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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3022

Chapter 3022 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Berod, D.D.; Singh, V.P.; Musy, A., 1999:
A geomorphologic kinematic-wave (GKW) model for estimation of floods from small alpine watersheds

Zonneveld, I.S., 1999:
A geomorphological based banded ('tiger') vegetation pattern related to former dune fields in Sokoto (Northern Nigeria)

Cannavacciuolo, M.; Bellido, A.; Cluzeau, D.; Gascuel, C.; Trehen, P., 1998:
A geostatistical approach to the study of earthworm distribution in grassland

Lark R.M.; Beckett P.H.T., 1998:
A geostatistical descriptor of the spatial distribution of soil classes, and its use in predicting the purity of possible soil map units

Cassiani Giorgio; Boehm Gualtiero; Vesnaver Aldo; Nicolich Rinaldo, 1998:
A geostatistical framework for incorporating seismic tomography auxiliary data into hydraulic conductivity estimation

Utset Angel; Ruiz Maria Elena; Herrera Julian; Ponce de Leon Daniel, 1998:
A geostatistical method for soil salinity sample site spacing

Gonzalez-de la Parra, M.; Ramos-Mundo, C.; Jimenez-Estrada, M.; Ponce-de Leon, C.; Castillo, R.; Tejeda, V.; Cuevas, K.G.; Enriquez, R.G., 1998:
A germination bioassay as a toxicological screening system for studying the effects of potential prodrugs of naproxen

Sheu, B.S.; Lee, P.C.; Yang, H.B., 1998:
A giant gastric ulcer caused by mucormycosis infection in a patient with renal transplantation

Pelikan, W., 1999:
A glimpse into the future of agrarian operations in Austria

Lemel, H., 1999:
A glimpse of change in Albania's post-communist countryside

Dwyer, E.; Gregoire, J.M.; Malingreau, J.P., 1998:
A global analysis of vegetation fires using satellite images: spatial and temporal dynamics

Edwards, I.B., 1997:
A global approach to wheat quality

Jackson, R.; Mooney, H.; Schulze, E., 1997:
A global budget for fine root biomass, surface area, and nutrient contents

Davidson, E.; Kingerlee, W., 1997:
A global inventory of nitric oxide emissions from soils

Ivens, A.C.; Smith, D.F., 1997:
A global map of the Leishmania major genome: prelude to genomic sequencing

Forbes, G.A.; Goodwin, S.B.; Drenth, A.; Oyarzun, P.; Ordonez, M.E.genia; Fry, W.E., 1998:
A global marker database for Phytophthora infestans

Posnett, N.W., 1997:
A global network for coffee research

Kulshreshtha, Sn, 1998:
A global outlook for water resources to the year 2025

Ashton, P.S.; Boscolo, M.; Liu JianGuo; LaFrankie, J.V., 1999:
A global programme in interdisciplinary forest research: the CTFS perspective

Nadelhoffer, K.J.; Raich, J.W.; Aber, J.D., 1998:
A global trend in belowground carbon allocation: comment

Christie, R., 1998:
A global view of the deer industry: looking out ten years

Douek, N., 1997:
A global view of the developing legal situation

Pinstrup Andersen, P., 1998:
A global vision of agriculture, food and the environment

Kang, H.; Fang, Y.; Singh, K., 1999:
A glucocorticoid-inducible transcription system causes severe growth defects in Arabidopsis and induces defense-related genes

Levey, D.J. {a}; 1 ; Cipollini, M.L.; 1 Department of Zoology, P.O. 118525, U. of Florida, G., F. 32611, U.S.A., 1998:
A glycoalkaloid in ripe fruit deters consumption by cedar waxwings

Tynianova, V.I.; Demidova, G.V.; Ziuzina, V.P.; Anisimov, B.I.; Pletnitsky, A.E., 1999:
A glycolipid - bioactivator of toxic substances of plague microbe

Alami, I.; Mari, S.; Clerivet, A., 1998:
A glycoprotein from Ceratocystis fimbriata f.sp. platani triggers phytoalexin synthesis in Platanus x acerifolia cell-suspension cultures

Heese-Peck, A.; Raikhel, N.V., 1998:
A glycoprotein modified with terminal N-acetylglucosamine and localized at the nuclear rim shows sequence similarity to aldose-1-epimerases

Máñez, S.; Recio, M.C.; Gil, I.; Gómez, C.; Giner, R.M.; Waterman, P.G.; Ríos, J.L., 1999:
A glycosyl analogue of diacylglycerol and other antiinflammatory constituents from Inula viscosa

Herrmann, S.; Munch, J.C.; Buscot, F., 1998:
A gnotobiotic culture system with oak microcuttings to study specific effects of mycobionts on plant morphology before, and in the early phase of, ectomycorrhiza formation by Paxillus involutus and Piloderma croceum

Shackley, M., 1998:
A golden calf in sacred space?: the future of St. Katherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai (Egypt)

Felix,; Sternberg, P.W., 1998:
A gonad-derived survival signal for vulval precursor cells in two nematode species

Wang YongPu; Zhang Xin; Wang ZhenHua; Wang YiBo, 1998:
A good maize hybrid Zheng Dan 14 with large cobs

Meng FanXiang, 1998:
A good maize inbred line He 344

Wang DeSheng, 1998:
A good new bread wheat cultivar Liao Chun 10

Lee, J.P.l; Chung,; Park, K.C.oon; Seo,; Kweon, J.B.e; Kim,; Choi, B.S.ll; Yeo, S.K.b, 1998:
A good quality and high yielding sesame variety Kyongheukkae

Postnikov, A.V.; Romanov, G.A.; Loboda, B.P.; Zekunov, A.V., 1996:
A good substrate for green crops

Lindh, K., 1998:
A good whelping result is the cornerstone for profitable production

Anonymous, 1996:
A good year for the IPA

Yochem, J.; Tuck, S.; Greenwald, I.; Han, M., 1999:
A gp330/megalin-related protein is required in the major epidermis of Caenorhabditis elegans for completion of molting

Shmigel' , V.V.; Niyazov, A.M., 1998:
A grain layer in an electrostatic field

Rau, H.M.; Kleinschmit, J.; Konig, A.; Ruetz, W.; Svolba, J., 1998:
A grand fir (Abies grandis) provenance trial in western Germany

Farcas, C.; Farcas, R., 1996:
A grand fir (Abies grandis) species trial in Sacele forest district, Romania

Sekita, N., 1996:
A granulosis virus as a control agent of Adoxophyes orana fasciata Walsingham (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards

Martinez, M.C.; Grenan, S., 1999:
A graphic reconstruction method of an average vine leaf

Shorrocks, B. {a}; 1 ; Dytham, C.; Lennon, J.; 1 Department of Biology, U. of Leeds, L., LS2 9JT.U.K.ngdom, 1997:
A graphical method for analysing the dynamics of three-species systems

Anonymous, 1998:
A gravity grain separator

Theodorides, J., 1998:
A great Franco-Mauritian epidemiologist : Joseph Desire Tholozan (1820-1897)

Baetty P.R.M.; Devlieger S.F., 1997:
A great benefit to sawmilling: an adaptable tool

Zotto, D. del, 1998:
A great need for improvement

Bell, J., 1998:
A greener than green revolution?

