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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3029

Chapter 3029 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhao JingWei; Huang JunYi, 1997:
A study on the establishment of measurement on insecticide resistance of Brevipalpus obovatus Donnadieu at 25 degrees C

Das, S.N., 1997:
A study on the ethnobotany of Karauli and Sawai Madhopur districts, Rajasthan

Seok, K.K.ang; D.K.ning, K., 1998:
A study on the evaluation of the Ethosys system for determining behaviour of dairy cows

W.L.Li; Dong JiaWen, 1999:
A study on the evaporation of stands

Khetarpaul, N.; Grover, I.; Boora, P., 1996:
A study on the extent of nutritional knowledge of housewives

Wang LanZhen; M.X.Han; Wang ShuQing; Wang XinYan, 1997:
A study on the extraction of flavonoids from the leaves of Acer truncatum

Yang ChuanGui; Tian YanTing; Luo XiaoFang, 1997:
A study on the fast detection of latent apple viruses

Park, J.C.eol; Cha, Y.H.; Ahn, C.N.m; Chung, Y.H.o, 1998:
A study on the feed values of edible waste oil for broiler

Gao FengXian; Tian KeXiong; Wang JiCheng, 1998 :
A study on the feeding value of quick-melting tea residue I. The effect of feeding the residue to fattening pigs

Gao FengXian; Tian KeXiong; Wang JiCheng, 1999:
A study on the feeding value of quick-melting tea residue. II. The test of digestion and metabolism by feeding fattening pigs with quick-melting residue

Bae, G.S.; Jeon, G.J.; Lee, S.S.; Choi, J.W.; Park, S.Y.; Chang, M.B.; Maeng, W.J., 1998:
A study on the fermentation characteristics of Korean rice straw by cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen of the Korean native goat

Pan MingJian; T.Z.ongYu; Guo Qun; Wang BaoSong, 1997:
A study on the fibre genetic variation of willow

Yildirim, M.Z.; Ozen, M.R.; Unlusayin, M.; Gulyavuz, H., 1999:
A study on the flesh productivity and standard method for collecting of Helix lucorum Linnaeus, 1758

Park WanGeun; Yoo SeokIn; Park KwangSeo, 1999:
A study on the flora Mt. Hyangro-Bong

Park KwangWoo; Lee YouMi; Lee WonYeal; Kwon YeongHan; O.Y.ngCha; Choi HongKeun, 1998:
A study on the flora of Mt. Gum in Namhae Island, Hallyo-Haesang National Park

Park WanGeun; Yeom KyuJin; Park SunJung, 1997:
A study on the flora of Mt. Yeonyeob and Mt.Gujeol in the experiment forests of Kangwon National University

Liu QingHua; Wang XinJing; Gao BaoChang; Gong ChangRong, 1998:
A study on the flue-curing technology of lower leaves of tobacco plants

Braz, L.M.A.; Amato Neto, V.; Carignani, F.L.; Fernandes, A.O. di P.; Hamerschlak, N.; Zuanella, L.S.; Silva, M. de F. dos S.; Souza I.L. de; Okumura, M., 1998:
A study on the fortuitous advantage of gamma irradiation in the prophylaxis of transmissible malaria by blood transfusion

Huang YunXiang; Zhang YangZhu; Zou YingBin; Dai ZhuoQun; Zhou Qing; Wang KaiYun, 1998:
A study on the fractionation of inorganic phosphate in some paddy soils of Hunan province

Zhang JinChi; Kang LiXin; L.Y.Shan; Feng FuSheng; Sun JinLin, 1996:
A study on the function of soil erosion prevention by the main shelter-forest types on the seawall in northern Jiangsu province

Sembokuya, Y.; Kasahara, K., 1997:
A study on the function of wholesale markets and the possibility of an Internet marketing

Zhou ZhiChun; Jin GuoQing, 1998:
A study on the genetic stability of different seed sources and its ecological basis in Masson pine

Guo JunZhan; L.Z.ouQi; B.C.unXia, 1997:
A study on the genetic variation of phenotypes of Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.) among provenances, stands and families

Fang Yan, 1998:
A study on the geographical distribution of the Magnoliaceae

Liu MingHui; Gao QiuXia; Liu MengJun, 1998:
A study on the germplasm resources of sweet sorghum in the southern mountain regions of Shaanxi

Chen XiaoJuan; Ren XiaoJing; Yao YongFeng, 1999:
A study on the greening of motorways in the central Shaanxi plain, China

Chen XieFu; Chen Lei; Jiang JiaYun; Jin HuanXian; F.A.ei, 1996:
A study on the growth characteristic of Shang Nong black glutinous rice

Aktan, H.T.; Aydin, A., 1996:
A study on the heavy metals in kitchen and table salts consumed in military installations (garrison towns)

Ludewig, T., 1999:
A study on the histology of acupuncture points

Faryal, R.; Bari, A.; Qazilbash, A.A., 1996:
A study on the incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk

Kim, D.H.n; Park, B.Y.ung; Yoo, Y.M.; Lee, J.M.on; Kim, Y.K.n; Kim, I.S.k; Lee, M.H., 1998:
A study on the incidence of PSE pork in slaughterhouses with differing preslaughter handling

Balakrishnan, V.; Muralimanohar, B., 1996:
A study on the incidence of chronic bovine haematuria in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu

Nahm, K.H., 1999:
A study on the incubation length and the weight loss of imported ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggs in February and June

Ren DengZhi; X.Z.aoFei; Wang WenQi; Bai Li, 1998:
A study on the industrial seedling-raising technology of high-quality virus-free date seedlings

Wei ChuJiang, 1998:
A study on the influence of pine shoot dieback disease on growth of Pinus elliottii and P. taeda

