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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3036

Chapter 3036 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

K.C.iunCheng; W.W.nJer; Chou LiangYih, 1998:
Aleurocybotus (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) of Taiwan

Wang, H.; Grotewold, E., 1999:
Aleurone and pericarp pigmentation in the a1-mum2 allele

Theisen, G.; Vidal, R.A., 1999:
Alexandergrass (Brachiaria plantaginea) seed viability and soil cover with straw

Carver, M.; Reid, I.A., 1996:
Aleyrodidae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) of Australia

Vaissayre, M.; Menozzi, P.; Nibouche, S.; Deguine, J.P., 1998:
Aleyrodidae in cotton farming systems: biology and population management

Cassino, P.C.R.; Nascimento, F.N., 1999:
Aleyrodids (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on citrus trees in Brazil: distribution and identification

Zalasa, M., 1998:
Alfa Laval in the sugar industry

Andres, J.A.; Correa, N.S.; Rosas, S.B., 1998:
Alfalfa and soybean seed and root exudates treated with thiram inhibit the expression of rhizobia nodulation genes

Guan, J.; Buxton, D.R.; Goff, J.P.; Horst, R.L., 1997 :
Alfalfa cultivar variation for minerals concentration

Hauptvogel, P., 1997:
Alfalfa gene-pool in Research Institute of Plant Production in Piest'any (Slovakia)

Shore, L.S., 1999:
Alfalfa irrigated with sewage can cause infertility

Bol, J.F., 1999:
Alfalfa mosaic virus and ilarviruses: involvement of coat protein in multiple steps of the replication cycle

Zheng, H.; Wang, G.; Zhang, L., 1997:
Alfalfa mosaic virus movement protein induces tubules in plant protoplasts

Sheaffer, C.C.; Jewett, J.G.imsbo; Barnes, D.K.; Lueschen, W.E.; Swanson, D.R.; Matthison, R., 1997:
Alfalfa persistence under infrequent cutting

Haby, V.; Davis, J.V.; Leonard, A., 1998:
Alfalfa response to boron at variable soil pH on Coastal Plain Soils

Hall, J.W.; Stout, D.G.; Brooke, B.M., 1998:
Alfalfa seed germination tests and stand establishment: the role of hard (water impermeable) seed

Broderick, G.A.; Maignan, S., 1997:
Alfalfa silage versus red clover silage or a mixture of alfalfa and red clover silage as the sole forage for lactating dairy cows

Ustarroz, E., 1999:
Alfalfa utilization in grazing conditions

Koenig, R.T.; Hurst, C.L.; Barnhill, J.V., 1998:
Alfalfa yield and soil test responses to phosphorus and potassium

Whisson, D.A.; Orloff, S.B.; Lancaster, D.L., 1999:
Alfalfa yield loss from Belding's ground squirrels in northeastern California

Koegel, R.G.; Straub, R.J.; Austin Phillips, S.; Cook, M.E.; Crenshaw, T.D., 1999:
Alfalfa-produced phytase for supplementation of poultry and swine rations

Pattnaik, P.; Prasad, D.N., 1999:
Algae as animal feed: potentials to reality

Latza, R.; Lehmann, G., 1997:
Algae as nutritional supplement

Skaramuca, B.; Kozul, V., 1998:
Algae freezing and long-term storage for use in aquaculture

Nayak, S.; Padhi, S., 1998:
Algae in aquaculture

Moul, E.T.; Buell, H.F., 1998:
Algae of the pine barrens

Fleurence, J.; Gueant, J.L., 1999:
Algae: a new source of proteins

Mohabeer, A.J.; Kaplan, P.J.; Southern, P.M.; Gander, R.M., 1997:
Algaemia due to Prototheca wickerhamii in a patient with myasthenia gravis

Kabirov, R.R., 1997:
Algal communities of conifer forests in the vicinity of the Severonikel combine (Kola peninsula)

Malki, M.; Redjel, N.; Zeghida, A., 1997:
Algeria: bringing farmers into research

