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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3019

Chapter 3019 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Straub, J.A.; Hertel, C.; Hammes, W.P., 1999:
A 23S rDNA-targeted polymerase chain reaction-based system for detection of Staphylococcus aureus in meat starter cultures and dairy products

Shi XianZong; Gomez, S.P.; Lawrence, P.O., 1999:
A 24 kDa parasitism-specific protein from the Caribbean fruit fly, Anastrepha suspensa: cDNA and deduced amino acid sequence

Upma, J.A.rewala; Banyal, H.S., 1998:
A 24,000 g sediment of Plasmodium berghei induces IL-1 response in mice and exhibits protection against malaria infection

Lim, C.C.; Krebs, S.L.; Arora, R., 1999:
A 25-kDa dehydrin associated with genotype- and age-dependent leaf freezing-tolerance in Rhododendron: a genetic marker for cold hardiness?

Ohlerth, S.; Busato, A.; Gaillard, C.; Fluckiger, M.; Lang, J., 1998:
A 25-year epidemiological and genetic study of hip dysplasia in a population of Labrador retrievers

Herrmann, B.L.; Saller, B.; Sauer, J.; Brockmeyer, N.; Mann, K., 1999:
A 26-year-old female patient with cutaneous leishmaniasis and first signs of diabetes mellitus

Kelly, S.M.; Shorthouse, M.; Cotterell, J.C.; Riordan, A.M.; Lee, A.J.; Thurnham, D.I.; Hanka, R.; Hunter, J.O., 1998:
A 3-month, double-blind, controlled trial of feeding with sucrose polyester in human volunteers

Brasil, P.; Paiva, D.D. de; Lima, D.B. de; Silva, E.J. da; Peralta, J.M.; Silva, A.J. da; Sodre, F.C.; Villela, E.V.; Moura, H., 1998:
A 3-year follow-up of a Brazilian AIDS patient with protracted diarrhea caused by Enterocytozoon bieneusi

Romero, R.; Guijarro, J.A.; Ramis, C.; Alonso, S., 1998:
A 30-year (1964-1993) daily rainfall data base for the Spanish Mediterranean regions: first exploratory study

Chen, L.; Wang,; Zhang, J.L.u; Hong, M.M.n, 1997:
A 31 bp DNA fragment interacting specifically with nuclear proteins extracted from immature rice seeds

Martins, A.; Santos, M.; Santos, H.; Pais, M.S., 1998:
A 31P nuclear magnetic resonance study of phosphate levels in roots of ectomycorrhizal and nonmycorrhizal plants of Castanea sativa Mill

Wilkinson, D.A.; Operskalski, E.A.; Busch, M.P.; Mosley, J.W.; Koup, R.A., 1998:
A 32-bp deletion within the CCR5 locus protects against transmission of parenterally acquired human immunodeficiency virus but does not affect progression to AIDS-defining illness

Rivolta, C.; Soldo, B.; Lazarevic, V.; Joris, B.; Mauël, C.; Karamata, D., 1998:
A 35.7 kb DNA fragment from the Bacillus subtilis chromosome containing a putative 12.3 kb operon involved in hexuronate catabolism and a perfectly symmetrical hypothetical catabolite-responsive element

Debusk, George H.Jr, 1998:
A 37,500-year pollen record from Lake Malawi and implications for the biogeography of afromontane forests

Dunnett, N.P.; Willis, A.J.; Hunt, R.; Grime, J.P., 1998:
A 38-year study of relations between weather and vegetation dynamics in road verges near Bibury, Gloucestershire

Ishikawa, H.; Sakurada, K.; Fujita, T.; Yamauchi, T., 1997:
A 39,X/40,XY true hermaphrodite mouse with normal ovarian function

Touchan Ramzi; Meko David; Hughes Malcolm, 1999:
A 396-year reconstruction of precipitation in southern Jordan

Fournier, C.A.drieu, B., 1998:
A 3D architectural and process-based model of maize development

Norinder, U.; Gustavsson, A.L.; Liljefors, T., 1997:
A 3D-QSAR study of analogs of (Z)-5-decenyl acetate, a pheromone component of the turnip moth, Agrotis segetum

Miyake, N.; Ishikawa, S.; Nehira, K.; Nakagoshi, N., 1998:
A 4-year experimental investigation into the vertical distribution patterns of pollen grains in a forest soil

Aksenova, L.A.; Zak, E.A.; Kulikova, A.L.; Klyachko, N.L., 1998:
A 40-kD protein from Vicia faba leaves: an actin or actin-related protein?

Wang JianYong; Iwasaki, T.; Aizono, Y., 1999:
A 40-kilodalton protein with growth inhibitory activity against the adzuki bean weevil in seeds of Vigna mungo

Krejci, V.; Hren, V.; Dubravac, T., 1996:
A 40-year investigation into the development of some structural elements of sessile-flowered oak stands on an experimental plot at Dugi rt

Guevara Garcia, A.; Lopez Ochoa, L.; Lopez Bucio, J.; Simpson, J.; Herrera Estrella, L., 1998:
A 42 bp fragment of the pmas1' promoter containing an ocs-like element confers a developmental, wound- and chemically inducible expression pattern

Samuels, M.A.; Newell, K.L., 1997:
A 43-year-old woman with rapidly changing pulmonary infiltrates and markedly increased intracranial pressure

Elliot M.B.; Striewski B.; Flenley J.R.; Kirkman J.H.; Sutton D.G., 1997:
A 4300 year palynological and sedimentological record of environmental change and human impact from Wharau Road Swamp, Northland, New Zealand

Cho KyoungSang; Lim JeomHee; Won DongHwan; Gye MyungChan; Chung KiWha; Lee ChungChoo, 1999:
A 45-kDa cAMP-dependent phosphoprotein which is related to the product of Mst57Dc in Drosophila melanogaster, F.; Daròs, J.A.; Ragozzino, A.; Flores, R., 1997:
A 451-nucleotide circular RNA from cherry with hammerhead ribozymes in its strands of both polarities

Gogtay, N.; Garg, M.; Kadam, V.; Kamtekar, K.; Kshirsagar, N.A., 1998:
A 5 days primaquine regimen as anti-relapse therapy for Plasmodium vivax

Lareyre, J.J.; Thomas, T.Z.; Zheng, W.L.; Kasper, S.; Ong, D.E.; Orgebin-Crist, M.C.; Matusik, R.J., 1999:
A 5-kilobase pair promoter fragment of the murine epididymal retinoic acid-binding protein gene drives the tissue-specific, cell-specific, and androgen-regulated expression of a foreign gene in the epididymis of transgenic mice

van den Wijngaard, P.W.; Vredenberg, W.J., 1997:
A 50-picosiemens anion channel of the chloroplast envelope is involved in chloroplast protein import

Horvat, S.; Medrano, J.F., 1998:
A 500-kb YAC and BAC contig encompassing the high-growth deletion in mouse chromosome 10 and identification of the murine Raidd/Cradd gene in the candidate region

Rodrigo, F.S.; Esteban Parra, M.J.; Pozo Vazquez, D.; Castro Diez, Y., 1999:
A 500-year precipitation record in Southern Spain

Goman, M.; Byrne, R., 1998:
A 5000-year record of agriculture and tropical forest clearance in the Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

Katou, S.S.nda, K.Y.shioka,, N.K.wakita, K., 1999:
A 51 kDa protein kinase of potato activated with hyphal wall components from Phytophthora infestans

Choi, M.H.; Choe, S.C.; Lee, S.H., 1999:
A 54 kDa cysteine protease purified from the crude extract of Neodiplostomum seoulense adult worms

Chambers, F.M.; Barber, K.E.; Maddy, D.; Brew, J., 1997:
A 5500-year proxy-climate and vegetation record from blanket mire at Talla Moss, Borders, Scotland

Fujita, N.; Taira, T., 1998:
A 56-kDa protein is a novel granule-bound starch synthase existing in the pericarps, aleurone layers, and embryos of immature seed in diploid wheat (Triticum monococcum L.)