W.J.angSheng; Shi ShuWen; Liu HouLi, 1998:
A study on the inheritance of a yellow-seeded mutant of rapeseed (Brassica napus L. )

Ueshima, G.; Nakajima, M.; Fujio, Y., 1998:
A study on the inheritance of body color and chromatophores in the guppy Poecilia reticulata

Wang YongHe; Zhang XiuYing, 1998:
A study on the inheritance of several winter wheat parents with short plants

Chen HuiMing; Liu XiaoHong, 1999:
A study on the inheritance of sex expression in the cucumber

Wang YouKui; X.M.ngSu; Liu XianDe; Cai HongRong; Yang Qing, 1998:
A study on the integrated control technique for Acantholyda piceacola

Hoang Kim; Mai Van Quyen, 1998:
A study on the intercropping of peanut in young rubber plantations in the South-east region of Vietnam

Flannigan, M.D.; Wotton, B.M.; Ziga, S., 1998:
A study on the interpolation of fire danger using radar precipitation estimates

Mao YuQi; Zhang JingLin; Wang FuSen; Liu Lu; W.C.angJiang, 1998:
A study on the introduction of larch

Lim, D.K.u; Ko, J.Y.on; Park, K.B.e; Park, M.E.n, 1998:
A study on the investigation of water qualities along Bonghwang-cheon watershed in Milyang

Zhang HuaXuan; Cheng Fei, 1997:
A study on the karyotype of a triploid Plantago lessingii

Ito, K., 1997:
A study on the labour condition and the development of measures to improve it for forestry workers: an analysis by an inquiry survey to forest cooperative workers in Shimane Prefecture

M.Y.Juan; S.Z.iZhu, 1998:
A study on the land desertification process and sustainable development of agriculture in the northwest of Shanxi Province

Nie ShaoFan; Lin SiZu; Lin JinGuo; Chen ZiYu; F.X.angJiu; Chen ShengDing, 1998:
A study on the law of variation in chemical composition of Chinese fir wood from plantations

W.GuoLiang, 1996:
A study on the laws of potassium fertilizer distributing in different texture soils

Kao Ching; Cheng JungFong, 1997:
A study on the leaf area of Ficus religiosa L. in urban areas

D.DeYu, 1998:
A study on the legal system for water and soil conservation: status, problem and countermeasures - Set Xianyang city as an example

Shu XinHua; Jin XieLi; Dia ZhenYan; Liu HongQi; Xiao KeYu, 1998:
A study on the lernaeosis of large-mouth bass

Kamikubo, T., 1998:
A study on the life and human aspects of forestry workers in a mountainous rural area in contemporary Japan: based on the results of interview surveys in a forestry-based mountainous village, Gifu prefecture

Liu YouMei; W.X.eShi, 1996:
A study on the limiting factors to the productivity of eucalypt plantation in Leizhou peninsula

Chen LiangQing; Pei ZhiDa, 1998:
A study on the liquid cultural conditions for a mycorrhiza fungus (Suillus luteus) with Pinus massoniana

Losio, M.N.; Lodetti, E.; Alborali, L.; Tosi, G.; Buonavoglia, C., 2008:
A study on the long-term immunity induced by La Sota strain of Newcastle disease virus grown in a BS/BEK cell line of bovine embryo kidney origin

Callejas, S.; Cabodevila, J.; Alberio, R.; Doray, J.; Catalano, R.; Teruel, M.; Perez Zangari, G., 1995:
A study on the luteolytic effect of a reduced dose of cloprostenol and oestradiol or a combination of both

Ahmed, M.U.; Hasnath, M.R.; Kabir, S.M.; Rahman, M.A., 1997:
A study on the lysine requirement of ISA VEDETTE broilers

Baspnar, H.; Ogan, M.; Batmaz, E.S.; Petek, M.; Karamustafaoglu, M., 1997:
A study on the major production traits of Karacabey Merino sheep under semi-intensive conditions. II. Fleece yield and fleece characteristics, growth and survival rate

Mehanna, N.M.; Hefnawy, S.A.; Saleh, T.M.; Hatem, H.A., 1998:
A study on the manufacture and some properties of zabady drink

She GuangHui; Zhou ChunGuo; W.F.Zheng; L.R.oCan; Chen YongFu; Yang YanChen; Wang SongLing; Yang XiuSen; L.D.Jiang, 1998:
A study on the measures of tree growing competition for tropical rain forest in Hainan

Zhao XiuLan; H.A.Tang; Zheng ShaoJian, 1998:
A study on the mechanism of P-Zn antagonism

Hsieh ChuinHsiung, 1997:
A study on the mergers of Taiwanese banana packing houses

Zhou HongPing; Cheng XiangZhi; Jiang BenHao, 1997:
A study on the method of calculating the pulsating frequency of a combustion chamber and exhaust tube

Woo JongChoon; Lee MinJong, 1998:
A study on the method of constructing a GIS database for forest resources management

Agaoglu, S.; Ocak, E.; Mengel, Z., 1997 :
A study on the microbiological, chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics of cokelek in the Van region

Gennari, M.; Fournier, J.C.; Dughera, R.; Negre, M., 1998:
A study on the mineralization of 14C acifluorfen in soil: comparison between treated and untreated soils

Ludnev, I., 1996:
A study on the modification of tobacco humidity during processing

Dutkuner, I., 1999:
A study on the morphological features of Loranthaceae family within the Marmara region

Farshbaf Pour Abad, R.; Atalay, R., 1996:
A study on the morphological properties of exocrine glands in relation to defense in insects

Wang Yong; Guo Cong; L.B.; W.Z.engJun; Chen AnGuo, 1997:
A study on the multiple control criteria of pest rodents in Dongting Lake rice areas

