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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3022

Chapter 3022 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A geomorphologic kinematic-wave (GKW) model for estimation of floods from small alpine watersheds
, Hydrological Processes 13(9): 1391-1416 (1999)

A geomorphological based banded ('tiger') vegetation pattern related to former dune fields in Sokoto (Northern Nigeria)
, Catena 37(1/2): 45-56 (1999)

A geostatistical approach to the study of earthworm distribution in grassland
, Applied Soil Ecology 9(1/3): 345-349 (1998)

A geostatistical descriptor of the spatial distribution of soil classes, and its use in predicting the purity of possible soil map units
, Geoderma 83(3-4): 243-267 (1998)

A geostatistical framework for incorporating seismic tomography auxiliary data into hydraulic conductivity estimation
, Journal of Hydrology 206(1-2): 58-74 (1998)

A geostatistical method for soil salinity sample site spacing
, Geoderma 86(1-2): 143-151 (1998)

A germination bioassay as a toxicological screening system for studying the effects of potential prodrugs of naproxen
, Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 26(5): 635-647 (1998)

A glimpse into the future of agrarian operations in Austria
, Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Landentwicklung 40(2): 82-86 (1999)

A glimpse of change in Albania's post-communist countryside
, Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 38(1): 21-34 (1999)

A global analysis of vegetation fires using satellite images: spatial and temporal dynamics
, Ambio 27(3): 175-181 (1998)

A global approach to wheat quality
, Proceedings of the International Wheat Quality Conference, Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 18-22 May 1997: 27-37 (1997)

A global budget for fine root biomass, surface area, and nutrient contents
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94(14): 7362-7366 (1997)

A global inventory of nitric oxide emissions from soils
, Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems 8(1-2): 37-50 (1997)

A global network for coffee research
, ASSOCIATION SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONALE DU CAFE Author 17th International Scientific Colloquium on Coffee 370-382 (1997)

A global outlook for water resources to the year 2025
, Water resources management 12(3): 167-184 (1998)

A global programme in interdisciplinary forest research: the CTFS perspective
, Journal of Tropical Forest Science 11(1): 180-204 (1999)

A global trend in belowground carbon allocation: comment
, Ecology 79(5): 1822-1825 (1998)

A global view of the deer industry: looking out ten years
, Proceedings of a Deer Course for Veterinarians ( 15): 1-12 (1998)

A global view of the developing legal situation
, Food Ingredients Europe Conference Proceedings, 12-14 November 1996, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France: 182-187 (1997)

A global vision of agriculture, food and the environment
, Agricultura, medio ambiente y pobreza rural en America Latina: 3-20 (1998)

A glucocorticoid-inducible transcription system causes severe growth defects in Arabidopsis and induces defense-related genes
, Plant journal: for cell and molecular biology 20(1): 127-133 (1999)

A glycoalkaloid in ripe fruit deters consumption by cedar waxwings
, Auk 115.2 (1998)

A glycolipid - bioactivator of toxic substances of plague microbe
, Biotekhnologiya ( 2): 28-33 (1999)

A glycoprotein from Ceratocystis fimbriata f.sp. platani triggers phytoalexin synthesis in Platanus x acerifolia cell-suspension cultures
, Phytochemistry 48(5): 771-776 (1998)

A glycoprotein modified with terminal N-acetylglucosamine and localized at the nuclear rim shows sequence similarity to aldose-1-epimerases
, Plant Cell 10(4): 599-612 (1998)

A glycosyl analogue of diacylglycerol and other antiinflammatory constituents from Inula viscosa
, Journal of Natural Products 62(4): 601-604 (1999)

A gnotobiotic culture system with oak microcuttings to study specific effects of mycobionts on plant morphology before, and in the early phase of, ectomycorrhiza formation by Paxillus involutus and Piloderma croceum
, New Phytologist 138(2): 203-212 (1998)

A golden calf in sacred space?: the future of St. Katherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai (Egypt)
, International Journal of Heritage Studies 4(3/4): 124-134 (1998)

