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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3035

Chapter 3035 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Agricultural production structure modelling under risk condition of crop yield

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Agricultural production: the results of market reform

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Agricultural productivity performance in Gujarat

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Agricultural productivity revisited

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Agricultural products, food products and international exchanges in the Di Cocco model

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Agricultural profile of the Rural Development Bureau in Limeira

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Agricultural projects financed by the Committee of Sciences and Technology

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Agricultural property valuations. Facing new issues: the implications of an unstable land market and lettings under farm business tenancies

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Agricultural public finance policy in Asia: Report of the APO study meeting on agricultural public finance policy held in Taipei, Taiwan, 4-12 June 1997

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Agricultural publications in small-scale farmer extension

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Agricultural reclamation of degraded soil by secondary salinization

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Agricultural recovery and emergency seed restoration in the post disaster situation of Angola. A case study: World Vision International

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Agricultural reform

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Agricultural reform and changes in the structure of ownership of agricultural land in Japan

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Agricultural reform in Central and Eastern Europe

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Agricultural reforms and formation of novel agrarian relations

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Agricultural research and extension interface - Indian experience

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Agricultural research in India - a profile based on CAB Abstracts 1990-1994

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Agricultural research in Sri Lanka: present status and future challenges

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Agricultural research in the European Union: the framework for program IV (1994-1998)

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Agricultural research in the GAP (Southeast Anatolia) region

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Agricultural research in tomorrow's world: contribution to INRA's golden jubilee, specialized meeting of 4 June 1997

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Agricultural research in tomorrow's world: the sustainable development and preservation of rural areas and natural resources

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Agricultural research in transforming Central and Eastern Europe

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Agricultural resource management by smallhold farmers in East Africa

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Agricultural resources for development on Sardinia

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Agricultural resources management in an environmental perspective with regard to developing countries basic needs

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Agricultural restructuring

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Agricultural restructuring in central and eastern Europe: implications for competitiveness and rural development

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Agricultural risk management and the role of the private sector

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Agricultural risks: what protection for tomorrow?

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Agricultural salinization in the Olifants River at Loskop Valley, Mpumalanga

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Agricultural sector modelling on the basis of 'typical farms'. Part 1: a modelling framework for the new Federal Lander

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Agricultural situation in India and Pakistan

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Agricultural statistics 1996

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Agricultural statistics in Greece - their importance for agricultural policy

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Agricultural statistics overcome the EU challenge: information conference on official agricultural statistics in Austria on 13th September 1999

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Agricultural structural change and the rural financial system in transition countries

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Agricultural structure and mechanisation characteristics of the Sanlurfa-Harran Plain

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Agricultural suitability of degraded Acrisols and Lixisols of former tea lands in Sri Lanka

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Agricultural supply response analysis in Bulgaria over the transition period

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Agricultural supply response under contract

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Agricultural sustainability and rainfall variability

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Agricultural sustainability does not imply biocenotic sustainability

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Agricultural system in Japan

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Agricultural system's modelling and the GIS

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Agricultural systems research: how and for whom

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Agricultural technologies adapted for red pepper production in Spain and Hungary

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Agricultural technology and development communication networking patterns in differentially developed villages of Bangladesh

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Agricultural technology and environmental quality: an institutional perspective

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Agricultural tenancy and interlinked transactions - I neoclassical and Marxist approaches

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Agricultural terracing system proposed for the northwestern region of Parana

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Agricultural towed equipment braking - a user's guide for braking systems

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Agricultural tractor equipped with low-pressure tyres and bias ply: comparative performance

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Agricultural trade balances of CEFTA countries

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Agricultural trade in conditions of globalization and polycentrism

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Agricultural trade liberalization and capital flows in the Americas

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Agricultural trade liberalization in the Uruguay Round: implications for Sri Lanka

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Agricultural trade policy and export strategy

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Agricultural trade reforms, research incentives, and the environment

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Agricultural training needs of farm women of Haryana

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Agricultural transformation in Estonia - situation and outlook in spring 1998