Maruyama, E.; Ishii, K.; Kinoshita, I., 1998:
Alginate encapsulation technique and cryogenic procedures for long-term storage of the tropical forest tree Guazuma crinita Mart. in vitro cultures

Chavarria Carvajal, J.A.; Rodriguez Kabana, R., 1998:
Alginate films for assessment of parasitism of Meloidogyne incognita eggs in soils treated with organic amendments

Saude, N.; Junter, G.A., 1998:
Alginate production by free and immobilized Azotobacter vinelandii

Aoyagi, H.; Yasuhira, J.; Tanaka, H., 1997:
Alginate promotes production of various enzymes by Catharanthus roseus cells

Wilkins, R.M.; Zhao, J., 1997:
Alginate-based formulations of volatile herbicides: factors affecting release rates

Vass, D.; Konecny, V.; Elecko, M., 1998:
Alginite - a new ecological raw material suitable for utilisation in forestry

Shtina, E.A.; Zenova, G.M.; Manucharova, N.A., 1998:
Algological soil monitoring

Rasnitsyn, S.P., 1997:
Algorithm for determining the minimum effective dose of insecticides

Bernier, T.; Landry, J.A., 1997:
Algorithmic method for the recognition of biological objects

Newton, Pf, 1997:
Algorithmic versions of black spruce stand density management diagrams

Antonovich, A.L.; Antonovich, D.A., 1996:
Algorithms for controlling the lime feeds to the juice purification station

Eissen, J.; Kanis, E.M.rks, J., 1998:
Algorithms for identifying errors in individual feed intake data of growing pigs in group-housing

Tucek, J.; Pacola, E., 1999:
Algorithms for skidding distance modelling on a raster digital terrain model

Fremstad, E., 1997:
Alien plants in Norway. Japanese Rose - Rosa rugosa

Dressel, U.; Thormeyer, D.; Altincicek, B.; Paululat, A.; Eggert, M.; Schneider, S.; Tenbaum, S.P.; Renkawitz, R.; Baniahmad, A., 1999:
Alien, a highly conserved protein with characteristics of a corepressor for members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily

Armstrong, K.F.; Cameron, C.M.; Frampton, E.R.; Suckling, D.M., 1997:
Aliens at the border and cadavers in the field: a molecular technique for species identification

Vasquez, B.; Lashomb, J.H.; Hamilton, G., 1997:
Alightment of Edovum puttleri Grissell (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in response to colors mimicking three hosts of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Qin AnChen; Liu JianGuo; Zhao LinSen, 1997:
Alignment at different levels in forest harvest regulation

Eduardo Atalah, S.; Xenia Benavides, M.; Leticia Avila M.; Sonia Barahona, G.; Rosa Cardenas, A., 1998 :
Alimentary features of elders living in poor communities of the Metropolitan Region of Chile

Pfaff, G.; Hesse, V.; Oehler, K.; Georg, T.; Boeing, H., 1997:
Alimentary iodine deficiency in the Potsdam region

Olson, B.; Schneeman, B.O., 1998:
Alimentary lipemia is enhanced in fiber-fed rats

Bertoni, G., 1998:
Alimentary prophylaxis of puerperal hypocalcemia (and of Downer cow) in the milking cow

Tournaire Arellano, C.; Stigliani, J.L.; Recoche, C.; Caujolle, R.; Payard, M.; Linas, M.D.; Seguela, J.P., 1997:
Aliphatic ethers of 1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1-H-imidazolyl)ethanol: influence of ramification and/or unsaturation on lipophilicity and antifungal activity

Araya, M.; Centeno, M., 1998:
Aliquot volume and nematode spatial distribution on counting dishes for nematode population estimation extracted from banana roots (Musa AAA)

Faccini, N.; Alberici, R.; Baronchelli, M.; Pagani, D.; Pecchioni, N.; Vale, G.; Terzi, V.; Stanca, A.M.; Delogu, G., 1999:
Aliseo: a new cultivar of six-rowed barley resistant to yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV)

