stability of some safflower genotypes

Ngeve, J.M., 1994:
Yield stability parameters for comparing cassava varieties

Stock, H.G.; Warnstorff, K.; Kazmi, M., 1996:
Yield structure analysis of soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) on a site in the dry region of central Germany

Asan, U., 1992:
Yield studies in oak coppice forests in the Black Sea region

Tamboli, B.D.; Patil, Y.M.; Bhakare, B.D.; Kadu, P.P.; Somawanshi, R.B.; Patil, T.N.; Sonar, K.R., 1996:
Yield targeting approach for fertilizer recommendations to wheat on Vertisol of Maharashtra

Wessels, A.B.; Merwe, L.L. van der; Plessis, H. du, 1997:
Yield variation in clonally propagated Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. plants when terminal cladodes are used

Lundkvist, A.; Fagerberg, B., 1996:
Yield variation in spring barley as influenced by weather conditions at sub-normal herbicide doses

Tomar, H.P.S.; Dadhwal, K.S.; Singh, H.P., 1996:
Yield, consumptive use, water use efficiency and moisture use pattern in relation to irrigation, nitrogen and phosphorus in spring sunflower

Graifenberg, A.; Botrini, L.; Giustiniani, L.; Lipucci D.P.ola, M., 1996:
Yield, growth and element content of zucchini squash grown under saline-sodic conditions

Castel, J.R.; Lidon, A.L.; Ginestar, C.; Ramos, C., 1994:
Yield, growth and nitrate leaching in drip-irrigated citrus trees under different fertigation treatments

Tavora, F.J.A.F.; Melo, F.I.O.; Pinho, J.L.N. de; Queiroz, G.M. de, 1995:
Yield, growth rate and assimilatory capacity of cassava in the coastal area of Ceara

Garner, L.C.; Mortley, D.G.; Trotman, A.A.; David, P.P., 1995:
Yield, harvest index and growth rate of 'TU-82-155' sweetpotato are not influenced by cutting type and number of nodes inserted in nutrient solution

Faiz, S.M.A.; Ullah, S.M.; Hussain, A.K.M.A.; Kamal, A.T.M.M.; Ardus Sattar, 1994:
Yield, mineral contents and quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) under salt stress in a saline soil

Suraj Bhan; Uttam, S.K.; Tripathi, R.Y., 1997:
Yield, moisture use and root development of rainfed mustard as influenced by sowing methods and moisture conservation practices

Damato, G.; Bianco, V.V.; Pomarici, R., 1996:
Yield, morphological and phenological characteristics of a collection of cima di rapa (Brassica rapa L.)

Espinoza, F.; Tejos, R.; Chacon, E.; Arriojas, L.; Argenti, P., 1996:
Yield, nutritive value and intake by sheep of Leucaena leucocephala. I. Architecture

Hirota, O.; Hashem, A.; Hamid, A., 1995:
Yield, photosynthesis and canopy structure of maize-mungbean intercropping system

Singh, V.P.N.; Uttam, S.K., 1996:
Yield, protein content, NPK concentration and uptake of wheat varieties as affected by sowing dates under late sown conditions

Austin, M.T.; Early, R.J.; Brewbaker, J.L.; Sun, W., 1997:
Yield, psyllid resistance, and phenolic concentration of Leucaena in two environments in Hawaii

Nerson, H., 1995:
Yield, quality and shelf-life of winter squash harvested at different fruit ages

Warman, P.R.; Havard, K.A., 1996:
Yield, vitamin and mineral content of four vegetables grown with either composted manure or conventional fertilizer

Pacholak, E.; Przybyla, C., 1995:
Yield, water consumption and productive efficiency under micro-irrigation

Gianquinto, G.; Costa, L. dalla; Giovanardi, G., 1997:
Yield, water use efficiency and nitrogen recovery in potato: influence of water table depth

Patel, J.B.; Patel, I.S., 1995:
Yield, water-use efficiency, and moisture extraction pattern of summer groundnut under different irrigation schedules, row spacings, and seed rates

Stahl, E.G.; Karlmats, U., 1995:
Yield, wood properties, and timber harvest at establishment of seed-tree and shelterwood regeneration systems