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Agricultural transport services in the Korzenna commune

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Agricultural trends in the Central and Eastern European Countries

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Agricultural tyres: choice and use

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Agricultural use of antibiotics and the evolution and transfer of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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Agricultural use of manure and compost in the Sudan-Sahel region of Africa. Diagnosis and prospects

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Agricultural use of municipal wastewaters: irrigation methods and health hazards

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Agricultural use of porous hydrate calcium silicate. II. Practical use to improve silicon nutrition of rice plants in paddy fields

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Agricultural use of urban waste water: irrigation methods and health hazards

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Agricultural utilization of organic wastes in the area of conflict of soil protection and the economic cycle

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Agricultural wastes

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Agricultural wetland and pond hydrologic calculations using the spaw-II model

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Agricultural wetland management for conservation goals. Invertebrates in California ricelands

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Agricultural wholesale markets in an electronic commerce environment

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Agricultural wiring changes in the 1999 National Electrical Code

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Agricultural workers in Chile: their situation and opinions

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Agricultural, qualitative and energetic estimation of different methods of weeding and nitrogen fertilization of spring breadmaking wheat. Part II. Energy consumption for grain production

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Agricultural, qualitative and energetic estimation of different methods of weeding and nitrogen fertilizer application to spring breadmaking wheat. Part 1. Yield and technological quality of grain

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Agricultural-nitrogen contributions to hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico

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Agriculturalists: active citizens? The electoral behaviour of French agriculturalists in the legislative elections of 1997

Anonymous, 1998:

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Agriculture & the environment: a new strategic vision

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Agriculture advancing with large steps by relying on science and technique - development track of planting industry in Fengxian County

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Agriculture and business - partners or competitors?

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Agriculture and changing land use in New Zealand

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Agriculture and combating poverty: the example of Benin

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Agriculture and countryside development

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Agriculture and economic development in developing countries

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Agriculture and economic reforms

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Agriculture and employment: parallel histories?

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Agriculture and environment after CAP reform in the Netherlands: an application of an agri-environmental sector model

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Agriculture and environment in Poland

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Agriculture and environment in the Baltic Sea region: an agenda for action

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Agriculture and environment. Proceedings, Bled, Slovenia, 12-13 March 1998

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Agriculture and food needs to 2025

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Agriculture and food production

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Agriculture and forestry extension: support publications and aids for advisory work, listing of the position as at June 1998

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Agriculture and forestry in mountain areas and disadvantaged areas of Austria

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Agriculture and geographical information systems

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Agriculture and globalization: arm-wrestling between Europe and the United States

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Agriculture and information

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Agriculture and international negotiation

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Agriculture and its influence on the economic and social development of regions

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Agriculture and land transformation. 1. Temporal and spatial dimensions

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Agriculture and land use planning in Vanuatu

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Agriculture and livestock sectors in southern Africa

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Agriculture and mechanisation in Yugoslavia Federal Republic (Serbia and Montenegro)

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Agriculture and mechanization of North Africa: the market of farm machinery with Italy

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Agriculture and natural potential

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Agriculture and poverty reduction: the Benin example

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Agriculture and preserving the settlement pattern in Slovenia

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Agriculture and rural development: the necessary convergence

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Agriculture and rural livelihood in North-West Peddie district

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Agriculture and rural society in Peru

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Agriculture and social policy

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Agriculture and stabilization in Brazil: a collection of articles 1995-1998

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Agriculture and the changing nation-state: implications for policy and political economy

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Agriculture and the dynamics of soil erosion in the United States

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Agriculture and the environment in transition: a case study of Estonia

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Agriculture and the environment. Management and economic factors affecting the management of erosion control

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Agriculture and the environment: the behaviour of agriculturalists

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Agriculture and the evolution of tariff bargaining

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Agriculture and the food industry: economic decline at 4.7% of national GDP

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Agriculture and the next Round of WTO negotiation

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Agriculture and village life in Laos

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Agriculture and water contamination: methods of study and research

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Agriculture and water erosion in Tuscany

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Agriculture and water pollution - the main issues

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Agriculture and water quality: new approaches to old problems

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Agriculture and wetlands: is 'no net loss' achievable?

