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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3024

Chapter 3024 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen QingHong, 1996:
A new kiwi fruit cultivar E Mi Tao 1

Castagne, P., 1999:
A new kiwifruit from New Zealand

Uchida, S.; Saito, H.; Saito, Y.; Katoh, A.; Kogure, S., 1998:
A new konjak variety of quality, 'Myougiyutaka'

Laporte, N.T.; Goetz, S.J.; Justice, C.O.; Heinicke, M., 1998:
A new land cover map of central Africa derived from multi-resolution, multi-temporal AVHRR data

Vesilind P.A.; Tsau Don Tsai, 1998:
A new landfill liner to reduce ground-water contamination from heavy metals

Kim, J.T.e; Park, H.S.ang; Pae, S.B.k; Oh, K.W.n; Kwack, Y.H., 1998:
A new large grain, disease and lodging resistance and high yielding adlay cultivar Daechungyulmu

Naresh Chaturvedi, 1999:
A new larval food plant for tasar silk moth Antheraea paphia (Linn.)

Lopez Armengol, M.F.rnanda.; Martorelli, S.R.berto., 1997:
A new larval trematode (Haploporidae) in the hydrobiid snail Potamolithus agapetus Pilsbry, 1911: prevalence, intensity, distribution, and the effects on snail morphology

L.XinMin, 1997:
A new late peach variety Jingtangwanmi

W.T.ngLe; Xia MingDing, 1998:
A new late pear variety - Huali 1

Naseema, A.; Kamala Nayar; Gokulapalan, C., 1997:
A new leaf and flower blight of Anthurium andraeanum Lind

Vilasini, T.N.; Estelitta, S.; Pillai, M.V.R.; Nair, P.V.; Raji, P., 1996:
A new leaf blight of Garcinia cambogia Desr

Mathew, M.P.; Usha Ramakrishnan, 1998:
A new leaf hopper pest on bittergourd

Cherian, K.A.; Beena, S.; Abraham, K., 1996:
A new leaf spot disease of Kodampuli (Garcinia cambogia) desr

Anonymous, 1998:
A new lease of life for Australia's great white hope?

Feresu, S.B.; Bolin, C.A.; Korver, H., 1998:
A new leptospiral serovar, ngavi, in the Tarassovi serogroup isolated from Zimbabwe oxen

Klimov, V.P.; Sukhodol' skii, N.S.; Ivanova, T.N., 1997:
A new line for buttermaking

Benisek, Z.; Suliova, J.; Svrcek, S.; Pauer, T.; Ondrejka, R.; Durove, A., 1999:
A new lipoid adjuvant: harmlessness and local reactogenicity

Suliova, J.; Benisek, Z.; Svrcek, S.; Ondrejka, R.; Durove, A., 1999:
A new lipoid adjuvant: preparation and observation of its effectiveness

Wegner, G.S., 1997:
A new liquid bait and delivery system for carpenter ants

Tichy, H., 1998:
A new locality of Ganoderma lipsiense with zoocecidia

Sato, H.; Ichii, M., 1998:
A new locus cnx 3 involved in molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Choi, H.C.une; Kim, Y.K.u; Ahn, S.N.g; Moon, H.P.l; Cho, S.Y.on; Hong, H.C.eol; Shin, Y.S.p; Park, N.K.u; Yang, C.I.; Choi, Y.G.un; Park, H.W.on; Park, R.K.eong; Kim, Y.S.n, 1997:
A new lodging-resistant and high-yielding rice cultivar adaptable to direct seeding Ansanbyeo

Grey Wilson, C., 1998:
A new look at Incarvillea subgenus Pteroscleris

McMichael, A.J.; O'Callaghan, C.A., 1998:
A new look at T cells

Hasler, C., 1998:
A new look at an ancient concept

Sklyar, V.; Levitskii, V.; Belousov, V.; Rykhov, S., 1998:
A new lorry for transport of eggs and chicks

Twagilimana, L.; Bohatier, J.; Groliere, C.A.; Bonnemoy, F.; Sargos, D., 1998:
A new low-cost microbiotest with the Protozoan spirostomum teres: culture conditions and assessment of sensitivity of the ciliate to 14 pure chemicals

Hooper, P.T.; Lunt, R.A.; Gould, A.R.; Samaratunga, H.; Hyatt, A.D.; Gleeson, L.J.; Rodwell, B.J.; Rupprecht, C.E.; Smith, J.S.; Murray, P.K., 1997:
A new lyssavirus - the first endemic rabies-related virus recognized in Australia

Zimbalatti, G.; Giametta, F., 1999:
A new machine for harvesting lettuce

Peruzzi, A.; Raffaelli, M.; Ciolo, S. di, 1998:
A new machine for transplanting container-grown forest plants

A.Jin, 1998:
A new maize cultivar Qin Dan 4

L.YuLing, 1998:
A new maize hybrid Yu Yu 20

Suh,; Choi, C.H.e; Kim, J.K.n; Kim, D.H.; Park, H.J.o; Lee, J.H.; Park,; Ha,; Lee,; Lee, C.K.; Ko, M.S.o; Jung, J.H., 1997:
A new malting barley variety Jinyangbori of high quality, early maturing and high yield

Takagi, S.; Williams, D.J., 1998:
A new mangrove-infesting species of Aulacaspis occurring in South-East Asia, with a revision of A. vitis (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae)

Yochem, J.; Gu, T.; Han, M., 1998:
A new marker for mosaic analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans indicates a fusion between hyp6 and hyp7, two major components of the hypodermis

Artemova, E.N., 1997:
A new mayonnaise

Santi, S.V.; Govindaiah, M.G.; Nagaraja, C.S., 1998:
A new measure of persistency index in crossbred cattle

Riley, T.W.; Burge, A.W.; Fielke, J.M.; Manor, G., 1997:
A new measurement technique to determine chemical spray distribution

Ragnar, M.; Eriksson, T.; Reitberger, T.; Brandt, P., 1999:
A new mechanism in the ozone reaction with lignin like structures

Ha,; Lee, S.Y.ob; Lee, J.K.l; Shin, H.T.k; Kim, Y.D.o; Kim, B.K.eong; Shin, M.S.k; Ko, J.K.on; Lee, Y.T.e; Lee,; Jun, B.T.e; Kim, C.H., 1996:
A new medium maturing rice cultivar with high yielding, lodging tolerance and excellent suitability for sake brewing Yangjobyeo

Minter, D.W.; Cannon, P.F.; Romero, A.I.; Peredo, H.L., 1998:
A new member of the Rhytismatales from southern South America

Dai, G.; Chapman, B.M.; Liu, B.; Orwig, K.E.; Wang, D.; White, R.A.; Preuett, B.; Soares, M.J., 1998:
A new member of the mouse prolactin (PRL)-like protein-C subfamily, PRL-like protein-C alpha: structure and expression

Pfammatter, W.; Antonin, P.; Schaub, L., 1997:
A new method allowing the dose of the product, as well as the volume of the mixture, to be defined as a function of the volume of the trees

Zhong BoXiong, 1997:
A new method for analysis of rice protein using two-dimensional electrophoresis

Inoue, A.; Mizoue, N.; Yoshida, S.; Imada, M., 1998:
A new method for analyzing forest stratification based on discriminant criteria

Hamedi, M.; Motahhary, R., 1998:
A new method for basic lead acetate substitution in sugar determination in sugarbeet

Kaliteevskii, R.E., 1999:
A new method for calculating the productivity of sawmilling flowlines, mills and enterprises

Zhang Hong; Wang XinYan; Wang ShuMao; Cao ZhengQing, 1998:
A new method for controlling liquid leak from sprayers - automatic air entraining by pipeline pressure

Gomez Calcerrada Lopez, V., 1996:
A new method for detecting Salmonella in meals of animal origin

E.Dairouty, R.M.K., 1998:
A new method for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins by protein-A reversed passive latex agglutination

Barabassy, S.; Erdelyi, J., 1999:
A new method for determining dry matter content in milk products

H.Y.eMing; Ouyang CunXiang; Dai Jun; L.Y.ngTao; W.S.unHui, 1999:
A new method for determining evaluation units and obtaining evaluation data in GIS-based land resource evaluation

Chen,; Chang, W.H.ien; Chou, S.S.ou, 1998:
A new method for determining heme iron in pork using solid phase extraction and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Menten, J.F.; Pesti, G.M.; Bakalli, R.I., 1997:
A new method for determining the availability of choline in soybean meal

Girsch, L.; Cate, P.C.; Weinhappel, M., 1999:
A new method for determining the infestation of field beans (Vicia faba) and peas (Pisum sativum) with bean beetle (Bruchus rufimanus) and pea beetle (Bruchus pisorum), respectively

Usol' tsev, V.A.; Sal' nikov, A.A., 1998 :
A new method for estimating the carbon pool of forest ecosystems

Grala, B., 1998:
A new method for estimation of plant protection rentability in cereal crop production

Zhou ShuiSen; Tang LinHua; Qian HuiLin; Zheng Xiang; Luo ManZhen, 1998:
A new method for evaluating malaria surveillance effectiveness - establishment and application of an index system

Korzhenevskii, V.V., 1999:
A new method for graphical representation of the relationships of species diversity and complex environmental gradients

L.B.oJu; L.F.ngYun; Miao ZeYan, 1997:
A new method for identification of resistance to scab in cucumber - etiolated cotyledon spray inoculation

Ohta, M.; Sasaki, I.; Murakami, U.; Uchiwa, H., 1998:
A new method for improving productivity of colostrum specific IgG by immunization of cows with an antigen-antibody complex

Poznanski, R., 1999:
A new method for programming the development of forest resources in the selection method of forest management practice

Zhao ShiFu; Amrine, J.W.J., 1997:
A new method for studying aerial dispersal behaviour of eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

Strus, M., 1998:
A new method for testing antagonistic activity of lactic acid bacteria against selected pathogenic indicator bacteria

Touyama, T.; Shumiya, A., 1996:
A new method for testing the cool resistance of rice varieties using short-day treatment and natural low temperatures

Lier, Q. de J. van; Albuquerque, J.A., 1997:
A new method for the calculation of the mean diameter of soil aggregates

Weinhappel, M.; Girsch, L.; Cate, P., 1996:
A new method for the detection of infestations of broad bean weevil (Bruchus rufimanus (Boh.)) and pea weevil (Bruchus pisorum (L.))