Khieu, B.; Lindberg, J.E.; Preston, T.R., 1997:
A study on the multipurpose sugar palm tree (Borassus flabellifer) and its products for animal feeding in Cambodia

Shen ShuXing; Zhang ChengHe; Liu XueMin; Wang ZiXin, 1998:
A study on the new tetraploid embryogeny in the cross of diploid and tetraploid Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris var. pekinensis)

Shin, J.S.on; Cho, Y.M.; Shin, D.E.n; Cha, Y.H.; Kim, J.G.p; Yook,, 1998:
A study on the nitrogen content estimation for farm-produced liquid manures

Tong JiPing; Gai JunYi, 1998:
A study on the non-preference for soyabean varieties of the soyabean fly Melanagromyza sojae (Zehntner)

L.F.i; Chen YongRui, 1999:
A study on the nutrient cycling of Pinus massoniana forest mixed with broadleaved trees

Guleryuz, M.; Ercisli, S.; Bilen, S., 1999:
A study on the nutrient status of Starking Delicious apple cultivar grown in Erzincan plain

Askn, A.; Ceylan, S.; Yener, H., 1998:
A study on the nutritional status of fig orchards in Birgi-Irimagz

H.J.anZhong; Zhang Rong; L.N.n; Zhang Xin, 1999:
A study on the nutritive value of the pupa of the pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus latipennis)

Lee YenPai; Chiang PiLing; Huang HueiHuang, 1997:
A study on the optimal marketing age of Taiwan country chickens

Kurokawa, Y.; Yajima, M., 1998:
A study on the optimization of the labour allocation in forestry workers: a basic consideration in the application of the PERT technique to forestry projects

Oh,; Yang, B.S.k; Park, Y.Y.n; Im, K.S.on, 1997:
A study on the optimum condition of PCR for sexing of embryos

L.Q.uHong; Chen NenHua; Zhang GuoSheng; Lan HaiYan, 1999:
A study on the optimum seedling age for transplanting large-panicled hybrid rice cv. You 2070

Sheng ChungTeh; Chou TzuHao, 1998:
A study on the paddy precooling process

Salfina ; Hamdan, A.; Siswansyah, D.D., 1997:
A study on the pathogenicity of Eimeria tenella in village chickens in South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Shakila, S.; Naidu, M.A., 1998:
A study on the performance of broilers on different litter materials

Deng XiuLing; Deng Yike; Liu DengHui; Zhao ShuRong, 1997:
A study on the pharmacokinetics of sulfadiazinum-Na in vivo of the yak

Peng FangRen; Yang XiaoHu, 1998:
A study on the photosynthetic characteristics of seedlings of Ginkgo biloba

X.H.iBing; Zang FuNing; Yang JiaYing; Xie YiaQing, 1999:
A study on the physiological bases of high yields of soyabeans cv. Huaidou 4 in the summer

Y.C.enLiang; K.Y.Qing; Chen Wei, 1997:
A study on the physiology of heat tolerance in Chinese cabbage III. Ability to scavenge active oxygen of enzyme and non-enzyme system and heat tolerance

Y.C.enLiang; K.Y.Qin; Chen Wei, 1996:
A study on the physiology of heat tolerance in Chinese cabbage. II. Metabolism of water and proteins in leaves and heat tolerance

Y.Y.; Yan YuHua, 1998:
A study on the plant diversity in apple orchards towards sustainable pest management

Kim KaeHwan; Park JoonMoh, 1996:
A study on the pollen morphology of the genus Acer L. in Korea

L.RunTang, 1998:
A study on the pollen morphology of wild loose mandarins in Hunan

Wang RuiQi; Huang MinSong; Fan XiaoXian; Wan Peng, 1998:
A study on the population dynamics of the second generation of pink bollworm in cotton field with film mulching in Jianghan Plain

Wang DeXian; Liu JianJun; Chen HaiBin, 1999:
A study on the population structure and dynamics of Pinus armandii in Qinling forest region

Danailov, Z.P.; Russanov, L.P., 1997:
A study on the possibility for increasing the adaptability in tomatoes

Fredy, G.G.; Ana, O.V.; Rolando, M.B.; Enrique, P.G., 1996:
A study on the postpartum period in dual-purpose cattle in the tropics in Guatemala. 1. A comparison of time elapsed between the resumption of ovarian activity (determined by milk progesterone peaks) and signs of oestrus in dual-purpose cattle milked once or twice daily

Zhu, J.R.skowski, G.; Mackie, R., 1999:
A study on the potential of metal corrosion by sulfate-reducing bacteria in animal buildings

Sayed el-Ahl, S.A.; Maklad, K.M.; Gamil, M.A.; Hammouda, M.H.; Abdel Naby, S.B., 1999:
A study on the potential role of Trichomonas vaginalis in transmission of Herpes simplex virus type II

Asghar, S.J.; Khanna, P., 1997:
A study on the pre and post-operative life style, dietary pattern and nutritional status of coronary heart disease patients from Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC), New Delhi

Chiu YiChich; Fon DinSue; Chen LungHua, 1998:
A study on the prediction of production schedule during the period of paddy-rice plant nursery

Zhang DingFa et al., 1998:
A study on the preliminary infection fungus resource of Curvularia lunata in maize

Saito, Y.; Nakamura, O.; Kinoshita, I., 1998:
A study on the present situation of agricultural tourism and its evaluation; a case study in Aichi prefecture

Wei Qin; M.X.Han; Chen BenWen; Gao Bao, 1997:
A study on the preservation of grapes and other vegetables by modified konjac glucomannan

Kumar, B.V.K.; Mohammad Hafeez, 1998:
A study on the prevalence of Toxocara spp. eggs at public places in Andhra Pradesh

Yan AoJin; Zhang CanFeng; Liu FuGuo; Tang JinGen; Xia ChunSheng; Liang Hua, 1999:
A study on the processing technique and initial use of contact-breaking release microcapsules of pesticides