Rajender Kumar; Dahiya, D.R.; Tyagi, N.K.; Ashok Yadav, 1996:
Yield, yield attributes and economics of summer maize as influenced by water stress at critical stages

Costa, M.M.M.N.; Tavora, F.J.A.F.; Pinho, J.L.N. de; Melo, F.I.O., 1997:
Yield, yield components, growth and distribution of roots of cowpeas subjected to water stress

Chahal, J.S.; Kler, D.S.; Singh, S., 1995:
Yield, yield contributing characters and relative crowding index of wheat under different canopy structures and nitrogen nutrition

Schulthess, U.; Feil, B.; Jutzi, S.C., 1997:
Yield-independent variation in grain nitrogen and phosphorus concentration among Ethiopian wheats

Venkatesan, T.; Kundu, G.G., 1994:
Yield-infestation relationship and determination of economic injury level of stem fly, Melanagromyza sojae (Zehnt.) infesting soybean

Cervenski, J.; Gvozdenovic, ; Takac, A., 1995:
Yield-related morphological characteristics of cabbage varieties and hybrids

Varlev, I.; Kolev, N.; Kirkova, I., 1994:
Yield-water relationships and their changes during individual climatic years

Singh, S.D.; Rao, J.S., 1994:
Yield-water-nitrogen response analysis in coriander

Maciel, G.A.; Andrade Lima, M.M. de; Duncan, R.R.; Tabosa, J.N., 1995:
Yielding ability of aluminum-tolerant grain sorghum genotypes in northeastern Brazil

Nowakowski, M.; Gutmanski, I.; Kostka Gosciniak, D., 1996:
Yielding and antinematode acting of new cultivars of oleiferous radish, white mustard and tansy phacelia cultivated as catch crop

Parkhomenko, A.I.; Krupnov, V.A., 1994:
Yielding capacity of red and white isogenic lines of common spring wheat grown on chestnut soils of the Trans-Volga area

Shieh, Jui Chung, 1996:
Yields and chemical components of essential oils in Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaves

Roztropowicz, S., 1996:
Yields and efficiency of cultivars Bobrs, Fala and Fauna on the control of potato nematodes during potato farming

Michalski, T.; Sulewska, H.; Waligora, H.; Dubas, A., 1995:
Yields and fodder value of maize grown for CCM as influenced by weather conditions during the growing period

Finnegan, M.M.; Chaerani ; Downes, M.J.; Griffin, C.T., 1996:
Yields and infectivity of a tropical steinernematid cultured in vivo and in vitro

Alzueta, C.; Ortiz, L.T.; Rodriguez, M.L., 1995:
Yields and nutritive value of the products from wet fractionation of Vicia sativa L. and Vicia villosa Roth

Basso, F.; Falco, E. de; Landi, G.; Gambacorta, E., 1996:
Yields and quality of two forage crops in a hilly area of southern Italy

Lefkoff, L.J.; Kendall, D.R., 1996:
Yields from ground-water storage for California state water project

Wierzbicka, B., 1995:
Yields of aubergines grown in unheated polythene tunnels

Jia, X.S.; Furumai, H.; Fang, H.H.P., 1996:
Yields of biomass and extracellular polymers in four anaerobic sludges

Knakal, Z., 1996:
Yields of cereal crops under different tillage systems in a potato growing region of the Czech Republic

Simmonds, N.W., 1996:
Yields of cereal grain and protein

Lockwood, G.; Yin, Thau, 1996:
Yields of cocoa clones in response to planting density in Malaysia

Lima e Silva, P.S.; Freitas, C.J. de, 1996:
Yields of green maize and cowpeas in pure stands and intercropped

Borowiecki, J.; Maysiak, B.; Lipski, S.; Maczuga, A., 1996:
Yields of hybrid lucerne cultivars as affected by cutting frequency

Hetman, J.; Pudelska, K., 1997:
Yields of new Gloriosa rothschildiana O'Brien clones in an unheated plastic tunnel

Das, N.R.; Saharay, S., 1996:
Yields of rainfed 3-crop system under tillage and nitrogen in kharif rice after jute