Schilcher, H.; Habenicht, M., 1997:
A new method for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in essential oils with results of analysis of 110 essential oil samples and of 10 medicinal products 5th report: exposure to crude drugs and crude-drug preparations

Long YouQing; Liu PeiYing; Sun YuanMing, 1998:
A new method for the determination of the principal nutrient components in elephant-foot yam

Filep, G., 1998:
A new method for the evaluation of acid-base titration curves and buffer capacity of soils

Cassiani, G., 1999:
A new method for the interpretation of the constant-head well permeameter

Moser, M.A.; Dorfner, H.H.; Kniel, B., 1999:
A new method for the quantitative determination of ascorbic acid in flour by high performance liquid chromatography

Csapo, J.; Schmidt, J.; Kiss Csapo, Z.; Hollo, I.; Visi Varga, E.; Balla Terlaky, E., 1998:
A new method for the quantitative determination of protein of bacterial origin on the basis of D-amino acid content

Ericsson, H.; Unnerstad, H.; Tham, W.; Danielsson Tham, M.L., 1999:
A new method for typing Listeria monocytogenes

Tkach, V.; Pawlowski, J., 1999:
A new method of DNA extraction from the ethanol-fixed parasitic worms

Puttaswamy ; Srinivasa, Y.B., 1998:
A new method of administering monocrotophos to coconut palms

Solarska, E.; Jastrzebski, A., 1998:
A new method of applying Confidor 200SL against the hop aphid, Phorodon humuli

Kaliteevskii, R.E., 1999:
A new method of calculating the productivity of sawmill flowlines, mills and enterprises

Szwejda, J., 1997:
A new method of carrot protection against Pemphigus phenax B. & B

Hanczakowski, P.; Szymczyk, B., 1997:
A new method of estimating the nutritive value of protein

Virovets, O.A.; Gapparov, M.M., 1998:
A new method of evaluating the utilization of nutrients (carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids) for repair and energy in the animal organism

Hardtke, H.J.; Hufenbach, W.; Lustig, V.; Grimsel, M., 1999:
A new method of identification for shear moduli of wood from torsion tests on prismatic rods

Evans, T.A.; Gleeson, P.V., 1998:
A new method of marking spiders

Hahn, E.J.; Lee, Y.B.; Ahn, C.H., 1996:
A new method of mass-production of micropropagated chrysanthemum plants using microponic system in plant factory

Vitazek, I.; Havelka, J., 1998 :
A new method of modelling the drying process

Poznanski, R., 1999:
A new method of programming the development of forest resources in selection-clear felling methods of forest management with gradual felling

Bues, C.T.; Weber, A., 1998:
A new method of roundwood storage

Maier, T., 1998:
A new method of storing roundwood

Zhou FuRong; Wang JianGuo;, 1999:
A new method of taking pig blood samples - controlling pig position

Kirton, L.G.; Brown, V.K.; Azmi, M., 1998:
A new method of trapping subterranean termites of the genus Coptotermes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) for field and laboratory experimental studies

Kuznetsov, S.G.; Korolev, K.V., 1999:
A new method of utilizing peat substrates in greenhouses

Queiroz, J.E., 1997:
A new method to compute drainable porosity

Fernandes, P.M.; Rego, F.C., 1998:
A new method to estimate fuel surface area-to-volume ratio using water immersion

Huang DaNian; Zhang ShanQing; Xue Rui; Hua ZhiHua; Xie XiaoBo; Wang XiaoLing, 1998:
A new method to identify and improve the purity of hybrid rice with herbicide resistant gene

Gray, M.J.; Kaminski, R.M.; Brasher, M.G., 1999:
A new method to predict seed yield of moist-soil plants

Jiang JiZhi; Doke NoriYuki; Zheng XiaoBo; L.J.aYun, 1996:
A new method to study interaction between preinvasion of Phytophthora infestans and plants with cellulose membrane

Chakravarty, A.K.; Tomer, O.S.; Gandhi, R.S., 1995:
A new methodology on price fixation of semen considering genetic merit of Karan Swiss bulls through discounted gene flow technique

Detilleux, J.C.; Leroy, P.L., 1998:
A new methodology to analyze monthly somatic cell counts

Kapul' tsevich, Y.G.; Bliznik, K.M., 1999:
A new mixed yeast culture - a producer of fodder protein on the basis of wood hydrolyzates able to supersede the conditionally pathogenic Candida tropicalis strains in industrially used populations

Wang HongYing; Fan ZengXu; Xue SongTang, 1997:
A new model for predicting dissolved oxygen concentration in fish ponds

Ellis, S.; Kozak, R., 1999:
A new model for undergraduate wood processing education - the B.Sc. in Wood Products Processing at the University of British Columbia

Lazarus, D.D.; Destree, A.T.; Mazzola, L.M.; McCormack, T.A.; Dick, L.R.; Xu, B.; Huang, J.Q.; Pierce, J.W.; Read, M.A.; Coggins, M.B.; Solomon, V.; Goldberg, A.L.; Brand, S.J.; Elliott, P.J., 1999:
A new model of cancer cachexia: contribution of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

Jamieson, P.D.; Brooking, I.R.; Porter, J.R., 1996:
A new model of spring wheat phenological response to temperature and daylength

Engelke, F.; Zerbe, H.; Klug, E.; Leibold, W., 1999:
A new model system for endometritis in mares - preliminary results

Yamaguchi, Y.; Harada, Y.; Otsubo, Y.; Amano, T.; Imazato, A.; Rikimaru, A., 1998:
A new monitoring system for land and water resources management in arid areas

Alagramam, K.N.; Kwon, H.Y.; Cacheiro, N.L.; Stubbs, L.; Wright, C.G.; Erway, L.C.; Woychik, R.P., 1999:
A new mouse insertional mutation that causes sensorineural deafness and vestibular defects

Suzuki, W.; Iizuka, S.; Tabuchi, M.; Funo, S.; Yanagisawa, T.; Kimura, M.; Sato, T.; Endo, T.; Kawamura, H., 1999:
A new mouse model of spontaneous diabetes derived from ddY strain

Lee,; Choi, K.J.; Choi, J.K.eong; Park,; Nam, C.J.; Kim, B.H.; Yoon,; Lee,; Kim,; Min, K.S.o, 1998:
A new multi-disasters resistant and high-yielding mungbean variety Keumseongnogdu

Choi, H.C.une; Kim, Y.K.u; Ahn, S.N.g; Moon, H.P.l; Cho, S.Y.on; Shin, Y.S.p; Kim, K.W.n; Park, N.K.u; Hong, H.C.eol; Yang, C.I.; Choi, Y.G.un; Lim,; Jun, B.T.e; Park, R.K.eong; Kim, Y.S.n, 1996:
A new multi-disease resistant and high quality rice cultivar Daeanbyeo

Gupta, P.K.; Singh, S.P.; Bahl, J.R., 1996:
A new mung bean variety through induced mutations

Sato, H.; Koide, T.; Masuya, H.; Wakana, S.; Sagai, T.; Umezawa, A.; Ishiguro, S.; Tamai, M.; Shiroishi, T.; Tama, M., 1998:
A new mutation Rim3 resembling Re(den) is mapped close to retinoic acid receptor alpha (Rara) gene on mouse chromosome 11

Krivov, N.V., 1998:
A new mutator system?

Akar, F.; Sari, M., 1998:
A new mycotoxin group: fumonisins

Pampoulie, C.; Marques, A.; Rosecchi, E.; Crivelli, AJ.; Bouchereau, J-L., 1999:
A new myxosporean parasite, Kudoa camarguensis n. sp., recorded on two goby species (Teleostei: Pisces) in the Rhone Delta (Mediterranean Sea, France)

Mutschmann, Frank., 1999:
A new myxozoan, Chloromyxum careni sp. n. (Myxosporea: Chloromyxidae) from the kidney of Megophrys nasuta Schlegel, 1858 (Anura: Pelobatidae) from Indonesia

Byalt, V.V., 1999:
A new name for Sedum decumbens R. T. Clausen (Crassulaceae)

Santamour, F.S.Jr.; Riedel, L.G.H., 1997:
A new name for Sophora japonica

Verdcourt, B., 1997:
A new name for an East African species of Syzygium (Myrtaceae)

Ryabchinskaja, T.A.; Kharchenko, G.L.; Drinyajev, V.A.; Kruglyak, E.B., 1996:
A new native biopesticide of the avermectin group for controlling currant pests

Catling, P.M.; Brownell, V.R.; Allen, G., 1999:
A new natural hybrid fringed-orchid from Ontario

Pasche, E.; Kerndorff, H., 1999:
A new natural hybrid in the genus Crocus (Iridaceae)

Kurganov, A.N.; Musina, Z.P.; Radishevskaya, A.I., 1997:
A new nematicide

Villarreal Orias, J., 1998:
A new nesting record for the jabiru in Costa Rica

Chan, Y.K.; McCormick, W.A.; Watson, R.J., 1997:
A new nos gene downstream from nosDFY is essential for dissimilatory reduction of nitrous oxide by Rhizobium (Sinorhizobium) meliloti

Alonso, R.; Llamas, F.; Puente, E.; Penas, A., 1999:
A new nothospecies of the genus Quercus L. (Fagaceae)

Takada, H.; Kuwabara, T.; Iriki, N.; Takata, K.; Tabata, S.; Ozeki, S.; Kumagai, T., 1999:
A new oat cultivar Kanmuri

Brandao, M., 1997:
A new occurrence in the genus Aeschynomene L. (Leguminosae-Fabaceae)

Brandao, M.; Gavilanes, M.L., 1997:
A new occurrence of the genus Ipomoea L.(Convolvulaceae) for Minas Gerais-I: Ipomoea hederifolia L

Marianelli, D.; Nelli, L., 1997:
A new occurrence of yew (Taxus baccata) discovered in Roccastrada (Tuscany)

Ranalli, A.; Tombesi, A.; Ferrante, M.L.; Mattia, G. de, 1997:
A new olive ripening index and quality of product

Sato, Y.; Nagai, M.; Ito, K.; Tanaka, M.; Yoshikawa, H.; Uragami, A.; Muro, T., 1999:
A new onion hybrid variety 'Toyohira'

Nakasaki; Hiraoka; Nagata, 1998:
A new operation for producing disease-suppressive compost from grass clippings

Marais, G.J.; Wingfield, M.J.; Viljoen, C.D.; Wingfield, B.D., 1998:
A new ophiostomatoid genus from Protea infructescences

Romanov, E.M., 1996:
A new organo-mineral fertilizer for forest nurseries

Guenard, M.; Molinero Demilly, V.; Lipatoff, V., 1998:
A new outlook in the control of corn ear fusariosis: an kresoxim-methyl and epoxiconazol association

Graham, R.D.; Welch, R.M., 1999:
A new paradigm for world agriculture: productive, sustainable and nutritious food systems to meet human needs

Niamir Fuller, M., 1996:
A new paradigm in African range management policy and practice

Bauer, O.N., 1998:
A new parasitic nematode from the genus Anguillicola (Drancunculoidea: Anguillicolidae) in Palaearctic fish

Claassens, A.J.M., 1998:
A new parasitoid and host-plant of the larvae of Pieris brassicae (L) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) in the Western Cape, South Africa

Srinivasa, M.V.; Viraktamath, C.A.; Chandrashekar Reddy, 1999:
A new parasitoid of the spiralling white fly, Aleurodicus dispersus Russell (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) in South India

Disney, R.H.L.; Weissflog, A.; Maschwitz, U., 1998:
A new parasitoid species of Megaselia (Diptera: Phoridae) caught attacking a Camponotus species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Sarawak

Tsukiboshi, T.; Shimanuki, T.; Koga, H., 1999:
A new pathogen, Sphacelia sorghi, causing ergot of sorghum occurs in Japan

Boshoff, W.H.P.; Pretorius, Z.A., 1999:
A new pathotype of Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici on wheat in South Africa

Palaversic, B.; Lendler, V., 1996:
A new pathotype of the fungus Exserohilum turcicum Pass. in Croatia

Crockard, M.A.; Bjourson, A.J.; Cooper, J.E., 1999:
A new peroxidase cDNA from white clover: its characterization and expression in root tissue challenged with homologous rhizobia, heterologous rhizobia, or Pseudomonas syringae

Kruger, A.S.; Woehl, H., 1997:
A new perspective for Namibia: sustainable exploitation of land in arid and semi-arid zones

Kim, J.; Kim, W.; Cunningham, C.W., 1999:
A new perspective on lower metazoan relationships from 18S rDNA sequences

Burges, G., 1998:
A new pest occurrence in Hungary: the water-lily beetle (Galerucella (Hydrogaleruca) nymphaeae L. (syn.: G. polygonata Laich))

Sckokai, P., 1997:
A new phase in food distribution

Ali, R.M.; Houghton, P.J., 1999:
A new phenolic fatty acid ester with lipoxygenase inhibitory activity from Jacaranda filicifolia

Ospina Restrepo, J.M., 1997:
A new philosophy of conflict to improve labour relations

Loiseau, P.M.; Bories, C.; Sanon, A., 1999:
A new photometric assay with bromocresol purple for testing in vitro antitrichomonal activity in aerobic environment

Rimando, A.M.; Dayan, F.E.; Czarnota, M.A.; Weston, L.A.; Duke, S.O., 1998 :
A new photosystem II electron transfer inhibitor from Sorghum bicolor

H.Q.ngFu; Zhang XiuFu; Shao GuoSheng; Sun XianShun, 1999:
A new planting model for a three crop cycle in Fuyang county, Zhejiang province

Kjos, E., 1999:
A new plasmacytosis season is approaching. Have we given up the fight?

