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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3028

Chapter 3028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oh, Y.S.p; Cheong, Y.K.un; Ko, J.C.ul; Kim, J.T.e; Oh, M.K.o; Kim, J.G.n; Kim, S.; Park, K.H.n; Jang, Y.S.n; Park, M.S.o; Cho, S.Y.on, 1998:
A small-seeded, disease-resistant and processing peanut variety Jeokwangtangkong

Egerton Warburton, L.M., 1998:
A smoke-induced alteration of the sub-testa cuticle in seeds of the post-fire recruiter, Emmenanthe penduliflora Benth. (Hydrophyllaceae)

McDonald, S.; Kristen, J.F.; Zyl, J. van, 1997:
A social accounting matrix for modelling agricultural policy reform in South Africa

Wallmo, K.; Jacobson, S.K., 1998:
A social and environmental evaluation of fuel-efficient cook-stoves and conservation in Uganda

Tyson, C.B.; Broderick, S.H.; Snyder, L.B., 1998:
A social marketing approach to landowner education

Robertson, R.A., 1997:
A social science research planning process for New Hampshire's coastal zone: a working paper

Hutchinson, R., 1998:
A social yellow wasp (Vespidae) robbing a web of Argiope trifasciata (Forskal) (Araneae: Araneidae)

A.R.mawi, A.S.; A.K.di, A.F., 1997:
A socio-economic evaluation of the development activities supported by the Ministry of Agriculture in the arid zone

Silvetti, F.; Caceres, D.; Archetti, E.; Stolen, K., 1998:
A socio-historical perspective of the peasant strategies of northeast Cordoba, Argentina

Vallat, J., 1999:
A socioeconomic enquiry in vine-growing mountain regions

Nowak, P., 1997:
A sociological analysis of site-specific management

Ingham, A.G.; Donnelly, P., 1997:
A sociology of North American sociology of sport: disunity in unity, 1965 to 1996

Brunson, M.W., 1999:
A sociopolitical model of factors enhancing cross-boundary collaboration

Gass, M., 1998:
A soft and a hard option

Wright, P.J., 1998:
A soft rot of calla (Zantedeschia spp.) caused by Erwinia carotovora subspecies carotovora

Puzone, L., 1998:
A software prototype for germplasm image databases

Decoin, M., 1999:
A soil pest which is in the news. Slug update

Khiari, L.P.llerin, A.F.rtin,, L., 1999:
A soil phosphorus saturation index decreasing scooped weight effect in Mehlich-3 procedure

Karlen, D.L.; Gardner, J.C.; Rosek, M.J., 1998 :
A soil quality framework for evaluating the impact of CRP

Plaza, F.; Kent, G.A., 1998:
A soil shear test to investigate feeding at the pressure feeder

M.L.; Wan ChangJian; Jian WeiMin, 1998:
A soil temperature control system for greenhouses

Pearce, R.J.; Dunkerley, J.A.; Wheaton, T.W.; Marshall, S.C.; Tobin, A., 1998:
A solid fat replacer for manufactured meat products based on a beta -lactoglobulin-rich whey protein ingredient

Lewin, M.R.; Green, L.K.; Musher, D., 1997:
A solitary pulmonary nodule in a long-term smoker

Foster, J.M.; Roberts, D.B., 1997:
A soluble alpha -mannosidases of Drosophila melanogaster

Urban, S.; Kruse, C.; Multhaup, G., 1999:
A soluble form of the avian hepatitis B virus receptor

L.G.angLin; Tang WenGuang; Y.T.oLin; Yin ZhuanBin; Liu DengWang, 1998:
A sorghum hybrid Xiang Liang You Nuo Liang 1

Provvidenti, R., 1998:
A source of a high level of tolerance to squash mosaic virus in a melon from China

Wasilewicz Flis, I.; Dziewonska, M., 1997:
A source of high resistance in potato to leafroll virus (PLRV) and its characteristics

Oleshko, V.P.; Shott, P.R.; Yakovlev, V.V., 1995:
A source of supplementary fodder

Mangini, A.C.; Barber, L.R.; Cameron, R.S.; DeBarr, G.L.; Hodge, G.R.; Jett, J.B.; Lowe, W.L.; McConnell, J.L.; Nord, J.; Taylor, J.W., 1998:
A southwide rate test of azinphosmethyl (GuthionReg.) for cone and seed insect control in loblolly pine seed orchards

Kim SeokDong; Park KeumYong; Lee YeongHo; Yun HongTae; Lee SukHa; Kim YongHo; Park EuiHo; Kim HongSig; Ryu YongHwan; Son YoungGu; Kim YunSun; Seung YealKyu, 1998:
A soyabean variety with a black seed coat with small seeds and lodging resistance, Tawonkong

Galvez, A.F.; de Lumen, B.O., 1999:
A soybean cDNA encoding a chromatin-binding peptide inhibits mitosis of mammalian cells