Borowiecki, J.; Maysiak, B.; Maczuga, A., 1996:
Yields of red clover as affected by cutting frequency during two years utilization

Bencivenga, M.; Urbani, G., 1996:
Yields of white truffles in a truffle ground cultivated for three years

Kunelius, H.T.pani; Parssinen, P.; Pulli, S.K., 1996:
Yields, plant characteristics, total N and fibre composition of timothy cultivars grown at two latitudes

Yang, J.Z.; Liang, Q., 1995:
Yinchun 3 wheat germplasm with high protein content and resistance to drought

Zhang KeHou, 1995:
Yinchun 5, a new wheat cultivar with high lysine content

Yan ZongPu; Jiang ZhiQian, 1994:

Rosado, J.L., 1996:
Yoghurt as a source of lactose auto-digestion

Petti, S.; Cairella, G.; Grassano, L.;, A.S., 1996:
Yoghurt consumption and prevalence of dental caries: a preliminary study

Otero, M.; Rodriguez, T.; Fernandez, M.; Gonzalez, J.; Lima, L.B., 1996:
Yoghurt ice cream

O.Carroll, P., 1996:
Yoghurt, naturally

Rozycki, S.D.; Seguro, E.F., 1995:
Yoghurt: quantification and effect of rheological parameters

Anonymous, 1997:
Yoghurts and cultured milks

Renard, A.C., 1995:
Yoghurts are surfing on the wave of modernity

Richard, S., 1995:
Yoghurts, ices, pastries: tailor-made texture

Russell, P., 1996:
Yogurt and fermented milks - a changing area

Sta, J., 1996:
Yogurt breaks the mould

Mans, J., 1997:
Yogurt for Europe

Mann, E.J., 1996:
Yogurts and related products - part 1

Reklewska, B.; Nalecz Tarwacka, T.; Niemiec, J.; Karaszewska, A., 1995:
Yolk triacylglycerol composition and egg quality following the diet containing amaranth meal

Adams, R.M., 1996:
You ought to have your head examined: pediculosis capitis redux

Hakkila, P., 1995:
Young Scots pine stands as a raw material source

Georgiou, C.; Betts, N.; Hoos, T.; Glenn, M., 1996:
Young adult exercisers and nonexercisers differ in food attitudes, perceived dietary changes, and food choices

Seneviratne, P., 1995:
Young budding - a better planting material

Loker Murphy, L.; Pearce, P.L., 1995:
Young budget travellers: backpackers in Australia

Hoa, D.P.; Thanh, H.T.; Höjer, B.; Persson, L.A., 1995:
Young child feeding in a rural area in the Red River delta, Vietnam

Clausen, P., 1997:
Young fur farmers have confidence in the future

Accetto, M., 1984:
Young growth of yew under mature spruce stands in the Galio-Abietetium on Bohor Mountain

Kaivola, A., 1993:
Young increment stands need remedial tending - forest improvement funds available

Cáceres, C.F.; Marín, B.V.; Hudes, E.S.; Reingold, A.L.; Rosasco, A.M., 1997:
Young people and the structure of sexual risks in Lima

Carbone, A., 1996:
Young people in agriculture

Rosenthal, D.; Smith, A.; D.V.sser, R., 1997:
Young people's condom use: an event specific analysis

Heinzlmaier, B., 1997:
Young peoples music cultures - between mainstream, scene culture and sampling identity

Bryan, A.D.; Aiken, L.S.; West, S.G., 1997:
Young women's condom use: the influence of acceptance of sexuality, control over the sexual encounter, and perceived susceptibility to common STDs

Seal, A.; Minichiello, V.; Omodei, M., 1997:
Young women's sexual risk taking behaviour: re-visiting the influences of sexual self-efficacy and sexual self-esteem

Steine, T., 1997:
Younger bull dams

Gier, A. de, 1995:
Your 7,000 square meters

Fried, B., 1996:
Your choice of doors: the IRS's version of let's make a deal in tip reporting

Anonymous, 1997:
Your turf deserves the best possible start

Granger, S., 1997:
Youth Sport Trust

Anonymous, 1996:
Youth and HIV/AIDS: an American agenda a report to the President