Whyte, I.J.; Biggs, H.C.; Gaylard, A.; Braack, L.E.O., 1999:
A new policy for the management of the Kruger National Park's elephant population

Ne' eman, G.; Dafni, A.; Potts, S.G., 1999:
A new pollination probability index (PPI) for pollen load analysis as a measure for pollination effectiveness of bees

Sakai, S.; Inoue, T., 1999:
A new pollination system: dung-beetle pollination discovered in Orchidantha inouei (Lowiaceae, Zingiberales) in Sarawak, Malaysia

Molnar, F.; Gyulai, B.; Czepo, M., 1998:
A new possibility of controlling dodder (Cuscuta spp.) in the field

Wen GuoHong; Wang XueShan, 1996:
A new potato cultivar with high starch content

Senda, K.; Ito, T.; Sekiguchi, K.; Murakami, N.; Okuyama, Y.; Iritani, M.; Matsunaga, H., 1998:
A new potato variety Hanashibetsu

Leitao, J.M.; Pereira, M.G.; Sousa, M.T., 1998:
A new powdery mildew (Erysiphe pisi Syd.) resistant mutant of Pisum sativum L

Grogan, W.L.J.; Meillon, B. de, 1996:
A new predaceous midge of the genus Brachypogon Kieffer from Zimbabwe (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Karg, W., 1997:
A new predatory mite species of the genus Euseius Wainstein (Acarina, Parasitiformes)

Aharoni, B.; Ward, D., 1997:
A new predictive tool for identifying areas of desertification: A case study from Namibia

Tao RuoLun; L.S.uiSheng, 1999:
A new probe into rural two-layer operation system - a finding report on developing village-level economy in Zhangjiagang city and Changshu city, Jiangsu Province

Yalinkilic, M.K.; Dwianto, W.; Imamura, Y.; Takahashi, M., 1998:
A new process for in situ polymerization of vinyl monomers in wood to delay boron leaching

David, H.; Zambeaux, C., 1996:
A new product combining glyphosate and aminotriazole for weed control in vineyards and orchards

Pashchenko, L.P.; Petrov, S.M.; Gorelikova, E.E., 1996:
A new product from whey

Anonymous, 1996:
A new production site for the Kustenland-Molkerei in Rostock

Murphy, G.M.; Engel, P.G.; Roling, N., 1998:
A new profile for the next century agricultural professionals

Rao, K.S.; Rao, C.H.M., 1998:
A new promising early duration drought tolerant sugarcane variety 83. R. 23, suitable for Telangana region (A.P.)

Saifulla, M.; Ramappa, H.K.; Shivakumar, N.; Poonacha, N.M., 1998:
A new promising fungicide for the control of rice blast disease

Nikolic, M.; Cerovic, R., 1998:
A new promising sour cherry hybrid XII/57

Jezovsek, G.K., 1997:
A new proposal for the control of weeds: the use of transgenic plants

Kibble, J.D.; Audsley, N.; Day, J.P.; Green, R., 1998:
A new protocol for the measurement of picomole quantities of magnesium in rat renal tubular fluid

Beiderbeck, H.; Risse, D.; Budzikiewicz, H.; Taraz, K., 1999:
A new pyoverdin from Pseudomonas aureofaciens

Katayama, S.; Yamanaka, M.; Ota, S.; Shimizu, Y., 1999:
A new quantitative method for rabies virus by detection of nucleoprotein in virion using ELISA

Mapuranga, N., 1998:
A new race of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci on tobacco in Zimbabwe

Zazzerini, A.; Tosi, L., 1998:
A new race of sunflower downy mildew in Italy

Williams, J.; Wilkins, D.; Mccool, D.; Baarstad, L.; Klepper, B.; Papendick, R., 1998:
A new rainfall simulator for use in low-energy rainfall areas

L.S.uJian; Y.Y.Xin, 1997:
A new record and new species of Alluaudomyia from Henan Province, China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Perrone, L., 1997:
A new record for Rome. Lactarius pubescens (Fr.->) Fr. 1836

Gonen, O.; Uygur, F.N., 1998:
A new record for the flora of Turkey. Euphorbia nutans Lag

Kalita, D.N.; Roy, T.C.D.; Dutta, S.K., 1997:
A new record of Antoba (Eublema) olivacea (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on brinjal in Assam

Kowalski, T.; akomy, P., 1998:
A new record of Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. F group occurrence in Poland in connection with interesting mycological findings

Takematsu, Y., 1997:
A new record of Incisitermes immigrans from Japan (Isoptera, Kalotermitidae)

Tian XiuLing; L.G.oZhong; Bai JinKai, 1998:
A new record of Peronospora in China

Ali, S.S.; Rane, A.E., 1998:
A new record of Sabaria rondelaria Fab on Ixora in India

Gupta, D.K.; Neelima Gupta; Shalaby, S.I., 1999:
A new record of Trypanoplasma (Kinetoplastida: Cryptobiidae) inhabiting the blood of carp, Catla catla in India

Urmila Sharma; Yadav, D.N., 1997:
A new record of arthropod predators in groundnut at Anand (India)

Gupta, S.K.; Shyam, K.R., 1998:
A new record of crown rot of french bean from Himachal Pradesh

Arbind Kumar; Mayank Rai, 1999:
A new record of host of the red cotton bug, Dysdercus koenigii

Pan ChangSang; Lin Jing, 1998:
A new record of host plants of Meloidogyne fujianensis and their observation by scanning electron microscope

Senna, F.M.A., 1997:
A new record of phoretic mites on honey bee Apis mellifera L. in Egypt

Hajian, M.; Amirabadizadeh, H., 1998:
A new record of powdery mildew from Iran

Bai RongLin; Liu WeiCheng; H.H.nQiao, 1998:
A new record of the genus Acremoniella for China

Amin, A.H.; Emam, A.K.; Helmi, A., 1997:
A new record on a whitefly species of the genus Aleurotuberculatus (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on citrus trees in Egypt

Tian ChengMing; Liang YingMei; M.Y.nDe, 1997:
A new record species of Podosphaera from China

L.Li, 1998:
A new recorded genus and species of Curculionidae (Coleoptera) from China

Wilhelm, F.M.; Lasenby, D.C.; Wilhelm, R.M.; Plante, R., 1997:
A new recorder for simultaneously recording the activity and oxygen consumption of small benthic invertebrates

Vandeven, E., 1998:
A new regulation for the sale of fungi in Belgium

Dannies, P.S., 1997:
A new releasing factor? With biotechnology and a little bit of luck

Mishra, P.K.; Mukhopadhyay, A.N., 1999:
A new report of root rot and wilt of gladiolus caused by Poitrasia circinans

Jobstl, H.A., 1997:
A new research group in IUFRO. Accountancy for management, society and environment

Y.Z.Tong; Tong HanHua, 1998:
A new resistant germplasm resource, Zhong Yu 8

Senthil, N.; Khan, A.K.F., 1997:
A new restorer for A3 cytoplasm in sorghum

Uehara, Y.; Kobayashi, A.; Koga, Y.; Shimizu, H.; Miura, K.; Ohta, H.; Fukui, K.; Okuno, K.; Horiuchi, H.; Fujita, Y.; Otsuki, H.; Ishizaka, S., 1998:
A new rice cultivar Awaminori

Yang ZhaoFeng, 1998:
A new rice cultivar Chao Chan 1

Jiang BaiZhang; Wang AiQin, 1996:
A new rice cultivar Tai Hu Jing 4

Peng, S.; Shen, K.; Wang, X.; Liu, J.; Luo, X.; Wu, L., 1999:
A new rice cultivation technology: plastic film mulching

Tanno, H.; Kunihiro, Y.; Ebe, Y.; Kikuchi, H.; Shinbashi, N.; Sugawara, K., 1997:
A new rice variety Aya

Tanno, H.; Kunihiro, Y.; Ebe, Y.; Shinbashi, N.; Kikuchi, H.; Sugawara, K.; Honma, A., 1997:
A new rice variety Hayakaze

Maeda, H.; Aikawa, M.; Yanagawa, T.; Sasaki, K.; Taberi, K.; Tanno, H.; Sugawara, K.; Yoshida, M.; Kikuchi, H., 1996:
A new rice variety Kita-ibuki

Sasaki, T.; Honma, A.; Tanaka, K.; Ohta, S.; Yoshimura, T.; Numao, Y.; Wada, S.; Sasaki, K.; Sanbuichi, T.; Maeda, H.; Inukai, T.; Kusutani, A.; Arai, T.; Kousaka, H.; Suzuki, K., 1997:
A new rice variety Kuh-iku No. 150

Lim SangJong; Lee KeeYeong; Yang SaeJun; Hwang HungGoo; Kang JongRae; Song YuCheon; O.B.eongGeun; Kim HoYeong; Kim SoonChul; O.Y.nJin; Jun ByungTae, 1997:
A new rice variety with adaptability for late planting after cash crop and high grain quality Keumobyeo 2

Ruscio, M., 1997:
A new risk from ticks in the woods, Lyme disease

Dai YuCheng; X.M.iQing, 1998:
A new root and butt rot disease on coniferous trees in Changbai Mts., northeastern China

Koike, S.T.; Henderson, D.M.; Crous, P.W.; Schoch, C.L.; Tjosvold, S.A., 1999:
A new root and crown rot disease of heath in California caused by Cylindrocladium pauciramosum

Huang, H.; Chao, Q.R.; Tan, R.X.; Sun, H.D.; Wang, D.C.; Ma, J.; Zhao, S.X., 2007:
A New Rosmarinic Acid Derivative from Isodon oresbius

Wen TingHuan; M.L.Ming, 1997:
A new sand mite of the genus Shunsennia from Marmota with a key to Chinese species of the genus (Acariformes: Leeuwenhoekiidae)

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A new scorpion toxin (BmK-PL) stimulates Ca2+-release channel activity of the skeletal-muscle ryanodine receptor by an indirect mechanism

David, A.W.nder,, P.S.ringer, J.W.gner, D., 1997:
A new seed trap design

Park, C.B.rm; Kang,; Ahn, B.O.; Lee, B.K.u; Lee,; Lee, J.I.; Kim, Y.S.n, 1998:
A new seed/leaf use perilla variety Baekkwangdlkkae with good quality and high yield

Chang CheuShang; Ferraz, A.C.O.; Vieira, J.C., 1998:
A new seeder of rotating inner ring with high precision seeding rate

L.Z.iYong; Chen DaCheng; H.G.iBing; X.C.angBao, 1997:
A new seedless ponkan mutant - Tay1 ponkan

Saman, E.; Van Eynde, G.; Lujan, L.; Extramiana, B.; Harkiss, G.; Tolari, F.; Gonzàlez, L.; Amorena, B.; Watt, N.; Badiola, J., 1999:
A new sensitive serological assay for detection of lentivirus infections in small ruminants

Shi QingLan; Zhao YanDong, 1998:
A new sensor used in soil water content measurement

Guenaoui, Y.; Dahliz, A., 1997:
A new serious pest in Algeria: Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

Scotti, I.; Troggio, M.; Soranzo, N.; Vendramin, G.G.; Bucci, G., 1998:
A new set of PCR-based, locus-specific markers for Picea abies (L.) Karst

Gadzhiev, P.I., 1998:
A new set of machinery for potato cultivation

Insam, H., 1997 :
A new set of substrates proposed for community characterization in environmental samples

Blua, M.J.; Phillips, P.A.; Redak, R.A., 1999:
A new sharpshooter threatens both crops and ornamentals

Saifulla, M., 1996:
A new sheath rot disease of rice identified in Karnataka

Yuan Jun; Liu XiangLu; Hao XiuRen; Zhang Duo; Pan ZhuanXia, 1997:
A new short season cotton variety - Jinmian 23

Eschler, B.M.; Foley, W.J., 1999:
A new sideroxylonal from Eucalyptus melliodora

Kolte, S.J.; Sachan, J.N.; Rimmer, S.R., 1998:
A new simple technique for development of seedling infection of white rust of rapeseed-mustard from oospores of Albugo candida