A gonad-derived survival signal for vulval precursor cells in two nematode species
, Current Biology 8(5): 287-290 (1998)

A good maize hybrid Zheng Dan 14 with large cobs
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 3): 50 (1998)

A good maize inbred line He 344
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 2): 52 (1998)

A good new bread wheat cultivar Liao Chun 10
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 2): 54 (1998)

A good quality and high yielding sesame variety Kyongheukkae
, RDA Journal of Industrial Crop Science 40(2): 89-92 (1998)

A good substrate for green crops
, Kartofel' i Ovoshchi ( 5): 21-22 (1996)

A good whelping result is the cornerstone for profitable production
, Finsk Palstidskrift 32(10): 267 (1998)

A good year for the IPA
, Revue Laitiere Francaise ( 567): 23-25 (1996)

A gp330/megalin-related protein is required in the major epidermis of Caenorhabditis elegans for completion of molting
, Development 126(3): 597-606 (1999)

A grain layer in an electrostatic field
, Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva ( 6): 13-14 (1998)

A grand fir (Abies grandis) provenance trial in western Germany
, Allgemeine Forst und Jagdzeitung 169(6/7): 109-115 (1998)

A grand fir (Abies grandis) species trial in Sacele forest district, Romania
, Revista de Silvicultura ( 1): 20-21 (1996)

A granulosis virus as a control agent of Adoxophyes orana fasciata Walsingham (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in apple orchards
, Biological pest control in systems of integrated pest management Proceedings of the International Symposium on "The use of Biological Control Agents under Integrated Pest Management": 125-130 (1996)

A graphic reconstruction method of an average vine leaf
, Agronomie 19(6): 491-507 (1999)

A graphical method for analysing the dynamics of three-species systems
, Oecologia (Berlin) 111.4 (1997)

A gravity grain separator
, Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 1): 24-25 (1998)

A great benefit to sawmilling: an adaptable tool
, Chile Forestal 22(250): 34-37 (1997)

A great need for improvement
, Rivista di Avicoltura 67(6): 8-9 (1998)

A greener than green revolution?
, Seedling 15(4): 8-19 (1998)

A greenhouse climate model including the effects of ventilation and crop transpiration: validation for the south Tunisia conditions
, Acta Horticulturae ( 458): 57-64 (1998)

A gregarizing factor present in the egg pod foam of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria
, Journal of Experimental Biology 201(3): 347-363 (1998)

A grid model for nitrate transport in runoff
, Water quality and its management Proceedings First International Specialized Conference, New Delhi, India, 2-6 March 1998: 490-499 (1998)

A grid-based approach to water scarcity estimates for eastern and southern Africa
, Water resources management 13(2): 85-115 (1999)

A groE-based phylogenetic analysis shows the closest evolutionary relationship between mitochondria and Rickettsia
, Genetika Moskva 35(6): 733-743 (1999)

A groundwater exposure assessment for cloransulam-methyl in the U.S. soybean market
, Journal of Environmental Quality 28(2): 513-522 (1999)

A growing family of cytochrome b5-domain fusion proteins
, Trends in Plant Science 4(1): 2-4 (1999)

A growth accounting analysis of cost efficiency in milk production for six northern states in the United States
, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 46(3): 287-296 (1998)

A growth and yield simulator for Pinus taeda L. and economic evaluation of management systems
, Revista Arvore 22(1): 98-111 (1998)

A growth factor supplement for cell culture purified from whey
, Whey: proceedings of the second international whey conference, held in Chicago, USA, 27-29 October 1997: 365-367 (1998)

A growth form method for describing browse condition
, Rangelands 19(3): 26-29 (1997)

A growth model for spruce stands
, Sylwan 143(1): 19-30 (1999)

A growth room inoculation method to detect different levels of sunflower susceptibility to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: a seedling test for sunflower susceptibility to S. sclerotiorum
, OCL Oleagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides 5(1): 61-64 (1998)