Anonymous, 1997:
Youth and Sport affects the future

Modi, S., 1996:
Youth at risk around the world: a challenge for recreation programs - an Indian perspective

Miranda, D.S. de, 1996:
Youth at risk: a challenge for recreation programmes in Latin America

Roberts, K., 1996:
Youth cultures and sport: the success of school and community sport provisions in Britain

Dirven, M., 1995:
Youth expectations and rural development

Adibekian, A., 1996:
Youth in Armenia: new problems, few leisure opportunities

Orderud, G.I., 1997:
Youth in the periphery: education, jobs and a place to live

Tarkhnishvili, L., 1996:
Youth minus leisure in Georgia

Anonymous, 1997:
Youth sport abroad: glance over the borders

Li, W.S., 1996:
Youth tourism and recreation in China

Tomsen, S., 1997:
Youth violence & the limits of moral panic

Kulidzhanov, G.V., 1996:
Yubilei OSKhI, a new table grape variety

Laferriere, J.E., 1995:
Yucca declinata: a new species from Sonora

Ferguson, D.J., 1996:
Yucca linearis, a unique species from the Chihuahuan Desert

Chen ZhongHua, 1997:
Yuechi 78-1, a selection of Jincheng orange, and its cultural techniques

Xu, J.W.; Li, Z.Q., 1995:
Yugeng 5, a new japonica rice cultivar for the northern area

Pencic, M., 1995:
Yugoslavia valiantly struggles to maintain germplasm base and program

Zhao, S.Z., 1995:
Yumai 28, an elite wheat cultivar

H.X.anChang; Hai Yan; Wan JinLan; Huang BingYan; Shen YuQing, 1996:
Yumai 37, a new strong tillering winter wheat variety with high and stable yield bred by anther culture

Bertin, C., 1995:
Yves Barriere, director of research at INRA: maize silage is a question of compromise

Martin, T.; Sotta, B.; Jullien, M.; Caboche, M.; Faure, J.D., 1997:
ZEA3: A Negative Modulator of Cytokinin Responses in Plant Seedlings

Sobolewski, A., 1996:
ZUP Nysa candle filters at Strzelin sugar factory

Nicosia, O.L.D.; Troccoli, A.; Codianni, P., 1996:
Zabrus tenebrioides: a focus of infestation in the province of Foggia

Jadresic, V., 1996:
Zadar - City of tourism and culture

Jadresic, V., 1996:
Zadar: a city of culture and tourism

Anonymous, 1997:
Zambia measures the impact

Keyser, J.C., 1996:
Zambia's agricultural comparative advantage: an operational framework for the multiple objective analysis of agricultural policy and indicative results

Pineda, R., 1996:
Zamorano seed program, International Seed and Grain Science Center (ISGSC)

Ruiz Sifre, G.; Rosa Marquez, E.; Flores Ortega, C.E., 1996:
Zantedeschia aethiopica propagation by tissue culture

Miao SongLin; Zhang YueJian; Liang SenMiao; Huang, X.G.; Wang, S.F., 1995:
Zaose, a promising new Arbutus cultivar

Liu, Y.G.; Qiu, Z.J.; Qiu, K.F., 1995:
Zaoxian 28, a new rice cultivar with pest resistance

Miro, F.; Lopez de Medina, F., 1995:
Zarpa, a new early autumn post-emergence herbicide in olive

Buckler, E.S.; Holtsford, T.P., 1996:
Zea ribosomal repeat evolution and substitution patterns

Anonymous, 1995:
Zealand 1995

Macri, F.; Vianello, A.; Braidot, E.; Petrussa, E.; Mokhova, E.N., 1996:
Zearalenone-induced uncoupling in plant mitochondria is sensitive to 6-ketocholestanol

E.Sayed, A.M.A.A., 1997:
Zearalenone: incidence of toxigenic fungi and chemical decontamination in Egyptian cereals

Webber, W., 1994:

Karavaiko, N.N.; Zemlyachenko, Y.V.; Selivankina, S.Y.; Kulaeva, O.N., 1995:
Zeatin-binding protein involved in the activation of in vitro RNA synthesis by trans-zeatin: isolation from barley leaf cytosol