Mwanaumo, A.M.sters, W.; Preckel, P., 1997:
A spatial analysis of maize marketing policy reforms in Zambia

Huber, A.; Bach, M.; Frede, H.G., 1998:
A spatial and temporal differentiated assessment of plant protection products usage in field crops in Germany

Jian XiaoYing, 1997:
A spatial gradient model for the assessment of agricultural development level in China

Gignoux, J.; Menaut, J.C.; Noble, I.R.; Davies, I.D., 1998:
A spatial model of savanna function and dynamics: model description and preliminary results

Dillon, M.L.; Fitt, G.P., 1997:
A spatial simulation model of the regional population dynamics of Helicoverpa moths

Pukkala, T.; Miina, J.; Kurttila, M.; Kolstrom, T., 1998:
A spatial yield model for optimizing the thinning regime of mixed stands of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies

Collingham, Y.C.; Huntley, B.; Hulme, P.E., 1997:
A spatially-explicit model to simulate the spread of a riparian weed

Holdaway, R.N., 1999:
A spatio-temporal model for the invasion of the New Zealand archipelago by the Pacific rat Rattus exulans

Frenkel, V.; Goren, M., 1999:
A spawning cage for eliminating predation on larvae of the killifish Aphanius dispar

Malhi, S.S., 1997:
A special banding technique increases effectiveness of phosphorus fertilizer on alfalfa

Anonymous, 1997:
A special section consisting of proceedings from the Argenteuil Symposium of the Princess Lilian Cardiology Foundation, Belgium, October, 1996

Jhorar, B.S.; Sharma, H.C.; Dhillon, R.S.; Nehra, O.P., 1999:
A special technique for sand dune stabilisation

Klein, R.W., 1997:
A specialized ant predator with brood care: The southeast Asian staphylinid Orphnebius kleini Kistner (Col.: Staphylinidae) preys on Tetraponera sp. bamboo-ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and rears its larvae on them

Vienna, P., 1998:
A species of Acritus Le Conte, 1853 new to the Italian fauna (Coleoptera Histeridae)

Cai WeiMing; Fang JuLian, 1999:
A species of rhabditid nematode which infect Flammulina velutipes and the syndrome caused by combined inoculation of the nematode and fungi (Cladobotryum varium Nees) on Flammulina velutipes

Crouch, N.R.; Smith, G.F.; Nichols, G.; Burden, J.A.; Gillmer, J.M., 1999 :
A species recovery contribution for Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia, the umathithibala of the Zulu

Abadon, M.; Grenier, E.; Laumond, C.; Abad, P., 1998:
A species-specific satellite DNA from the entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis indicus

Antolovic, R.; Kost, H.; Mohadjerani, M.; Linder, D.; Linder, M.; Schoner, W., 1998:
A specific binding protein for cardiac glycosides exists in bovine serum

Lee, T.C.; Cheng, W.Y.; Cheng, P.C., 1999:
A specimen holder for confocal and multi-photon fluorescent microscopy

Horwitz, B.A.; Berrocal T.; Gloria M., 1997:
A spectroscopic view of some recent advances in the study of blue light photoreception

Cettolo, M.; Corazza, A.; Lazzari, G.; Pianesi, F.; Pianta, E.; Tovena, L.M., 1999:
A speech-to-speech translation based interface for tourism

Lal, S.; Choi, J.H.; Shaw, J.R.; Hannah, L.C., 1999:
A splice site mutant of maize activates cryptic splice sites, elicits intron inclusion and exon exclusion, and permits branch point elucidation

Bramwell, B., 1997:
A sport mega-event as a sustainable tourism development strategy

Poczwardowski, A.; Sherman, C.P.; Henschen, K.P., 1998:
A sport psychology service delivery heuristic: building on theory and practice

Zinada, N.Y.A., 1999:
A spotlight survey of sandflies of the genus Phlebotomus in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ginn, L.H.; Heatherly, L.G.; Adams, E.R.; Wesley, R.A., 1998:
A sprayer for under-canopy application of herbicide sprays

Khelenendik, N.M.; Roik, N.V.; Bulgakov, V.M.; Voityuk, D.G., 1998:
A spring tooth instead of herbicides

Bray, F., 1998:
A stable landscape? Social and cultural sustainability in Asian rice systems

Sun XiuLian; Zhang ZhongXin; Zhang GuangYu, 1999:
A staining method for counting polyhedra in nucleopolyhedrovirus insecticide

Juan, M., 1998:
A stainless steel milking parlour

Kaminski, J.R., 1997:
A stand for testing hydraulic lifts on agricultural tractors

Kempka, C.; Gadow, K. von, 1998:
A stand structural analysis in the natural forest of Knysna

Lissner, R.; Schmidit, H.; Karch, H., 1996:
A standard immunoglobulin preparation produced from bovine colostra shows antibody reactivity and neutralization activity against Shiga-like toxins and EHEC-hemolysin of Escherichia coli O157:H7