Darade, N.B.; Chavan, J.K.; Kachare, D.P., 1999:
Alkali treatment in the milling of discoloured sorghum

Maccari, A.J.; Carpen, V.S.; Martinez, P.E.M.L.; Zanon, A.C.; Bittencourt, J.; Souza, J.B., 1996:
Alkaline dipping of persimmon fruit (Diospyros kaki L.), cv. Taubate, with lye solution

Matsumoto, M.; Mishima, S.; Matsuyama, N., 1997:
Alkaline extraction of DNA from pathogenic fungi for PCR-RFLP analysis

Zhang LiJun; Zheng ZhiFang; Han YuDong; Yang Xu, 1997:
Alkaline extraction technology for larch bark

E.A.sary, A.; Farrag, E., 1995:
Alkaline phosphatase and 5-nucleotidase activities and levels of calcium and phosphorus in tissues of some fresh water snails

Kumar, P.C.; Garibova, C.L.V.; Velikanov, L.L., 1997:
Alkaline phosphatase levels as indicator for screening VAM fungi in spring wheat

Bursik, M.; Nemec, M., 1998:
Alkaline phosphatase production during sporulation of Bacillus cereus

Chandler, K.J., 1997:
Alkaline soil amendments jeopardise soil-insect control with chlorpyrifos

Maeda, H.; Numata, Y.; Toyoda, A., 1997:
Alkaline solubilization of chicken feather and wool under room-temperature and normal atmospheric pressure conditions and the amino acid composition of the products

Salinas Moreno, Y.; Perez Herrera, P., 1997:
Alkaline-cooking and tortilla quality of maize produced in Mexico

Larson, B.T.; Harmon, D.L.; Piper, E.L.; Griffis, L.M.; Bush, L.P., 1999:
Alkaloid binding and activation of D2 dopamine receptors in cell culture

Krenn, L.; Dobos, G.; Gabriel, E., 1998:
Alkaloid content and composition in different genotypes of poppy

Ventura, M.R.; Castanon, J.I.R.; Muzquiz, M.; Flores, M.P., 1999:
Alkaloid content of different subspecies of Chamaecytisus proliferus from the Canary Islands and its influence on in vitro digestibility

Bonzom, M.P.erre; Gargadennec, A.; Andary, C.; Roussel, J.L.uis; Gueiffier, A., 1998:
Alkaloid repartition and DMSO effects on alkaloid accumulation in Catharanthus seedlings

Sari, A.; Sariyar, G.; Mat, A.; Hirlak, F., 1998:
Alkaloids and bioactivity of Papaver lateritium occurring in Turkey

Akhmedzhanova, V.I.; Batsuren, D., 1997:
Alkaloids and flavonoids of Oxytropis muricata

Machocho, A.; Chhabra, S.C.; Viladomat, F.; Codina, C.; Bastida, J., 1998:
Alkaloids from Crinum stuhlmannii

Zhang GuoLin; L.B.Gang, 1997:
Alkaloids from the roots of Berberis julianae

THorsson, J.; Hliberg, K., 1997:
Alkaloids in Lupinus nootkatensis

Tillequin, F., 1997:
Alkaloids in the genus Sarcomelicope Engl. (Rutaceae)

Tilyabaev Z.; Abduvakhabov A.A., 1998:
Alkaloids of Anabasis aphylla and their cholinergic activities

Khuzhaev, V.U.; Aripova, S.F., 1998:
Alkaloids of Arundo donax

Zhalolov, I.; Khuzhaev, V.U.; Tashkhodzhaev, B.; Levkovich, M.G.; Aripova, S.F.; Abdullaev, N.D., 1998:
Alkaloids of Arundo donax. VII. A spectroscopic and X-ray structural investigation of arundinine - a new dimeric alkaloid from the epigeal part of Arundo donax

Amaral, A.C.F.; Barnes, R.A., 1997:
Alkaloids of Croton celtidifolius

Viladomat, F.; Bastida, J.; Codina, C.; Nair, J.J.; Campbell, W.E., 1997:
Alkaloids of the South African Amaryllidaceae