Sbita, L.; Boulard, T.; Baille, A.; Annabi, M., 1998:
A greenhouse climate model including the effects of ventilation and crop transpiration: validation for the south Tunisia conditions

Mccaffery; Simpson; m, 1998:
A gregarizing factor present in the egg pod foam of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria

Preti, F.; Mazzanti, B., 1998:
A grid model for nitrate transport in runoff

Meigh, Jr; Mckenzie, Aa; Sene, Kj, 1999:
A grid-based approach to water scarcity estimates for eastern and southern Africa

Emelyanov, V.V.; Sinitsyn, B.V., 1999:
A groE-based phylogenetic analysis shows the closest evolutionary relationship between mitochondria and Rickettsia

Wesenbeeck, I.J. van; Havens, P.L., 1999:
A groundwater exposure assessment for cloransulam-methyl in the U.S. soybean market

Napier, J.A.; Sayanova, O.; Sperling, P.; Heinz, E., 1999:
A growing family of cytochrome b5-domain fusion proteins

Cocchi, H.; Bravo Ureta, B.E.; Cooke, S., 1998:
A growth accounting analysis of cost efficiency in milk production for six northern states in the United States

Oliveira, E.B. de; Machado, S. do A.; Figueiredo Filho, A., 1998:
A growth and yield simulator for Pinus taeda L. and economic evaluation of management systems

Goddard, C.; Francis, G.L.; Belford, D.A.; Regester, G.O.; Copeland, A.C.; Silva, K.S. de; Smithers, G.W.; Toneman, L.Z.; Ballard, F.J., 1998:
A growth factor supplement for cell culture purified from whey

Keigley, R.B., 1997:
A growth form method for describing browse condition

Nigh, G.D., 1997:
A growth intercept model for coastal Douglas fir

Bailly, A.; Bigot, M., 1997:
A growth model for even-aged plantations of Douglas fir

Bruchwald, A.; Dudek, A.; Dudzinska, T.; Michalak, K.; Wroblewski, L.; Zasada, M., 1999:
A growth model for spruce stands

Blanco, F.A.; Bazzalo, M.E.; Canal, L. de la, 1998:
A growth room inoculation method to detect different levels of sunflower susceptibility to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: a seedling test for sunflower susceptibility to S. sclerotiorum

Smith, J.M.; Froment, M.A., 1998:
A growth stage key for winter linseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Baharuddin Kasran; Zulkifli Yusop; Abdul Rahim Nik, 1999:
A guide for estimating surface soil loss using the Modified Soil Loss Equation (MSLE) on forest land

Staffo, D.F., 1997:
A guide for planning a youth sports event

Autef, P.; Rehby, L., 1998:
A guide for regional application of a control programme for psoroptic mange in sheep

Lowien, J.; Duncan, M.; Collett, I.; McDonald, W., 1997:
A guide to better pastures on the northern tablelands

March, C.; Smyth, I.; Mukhopadhyay, M., 1999:
A guide to gender-analysis frameworks

MacDicken, K.G., 1997:
A guide to monitoring carbon storage in forestry and agroforestry projects

Allison, K.; Day, C., 1997:
A guide to plants poisonous to horses

Everett, Y., 1997:
A guide to selected non-timber forest products of the Hayfork Adaptive Management Area, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests, California

Jansson, S., 1999:
A guide to the Lhc genes and their relatives in Arabidopsis

Gauld, I.D.; Gomez, J.A.U.; Hanson, P., 1998:
A guide to the Pimplinae of Costa Rica (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)

Ramamonjisoa, B.S., 1996:
A guide to the analysis of profitability of forest investments. A manual for rural development workers

Anonymous, 1997:
A guide to the forestry research records, trials and references of Sri Lanka (complete history to 1995): Volume I, Introductory text, Forestry research records and trials (complete history to 1995); Volume II, List of references; Volume III, Indexes

Herwaarden, H.C.M. van, 1998:
A guide to the genera of stick- and leaf-insects (Insecta: Phasmida) of New Guinea and the surrounding islands

Gay, J., 1999:
A guide to tour designing for seniors

Talarczyk, W., 1999:
A guiding sight to make driving of a tractor easy during soil tillage

L.S.ola, B.; Lepidi, H.; Maurin, M.; Raoult, D., 1998:
A guinea pig model for Q fever endocarditis

Elliott, C.R.N.; Dunbar, M.J.; Gowing, I.; Acreman, M.C., 1999:
A habitat assessment approach to the management of groundwater dominated rivers

Thomas, R.C.; Isaacs, J.P., 1999:
A habitat restoration trial in farmland in lowland England

Theodorides, J., 1997:
A half-century history of Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis: from Poggioli (1847) to Borovsky (1898)

Ahmad, Z.; Jaafar, R.; Hassan, M.H.; Awang, C.W., 1998:
A halfway house for pregnant women

Clarkson, M.J.; Winter, A.C., 1997:
A handbook for the sheep clinician

Rajagopal, V., 1997:
A handbook on drought tolerant crop species of India

Dwiono, S.A.P.; Makatipu, P.C.; Pradina, 1997:
A hatchery for the topshell (Trochus niloticus) in eastern Indonesia

Choban, P.S.; Onyejekwe, J.; Burge, J.C.; Flancbaum, L., 1999:
A health status assessment of the impact of weight loss following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for clinically severe obesity

Lubeck, D.P.; Gause, D.; Schein, J.R.; Prebil, L.E.; Potter, L.P., 1999:
A health-related quality of life measure for use in patients with onychomycosis: a validation study

Goulet, J., 1997:
A healthy aroma

Anonymous, 1999:
A healthy business. The Saudi Arabian milk market

Anonymous, 1999:
A healthy business: the market for dairy foods in Saudi Arabia

Black, D., 1998:
A healthy outlook?