Hoshi, T.; Fuse, J.; Watanabe, T.; Okuya, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Kurashima, T., 1999:
A standard operation protocol on the environmental measurement and control systems aiming at promoting development of computer software for remote measurement, control and analysis of greenhouse environment

Fisher, S.J.; Fielder, D.G., 1998:
A standard weight equation to assess the condition of North American lake herring (Coregonus artedii)

Perrone, G.M.; Caviglia, J.F.E., 1998:
A standardized exercise test for three-day event horses

Munaut, F.; Hamaide, N.; Maraite, H., 1997:
A standardized microdroplets inoculation technique for analysis of the interactions between Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Stylosanthes guianensis

Rayburn, E.; Rayburn, S., 1998:
A standardized plate meter for estimating pasture mass in on-farm research trials

Oliveira, E.J.; D.S.lva, S.E.A.; Rabinovitch, L., 1998:
A standardized protocol for the rapid detection of gelatin hydrolysis by Bacillus sphaericus

Sauter, J.J.; Elle, D.; Witt, W., 1998:
A starch granule bound endoamylase and its possible role during cold acclimation of parenchyma cells in poplar wood (Populus x canadensis Moench robusta)

Zeeman, S.C.; Northrop, F.; Smith, A.M.; Rees, T., 1998:
A starch-accumulating mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana deficient in a chloroplastic starch-hydrolysing enzyme

Bilgili, E., 1998:
A state-dependent model of forest floor development

Anonymous, 1996:
A statement issued by the Executive Committee of the Association of German Farmers on 7-8 October 1996 concerning the future orientation of EU milk market policy

Franco, E.P.C.; Ricardo, R.P., 1998:
A static approximation in the study of the contribution of organic matter and clay to the cation exchange capacity of the ferralitic soils of Angola

Steiner, C.; Lexer, M.J., 1998:
A static climate-sensitive model for site requirements of tree species

Huang HuaSun; Chen QiuBo; W.Y.nTong, 1998:
A statistical analysis of potentials and performance of some new Chinese Hevea clones

Nakada, Tohru, 1998:
A statistical analysis on the genetic differentiation of cocoon shape in the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Waegeneers, N.S.olders, E.M.rckx, R., 1999:
A statistical approach for estimating the radiocesium interception potential of soils

Niklas, K.J., 1998:
A statistical approach to biological factors of safety: bending and shearing in Psilotum axes

Loomis, J.; Fix, P., 1999:
A statistical approach to estimating costs of propagating hatchery rainbow trout

Mendes, B.M.J.; Filippi, S.B.; Demetrio, C.G.B.; Rodriguez, A.P.M., 1999:
A statistical approach to study the dynamics of micropropagation rates, using banana (Musa spp.) as an example

Prabhakaran, P.V., 1998:
A statistical model for assessing the losses due to pests, diseases and drought in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.)

Kublin, E., 1999:
A statistical model for estimating tree height in repeated inventories

Lubritz, D.L., 1997:
A statistical model for white meat yield in broilers

Minowa, Y., 1999:
A statistical model selection for a neural network employed for tree thinning selection

Hunter, D.J.; Rasch, D.A.M.K.; Wang, M.; Chan, E., 1998:
A statistical selection procedure

Kurz, W.A.; Wedeles, C.; Morrison, P.; Parnell, I.; Pawley, K., 1994:
A status assessment of non-timber resource modelling

Hurst, S.; Talbot, N.J.; Stebbings, H., 1999:
A staufen-like RNA-binding protein in translocation channels linking nurse cells to oocytes in Notonecta shows nucleotide-dependent attachment to microtubules

Grabov; Blatt, 1999:
A steep dependence of inward-rectifying potassium channels on cytosolic free calcium concentration increase evoked by hyperpolarization in guard cells

Wahlers, R.L.; Burton, J.D.; Maness, E.P.; Skroch, W.A., 1997:
A stem cut and blade delivery method of herbicide application for weed control

Trisvyatskiy, L.; Pavlyuchenkov, A.; Strelkov, E.; Kochetkov, L., 1997:
A step forward, two steps back; the fate of the Russian State Grain Inspectorate

Feitelson Eran; Haddad Marwan, 1998:
A stepwise open-ended approach to the identification of joint management structures for shared aquifers

Cesaro, L.; Cistulli, V.; Merlo, M.; Pettenella, D., 1997:
A stepwise procedure for cost benefit analysis of forestry and soil/moisture conservation investments. An application to Mediterranean watersheds

Lurie, P.; Jones, T.S.; Foley, J., 1995 :
A sterile syringe for every drug user injection: how many injections take place annually, and how might pharmacists contribute to syringe distribution?

