A review on agar (gaharu) producing Aquilaria species

Ng, L.T.; Chang, Y.S.; Kadir, A.A.

Journal of Tropical Forest Products 2(2): 272-285


ISSN/ISBN: 1394-2204
Accession: 003026182

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Gaharu, a fragrant wood, is derived from the diseased timber of Aquilaria spp. of the family Thymelaeaceae. Eight tree species of Aquilaria are found distributed throughout India, China, Southeast Asia and the East Indies. Although several studies on the biology and chemistry of gaharu have been conducted, the exact mechanism(s) of gaharu formation remains unclear. The objective of this paper is to review previous investigations and results, and discuss the potential for developing techniques for commercial induction of gaharu formation in Aquilaria spp. Economic aspects are also addressed.