Bessonova, I.A.; Saidkhodzhaeva, S.A., 1998:
Alkaloids of the cultivated plant Delphinium elatum

Sittie, A.A.; Lemmich, E.; Olsen, C.E.; Hviid, L.; Brøgger Christensen, S., 1998:
Alkamides from Phyllanthus fraternus

Tse, B.; Balkovec, J.M.; Blazey, C.M.; Hsu MingJo; Nielsen, J.; Schmatz, D., 1998:
Alkyl side-chain derivatives of sordaricin as potent antifungal agents against yeast

E.G.ngaihi, S.E.; Shalaby, A.S.; Agina, E.A.; Hendawy, S.F., 1998:
Alkylamides of Echinacea purpurea L. as influenced by plant ontogeny and fertilization

Schumacher, C.; Robbe, Y.; Raynal, B.C.; Sicart, M.T.; Dubois, J.B.; Gouttebel, M.C.; Joyeux, H., 1998:
Alkylglycerol ester activities on hematological data in irradiated mice

Singh, S., 1996:
Alkylphosphocholines in visceral leishmaniasis: in vitro and in vivo study

Elder, R.H.; Jansen, J.G.; Weeks, R.J.; Willington, M.A.; Deans, B.; Watson, A.J.; Mynett, K.J.; Bailey, J.A.; Cooper, D.P.; Rafferty, J.A.; Heeran, M.C.; Wijnhoven, S.W.; van Zeeland, A.A.; Margison, G.P., 1998:
Alkylpurine-DNA-N-glycosylase knockout mice show increased susceptibility to induction of mutations by methyl methanesulfonate

Zarnowski, R.; Kozubek, A., 1999:
Alkylresorcinol homologs in Pisum sativum L. varieties

Cohen Maurel, E., 1997:
All credit to products from the Auvergne

Lukanev, I.V., 1997:
All factors are important

Clarke, R., 1998:
All full up

Russell, G., 1998:
All rights guaranteed - all actors accountable: poverty is a violation of human rights

Tibiletti, E., 1998:
All the rootstocks from Vilmorin

Douzono, M.; Ikeda, H., 1998:
All year round productivity of F1 and BC1 progenies between Dendranthema grandiflorum and D. shiwogiku

Poon, A., 1998:
All-inclusive resorts

Marengoni, N.G.; Onoue, Y.; Oyama, T., 1998:
All-male tilapia hybrids of 2 strains of Oreochromis niloticus

Flachmann, R.; Ruban, A.; Horton, P., 1998:
All-or-nothing rule for the assembly of photosystem II: an analytical study in severely chlorophyll-deficient tobacco plants

Anonymous, 1997:
All-out diversification in the Cavan-Monaghan LEADER area : from agricultural enterprise to rural enterprise

Chen JiYuan; H.B.n; Zheng DaoSheng; Zhang ShiHua; Liu JianPing; Zhu ShunHe, 1999:
All-trans retinoic acid reduces intimal thickening after balloon angioplasty in atherosclerotic rabbits

Bikbulatov, Z.G.; Satyev, B.K.; Samokhvalov, V.I., 1997:
All-year-round maintenance of horses on pastures

Sayah, F.; Fayet, C.; Laverdure, A.-Marie., 1998:
Allatostatin-like peptide in the brain-retrocerebral complex of the earwig Labidura riparia: cyclic variations related to the reproductive cycle

Hoffmann, K.H.; Meyering-Vos, M.; Lorenz, M.W., 1999:
Allatostatins and allatotropins: is the regulation of corpora allata activity their primary function?