A growth stage key for winter linseed (Linum usitatissimum)
, Annals of Applied Biology 133(2): 297-306 (1998)

A guide for planning a youth sports event
, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 68(5): 67-70 (1997)

A guide for regional application of a control programme for psoroptic mange in sheep
, Bulletin des GTV ( 3): 41-45 (1998)

A guide to selected non-timber forest products of the Hayfork Adaptive Management Area, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forests, California
, General Technical Report Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service ( PSW-GTR-162): 64 pp. (1997)

A guide to the Lhc genes and their relatives in Arabidopsis
, Trends in Plant Science 4(6): 236-240 (1999)

A guide to the genera of stick- and leaf-insects (Insecta: Phasmida) of New Guinea and the surrounding islands
, Science in New Guinea 24(2): 55-115 (1998)

A guide to tour designing for seniors
, Tourism Recreation Research 24(1): 90-92 (1999)

A guiding sight to make driving of a tractor easy during soil tillage
, Prace Przemysowego Instytutu Maszyn Rolniczych 44(2): 53-57 (1999)

A guinea pig model for Q fever endocarditis
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 178(1): 278-281 (1998)

A habitat assessment approach to the management of groundwater dominated rivers
, Hydrological Processes 13(3): 459-475 (1999)

A habitat restoration trial in farmland in lowland England
, Heterogeneity in landscape ecology: pattern and scale Proceedings of the eighth Annual Conference of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, Bristol, UK, 6-8 September 1999: 179-188 (1999)

A half-century history of Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis: from Poggioli (1847) to Borovsky (1898)
, Bulletin de la Societe Francaise de Parasitologie 15(1): 81-92 (1997)

A halfway house for pregnant women
, World Health Forum 19(2): 133-135 (1998)

A hatchery for the topshell (Trochus niloticus) in eastern Indonesia
, Trochus: status, hatchery practice and nutrition Proceedings of a workshop held at Northern Territory University, Australia, 6-7 June 1996 (79): 33-37 (1997)

A health status assessment of the impact of weight loss following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for clinically severe obesity
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 188(5): 491-497 (1999)

A health-related quality of life measure for use in patients with onychomycosis: a validation study
, Quality of Life Research 8(1-2): 121-129 (1999)

A healthy aroma
, Producteur de Lait Quebecois 17(8): 48-49 (1997)

A healthy business. The Saudi Arabian milk market
, Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 50(16): 681-685 (1999)

A healthy business: the market for dairy foods in Saudi Arabia
, European Dairy Magazine 11(2): 11-14 (1999)

A healthy outlook?
, Nursing Standard 1987) 12(24): 22-25 (1998)

A heat-stress pulse inactivates a 50 kDa myelin basic protein kinase in tomato
, Botanica Acta 111(5): 398-401 (1998)

A heat-tolerant broccoli F1 hybrid, 'Ching-Long 45'
, HortScience 33(6): 1090-1091 (1998)

A heating block system for studying thermal death kinetics of insect pests
, ASAE/CSAE SCGR Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 18-21 July, 1999: 31 pp. (1999)

A heavenly master plan
, Ski Area Management 36(5): 53-55, 76-77 (1997)

A heavily parasitised humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
, Marine Mammal Science 14(1): 146-149 (1998)

A heavy metal monitoring-programme in Denmark
, Science of the Total Environment 207(2-3): 179-186 (1997)

A hedonic approach to estimating operation and maintenance costs for New York municipal water systems
, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 26(2): 184-195 (1997)

A hedonic perspective on independent vacation planning, decision-making and behaviour
, Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure: 177-209 (1999)

A helminth-induced mucosal Th2 response alters nonresponsiveness to oral administration of a soluble antigen
, Journal of Immunology 160(5): 2449-2455 (1998)

A helping hand: facilitation of plant invasions by human activities
, People and rangelands: building the future Proceedings of the VI International Rangeland Congress, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 19-23 July, 1999 Volumes 1 and 2: 562-566 (1999)