Liao XiangRu; Zhu XinChan; Wan YiZhen; H.P.Chao, 1999:
A 6-benzylaminopurine induced cationic peroxidase in grape leaves

mYoutsey, C.O.; Lee, O., 1995:
A 6-year comparison between 16 rootstocks budded with 'Hamlin' sweet orange

Cuttle, S.P.; Scurlock, R.V.; Davies, B.M.S., 1998:
A 6-year comparison of nitrate leaching from grass/clover and N-fertilized grass pastures grazed by sheep

Gavin, D.; Brubaker, L., 1999:
A 6000-year soil pollen record of subalpine meadow vegetation in the Olympic Mountains, Washington, USA

Anonymous, 1997:
A 65-year-old man with recurrent abdominal pain for five years

Barker, L.; Templeton, M.; Ferguson, I., 1998 :
A 67-kDa plasma-membrane-bound Ca2+-stimulated protein kinase active in sink tissue of higher plants

Scully, R.E.; Mark, E.J.; McNeely, W.F.; Ebeling, S.H.; Phillips, L.D.; Ellender, S.M., 1999:
A 68-year-old woman with multiple myeloma, diabetes mellitus, and an inflamed eye

Wafo, P.N.asse, B.F.ntaine, C., 1999:
A 7,8-dihydro-8-hydroxypalmatine from Enantia chlorantha

Zheng, D.; Nielsen, B.L.; Daniell, H., 1997:
A 7.5-kbp region of the maize (T cytoplasm) mitochondrial genome contains a chloroplast-like trnI (CAT) pseudo gene and many short segments homologous to chloroplast and other known genes

Bromuro, C.; L.V.lle, R.; Sandini, S.; Urbani, F.; Ausiello, C.M.; Morelli, L.; Fé d'Ostiani, C.; Romani, L.; Cassone, A., 1998:
A 70-kilodalton recombinant heat shock protein of Candida albicans is highly immunogenic and enhances systemic murine candidiasis

Kurz, W.A.; Apps, M.J., 1999:
A 70-year retrospective analysis of carbon fluxes in the Canadian Forest Sector

Long, C.; Whitlock, C.B.rtlein, P.; Millspaugh, S., 1998:
A 9000-year fire history from the Oregon Coast Range, based on a high-resolution charcoal study

Peng Kai Man; Zhang Hong Bin; Zhang Q.F., 1998:
A BAC library constructed to the rice cultivar Minghui 63 for cloning genes of agronomic importance

Smouse, D.; Nishiura, J., 1997:
A Bacillus thuringiensis delta -endotoxin induces programmed cell death in mosquito larvae

Gertner, G.Z.; Fang ShouFan; Skovsgaard, J.P., 1999:
A Bayesian approach for estimating the parameters of a forest process model based on long-term growth data

Leon, C.J.; Vazquez Polo, F.J., 1998:
A Bayesian approach to double bounded contingent valuation

Cooper, J.D.; Harrison, P.J., 1997:
A Bayesian approach to modelling the observed bovine spongiform encephalopathy epidemic

Hatter, I.W., 1998:
A Bayesian approach to moose population assessment and harvest decisions

George, A.W.; Mengersen, K.L.; Davis, G.P., 1997:
A Bayesian approach to ordering gene markers

Campbell, E.P.; Fox, D.R.; Bates, B.C., 1999:
A Bayesian approach to parameter estimation and pooling in nonlinear flood event models

Worrall, F.; Wooff, D.A.; Seheult, A.H.; Coolen, F.P.A., 1998:
A Bayesian approach to the analysis of environmental fate and behaviour data for pesticide registration

Shoemaker, J.; Painter, I.; Weir, B.S., 1998:
A Bayesian characterization of Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium

Shibuya, H.; Liu, P.C.; O'Brien, D.P.; Chen, Y.W.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A BbvI mismatch PCR/RFLP marker for the canine huntingtin gene

Mabuchi, K., 1997:
A Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction Model (BAIM) for physical climate models

Phillips, R.W.; Elzer, P.H.; Robertson, G.T.; Hagius, S.D.; Walker, J.V.; Fatemi, M.B.; Enright, F.M.; Roop, R.M.I.I., 1997 :
A Brucella melitensis high-temperature-requirement A (htrA) deletion mutant is attenuated in goats and protects against abortion

Rahmah, N.; Anuar, A.K.; A'shikin, A.N.; Lim, B.H.; Mehdi, R.; Abdullah, B.; Zurainee, M.N., 1998:
A Brugia malayi antigen specifically recognized by infected individuals

Stoy, S.J.; Shibuya, H.; O'Brien, D.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A BsII PCR/RFLP in the renin binding protein (RnBP) gene on canine chromosome X

Liu, P.C.; Shibuya, H.; Nonneman, D.; Katz, M.L.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A BseRI PCR/RFLP in an intron of the canine phenol sulfotransferase gene

Liu, P.C.; Shibuya, H.; Katz, M.L.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A BsmFI PCR/RFLP in the canine CD19 gene

Ganjam, K.K.; Shibuya, H.; Stoy, S.J.; Liu, P.C.; Ganjam, V.K.; Katz, M.L.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A BstUI PCR/RFLP marker in an intron of the canine fibrillin 1 gene

Jiang, Z.H.; Rottmann, O.J.; Pirchner, F., 1999:
A BstXI polymorphism in the porcine matrix metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1) gene locus

Guo XiangMo; L.X.uLan, 1998:
A Bt transferred bollworm resistant short season cotton variety - CRI 30

Rossi, M.; Kim, M.S.; Morgan, D.G.; Small, C.J.; Edwards, C.M.; Sunter, D.; Abusnana, S.; Goldstone, A.P.; Russell, S.H.; Stanley, S.A.; Smith, D.M.; Yagaloff, K.; Ghatei, M.A.; Bloom, S.R., 1998:
A C-terminal fragment of Agouti-related protein increases feeding and antagonizes the effect of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone in vivo

Shi, Y.; Mello, C., 1998:
A CBP/p300 homolog specifies multiple differentiation pathways in Caenorhabditis elegans

Hostert, A.; Tolaini, M.; Festenstein, R.; McNeill, L.; Malissen, B.; Williams, O.; Zamoyska, R.; Kioussis, D., 1997:
A CD8 genomic fragment that directs subset-specific expression of CD8 in transgenic mice

Kacira, M.S.ort, T.; Stowell, R., 1998:
A CFD evaluation of naturally ventilated, multi-span, sawtooth greenhouses

Lee InBook; Short, T.H., 1998:
A CFD model of volumetric flow rates for a naturally ventilated, multi-span greenhouse

A.H.lal, I.; Short, T.H., 1999:
A CFD study of naturally and fan ventilated greenhouses in extreme arid climates

Wiebelt, M.; Thiele, R., 1997:
A CGE analysis of policies to combat deforestation in Cameroon

Reis, C.V.; Kelen, E.M.A.; Farsky, S.H.P.; Portaro, F.C.V.; Sampaio, C.A.M.; Fernandes, B.L.; Camargo, A.C.M.; Chudzinski Tavassi, A.M., 1999:
A Ca++ activated serine protease (LOPAP) could be responsible for the haemorrhagic syndrome caused by the caterpillar Lonomia obliqua

Kawasaki, M.; Hisamoto, N.; Iino, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Ninomiya-Tsuji, J.; Matsumoto, K., 1999:
A Caenorhabditis elegans JNK signal transduction pathway regulates coordinated movement via type-D GABAergic motor neurons

Kagoshima, H.; Cassata, G.; Burglin, T.R., 1999:
A Caenorhabditis elegans homeobox gene expressed in the male tail, a link between pattern formation and sexual dimorphism?

Fay, D.S.; Stanley, H.M.; Han, M.; Wood, W.B., 1999:
A Caenorhabditis elegans homologue of hunchback is required for late stages of development but not early embryonic patterning

Wilson, M.A.; Hoch, R.V.; Ashcroft, N.R.; Kosinski, M.E.; Golden, A., 1999:
A Caenorhabditis elegans wee1 homolog is expressed in a temporally and spatially restricted pattern during embryonic development

Witham, C.L.; Stull, C.L.; Hird, D.W., 1998:
A California survey concerning chronic equine malnutrition

Montero, M.; Marcilla, A.; Sentandreu, R.; Valentin, E., 1998:
A Candida albicans 37 kDa polypeptide with homology to the laminin receptor is a component of the translational machinery

Rademacher, F.; Kehren, V.; Stoldt, V.R.; Ernst, J.F., 1998:
A Candida albicans chaperonin subunit (CaCct8p) as a suppressor of morphogenesis and Ras phenotypes in C. albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ducy, P.; Starbuck, M.; Priemel, M.; Shen, J.; Pinero, G.; Geoffroy, V.; Amling, M.; Karsenty, G., 1999:
A Cbfa1-dependent genetic pathway controls bone formation beyond embryonic development

Windels, C.E.; Lamey, H.A.; Hilde, D.; Widner, J.; Knudsen, T., 1998:
A Cercospora leaf spot model for sugar beet: in practice by an industry

Kim, S.I., 1998:
A Clonorchis sinensis-specific antigen that detects active human clonorchiasis

Letham, D.L.D.; Nasrallah, J.B., 1998:
A ClpP homolog linked to the Brassica self-incompatibility (S) locus

Carr, G.F.J.; Christenson, E.A., 1999:
A Colombian jewel: a spectacular new species of Cycnoches

Srivastava, S.K., 1997 :
A Congo red binding assay for monitoring outer membrane protein production by Pasteurella multocida serotype 6:B

Evans, H.C.; Smith, S.M.; Katundu, J.M.; Kapama, J.T., 1999:
A Cordyceps pathogen of sugar-cane white grubs in Tanzania

Samdahl, D.M.; Jekubovich, N.J., 1997:
A Critique of Leisure constraints: Comparative analyses and understandings

Whitney, J.D.; Miller, W.M., 1999:
A DGPS yield monitoring system for Florida citrus

L.X.ngMeng; Jin Wei; Qian YongHua; Matsumoto, T., 1996:
A DNA hybridization taxonomic study of Enterococci from the intestine of silkworm

Henikoff, S.; Comai, L., 1998:
A DNA methyltransferase homolog with a chromodomain exists in multiple polymorphic forms in Arabidopsis