X.G.nRong; L.C.en; M.X.aoQin; Chen JiLiang; Chen Yun; G.Y.Mei; W.Y.nPing; Sheng Fei; W.M.aoYa, 1999:
A study on the production of citrinin by Monascus spp

Lee YenPai; Yeh LihTzyy; Huang HweiHuang, 1997:
A study on the production system for Taiwan country fowls: growth traits of three-strain cross country fowls

Gomez Buitrago, I.; Gil Adrados, P.; Casado Moragon, J.; Granero Martinez, J.; Munoz Robles, F., 1998:
A study on the profitability of Talaverana lambs

Gunver, G.; Ertan, E., 1998:
A study on the propagation of figs by the tissue culture techniques

Silva, R. do S.U. da, 1998:
A study on the proper dose of the drug Ro 42-1611 (arteflene) in the treatment of falciparum malaria

Zhang QiSheng; Sun FengWen; L.Y.nWen, 1997:
A study on the properties in service of bamboo and wood composite container floor - contrasting and analysing with apitong plywood floor

Wang KuoTsai; Tsai ChungHsiun; Y.H.nMing, 1997:
A study on the pulping characteristics of bast fibers of Edgeworthia papyrifera

Zhao JiuRan; Kong YanFang; Guo JingLun; Chi ShuMin; Wei DeMing; Guo Qiang, 1997:
A study on the purity of hybrid maize Nongda 108 through DNA fingerprint identification

Zuo ChunCheng; Cheng JiangNan; Zhang ShouQin, 1997:
A study on the random process of soil turbulence produced by a mole plough

Tanchev, D.; Antonov, D.; Ivanov, S., 1996:
A study on the rates and mode of applying nitrogen fertilizer to winter fodder barley

Qiu JianJun; Y.Z.enRong; Xiao YingNan; Xin DeHui; H.X.Ning, 1998:
A study on the reasonable regulation of fertilization and irrigation using the model GOSSYM in Xinjiang

Fujii, Y.; Bao GuoZhu; Cui ShiMao; Wang YuMei, 1998:
A study on the regional demand-supply of vegetables in Inner Mongolia of China. A case study of vegetable farmers in the suburbs of Hohhot

Kader, S.A.; Mansour, A.M.; Mohran, Z.; el-Taoil, A.; Abdalla, K.F., 1998:
A study on the relation between proton pump inhibitor and gastric giardiasis

F.Z.engQing; Zhou YuZhen; X.Z.iGang; Yang Jie, 1997:
A study on the relationship between resistance to two bacterial diseases in rice varieties

Y.X.n; Y.R.iYu, 1996:
A study on the relationship between ticks and infectious diseases in Xinjiang

Hao YuGuang, 1997:
A study on the relationship of shelter-forest microclimatic effects on man-made oasis and crop production in Wulanbuhe sandy region

Altinbas, M.; Tanyolac, B., 1999:
A study on the relationship of yield with stability in lentil

Karatas, M., 1997:
A study on the reproduction biology of Chub (Leuciscus cephalus) in Tozanl stream (Almus-Tokat)

Gong DaoXin; Guo ZhengYuan; G.D.Bin; Shen Dan; Yang RenBin, 1998:
A study on the residue of ethofenprox in a model water ecosystem and rice field

Cai ShiBin; Cao Yang; Fang XianWen, 1999:
A study on the resistance to preharvest sprouting in white-grained wheat land races originated from Jiangsu province

M.D.Hua; Pang JinAn; Hou ZhenRong; L.S.uJu, 1997:
A study on the respiratory character of cucumber at night in a solar plastic greenhouse in spring

Zheng XiaoLin; Dong RenRui, 1998:
A study on the response of rice to heat shock. III. High temperature's effect on peroxidase in seedling leaves of rice

Acharjee, S.K.; Tarafdar, S.R., 1999:
A study on the retentivity level of Rajbanshi girls at primary level on the basis of some psycho-social and economic predictors

Rekha Dayal; Poonam Pandey, 1996:
A study on the role of rural women in farm and household activities

Shakeel U.R.hman ; McSweeney, P.L.H.; Fox, P.F., 1999:
A study on the role of the indigenous microflora of raw milk on the ripening of Cheddar cheese

Pitchai, C., 1998:
A study on the sale of silk sarees through different channels by the Kancheepuram Murugan silk weavers' cooperative production and sale society

Woo, B.M.eong; Jeon,; Kim, K.H.on; Choi, H.T.e, 1996:
A study on the selection of vegetation and method for the revegetation on the highway slope in consideration of the surrounding environment

Cho SoonJae; Kim Young; R.S.onAe, 1997:
A study on the situation and improvement of common facilities in the rural village

Babella, G.; Unger, A., 1994:
A study on the situation of dairying in Hungary

Gao BenNian; Zhang ShiPing; Chao GuangShu, 1997:
A study on the six-grade classified method in Osmanthus fragrans

Wang GuangQiang; L.Z.ngSha; Qian JinMing; Wang ChengBao, 1999:
A study on the soil fertility characteristics and effect of early rice-specific fertiliser in the demonstration fields of Haian and Tongpu

Wang ShiJi; Liu YaRong; Hui GangYing; Leng GuoYou; Zhou ShuLi, 1996:
A study on the soil management model for poplar plantation in Huaibei coal mine collapsed area

Sun CuiLing; Guo YuWen; Tong ChaoRan; X.L.nCheng; Wang Zhen, 1997:
A study on the soil microbes and soil enzyme activities in various poplar mixed stands

Zuo ChunCheng; M.C.engLin; Cheng JiangNan, 1997:
A study on the soil-tool system using the image processing technique