Heider, H.; Boscheinen, O.; Scharf, K.D., 1998:
A heat-stress pulse inactivates a 50 kDa myelin basic protein kinase in tomato

Yang YauWen; Tsai ChingChang; Wang TsuTsuen, 1998 :
A heat-tolerant broccoli F1 hybrid, 'Ching-Long 45'

Ikediala, J.N.; Tang, J.; Wig, T., 1999:
A heating block system for studying thermal death kinetics of insect pests

Hansen, S.; Strain, A., 1997:
A heavenly master plan

Osmond, M.G.; Kaufman, G.D., 1998:
A heavily parasitised humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Bak, J.; Jensen, J.; Larsen, M.J.; Pritzl, G.; Scott Fordsmand, J., 1997:
A heavy metal monitoring-programme in Denmark

Schmit, T.M.; Boisvert, R.N., 1997:
A hedonic approach to estimating operation and maintenance costs for New York municipal water systems

Hyde, K.F., 1999:
A hedonic perspective on independent vacation planning, decision-making and behaviour

Shi, H.N.; Ingui, C.J.; Dodge, I.; Nagler-Anderson, C., 1998:
A helminth-induced mucosal Th2 response alters nonresponsiveness to oral administration of a soluble antigen

Huenneke, L.F., 1999:
A helping hand: facilitation of plant invasions by human activities

Müller, H.M.; Dimopoulos, G.; Blass, C.; Kafatos, F.C., 1999:
A hemocyte-like cell line established from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae expresses six prophenoloxidase genes

Park, J.S.; Lee, K.R.; Kim, J.C.; Lim, S.H.; Seo, J.A.; Lee, Y.W., 1999 :
A hemorrhagic factor (Apicidin) produced by toxic Fusarium isolates from soybean seeds

Hayashi, T.; Morita, M.; Ouchi, M.; Norimura, R.; Suzuki, S.; Nakamura, M.; Fujii, T., 1998:
A hemosite survey of wild crows in Japan

Guerra, R.; Wang JinPing; Grundy, S.M.; Cohen, J.C., 1997:
A hepatic lipase ( UL LIPC UL ) allele associated with high plasma concentrations of high density lipoprotein cholesterol

Farooq, S.; Pathak, G.K., 1997:
A herbal preparation for cough care

Quarles, W., 1997:
A herbicide from maize gluten

Lewis, D.T.; Messinger, L.M.; Ginn, P.E.; Ford, M.J., 1998:
A hereditary disorder of cornification and multiple congenital defects in five Rottweiler dogs

Crassous, Claire, 1998:
A heritage approach to forest management in the Languedoc-Roussillon region

Desrosiers, R.C.; Sasseville, V.G.; Czajak, S.C.; Zhang, X.; Mansfield, K.G.; Kaur, A.; Johnson, R.P.; Lackner, A.A.; Jung, J.U., 1997:
A herpesvirus of rhesus monkeys related to the human Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus

Castillo, M.; Moya, P.; Couillaud, F.; Garcera, M.D.lores; Martinez Pardo, R., 1998:
A heterocyclic oxime from a fungus with anti-juvenile hormone activity

Reed, M.L.; Hanson, M.R., 1997:
A heterologous maize rpoB editing site is recognized by transgenic tobacco chloroplasts

Dragoi, M., 1996:
A heuristic algorithm for scheduling felling budgets

Lin BiLiang; W.R.yShyan; Liaw ShuLiang, 1997:
A heuristic approach algorithm for the optimization of water distribution networks

Lewandowski, A.; Gadow, K. von, 1997:
A heuristic method for reproducing forest stands

Marshall, F.; Ashmore, M.; Hinchcliffe, F., 1997:
A hidden threat to food production: air pollution and agriculture in the developing world

Moshou, D.; Ketelaere, B. de; Coucke, P.; Baerdemaeker, J. de; Ramon, H., 1998:
A hierarchical Self-Organizing Map for egg breakage classification

Kumar, A.; Rogstad, S.H., 1998:
A hierarchical analysis of minisatellite DNA diversity in Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii Nutt. Fagaceae)

Kuperman, R.G., 1996:
A hierarchical approach to ecological assessment of contaminated soils at Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA

Clemo, T.; Smith, L., 1997:
A hierarchical model for solute transport in fractured media

Bergkamp, Ger, 1998:
A hierarchical view of the interactions of runoff and infiltration with vegetation and microtopography in semiarid shrublands

Tohno, S.; Tohno, Y.; Minami, T.; Okazaki, Y.; Utsumi, M.; Nishiwaki, F.; Moriwake, Y.; Yamada, M.O.i, 1998:
A high accumulation of minerals in human internal jugular vein

Flanagan, C.A.; Fromme, B.J.; Davidson, J.S.; Millar, R.P., 1998:
A high affinity gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) tracer, radioiodinated at position 6, facilitates analysis of mutant GnRH receptors

Washburn, A.L., 1999:
A high arctic frost-creep/gelifluction slope, 1981-89: resolute bay, Cornwallis island, Northwest territories, Canada

Hillebrand, A.; Murkovic, M.; Winkler, J.; Pfannhauser, W., 1996:
A high content of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids as a new aim of the pumpkin breeder

Saito, C.; Fujie, M.; Sakai, A.; Nagata, N.; Matsunaga, S.; Kuroiwa, H.; Kuroiwa, T., 1998:
A high density of rRNA in the generative cells and sperm cells of pollen grains of five angiosperm species

Kabir, M.; Rizkalla, S.W.; Quignard-Boulangé, A.; Guerre-Millo, M.; Boillot, J.; Ardouin, B.; Luo, J.; Slama, G., 1998:
A high glycemic index starch diet affects lipid storage-related enzymes in normal and to a lesser extent in diabetic rats

Das, S.; Bowley, S.; Mckersie, B., 1998:
A high leaf-starch mutant in alfalfa has altered invertase activity

Rachmilevitch, S.R.uveni, J.P.arcy, R.; Gale, J., 1999:
A high level of atmospheric oxygen, as occurred toward the end of the Cretaceous period, increases leaf diffusion conductance

Zhukova, N.V.; Svetashev, V.I., 1999:
A high level of dihomogammalinolenic acid in brown alga Sargassum pallidum (Turn.)