Ricordeau, G.; Mahe, M.F.; Persuy, M.A.; Leroux, C.; Francois, V.; Amigues, Y., 1999:
Allele frequencies of casein loci in Pyrenean goats: the particular case of the null allele for beta -casein

Stuczynska, J.; Stuczynski, M.; Kamieniecka, E., 1999:
Allele frequencies of the Pgi-2 locus in tetraploid Lolium x boucheanum Kunth hybrids and their parental forms

Nasioulas, G.; Dean, M.; Koumbarelis, E.; Paraskevis, D.; Gialeraki, A.; Karafoulidou, A.; Mandalaki, T.; Hatzakis, A., 1998:
Allele frequency of the CCR5 mutant chemokine receptor in Greek Caucasians

Maddatu, T.; Naggert, J.K., 1997:
Allele-specific PCR assays for the tub and cpefat mutations

Laursen, J.; Larsen, H.J.; Mikkelsen, T.R.; Hjorth, J.P., 1998:
Allele-specific expression of the PSP gene in the mouse sublingual glands

Larkin, J.C.; Walker, J.D.; Bolognesi-Winfield, A.C.; Gray, J.C.; Walker, A.R., 1999:
Allele-specific interactions between ttg and gl1 during trichome development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Veuille, M.; Bénassi, V.; Aulard, S.; Depaulis, F., 1998:
Allele-specific population structure of Drosophila melanogaster alcohol dehydrogenase at the molecular level

Adagu, I.S.; Warhurst, D.C., 1999:
Allele-specific, nested, one tube PCR: application to Pfmdr1 polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum

Davis, A.M.; Pond, W.G.; Wheeler, M.; Ishimura-Oka, K.; Su, D.R.; Li, C.M.; Mersmann, H.J., 1998:
Alleles of the cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase (CYP7) gene in pigs selected for high or low plasma total cholesterol

Ferreira, M.U.; Liu, Q.; Kaneko, O.; Kimura, M.; Tanabe, K.; Kimura, E.A.; Katzin, A.M.; Isomura, S.; Kawamoto, F., 1998:
Allelic diversity at the merozoite surface protein-1 locus of Plasmodium falciparum in clinical isolates from the southwestern Brazilian Amazon

Ferreira, M.U., 1998:
Allelic diversity in the merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-1) in natural Plasmodium falciparum populations

Frascaroli, E.L.ndi, P., 1998:
Allelic frequency change of P1 gene in a maize population after recurrent selection for grain yield

Felmer, R.; Butendieck, N., 1998:
Allelic frequency of the kappa -casein gene in a herd of Chilean Black Friesian cattle

Schierup, M.H.; Vekemans, X.; Christiansen, F.B., 1998:
Allelic genealogies in sporophytic self-incompatibility systems in plants

Szalma, S.; Stinard, P.S.; Cone, K.C., 1999:
Allelic relationships among the zebra mutants in the Coop's zb1, zb2, and zb3 stocks

Marusina, K.; Iyer, M.; Monaco, J.J., 1997:
Allelic variation in the mouse Tap-1 and Tap-2 transporter genes

Zhu JinBao; Mares, D.; O.B.ien, L., 1997:
Allelic variations of glutenin subunits of wheat and their effects on dough mixing time

Hua WangShu; Rong JiaDa; Chun TongJing; Tang WeiYu, 1998:
Allelism determination of male sterile genes in Chinese cabbage

Coe, E.H., 1999:
Allelism of v28 stock with yg2

Kiribuchi Otobe, C.; Yasui, T.; Yanagisawa, T.; Yoshida, H., 1998:
Allelism test of waxy hexaploid wheats from different sources

Jackson, J.D., 1999:
Allelism testing of green stripe stocks in Maize Coop Stock Center collection

Jackson, J.D., 1999:
Allelism testing of lazy stocks in Maize Coop Stock Center collection

Jackson, J.D., 1999:
Allelism testing of zebra necrotic stocks in Maize Coop Stock Center collection

Zhang Jing, 1998:
Allelism tests for the dwarf genes in the three main dwarf sources of barley

Bassett, Mark J., 1997:
Allelism tests involving two genes, ers and ers-2, that restrict partly colored seedcoat expression in common bean

Chen XiangFeng; Palmer, R.G., 1998:
Allelism tests of mutants generated by instability at the k2 Mdh1-n y20 chromosomal region