Sawado, T.; Sakaguchi, K., 1997:
A DNA polymerase alpha catalytic subunit is purified independently from the tissues at meiotic prometaphase I of a basidiomycete, Coprinus cinereus

Chung, H.Y.; Davis, M.E.; Hines, H.C., 1999:
A DNA polymorphism of the bovine calpastatin gene detected by SSCP analysis

Heussler, V.; Kaufmann, H.; Glaser, I.; Ducommun, D.; Muller, C.; Dobbelaere, D., 1998:
A DNA probe for the detection of Dicrocoelium dendriticum in ants of Formica spp. and Lasius spp

Paintlia, A.S.; Paintlia, M.K.; Mahajan, R.C.; Chakraborti, A.; Ganguly, N.K., 1999:
A DNA-based probe for differentiation of Giardia lamblia group A and B isolates from northern India

Royaux, I.; Minner, F.; Goffinet, A.M.; de Rouvroit, C.L., 1998:
A DnaJ-like gene, Hsj2, maps to mouse chromosome 5, at approximately 24 cM from the centromere

Koster, K., 1999:
A Doppler study of blood flow dynamics in the cyclic ovary of dogs

Chen, Y.W.; Bermudez, A.J.; Liu, P.C.; Nonneman, D.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A DraIII PCR/RFLP in an intron of the emu lysosomal protective protein gene

Powlson, D.S.; Smith, P.; Coleman, K.; Smith, J.U.; Glendining, M.J.; Koerschens, M.; Franko, U., 1998:
A European network of long-term sites for studies on soil organic matter

Monet, R.; Chat, J.; Legave, J.M.; Chalak, L.; Hirsch, C.M.; Xiao, X.G.; Testolin, R., 1997:
A European research project to improve kiwifruit adaptation to cold climates using conventional breeding methods and biotechnologies

Darwin, R., 1999:
A FARMer's view of the Ricardian approach to measuring agricultural effects of climatic change

Peacock, J.; Van Rensburg, L.; Van Der Merwe, C.F.; Kruger, H., 1998:
A FE-SEM study on the tobacco leaf epidermis

Guan KaiShu; Zhang MeiHua; Liang AnBo; Zhang Li, 1999:
A FNN model for forecasting the total power requirement of agricultural machinery in China

Anonymous, 1997:
A Festshrift in honor of John J. Wurdack

Morel, F., 1997:
A French-style factory for the leading German cheese producer

Horwitz, B.A.; Sharon, A.; Lu, S.W.; Ritter, V.; Sandrock, T.M.; Yoder, O.C.; Turgeon, B.G., 1999:
A G protein alpha subunit from Cochliobolus heterostrophus involved in mating and appressorium formation

Ouwerkerk, P.B.F.; Memelink, J., 1999:
A G-box element from the Catharanthus roseus strictosidine synthase (Str) gene promoter confers seed-specific expression in transgenic tobacco plants

Ishige, F.; Takaichi, M.; Foster, R.; Chua NamHai; Oeda, K., 1999:
A G-box motif (GCCACGTGCC) tetramer confers high-level constitutive expression in dicot and monocot plants

Liu, Z.; Hagen, G.G.ilfoyle, T., 1997:
A G-box-binding protein from soybean binds to the E1 auxin-response element in the soybean GH3 promoter and contains a proline-rich repression domain

Marc; Granger; Brincat; Fisher; Kao; McCubbin; Cyr, 1998:
A GFP-MAP4 reporter gene for visualizing cortical microtubule rearrangements in living epidermal cells

Belknap, W.; Naiman, R.J., 1998:
A GIS and TIR procedure to detect and map wall-base channels in Western Washington

Burnside, N.G.; Smith, R.F.; Waite, S., 1999:
A GIS approach linking grassland community types and landscape position on the South Downs

Berhanu, F.A.; Kachroo, R.K., 1998:
A GIS based toolbox for hydrological modelling

Kobler, A., 1996:
A GIS case study of reafforestation of a cultivated landscape

Manen, F.T. van; Pelton, M.R., 1997:
A GIS model to predict black bear habitat use

Dettmers, R.; Bart, J., 1999:
A GIS modeling method applied to predicting forest songbird habitat

Lahmer Werner; Becker Alfred; Mueller Wholfeil Dirk Ingmar; Pfuetzner Bernd, 1999:
A GIS-based approach for regional hydrological modelling

Shukla, S.M.staghimi, S.S.anholtz, V.; Collins, M., 1998:
A GIS-based modeling approach for evaluating groundwater vulnerability to pesticides

Sheng ShaoXue; M.X.aoQun; Yang TaiMing; Zhang AiMin, 1998:
A GIS-based monitoring-assessing system for major agrometeorological disasters in Anhui province

Tan JianGuo;; Yang QiuZhen, 1998:
A GIS-based operation system for evaluation of vegetable disaster loss caused by excessive rain

Horssen, P.W. van; Schot, P.P.; Barendregt, A., 1999:
A GIS-based plant prediction model for wetland ecosystems

Ascough, J.C.I.I.; Rector, H.D.; Faber, B.G.; Wagner, D.G., 1998:
A GIS-based tool for management of farm spatial data

Frankenberger, J.R.; Brooks, E.S.; Walter, M.T.; Walter, M.F.; Steenhuis, T.S., 1999:
A GIS-based variable source area hydrology model

Perry, G.L.W.; Sparrow, A.D.; Owens, I.F., 1999:
A GIS-supported model for the simulation of the spatial structure of wildland fire, Cass Basin, New Zealand

Anonymous, 1997:
A Greek niche

Morin, S.; Ghanim, M.; Zeidan, M.; Czosnek, H.; Verbeek, M.; van den Heuvel, J.F., 1999:
A GroEL homologue from endosymbiotic bacteria of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci is implicated in the circulative transmission of tomato yellow leaf curl virus

Biss, M.E.; Hathaway, S.C., 2005:
A HACCP-based approach to hygienic slaughter and dressing of lamb carcasses

Liu, S.T.; Chang, W.Z.; Cao, H.M.; Hu, H.L.; Chen, Z.H.; Ni, F.D.; Lu, H.F.; Hong, G.F., 1998:
A HU-like protein binds to specific sites within nod promoters of Rhizobium leguminosarum

Santos, R.J.R. dos, 1998:
A Headwater Conservation Program

Gupta, A.K.; Gill, A.; Kaur, N., 1998:
A HgCl2 insensitive and thermally stable inulinase from Aspergillus oryzae

Rundgren, M.; Beerling, D., 1999:
A Holocene CO2 record from the stomatal index of subfossil Salix herbacea L. leaves from northern Sweden

Damen, W.G.; Tautz, D., 1998:
A Hox class 3 orthologue from the spider Cupiennius salei is expressed in a Hox-gene-like fashion

Hidaka, S.; Okamoto, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Kon, Y.; Kimura, T., 1999:
A Japanese herbal medicine, Chujo-to, has a beneficial effect on osteoporosis in rats

Dawson, A.; Hartswood, E.; Paterson, T.; Finnegan, D.J., 1997:
A LINE-like transposable element in Drosophila, the I factor, encodes a protein with properties similar to those of retroviral nucleocapsids

Wang J.C.; Apperley L.W., 1998:
A Laplace transform numerical model for contaminant transport in stratified porous media

Rao, J.M., 1998:
A Leibenstein-Hobbes-Walras model of sharecropping

Yao BingGui; Yao LiZhu; Wang Ping; Zhang Xi; Wang DeFang, 1997:
A Long-term fixed-site study on components and change of phosphorus in fluvo-aquic soil in Tianjin suburbs

Kim, Y.S.; Lee, H.S.; Lee, M.H.; Yoo, O.J.; Liu, J.R., 1998:
A MADS box gene homologous to AG is expressed in seedlings as well as in flowers of ginseng

Lockhart, S.R.; Nguyen, M.; Srikantha, T.; Soll, D.R., 1998:
A MADS box protein consensus binding site is necessary and sufficient for activation of the opaque-phase-specific gene OP4 of Candida albicans

Buchner, P.; Boutin, J.P., 1998:
A MADS box transcription factor of the AP1/AGL9 subfamily is also expressed in the seed coat of pea (Pisum sativum) during development

Krüger, J.; Aichinger, C.; Kahmann, R.; Bölker, M., 1997:
A MADS-box homologue in Ustilago maydis regulates the expression of pheromone-inducible genes but is nonessential

Bogre, L.C.lderini, O.B.narova, P.M.ttauch, M.T.ll, S.K.egerl, S.J.nak, C.P.llaschek, C.B.rker, P.H.skisson, N.; Hirt, H.H.berle-Bors, E., 1999:
A MAP kinase is activated late in plant mitosis and becomes localized to the plane of cell division

Romanowicz, R., 1997:
A MATLAB implementation of TOPMODEL

Yang MuYi, 1999:
A Mean-Gini risk programming model for small farmers: a case study in Qingyang Loess Plateau in central West China

Battistin, E.; Chiarello, O.; Farmar, L.F., 1999:
A Mediterranean Russula present in Vicenza

Hassan, A.E.; Cushman, J.H.; Delleur, J.W., 1998:
A Monte Carlo assessment of Eulerian flow and transport perturbation models