A hemocyte-like cell line established from the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae expresses six prophenoloxidase genes
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 274(17): 11727-11735 (1999)

A hemorrhagic factor (Apicidin) produced by toxic Fusarium isolates from soybean seeds
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 65(1): 126-130 (1999)

A hemosite survey of wild crows in Japan
, Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University 51: 131-136 (1998)

A herbal preparation for cough care
, Indian Journal of Forestry 20(4): 406-412 (1997)

A herbicide from maize gluten
, Agricoltura Biologica ( 11(Suppl. 4)): 12-15 (1997)

A hereditary disorder of cornification and multiple congenital defects in five Rottweiler dogs
, Veterinary Dermatology 9(1): 61-72 (1998)

A heritage approach to forest management in the Languedoc-Roussillon region
, Revue Forestiere Francaise (Nancy) 50(4): 357-366 (1998)

A herpesvirus of rhesus monkeys related to the human Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus
, Journal of Virology 71(12): 9764-9769 (1997)

A heterocyclic oxime from a fungus with anti-juvenile hormone activity
, Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 37(4): 287-294 (1998)

A heterologous maize rpoB editing site is recognized by transgenic tobacco chloroplasts
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 17(12): 6948-6952 (1997)

A heuristic algorithm for scheduling felling budgets
, Revista Padurilor 111(1): 16-21 (1996)

A heuristic approach algorithm for the optimization of water distribution networks
, Water Science and Technology 36(5): 219-226 (1997)

A heuristic method for reproducing forest stands
, Allgemeine Forst und Jagdzeitung 168(9): 170-174 (1997)

A hierarchical Self-Organizing Map for egg breakage classification
, Mathematical and control applications in agriculture and horticulture proceedings of the 3rd IFAC workshop, Hannover, Germany, 28 September 2 October 1997: 125-129 (1998)

A hierarchical analysis of minisatellite DNA diversity in Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii Nutt. Fagaceae)
, Molecular Ecology 7(7): 859-869 (1998)

A hierarchical approach to ecological assessment of contaminated soils at Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA
, Bioindicator systems for soil pollution Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on New Approaches to the Development of Bioindicator Systems for Soil Pollution, Moscow, Russia, 24-28 April 1995: 197-212 (1996)

A hierarchical model for solute transport in fractured media
, Water Resources Research 33(8): 1763-1783 (1997)

A hierarchical view of the interactions of runoff and infiltration with vegetation and microtopography in semiarid shrublands
, CATENA 33(3-4): 201-220 (1998)

A high accumulation of minerals in human internal jugular vein
, Biological Trace Element Research 62(1-2): 17-23 (1998)

A high affinity gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) tracer, radioiodinated at position 6, facilitates analysis of mutant GnRH receptors
, Endocrinology 139(10): 4115-4119 (1998)

A high arctic frost-creep/gelifluction slope, 1981-89: resolute bay, Cornwallis island, Northwest territories, Canada
, Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 10(2): 163-186 (1999)

A high content of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids as a new aim of the pumpkin breeder
, Ernahrung 20(10): 525-527 (1996)

A high density of rRNA in the generative cells and sperm cells of pollen grains of five angiosperm species
, Cytologia 63(3): 293-300 (1998)

A high glycemic index starch diet affects lipid storage-related enzymes in normal and to a lesser extent in diabetic rats
, Journal of Nutrition 128(11): 1878-1883 (1998)

A high leaf-starch mutant in alfalfa has altered invertase activity
, Crop science 38(3): 722-728 (1998)

A high level of atmospheric oxygen, as occurred toward the end of the Cretaceous period, increases leaf diffusion conductance
, Journal of experimental botany 50(335): 869-872 (1999)

A high level of dihomogammalinolenic acid in brown alga Sargassum pallidum (Turn.)
, Phytochemistry 50(7): 1209-1211 (1999)

A high level of mixed Trypanosoma brucei infections in tsetse flies detected by three hypervariable minisatellites
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 102(2): 237-248 (1999)