Yang, D.; Chaumont, J.P.; Makki, S.; Millet Clerc, J., 1997:
A new simulation model to study the topic penetration of antifungal drugs in hard keratin in vitro

Baugnee, J.Y., 1996:
A new social wasp for the Belgian fauna: Polistes bischoffi Weyrauch, 1937, found in Gaume (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Shchepochkina, Y.A., 1996:
A new soft margarine

Pezzi, F.; Rondelli, V., 1997:
A new solution for the clearing of ditches

Semenov, V.I.; Ishin, A.G., 1998:
A new solution to the problem of preserving the quality of fodder

Wang Ding, 1996:
A new sorghum cultivar Bai Za 6

Mohamed, F.M., 1997:
A new source for genetic parthenocarpic fruit development in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Shavrukov, Y.N., 1997:
A new source for monofloret (monogerm) in sugar beet

Chen, B.Y.; Cheng, B.F.; Fu, T.D., 1999:
A new source of self-compatibility in oilseed Brassica rapa from China

Kim SeokDong; Park KeumYong; Kim YongHo; Yun HongTae; Lee SukHa; Lee YeongHo; Seung YealKyu; Park EuiHo; Kim HongSig; Ryu YongHwan; Kim WookHan; Hong EunHi, 1997:
A new soyabean cultivar for sprouting with small seeds and disease resistance, `Myeongju-namulkong'

Jiang ChenXi; L.D.Chang; Cui YuGui; Chen WeiYuan; F.Y.Shu; Jing YuLiang, 1998:
A new soyabean cultivar, Sui Nong 12

Wang NaiYong, 1998:
A new soyabean line with five-seed pods-345-92

Suh SugKee; Kim HagSin; O.Y.ungJin; Kim KyungHo; Cho SangKyun; Kim YoungJin; Kim SooDong; Park HoKi; Park MoonSoo; Cho SooYeon, 1997:
A new soyabean variety for sprouts with small seeds and high yields, Pungsan-namulkong

Kim SeokDong; Kim YongHo; Park KeumYong; Yun HongTae; Lee YeongHo; Lee SukHa; Seung YealKyu; Kim HongSig; Hong EunHi; Kim YunSun, 1997:
A new soyabean variety lacking beany taste, Jinpumkong 2, with good quality

Kim SeokDong; Kim YongHo; Park KeumYong; Yun HongTae; Lee SukHa; Seung YealKyu; Kim HongSig; Lee YeongHo; Park EuiHo; Hwang YoungHyun; Hong EunHi; Kim YunSun, 1997:
A new soyabean variety with a black seed coat for cooking with rice, Geomjeongkong 2, with good quality and disease resistance

Tabuchi, K.; Adachi, T.; Shimada, H.; Kikuchi, A.; Takahashi, K.; Takada, Y.; Nakamura, S.; Yumoto, S.; Kowata, M.; Banba, H.; Takahashi, N.; Okabe, A.; Watanabe, I.; Nagasawa, T.; Murakami, S.; Hashimoto, K.; Sakai, S.; Igita, K., 1999:
A new soyabean variety, Ohsuzu

Kim SeokDong; Park KeumYong; Kim YongHo; Yun HongTae; Lee YeongHo; Lee SukHa; Seung YealKyu; Park EuiHo; Hwang YoungHyun; Ryu YongHwan; Hwang ChongJin; Kim YunSun, 1998:
A new soyabean variety, Daewonkong, for miso with large seeds and disease resistance

Halfacree, K.H., 1999:
A new space or spatial effacement? Alternative futures for the post-productivist countryside

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A new species Polynema muirii on Fagus grandifolia

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A new species and a new record of Nilobezzia from China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Yang Tong; Wang DeBin; Zhang YongPu, 1997:
A new species and a new record of freshwater leeches form China

H.S.Qin; Chen XiWen; Huang LingSheng, 1997:
A new species and a new record of the genus Agistemus from China (Acari: Stigmaeidae)

Tabassum, S.S.; Omer, S.; Qaiser, M., 1998:
A new species and a status in the genus Fagonia from Pakistan

Ruiter, David E., 1999:
A new species and new synonym in the genus Psychoronia (Limnephilidae), with significant records for caddisflies (Trichoptera) from western North America

Wang YingXiang; Wang XueYing; L.H.a; Zeng QianChun, 1997:
A new species and two new records of Ramularia in China

X.J.nJiang; Luo XinFu, 1998:
A new species for Anopheles hyrcanus group from Nei Mongol Autonomous Region (Diptera: Culicidae)

LaSalle, J., 1999:
A new species group and two new species of Euderomphale Girault (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from North America

Fortunato, R.H.; Palese, R., 1999:
A new species in the genus Mimosa L. (Fabaceae-Mimoseae) from the Bolivian Chaco: M. craspedisetosa Fortunato & Palese. Contribution to the study of the flora and vegetation of the Chaco. XIII

Peirce, M.A., 1999:
A new species of Aegyptianella from south-east Asia

Wang GuangHe; Wang Jian; Qian XiaoMing; Zhu YongXiang; Wang JianMin; L.R.nHai, 1998:
A new species of Aeromonas as a pathogen in eels

Hay, A., 1998:
A new species of Aglaonema Schott (Araceae) from Terengganu, Malaysia

G.Y.Ming; Bai XeiLi, 1997:
A new species of Alliphis from China (Acari: Eviphididae)

Matocq, A., 1998:
A new species of Alloeotomus on the island of Crete (Heteroptera, Miridae, Deraecorinae)

Newton, L.E., 1998 :
A new species of Aloe (Aloaceae) on Pemba, with comments on section Lomatophyllum

Cheng JuLong; A.D.Rong; Ren Bo, 1997:
A new species of Alternaria - A. nicotiana

Snijman, D.A.; Williamson, G., 1998:
A new species of Amaryllis from the Richtersveld, South Africa

Arias Granda, I., 1996:
A new species of Anthurium Schott (Araceae) from Cuba

L.C.engDe; Zhao SuiLin, 1998:
A new species of Aphelinus Dalman (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) from northeastern China

Durante, M.P.M.; Ortego, J., 1998:
A new species of Aphis infesting the genus Acaena in Argentina (Hemiptera, Aphididae; Rosaceae)

Udagawa, S.I.; Uchiyama, S., 1999:
A new species of Ascotricha with uniquely mounded ascospores

Hosagoudar, V.B.; Abraham, T.K., 1997:
A new species of Asterolibertia from Kerala, India

Delecolle, J.C.; Braverman, Y., 1996:
A new species of Atrichopogon from Israel (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Almeida, L.M. de; Carvalho, R.C.Z. de, 1996:
A new species of Azya Mulsant from Brazil (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) feeding on Pulvinaria paranaensis Hempel (Homoptera, Coccidae) on Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil. (Aquifoliaceae)

Ogawa, K.; Matsuzaki, K.; Misaki, H., 1997:
A new species of Balaenophilus (Copepoda: Harpacticoida), an ectoparasite of a sea turtle in Japan

Fuller, D.; Dowe, J.L., 1999:
A new species of Balaka from Fiji

Chantaranothai, P., 1996:
A new species of Barringtonia (Lecythidaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia

Jarvie, J.K., 1998:
A new species of Bauhinia (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae) from Borneo

L.X.nMin; Y.Y.Xin, 1997:
A new species of Bezzia in China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Zhang LianFu; Liu Jie, 1997:
A new species of Blaesoxipha from Western Liaoning, China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Pape, T.; Dahlem, G.A., 1998:
A new species of Boettcheria from Guatemala (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Wang XueYing; Zhang LiXin; Zhang ZhongYi, 1996:
A new species of Botrytis and 5 known Botrytis species in China

Navai, S., 1996:
A new species of Brachypogon Kieffer from Afghanistan (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Hatzinikolis, E.N.; Panou, H.N., 1997:
A new species of Bryobiinae (Acari: Tetranychidae) from Thymus capitatus (L.) in Greece

Witono, J.; Dransfield, J., 1998:
A new species of Calamus (Palmae) from Java

Chan, C.L.; Barkman, T.J., 1997:
A new species of Calanthe (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae: Arethuseae) from Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

Peris, S.V.; Gonzalez Mora, D.; Fernandez, A.M.; Peris, S.J., 1998:
A new species of Calliphora Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Diptera, Calliphoridae) from Sierra Maestra, Cuba

Kingsolver, J.M., 1999:
A new species of Callosobruchus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) from Thailand and China

Fridlender, A.; Raynal Roques, A., 1998:
A new species of Centranthus (Valerianaceae) endemic to Sardinia

Sushil, S.N.; Khan, M.A., 1995:
A new species of Cerchysiella Girault (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from Northern India

Guo YingLan, 1997:
A new species of Cercospora

Lucksom, S.Z., 1997:
A new species of Cheirostylis Blume (Orchidaceae) from Sikkim Himalaya

Inoue, K.; Hasegawa, M.; Kobayashi, S., 1997:
A new species of Clerodendrum (Verbenaceae) from the Izu Islands

Tsui, K.M.; Hyde, K.D.; Hodgkiss,, 1998:
A new species of Clohiesia from Hong Kong

Stoffelen, P.; Cheek, M.; Bridson, D.; Robbrecht, E., 1997:
A new species of Coffea (Rubiaceae) and notes on Mount Kupe (Cameroon)

Cicchino, A.C.; Abrahamovich, A.H., 1997:
A new species of Colpocephalum (Phthiraptera, Menoponidae) parasitic on Crotophaga major and C. sulcirostris (Cuculiformes, Crotophagidae)

Guarro, J.; Gene, J.; A.B.der, S.M.; Abdullah, S.K., 1997:
A new species of Coniochaetidium from soil

Constantino, R.; Costa Leonardo, A.M., 1997:
A new species of Constrictotermes from central Brazil with notes on the mandibular glands of workers (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae)

Miyauchi, S.; Kobayashi, H., 1998:
A new species of Cortinarius Sect. Sericeocybe from Japan

Sassi, D.; Regalin, R., 1998:
A new species of Cryptocephalus from Sardinia, Capraia island (Tuscany) and Corsica (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae)

Boorman, J.; Mellor, P.S.; Scaramozzino, P., 1996:
A new species of Culicoides (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) from southern Italy

Qian YiYong, 1999:
A new species of Dalbergia from Yunnan

Guo YingLan; Zhang ZhongYi, 1999:
A new species of Dendryphiella

Pinder, A.M.; Hill, B.D.; Green, P.E., 1998:
A new species of Dero (Allodero) (Naididae: Oligochaeta) inhabiting the Wolffian ducts of the green tree frog (Litoria caerulea) in Queensland

Ohashi, H.; Nemoto, T., 1998:
A new species of Desmodium (Leguminosae) from China

Knyazev, M.S., 1997:
A new species of Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae) proposed but not described by M. V. Klokov

Gosline, G.; Cheek, M., 1998:
A new species of Diospyros (Ebenaceae) from Southwest Cameroon

Smithers, C.N., 1991:
A new species of Dorypteryx Aaron (Psocoptera: Psyllipsocidae) described from Australia

Fonseca, N., 1998:
A new species of Elytroderma from Portugal

Lorence, D.H., 1999:
A new species of Ephippiandra (Monimiaceae: Monimioideae) from Madagascar

Slater, J.A., 1998:
A new species of Epipolops H.S. from South America (Heteroptera: Lygaeoidea: Geocoridae)

Wang XueYing; Zhang LiXing; W.D.Xi, 1997:
A new species of Erysiphe from China

Radcliffe Smith, A., 1999:
A new species of Euphorbia from China

Husband, Robert W., 1998:
A new species of Eutarsopolipus (Acari: Podapolipidae) from Harpalus pennsylvanicus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from East Lansing, Michigan

Verdcourt, B., 1998:
A new species of Ficus (Moraceae) from Uganda

Hill, R.S.; Whang SunSoo, 1996 :
A new species of Fitzroya (Cupressaceae) from Oligocene sediments in north-western Tasmania

Xue Jian; Y.Y.Xin, 1998:
A new species of Forcipomyia (Microhelea) from Shandong province, China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Garcia Mendoza, A., 1999:
A new species of Furcraea (Agavaceae) from Chiapas, Mexico