Paisley, L.G.; Karlsen, E.; Jarp, J.; Mo, T.A., 1999:
A Monte Carlo simulation model for assessing the risk of introduction of Gyrodactylus salaris to the Tana river, Norway

Paltiel, A.D.; Scharfstein, J.A.; Seage, G.R.; Losina, E.; Goldie, S.J.; Weinstein, M.C.; Craven, D.E.; Freedberg, K.A., 1998:
A Monte Carlo simulation of advanced HIV disease: application to prevention of CMV infection

Prakash, S.K.rti, P.; Bhat, S.; Gaikwad, K.K.mar, V.; Chopra, V., 1998:
A Moricandia arvensis-based cytoplasmic male sterility and fertility restoration system in Brassica juncea

Papen, H.; Berg, R. von, 1998:
A Most Probable Number method (MPN) for the estimation of cell numbers of heterotrophic nitrifying bacteria in soil

Cosenza, G.; Rando, A.; Longobardi, E.; Masina, P.; Ramunno, L., 1998:
A MseI RFLP at the goat alpha s2-casein gene

Wang FuLi; Bear, J.; Shaviv, A., 1998:
A N-dynamics model for predicting N-behavior subject to environmentally friendly fertilization practices: II - numerical model and model validation

Young, F.W., 1999 :
A Neo-Durkheimian theory of small communities

New, D.A., 1996:
A New Zealand forest grower's experience in successfully commercialising research

Gonneau, M.; Mornet, R.; Laloue, M., 1998:
A Nicotiana plumbaginifolia protein labeled with an azido cytokinin agonist is a glutathione S-transferase

Zhou, T.; Shibuya, H.; Liu, P.C.; O'Brien, D.P.; Johnson, G.S., 1998:
A NlaIII PCR/RFLP in an intron of the retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator gene (RPGR) on the canine X chromosome

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A blossoming company benefiting the community

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A blower for extinguishing forest ground fires: analysis of technical features and development prospects

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A blue ascospore colour variant of Emericella nidulans

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A blueberry farm of international dimensions

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A body condition score system and its use for farmed red deer hinds

Gregory, N.G.; Robbins, J.K., 1998:
A body condition scoring system for layer hens

Pennisi, E., 1998:
A bonanza for plant genomics

Anonymous, 1997:
A boost for a traditional Swiss cheese

Anonymous, 1997:
A boost for image and turnover

Anonymous, 1997:
A boost for professional activities

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A bootstrap approach to confidence regions for genetic parameters from Method R estimates

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A bootstrap comparison of genetic covariance matrices

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A botanical survey of conservation headlands in Breckland environmentally sensitive area, UK

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A boundary - danger or profit for sugarbeet plantations?

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A boundary element-finite element equation solutions to flow in heterogeneous porous media

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A bovine model of vaccine enhanced respiratory syncytial virus pathophysiology

Anonymous, 1997:
A boy on the beach makes a career for himself

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A branch point consensus from Arabidopsis found by non-circular analysis allows for better prediction of acceptor sites

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A branched DNA signal amplification assay for quantification of nucleic acid targets below 100 molecules/ml

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A breakthrough in infant formula fats

M.JingYong et al., 1998:
A breeding and cultivation technique of rice new variety Jinongda 8

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A breeding goal to improve the welfare of sheep

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A breeding report on the new rice variety Jinongda 7

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A brevifoliol analogue from the Himalyan yew Taxus wallichiana

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A bridging study between liquid chromatography and microbial inhibition assay methods for determining amoxicillin residues in catfish muscle

Stehly, G.R.; Gingerich, W.H.; Kiessling, C.R.; Cutting, J.H., 1999:
A bridging study for oxytetracycline in the edible fillet of rainbow trout: analysis by a liquid chromatographic method and the official microbial inhibition assay

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A brief account of technological developments, past and present

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A brief analysis of farm forestry policy in Australia

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A brief assessment of a weather data generator (CLIMGEN) at Southern African sites

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A brief for fisheries policy research in developing countries

Anonymous, 1999:
A brief forecast of the spread and development of pests, diseases and weeds

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A brief historical study of amoebae of the genus Vahlkampfia and their pathogenic role

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A brief history of substrate trials on glasshouse carnation

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A brief history of the concept of 'close-to-nature' silviculture

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A brief history of the introduction of olives to Australia

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A brief history of the lysigenous gland hypothesis

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A brief history of the turkey

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A brief introduction to Lumian 14

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A brief introduction to breeding Hippophae in Russia and its genetic improvement in China

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A brief introduction to the application of biotechnology

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A brief introduction to the performance of glutinous maize in experimental plots in Zhejiang Province, its cultivation techniques and its utilization

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A brief market research: sweetcorn

Onore, G., 1997:
A brief note on edible insects in Ecuador

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A brief note on sexual differences in pupae of the horse-chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria ohridella Deschka & Dimic (1986) (Lep., Gracillariidae), a new pest in Central Europe on Aesculus hippocastanum

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A brief overview of vegetable production in Slovenian Istria

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A brief relation of rural reform and development in Shanghai

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A brief report of the National Rice Cultivar Regional Trial in Southern China in 1997

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A brief report on the cultural techniques for a pea/maize/late rice triple-cropping system

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A brief research on the afforestation technology of the regenerated sprouts of China fir

Anonymous, 1997:
A brief review of developments in the world coffee industry

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A brief review of microbial arsenate respiration

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A brief review of pear rootstock development

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A brief review of soil water, solute transport and regionalized variable analysis

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A brief review of the current situation regarding the production and protection of and research on crayfish

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A brief review of the genus Coccidiphila Dan. (Lepidoptera, Cosmopterigidae) with a description of a new species from the western Mediterranean

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A brief status of deciduous fruit growing in Taiwan province

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A brief survey of aberration origin theories

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A brief update on rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus

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A brief visit to the succulent commiphoras of Namibia

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A broad range of chemokine receptors are used by primary isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 as coreceptors with CD4

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A broad-range inoculant for legume trees in acid soils: fixing nitrogen in Sub-Saharan Africa

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A broad-spectrum PCR assay combined with RFLP analysis for detection and differentiation of plum pox virus isolates

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A broader view of malaria: from cell biology to health economics

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A broadscale land evaluation program to assess the potential for growing particular trees in Africa

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A broadscale wind erosion model for environmental assessment and management

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A broiler chick bioassay for measuring the feeding value of wheat and barley in complete diets

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A brome mosaic virus intergenic RNA3 replication signal functions with viral replication protein 1a to dramatically stabilize RNA in vivo

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A bryofloristic study in a relict riparian Prunus lusitanica stand in the Sierra de Gredos, Avila, Spain

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A bubaline-derived satellite DNA probe uncovers generic affinities of gaur with other bovids

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A bush chopper for mulch production in fallow-based agriculture and resource conservation

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A business profile of Australian nurseries

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A bymovirus PCR primer and partial nucleotide sequence provides further evidence for the recognition of rice necrosis mosaic virus as a bymovirus

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A cAMP-binding protein of the plague microbe: a study of its characteristics with the use of monoclonal antibodies

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A cDNA clone from a defective RNA of citrus tristeza virus is infective in the presence of the helper virus

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A cDNA clone from hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) encoding a low molecular weight heat shock protein expressed in the reproductive structures

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A cDNA cloned from pregnant mouse uterus exhibits temporo-spatial expression and predicts a novel protein

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A cDNA encoding a pepsinogen-like, aspartic protease from the human roundworm parasite Strongyloides stercoralis

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A cDNA encoding a proline-rich protein from Cicer arietinum. Changes in expression during development and abiotic stresses

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A cDNA from the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus versiforme with homology to a cruciform DNA-binding protein from Ustilago maydis

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A cDNA from tobacco codes for an inhibitor of virus replication (IVR)-like protein

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A cDNA, from Agrotis ipsilon, that encodes the pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN) and other FXPRL peptides

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A cDNA-dependent scintillation proximity assay for quantifying apolipoprotein A-I

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A cRNA probe detects prunus necrotic ringspot virus in three peach cultivars after micrografting and in peach shoots following long-term culture at 4 degrees C

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A caffeic acid ester from Halocnemum strobilaceum

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A caffeoylcyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid derivative from Asimina triloba

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A calcineurin-dependent transcriptional pathway controls skeletal muscle fiber type

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A calcium pump at the higher plant nuclear envelope?

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A calcium sensor homolog required for plant salt tolerance

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A calcium-dependent protein kinase is associated with maize mesocotyl plasmodesmata

Klusener; Weiler, 1999 :
A calcium-selective channel from root-Tip endomembranes of garden cress

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A calculated model of plane-parallel motion of a root harvester

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A calculation scheme for the definition of expenditure in a point discharge of water in a crop rotation

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A calibration of the Lamb airflow classification model to predict past precipitation in Wales

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A call for consistency in definition of breastfeeding behaviors

Shiff, C., 1997:
A call for integrated approaches to controlling malaria

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A campground strategy for ACT parks and forests

Anonymous, 1997:
A candid look at bee sting treatments for MS sufferers

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A candidate U1 small nuclear RNA for trypanosomatid protozoa

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A candidate gene marker for bloat susceptibility in cattle?