A high level of performance of boars at the SUISAG AI stations
, KB Mitteilungen 36(1): 40-42 (1998)

A high magnitude storm and flood in a hyperarid catchment, Nahal Zin, Negev Desert, Israel
, Hydrological Processes 12(1): 1-23 (1998)

A high molecular weight complex lipid, aliphatic polyaldehyde tetraterpenediol polyacetal from Botryococcus braunii (L race)
, Phytochemistry 50(1): 85-96 (1999)

A high oil pollinator enhancement of kernel oil and effects on grain yields of maize hybrids
, Agronomy Journal 90(2): 211-215 (1998)

A high oil, linoleic fatty acid content and yielding new sesame mutant variety Yangbaeckkae
, RDA Journal of Industrial Crop Science 40(2): 83-88 (1998)

A high pressure injection system for precision application of pesticide
, Precision agriculture ' 97 Volume II Technology, IT and management Papers presented at the First European Conference on Precision Agriculture, Warwick University, UK, 7-10 September 1997: 669-676 (1997)

A high proportion of bovine blastocysts produced in vitro are mixoploid
, Biology of Reproduction 60(6): 1273-1278 (1999)

A high quality, late pear selection 97-1-33
, China Fruits ( 4): 17 (1997)

A high rate of injury during the 1995 Rugby World Cup
, South African Medical Journal 88(1): 45-47 (1998)

A high sucrose diet decreases the mechanical strength of bones in growing rats
, Journal of Nutrition 128(10): 1807-1810 (1998)

A high sucrose, high linoleic acid diet potentiates hypertension in the Dahl salt sensitive rat
, American Journal of Hypertension 12(2): 183-187 (1999)

A high through-put procedure for capturing microsatellites from complex plant genomes
, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 16(4): 341-349 (1998)

A high yielding avocado (Persea americana Mill.) for Lower Pulneys
, South Indian Horticulture 45(1/2): 68-69 (1997)

A high yielding elite rice cultivar Yu Xian 3
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 3): 50 (1996)

A high yielding hybrid rice new combination Xie You 914
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 2): 51 (1998)

A high yielding new rice cultivar Xiang Zao Xian 19
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 1): 54 (1996)

A high yielding new wheat cultivar Yu Mai 29 with good quality
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 1): 55-56 (1996)

A high yielding selection of black pepper variety: Kottanadan
, Developments in plantation crops research Proceedings of the 12th Symposium on Plantation Crops, PLACROSYM XII, Kottayam, India, 27-29 November 1996: 1-4 (1998)

A high yielding substrate for mushroom experiments: Formula 3
, Mushroom Journal ( 587): 27-28 (1998)

A high yielding technique for cultivating autumn and winter crops of asparagus lettuce under protection
, Journal of Henan Agricultural Sciences ( 6): 28 (1999)

A high yielding wheat new cultivar Jin Mai 49
, Crop Genetic Resources ( 1): 53 (1998)

A high-Mr glycoprotein fraction from cow's milk potent in inhibiting replication of human rotavirus in vitro
, Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry 63(1): 246-249 (1999)

A high-affinity folate binding protein in fluid of benign cysts of human liver and mammary gland
, International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Internationale Zeitschrift für Vitamin- und Ernahrungsforschung. Journal International de Vitaminologie et de Nutrition 68(1): 59-62 (1998)

A high-conductance solute channel in the chloroplastic outer envelope from Pea
, Plant Cell 10(7): 1207-1216 (1998)

A high-copy-number ADE2-bearing plasmid for transformation of Candida glabrata
, Gene 211(2): 395-400 (1998)

A high-density RFLP linkage map of rice as a tool for genetic and molecular analysis of the rice genome
, Rice Genome 6(2): 6-8 (1997)

A high-density genetic linkage map of Aegilops tauschii, the D-genome progenitor of bread wheat
, Theoretical and applied genetics 99(1-2): 16-26 (1999)