White, S.L.; Hillier, D.C.; Evans, J.C.; Hewson, R.T.; Higginbotham, S., 1997:
A stewardship programme for isoproturon and water quality - a tale of two industries

Corbara, B.; Dejean, A., 1998:
A stingless bee nesting inside ant-gardens in French Guiana (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Schneller, M.C.; Frandsen, W.H., 1998:
A stirred water calorimeter for measuring heat flux from smoldering combustion

Spiller, M.; Jansen, D.; Bodarwe, H.; Kongeter, J., 1998:
A stochastic algorithm for simulating transport of kinetically reacting solutes

Agostini, D.; Habib, R.; Chadoeuf, J., 1999:
A stochastic approach for a model of flowering in kiwifruit 'Hayward'

Pandey, R.B., 1998:
A stochastic cellular automata approach to cellular dynamics for HIV: Effect of viral mutation

Halachmi, I.; Heesterbeek, J.A.P., 1998:
A stochastic model for optimal facility allocation in a robotic milking barn

Zarod, J., 1998:
A stochastic model of the average farm, with reference to regionalization of the Szczecin province

Barioni, L.G.; Dake, C.K.; Parker, W.J., 1997:
A stochastic model to study the control of grazing systems

Ramirez, O.; Moss, C.B.; Boggess, W.G., 1997:
A stochastic optimal control formulation of the consumption/debt decision

Burks, T.; Turner, L.; Gates, R.; Bridges, T.; Crist, W., 1998:
A stochastic simulation model for predicting cow throughputs in dairy parlors

Jallas, E.; Sequeira, R.; Turner, S.; Gourley, K.E.; Cretenet, M.; McKinion, J., 1999:
A stochastic temperature-based emergence model for cotton

You, Z.; Gao, X.; Ho, M.M.; Borthakur, D., 1998:
A stomatin-like protein encoded by the slp gene of Rhizobium etli is required for nodulation competitiveness on the common bean

Shu, H.C., 1998:
A stop-flow sequential injection analysis using immobilized D-lactate dehydrogenase for on-line D-lactic acid monitoring during a fermentation process

Hansen, H.V., 1999:
A story of the cultivated Gerbera

Diaite, A.; Gueye, A.; Thiongane, Y.; Lo, M.; Dieye, T.N.; Vassiliades, G., 1998:
A strain of Trypanosoma (Duttonella) vivax from the Niayes of Senegal transmissible by syringe from cattle to mice

Doomar Singh; Naqvi, Q.A.; Garg, I.D., 1999:
A strain of cucumber mosaic cucumovirus causing mosaic in marigold in India

Wadsworth, S.; Grant, A.; Treasurer, J., 1998:
A strategic approach to lice control

Motti, G., 1998:
A strategic examination of imports/exports within the EU

Love, H.A.; Burton, D.M., 1999:
A strategic rationale for captive supplies

Jones, S.B.; Franklin, J., 1998:
A strategy and demonstration for integrated biotechnology information

D.K.ning, D.J.; Visscher, P.M.; Knott, S.A.; Haley, C.S., 1998:
A strategy for QTL detection in half-sib populations

Anonymous, 1998:
A strategy for a new dynamic: reinforcing existing enterprises

Cheyrias, J.M., 1998:
A strategy for biological and integrated control of cucumbers in greenhouses in France

Yuan LongPing; W.X.aoJin; Yan YingCheng; Luo XiaoHe, 1997:
A strategy for developing wide spectrum compatibility rice line

Mishra, J.P., 1997:
A strategy for development and protection of intellectual property in Indian agriculture

Gusakov, V.G., 1997:
A strategy for fodder production: priorities, values, effectiveness

Halffter, Gonzalo, 1998:
A strategy for measuring landscape biodiversity

Walsh, J.A., 1999:
A strategy for sustainable local development: a case from the midwest of Ireland

Morain, S.A., 1997:
A strategy for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Federal Geographic Data Committee

Scott, A.W.J.; Lukefahr, M.J., 1997:
A strategy for the management and containment of the boll weevil in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Chawla, N.K., 1999:
A strategy for the next round of GATT for the dairy sector

Best, S.G., 1997:
A strategy to convince consumers

Dinan, L., 1998:
A strategy towards the elucidation of the contribution made by phytoecdysteroids to the deterrence of invertebrate predators on plants

Sato, H., 1998:
A stratification procedure to accelerate the germination of Kalopanax pictus

Wang, C.S.; Lin, S.M.; Wei, S.L., 1999:
A stress-inducible protein associated with desiccation in lily pollen

Stefanov, M.; Ribarski, S.; Martin Orti, R., 1997:
A striated muscle in pars prostatica of canine urethra

Curie, C.; McCormick, S., 1997:
A strong inhibitor of gene expression in the 5' untranslated region of the pollen-specific LAT59 gene of tomato

Lorimer, C.G.; Frelich, L.E., 1998:
A structural alternative to chronosequence analysis for uneven-aged northern hardwood forests

Dexheimer, J., 1997:
A structural and functional analysis of fungus/host plant interfaces