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A candidate recombination modifier gene for Zea mays L

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A canine encephalomyelopathy with morphological abnormalities in mitochondria

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A canine model of familial mammary gland neoplasia

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A canopied sprayer for accurate application of herbicides

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A canopy conductance and photosynthesis model for use in a GCM land surface scheme

Connell, T.R.; Binning, L.K.; Schmitt, W.G., 1999:
A canopy development model for potatoes

Ruth, B., 1999:
A capacitance sensor with planar sensitivity for monitoring soil water content

Bernadiner, M.G., 1998:
A capillary microstructure of the wetting front

Rakodi, C., 1999:
A capital assets framework for analysing household livelihood strategies: implications for policy

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A capripoxvirus detection PCR and antibody ELISA based on the major antigen P32, the homolog of the vaccinia virus H3L gene

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A capstone course for students in agricultural systems management

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A carabid predator for guava fruit fly Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi)

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A carboxypeptidase inhibitor from the medical leech Hirudo medicinalis. Isolation, sequence analysis, cDNA cloning, recombinant expression, and characterization

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A cardioactive peptide from the southern armyworm, Spodoptera eridania

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A cardiological scoring scheme for standardization of cardiac examination in horses

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A carrot leucine-rich-repeat protein that inhibits ice recrystallization

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A cartilage matrix deficiency experimentally induced by vitamin B6 deficiency

Bartoli, M.; Largier, G.; Abgrall, S.; Luxcey, E., 1999:
A cartographic database derived from phytoecological data records in forest site type catalogues

Anonymous, 1998:
A cartography of agricultural production: distribution by land and people

Liu JianPing, 1998:
A case analysis of income differences between urban and rural residents in Shanxi Province

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A case control study of potential enteric pathogens for calves raised in cow-calf herds

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A case control study of toxic mastitis in dairy cows

Wiener, G., 1997:
A case for co-operative research strategies with yak

Haque, M.A., 1998:
A case for conservation tillage research in the arid zone of Nigeria

Prasad, S.; Haroon Akram Lodhi, A., 1997:
A case for trade-based development assistance: Fiji and the Sugar Protocol

Minato, H.; Shibue, Y., 1998:
A case for utilization of clays to raw materials of outside wall at final disposal site of town waste matters and new treatment techniques for polluted soils

Hey, D.L.; Philippi, N.S., 1999:
A case for wetland restoration

Richards, R.A.; Rago, P.J., 1999:
A case history of effective fishery management: Chesapeake Bay striped bass

Boguikouma, J.B.; Moussavou Kombila, J.B.; Ondo ndong, F.; M' vou yaloula, R.; Mabicka, B.; Kombila, M., 1997:
A case in Gabon of pulmonary paragonimiasis

Vindhiyavarman, P.; Ganesan, K.N.; Mothilal, A.; Mohammed, S.E.N., 1999:
A case of 2n pollen in an accession of an annual diploid groundnut wild species, Arachis duranensis

Bugno, M.; Sota, E.; Tischner, M.; Kozubska Sobocinska, A., 1999:
A case of 64,XX/64,XY leucocytic chimerism in a fertile mare of the Wielkopolska breed

Itoh, T.; Tatsumi, T.; Nagasaka, K.; Shimada, Y.; Taki, M.; Kubo, M.; Komatsu, Y.; Sasaki, H.; Terasawa, K., 1998:
A case of Aconiti Tuber poisoning following a change of Kampo formulae; determining the cause

Rouby, Y.; Combourieu, E.; Perrier Gros Claude, J.D.; Saccharin, C.; Huerre, M., 1998:
A case of Aspergillus myocarditis associated with septic shock

Utpal Das, 1999:
A case of Balantidium coli infection in a dog

Ameur, Y.B.; Haouala, H.; Fehri, W.; Rahal, N.; Mhenni, H.; Guediche, M., 1997:
A case of Coxiella burnetti endocarditis

Yoshida, M.; Hasegawa, H.; Takaoka, H.; Miyata, A., 1999:
A case of Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense infection successfully treated by oral administration of Gastrografin

Otkun, M.; Karabay, O.; Tugrul, M.; Karakurt, S., 1997:
A case of Dirofilaria conjunktivae in the scalp and a brief review of Turkish literature

Galan, B.E. de; Kasteren, B.J. van; Bake, A.W.L. van den W.; Vreugdenhil, G., 1999:
A case of Guillain-Barre syndrome due to infection with Rickettsia conorii

Knapp, S.; Turnherr, M.; Dekan, G.; Willinger, B.; Stingl, G.; Rieger, A., 1999:
A case of HIV-associated cerebral histoplasmosis successfully treated with fluconazole

Ozturk, R.; Mert, A.; Basaran, G.; Ergin, S.; Tabak, F., 1997:
A case of Lyme disease

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A case of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in a splenectomized patient

Hong, S.J.; Han, J.H., 1999:
A case of Strongyloides stercoralis infection

Buncic, S., 1997:
A case of a pig infested with Trichinella spiralis

Nikaido, Y.; Nagata, N.; Yamamoto, T.; Yoshii, C.; Ohmori, H.; Kido, M., 1998:
A case of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis successfully treated with itraconazole

Frossard, J.L.; Armenian, B.; Gottstein, B.; Diebold-Berger, S.; Khan, H.; Vine, R.; Hadengue, A., 1997:
A case of alveolar echinococcosis restricted to the pancreas

Dedicoat, M., 1998:
A case of an old nodule

Ovcharenko, S.I.; Osadchaya, V.A.; Petrii, V.V.; Nedostup, A.V., 1999:
A case of atypical pneumonia caused by a viral-bacterial-fungal combination

Rodríguez-Angulo, E.M.; Sosa Muñoz, J.; García-Miss, M.R.; Farfán-Ale, J.A.; Loroño-Pino, M.A., 1997:
A case of autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura and dengue

Parkinson, T.J.; Merrall, M.; Fenwick, S.G., 2005:
A case of bovine mastitis caused by Bacillus cereus

Laglera, S.; Garcia-Enguita, M.A.; Martinez-Gutierrez, F.; Ortega, J.P.; Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A.; Urieta, A., 1998:
A case of cardiac hydatidosis

Koga, T.; Kubota, Y.; Toshitani, S., 1998:
A case of cat scratch disease diagnosed by serologic tests specific for Bartonella henselae

Wang QiangHua; Zhang YiHua; M.X.nWu;; X.Z.enWu; Ren WenKai, 1997:
A case of cholelithiasis in a black bear

Guerriero, C.; D.S.mone, C.; Tulli, A., 1998:
A case of chromoblastomycosis due to Phialophora verrucosa responding to treatment with fluconazole

Clyti, E.; Aznar, C.; Couppie, P.; E.G.edj, M.; Carme, B.; Pradinaud, R., 1998:
A case of co-infection with Balantidium coli and HIV in French Guiana

Trouslard Kerdiles, V.; Grondona, M.O., 1997:
A case of combined use of crop simulation models and general linear models

Pampiglione, S.; Trentini, M., 1998:
A case of contagious delusional parasitosis in a pair of mature twins

Sanguigni, S.; Sabatinelli, G.; Romi, R.; Fava, E.; Marangi, M.; Antonucci, G.; Pica, R.; Paparo, B.S.; Cancrini, G., 1994:
A case of cryptic malaria in the province of Rome: clinical and epidemiological features

Xia Qing; Jiang Ping; Xiao ShaoYun; Gao Jin; Sun ZengZheng, 1999:
A case of cutaneous dirt-adherent disease with Pityrosporum

Yucel, A.; Polat, E.; Gokler, G., 1996:
A case of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Rizzo, G.; Vito, D. de; Rizzo, C., 1998:
A case of cutaneous myiasis caused by Dermatobia hominis

Kamiya, M.; Noda, T.; Nakatani, A.; Yoneda, K.; Fujihiro, M.; Udagawa, S., 1998:
A case of cutaneous pseudallescheriosis resembling sporotrichosis

Mai Nguyen, X.; Mosimann, M.; Looney, W.J., 1998:
A case of cyclosporiasis in an HIV-positive patient in Bern (Switzerland)

Botterel, F.; Romand, S.; Saliba, F.; Reynes, M.; Bismuth, H.; Samuel, D.; Bouree, P., 1999:
A case of disseminated histoplasmosis likely due to infection from a liver allograft

File, S.; Francheschini, A.B.; Fernandez Santiago, A., 1998:
A case of ectopic schistosomiasis in Puerto Rico with some observations on the biology of the parasite

Lucas, R.E.; Qiao, M., 1999:
A case of encephalitis in central Australia due to Ross River virus?