MacLeod, A.; Turner, C.M.R.; Tait, A., 1999:
A high level of mixed Trypanosoma brucei infections in tsetse flies detected by three hypervariable minisatellites

Gugelmann, R., 1998:
A high level of performance of boars at the SUISAG AI stations

Greenbaum, N.; Margalit, A.; Schick, A.P.; Sharon, D.; Baker, V.R., 1998:
A high magnitude storm and flood in a hyperarid catchment, Nahal Zin, Negev Desert, Israel

Bertheas, O.; Metzger, P.; Largeau, C., 1999:
A high molecular weight complex lipid, aliphatic polyaldehyde tetraterpenediol polyacetal from Botryococcus braunii (L race)

Lambert, R.J.; Alexander, D.E.gene; Han, Z.J., 1998:
A high oil pollinator enhancement of kernel oil and effects on grain yields of maize hybrids

Kang,; Rho,; Lee, S.W.o; Park, C.B.rm; Lee, J.I.; Lee, S.T.ek; Hur, H.S.n; Ryu, S.N.; Lee, J.W.o; Suh, J.S.k; Choi, I.S.k; Kim, J.H.; Choi, B.J.n; Lee, H.D.k; Kim, S.K.n; Kim, D.W.n; Park, K.C.ul; Kim, M.S.k;.;, 1998:
A high oil, linoleic fatty acid content and yielding new sesame mutant variety Yangbaeckkae

Vieri, M.; Spugnoli, P., 1997:
A high pressure injection system for precision application of pesticide

Viuff, D.; Rickords, L.; Offenberg, H.; Hyttel, P.; Avery, B.; Greve, T.; Olsaker, I.; Williams, J.L.; Callesen, H.; Thomsen, P.D., 1999:
A high proportion of bovine blastocysts produced in vitro are mixoploid

Zhan ShuHua; Wang HanChen; Zhou QiaoSheng; Liu XiaoQin, 1997:
A high quality, late pear selection 97-1-33

Jakoet, I.; Noakes, T.D., 1998:
A high rate of injury during the 1995 Rugby World Cup

Tjäderhane, L.; Larmas, M., 1998:
A high sucrose diet decreases the mechanical strength of bones in growing rats

Hong YenZhang; Reddy, S.; Kotchen, T.A., 1999:
A high sucrose, high linoleic acid diet potentiates hypertension in the Dahl salt sensitive rat

Connell, J.P.; Sujata Pammi; Iqbal, M.J.; Huizinga, T.; Reddy, A.S., 1998:
A high through-put procedure for capturing microsatellites from complex plant genomes

Chezhiyan, N.; Ananthan, M.; Balasubramani, P., 1997:
A high yielding avocado (Persea americana Mill.) for Lower Pulneys

Tong XuHua; Zhao BinQing; Gao LiMin; Tong JunLi, 1996:
A high yielding elite rice cultivar Yu Xian 3

H.F.ngYin; Zhang ZengQin; Zhang ZhenFeng, 1998:
A high yielding hybrid rice new combination Xie You 914

L.YouRong, 1996:
A high yielding new rice cultivar Xiang Zao Xian 19

Zhao XianLin; Song HongChao; Kang MingHui, 1996:
A high yielding new wheat cultivar Yu Mai 29 with good quality

Ravindran, P.S.; Nampoothiri, K.U.K.; Pillai, R.S.N.; Nair, M.K.; George, F., 1998:
A high yielding selection of black pepper variety: Kottanadan

Shin DooChull; Baek InYoul; Park ChangKie; Song SeokBo; Hur SeungOh; Suh HyungSoo; O.Y.nJin, 1997:
A high yielding soyabean cultivar for sprouting `Sobaegnamulkong', with small seed size, and resistance to disease and lodging

Noble, R.; Gaze, R.; Willoughby, N., 1998:
A high yielding substrate for mushroom experiments: Formula 3

X.H.i; Pan ShuLong; Niu YunSheng, 1999:
A high yielding technique for cultivating autumn and winter crops of asparagus lettuce under protection; X.Z.aoFei; Zhang ZheFu; A.L.nLi, 1998:
A high yielding wheat new cultivar Jin Mai 49

Kanamaru, Y.; Etoh, M.; Song XiangGuang; Mikogami, T.; Hayasawa, H.; Ebina, T.; Minamoto, N., 1999:
A high-Mr glycoprotein fraction from cow's milk potent in inhibiting replication of human rotavirus in vitro

Holm, J.; Hansen, S.I.; Høier-Madsen, M., 1998:
A high-affinity folate binding protein in fluid of benign cysts of human liver and mammary gland

Pohlmeyer, K.; Soll, J.; Grimm, R.; Hill, K.; Wagner, R., 1998:
A high-conductance solute channel in the chloroplastic outer envelope from Pea

Hanic Joyce, P.J.; Joyce, P.B.M., 1998:
A high-copy-number ADE2-bearing plasmid for transformation of Candida glabrata

Yano, M., 1997:
A high-density RFLP linkage map of rice as a tool for genetic and molecular analysis of the rice genome

Boyko, E.; Gill, K.; Mickelson-Young, L.N.suda, S.R.upp, W.; Ziegle, J.; Singh, S.H.ssawi, D.; Fritz, A.; Namuth, D., 1999:
A high-density genetic linkage map of Aegilops tauschii, the D-genome progenitor of bread wheat

Steen, R.G.; Kwitek-Black, A.E.; Glenn, C.; Gullings-Handley, J.; Van Etten, W.; Atkinson, O.S.; Appel, D.; Twigger, S.; Muir, M.; Mull, T.; Granados, M.; Kissebah, M.; Russo, K.; Crane, R.; Popp, M.; Peden, M.; Matise, T.; Brown, D.M.; Lu, J.; Kingsmore, S.; Tonellato, P.J.; Rozen, S.; Slonim, D.; Young, P.; Jacob, H.J., 1999:
A high-density integrated genetic linkage and radiation hybrid map of the laboratory rat

Bert, P.F.; Charmet, G.; Sourdille, P.; Hayward, M.D.; Balfourier, F., 1999:
A high-density molecular map for ryegrass (Lolium perenne) using AFLP markers

Capela, D.B.rloy-Hubler, F.G.tius, M.; Gouzy, J.G.libert, F., 1999:
A high-density physical map of Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 chromosome derived from bacterial artificial chromosome library

Harushima, Y.; Yano, M.; Shomura, A.; Sato, M.; Shimano, T.; Kuboki, Y.; Yamamoto, T.; Lin, S.Y.; Antonio, B.A.; Parco, A.; Kajiya, H.; Huang, N.; Yamamoto, K.; Nagamura, Y.; Kurata, N.; Khush, G.S.; Sasaki, T., 1998:
A high-density rice genetic linkage map with 2275 markers using a single F2 population