Strumpf, T., 1998:
A structural model for the formation of humus to describe the exchange effects of non-extractable (bound) residues of pesticides with humus

Skern, T.; Fita, I.; Guarné, A., 1998:
A structural model of picornavirus leader proteinases based on papain and bleomycin hydrolase

Engel, M.L.; Ray, D.S., 1998:
A structure-specific DNA endonuclease is enriched in kinetoplasts purified from Crithidia fasciculata

Corbett, J.D.; Stuth, J.W., 1999:
A structured spatial sample for a famine early warning system in East Africa's pastoral ecosystems

Markway, S.; Borgelt, S., 1996:
A student survey for recruiting, retention, and program development

Huang DongMai; Zhu PeiLi; Wang ZhiMing; Y.X.aoHe, 1998:
A study and question on the decomposition rate of organic carbon under upland and submerged soil conditions

Togrul, I.T.; Onat, E., 1999:
A study for estimating solar radiation in Elazig using geographical and meteorological data

Sawyer, R.T.; Hechtel, F.O.; Hagy, J.W.; Scacheri, E., 1998:
A study in medical history: introduction of medicinal leeches into the West Indies in the nineteenth century

Mossak, I.I., 1997:
A study in the early flowering of mango - part 4

Maidment, D.C.J.; Dembny, Z.; Harding, C., 1999:
A study into the antibiotic effect of garlic Allium sativum on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus albus

Malik, S.; Sidhu, N.S.; Singh, B.P.; Sunil Singh; Rajni Rani, 1998:
A study of kappa - and beta -casein alleles in cross-bred and zebu cattle from India using polymerase chain reaction and sequence specific oligonucleotide probes (PCR-SSOP)

Anonymous, 1997:
A study of 22 cases of tropical splenomegaly and chloroquine therapy

H.J.Long; L.Q.ngXi; Sun XingQuan, 1998:
A study of Chinese Eupeodes with descriptions of two new species (Diptera: Syrphidae)

Widmer, G.; Tchack, L.; Spano, F.; Tzipori, S., 1998:
A study of Cryptosporidium parvum genotypes and population structure

Chee, K.H.; Chiu, S.B., 1998:
A study of Elaeidobius kamerunicus in West Kalimantan oil palm plantations

Sauvat, N.; Sell, R.; Mougel, E.; Zoulalian, A., 1999:
A study of Ordinary Portland Cement hydration with wood by isothermal calorimetry

Volanis, M.; Tzerakis, C., 1997:
A study of Sfakia sheep. II. Reproductive characteristics of the ewes and growth characteristics of the lambs

Zhou ZhiYu; Zhang HongRong; F.H.a; Wang Qin, 1999:
A study of a land production system in semi-arid area in the Northern Shaanxi province

H.D.ngJing; Hong Wei, 1998 :
A study of a new simulation and predictive model for Phyllostachys pubescens

Mench, M.; Amans, V.; Sappin Didier, V.; Fargues, S.; Gomez, A.; Loffler, M.; Masson, P.; Arrouays, D., 1997:
A study of additives to reduce availability of Pb in soil to plants

Costello, E.; O.R.illy, P.F.; Yearsley, D.K.; O.G.ady, D.P.; O.R.illy, L.M.; Collins, J.D.; Monaghan, M.L.; Bassett, H.F., 1997:
A study of an enzyme-liked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle

Alvarez Gonzalez, I.; Pelaez Nicolas, E.; Sors Fernandez, J., 1998:
A study of antibiotic sensitivity of different isolates from samples of mastitic milk

Jacobson, K.C.; Thurman, J.; Schmidt, C.M.; Rickel, E.; Oliviera de Ferreira, J.; Ferreira-da-Cruz, M.F.; Daniel-Ribeiro, C.T.; Howard, R.F., 1998:
A study of antibody and T cell recognition of rhoptry-associated protein-1 (RAP-1) and RAP-2 recombinant proteins and peptides of Plasmodium falciparum in migrants and residents of the state of Rondonia, Brazil

Milocevic, D.; Petrovic, O., 1997:
A study of aphids flight activity (Homoptera, Aphididae) potential vectors of potato viruses

Iswanto, A.; Sukamoto, S., 1997:
A study of artificial inoculation method using cocoa leaves in pod rot screening

Ogbobe, O.; Essien, K.S.; Adebayo, A., 1998:
A study of biodegradable geotextiles used for erosion control

Fukui, W.; Masuda, N.; Abe, D., 1998:
A study of bird inhabitation as seen in farmlands in Nishi Ward of Kobe City and the eastern part of Akashi City

Iglesias, A.; Campos, L.; Viana, J.L.; Fernandez, A.; Sanchez, L., 1998 :
A study of body composition of river crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes

Iwata, S.; Maruyama, N.; Ogihara, M.; Ichikawa, T., 1999:
A study of characteristics and conditions for materialization of rural settlement adjustment planning by means of community participation using the selection system out of alternative plans - Hirugaya district in Sagara Town, Shizuoka Prefecture examples