Nasyrova, S.R., 1995:
A case of entomophthorosis in acridids (Orthoptera, Acrididae) in western Kazakhstan

Kano, R.; Nakamura, Y.; Watari, T.; Tsujimoto, H.; Hasegawa, A., 1997:
A case of feline cryptococcosis treated with itraconazole

Godfrey, D.R., 1998:
A case of feline paraneoplastic alopecia with secondary Malassezia-associated dermatitis

Novitzky, N., 1999:
A case of fever, confusion and anaemia in a young woman

Mori, T.; Inamori, K.; Matsumura, M.; Oguri, T.; Oshimi, K., 1999:
A case of fungemia due to Candida krusei

Koh, M.S.; Huh, S.; Sohn, W.M., 1999:
A case of gastric pseudoterranoviasis in a 43-year-old man in Korea

Tatsumi, T.; Nagasaka, K.; Tosa, H.; Itoh, T.; Terasawa, K., 1998:
A case of hormone refractory prostatic cancer successfully treated with Kihi-to-ka-kawaratake

Silva, J.M.; Silva, A.M.C.C.; Ferreira, A.H.C.; Monteiro, M.E.; Santiago, R.C.; Passos, A.D.C., 1997:
A case of human rabies in the urban area of Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil

Atan, A.; Basar, M.M.; Akalin, Z., 1998:
A case of hydatid disease with unusual localizations

Vurusaner, C.; Akkaya, H.; Ozturk, M., 1996:
A case of hydatidosis in a cow

Helena, B.A.; Vega, M.; Barrado, E.; Pardo, R.; Fernandez, L., 1999:
A case of hydrochemical characterization of an alluvial aquifer influenced by human activities

Venot, C.; Texereau, M.; Guenno, B. le; Bourgoin, A.; Beby, A.; Breux, J.P.; Agius, G., 1997:
A case of imported dengue haemorrhagic fever in metropolitan France

Humiczewska, M.; Kuźna-Grygiel, W., 1997:
A case of imported human babesiosis in Poland

Bouman, O.T.; Kulshreshtha, S.N., 1998:
A case of integrated development in the boreal forest of Saskatchewan, Canada

Perron Lepage, M.F.; Gerber, V.; Suter, M.M., 1999:
A case of interstitial pneumonia associated with Pneumocystis carinii in a foal

Didier, A.; Mätz-Rensing, K.; Kuhn, E.M.; Richter, E.; Kaup, F.J., 1999:
A case of intestinal Mycobacterium simiae infection in an SIV-infected immunosuppressed rhesus monkey

Dupouy Camet, J.; Callies, F.X.; Tourte Schaeffer, C., 1998:
A case of intestinal bilharzia imported from Djibouti

Vassalou, E.; Kordatos, H.; Vakalis, N., 1998:
A case of intestinal parasitosis caused by Heterophyes heterophyes

Kawamura, S.; Maesaki, S.; Sasaki, E.; Kakeya, H.; Hashiguchi, K.; Mitsutake, K.; Miyazaki, Y.; Tomono, K.; Tashiro, T.; Kohno, S., 1999:
A case of invasive aspergillosis in an amyloidosis patient

Czernomysy Furowicz, D.; Furowicz, A.J.; Karakulska, J.; Nawrotek, P.; Peruzynska, A.; Kalisinska, E., 1999:
A case of isolation Yersinia enterocolitica from duck muscles

Montoya, Michel, 1997:
A case of lapsus calami in Costa Rican scorpion nomenclature

Bradley, J., 1999:
A case of malaria

A.S.ltan, I.I.; Daoud, M.S., 1998:
A case of massive mixed bovine infection with Cysticercus bovis and Sarcocystis spp

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A case of oral candidiasis caused by Candida guilliermondii

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A case of parasitism of eggs of spiders (Araneae: Anyphaenidae) by wasps of the genus Horismenus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

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A case of phyllody in soybean

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A case of pyloric gastric cancer presenting with acute renal failure due to hematogenous renal moniliasis

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A case of schistosomal appendicitis

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A case of subcutaneous dirofilariasis in a woman in Kerala

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A case of tinea barbae successfully treated with terbinafine

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A case of trichophytosis in horses caused by Trichophyton verrucosum

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A case of trisomy 22 in a live hereford calf

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A case of tsutsugamushi disease in Jiangxi province

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A case of urethal myiasis in a child

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A case of wind damage in Nakashari area

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A case of wound myiasis due to Lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in a patient suffering from alcoholism and mental deterioration

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A case of zinc-deficient parakeratotic hyperkeratosis in a dog

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A case report of Pleistophora sp. infection in cultured sea bream (Sparus aurata L.) in Greece

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A case report of a Tosa dog infected with oral anaerobic bacteria after a dog bite

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A case report of a chronic fistula of a carnassial tooth in a lion

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A case report of intraspinal paracoccidioidomycosis

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A case report on contamination of zearalenone, fumonisins and 8-ketotrichothecenes possibly including iso-deoxynivalenol in moldy corn harvested in Korea

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A case report on occurrence of Fasciola hepatica in a calf

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A case report on spontaneous toxoplasmosis in laboratory rats

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A case report: involvement of Pneumocystis carinii in polymicrobial nosocomial pneumonia

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A case report: mallophagidosis (Mallophaga: Lipeuridae) in a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

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A case study comparing a meta-analysis and a pooled analysis of studies of sinonasal cancer among wood workers

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A case study of adolescent media consumption during the summer of sport 1996

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A case study of beef cattle grazing in a Mediterranean-type woodland

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A case study of cytokine profiles in acute human babesiosis

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A case study of ecological restoration at the Xiaoyi Bauxite Mine, Shanxi Province, China

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A case study of effect of lateral roots of Pinus yunnanensis on shallow soil reinforcement

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A case study of federal farm commodity programs and sustainable production systems

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A case study of fluidized-bed combustion of wood/coal mixtures. Part A. The effect of wood particle size

Helmer, W.A.; Stokke, D.D., 1998:
A case study of fluidized-bed combustion of wood/coal mixtures. Part B. The effect of wood moisture content

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A case study of forest management planning in the training forest of the Vienna University of Agricultural Sciences

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A case study of grassland fire behaviour and suppression: the Tikokino fire of 31 January 1991

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A case study of human infection with small-size strobilae of diphyllobothriid tapeworm discharged from a man in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

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A case study of participatory rice breeding in Nepal

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A case study of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) as a forest seedling bank species

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A case study of the city of Kathmandu

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A case study of the city of Yangon

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A case study of the synoptic patterns influencing midwinter snowmelt across the northern Great Plains

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A case study of the vegetation conditions, the carbon budget and possible consequences of climatic changes in Western Spitsbergen

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A case study of three tourism-related craft marketing cooperatives in Appalachia: contributions to community

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A case study of tractor utilization by farmers, Coimbatore district, India

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A case study of villages in West Bengal with their socio-economic status and possible re-organisation of agricultural resources

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A case study of waste minimization through conversion of batch distillery to continuous process at S.M. Shankarrao Mohite-Patil S.S.K. Ltd., Shankarnagar-Akluj (Maharashtra)

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A case study of withdrawal from French Boxing

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A case study on Eucal-pole columns

Yan JinQuan, 1998:
A case study on farmland contract system in relation to sustainable use of arable land

Yao Yang, 1998:
A case study on the farmland system and agricultural performances in China

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A case study on the productivity and cost of log extraction using the Koller 300 skyline system

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A case study on the relationship between poverty and land degradation in Babati District, Tanzania

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A case study on variational soil moisture analysis from atmospheric observations

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A case study on wheat marketing cooperative in Australia

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A case with favus-like lesion on the scrotum caused by Microsporum gypseum and Candida albicans

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A case-control study of verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli infection in cats with diarrhea

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A cashew breeding programme for Tanzania

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A casting method for the three-dimensional analysis of the intraprism structural pores in Vertisols

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A catalogue of the Crotch collection of Erotylidae (Coleoptera)

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A catalytic domain of a cyclic peptide synthetase that is specific for the apple pathotype of Alternaria alternata and its possible involvement in host-specific AM-toxin production

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A cautionary note regarding glycyrrhiza (licorice root)

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A celastraceous twig from the Eocene London Clay of south-east England

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A cell cycle role for a plant sucrose nonfermenting-1-related protein kinase (SnRK1) is indicated by expression in yeast

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A cell surface mucin specifically expressed in the midgut of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

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A cellular automaton for simulation of succession at fen sites after different management practices

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A census on the host of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. in the district of lateritic Bankura, West Bengal

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A central American approach to QSR development

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A challenge to create a consumer focus

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A chamber for immobilizing insects with carbon dioxide

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A chamber for the simulation of radiation freezing of plants

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A chimeric prokaryotic ancestry of mitochondria and primitive eukaryotes

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A chromosome 9 region containing the dzs10 allele from B37LTI increases whole kernel methionine level in the inbred line A679

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A cladistic analysis of the bee tribe Allodapini (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopinae)

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A cladistic analysis of the seventeen genera of the tribe Antestiini Stal (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae) from Oriental and Ethiopian regions

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A cladistic analysis of the subtribe Sicyinae (Cucurbitaceae)

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A cladistic analysis of the tribe Episcieae (Gesneriaceae) based on ndhF sequences: origin of morphological characters

Harder, L.D.; Wilson, W.G., 2008:
A clarification of pollen discounting and its joint effects with inbreeding depression on mating system evolution

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A classical bipartite nuclear localization signal on Thogoto and influenza A virus nucleoproteins

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A classification for Brazilian maize landraces

Mabberley, D.J., 1997:
A classification for edible Citrus (Rutaceae)