A high-density integrated genetic linkage and radiation hybrid map of the laboratory rat
, Genome Research 9(6): Ap1-8 (1999)

A high-density molecular map for ryegrass (Lolium perenne) using AFLP markers
, Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 99(3-4): 445-452 (1999)

A high-density physical map of Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 chromosome derived from bacterial artificial chromosome library
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96(16): 9357-9362 (1999)

A high-density rice genetic linkage map with 2275 markers using a single F2 population
, Genetics 148(1): 479-494 (1998)

A high-frequency PstI polymorphism at the ovine antithrombin III (AT3) locus
, Animal Genetics 29(1): 67-68 (1998)

A high-molecular-weight preovulatory stage-related protein in equine follicular fluid and granulosa cells
, Biology of Reproduction 58(2): 551-557 (1998)

A high-quality prestarter feed for piglets
, Zootekhniya ( 10): 19-20 (1996)

A high-resolution genetic map of mouse chromosome 19 encompassing the muscle-deficient osteochondrodystrophy (mdf-ocd) region
, Mammalian Genome 9(5): 390-391 (1998)

A high-resolution genetic map of the nervous locus on mouse chromosome 8
, Genomics 48(3): 346-353 (1998)

A high-resolution linkage map of the citrus tristeza virus resistance gene region in Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf
, Genetics 150(2): 883-890 (1998)

A high-resolution microsatellite map of the mouse genome
, Genome Research 8(5): 531-542 (1998)

A high-stearic acid diet does not impair glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in healthy women
, Metabolism Clinical and Experimental 47(5): 529-534 (1998)

A high-sucrose diet alters the lipid composition and fluidity of liver sinusoidal membranes
, Hormone and Metabolic Research 30(4): 195-199 (1998)

A high-tech approach to open-burning authorization and wildfire response
, Journal of Forestry 95(6): 10-15 (1997)

A high-throughput ELISA system for surface water and groundwater analysis
, Analytica Chimica Acta 376(1): 61-65 (1998)

A high-trans fatty acid diet and insulin sensitivity in young healthy women
, Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental 48(7): 870-875 (1999)

A high-yield and mid-maturity japonica variety - Chunjiang 03
, CRRN, Chinese Rice Research Newsletter 7(2): 10 (1999)

A higher plant seven-transmembrane receptor that influences sensitivity to cytokinins
, Current Biology 8(6): 315-324 (1998)

A highly adherent phenotype associated with virulent Bvg+-phase swine isolates of Bordetella bronchiseptica grown under modulating conditions
, Infection and Immunity 65(12): 5295-5300 (1997)

A highly conserved genomic region in baculoviruses: sequence analysis of an 11.3 kbp DNA fragment (46.5-55.1 m.u.) of the Spodoptera exigua multicapsid nucleopolyhedrovirus
, Virus Research 55(2): 187-198 (1998)

A highly conserved kinase is an essential component for stress tolerance in yeast and plant cells
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96(10): 5873-5877 (1999)

A highly conserved large molecular weight cyclophilin of filarial parasites
, Experimental Parasitology 88(3): 246-251 (1998)

A highly conserved major histocompatibility complex class I-related gene in mammals
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 238(3): 697-702 (1997 )

A highly conserved microsatellite in the dystrophin gene of diverse mammalian species
, Animal genetics 29(3): 224-227 (1998)

A highly conserved sequence is a novel gene involved in de novo vitamin B6 biosynthesis
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 96(16): 9374-9378 (1999)

A highly convergent and effective synthesis of the phytoalexin elicitor hexasaccharide
, Carbohydrate research 315(1-2): 117-127 (1999)

A highly effective herbicide for legume crops
, Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii ( 3): 32 (1998)

A highly effective treatment for bovine peracute mastitis caused by Gram-negative bacteria
, Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association 51(9): 491-494 (1998)

A highly efficient method for carnation transformation
, Acta Horticulturae ( 447): 373-375 (1997)

A highly efficient microencapsulated food for rearing early larvae of marine fish
, Aquaculture 177(1-4): 249-256 (1999)