Wood, E.; Cheong, I.; Lee, C., 1998:
A study of chest infections in HIV seropositive patients in Kuala Lumpur

Kuvaev, V.B.; Engelskjon, T.; Tolpysheva, T.Y., 1998:
A study of cold alpine deserts in the mountains of north Norway

Jurowski, C., 1998:
A study of community sentiments in relation to attitudes toward tourism development

Wei XinTian; X.Z.iEn; Feng Yan; S.F.ngJin; Zhang LiChun; Chen BaoSong, 1997:
A study of complimentary system techniques for early sowing of sesame and their application

Barczi, A.; Penksza, K.; Czinkota, I.; Nerath, M., 1996:
A study of connections between certain phytoecological indicators and soil characteristics in the case of the Tihany peninsula

Battaglia, G., 1997:
A study of consumers of cactus pear in the catering industry in central and northern Italy

Turkarslan, J.; Hussein, N.A., 1997:
A study of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) in the United Arab Emirates

Sourie, J.C.; Bonnafous, P.; Millet, G., 1998:
A study of crop supply using regional economic models based on mathematical programming

Zhao ZhenPei; Zhao JianXiang; Zhou Guan E.; X.D.Xin; Hou ZhongWu, 1996:
A study of cultivar pattern and development trends for early and late rice in central Zhejiang

J.CongLiang, 1998:
A study of cultivation techniques for high-yielding population quality in cotton and its utilization. II. Cultivation techniques for high-yielding population quality in cotton

Y.H.aLin; Deng XiuXin, 1998:
A study of culture of citrus triploid plantlets

Miccolis, V.; Monteleone, M.; Candido, V., 1998:
A study of cumulative tomato yield for fresh market: characterization and classification of different cultivars

Wakeling, R.N.; Singh, A.P., 1998:
A study of decay type variability in variously treated Fagus sylvatica and Pinus radiata field test stakes exposed at a Vineyard for 30-45 months

Mosin, V.A.; Samorukov, D.E.; Kruglyak, E.B.; Drinyaev, V.A.; Yurkiv, V.A., 1998:
A study of degradation of aversectin C in water

Gascon, A.D.; Zuritz, C.A.; Bustamante, J.A.; Borbon, L. de; Oberti, G., 1999:
A study of different formulations of wall support systems for microencapsulation of antioxidant essential oils

Wang JinSong; Zhang YiMing; Jin JianJun; Wang ChunLiang, 1997:
A study of different mulching methods for apple orchards on dry land

Wang HongRong; Shao Kai; Rong WeiHeng; X.G.iMei; Zhang HaiYing; Shan Dan; Bao SaiNa, 1998:
A study of digestion and metabolism of zinc methionine chelate in sheep

Tabinda Anjum; Malik, N.H.; Khan, S.A., 1995:
A study of dowry and marriage arrangements in a rural area of district Faisalabad

Song FenBin; Yan XuanLing; X.C.en; Dai JunYing; L.T.iQuan, 1997:
A study of drought resistance measures in maize. I. MOC drought resistance chemicals and floret differentiation and yield

Song FengBin; X.C.en; Yan XuanLing; Dai JunYing, 1997:
A study of drought resistance measures in maize. II. The effect of soaking seeds in MOC drought-resistance chemicals in enhancing drought resistance in maize

Ren YuePing; Liu ShengXiang; Zhang JiuYuan; Dai SuQin, 1997:
A study of drug resistance of wolfberry aphid to 3 pyrethrins

Xie Yun, 1997:
A study of eco-agricultural models of state farm development - using Zhongjie Friendship Farm in Hebei as an example

Kr"stev, M.; Gaidarska, V., 1996:
A study of economic and biological characteristics of German Black Pied Dairy cows. 1. The effect of genotype and farming methods on milk yield

Tiwari, R.C.; Tomar, R.K.S.; Shrivas, R.N., 1996:
A study of effective production constraints of sesamum in Tikamgarh district of Bundelkhand zone

Lin ChangMing; Zhu WenJun; L.B.Cheng; Sun Zhen, 1997:
A study of elastic indices for seedling age for broadcast transplanting with plastic trays

Saran, S.K.; Kiran Sethi, 1999:
A study of energy use pattern in Punjab agriculture

Chell, E.; Pittaway, L., 1998:
A study of entrepreneurship in the restaurant and cafe industry: exploratory work using the critical incident technique as a methodology

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A study of the karyotypes of eleven genera and thirty five species of mosquitoes present in China (Diptera: Culicidae)

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A study of the mode of action of the auxin-type herbicide clomeprop

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A study of the mortality dynamics model and the regularity of forest plantations

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A study of the natural predators of the pine bast scale

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A study of the number of quarters affected in bovine mastitis

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A study of the optimum dietary level of protein and lysine for early-weaned piglets