Cavalli, R., 1998:
A classification of carriages for cable systems

Mittempergher, L., 1997:
A classification of elm species present in Italy

Romero, R.; Sumner, G.; Ramis, C.; Genoves, A., 1999:
A classification of the atmospheric circulation patterns producing significant daily rainfall in the Spanish Mediterranean area

Davary, K.; Prasher, S.O.; Bonnell, R.B., 1997:
A classification of unsaturated soil hydrology models

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A classification system for agricultural sprays

A.H.moud, A.S.; Masanat, Y., 1998:
A classification system for the assessment of slope stability of terrains along highway routes in Jordan

Batu, R.S.; Chahal, K.K.; Kang, B.K.; Singh, B.; Joia, B.S., 1998:
A cleanup method for multiresidue estimation of organochlorine insecticides in food commodities

Hulme, M.; Viner, D., 1998:
A climate change scenario for the tropics

Khalaf, A.M.; A.D.en, A.G.G.; Ahmed, L.M., 1999:
A clinical and diagnostic study of umbilical infections in calves

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A clinical and epidemiological study of Loxosceles spider envenoming in Santa Catarina, Brazil

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A clinical and neurophysiological study of scorpion envenomation in Assiut, Upper Egypt

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A clinical and pathological study on 1102 cases of hospitalized patients with advanced schistosomiasis

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A clinical case of paracoccidioidomycosis: biopsy importance in its diagnosis

Branson, K.R., 1997:
A clinical evaluation of an oscillometric blood pressure monitor on anesthetized horses

Mishina, M.; Watanabe, T.; Fujii, K.; Maeda, H.; Wakao, Y.; Takahashi, M., 1997:
A clinical evaluation of blood pressure through non-invasive measurement using the oscillometric procedure in conscious dogs

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A clinical isolate of Candida palmioleophila formerly identified as Torulopsis candida

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A clinical record of spontaneous Deg Nala like disease in buffaloes in semi-arid Banaskantha district of Gujarat state

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A clinical study of dogs with porcine corneal implants treated with 2% cyclosporin

Bhaskar Nandi, 1998:
A clinical study of falciparum malaria - 302 cases

Chang, S.C.ieh; Yang,, 1998:
A clinical study of primary extragenital transmissible venereal tumors in dogs

Aosasa, S.; Mochizuki, H.; Yamamoto, T.; Ono, S.; Ichikura, T., 1999:
A clinical study of the effectiveness of oral glutamine supplementation during total parenteral nutrition: influence on mesenteric mononuclear cells

Vogel, C.J., 1998:
A clinical study of the effects of shark cartilage supplementation on equine mobility

Willcox, M.L., 1999:
A clinical trial of 'AM', a Ugandan herbal remedy for malaria

Yamane, I.; Arai, S.; Fukazawa, Y.; Onuki, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Hisashi, M., 1997:
A clinical trial to evaluate two management strategies for grazing heifers

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A clinically relevant HIV-1 subunit vaccine protects rhesus macaques from in vivo passaged simian-human immunodeficiency virus infection

Blowey, R., 1999:
A clinician's approach to the diagnosis of nutritional problems in dairy herds

Makanjuola, D., 1998:
A clinico-radiological correlation of breast diseases during lactation and the significance of unilateral failure of lactation

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A clonal Plasmodium falciparum population in an isolated outbreak of malaria in the Republic of Cabo Verde

Golez, J.C.G.; Monroe, M.L., 1995:
A clonal cottonwood trial after 21 years

Jong HyunHam; Bauer, D.W.; Fouts, D.E.; Collmer, A., 1998:
A cloned Erwinia chrysanthemi Hrp (type III protein secretion) system functions in Escherichia coli to deliver Pseudomonas syringae Avr signals to plant cells and to secrete Avr proteins in culture

Houghton, R.L.; Petrescu, M.; Benson, D.R.; Skeiky, Y.A.W.; Scalone, A.; Badaro, R.; Reed, S.G.; Gradoni, L., 1998:
A cloned antigen (recombinant K39) of Leishmania chagasi for visceral leishmaniasis in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 patients and a prognostic indicator for monitoring patients undergoing drug therapy

Sundick, R.S.; Gill-Dixon, C., 1997:
A cloned chicken lymphokine homologous to both mammalian IL-2 and IL-15

Streever, W.J.; Genders, A.J.; Cole, M.A., 1998:
A closed chamber CO2 flux method for estimating marsh productivity

Burkov, A.I.; Andreev, V.L.; Roshchin, O.P., 1997:
A closed pneumatic system for grain- and seed-cleaning machines

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A closer look at milking machines

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A closer look at the bacteriology of nitrification

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A closterovirus (Family: Closteroviridae) isolated from tobacco crops in Northern Greece (Macedonia)

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A cluster analysis approach to identifying shifts in U.S. cotton production

Makhura, M.T.; Goode, F.M.; Coetzee, G.K., 1998:
A cluster analysis of commercialisation of farmers in developing rural areas of South Africa

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A cluster analysis of introduced germplasm resources of flax, Linum usitatissimum

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A cluster of ABA-regulated genes on Arabidopsis thaliana BAC T07M07

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A cluster of airport malaria in Belgium in 1995

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A cluster of cases of severe cardiotoxicity among kala-azar patients treated with a high-osmolarity lot of sodium antimony gluconate

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A cluster of five cell wall-associated receptor kinase genes, Wak1-5, are expressed in specific organs of Arabidopsis

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A cluster of keratin-associated proteins on mouse chromosome 10 in the region of conserved linkage with human chromosome 21

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A cluster of latently expressed genes in Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus

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A cluster of suspected Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia following intensive chemotherapy in a Belfast haematology unit

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A cluster of transfusion-associated babesiosis cases traced to a single asymptomatic donor

D.Froidmont, D., 1998:
A co-dominant marker for the 1BL/1RS wheat-rye translocation via multiplex PCR

Visser, I.; Cawley, S.; Roling, N., 1998:
A co-learning approach to extension: soil nitrogen workshops in Queensland, Australia

Matos, Jennifer A., 1998:
A coalescent approach to chloroplast genome relationships within and between populations of Pinus devoniana in Mexico

Akova, S.B., 1999:
A coast town, the changes in land usage in Kocahasanli (Turkey)

Reavy, B.; Sandgren, M.; Barker, H.; Heino, P.; Oxelfelt, P., 1997:
A coat protein transgene from a Scottish isolate of potato mop-top virus mediates strong resistance against Scandinavian isolates which have similar coat protein genes

Van Halteren, P., 1997:
A code of conduct for the import and release of exotic biological control agents for Europe?

Humphries, C., 1998:
A code of practice for food labelling

Zhang ZhiYong; Chen ShouYi; Gai JunYi, 1998:
A codominant SCAR marker linked to SMV resistance gene Rsa

Mestre, J., 1997:
A coefficient to evaluate infestations of banana weevils, Cosmopolites sordidus

E.P.ince, E.; Hussein, A.A.A.;, M.M., 1998:
A cohort study of Campylobacter species in dairy cows and infants and their mother's milk in Assiut Governorate

Zwetyenga, J.; Rogier, C.; Spiegel, A.; Fontenille, D.; Trape, J.F.; Mercereau Puijalon, O., 1999:
A cohort study of Plasmodium falciparum diversity during the dry season in Ndiop, a Senegalese village with seasonal, mesoendemic malaria

Alavalapati, Jrr; Adamowicz, Wl; Luckert, Mk, 1997:
A cointegration analysis of Canadian wood pulp prices

Skjervold, P.O., 1999:
A cold fish is a good fish

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A cold-inducible bZIP protein gene in radish root regulated by calcium- and cycloheximide-mediated signals

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A cold-inducible coactivator of nuclear receptors linked to adaptive thermogenesis

Davidson, P.; Weiler, B., 1999:
A collaborative approach to leisure, parks and tourism research: the SPIRT funding scheme

Scudamore, K.A.; MacDonald, S.J., 1998:
A collaborative study of an HPLC method for determination of ochratoxin A in wheat using immunoaffinity column clean-up

Deak, T.B.uchat, L.; Guerzoni, M.; Lillie, A.P.ter,, H.S.hnurer, F.T.bajdi, P.; Westphal, S., 1998:
A collaborative study on media for the enumeration of yeasts in foods

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A collar and root rot of Kochia scoparia var. trichophylla caused by Macrophomina phaseolina

X.R.ngMan; L.K.eiChen, 1997:
A collection of ticks from Guizhou, China

Anonymous, 1997:
A colloquium on working cattle, Institute of Advanced Social Science Studies, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 17 October 1997

Vester, G., 1998:
A colonization experiment with Agrostis vinealis and A. capillaris in monocultures with and without phosphorus limitation

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A colony of caged muskrats derived from different populations

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A color handbook of diseases of small grain cereal crops

Harvey, R.G.; McKeever, P.J., 1998:
A colour handbook of skin diseases of the dog and cat: a problem-orientated approach to diagnosis and management

Anonymous, 1997:
A coloured pictorial handbook of agricultural pests in northern China

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A column method for determination of soil organic partition coefficients of eight pesticides

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A combination chemotherapy protocol (VELCAP-L) for dogs with lymphoma

Y.G.iRui; Nakayama, K.; Matsuoka, N.; Kon, H., 1998:
A combination model for estimating stomatal conductance of maize (Zea mays L.) leaves over a long term