Karavaiko, N.N.; Selivankina, S.Y.; Brovko, F.A.; Zemlyachenko, Y.V.; Shipilova, S.V.; Zagranichnaya, T.K.; Lipkin, V.M.; Kulaeva, O.N., 1996:
Zeatin-binding proteins participating in cytokinin-dependent activation of transcription

Robutti, J.L.; Borras, F.S.; Eyherabide, G.H., 1997 :
Zein compositions of mechanically separated coarse and fine portions of maize kernels

Genga, A.; Carzaniga, R.; Lazzari, B.; Faoro, F.; Viotti, A., 1995:
Zein expression is not restricted to endosperm tissue

Kolak, I.; Satovic, Z.; Rukavina, H.; Rozic, I., 1996:
Zeljka and Vesna - new cultivars of spring oat

Delgado, A.; Molina, A.; Leon, I., 1996:
Zeolite as a regulator of natural protein consumption in yearlings fed forage and supplemented with molasses-urea

Boettinger, J.L.; Dudley, L.M.; Norton, J.M.; Kolesar, P.T., 1995:
Zeolite efficiency in reducing nitrate contamination

Geremew Gebeyehu, 1996:
Zera-zera: gift of Gambela to the world

Bhatty, R.S.; Rossnagel, B.G., 1997:
Zero amylose lines of hull-less barley

Jones, B.J.; Peary, S.; Wilkerson, S., 1997:
Zero garbage project at the fair

Ahmad, S.; Ali, A., 1992:
Zero tillage in maize-wheat cropping system

Gilbert, R.J., 1996:
Zero tolerance for Listeria monocytogenes in foods - is it necessary or realistic?

Saulnier, J.M., 1996:
Zeroing in on China's ice cream market, Nestle dairy farm aims to scale Wall's

Chowdhury, S., 1996:
Zeuxine debrajiana Chowdhury sp. nov. - a new species of orchids from Assam, India

Mazarakis, N.; Michalovich, D.; Karis, A.; Grosveld, F.; Galjart, N., 1996:
Zfp-37 is a member of the KRAB zinc finger gene family and is expressed in neurons of the developing and adult CNS

Nagamine, C.M.; Carlisle, C., 1997:
Zfy2/1 fusion gene fails to replicate Zfy1 expression pattern in fetal gonads

Meng QingYan; Wang XiaoHong; T.N.; Yuan ShuMing; Gong ZhongXu; Zhang Xu; Zhou RuiHua, 1997:
Zha'ai Shandingzi, a dwarfing hardy germplasm type of Malus

Y.Q.Ming; L.Z.en; Bao HuanYu; Y.X.ngXiang; L.X.eBin; L.G.oKang; Liu NaiChi; G.B.oGeng, 1996:
Zhejiang citrus postharvest diseases and their control

Zhang GuiRong; Zong XuePu; Shen YuSheng; Wang ZhiQiang; Zuo QinYuan; Zhu GengRui, 1996:
Zhenghuang 5, a new late canning peach cultivar

Tang ShengXiang, 1995:
Zhongyin 85, a new midseason indica rice cultivar with high yield and good quality

Van de Perre, P.; Meda, N.; Cartoux, M.; Mandelbrot, L.; Leroy, V.; Dabis, F.; Salamon, R., 1997:
Zidovudine and breast-feeding

Perrin, L.; Yerly, S.; Charvier, A.; Figueras, G.; Schockmel, G.A.; Hirschel, B., 1997:
Zidovudine plus didanosine in primary HIV-1 infection

Raymond, P.; Blais, C.; Décarie, A.; Morais, R.; Adam, A., 1997:
Zidovudine potentiates local and systemic inflammatory responses in the rat

Englund, J.A.; Baker, C.J.; Raskino, C.; Mckinney, R.E.; Petrie, B.; Fowler, M.G.enn; Pearson, D.; Gershon, A.; Mcsherry, G.D.; Abrams, E.J.; Schliozberg, J.; Sullivan, J.L., 1997:
Zidovudine, didanosine, or both as the initial treatment for symptomatic HIV-infected children