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A study of the organomineral complex in soils of Granma Province

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A study of the oviposition behaviour of the 'twig girdle beetle' Oncideres guttulata Thompson (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) on 'quebracho colorado' (Schinopsis quebracho-colorado) (Schlecht) Bark et Meyer

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A study of the parasites of wild birds found in Calabar area, Nigeria

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A study of the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease in the cats

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A study of the performance of the H.P. State Cooperative Bank

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A study of the pericarp of litchi fruit and the injury caused by litchi stingbug, Tessaratoma papillosa (Hem.: Pentatomidae)

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A study of the photosynthetic and respiratory properties of the functioning leaves of variation lines obtained by introducing exogenous DNA into rice

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A study on biomass and soil fertility in mixed stands of Michelia fujiansis and Chinese fir

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A study on calculating the proportional coefficient of crown area and determining the standard density (stem-number) of a pure artificial even-aged stand

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A study on carbamate pesticide special emulsifier - Emulgent-XE

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A study on changes of forest landscape patterns of Linan in Zhejiang Provinces

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A study on characteristics of wind-water erosion interaction in Shujigou watershed, Shenful coal mining area, Shaanxi Province, China

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A study on determining pathogenic rust fungi on weeds in Van province

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A study on diffusion of farm technology under first line demonstration programme in Raichur district

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A study on dynamical extraction of crop planting area using method of remote sensing

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A study on early selection for stem growth of Pinus tabulaeformis

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A study on earth cooling of ventilation air for animal housing in south China in summer

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A study on economic benefits of rice-fish-duck complex ecosystem

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A study on effectivity of different feed mixtures on feeding Japanese quails. I. Growing period

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A study on effects of several new fresh-keeping agents on grape fruits in cold storage

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A study on energy balance in three ecosystems at Xiaoliang Experimental Station

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A study on environmental condition for the growth of 3 species of Eucalyptus mycorrhizal fungi

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A study on erosion resistance of the soil of a terrace edge bund with prickly ash

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A study on establishing the scheme of the working circles on national forest land

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A study on evaluation method of integrated rural improvement project

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A study on food grain losses in storage in Jaunpur district of U.P

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A study on forest hydrological effects in the Pingtonghe catchment

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A study on fuel consumption pattern in Himachal Pradesh: a case study

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A study on gas bubble disease in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792) cultured in cages in Egirdir Lake

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A study on gene flow between a Masson pine seed orchard and a plantation near the orchard

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A study on genetic purity control by using electrophoresis method in two wheat crosses

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A study on grain filling degree and grain filling models in winter wheat

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A study on hair growth and moulting cycle in Taiwan Rex rabbit

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A study on herbaceous plants in the Trabzon-Karadere Creek watershed, Turkey

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A study on morphology of reproductive organs of Echinococcus granulosus by light microscopy, transmission and scanning electron

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A study on natural resources of nodulating tree legumes and strains of rhizobia

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A study on nitrogen contents in cotton plants in fields giving various yields

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A study on numerical classification of the cultivars of sweet osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans (Thunb.) Lour.)

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A study on occurrence, distribution of tomato virus disease and its causal viruses in Fuzhou

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A study on paddy field's flood-and-drought resisting ability. II. Effect of deepwater irrigation on photosynthesis of rice

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A study on plant community diversity in Zhashui cave scenic resort

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A study on plants in the submerged area of Hoengseong Dam - centred with subdivided area to select plants capable of transfer

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A study on platen-dried sliced veneers from small-diameter logs of birch and oak

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A study on population improvement on the percentage of exserted stigma in thermo-sensitive genic male sterile rice. I. The effect of different methods on the improvement in percentage of exserted stigma

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A study on propagation of Myrica rubra

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A study on rapid determination of the protein content of feedstuffs using the direct distillation method

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A study on regular occurrence patterns of important insect pests of crops and analysis of their occurrence trends in 1996-2000

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A study on regulating nitrogen metabolism of goat ruminal microorganism with progesterone

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A study on regulative model of Castanopsis kawakamii population

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A study on relationship of selected personal, socio-economic and psychological characteristics of respondents with the knowledge and attitude of poultry farmers on poultry insurance

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A study on remote sensing recognition of artificial self-organization neural tree models of forest type

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A study on reproduction of northern masked civet in the South

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A study on rice's reaction to heat shock. II. High temperature's effect on Hill reaction and ultrastructure of chloroplast in late rice's seedling leaves

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A study on root morphological characteristics of shelterbelts on the river embankment

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A study on rooting ability variation of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb.) cuttings

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A study on rural farm women in decision making action of farming aspects - a case study in Sitapur district of (U.P.)