Ahmad, M.J.; Mukhtar Ahmad, 1997:
A new species of Gastrancistrus Westwood (Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) from Dehra Dun

Sabrosky, C.W., 1996:
A new species of Gaurax from the Pitcairn group (Diptera: Chloropidae)

Manimohan, P.; Thomas, K.A., 1999:
A new species of Gloiocephala from India

Disney, R.H.L., 1997:
A new species of Gymnophora (Dipt., Phoridae) from Germany

Rios, S.; Alcaraz, F.; Lopez Bernal, J.; Rivera, D., 1998:
A new species of Hedysarum L. sect. Subacaulia (Boiss.) B. Fedtsch for the Western Mediterranean zone (Southern Spain)

Nasu, Yoshitsugu., 1999:
A new species of Heleanna (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) injurious to Garcinia subelliptica (Guttiferae) in the Ryukyus, Japan

Marais, M.; Queneherve, P., 1999:
A new species of Helicotylenchus from French Guiana, with notes on two known species (Nemata: Hoplolaimidae)

Sun JinZhong; Sun BaoYe; M.Z.ongYu, 1998 :
A new species of Helina R.-D. from China (Diptera: Muscidae)

Shin, Hyeon Dong, 1998:
A new species of Hemibeltrania on Convallaria keiskei

Ruiz, R.F.C.; Saikawa, M.; Guarro, J., 1999:
A new species of Heteroconium from a tropical rainforest

Villalobos, C. de; Camino, N.B., 1998:
A new species of Hexamermis (Nematoda, Mermithidae) parasite of the larvae of Diloboderus abderus (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) in Argentina

Baker, A.S., 1998:
A new species of Hirstiella Berlese (Acari: Pterygosomatidae) from captive rhinoceros iguanas, Cyclura cornuta Bonnaterre (Reptilia: Iguanidae)

Demissew, S., 1998:
A new species of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) from SE Ethiopia

Graham, A.J.; Moulds, M.S., 1988:
A new species of Jalmenus Hubner (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Western Australia

Green, P.S., 1999:
A new species of Jasminum from Laos. Studies in the genus Jasminum (Oleaceae): XVI

Shama Afroze; Shujauddin, 1998:
A new species of Jauravia Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) from India

Winter, P.J.D.; Hahn, N., 1999:
A new species of Khadia N.E.Br. (Mesembryanthemaceae) from the Northern Province of South Africa

Terada, Katsuyuki., 1999:
A new species of Laboulbeniales (Ascomycetes) on Diplocheila (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from Japan

Zhao TianBang; Sun WeiBang; Song LiuGao; Chen ZhiXiu, 1999:
A new species of Magnolia from Henan

Allem, A.C., 1999:
A new species of Manihot (Euphorbiaceae) from the Brazilian Amazon

Disney, R.H.L.; Campadelli, G., 1997:
A new species of Megaselia Rondani (Diptera: Phoridae) reared from a moth larva (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) in Italy

Turgeon, JJ.; Kamijo, K.; DeBarr, G., 1997:
A new species of Megastigmus Dalman (Hymenoptera: Torymidae) reared from seeds of Atlantic white cedar (Cupressaceae), with notes on infestation rates

Daane, K.M.; Caltagirone, L.E., 1999:
A new species of Metaphycus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) parasitic on Saissetia oleae (Olivier) (Homoptera: Coccidae)

Law YuhWu; Zhou RenZhang, 1999:
A new species of Michelia from China

Zhang LianFu; Liu Jie, 1998:
A new species of Miltogramma (Cylindrothecum) from Liaoning, China (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)

Jamzad, Z., 1998:
A new species of Nepeta L. (Labiatae) from Iran

Chen WeiQun; Lin XiangFa; Zhang TianYu, 1997:
A new species of Nimbya

Timi, J.T.mas.; Sardella, N.H.ydee., 1997:
A new species of Nothobomolochus (Copepoda: Bomolochidae) parasitic on Engraulis anchoita (Pisces: Engraulidae) from Argentina

Chen HanBin; Zhang ChunLin, 1997:
A new species of Odagmia Enderlien from China (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Singh, R.S.J.; Khan, M.A., 1998:
A new species of Omphale Haliday (Chalcidoidea: Eulophidae), parasitising eggs of coccinellid beetle from Pantnagar, India

Harvey, Y.B.; Lovett, J.C., 1999:
A new species of Omphalocarpum (Sapotaceae) from Eastern Tanzania

Lewis, R.E., 1998:
A new species of Orchopeas, Jordan, 1933 from the midwestern United States (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae)

Almeida, M.C. de, 1993:
A new species of Osiris Smith, 1854, (Apoidea, Anthophoridae)

Gama Lopez, S.; Arias, S., 1998:
A new species of Pachycereus (Cactaceae) from western Mexico

Dai MeiXue, 1998:
A new species of Paecilomyces and its aphis-killing activity

Gong ZhengDa; Feng XiGuang, 1997:
A new species of Palaeopsylla and a description of the male of Palaeopsylla nushanensis from Mt. Cangshan, Yunnan, China (Siphonaptera: Hystrichopsyllidae)

Gong ZhengDa; Feng XiGuang, 1997:
A new species of Palaeopsylla from Yunnan Province, China (Siphonaptera: Hystrichopsyllidae)

Brailovsky, H., 1998:
A new species of Paralycambes Kormilev from South America (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Coreidae: Meropachydinae)

Rusea Go, 1998:
A new species of Parartocarpus (Moraceae) from Sabah

Hahn, N., 1999:
A new species of Pavetta from the Soutpansberg, South Africa

Caira, JN.; Rasolofonirina, R., 1998:
A new species of Pedibothrium (Cestoidea: Tetraphyllidea) from the short-tail nurse shark, Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum (Elasmobranchii: Orectilobiformes), from southwest Madagascar

L.C.unJie; Zhao ZhenYu, 1998:
A new species of Peronospora on Dracocephalum ruyschianum L

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A new species of Phaeocollybia from Western Australia

Paul, Y.S., 1997:
A new species of Phyllactinia from India

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A new species of Physalis (Solanaceae) in Queretaro, Mexico

Streito, J.C.; Villartay, G. de; Tabary, F., 1999:
A new species of Phytophthora causes problems for alders

Ruiz, R.C.; Iturriaga, T., 1999:
A new species of Pleurotheciopsis from a rainforest in Venezuela

Lowry, P.P.I.I.; Pascal, O.; Labat, J.N., 1999:
A new species of Polyscias (Araliaceae) from Mayotte, Comoro Islands

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A new species of Procloeon Bengtsson from the forest zone of West Africa (Ephem., Baetidae)

W.XuDong, 1999:
A new species of Pseudorhabdochona (Spirurida: Rhabdochonidae), with discussion of the classification of the genus

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A new species of Psoralea (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) from the Western Cape, South Africa

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A new species of Pyemotes (Acari: Heterostigmata: Pyemotidae) associated with bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from Crimea

G.Y.Ming; Liu JiOu; Niu CaiRang, 1997:
A new species of Qinghailaelaps from Qinghai Province, China (Acari: Laelapidae); Yang XiZheng; Wang GuoLi, 1998:
A new species of Qinghailaelaps from the west of China

Penas, A.; Llamas, F.; Perez Morales, C.; Acedo, C., 1997:
A new species of Quercus L. (Fagaceae) from NW Spain

Fang ZhenFu; Skvortsov, A.K., 1999:
A new species of Salix from Sichuan, China

G.Y.Ming; Fan Bo, 1997:
A new species of Scarabaspis from China (Acari: Eviphididae)

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A new species of Scatimus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) from Costa Rica

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A new species of Soleella on Tsuga tchekiangensis

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A new species of Sphaerotheca (Erysiphales) from Argentina

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A new species of Sphodristocarabus from the Pontic Alps (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

L.N.n; Zhao GuangCai, 1997:
A new species of Stemphyliomma (Coelomycetes) from Yunnan, China

Petrovic, O., 1998:
A new species of Stomaphis Walker (Aphididae) from Serbia

Davis, A.P., 1997:
A new species of Syzygium Gaertn. (Myrtaceae) from N. Borneo: Syzygium velutinum A. P. Davis

Kong HuaZhong, 1999:
A new species of Talaromyces

Gray, M., 1996:
A new species of Tetragonia (Aizoaceae) from arid Australia

Jurberg, J.; Rocha, D. da S.; Lorosa, E.S.; Vinhaes, M.; Lent, H., 1998:
A new species of Triatoma from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

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A new species of Tylenchorhynchus found associated with jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum)

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A new species of Ustilaginoidea: U. albicans

Lowrie, A., 1998:
A new species of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) from the south-west of Western Australia

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A new species of Vepris (Rutaceae) from Mt. Mulanje, Malawi

Yamazaki, Takasi, 1997:
A new species of Viola in Japan

Wen TingHuan; Zhou ManShu, 1997:
A new species of Walchia (Acariformes: Trombiculidae: Walchiinae) parasitic on Marmota

X.ASheng, 1999:
A new species of Xylaria

Dias, M.C.; Kinoshita, L.S., 1998:
A new species of Xylopia L. (Annonaceae) from Bahia, Brazil

Garcia Mendoza, A., 1998:
A new species of Yucca (Agavaceae) from Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico

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A new species of Zeuxine (Orchidaceae) from Assam, India

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A new species of Ziziphus Mill. (Rhamnaceae) from Oman

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A new species of alpine bamboo from China

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A new species of armored scale (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae) previously confused with Hemiberlesia diffinis (Newstead)

Palmer, Penny L., 1997:
A new species of ascothoracid parasite (Maxillopoda) from the Otago Shelf, New Zealand, and a new host record

Bandyopadhyay, B.B., 1998:
A new species of barnyard millet (Echinochloa crus-galli spp. utilis) found suitable for the Garhwal hills

Sugonyaev, E.S., 1999:
A new species of chalcid wasps of the genus Microterys Thomson from the Hypoarctic of Russia (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Tan, Y.; Zhao, J., 1998:
A new species of encyrtid (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) parasitizing Unaspis yanonensis (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in China

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A new species of genus Gordonia

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A new species of genus Gymnosporangium (Uredinales) from Tadzhikistan

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A new species of leaf-mining Oulema from Panama (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae; Criocerinae)

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A new species of monogenetic trematode from Mystus macropterus (Bleeker) of Sichuan Province (Monogenea: Dactylogyridea: Ancyrocephalidae)

Liu JianXiong, 1998:
A new species of parasitic copepod from freshwater fishes of China

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A new species of predaceous midge of the genus Probezzia Kieffer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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A new species of subgenus Rachionotomyia of the genus Tripteroides (Diptera: Culicidae)

Mironov, S.V., 1997:
A new species of the feather mite of the genus Bychovskiata (Analgoidea: Avenzoariidae) from the masked lapwing (Aves: Charadriidae: Vanellus miles novaehollandiae)

Tsan Huang; Wang ChinFah, 1999:
A new species of the genus Aculops (Acari: Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae) on weeping willow in Taiwan

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A new species of the genus Allocreadium (Digenea, Allocreadiidae) from freshwater fishes of Japan

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A new species of the genus Ameroseius from China (Acari: Ameroseiidae)

M.LiMing, 1997:
A new species of the genus Ameroseius from Jilin province, China (Acari: Ameroseiidae)

Knjasev, M.S., 1998:
A new species of the genus Androsace (Primulaceae) from Bashkiria

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A new species of the genus Anthocoptes (Phyllocoptinae: Eriophyidae) on Juglans regia L

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A new species of the genus Aphodius from S.E. Kazakhstan (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

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A new species of the genus Asca from China (Acari: Ascidae)

Patil, S.R.; Shinde, G.B.; Jadhav, B.V., 1998:
A new species of the genus Circumonchobothrium, Shinde (1968) (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea, Carus 1863) from Mastacembellus armatus at Vadgaon, Maharashtra, India

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A new species of the genus Coleolaelaps (Acari: Laelapidae)