Neal, J.W.J.; Davis, J.C.; Bentz, J.A.; Warthen, J.D.J.; Griesbach, R.J.; Santamour, F.S.J., 1998:
Allelochemical activity in Ardisia species (Myrsinaceae) against selected arthropods

Ananthakrishnan, T.N., 1997:
Allelochemical synergism and insect behavioural diversity

Sadhana Tripathi; Ashuotsh Tripathi, 1997:
Allelochemicals and allelopathic problems : prospects of research

Eom, S.H.; Kim, M.J.; Choi, Y.H.; Rim, Y.S.; Yu, C.Y.; Kim, E.H., 1999:
Allelochemicals from buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) as herbicides

Chou ChangHung, 1998:
Allelochemicals in sustainable agriculture: its past and future

Lal, B.; Singh, H.K., 1998:
Allelogenic effect of tree litter biomass on growth, yield and quality of arable crops

Sobotka, W., 1997:
Alleloherbicides - recent progress in allelopathic research

Dilday, R.H.; Moldenhauer, K.A.; Yan, W.G.; Gealy, D.R., 1998:
Allelopathic activities to barnyardgrass in rice and yield reduction due to barnyardgrass infestation

Tongma, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Usui, K., 1999:
Allelopathic activity and movement of water leachate from Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray) leaves in soil

Tongma, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Usui, K., 1998:
Allelopathic activity of Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) in soil

Lydon, J.; Teasdale, J.R.; Chen, P.K., 1997:
Allelopathic activity of annual wormwood (Artemisia annua) and the role of artemisinin

Zakharenko, A.V.; Aref' eva, V.A., 1998:
Allelopathic activity of the rhizosphere of coenoses of weeds under various systems of soil treatment

Sivagurunathan, M.; Devi, G.S.; Ramasamy, K., 1997:
Allelopathic compounds in Eucalyptus spp

Oudhia, P.; Kolhe, S.S.; Tripathi, R.S., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of Blumea lacera L. on rice and common kharif weeds

Oudhia, P.; Kolhe, S.S.; Tripathi, R.S., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of Calotropis gigantea R. Br. on germination and seedling vigour of chickpea

Sajjan, A.S.; Biradar, B.D., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of Cassia sericea on seed and seedling parameters in rabi sorghum

Sidhu, D.S.; Dhillon, G.P.S., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus leaf litter on wheat yield

Sajjan, A.S.; Hiremath, S.M.; Badanur, V.P., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus on germination and seedling characteristics in some crops

Malik, F.B.lqis; Shah, B.H.ssain, 1995:
Allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus species on legume vegetables

Oudhia, P.; Tripathi, R.S., 1999:
Allelopathic effect of Lantana camara L. on rice

Rahman, A.; Acharia, S.S., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of Parthenium hysterophorus Linn. on seed germination and seedling establishment of Cassia occidentalis Linn

Sajjan, A.S.; Hiremath, S.M.; Biradar, B.D.; Koppa, G.G., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of aqueous extracts of Parthenium hysterophorus plant parts on germination and seedling growth of some crops

Aminder Kaur; Rao, P.B., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of four agroforestry tree species on seed germination of certain varieties of wheat

Miro, C.P.; Ferreira, A.G.; Aquila, M.E.A., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of fruits of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) on maize growth

Bora, I.P.; Singh, J.; Borthakur, R.; Bora, E., 1999:
Allelopathic effect of leaf extracts of Acacia auriculiformis on seed germination of some agricultural crops

John, J.; Nair, A.M., 1999:
Allelopathic effect of leaf leachates of multipurpose trees

John, J.; Nair, A.M., 1998:
Allelopathic effect of leaf litter of multipurpose trees on crops

Oudhia, P.; Kolhe, S.S.; Tripathi, R.S., 1999:
Allelopathic effect of medicinal weed, Datura stramonium L. on rice

Joshi, R.K.; Prasad, D.; Pande, C.B.; Rawat, M.S.M.; Pant, G., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of root and bark extracts of Prunus jacquemontii on Raphanus sativus