Phua, S.H.; Wood, N.J., 1998:
A high-frequency PstI polymorphism at the ovine antithrombin III (AT3) locus

Gérard, N.; Duchamp, G.; Goudet, G.; Bézard, J.; Magistrini, M.; Palmer, E., 1998:
A high-molecular-weight preovulatory stage-related protein in equine follicular fluid and granulosa cells

Ivasheko, A., 1996:
A high-quality prestarter feed for piglets

Poirier, C.; Blot, S.; Fernandes, M.; Carle, G.F.; Stanescu, V.; Stanescu, R.; Guenet, J.L., 1998:
A high-resolution genetic map of mouse chromosome 19 encompassing the muscle-deficient osteochondrodystrophy (mdf-ocd) region

D.J.ger, P.L.; Harvey, D.; Polydorides, A.D.; Zuo, J.; Heintz, N., 1998:
A high-resolution genetic map of the nervous locus on mouse chromosome 8

Fang, D.Q.; Federici, C.T.; Roose, M.L., 1998:
A high-resolution linkage map of the citrus tristeza virus resistance gene region in Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf

Rhodes, M.; Straw, R.; Fernando, S.; Evans, A.; Lacey, T.; Dearlove, A.; Greystrong, J.; Walker, J.; Watson, P.; Weston, P.; Kelly, M.; Taylor, D.; Gibson, K.; Mundy, C.; Bourgade, F.; Poirier, C.; Simon, D.; Brunialti, A.L.; Montagutelli, X.; Gu'enet, J.L.; Haynes, A.; Brown, S.D., 1998:
A high-resolution microsatellite map of the mouse genome

Louheranta, A.M.; Turpeinen, A.K.; Schwab, U.S.; Vidgren, H.M.; Parviainen, M.T.; Uusitupa, M.I.J., 1998:
A high-stearic acid diet does not impair glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in healthy women

Podolin, D.A.; Sutherland, E.; Iwahashi, M.; Simon, F.R.; Pagliassotti, M.J., 1998:
A high-sucrose diet alters the lipid composition and fluidity of liver sinusoidal membranes

Brackett, D.P.; Arvanitis, L.G.; Brenner, J.; Long, M., 1997:
A high-tech approach to open-burning authorization and wildfire response

Thacker, J.D.; Casale, E.S., 1998:
A high-throughput ELISA system for surface water and groundwater analysis

Keusgen, M., 2007:
A high-throughput method for the quantitative determination of alliin

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A long debate on milk and cheese

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A longer shelf life without loss of quality

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A look at 1997 production data for the United States

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A lot of metabolism, a little genetics and enthusiasm for applications!

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A low-cost rice cleaning/destoning machine

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A low-flow self-cleaning drainage system for fish rearing tanks

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A lower fat choice at point of purchase in a hospital staff cafeteria

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A lower rate of preterm birth after clotrimazole therapy during pregnancy

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A lump on the head from Mongolia

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A lumped parameter model for nitrogen transformation in the unsaturated zone

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A lymphocyte transformation assay for the detection of Mycobacterium bovis infection in the Eurasian badger (Meles meles)

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A main problem faced by furniture industry in China at present

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A maize glycine-rich protein is synthesized in the lateral root cap and accumulates in the mucilage

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A maize homolog of mammalian CENPC is a constitutive component of the inner kinetochore

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A maize hybrid Bian San 1

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A method for superintensive, protected culture of sweet cherries

Adams, H.; Schaeufele, W.R.; Maerlaender, B., 1996:
A method for the artificial inoculation of sugar beet with Ramularia beticola under field conditions

Barahona E.; Iriarte A., 1999:
A method for the collection of soil monoliths from stony and gravelly soils

Jaggi, N.; Diezi, M., 1997:
A method for the detection of verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) in milk and soft cheese

Azain, M.J.; Kasser, T.R.; Baile, C.A., 1999:
A method for the determination of glucose synthesis in isolated bovine hepatocytes

Cai ShengSuan; Stark, J.D., 1997:
A method for the determination of rhodamine B and brilliant sulfaflavine on cotton string collectors and in a spray tank solution mixture

Fennir, M.A.; Landry, J.A., 1997:
A method for the direct evaluation of respiration and transpiration rates using heat and moisture balance equations

Skinner, D.; Bauchan, G.; Auricht, G.H.ghes, S., 1999 :
A method for the efficient management and utilization of large germplasm collections

Dyki, B.; Habdas, H., 1996:
A method for the isolation of epidermis from tomato and cucumber leaves for microscopic investigation of fungus development

del Arenal Mena, I.P.; Bonilla, A.C.; Moreno-Sánchez, R.; Escamilla, J.E., 1998:
A method for the isolation of tegument syncytium mitochondria from Taenia crassiceps cysticerci and partial characterization of their aerobic metabolism

Storck, P.; Eheart, J.W.; Valocchi, A.J., 1997:
A method for the optimal location of monitoring wells for detection of groundwater contamination in three-dimensional heterogeneous aquifers

Fazzolari, E.; Guerif, J.; Nicolardot, B.; Germon, J.C.aude, 1998:
A method for the preparation of repacked soil cores with homogeneous aggregates for studying microbial nitrogen transformations under highly controlled physical conditions

Venter, S.N.; Kuhn, A.L.; Harris, J., 1998:
A method for the prioritization of areas experiencing microbial pollution of surface water

Jakus, R., 1998:
A method for the protection of spruce stands against Ips typographus by the use of barriers of pheromone traps in north-eastern Slovakia

Kuschka, V.; Tonn, F., 1998:
A method for the quantitative description of the morphology of soil surfaces as a part of the spatial resistance against epigeic animals

Rose, M.D., 1999:
A method for the separation of residues of nine compounds in cattle liver related to treatment with oxfendazole

Peppelenbos, H.W.; Jeksrud, W.K., 1998:
A method for the simultaneous measurement of gas exchange and diffusion resistance under various gas conditions

W.H.iWei; Luo JianPing; W.G.anLing, 1995:
A method for the standardization of OD value for the study of schistosome antibody with ELISA

Singh, T.V.K.; Goud, T.R.; Reddy, D.D.R., 1996:
A method for theoretical visualization of niche with reference to Lipaphis erysimi and Myzus persicae

Dominguez T.J.R.; Lentini, Z.; Roca, W.; Tabares, E.; Lopez, Y.; Calver, L.; Lozano, I., 1996:
A method for transgenesis of latinamerican rice