Sheng MaoLing; W.L.Zhen; W.J.ngXian; H.Z.iMing, 1999:
A new species of the genus Diaparsis (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) parasitizing Lema decempunctata with a new record from China

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A new species of the genus Epeolus from Japan (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae)

Bai RongLin; Liu WeiCheng, 1998:
A new species of the genus Erysiphe

Chen HongJian;, 1998:
A new species of the genus Eviphis from western China (Acari: Eviphididae)

Wang MingFu; Xue WanQi; Cheng JingXia, 1997:
A new species of the genus Fannia from China. (Diptera: Fanniidae)

Chusovljanov, D.V., 1998:
A new species of the genus Festuca (Poaceae) from Altai

Kulikov, P.V., 1998:
A new species of the genus Festuca (Poaceae) from the southern Urals

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A new species of the genus Forcipomyia (Phytohelea) from China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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A new species of the genus Gagea (Liliaceae) from the Pamir-Alai

M.LiMing, 1997:
A new species of the genus Glyptholaspis Filipponi et Pegazzano (Acari: Macrochelidae)

Xia Bin;; Zhu ZhiMin, 1997:
A new species of the genus Grallacheles (Acari: Cheyletidae) from Jiangxi, China

G.Y.Ming; Guo XianGuo, 1997:
A new species of the genus Gymnolaelaps from China (Acari: Laelapidae)

Guo XianGuo; G.Y.Ming, 1997:
A new species of the genus Haemogamasus (Acari: Haemogamasidae)

Zhang LianFu, 1997:
A new species of the genus Helina from western Liaoning, China (Diptera: Muscidae)

Trjapitzin, V.A., 1998:
A new species of the genus Holcencyrtus from Mexico (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae); Yang XiZheng; Yue ShanLong, 1997:
A new species of the genus Hypoaspis from western China

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A new species of the genus Laricobius (Coleoptera: Derodontidae) from China

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A new species of the genus Pachylaelaps and a new species of the genus Lasioseius from Xizhang, China (Acari: Pachylaelaptidae, Aceoosejidae)

Domes, Rudiger., 1998:
A new species of the genus Rhinophytoptus Liro (Phyllocoptinae: Eriophyoidea) on Prunus avium L., P. cerasus L. and P. spinosa L

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A new species of the genus Rhinoseius Baker & Yunker, 1964 (Acari: Mesostigmata: Ascidae) found in Colombia including the description of all developmental stages

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A new species of the genus Sepsis Fallen (Diptera: Sepsidae) from North Ossetia

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A new species of the genus Sinolaelaps from Shennongjia of Hubei Province, China (Acari: Laelapidae)

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A new species of the genus Thymus (Lamiaceae) from the Primor'e region

Matin, F.; Iranshahr, M., 1998:
A new species of the genus Tulipa (Liliaceae) from Iran

Wen ChunGen; Zhu ZhiMin, 1998:
A new species of the genus Unionicola from China (Acari: Unionicolidae)

G.Y.Ming; Guo XianGuo, 1997:
A new species of the genus Vulgarogamasus (Acari: Parasitidae)

Jimenez H.S., 1998:
A new species of the genus Wedelia Jacq. (Asteraceae-Heliantheae)

W.W.iNan; O.J.anFeng, 1998:
A new species of the horridus species group of Phytoseius in China (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Saha, M.; Gaur, H.S.; Lal, M., 1998:
A new species of the stunt nematode, Tylenchorhynchus iarius sp. nov. (Tylenchorhynchidae : Tylenchida) from rice field at New Delhi

W.Z.iShan; Chen JiaHua; Huang JuChang, 1999:
A new species of the subfamily Microtypinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China

Lindquist, E.E.; Wu, K.W.n.; Redner, J.H., 1999:
A new species of the tick genus Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitic on mustelids (Mammalia: Carnivora) in Canada

Johnson, M.A.; Becnel, J.J.; Undeen, A.H., 1997:
A new sporulation sequence in Edhazardia aedis (Microsporidia: Culicosporidae), a parasite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Zhao Qiang; Liang YuQing; Chang GuoJun; Liu GuoHua, 1998:
A new spring wheat line, 8737, with large spikes

Han TaiLi; Feng LeRong; Shen PeiRong et al., 1999:
A new squash F1 hybrid - 'Weizao No. 1'

Borisova, O.S.; Tvorogova, A.A.; Ustinova, O.V.; Solov' eva, L.N., 1996:
A new stabilizer for ice cream

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A new stable isotope method enables the simultaneous measurement of nucleic acid and protein synthesis in vivo in mice

Min YaoLiang, 1998:
A new stage for China's rural economic reform and development

Shchetinina, I.V., 1997:
A new stage in the reform of the agroindustrial complex

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A new stage of the agrarian crisis: essence and consequences

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A new standard on silage quality

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A new statistical technique for analysis of repeated responses

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A new steroid from Duranta repens

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A new strain of Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis very active against blackfly larvae

Attwood, S.W.; Upatham, E.S., 1999:
A new strain of Neotricula aperta found in Khammouanne Province, central Laos, and its compatibility with Schistosoma mekongi

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A new strain of potato carlavirus M

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A new strategy to control potato late blight

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A new strawberry variety Aichi 4-go, Aichi 5-go

Okimura, M.; Igarashi, I., 1997:
A new strawberry variety 'Kitanokagayaki'

Giovagnotti, C.; Giovagnotti, E., 1995:
A new study has been carried out about soil chemical characteristics of the Circeo National Park: salinity and/or alkalinity condition

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A new subculture and nematocidal assay using a species of diplogastridae

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A new subfamily for a remarkable new genus and species of Hydrophilidae from New Guinea (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae)

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A new subgenus of Mischocyttarus De Saussure (Hym., Vespidae)

Bomble, W.; Scholz, H., 1999:
A new subspecies of Bromus secalinus (Gramineae) - a secondary weed

Service, N., 1999:
A new subspecies of Iris pseudopumila

Y.R.iYu; Jiang WanWu; Y.X.n, 1999:
A new subspecies of Malaraeus (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae)

Pasquet, R.S., 1997:
A new subspecies of Vigna unguiculata (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae)

Cheng YouZhu; L.Y.uSong; X.Y.oWen, 1998:
A new subspecies of crab of the genus Sinopotamon harbouring metaceriae of Paragonimus (Decapoda: Brachyura)

Y.X.n; Liao LiFu; Y.R.iYu, 1999:
A new subspecies of the genus Coptopsylla from Xinjiang, China (Siphonaptera: Coptopsyllidae)

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A new sudangrass (Sorghum sudanense) line '2098-2-4-4' as a pollen parent for developing hybrid sorghum cultivars

Shimazaki, A.; Makino, Y.; Omichi, K.; Odani, S.; Hase, S., 1999:
A new sugar chain of the proteinase inhibitor from latex of Carica papaya

Kajiyama, T.; Arita, T.; Tezuka, M., 1998:
A new sugarbeet variety Floden

Kajiyama, T.; Arita, T.; Tezuka, M., 1998:
A new sugarbeet variety Megumi

Zhang ShaoQing; X.B.Zhao; Cheng Feng; Pei SuJian; Y.J.anJun; Jiang Ming; Liu ShuiQing; L.Y.Xin; Shen Jie; Webber, R.H., 1998:
A new surveillance strategy for low level malaria in Hubei

Ahn YoungSup; Jeong ByeongChoon; O.Y.ngBee; Cho SooYeon; Min KyungSoo; Lee HanBum; Kim EunSeok; Kim TaeGuin, 1998:
A new sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) cultivar, Younmi for both food and starch

Lee,; Park,; Yoon,; Choi, J.K.eong; Kim, M.S.k; Lee,; Kim, S.C.eol; No, S.K.l; Kim,; Lee, Y.H.; Min, K.S.o, 1998:
A new synchronized maturity and high yielding mungbean variety Owoolnogdu

Vasu, V.; Chambal, A.S., 1998:
A new synonymy for Tenthredo dorsivittata (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae)

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A new syringopeptin produced by a Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae strain isolated from diseased twigs of laurel

Lockett, E.J., 1998:
A new system for evaluating the distribution of aerially spread material

Arai, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Saitoh, K.; Ui, M.; Ito, T.; Murakami, M.; Kanegae, Y.; Saito, I.; Cosset, F.L.; Takeuchi, Y.; Iba, H., 1998:
A new system for stringent, high-titer vesicular stomatitis virus G protein-pseudotyped retrovirus vector induction by introduction of Cre recombinase into stable prepackaging cell lines

Sato, M.; Mitsuhashi, W.; Watanabe, K.; Kawakita, H., 1997:
A new system for the detection of phytopathogenic phytoplasmas using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and laser stylectomy

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A new system for the production of some fungi employed as biological control

Wood, E.; de Licastro, S.A.; Casabé, N.; Picollo, M.I.; Alzogaray, R.; Nicolás Zerba, E., 1999:
A new tactic for Triatoma infestans control: fabrics impregnated with beta-cypermethrin

Gao XinFen, 1998:
A new taxa and new record of Leguminosae in China

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A new taxoid, 19-acetoxytaxagifine, from Taxus chinensis

Jaarsveld, E. van, 1998:
A new taxon and new combinations in the Gasteria carinata complex

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A new technic for counting Schistosoma japonicum eggs in pig feces

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A new technical instruction manual for the production of processed cheese

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A new technique for coconut (Cocos nucifera) germplasm collection from remote sites: culturability of embryos following low-temperature incubation

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A new technique for evaluating southwestern corn borer damage to post-anthesis maize

Sandhu, S.S.; Surinder Singh; Jasmer Singh, 1997:
A new technique for in vitro cultivation of Ancylostoma caninum from eggs to third stage larvae

Jungbluth, T.; Stubbe, A., 1999:
A new technique for the ethological improvement of intensive housing systems for pigs

Ozaydn, I.; Klc, E.; Ozba, B.; Cihan, M., 1998:
A new technique for the operative treatment of umbilical lesions (umbilical hernia, urachal fistula, omphalophlebitis and omphaloarteritis) in bull calves

Zhang YangZhu; Zou YingBin; Huang YunXiang; Xiao TieGuang; Huang ShengPing; T.N.iMei; Xiao YingHui, 1997:
A new technique of fertilizer application for double cropped hybrid rice - totally basal fertilizer application to the whole plough layer

Kumar, J.; Sharma, A.K.; Raj Kumar; Nagarajan, S., 1999:
A new technique to develop artificial epiphytotics of foliar blight in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Falaise, F.; Boel, L., 1999:
A new technology for sustainable shrimp farming

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A new test for detecting carnation viruses

Gerber, B.; Sigrist, B.; Bachmann, H.P., 1998:
A new test method for cheesemakers for detecting anaerobic sporeforming bacteria involved in gas production

Darda, G., 1998:
A new test-combination: DAS-ELISA with subsequent amplified ELISA on the same microtitre plate for detection of potato virus X in potato tubers

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A new thiamin antagonist

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A new tick-borne encephalitis-like virus infecting New England deer ticks, Ixodes dammini

X.H.Jin; Zhou YongJian; L.J.nMing et al., 1999:
A new tomato variety - Hongza No. 20

Papageorgiou, J.; Doherty, W.O.S.; Walker, B.; Edye, L.A., 1998:
A new tool for the rapid analysis of organic impurities in raw sugar

Goering, C.E.; Book, R., 1999:
A new traction model for crawler tractors

Bulgakov, V.M.; Voityuk, D.G.; Linnik, N.K.; Zykov, P.Y., 1998:
A new trailed hopper-loader for a sugarbeet-harvester

Dietrich, M., 1998:
A new transatlantic marketplace: multilateralization of world trade or new trade barriers to third countries

Y.Z.iBiao; L.H.nXia; Liu XunJia et al., 1999:
A new transgenic tomato cultivar - Bioscien bred with antisense EFE cDNA

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A new transport and culture medium for Tritrichomonas foetus (Riedmuller, 1928). V. Lactopep as a culture medium