Zhang SiLu; Wang LiYan; Y.J.anXiong, 1998 :
A study on the spatial pattern of Besaia goddrica

Zhu JinMao; Jiang ZhiLin; Zheng QunRui; Jiang Wei, 1997:
A study on the species diversity in the forest community of Wanmulin Nature Reserve, Fujian Province

Bian YinBing; Zhou MaoFan, 1996:
A study on the specific property of esterase isoenzymes of seven isolates of Diplodia pinea

Huang ChinCheng; Lai SanHu; Shih SuLing; Liau ShwuMeei; Peng JuiSen, 1999:
A study on the spoilage of aseptic packaged long life milk caused by Bacillus cereus

Chen ChaurTzuhn; W.S.oouTsrong, 1998:
A study on the stand structure of the major tree species in Wutoushan Nature Reserve

Wang PeiXin; Jing Yao; Sheng GuoMin; Fan ChaHui; Ding XueLi, 1997:
A study on the stem rust of willow

Baik EulSun, 1998:
A study on the strategy and directions for development of forestry policy against Green Round

Chen JianCheng; Tian MingHua; Wang ZiLi; Zhai DongQun; Y.H.iPing, 1998:
A study on the strategy and key points for developing foreign exchange earning in forestry

Wang Qin; F.H.a; Han Yang, 1998:
A study on the stress resistance of root tubers of Microula sikkimensis

Kuang RongPing; Y.X.nWen; Zhong Ning, 1997:
A study on the structure and temporal-spatial attacking traits of coffee stem-borer population in Simao region

Cao Ling; Quan JinYing; L.Z.ongZheng, 1998:
A study on the structure of ammoxidative lignin

Hsieh ChuinHsiung; Chiou TzongChiz; Tuan ChaoLin, 1998:
A study on the successful management model and performance indicator of the flower cooperative management teams in Taiwan

Lange, A.; Fehrn, S. von; Klocke, P.; Glatzel, P., 1998:
A study on the sudden, temporary depression in semen quality of 80 bulls at an artificial insemination station

Wang KuiTang; X.H.nHong; H.T.ngYu, 1996:
A study on the synthesis of 1-substituted azacycloheptem-2-ones and their synergistic action on insecticides

Chen Li; Liu JingQuan, 1996:
A study on the synthetic index of hybridization of quantitative characters in sugar beet

Zhao Nanxian, 1998:
A study on the systematics of genus Themeda Forsskal

Zeng WeiSheng; Liao ZhiYun, 1997:
A study on the taper equation

Zhang XingYao, 1998:
A study on the taxonomy of Exobasidium spp. according to fuzzy analysis of cultural properties and the analysis of 28S rDNA-PCR-RFLP

L.YuKui, 1997:
A study on the technique of chemical control of Verticillium wilt

Liu GuangXiang, 1998:
A study on the technique of magnetic cultivation and early screening of quick-grown and disease-resistant seedlings of Pinus taeda

Lee JoonGu; Lee JeongJae; Kim HanJoong; Yoon SeongSu; Park KwangSu, 1999:
A study on the technique of manufacturing high durability hydraulic structures using rice husk

L.Jun, 1998:
A study on the technology of bending wood with ammonia treatment and microwave heating

Cai WeiBing; Miao MeiQing, 1997:
A study on the technology of container-grown Keteleeria fortunei seedlings

W.Y.n; Wang GuiCheng, 1999:
A study on the technology of propagation of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the poplar looper, Apocheima cinerarius

Chiu, C.H.ey; Li, G.C.en; Young, C.C.ung; Chiou, R.Y.u, 1998:
A study on the transformation of arsenite in soils after poultry compost and poultry manure application

Tsao ShunPing; Wann ShingSun, 1998:
A study on the transformation of solute dispersion on hillslope to one-dimension model

Pan CangSang, 1998:
A study on the translation of scientific names of nematodes from Latin into Chinese

M.X.; M.C.engLin; Zhang ShouQin; Sun YuJing; Sun TingZong, 1997:
A study on the transplanting unit of a mechanical air-pruning system for seedling trays

Zhao BingRan; Huang JianLiang; Liu ChunLin; F.X.Qin; L.H.Song; Yuan LongPing, 1998:
A study on the transportation way of exogenous DNA in vivo and a female sterile variant of rice

Zhao XinHuai; Feng ZhiBiao; Y.G.oPing, 1997:
A study on the tryptic hydrolysis of proteins in skim milk and the characteristics of the hydrolysate

Chantsavang, S.; Amornsuntikul, P.; Boonitee, A., 1996:
A study on the use of EM treated pig waste water for vegetable growing

Tang MingRong; Chen XiaoZhong; Yan ZhenWu; Ding LiZhong; Cai ShiMing, 1998:
A study on the use of fertilizers in a young Cunninghamia lanceolata forest

Winaryo ; Iswanto, A.; Winarno, H., 1997:
A study on the use of osmotic potential and density of stomata as criteria for selecting cocoa clones resistant to drought stress

Fang ReJun; Xing TingXian; Liao XianLing; Zhou WeiJun; H.D.anYuan, 1997:
A study on the utilization of protein and cellulose in green forage for growing pigs

Nie ShaoFan; Lin JinGuo; Lin SiZu; F.X.angJiu; Xie YouSen; Lin QingFu, 1998:
A study on the variation fibre morphology of Chinese fir plantation wood

Ustun, N.S.; Tosun, I.; Ozyavuz, B., 1999:
A study on the variation of composition during storage of dehydrated carrots

Chen JingDe, 1998:
A study on the variation of seed yield in clonal seed orchards of Masson pine

Chen YanHui; L.H.ngTao; Zhai YuQin et al., 1996:
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A study on uses of the aged through comparing urban parks with different scale