Alexander, A.M.; List, J.A.; Margolis, M.; d' Arge, R.C., 1998:
A method for valuing global ecosystem services

Sarah, J.L.; Mesnildrey, L.; Margueritte, E.; Boisseau, M., 1997:
A method for varietal screening of pineapple in the laboratory for resistance to the nematode Pratylenchus brachyurus

Wajahatullah, M.K.; Altaf, M.K.; Hoyt, J.M.; Stewart, J.M., 1997:
A method of DNA isolation and purification from Gossypium species for molecular studies

Lim, S.H.; Looi, L.K.C.; Ong, B.L.; Wee, Y.C., 1997:
A method of DNA isolation from epiphytic CAM ferns for use in random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

Neil, D.; Y.B.Fu, 1999:
A method of analysing stream channel response to environmental change: gauge data for the Tully River

Shibuya, C., 1996:
A method of apple orchard improvement and solutions to the 'no-income' problem

Tassin, J.; Riviere, J.N., 1998:
A method of assessing the impact of forest plantations on birds: application to the Reunion coast

Bicheron, P.; Leroy, M., 1999:
A method of biophysical parameter retrieval at global scale by inversion of a vegetation reflectance model

Kudinov, V.I.; Korneev, A.F.; Kapitonov, A.A., 1996:
A method of calculating enterprise income

Kohgo, Y.; Tamrakar, S.B.; Tang HuiGang, 1999:
A method of construction of small ponds in Northeast Thailand

Asokan, R., 1999:
A method of delivering Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner insecticidal crystal toxins for the management of diamond back moth on cabbage

Kleidon, A.; Heimann, M., 1998:
A method of determining rooting depth from a terrestrial biosphere model and its impacts on the global water and carbon cycle

Oosthuyse, S.A., 1997:
A method of eliminating many of the problems which reduce the value of mangoes

Kerr, D.V.; Moss, R.J.; Cowan, R.T.; Buchanan, I.K., 1996:
A method of estimating total energy requirements for grazing dairy cows from milk yield

Shuvalov, A., 1998:
A method of increasing the fertility of cocks

Arroyo, L.A., 1997:
A method of land evaluation for annual crops by means of the geographic information system: a case study (Upala District )

Saud, B.K.; Bhorali, P.; Basudha Das, 1997:
A method of leaf area determination in Dolichos lablab L

Ohshima, M.; Kimura, E.; Yokota, H.O.i, 1997:
A method of making good quality silage from direct cut alfalfa by spraying previously fermented juice

Nonaka, L.; Venegas, C.A.; Nishizawa, T.; Muroga, K., 1998:
A method of nucleic acid extraction from kuruma prawn (Penaeus japonicus) for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of penaeid rod-shaped DNA virus (PRDV)

Yan LiNan; G.K.Long; G.R.iSheng; Zhang TianJian, 1998:
A method of preparing high performance activated carbon

Tanigawa, K., 1999:
A method of raising plug seedlings of black soyabeans for the automatic plug transplanter

Schlatter, J.E.; Gerding, V., 1995:
A method of site classification for forestry production: a Chilean example

Gorecki, A., 1997:
A method of the surface features data acquisition from topographic maps as a basis for drawing and generation of slope and land exposure maps and solar radiation maps for mountain regions

Tian Chai; L.Y.Fan; Deng JiXian, 1998:
A method of using chromosome microdissection to obtain gene probe in wheat

Stringari, G.; Porro, D.; Failla, O.; Moller, F., 1997:
A method to assess and manage leaf analysis standards according to genetic and environmental variability

Broadley, M.R.; Willey, N.J.; Mead, A., 1999 :
A method to assess taxonomic variation in shoot caesium concentration among flowering plants

Rajkumar, R.; Marimuthu, S.; Manivel, L., 1998:
A method to assess the endogenous abscisic acid and gibberellic acid like substances in tea

D.V.sser, C.L.M.; Van Den Berg, W., 1998:
A method to calculate the size distribution of onions and its use in an onion growth model

Megale, P.G., 1999:
A method to classify different drip-lines

Rodriguez, D.J., 1999:
A method to detect higher order interactions in ecological communities

Smit, H.M.C., 1997:
A method to determine the input-output balances for nitrogen applied to the Lheebroeckerzand integrated monitoring area (The Netherlands)

Watanabe, N., 1998:
A method to distinguish leaf colour variation in Syrian barley

Cao, Quang V., 1997:
A method to distribute mortality in diameter distribution models

Denoroy, P., 1998:
A method to estimate dead leaf area index of a crop from leaf weight. Application to Jerusalem artichokes

Tang ShoZheng, 1997:
A method to estimate stand diameter cumulative distribution

Bendech, M.A.; Chauliac, M.; Malvy, D., 1996:
A method to estimate the nutritional intake of food bought from street vendors in Africa

Jaehne, S.; Dohrenbusch, A., 1997:
A method to evaluate forest stand diversity

Balandier, P., 1997:
A method to evaluate needs and efficiency of formative pruning of fast-growing broad-leaved trees and results of an annual pruning

Mieszkalski, L., 1997:
A method to evaluate the macrodamage of horse bean seeds caused by external forces

Mantovani, A., 1999:
A method to improve leaf succulence quantification

Ahokas, H., 1998:
A method to induce polyploids from adult strawberry plants, Fragaria spp., avoiding tissue culture in vitro

Ghérardi, M.; Mangin, B.; Goffinet, B.; Bonnet, D.; Huguet, T., 1998:
A method to measure genetic distance between allogamous populations of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) using RAPD molecular markers

Critchley, C.N.gel R.; Poulton, S.M.C., 1998:
A method to optimize precision and scale in grassland monitoring

Galvis-Spinola, A.A.varez-Sanchez, E.E.chevers, B.-Jd, 1998:
A method to quantify N fertilizer requirement

Andrade, V.C.L. de; Leite, H.G., 1998:
A method to quantify multiproducts of individual trees in stere units

Wallstedt, A.; Nilsson, M.C.; Odham, G.; Zackrisson, O., 1997:
A method to quantify the allelopathic compound batatasin-III in extracts from Empetrum hermaphroditum using gas chromatography: applied on extracts from leaves of different ages

Abijaoude, J.A.; Morand Fehr, P.; Bechet, G.; Brun, J.P.; Tessier, J.; Sauvant, D., 1999:
A method to record the feeding behaviour of goats