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A study on rust of Zoysia tenuifolia

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A study on rust of weeping willow

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A study on school drop-outs at the primary level among the minority (Muslim) girls in Cooch Behar District of West Bengal

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A study on seasonal and spatial changes in the transpiration intensity of secondary oak stands in the hilly region of southern Jiangsu province

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A study on seasonal variations of the bioactive constituents in the leaves of Acer truncatum

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A study on secretory IgA in malnourished children with chronic diarrhoea associated with parasitic infections

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A study on seed rain of the nanmu (Phoebe bournei) population at Luoboyan Natural Reserve in Fujian

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A study on seed super-dry storage for groundnut germplasm at ambient temperature

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A study on seed yield stability of soyabean cultivars. I. Multiyear cultivar yield experiment

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A study on selection of blackberry (Rubus fructicosus L.) naturally growing in Tokat province

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A study on selection of hydroxyproline-resistant somaclonal cell line from Citrus and evaluation of its cold tolerance

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A study on selection of the most effective of species or strains of Trichogramma for biological control of Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner

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A study on several problems about land productivity

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A study on soil nutrient with no-tillage in dryland maize field

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A study on soil water infiltration in a black locust plantation

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A study on solute rejection behavior during ultrafiltration of Larix gmelinii tannin extract

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A study on some changes of cell-mediated immunity in protein energy malnutrition

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A study on some characteristics of F2 aneuploid plants from the interspecific hybridization between Triticum aestivum x Triticum durum with different chromosome number

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A study on some fruit characteristics in local fig cultivars grown in Hlvan (Urfa, southern Turkey)

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A study on some summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) cultivar performances under Bafra conditions

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A study on sorghum emerging ability

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A study on spawning of bull frogs (Rana catesbeiana) using induced mating

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A study on spermatogenesis of the giant tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon Fabricius (Decapoda)

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A study on spiders (Araneae) in grass tussocks in Van vicinity

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A study on spring soil water supply depending on the tillage system

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A study on sterility of male interspecies crosses of yak with cattle

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A study on storability of six oilseed crops

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A study on strengthening the wood surface grain

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A study on sulphur biofertilization of greengram for yield and quality

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A study on sweet potato creep characteristics

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A study on synergism by mixing fenpropathrin and chlordimeform and application to Panonychus citri

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A study on tea leaf character's effect on leaf angle

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A study on technical procedure and methods for evaluating arable land - a case study in Nanjing City

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A study on techniques for regulating pine seedling growth in the field

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A study on techniques for the sea beach cultivation of Dendrocalamopsis oldhami

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A study on techniques to trap and kill cotton bollworm adults with high-voltage mercury lamps

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A study on technology of Freesia flower production in 6 consecutive months

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A study on the 2n pollen vitality and germinant characteristics of white poplars

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A study on the Korean national forest policy from 1926 to 1936 under the rule of Japanese imperialism: with special reference to indispensable national forest in the Choson Forestry Policy Plan

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A study on the UV sensitivity of embryogenesis in Drosophila lines with different repair abilities

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A study on the absorption of inorganic nutrients by Lactuca sativa

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A study on the accumulations of urban air pollutants SO2 and Pb in the body of Eulecanium gigantea (S.) (Coccidae) and their host-plant Sophora japonica

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A study on the adaptability response between the lac insect and its host tree

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A study on the adoption level of sugarcane cultivation practices in Udupi Taluk of coastal Karnataka

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A study on the after effect of fertilizing of sorghum designed for grain on the wheat yield

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A study on the alkaline invertase activity in developing root nodules of Robinia pseudoacacia L

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A study on the amounts of plant nutrients and organic matter carried into Lake Hazar (Elazg-Turkey)

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A study on the analysis of heterotic effects for certain agronomical characters in cross populations of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

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A study on the anatomical structures of the leaves of 14 Juglans regia and Juglans sigillata varieties (elite clones) and their drought resistances

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A study on the annual O. rufipogon Griff. in China

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A study on the application of different amounts of nitrogen fertiliser to direct-sown rape

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A study on the application of rare-earth elements to the seedlings of black locust

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A study on the artificial breeding of bamboo partridge (Bambusicola thoracica)

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A study on the bark pimple-like dead branch of chestnut

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A study on the biological characteristics of grass carp haemorrhagic virus

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A study on the biological characters of the genesis of cotton vegetative branches

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A study on the biomass and energy of mangrove communities in Shenzhen Bay

L.Ping, 1998:
A study on the bionomics of Parocneria furva and its control

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A study on the botanical characteristics of leaves with different stalk positions and maturity in aromatic tobacco

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A study on the buying behaviour of rose consumers

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A study on the canopy structure of a young Bashania fangiana clonal population after natural regeneration

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A study on the causes of non-glutinous rice seed formation in glutinous rice panicles

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A study on the changes of peanut flowering habit by different years

Shen HeFang, 1998:
A study on the changes of soil potassium and maintenance of soil fertility in Wen-Huang Plain

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A study on the characteristics of Hedong Wumai 526, a new winter wheat variety

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A study on the characteristics of milk yield in Akkaraman and German Blackheaded Mutton x Akkaraman F1 crossbreds

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