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A study on utilization pattern of allied activities loan by the farm borrowers in the Nagaon district of Assam

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A study on vibration isolation of vibration conveyor

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A study on wood wool foamed board

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A study on yield loss caused by rice blast

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A study physical and mechanical quality variations of oak wood with respect to its sites

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A study to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of Permectrin CDSReg. Pour-On when used on horses

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A study to determine in vitro digestibilities and energy values of some protein sources processed by different methods

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A study to establish a model and optimize application of nitrogen to intermediate-late keng rice

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A study to evaluate the impact of different dose/frequency of temephos 50% ec for control of Cx. quinquefasciatus vector of bancroftian filariasis

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A study to select maize cultivars suitable for silage production in Samsun

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A subject store for disease resistance of selected cultivated plant species

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A subset of conserved tRNA genes in plastid DNA of nongreen plants

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A subset of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus GP3 glycoprotein is released into the culture medium of cells as a non-virion-associated and membrane-free (soluble) form

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A substance isolated from Cornus officinalis enhances the motility of human sperm

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A subtelomeric satellite DNA family isolated from the genome of the dioecious plant Silene latifolia

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A successful design

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A summary of CA requirements and recommendations for fruits other than apples and pears

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A summary of the research on timber demand prediction in recent years

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A summary of work by the Committee for consultation in the dairy sector

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A summer without flies

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A surrogate measure of stomatal aperture

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A survey and an attempt to select a method to determine the effectivity of the current activities of economic forest units in Poland

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A survey of Parthenium competitive plants for environmental protection

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A survey of electrocardiographic parameters of the precordial leads in Iranian German Shepherd Dogs

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A survey of field CCS versus mill CCS

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A survey of forest fruit flora in Serbia. Floristic diversity of the wild fruit species of the forest ecosystems in Serbia

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A survey of fungi on Terschelling

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A survey of grapevine viruses in Turkish Thrace

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A survey of grass species infected by fungal endophytes in dehesa pastures

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A survey of growth stimulators in natural rubber serum powder for Bifidobacterium bifidum

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A survey of helminth parasites of cats from Saskatoon

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A survey of human exposure to Ochratoxin A

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A survey of insects attacking seed cones of Pinus cembra in the Alps, the Pyrenees and Massif Central

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A survey of insects living on nane tree from Fujian

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A survey of knowledge in the subject of amaranth studies and its practical use

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A survey of licensed tree experts in Maryland

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A survey of lungworm serology and vaccination in first and second season grazing cattle

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A survey of microbial pollution of rural domestic water supply in Ghana

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A survey of minority recruiting practices at U.S. colleges of veterinary medicine

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A survey of ochratoxin A and aflatoxins in domestic and imported beers in Japan by immunoaffinity and liquid chromatography

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A survey of pattern recognition methods in veterinary diagnosis

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A survey of physical education trainees experiences on school placements in the south-east of England (1994-1998)

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A survey of post-harvest handling practices for pineapples in Trinidad, West Indies

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A survey of research on academic journals of world yak

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A survey of rice constraints in the Mekong Delta

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A survey of ringworm in the winter of 1998

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A survey of rodent pests in grassland in Hanzhong area, Shaanxi

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A survey of rotary harrows

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A survey of seed vigour in field and garden peas (Pisum sativum L.)

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A survey of social nutrition status of the elderly in the urban area of Chengdu, Sichuan Province

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A survey of soil fertility management in small-scale farming systems in North Eastern Zimbabwe

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A survey of specific leaf weight in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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A survey of spray operators agrochemical container rinsing skills conducted in June 1997

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A survey of study on vibration and evaluation of riding comfort for the J-50 tractor

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A survey of swine trichinosis in Beijing areas

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A survey of tabanid flies at Mt. Natsumishi in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture

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A survey of termite attack in Bahau conifer plantation, Peninsular Malaysia

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A survey of the Rubus species (Rosaceae) described from the Canary Islands

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A survey of the cadmium concentration in kidney, liver and muscle of South Australian cattle

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A survey of the contents of heavy metals in blended feeds, feces and composts of swine

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A survey of the distribution of Ixodoidea in Ningxia

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A survey of the eating habit and nutritional knowledge and status of the farm women in Taiwan

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A survey of the gastro-intestinal nematodes of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in a mountain habitat

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A survey of the genus Festuca L. (Poaceae) in Italy. III. Nomenclatural notes on some Festuca belonging to Festuca violacea-group

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A survey of the genus Festuca L. (Poaceae) in Italy. IV. Typification of the names of some Italian fescues

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A survey of the ground dwelling spiders (Araneae) found at the agricultural research station of Changins

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A survey of the impact of cropping on soil physical and chemical properties in north-western New South Wales

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A survey of the microbial population and ethanol content of bagged salad

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A survey of the mycobiota of a natural Karoo pasture

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A survey of the polypores occurring on introduced European and North American woody plants from the urban environment in Slovakia

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A survey on the disposition of ecotourism

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A survey on the frequency and nature of seizures in Finnish Belgian Shepherd dogs

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A survey on the seroprevalence of Brucella abortus infection in dogs (West Azerbaijan of Iran)

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A survey to determine the amount of unused product and disposal methods used in pesticide application

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A survival model of plant disease epidemic and its parameter estimation

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A system of infant feeding in Russia using home-produced food

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A system of machines for crop production in the BAM zone

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A system to defend in the face of GATT

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A systems approach to the analysis and design of operating processes for milk production

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A tachinid fly, Phytomyptera (Zett.) (Diptera: Tachinidae), feeding directly from aphid honeydew

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A technique for sampling flying insects

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A technique for stabilizing droplet spots on oil-sensitive paper

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A technique for the control of stocking in two-storied stands

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A technique for trapping small mammals in the forest canopy

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A technique to characterize spray deposit in orchard and tree canopies

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A technological card as the basis of programming and equipping plant breeding

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A telecommunication system for the dairy sector

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A temperature-based model for the development of the cabbage moth, Mamestra brassicae (L.)