Madsen, K.H.; Poulsen, G.S.; Fredshavn, J.R.; Jensen, J.E.; Steen, P.; Streibig, J.C., 1998:
A method to study competitive ability of hybrids between seabeet (Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima) and glyphosate tolerant sugarbeet (B. vulgaris ssp. vulgaris)

Clarke, B.E.; Kinghorn, B.P., 1997:
A method to test algorithms for incorporating genetic marker data in BLUP

Suss, L.; Grosomanidi, P.; Zoia, S., 1999:
A method to test the efficacy of insecticides on wood borers

Matejek, S., 1997:
A method to update maps of private forest using LANDSAT TM imagery

Van Den Boezem, J.J.N.; Ulenberg, S.A., 1997:
A methodological approach to determination of female sex pheromones of the genus Dichrorampha Guenee

Cozzarin, B.P.; Gilmour, B.W., 1998:
A methodological evaluation of empirical demand systems research

Laffan, M.D., 1994:
A methodology for assessing and classifying site productivity and land suitability for eucalypt plantations in Tasmania

Fisher, R.J.; Dechaineux, R., 1998:
A methodology for assessing and evaluating the social impacts of non-timber forest product projects

McMillan, W.H.; Vivanco, H.W., 1999:
A methodology for dealing with uncertain outcomes when applying embryo technologies

Clarkson, J.P.; Kennedy, R.; Bowtell, J., 1998:
A methodology for evaluation of the efficacy of fungicide dosage and plant resistance in the control of fungal diseases of vegetable crops

Contreras G.I.; Valera B.L.A., 1998:
A methodology for rapid clonal propagation of Pinus caribaea Morelet var. hondurensis Bar. y Golf

Jong, M.D. de; Aylor, D.E.; Bourdot, G.W., 1998:
A methodology for risk analysis of plurivorous fungi in biological weed control: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum as a model

Opara, L.U., 1999:
A methodology for selecting machinery ownership systems for mechanisation of rural farms

Steinmetz, V.; Sevila, F.; Bellon Maurel, V., 1999:
A methodology for sensor fusion design: application to fruit quality assessment

Lauriks, R.; Wulf, R. de; Carter, S.E.; Niang, A., 1998:
A methodology for the description of border hedges and the analysis of variables influencing their distribution: a case study in western Kenya

Costes, E.; Godin, C.; Guedon, Y., 1997:
A methodology for the exploration of fruit tree structures

Perez, M.R.; Byron, N., 1999:
A methodology to analyze divergent case studies of Non-Timber Forest Products and their development potential

Alphen, B.J. van; Stoorvogel, J.J., 1999:
A methodology to define management units in support of an integrated, model-based approach to precision agriculture

Ramirez, O.A.; Saunders, J.L., 1998:
A methodology to determine economic criteria of decision in the control of pests

Bector, B.S.; Seema Rani, 1998:
A methodology to fortify low fat milk with vitamin A without using a homogenizer

Marie, F.; Bernasconi, B.; Aumont, C., 1997:
A methodology to survey the pineapple fruitlet core rot and leathery pocket diseases in Martinique

Hong Rong; W.C.angXin; Zhang Qin; Xiao Ning; Wang AiGou, 1996:
A methods of predicting carcass composition traits in animal breeding

Rakwal, R.; Hasegawa, M.; Kodama, O., 1996:
A methyltransferase for synthesis of the flavanone phytoalexin sakuranetin in rice leaves

Frenz, K., 1998:
A micro- or macroeconomic approach? An unnoticed error in sector models

Jones, A.; Urban, J.; Copikova, J., 1999:
A micro-analytical method for the determination of starch and amylose/amylopectin content in pea seeds

Phillips, N.B.nd, B., 1999:
A micro-power precision amplifier for converting the output of light sensors to a voltage readable by miniature data loggers

Gao Zhong; Gai JunYi, 1997:
A microanalytical method for analysing tofu yield

Zaffaroni, E., 1998 :
A microbasin approach to extension and training: experiences in Latin America

Gaitnieks, T.; Berg, B., 1998:
A microbial index for estimation of the peaty forest soil fertility

Wedge, D.E.; Kuhajek, J.M., 1998:
A microbioassay for fungicide discovery

Bui, M.H., 1999:
A microbiological assay on microtitre plates of thiamine in biological fluids and foods

Nouws, J.; Egmond, H. van; Smulders, I.; Loeffen, G.; Schouten, J.; Stegeman, H., 1999:
A microbiological assay system for assessment of raw milk exceeding EU maximum residue levels

Aran, N., 1998:
A microbiological study of Kashar cheese

Moran, E., 1999:
A microcarrier-based cell culture process for the production of a bovine respiratory syncytial virus vaccine

Kort, W.J.; Hekking-Weijma, J.M.; TenKate, M.T.; Sorm, V.; VanStrik, R., 1998:
A microchip implant system as a method to determine body temperature of terminally ill rats and mice

Rodriguez, L.C.E., 1996:
A microcomputer program for solving forest scheduling problems with heuristic approaches

Fialho, F.B.; Fowler, P.A.; Bray, D.R.; Bucklin, R.A.; Yeralan, S.; Tran, T.; Braun, R.K., 1997:
A microcontroller based system for monitoring vacuum pulses in milking machines

Marrs, R.H.; Frost, A.J., 1997 :
A microcosm approach to the detection of the effects of herbicide spray drift in plant communities

Scheunert, I.; Schroll, R.; Cao, G., 1997:
A microcosm system to evaluate the fate of 14C labelled pesticides in soils from different climate zones

Gao, X.; Wailes, E.; Cramer, G., 1997:
A microeconometric analysis of consumer taste determination and taste change for beef

Pandey, S.; Lapar, M.A.L., 1998:
A microeconomic analysis of adoption of contour hedgerows in the Philippine uplands

Dao The Abh; D.V.n Chau; Thanh, 1997:
A microeconomic analysis of the differences between farms in the Red River delta in north Vietnam

Wege, P.J.; Hoppe, M.A.; Bywater, A.F.; Weeks, S.D.; Gallo, T.S., 1999:
A microencapsulated formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin

Dijkstra Esther F., 1998:
A micromorphological study on the development of humus profiles in heavy metal polluted and non-polluted forest soils under Scots pine

Yonemori, K.O.hida, M.F.kuda, F.S.giura, A., 1997:
A micropipette method for collecting vacuolar sap of intact tannin and parenchyma cells in persimmon

Schenk, M.; Bisswanger, H., 1998:
A microplate assay for D-xylose/D-glucose isomerase

Wang XinGuo; Zhao YuQiang; Zhen TianMin, 1997:
A microplate assay for the determination of non-specific esterase in Culex pipiens pallens

Carlile, W.R.; Dickinson, K., 1997:
A microplate method for determination of urea and its use in studies of nitrogen mineralisation in growing media

Ramallo, J., 1997:
A micropropagated plant = a healthy plant?