Agrawal, S.C.; Geeta Sachan, 1996:
A new trematode Pseudoorientodiscus sengurai (Trematoda: Paramphistomidae, Orientodiscina) from fresh water fish Puntius sarana sarana (Ham.) from Ghatampur Kanpur Dehat, U.P. (India)

Sánchez-Borges, M.; Capriles-Hulett, A.; Capriles-Behrens, E.; Fernandez-Caldas, E., 1997:
A new triad: sensitivity to aspirin, allergic rhinitis, and severe allergic reaction to ingested aeroallergens

Sanati, H.; Belanger, P.; Fratti, R.; Ghannoum, M., 1997:
A new triazole, voriconazole (UK-109,496), blocks sterol biosynthesis in Candida albicans and Candida krusei

Mendez, J.; Hasegawa, M.; Morelli, I.; Bilia, A.R., 1997:
A new triterpene from the twigs of Plinia pinnata

Glenn, J., 1998:
A new twist to mixed waste composting

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A new two-dimensional model of flooding in East-Bangkok

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A new two-rowed, naked and waxy barley variety for split polished barley Duwonchapssalbori

Williamson, G., 1998:
A new tylecodon (Crassulaceae) from northern Namaqualand, northern Cape Province of South Africa

Wang JianPing; L.C.iQin, 1997:
A new type of computerized automatic control system for milking machine cleaning

Frolov, A.O.; Malysheva, M.N.; Podlipaev, S.A., 1997:
A new type of cyst-like stage formation in Blastocrithidia sp. (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) from the gut of gerrid bugs (Hemiptera: Gerridae)

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A new type of meiotic abnormality - bars in synaptonemal complexes of rye (Secale cereale L.) plants of the inbred line Ms6

Gao, X.; Cheng, H.; Fang, C., 1997:
A new type of morphometrical variation of Pratylenchus vulnus on peach from China

Chilimov, A.I.; Pentel' kin, S.K.; Pentel' kina, N.V.; Uskov, E.I.; Kuznetsov, Y.V., 1997:
A new universal growth stimulant for producing planting stock of Picea abies

Tulasi,; Nadimpalli, S.K.mar, 1998:
A new unusual galactose-specific lectin from the seeds of Indian lablab beans

Zangiacomi, L.; Blanc, G.; Dufour, J.P.; Chazalet, L., 1996:
A new use for oxadiazon: weed control in turfgrass

Bosch, G. van den, 1998:
A new vaccine against chicken anaemia virus

Verin, P.; Liotet, S.; Catalan, F.; Mortemousque, B.; Hasseini, K.C., 1996 :
A new vaccine against trachoma

Turner Ettlinger, D.M., 1998:
A new variety of Ophrys apifera Hudson (Orchidaceae)

Zheng WeiLie, 1998:
A new variety of Primula (Primulaceae) from Xizang (Tibet)

Neelima Gupta; Saraswat, H.; Gupta, D.K., 1998:
A new variety of Trypanosoma (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) from the blood of Colisa fasciatus and its role in inducing haematological changes

Inami, S.; Kanbe, M.; Mizukami, Y.; Fukaya, K.; Hiroi, K.; Sugiura, N.; Kato, M., 1997:
A new variety of alfalfa Tsuyuwakaba

Hao ChunCai, 1999:
A new variety of cotton, Yumian 17 and its cultivation techniques

Cui CangFan et al., 1996:
A new variety of flue-cured tobacco, Jiyan 7

Anonymous, 1996:
A new variety of medicinal plant in Aconitum

Zhang FangCi, 1997:
A new variety of the genus Camellia sect. Thea from Yunnan

Thothathri, K.; Ravikumar, S., 1997:
A new variety of the tribal pulse, Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. from the Thekkady forest, Kerala

Ouyang BenLian; Huang DingYuan, 1998:
A new variety of very early upland cotton - Xinluzao 7

Maidak, B.L.; Cole, J.R.; Parker, C.T.J.; Garrity, G.M.; Larsen, N.;; Lilburn, T.G.; McCaughey, M.J.; Olsen, G.J.; Overbeek, R.; Pramanik, S.; Schmidt, T.M.; Tiedje, J.M.; Woese, C.R., 1999:
A new version of the RDP (Ribosomal Database Project)

Zhuang EnJi; W.Y.Liang; Yao Qiang; Wang DeChun; X.Z.enNan, 1998:
A new very early ripening peach cultivar Chunxiu

Colinvaux, Paul A., 1998:
A new vicariance model for Amazonian endemics

Deniz, S.; Tuncer, S.D., 1997:
A new view to feeding of high yielding ruminants: protected proteins (a review)

Thottappilly, G.T.; Qiu, W.P.; Batten, J.S.; Hughes, J.N.; Scholthof, K.B.G., 1999:
A new virus on maize in Nigeria: maize mild mottle virus

Kim, J.K.n; Suh,; Baek, S.B.m; Kim, D.H.; Lee,; Park,; Ha,; Park,; Kang, D.J.n, 1998:
A new waxy and naked barley cultivar Saechalssalbori of large grain, high quality, early maturity and high yield

Zhdanov, Y.M.; Zykov, I.G., 1998:
A new way of afforesting gully slopes

Cardwell, B.E.; Fitch, G.Q.; Geisert, R.D., 1997:
A new way of evaluating sexual behavior in rams

Jobling, J.J.; Bower, J.H.; Patterson, B.D., 1997:
A new way to measure respiration

Suggi Liverani, F.; Csaki, D., 1997:
A new way to spread coffee knowledge: the multimedia approach

Zainal, A.H.; Azmi, M., 1998:
A new weed problem in rice: weedy rice

Wang LiHai, 1998:
A new wheat cultivar Lu Mai 23

Takahashi, T.; Orimo, S.; Narizuka, A.; Saito, Y.; Osawa, M.; Obuchi, Y., 1998:
A new wheat variety, Gunma W 2

Marriott, N., 1995:
A new wildflower cultivar

Alaka Pande; Vinaya Ghate, 1998:
A new wilt disease of wild Moringa (M. concanensis)

Ogale, P.G.; Sardeshpande, J.S.; Padalkar, N.R., 1998:
A new wilt of Cassia tora L. caused by Xanthomonas maltophilia Swing et al.

Plycevaitiene, V., 1995:
A new winter rye variety 'Duoniai'

Zhao DeLi; Liao WenXiao; Song JianRong, 1998:
A new winter wheat cultivar Zhong Liang 18

Ahmad, S.; Malik, A.; Muhammad, P.; Gul, W.; Yasmin, R.; Afza, N., 1998:
A new withanolide from Physalis peruviana

Krajweski, K.J.; ukasiewicz, A.; Wazny, J., 1998:
A new wood preservative based on polymerized complexes of aminotriazole with copper acetate

Annenkov, V.F.; Grosher, Y.M.; Kurilets, A.G., 1997:
A new wood-based material

Chang, K.F.; Hwang, S.F.; Evans, I.R.; Howard, R.J., 1996:
A new yellows disease of dame's violet (Hesperis matronalis) in Alberta, Canada, caused by an unidentified phytoplasma

Lockow, K.W., 1997:
A new yield table for silver birch - construction and stand management

Reeves, S.G.; Nock, J.F.; Ludford, P.M.; Hillman, L.L.; Wickham, L.; Durst, R.A., 1997:
A new, inexpensive scanning reflectometer and its potential use for fruit color measurement

Guerriero, R.; Monteleone, P., 1997:
A new, late maturing apricot cultivar: Marietta

Lavranos, J.J.; A.G.fri, A.N., 1999:
A new, spiny euphorbia and an amplified description of a perennial woody species, both from the Hadhramaut, Yemen

Huang Tsan; Wang ChinFah, 1997:
A new-record species of eriophyid mite on lemon from Taiwan (Acarina: Eriophyidae)

Huang, T.; Huang WeiZen, 1997:
A new-record species of eriophyid mite on pear from Taiwan (Acarina : Eriophyidae)

Wang Qiang; Cao AiLi; Huang JiTao; Wang YouCheng; Sun JiYou, 1999:
A new-type WPC composite material from ternary graft polymerization of styrene, methyl methacrylate and acrylonitrile

Thilagavathi, T.; Mathan, K.K.; Purushothaman, D., 1995:
A newer method of hastening coirpith decomposition

Carl, M., 1998:
A newly developed arthropod suction device for sampling in grasslands and woods

Seo,; Choi,; Kim, Y.K.l; Park, S.L.e; Park, M.H.e; Chang, Y.S.n; Oh, Y.H.; Kim, J.H., 1997:
A newly developed naked barley cultivar Olssalbori showing early maturity, good quality, high yield and stress resistance

Qian FanJun; Liu YouQiao, 1997:
A newly found species of Oecophoridae infesting the cones and seeds of China fir

Shi, Q.W.; Oritani, T.; Sugiyama, T., 1998:
A Newly Rearranged 2(3→20)Abeotaxane Diterpene from the Bark of Chinese Yew, Taxus mairei

Morel, F., 1996:
A nickel floor. Products and methods for cleaning. How should floors be cleaned and disinfected?

Morel, F., 1996:
A nickel floor. Two levels of floor cleanliness. Are floors vectors for contamination?

Lynch, P.K., 2010:
A night to remember, Y.; Gruss, A.; Ehrlich, S.D.; Langella, P., 1998:
A nine-residue synthetic propeptide enhances secretion efficiency of heterologous proteins in Lactococcus lactis

Kim NaYoung; Kang TaiHyun; Kim DoHoon; Kim YounChul, 1999:
A nitric oxide synthesis inhibitor from the roots of Gentiana scabra in RAW 264.7 cells

Xu, P.; Narasimhan, M.L.; Samson, T.; Coca, M.A.; Huh, G.H.; Zhou, J.; Martin, G.B.; Hasegawa, P.M.; Bressan, R.A., 1998:
A nitrilase-like protein interacts with GCC box DNA-binding proteins involved in ethylene and defense responses

Pawlowski, K.; Twigg, P.; Dobritsa, S.; Guan, C.; Mullin, B.C., 1997:
A nodule-specific gene family from Alnus glutinosa encodes glycine- and histidine-rich proteins expressed in the early stages of actinorhizal nodule development

Kukkonen, I., 1998:
A nomenclatural correction to Flora Iranica: Cyperaceae

Pellizzaro, G.; Ventura, A.; Arca, B.; Canu, A., 1998:
A non-destructive method to determine leaf chlorophyll content in grain sorghum

Padmanaban, B.; Daniel, M.; Jose, C.T., 1997:
A non-destructive method to estimate surface area of areca fruit for entomological studies

Singh, A.K.; Rai, N., 1997:
A non-hierarchical method of obtaining a cluster composition of a set of tomato strains using principal component score plot as a preliminary step

Amador, F.; Sumpsi, J.M.; Romero, C., 1998:
A non-interactive methodology to assess farmers' utility functions: an application to large farms in Andalusia, Spain

Wilson, E.E.; Fipps, G., 1998:
A non-intrusive torque measurement system

Markwell, P.; Smith, B.; Mccarthy, K., 1999:
A non-invasive method for assessing the effect of diet on urinary calcium oxalate and struvite relative supersaturation in the cat

Bruyn, J.N. de; Lourens, A.F., 1999:
A non-linear dynamical prediction model for superficial scald development on 'Granny Smith' apples after cold storage

Ross, W.H.; Couture, H.; Hughes, A.; Mayers, P.; Gleeson, T.; Mckellar, R.C., 1998:
A non-linear random coefficient model for the destruction of Enterococcus faecium in a high-temperature short-time pasteurizer

Nathan, A., 1997:
A non-prescription medicine formulary: 15. Treatments for scabies

Busogoro, J.P.; Colinet, D.; Lepoivre, P., 1997:
A non-radioactive single strand conformation polymorphism using digoxigenin detection system to analyse the genetic diversity of its region in fungi

Uemura, K.; Shimoide, A.; Yokota, A., 1998:
A Non-radioassay of Ribulose 1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/Oxygenase by Anion-Exchange Chromatography

Duce, P.; Arca, B.; Spano, D.; Ventura, A.; Usai, I., 1997:
A nondestructive instrument to determine chlorophyll content: applicability to Citrus