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Agriculture as a driving force of economic development: suggestions for agricultural development policy in Southern Africa

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Agriculture as a management system

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Agriculture as economic shock absorber: Indonesia

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Agriculture at the urban fringe: a competition for scarce resources

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Agriculture at world market prices. Milk production in New Zealand

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Agriculture based on quality: TARIS

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Agriculture between environmental concerns and growing food needs. Proceedings of the third forum of the German Alliance for International Agricultural Research, 5-6 February 1997

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Agriculture finance trends: real data from real farms

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Agriculture for the future

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Agriculture in 2010 - from the viewpoint of policy

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Agriculture in 21st century - issues and priorities

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Agriculture in Argentina

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Agriculture in Austria - between hope and dread

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Agriculture in China: water and energy resources

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Agriculture in Colombia during 1996 (performance of the principal variables)

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Agriculture in Germany: some considerations on economic, political and environmental sustainability

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Agriculture in India

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Agriculture in India by 2000 AD - emerging opportunities

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Agriculture in Poland - structural deficiencies hinder full utilization of production potential

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. I: present situation

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. II: zoning of agricultural lands

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. III: typology of farmers

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. IV: farming systems and their dynamics

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. V: institutional improvements

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Agriculture in Rodrigues. VI: a case study in the use of farming systems research methodology

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Agriculture in Switzerland-yesterday, today and tomorrow

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Agriculture in Thailand at the cross-road

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Agriculture in a new century: what role for USDA information?

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Agriculture in a sustainable environment - a holistic approach

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Agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions of Morocco: challenges and prospects

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Agriculture in south-east Asia: the Vietnamese experience

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Agriculture in the 'green belts' of urban conurbations

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Agriculture in the Alps from the Austrian point of view

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Agriculture in the Baltic region: international perspective

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Agriculture in the Metropolitan Park of Havana, Cuba

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Agriculture in the South Pacific: what does the future hold?

Anonymous, 1998:
Agriculture in the WTO

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Agriculture in the Werra-Meissner rural district - a stocktaking

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Agriculture in the integrated water resources development of northern West Java

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Agriculture in the less favoured areas of Austria

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Agriculture in the national accounts: gaps in the information system

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Agriculture in the north Cameroon savanna: towards a solid development of the savannas of central Africa. Workshop proceedings, 25-29 November 1996, Garoua, Cameroon

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Agriculture in the pampas region of Argentina

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Agriculture in the rural environment: which requirements for which functions?

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Agriculture in transition: perspectives from cultural anthropology

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Agriculture likely to produce strong 1997 and 1998 income-though earnings not expected to equal 1996 record

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Agriculture now and in the future

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Agriculture of Baptisia tinctoria: first results

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Agriculture on the road to industrialization

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Agriculture practices influencing soil mineral nitrogen and N2O emission

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Agriculture sector resource and environmental policy analysis: an economic and biophysical approach

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Agriculture to instream water transfers under uncertain water availability: a case study of the Deschutes River, Oregon

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Agriculture under varied general conditions - consequences of varied consumption habits and of technical progress

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Agriculture within the context of HELCOM's mandate and activities

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Agriculture's future in the WTO: a Cairns Group perspective

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Agriculture's share in the emission of climate-relevant trace gases in Austria

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Agriculture, a power for the mountain

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Agriculture, an important partner in regional development - structural change continues undiminished

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Agriculture, forestry and knowledge in communication technology

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Agriculture, rural development, environment and Ibero-American cooperation

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Agriculture, the countryside and the 'empty cubbyhole' of development

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Agriculture, trade and exchange rates in MERCOSUR

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Agriculture, wildlife and hunting

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Agriculture- and food-related challenges of the 21st century

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Agriculture: its interplay with reforms

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Agriculture: self-evident part of villages and cause for conflicts?