Sundar, K.; Suarez, M.; Banogon, P.E.; Shapiro, J.M., 1997:
Zidovudine-induced fatal lactic acid acidosis and hepatic failure in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: report of two patients and review of the literature

Gates, A.; Coker, R.; Miller, R.; Mitchell, D.; Williamson, J.; Clarke, J., 1997:
Zidovudine-resistant variants of HIV-1 in lung

Magadzire, G.S.T., 1996:
Zimbabwe Farmers' Union activities in promoting small grains production in Zimbabwe

Kimberley, M.J.; Warren, M.F.C., 1997:
Zimbabwe's orchid flora

Anonymous, 1997:
Zimbabwe: using what is there

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Omega 3-enriched pork

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A place with a story

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Another way! Sustainable development model - initiative in the Zala-kar small region

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Arouse initiative - utilize opportunities - village renewal in Hesse

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Babylon makes the rules: the politics of reggae crossover

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Basics are now a luxury: perceptions of structural adjustment's impact on rural and urban areas in Zimbabwe

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Biostimulation methods for breeding rabbit does: synthesis of the first results

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Biotechnology and Novel Foods

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Blood analysis of forest trees

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Boll dangle, causing serious yield losses in southeast Arkansas

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Bronze wilt in the 1998 Mississippi cotton variety trials

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Come share our culture: marketing aboriginal tourism in Australia

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Division or selling in the reform of the stock-cooperative system

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Domosedan as a sedative analgesic in indigenous buffalo

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Dual classification: a new classification system for Chinese flower cultivars

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Easy, handy and economic: the new Combibloc fillers

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El Nino increases chicken mortality in Brazil: prices rising, as exports stagnate

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Even the parliament interrupted its session creating local and national identity in Viennese football

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Ewe and Me. On-farm program for dairy sheep flocks

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Foamed film: a new covering material

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Greco di Gerace B

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Greco di Rogliano B

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Greco di Tufo B

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Honest, warden! A BobcatReg. made these trails

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Just in Time barn management: new priorities of stables and stable climate to be considered in designing new and renovated barns

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Keserai Champinion on on the domestic market

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Longyan Xiangmang, a high yielding promising mango variety

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Me? I'm just here, part of the world. A study of endemic disease control in Cansancao, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Microplanta plants in comparison with traditional 280-cell plug seedlings

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More than sports holidays: an overview of the sport-tourism link

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Near drowning due to hydatid disease

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New foods, old mistakes

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Obesity issues in the management of diabetes and dyslipidaemia

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Organic milk

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Participatory research for development projects: a comparison of the community meeting and household survey techniques

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Passion for excellence: the quality approach of the Costa group

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Pepper spot of head cabbage in storage

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Play smart basketball - a thinking approach to the development of games skill

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Polagra '97

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Potential natural vegetation as base for the assessment of naturalness with special emphasis on Austrian forests

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Public nutrition: the need for cross-disciplinary breadth in the education of applied nutrition professionals

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Qualimania hits the hospitality industry

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Quality Sanremo for better sales

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Quasi-REML correlation estimates between production and health traits in the presence of selection and confounding: a simulation study

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens: consumers' perceptions of organic food quality?

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Renewed small crawling insects for Norway - VI. The woodlouse Armadillidium nasatum Budde-Lund, 1885 horned woodlouse

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Risk in fisheries management: a review

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Role overload and role conflict- teacher or coach?

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Roxana-a new variety of diploid red clover

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Same sport, different gender a consideration of binary gender logic and the sport continuum in the case of ice hockey

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Savings first versus credit first the importance of mobilising savings for setting up rural financial systems

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Savings first versus credit first? The role of savings mobilization by the building up of the rural finance system

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Sclerocytosis in juice vesicles of Citrus grandis fruit from north-eastern India

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Single-Use needles and syringes for the prevention of HIV infection among injection drug users

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State of the art - document relating to the Policy Evaluation Matrix (PEM) and its effects on Austrian agricultural policy

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Steward (DPX-MP-062), a novel new insecticide for cotton insect control

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Stud - European project for improved timber products

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Sumba asli: fashioning culture along expanded exchange circles

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Superstition in the collegiate baseball player

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Surfactant WK for thinning peach blossoms

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Systemic action researching among Iranian Nomads

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Tax-Xiber - the indigenous rabbit of Malta

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Terroirs and indicator values: objectives and preliminary results of a regional viticultural study above Lake Bienne (Switzerland)

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Terroirs of dairy farming for cheese processing in the Massif Central (France): methodology for a geographical and systemic approach

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The Milk Development Council - what's in it for dairy farmers and vets?