A highly efficient transformation system mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
, Acta Phytophysiologica Sinica 24(3): 259-271 (1998)

A highly organized life in a small space: the development of varroa mites in the sealed brood of the honey bee colony
, Schweizerische Bienen Zeitung 121(1): 26-33 (1998)

A highly polymorphic GT-repeat in the bovine STAT5B encoding gene on BTA19
, Animal Genetics 30(1): 72-72 (1999)

A highly polymorphic PCR/RFLP marker in the canine type II collagen gene (COL2A1)
, Animal Genetics 29(5): 407-408 (1998)

A highly polymorphic RFLP marker in the canine retinitis pigmentosa GTPase regulator (RPGR) gene
, Animal Genetics 29(5): 409-409 (1998)

A highly polymorphic minisatellite locus (KBMS2) in bovine
, Animal Genetics 28(6): 456 (1997)

A highly selective, high-affinity transporter for uracil in Trypanosoma brucei brucei: evidence for proton-dependent transport
, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 765: 853-858 (1998)

A highly sensitive gas chromatographic determination of levamisole in milk
, Food Additives and Contaminants 15(4): 411-414 (1998)

A highly specific and sensitive competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on baculovirus expressed pseudorabies virus glycoprotein gE and gI complex
, Veterinary Microbiology 69(4): 239-249 (1999)

A highly specific polyclonal antiserum to the environmental contaminant 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis-(4-chlorophenyl)-ethane (p,p'-DDT)
, Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry 360(2): 235-240 (1998)

A highly thermostable amylase from a newly isolated thermophilic Bacillus sp. WN11
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 86(4): 557-560 (1999)

A highly virulent pathotype of Sclerospora graminicola from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
, International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter 39: 140-142 (1998)

A histological and immunohistochemical study of the humoral immune system of the lungs in young Thoroughbred horses
, Journal of Comparative Pathology 120(4): 347-356 (1999)

A histological and structural study of Phacelia tanacetifolia endosperm in developing, mature, and germinating seed
, International Journal of Plant Sciences 159(5): 753-761 (1998)

A histological study of greying of Wrzosowka lambs
, Czech Journal of Animal Science 44(6): 249-254 (1999)

A histological study of the development of the digestive tract of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) during early ontogeny
, Aquaculture 167(3/4): 195-209 (1998)

A historical account of the development of buffalo breeding in Italy
, Georgofili 45(4): 7-36 (1998)

A historical irony in the making? State, private sector and land reform in the South African wine industry
, Development Southern Africa 16(3): 447-454 (1999)

A historical record of atmospheric depositional fluxes of contaminants in west-central Scotland derived from an ombrotrophic peat core
, Science of the Total Environment 222(3): 157-166 (1998)

A historical review of the F-1 strain of Anopheles freeborni as a host and vector for studies of malaria
, Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 15(2): 117-127 (1999)

A historical review of the larch shoot blight in Japan
, Information Report Laurentian Forestry Centre, Quebec Region, Canadian Forest Service ( LAU-X-122): 77-85 (1998)

A historical review of the policy and important measures of plant protection in Taiwan
, Plant Protection Bulletin 39(1): 1-12 (1997)

A history and description of the Prunus persica plant introduction collection
, Hortscience 33(5): 787-793 (1998)

A history of forestry in Sarawak
, Modern Asian Studies 32(1): 117-147 (1998)

A history of success in regional development. Four years of the Tisza Regional Association
, Falu 13(4): 85-88 (1998)

A holding device for live spiders
, Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins 5(2): 220-223 (1999)

A holistic approach for determining the entomopathogenic potential of Bacillus thuringiensis strains
, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 64(12): 4782-4788 (1998)

A holistic approach to competence building - Maharashtra experiment
, Indian Forester 124(11): 887-898 (1998)

A holistic approach to groundwater use: a case study in Vavuniya
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A homage to Dr. Benjamin Goodwin Chitwood
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