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Anonymous, 1998:
A temporary meeting and 1998 fall conference

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A ten-year horticultural and economic comparison of three training systems in the Hood River valley: economics

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A terminal sire selection index for UK beef cattle

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A terrestrial gastropod from the Old World, introduced into Argentina

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A territory-wide application of the opportunity spectrum approach using marketing techniques

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A test cross protocol for determining the genotype of dark red seedcoat colors in common bean

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A test of GPS receivers in old-growth forest stands on the Queen Charlotte Islands

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A test of a pattern recognition system for identification of spiders

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A test of maize covered with water-osmosis plastic membrane in dryland in southwestern Shanxi Province

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A test of queen recruitment models using nuclear and mitochondrial markers in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta

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A test of simple models of population growth using data from very small populations of Drosophila melanogaster

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A test of the applicability of a wildlife conservation evaluation method to an afforestable region of Mpumalanga

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A test of the effects of application of Gaitulin fertilizer to late rice and rape

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A test on improved locust varieties in Rudong sea dykes

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A test on the efficacy of Ceasar 10.8 EC in control of bollworms

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A test procedure for soil moisture sensors

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A test to detect cane-sugar-honey

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A test to measure the knowledge of beekeepers on scientific beekeeping

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A testing method the cold hardiness of sacharin (Abies sachalinensis) by way of artificial freezing

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A tetranucleotide polymorphism in the canine type II collagen gene (COL2A1)

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A tetratological form in the genus Entoloma

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A theme which is often tabooed: alcohol and sport

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A theoretical analysis of host community resident reactions to tourism

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A theoretical and experimental approach to the functioning of open check-dams

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A theoretical approach on the role of fermentation in harvested plant products

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A theoretical approach to determination of regional parameters

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A theoretical study on the sex-pheromones of the rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica Stainton

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A therapeutic approach for haemorrhagic septicaemia with amoxicillin - 15%

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A therapeutic-prophylactic product based on fish stuffing containing low-molecular DNA

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A thermal threshold assay to measure the nociceptive response to morphine sulphate in cattle

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A thermosensitivity index for Lupinus albus L

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A third recessive allele, stp(mic), for seedcoat pattern at the Stp locus in common bean

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A third species of Aristogeitonia (Euphorbiaceae-Oldfieldioideae) for Madagascar

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A third-generation lentivirus vector with a conditional packaging system

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A thirst for success

Anonymous, 1998:
A thousand opportunities around a thousand lakes. The RaJuPuSu LEADER group combines environment and development

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A three phase sample design for the German Federal Forest Inventory

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A three year (1993-1995) calendar of pollen and Alternaria mould in the atmosphere of south western Sydney

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A three year evaluation of non-registered Lygus bug materials

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A three-day weighed food record and a semiquantitative food-frequency questionnaire are valid measures for assessing the folate and vitamin B-12 intakes of women aged 16 to 19 years

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A three-dimensional working model for a guide RNA from Trypanosoma brucei

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A three-year study of UNR cotton

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A three-year study of viable airborne fungi in the North Carolina Zoological Park R.J.R. Nabisco Rocky Coast Alcid Exhibit

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A three-year trial on the effectiveness of neem products against insect pests of field crops

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A threshing-machine for seed maize

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A tiered approach for evaluating avian risk posed by pesticide products

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A tilt shield with a double-drum winch as an adaptation of tracked carrier

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A timber harvest decision model adapted for timber prices

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A timber producer's entry, exit, mothballing, and reactivation decisions under market risk

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A time for peace: the rebuilding of war-torn societies

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A time of mobilization and budgets

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A time to act for family-sized farms

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A time-series analysis on the real prices and nominal prices

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A tomato antisense 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase gene causes reduced ethylene production in transgenic broccoli

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A tool for breaking soil surface crust on emergent cotton

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A tool for detecting internal defects in trees. (1)

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A tool for estimating disturbed forest site sediment production

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A tool to simulate the functioning of a suckling sheep flock and its economic results: aid for adaptation to new contexts

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A total vineyard mechanization system and its impact on quality and yield

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A touch of the Asian 'flu

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A tour on inline skates - also with student groups?

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A tour operator on the children's holiday market: the experiences of Option Vacances Junior

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A toxin to nervous, cardiac, and endocrine ERG K+ channels isolated from Centruroides noxius scorpion venom

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A trace component of ginseng that inhibits Ca2+ channels through a pertussis toxin-sensitive G protein

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A tractor engine control system based on a fuzzy logic and a genetic algorithm

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A tractor-mounted multiple-probe soil cone penetrometer

Anonymous, 1997:
A trade festival

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A trade name used as a motor of sustainable development: experiences in relation to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

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A traditional cure for an ailing health system

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A traditional floodplain fishery of the lower Amazon river, Brazil

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A transaction cost analysis of a small innovative marketing channel for beef in Belgium

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A transcontinental comparison of forest small-mammal assemblages: northern New Mexico and southern Pennsylvania compared

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A transcriptional activator, homologous to the Bacillus subtilis PurR repressor, is required for expression of purine biosynthetic genes in Lactococcus lactis

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A transformation to homogenize the variances

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A transfrontier reserve for peace and nature on the Korean peninsula

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A transgene encoding a plasma membrane H+-ATPase that confers acid resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings

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A transgene-centred approach to the transgenic biosafety assessment of transgenic herbicide-tolerant crops

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A transgenic mutant of Lactuca sativa (lettuce) with a T-DNA tightly linked to loss of downy mildew resistance