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Agriculture: the production of clean water

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Agrilus sinuatus (Olivier) (Col., Buprestidae) new to Wales

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Agritechnica 1997: new machines and equipment for vegetable growers

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Agritourism strategies: farmer logic or regional logic?

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Agritourism versus the rural hotel industry: a comparison of the economic effects of agritourism and the hotel industry

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Agro-Agenda 2000: in defence of a European agricultural model?

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Agro-biotechnology: research and development

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Agro-chemicals and bio-products in Iran

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Agro-chemicals use and sustainable agriculture: some observations from a semi-arid area of India

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Agro-ecological comparison between the plains of Cukurova and Harran (GAP) in Turkey

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Agro-ecological impact of disseminating transgenic crop plants in tropical regions

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Agro-ecological indicators, tools for evaluating farming systems

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Agro-ecological organization of calcareous grasslands and shrublands in the French Southern Prealps (Vercors Regional Natural Park, France)

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Agro-ecological zoning of the Austro ecuatoriano diagnostic planning for nature conservation and sustainable landuse

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Agro-ecology research to develop sustainable cattle production practices for Florida

Ahmad, N.; Saeed, M., 1998:
Agro-economic advantages of different wheat-based intercropping systems using different patterns of wheat plantation

Haxsen, G., 1997:
Agro-economic calculations for the reduction of nitrogen excesses in animal husbandry under various price conditions

Alam, M.S.; Saha, M.K.; Biswas, B.K.; Rahman, M.S.; Misra, H.B., 1997:
Agro-economic performance of different tillage methods on selected quantitative characters in barley

Dinel, H.; Pare, T., 1998:
Agro-environmental indicators of soil quality in Canada

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Agro-environmental measures and the direct subsidies in the farm income

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Agro-environmental measures suitable for cereals and industrial crops

Benedictis, M. de, 1998:
Agro-environmental quality: problems and policies

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Agro-forestry and the Common Agricultural Policy: an investigation of incentives to afforestation

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Agro-industrial just-in-time: the chicken industry and postwar American capitalism

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Agro-industrial waste management: integration and utilisation of rice husk as sustainable and low-input resource for castor seed production in a tropical ultisol

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Agro-industrialization on a small scale: hygiene, quality and legal aspects

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Agro-morphological response of maize to water stress

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Agro-physiological response of wheat to drought at its various vegetative development stages

Hernandez Medina, C.A.; Quintero, E.; Mederos, A.; Diaz, B.; Herrera Ysla, L., 1997:
Agro-technical control measures to reduce inoculation of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc in the soil

Fabrizio, E. de, 1998:
Agro-tourism in Umbria

Riou, C., 1997:
Agro-viticultural influence of the terroir effect through grassing down soils

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Agrobacterial transformation of Actinidia kolomicta

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Agrobacterial transformation of Chrysanthemum

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Agrobacterium VirE2 proteins can form a complex with T strands in the plant cytoplasm

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Agrobacterium bronzing and wilt: cultivar reactions and effects of temperature

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Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of monocot plants

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Agrobacterium mediated transformation in Coffea canephora

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Agrobacterium mediated transformation of Brassica napus and the expression of the antisense PEP gene in the transgenic plants

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation of Artemisia annua

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes, a natural vector for genetically transforming higher plants

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated gene transfer in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. (Wilczek))

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation and cotransformation frequencies of Arabidopsis thaliana root explants and tobacco protoplasts

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation of the radiation hypersensitive Arabidopsis thaliana mutants uvh1 and rad5

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens versus biolistic-mediated transformation of the chrysanthemum cvs. Polaris and Golden Polaris with nucleocapsid protein genes of three tospovirus species

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gene transfer to tea plant (Camellia sinensis) cells

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of Phalaenopsis orchid

Cruz-Hernandez, A.W.tjaksono; Litz, R.; Gomez-Lim, M., 1998:
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of embryogenic avocado cultures and regeneration of somatic embryos

Barbieri, M., 1998:
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