Section 4
Chapter 3,031

Acquired immunity and reinfection to Schistosoma japonicum: baseline epidemiological data from an endemic island area in the Dongting lake region, Hunan Province

Li YueSheng; Allen, G.P.R.; Li Yi; Zhang XinYue; Wu ZhaoWu; Yu XinLing; Luo XinShong; He YongKang; Lin JinLian; McManus, D.P.; Zhou DaRen

Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control 10(2): 76-79


Accession: 003030833

The prevalence and morbidity of Schistosoma japonicum infection on 2 islands (large, Qingshan; small, Nianjiashan) in the Dongting lake region, Hunan Province, China, were studied in 1996. Overall, 1909 individuals representing 72.2% of the local population were examined. Stool examinations revealed that the prevalence on the large and small islands was 14.6 and 23.7%, respectively. Two distinct peaks of prevalence were observed at age groups 25-34 and 45-54 years on the large island.

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