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A transgenic tomato F1 hybrid harbouring a defective viral replicase shows immunity to cucumber mosaic virus in field trials

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A transient model to predict O2 and CO2 concentrations in modified-atmosphere packaging of banana at various temperatures

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A transient outward-rectifying K+ channel current down-regulated by cytosolic Ca2+ in Arabidopsis thaliana guard cells

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A transport model for tree ring width

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A transposable partitioning locus used to stabilize plasmid-borne hydrogen oxidation and trifolitoxin production genes in a Sinorhizobium strain

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A trap for capturing arthropods crawling up tree boles

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A traveler returning from Central Africa with fever and a skin lesion

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A treatise on ICUMSA solution color - Part 1: Review and outlook

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A tree aphid (Tinocallis nevskyi Remaudiere, Quednau & Heie) new to Britain (Hem.-Hom., Aphidoidea)

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A tree dbh increase in 60-year-old spruce stands in the Beskidy Zachodnie Mountains

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A trematode metacercaria causing gill cartilage proliferation in steelhead trout from Oregon

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A trial attempt to define the course of yersiniosis in experimentally infected pigs

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A trial for immunization of chicks against caecal coccidiosis using irradiated Eimeria tenella oocysts: pathological evaluation

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A trial for the evaluation of the Egyptian programme for improvement of sheep

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A trial key and notes on Tribulus (Zygophyllaceae) in Australia, including one new species and validation of Tribulus suberosus

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A trial of Zhuangyangji applied to dry-raised rice seedlings in plastic trays

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A trial of a new vaccine for prevention and cure of Newcastle disease in chicken

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A trial of controlling rice planthopper with pesticide Dagongchen

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A trial of improvement of micropropagation of Brassica campestris cv. Kukitachina by cost simulation

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A trial of no-tillage direct seeding of rice (Oryza sativa L.) at early spring in cold climate region in Japan

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A trial of pesticides for controlling earthworms in beds for dry raising rice seedlings

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A trial of remedies to control Eimeria tenella in chickens

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A trial of rice cultivars grown after flood damage in Zhejiang

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A trial of the efficacy and safety of the herbicide Caowuying (acetochlor and bensulfuron methyl)

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A trial of weeding in dry raised seedling bed with Gaoshacaodan (benthiocarb)

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A trial on prevention and treatment of avian coccidiosis using a traditional Chinese medicine, Qiu kang

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A trial on the curative effect of Manbingqing on Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis

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A trial to control or eradicate Amblyomma hebraeum and heartwater on three ranches in Zimbabwe

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A trial to culture yellowtail with non-fishmeal diets

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A trial to enhance the efficiency of Cyclosporin A in the treatment of Schistosoma mansoni infection by immunization of mice

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A trial to grade Egyptian cattle for beef production according to fleshing and its associated traits

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A trial to promote the effect of natural control agents, especially of Trichogramma sp., on the apple tortrix, Archips fuscocupreanus Walsingham, by disrupting the mating of the pest

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A triangulation of economic impact assessments and implications

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A trimeric structural subdomain of the HIV-1 transmembrane glycoprotein

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A trinucleotide repeat polymorphism is present in bovine CSN1S1

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A tripartite aseptic culture system for grape (Vitis spp.), phylloxera (Daktulosphaera vitifoliae) and mites (Tarsanemus sp.)

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A triple-cropping system of custard squash-rice-spinach

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A trnL-F based phylogeny for species of Pelargonium (Geraniaceae) with small chromosomes

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A trophic cascade in a diverse arthropod community caused by a generalist arthropod predator

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A tropical rainforest clearing experiment by biomass burning in the state of Para, Brazil

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A truncated fragment of harpinPss induces systemic resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae in rice

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A truncated heavy chain protein relieves the requirement for surrogate light chains in early B cell development

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A tryptophan residue involved in the inhibition of plant vacuolar H+-ATPase by 2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzyl bromide

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A tuber rot of Cyperus esculentus caused by Rosellinia necatrix

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A tuberculosis outbreak in pheasants

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A turbo model for product conditions in storage and transport

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A turning point for structural interventions in agriculture

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A twist of race: Ben Johnson and the Canadian crisis of racial and national identity

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A twitch in time saves nine: birdwatching, sport, and civilizing processes

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A two compartment deep litter housing system for growing-finishing pigs. An evaluation with respect to animal welfare and performance

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A two dimensional model for transport of decayables in groundwater

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A two stage selection procedure for resistance to sclerotinia in red clover

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A two year observation of mass inoculation against HFRS with inactivated vaccine in Jiangsu province

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A two year prospective study to compare culture and polymerase chain reaction amplification for the detection and diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis

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A two year study of salmonella typhimurium DT 104 infection and contamination on cattle farms

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A two-channel pneumatic-inertia unit for cleaning threshed material

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A two-component monooxygenase catalyzes both the hydroxylation of p-nitrophenol and the oxidative release of nitrite from 4-nitrocatechol in Bacillus sphaericus JS905

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A two-level system for housing dry sows

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A two-segment simulation model of long horse vaulting

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A two-stage analysis of the effectiveness of promotion programs for U.S. apples

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A two-stage evaluation of a sport psychology internship

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A two-stage, three-way method for classifying genetic resources in multiple environments

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A two-year production cycle of Israeli-grown Hippeastrum bulbs from bulb chipping to Christmas flowering

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A type IC restriction-modification system in Lactococcus lactis

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A type transfer function approach for regional-scale pesticide leaching assessments

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A typical chronic form of Aeromonas hydrophila infection in Indian major carp, Catla catla, from Andaman

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A typical pattern of vegetation conditions in southern Africa during El Nino years detected from AVHRR data using three-channel numerical index

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A typology for the understanding of structure and function of a sports industry: A case study of NASCAR