Kamal Sharma; Dhiman, R.C.; Joshi, N.K., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of some tree species on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Jaskulski, D., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of spring triticale on spring barley, oats and spring wheat

Zhou ZhiHong; Luo ShiMing; Mou ZiPing, 1997:
Allelopathic effect of tomato

Oudhia, P.; Kolhe, S.S.; Tripathi, R.S., 1997:
Allelopathic effect of white top (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) on germination and seedling vigour of chickpea var. JG-74

Kalita, D.; Choudhury, H.; Dey, S.C., 1999:
Allelopathic effectiveness of some common rice weed species on germination, radicle and plumule growth of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seed

Barman, D.; De, L.C.; Sharma, C.K., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Acacia auriculiformis A. cunn. on germination of aster (Callistephus chinensis) and chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

Beres, I.; Sardi, K.; Kaman, S., 1998:
Allelopathic effects of Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. on germination and seedling growth of field crops

Kazinczi, G.; Mikulas, J.; Horvath, J.; Torma, M.; Hunyadi, K., 1999:
Allelopathic effects of Asclepias syriaca roots on crops and weeds

Almeida, A.R.P. de; Lucchesi, A.A.; Abbado, M.R., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Brachiaria Griseb on some tropical forage legumes. II. Evaluation in the greenhouse

Zeng RenSen; L.P.ngWei, 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus exserta and E. urophylla

Sajjan, A.S.; Hiremath, S.M.; Agnal, M.B.; Biradar, B.D., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Eucalyptus tereticornis on root and shoot length in arable crops at seedling stage

Rajangam, M.; Arumugam, K., 1999:
Allelopathic effects of Excoecaria agallocha L. on germination and seedling growth of rice

Jayakody, A.N., 1998:
Allelopathic effects of Gliricidia sepium and Leucaena leucocephala on germination and seedling growth of cowpea and rice

Rajangam, M., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Heliotropium indicum on paddy var. IR-20 and Ponmani

Jadhav, P.S.; Mulik, N.G.; Chavan, P.D., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of Ipomoea carnea spp. fistulosa on growth of wheat, rice, sorghum and kidneybean

Hashem, A.; Adkins, S.W., 1998:
Allelopathic effects of Triticum speltoides on two important weeds of wheat

Bartosova, L.; Smolikova, M.; Nedbalkova, B.; Kuban, V.; Absolinova, H.; Klejdus, B., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of alfalfa and fescue plants

Feo, V. de; Simone, F. de; Giannattasio, F.; Magnifico, V.; Marcantonio, A.; Palumbo, A.D., 1997:
Allelopathic effects of broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica Plenck) extracts on vegetable crops

A.M.zori, H.A.; A.S.adawi, I.S.; A.H.dithi, T.R., 1999:
Allelopathic effects of corn residues on the subsequent corn crop

Sutherland, B.L.; Hume, D.E.; Tapper, B.A., 1999:
Allelopathic effects of endophyte-infected perennial ryegrass extracts on white clover seedlings

Kitou, M.; Yoshida, S., 1998:
Allelopathic effects of extracts of soil amended with some plant materials on germination and radicle elongation of lettuce

Kim SangYeol; Kim ChilRyong; Park SungTae; Kim SoonChul, 1997:
Allelopathic effects of medicinal plants on Echinochloa crus-galli Beauv

Kawisi, M.; Chivinge, O.A.; Mashingaidze, A.B., 1995:
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Altered profile of endogenous steroids in the urine of patients with prolactinoma

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Altering the context of an RNA bulge switches the binding specificities of two viral Tat proteins

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Alternanthera nana R.Br. nursery sowing-time influences Santalum album L. growth following field planting

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Alternaria leaf spot of rosemary in northern Italy

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Alternaria toxins

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Alternate bearing in the avocado (Persea americana Mill.)

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Alternate bearing of apple orchards

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Alternate land use systems for sustainable development

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Alternate land use systems in rainfed areas

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