Huang, L.C.un; Huang, B.L.ang; Murashige, T., 1998:
A micropropagation protocol for Cinnamomum camphora

Jones, A.G.; Ostlund Nilsson, S.; Avise, J.C., 1998:
A microsatellite assessment of sneaked fertilizations and egg thievery in the fifteenspine stickleback

Röder, M.S.; Korzun, V.; Wendehake, K.; Plaschke, J.; Tixier, M.H.; Leroy, P.; Ganal, M.W., 1998:
A microsatellite map of wheat

Prasad, M.V.rshney, R.; Kumar, A.B.lyan, H.; Sharma, P.; Edwards, K.; Singh, H.D.aliwal, H.; Roy, J.; Gupta, P., 1999:
A microsatellite marker associated with a QTL for grain protein content on chromosome arm 2DL of bread wheat

Senese, C.; Urciuoli, M.; D.G.egorio, P.; Motavalian, M.; Rando, A.; Masina, P., 1998:
A microsatellite sequence showing polymorphism in sheep, goat, cattle and water buffalo

Meagher, S.; Potts, W.K., 1997:
A microsatellite-based MHC genotyping system for house mice (Mus domesticus)

Stuart, A.; Stuart, C., 1998:
A microscope slide test for the evaluation of insect repellents as used with Culicoides impunctatus

Oh, B.J.n; Kim, K.D.ok; Kim, Y.S.on, 1998:
A microscopic characterization of the infection of green and red pepper fruits by an isolate of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Slovik, R., 1998:
A microscopical study of the processes of transformation of alfalfa and wheat matter

Chen, 1998:
A microsporidium of the predacious mosquito culex fuscanus wiedemann (Diptera: culicidae) from southern taiwan

Davis, J.D.; Smith, G.P.; Singh, B., 1999:
A microstructural analysis of the control of water and isotonic saline ingestion by postingestional stimulation

Xu, S.Z.ang, Q.B.itton, M., 1997:
A microstructural mechanics model for predicting hygroscopic loads in grain storage bins

Ribnicky, D.M.; Cooke, T.J.; Cohen, J.D., 1998:
A microtechnique for the analysis of free and conjugated indole-3-acetic acid in milligram amounts of plant tissue using a benchtop gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

Soriano, F.P.; Evans, P.D., 1996:
A microtensile testing technique. part 2. Fractography of thin King William pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides D. Don) wood strips

Soriano, F.P.; Evans, P.D., 1996:
A microtensile testing technique: part 1. Theory and application in thin King William pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides D. Don) wood strips

Antti, A.L.; Perre, P., 1999:
A microwave applicator for on line wood drying: temperature and moisture distribution in wood

Both, A.J.; Albright, L.D.; Chou, C.A.; Langhans, R.W., 1997:
A microwave powered light source for plant irradiation

Mehla, A.S.; Chaudhary, B.S.; Pal, R.; Kadian, S.P., 1997:
A mid early high sugared variety of sugarcane COH99

Torrington, K.G.; McEvoy, P.L., 1998:
A middle-aged woman with chronic productive cough diagnosed using sputum wet mount examination: allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Mihalik, B.J.; Simonetta, L., 1999:
A midterm assessment of the host population's perceptions of the 1996 summer Olympics: support, attendance, benefits, and liabilities

Jimenez Blanco,; Garcia Fernandez, J.M.nuel; Gadelle, A.; Defaye, J., 1997:
A mild one-step selective conversion of primary hydroxyl groups into azides in mono- and oligo-saccharides

Bourg, E. le; Minois, N., 1999:
A mild stress, hypergravity exposure, postpones behavioral aging in Drosophila melanogaster

Anonymous, 1997:
A milestone in the milk market. Milupa launches functional milk products for small children

Aoki, T.; Satoh, M.; Iwatsu, T.; Watabe, H., 1999:
A milk clotting assay for antibody using a fusion protein between protein A and pepsinogen C

Peacock, L., 1999:
A millenium bug? The willow beetle, Phratora (Phyllodecta) spp

Kovacik, J.; Valent, M., 1997:
A mineral profile of the improved Slovak Spotted dairy cows during lactation

Xiang, C.H.n, P.L.tziger,, K.O.iver, D., 1999:
A mini binary vector series for plant transformation

Zhong ChuangGuang; Chen ShunHua; Carvalho, F.P.; Zhao XiaoKui, 1998:
A mini model ecosystem about the fate of labelled pesticides

Brusilovskii, L.P.; Kharitonov, V.D., 1996:
A mini-laboratory for small dairy enterprises

Formusoh, E.S.; Reese, J.C.; Bradfisch, G., 1997:
A miniaturized bioassay system for screening compounds deleterious to greenbugs (Homoptera: Aphididae) on artificial diets

Wimmer, M.A.; Goldbach, H.E., 1999:
A miniaturized curcumin method for the determination of boron in solutions and biological samples

Casagrandi, R.; Rinaldi, S., 1999:
A minimal model for forest fire regimes

Looney, D.J.; McClure, J.; Kent, S.J.; Radaelli, A.; Kraus, G.; Schmidt, A.; Steffy, K.; Greenberg, P.; Hu, S.L.; Morton, W.R.; Wong-Staal, F., 1998:
A minimally replicative HIV-2 live-virus vaccine protects M. nemestrina from disease after HIV-2(287) challenge

Jobling, S.A.; Schwall, G.P.; Westcott, R.J.; Sidebottom, C.M.; Debet, M.; Gidley, M.J.; Jeffcoat, R.; Safford, R., 1999:
A minor form of starch branching enzyme in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers has a major effect on starch structure: cloning and characterisation of multiple forms of SBE A

Alexeyev, O.A.; Ahlm, C.; Elgh, F.; Aava, B.; Palo, T.; Settergren, B.; Tarnvik, A.; Wadell, G.; Juto, P., 1998:
A minority of seropositive wild bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus) show evidence of current Puumala virus infection

Hull, K.L.; Marsh, J.A.; Harvey, S., 1999:
A missense mutation in the GHR gene of Cornell sex-linked dwarf chickens does not abolish serum GH binding

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