Roy, C.; Zambaux, C.; Dupinet, J.P., 1996:
A combination of aminotriazole and glyphosate for post-emergence weed control in vines and fruit trees

Erteld, T.; Sprossmann, H., 1999:
A combination of controlling and forest management planning

Pardini, G.; Gallart, F., 1998:
A combination of laser technology and fractals to analyse soil surface roughness

Khalafalla, M.M.; Hattori, K., 1999:
A combination of thidiazuron and benzyladenine promotes multiple shoot production from cotyledonary node explants of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Thimasarn, K.; Sirichaisinthop, J.; Chanyakhun, P.; Palananth, C.; Rooney, W., 1997:
A combination study of artesunate and artemether in combination with mefloquine on multidrug resistant falciparum malaria in eastern Thailand

Lewis, D.F.; Ioannides, C.; Parke, D.V., 1998:
A combined COMPACT and HazardExpert study of 40 chemicals for which information on mutagenicity and carcinogenicity is known, including the results of human epidemiological studies

Kubalakova, M.; Nouzova, M.; Dolezelova, M.; Macas, J.; Dolezel, J., 1998:
A combined PRINS-FISH technique for simultaneous localisation of DNA sequences on plant chromosomes

Ming DaoXu; Huang YuBi; Wang Chao; Rong TingZhao; N.X.Yu; Pan GuangTang, 1997:
A combined analysis for the data of crop variety regional trials in several years

Wattler, S.; Russ, A.; Evans, M.; Nehls, M., 1998:
A combined analysis of genomic and primary protein structure defines the phylogenetic relationship of new members of the T-box family

Saby, C.; Male, K.B.; Luong, J.H., 1997:
A Combined Chemical and Electrochemical Approach Using Bis(trifluoroacetoxy)iodobenzene and Glucose Oxidase for the Detection of Chlorinated Phenols

Nandi, O.I.; Chase, M.W.; Endress, P.K., 1998:
A combined cladistic analysis of angiosperms using rbcL and non-molecular data sets

Kocakova, P.; Lesko, J.; Horakova, K.; Golais, F., 1997:
A combined effect of pseudorabies virus growth factor PRGF and various cytostatics on tumour Hep-2 cells in vitro

Picado, J.I.; Olson, C.M.; Rasmussen, K.M., 1997:
A combined method approach to understanding breast-feeding duration in urban low-income neighborhoods in Managua, Nicaragua

Edwards, A.F.lton, D.; Hylton, C.; Jobling, S.; Gidley, M.R.ssner, U.M.rtin, C.S.ith, A., 1999:
A combined reduction in activity of starch synthases II and III of potato has novel effects on the starch of tubers

Antonov, V.F.; Kamenev, B.B.; Erdman, A.S., 1999:
A combined woodworking machine

Allen, D., 1997:
A comeback for British beef?

Finnigan, J.; Lee XuHui, 1999:
A comment on the paper by Lee (1998): On micrometeorological observations of surface-air exchange over tall vegetation, and a reply to the comment

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A comment on: The intertemporal impact of soil erosion on non-uniform soil profiles: a new direction in analysing erosion impacts

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A commentary on agricultural research and development in Southern Africa

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A commentary on prime numbers and life cycles of periodical cicadas

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A commentary on the use of a sun/shade model to scale from the leaf to a canopy

Olson, B.C.; Coleman, M.P.; Fuelling, T.G., 1999:
A commercial monitor for soil in sugar cane

Sujatha, M.; Chandran, K., 1997:
A commercially feasible micropropagation method for Melia azedarach L

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A commitment to the future: precollegiate science educational research

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A commodity futures market - a stabilization element for the cereals market

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A common 40 amino acid motif in eukaryotic RNases H1 and caulimovirus ORF VI proteins binds to duplex RNAs

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A common RNA motif in the 3' end of the genomes of astroviruses, avian infectious bronchitis virus and an equine rhinovirus

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A common basis of genetically based and induced resistance in cereals. New approaches for the assessment of reliable assays for chemical inducers

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A common mechanism for blockade of heme polymerization by antimalarial quinolines

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A common pharmacophore for cytotoxic natural products that stabilize microtubules

Hung, C.Y.; Lin, Y.; Zhang, M.; Pollock, S.; Marks, M.D.; Schiefelbein, J., 1998:
A common position-dependent mechanism controls cell-type patterning and GLABRA2 regulation in the root and hypocotyl epidermis of Arabidopsis

Forney, D.R., 1998:
A common vision: evaluating the farming industry's progress toward sustainability

Carter, A.J., 1997:
A community investigation into the use of cover crops to improve soil health and decrease the leaching of nitrates to groundwater

Gooch, P., 1999:
A community management plan: the Van Gujjars and the Rajaji National Park

English, R.; Badcock, J., 1998:
A community nutrition project in Vietnam: effects on child morbidity

Clark, A.; Morton, S.; Wright, P.; Corkish, J.; Bolton, F.J.; Russell, J., 1997:
A community outbreak of vero cytotoxin producing Escherichia coli O157 infection linked to a small farm dairy

Shulman, C.E.; Dorman, E.K.; Talisuna, A.O.; Lowe, B.S.; Nevill, C.; Snow, R.W.; Jilo, H.; Peshu, N.; Bulmer, J.N.; Graham, S.; Marsh, K., 1998:
A community randomized controlled trial of insecticide-treated bednets for the prevention of malaria and anaemia among primigravid women on the Kenyan coast

Ettyang, G., 1999:
A community-based health intervention programme in pastoral and agricultural Pokot communities in Western Kenya

Gerlock, E.M., 1999:
A community-based programme for the elderly

Pagnoni, F.; Convelbo, N.; Tiendrebeogo, J.; Cousens, S.; Esposito, F., 1997:
A community-based programme to provide prompt and adequate treatment of presumptive malaria in children

Akis^dot under~, S., 1998:
A compact econometric model of tourism demand for Turkey

Mondal, A.K.; Sudhendu Mandal, 1998:
A comparative aerobiological study on urban and rural belts of West Bengal

Romain, R.; Rastoin, J.L.; Lambert, R.; Ghersi, G.; Dionne, P., 1998:
A comparative analysis of Canadian food industry enterprises

Mikko, S.; Spencer, M.; Morris, B.; Stabile, S.; Basu, T.; Stormont, C.; Andersson, L., 1997:
A comparative analysis of Mhc DRB3 polymorphism in the American bison (Bison bison)

Skrzyszewski, J.; Gomoka, M., 1998:
A comparative analysis of above-ground and below-ground parts of a young generation of silver fir growing under various light conditions

L.D.Liang; Huang XiLin; Gao HaiShui et al, 1997:
A comparative analysis of different pathological traits of the infective characters of Helminthosporium maydis race CI

egowski, D.; Mazur, S.; Perlinski, S.; Sawski, M., 1998:
A comparative analysis of forest plantation colonization by foliophages and by bud and shoot pests occurring on former fire areas near Solec Kujawski and Ostrow Mazowiecka

Luppold, W.; Baumgras, J.; Sheffield, R., 1998:
A comparative analysis of hardwood sawtimber quality on national forests versus adjacent lands

Nazli, B.; Yldrc, G., 1995:
A comparative analysis of organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of Tulum cheeses, sold in Istanbul or manufactured experimentally in the laboratory

Renuka, C.; Ali, M.I., 1998:
A comparative analysis of production and productivity of chillies: a study in command and non-command areas

Fujikake, I.; Hata, T., 1996:
A comparative analysis of production behavior between domestic and imported timber saw mills - characterizing saw mill types using regression parameters

Tromborg, E.; Solberg, B., 1998:
A comparative analysis of structures in European roundwood and forest product markets

Custodio, R.W.; Savino, V.J.M.; Coelho, A.A.D., 1997:
A comparative analysis of the efficiency of evaluation of commercial broiler lines

Feng Qian; L.Q.ngHui; Zhao JianCai; Zhou YuanSheng, 1997:
A comparative analysis of the growth and economic benefits of Populus hopeiensis from different provenances

Smith, B.L.; Marcotte, M.; Harrison, G., 1997:
A comparative analysis of the regulatory framework affecting functional food development and commercialization in Canada, Japan, the European union and the United States of America

Czechowska, Wieslawa, 1997:
A comparative analysis of the structure of Neuropteroidea communities of tree canopies in linden-oak-hornbeam forests, light oak forests, mixed coniferous forests and pine forests

Foldertsma, S., 1997:
A comparative analysis of the water control systems under tidal conditions - a case study from Indonesia

Vasil' eva, O.N.; Rubtsova, L.N.; Plyushkin, S.A., 1998:
A comparative analysis of thermoradiative and convective methods of drying medicinal plants

Frymier, L.G.; Mitchell, C.H., 1997:
A comparative analysis of value between users and non-users of the White River

Geddes, R.; Robotham, B.G.; Berry, R.; Rieschieck, R., 1998:
A comparative analysis of vehicles used for road transportation of sugarcane

Cook, G., 1997:
A comparative analysis of vertical integration in the UK brewing and petrol industries

Becker, N., 1999:
A comparative analysis of water price support versus drought compensation scheme

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