Hutchinson, W.F.; Carvalho, G.R.; Rogers, S.I., 1999:
A nondestructive technique for the recovery of DNA from dried fish otoliths for subsequent molecular genetic analysis

Van Benschoten, J.E.; Young, W.H.; Matsumoto, M.R.; Reed, B.E., 1998:
A nonelectrostatic surface complexation model for lead sorption on soils and mineral surfaces

Zsak, L.; Caler, E.; Lu, Z.; Kutish, G.F.; Neilan, J.G.; Rock, D.L., 1998:
A nonessential African swine fever virus gene UK is a significant virulence determinant in domestic swine

Yin, J.H., 1997:
A nonlinear model of geosynthetic-reinforced granular fill over soft soil

Featherstone, A.; Langemeier, M.; Ismet, M., 1997:
A nonparametric analysis of efficiency for a sample of Kansas beef cow farms

Gadbury, G.L.; Iyer, H.K.; Schreuder, H.T.; Ueng, C.Y., 1998:
A nonparametric analysis of plot basal area growth using tree based models

Lebreton, C.M.; Visscher, P.M.; Haley, C.S.; Semikhodskii, A.; Quarrie, S.A., 1998:
A nonparametric bootstrap method for testing close linkage vs. pleiotropy of coincident quantitative trait loci

Rowland, W.; Langemeier, M.; Schurle, B.; Featherstone, A., 1998:
A nonparametric efficiency analysis for a sample of Kansas swine operations

Scharf, K., 1999:
A nonprofit system for fresh-produce distribution: the case of Toronto, Canada

Wohl, J.S.; Hudson, J.A.; Larocca, T.J., 1999:
A nonsurgical method for the placement of transpyloric (nasoenteric) feeding tubes using fluoroscopic guidance in dogs

D'Antonio, D.; Violante, B.; Mazzoni, A.; Bonfini, T.; Capuani, M.A.; D'Aloia, F.; Iacone, A.; Schioppa, F.; Romano, F., 1998:
A nosocomial cluster of Candida inconspicua infections in patients with hematological malignancies

Bruyns, P., 1998:
A note on Adromischus phillipsiae (Marloth) Poelln

Gielen, A.; Leeuwen, N. van, 1998:
A note on Armington and the Law of One Price

Bhattacharya, D.; Laha, R., 1996:
A note on Aspiculuris tetraptera infection in albino mice

Naithani, H.B.; Sumer Chandra; Paramjeet Singh, 1998:
A note on Casimiroa edulis La Llave and Lexarza

Koreleski, J.; Kuchta, M.; Sieradzka, A., 1998:
A note on DHA and cholesterol content in yolk and taste value of eggs from hens fed rapeseed oil or fish fat

Chopra, S.C., 1997:
A note on Indian farm animal genetic resources

Behura, S.; Rout, N.C.; Sahoo, S., 1998:
A note on anthesis in zingiberaceous plants

Rajesh Kumar; Singh, D.P.; Chaturvedi, V.K.; Pathak, R.C., 1997:
A note on antiviral property of neem (Melia azadirachta) and tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) against Newcastle disease virus

Das, A.K., 1997:
A note on banana leaf petiole - a suitable substrate for mushroom cultivation

Haragopal, V.; Ramakrishna, O.; Kumar, R.V.S.resh, 1997:
A note on biochemical findings following various augmentation cystoplasty procedures in canines

Kovac, M.; Malovrh, S., 1997:
A note on carcass grading of pigs in Slovenia

Anonymous, 1998:
A note on consumption of tobacco in India NSS 50th round (1993-94)

Eales, J.; Hyde, J.; Schrader, L.F., 1998:
A note on dealing with poultry in demand analysis

Anonymous, 1998:
A note on differences in level of consumption among socio-economic group NSS 50th round (1993-94)

Jain, V.K.; Gandhi, B.L., 1998:
A note on drying of champ in dehumidification kilns

Gupta, S.P.; Ram Kala; Gupta, V.K., 1996:
A note on effect of nickel application on rabi cereals

Mohanty, B.K.; Hossain, M.M., 1998:
A note on effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata)

Kulisa, M.; Ormian, M., 1997:
A note on enzyme activity in the serum of Hucul horses of various ages

Rohilla, P.P.; Verma, S., 1997:
A note on feeding system for pigs in North-eastern Hill region of Nagaland

Shukla, K.S.; Ramesh Chandra, 1997:
A note on fibre insulation board from Paulownia fortunei

Mwabvu, T., 1995:
A note on field observations of wild host plants of whitefly

Samuel, P.P.; Hiriyan, J.; Thenmozhi, V.; Balasubramanian, A., 1998:
A note on first isolation of Japanese encephalitis virus from Culex infula Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae)

McCarl, B.A., 1998:
A note on fixing misbehaving mathematical programs: post-optimality procedures and GAMS-related software

Baboo, R.; Pratibha Sirohi; Sharma, K.S.K., 1996:
A note on gamma irradiation studies on acalypha

Siddig, A.M.; E.H.ssein, A.M., 1998:
A note on gastrointestinal helminth parasites of camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Edamer province Nahr ElNile State - Sudan

Naskar, S.K., 1998:
A note on genotype-environment interaction in yield of sweet potato in coastal areas of Orissa

Das, S.S.; Sharma, S.N., 1996:
A note on histopathological changes in skin of dogs following application of Ectozee

Sandhu, S.S.; Surinder Singh; Jasmer Singh, 1997:
A note on hookworm infection in dogs in Ludhiana (Punjab)

Sahoo, S.; Debata, B.K., 1997:
A note on in vitro micropropagation and induction of flowering in the miniature rose - 'The Fairy'

Walker, W.; Dorr, L.J., 1998:
A note on indigenous uses of Dypsis decaryi in southern Madagascar

Gaur, G.K.; Rao, M.K., 1998:
A note on influence of previous dry period and previous and present service periods on lactation milk yield

Sundaram, K.V., 1998:
A note on integrating ecosystems approach into village and farm development

Agnihotri, M.K.; Pal, U.K., 1998:
A note on keeping quality of goat milk during summer

Cilliers, S.C.; Sales, J., 1999:
A note on metabolisable energy value of molasses for ostriches

Espinoza Santana, S.; Cervantes Ramirez, M.; Saucedo, Q.S.; Fregoso, J.E., 1998:
A note on milk production in winter prairies of the Mexicali Valley, Mexico

Sharma, P.R.; Beniwal, B.K.; Singh, V.K.; Gopal Dass, 1999:
A note on mortality profile of nali in arid zone of Rajasthan

Bidari, V.B.; Kotikal, Y.K., 1996:
A note on nature and extent of damage in mungbean due to the parakeet (Psittacula krameri Scopoli)

Yadava, C.P.; Ahmad, R.; Lal, S.S., 1998:
A note on off-season host plants of the pod fly Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch)

Gajendragad, M.R.; Prabhudas, K.; Gopalakrishna, S.; Suryanarayana, V.V.S.; Natarajan, C., 1999:
A note on outbreaks caused by mixed foot-and-mouth disease virus infections

Baishya, G.; Vyas, K.N., 1998:
A note on per-iodic acid-schiff (PAS) reaction in the prenatal Surti buffalo ovary (Bubalus bubalis)

Dass, V.K.S.G.; Parthasarathy, S.; Sharma, P.R., 1998:
A note on physical and lustre properties of wool in selected population of Marwari sheep

Upreti, N.K.; Ananthanarayana, A.K., 1998:
A note on possibility of improving heat trap efficiency in solar timber drying kilns

Albanell, E.; Plaixats, J.; Mas, M.T., 1997:
A note on prediction of maize stover quality by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) technique

Kerario, E., 1996:
A note on problems observed during the initial stages of the zero-grazing project in the HADO project area of Kondoa

Sushmita Bhattacharjee; Khan, H.A.; Reddy, P.V., 1998:
A note on production of synthetic seeds and regeneration of plantlets of Phalaenopsis hybrid

Zgur, S.; Drobnic, M., 1998:
A note on quality of cattle slaughtered in Slovenia

Strzetelski, J.A.; Kowalczyk, J.; Niwinska, B.; Krawczyk, K.; Maciaszek, K., 1998:
A note on rearing calves on diets supplemented with evening primrose (Oenothera paradoxa) oil cake

Ali, S.S.; Rane, A.E.; Patil, B.N.; Neha Chopde, 1998:
A note on record of Plusia orichalcea F. as a pest of marigold (Tagetes spp.)

Anonymous, 1998:
A note on reported adequacy of food intake in India: NSS 50th round (1993-94)

Kauza, H., 1999:
A note on reproduction indicators of mutton sheep breeds and synthetic lines from paternal flocks maintained in Poland

Devi, M.P.; Reddy, N.V.; Reddy, C.N., 1997:
A note on residual toxicity of herbicides applied to tomato on succeeding crops

Behura, A.K.; Swain, D., 1997:
A note on response of yam to different levels of nitrogen and potash

Alhendi, A.B.; Alhizab, F.A.; Mohamed, G.E.; Hatem, M.E., 1998 :
A note on ringworm in camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Saudi Arabia

Teguia, A.; Orskov, E.R.; Kyle, D.J., 1999:
A note on ruminal in situ degradability and in vitro gas production of some West African grass species and multipurpose legume tree leaves

Gronek, P.; Napieraa, D.; Pawski, A.; Rosinski, A.; Somski, R.; Banasiewicz, T., 1999:
A note on ryanodine receptor gene (ryr 1) occurrence in the anserine genome

Yu, B.C.esiolka, C.; Rose, C.; Coughlan, K., 1997:
A note on sampling errors in the rainfall and runoff data collected using tipping bucket technology

Jayalaxmi Ganguli; Ganguli, R.N., 1999:
A note on spermatophore of the cabbage semilooper Plusia orichalcea (Fabr.) Lepidoptera: Noctuidae

Desai, S.A., 1998:
A note on the Bud Necrosis Disease incidence in rainfed groundnut

Mglinec, A.; Kombarova, N.; Lisitsina, N., 1999:
A note on the World pig production

Gonzalez, J.A.; Coto, G.; Figueroa, R.; Gross, A., 1998:
A note on the amino acid characterization of Luvagar (fermented sugar cane residue)

Belewu, M.A.; Akinladenu, H.A., 1998:
A note on the apparent digestibility of rice husk and hatchery by-product meal based diets fed to West African dwarf goats

Stuti Vatsya; Gaur, A.K., 1998:
A note on the biochemical changes in the salivary glands of Boophilus microplus ticks after treatment with different tickicides in vitro

Nierhaus Wunderwald, P.D.; Lawrenz, P., 1998:
A note on the biology of mistletoe

Smita Lenka; Govindassamy, P.; Minakshi Sahoo, 1998:
A note on the breeding performance of farm and river stocks of rohu, Labeo rohita (Hamilton), for selection purpose

Diaz, J.; Castro, M.; Perez, N.; Achan, J., 1997:
A note on the bromatological composition of Saccharina from peeled or scraped sugar cane

Nishino, N.; Touno, E.; Uchida, S., 1998:
A note on the chemical changes associated with nonenzymatic browning of forages

Gutierrez, O.; Oramas, A.; Cairo, J., 1998:
A note on the chemical composition of faeces and urine of grazing cows

Savon, L.; Gutierrez, O.; Torres, V.; Gonzalez, T., 1998:
A note on the determination of zeolite in commercial feeds

Uri, N.D., 1999:
A note on the development and use of biopesticides in the United States

Mydin, K.K.; Amma, C.K.S.; Nazeer, M.A., 1998:
A note on the early performance of some promising clones of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis)

Gleeson, D.E.; O'callaghan, E.J., 1998:
A note on the effect of ageing on teatcup liner performance

Sahoo, S.C.; Panda, J.M.; Guha, P.K., 1998:
A note on the effect of berry colour and parchment layer on the germination of coffee seeds

Rodriguez, I.; Crespo, G.; Fraga, S., 1998:
A note on the effect of cattle dung accumulation on soil macrofauna

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