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The Saborsko Project: a model project for the development of rural tourism in the war affected region

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Therapeutic potatoes

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Tiger on a bicycle: the growth, character, and dilemmas of international tourism in Vietnam

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Too much studying makes me crazy: school-related illnesses on Mount Kilimanjaro

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Translation or transformation: gender in Hispanic reggae

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UEL-2: a bush type snap bean cultivar

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Ullal-4 and UN-50 promising cashew varieties for coastal Karnataka

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Ulos or saham? Presentations of Tobo Batak culture in tourism promotions

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Under-recording in 7-day records of 6- to 18-year-old pupils

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Unleashing the fury: the cultural discourse of rural violence and land rights in Paraguay

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Virtual Instrumentation technique for agricultural automation

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Water tail, a little known condition in dogs

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Water-an economic good?: theory and practice

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We don't understand you Europeans The American consumer and his attitude towards genetic engineering of food

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We need to rebuild this house: the role of empowerment in evaluation of a Mexican farmers' cooperative

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Wheat stalk fibre - foodstuff or additive?

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Who we are and what we are: The cultural construct of lesbian families within a leisure context

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Why are you bored?: an examination of psychological and social control causes of boredom among adolescents

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Wuqianzhong, a promising new jujube variety

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Xiangyahuang, a new hardy early apple variety

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Yangambi km5 (Musa AAA, Ibota subgroup): a possible source of resistance to Radopholus similis and Pratylenchus goodeyi

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"You have to be your own doctor": sociocultural influences on alternative therapy use among gay men with AIDS in west Hollywood

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You have to have some fun to go along with your work: The interplay of race, class, gender, and leisure in the industrial New South

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Zongbaoli, a new promising pear variety

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$ynergizing weed control

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'A historic portage' revisited

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'A solemn and gloomy umbrage': changing interpretations of the ancient oaks of Sherwood forest

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'A time to act' - highlights of a report of the USDA National Commission on Small Farms

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'AC-L' Acadie' strawberry

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'ACCU BIN'Reg. re-usable container for filling AxiomReg. (mini bulk system)

Anonymous, 1997:
'AR1'. Application No: 97/013

Anonymous, 1997:
'AR501'. Application No: 97/111

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'Active' packaging or traditional solutions?

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'Agricultural exports, poverty and ecological crisis': case study of Central American countries

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'Alternative' tourists on a Canary island

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'And give joy to my heart'. Ideology and emotions in the Argentinian cult of Maradona

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'Angels' with drunken faces? Travelling Republic of Ireland supporters and the construction of Irish migrant identity in England

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'Animals under our care' - whose care, and for how long?

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'Antoshka-L' - a new type of cultured milk product for children

Anonymous, 1998:
'Appellation d'origine controlee' wines: the relevance of a French concept to the development of the world market

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'Appropriate/inappropriate landings', a mechanism for describing how undersowing with clover affects host-plant selection by pest insects of Brassica crops

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'Austin' rabbiteye blueberry

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'BITA-3': a starchy banana with partial resistance to black sigatoka and tolerance to streak virus

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'Baekhyang', a rich-flavor, white-fleshed, late-maturing, and freestone peach

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'Banj' and 'Moru' oaks and their mistletoes in western Himalayas

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'Best bet' technologies for increasing nutrient supply for maize on smallholder farms

Anonymous, 1998:
'Bio' is a business just like any other

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'Black Butte' trailing blackberry

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'Black Emerald': an early-maturing, black seedless grape for the fresh market

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'Blanquerna', 'Cambra' and 'Felisia'. Three new autogamous almond cultivars

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'Brand name' experiences

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'Brown spot disease' in Austria - the beginning of an epidemic?

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'Brutal and degrading': the medical profession and boxing, 1838-1984

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