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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3038

Chapter 3038 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhang PeiWen; Ueda, K.; Hirai, T., 1997:
An aging test of nailed timber joints with structural wooden panels

Atkins, S., 1999:
An agricultural economy in transition

Blasco Vizcaino, C.; Podadera Rivera, P., 1998:
An agricultural policy for an integrated cohesion

Soenarto ; Rumawas, F., 1997:
An agro-ecological analysis of Wen-tinak, a sustainable sweet potato wetland production system in the Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Altieri, M.A., 1998:
An agroecological perspective to guide graduate educational programs in agricultural economics and rural development in Latin America of the XXI Century

Norwood, C.A.; Currie, R.S., 1998:
An agronomic and economic comparison of the wheat-corn-fallow and wheat-sorghum-fallow rotations

Oxner, M.D.; Dillon, C.R.; Keisling, T.C.; Counce, P., 1997:
An agronomic and economic evaluation of commonly used wheat planting methods in the lower Mississippi River Delta

Thompson, J.M.; Varco, J.J.; Spurlock, S.R., 1997:
An agronomic and economic evaluation of fertilizer N and legume cover crop management for no-till cotton production

Lockow, K.W.; Chrzon, S., 1997:
An aid to decision-making for the marketing of alder with heart-rot

Kumar, V.J.F.; Durairaj, C.D.; Balasubramanian, M., 1999:
An air assisted drill for small seeds

Ansari, S.A.; Kumar, P.; Mandal, A.K., 1998:
An air layering method for clonal propagation of Albizia procera

Eldik, G.-Van; Ruiter, R.; Herpen, M.-Van; Schrauwen, J.; Wullems, G., 1998:
An alcohol dehydrogenase-like gene is specifically expressed in potato pistils

Zalashko, M.V.; Kapich, A.N.; Mishin, L.T., 1997:
An alcoholic beverage made from whey

Jan JihnFa; Lai HunYeu; Chen YeongKuan, 1999:
An algorithm based on chain-node topology for automatically analyzing the number of streams

Naas, I.; Moura, D.; Bucklin, R.; Fialho, F., 1998:
An algorithm for determining opening effectiveness in natural ventilation by wind

Habermeyer, M.; Schmullius, C.C., 1997:
An algorithm for knowledge based classification of multitemporal remote sensing radar data

Gibson, D.R., 1999:
An algorithm for log rotation in sawmills

Jessip, J.L.; Searcy, S.W.; Sabbagh, G.J., 1999:
An algorithm for the delineation of management units based on hydrologic properties

Huq, F.; Misra, L.N., 1997:
An alkenol and C-methylated flavones from Callistemon lanceolatus leaves

Held, W.; Kunz, B., 1998:
An allele-specific, stochastic gene expression process controls the expression of multiple Ly49 family genes and generates a diverse, MHC-specific NK cell receptor repertoire

Anonymous, 1997:
An alliance in the UHT plant sector

Bagnall, B.; Bauer, D., 1998:
An alliance to eliminate lymphatic filariasis

Yamasaki, S.; Konno, N.; Kishitani, S., 1998:
An alteration in transcription patterns of mitochondrial genes in alloplasmic lines of Brassica rapa

Patel, H.G.; Upadhyay, K.G., 1998:
An alternate technology for manufacture of buffalo milk Mozzarella cheese

Patel, H.G.; Upadhyay, K.G., 1999:
An alternate technology for manufacture of buffalo milk pizza cheese

Mahapatra, K.C.; Das, S., 1998:
An alternative approach to analysis of genotypic adaptation in rice

Norris, C.P.; Davis, R.J.; Quick, D.J.; Mohommad, Y., 1998:
An alternative approach to cane harvester design: An initial review of the Massey Ferguson 405

Caldwell, S.; McMahon, D.J.; Oberg, C.J.; Broadbent, J.R., 1998:
An alternative approach to phage control in Italian-type cheese

Castro Franco, R.; Garcia Alvarado, J.S.; Galan Wong, L.J., 1998:
An alternative bioinsecticide formulation to encapsulate Bacillus thuringiensis delta toxin and extracts of Agave lecheguilla Torr. for the control of Spodoptera frugiperda Smith

Stampfer, K.; Daxner, P.; Visser, R., 1998:
An alternative cable system: self-propelled carriages

Anonymous, 1997:
An alternative cheese chain

Musilova, P.; Kubickova, S.; Vozdova, M.; Rubes, J., 1999:
An alternative detection method for labeled DNA probes in porcine gene mapping by in situ hybridization

Arantes, N.E.; Mauro, A.O.; Tihohood, D., 1998:
An Alternative Field Method for Screening Soybean Genotypes for Resistance to Heterodera glycines

Bittencourt, S.A., 1998:
An alternative for brazilian nutritional policy?

Bertrand, F., 1999:
An alternative for the disinfection of hatched eggs

Jovanovski, A., 1994:
An alternative for the utilization of lenga sawnwood

Schincariol, L.M.; Radford, K.W., 1998:
An alternative form of assessment in a university volleyball activity course

Pachaly, J.R.; Ferreira, F.M.; Mangini, P.R.; Augusto, A.Q.; Teixeira, V.N.; Cartelli, R., 1997:
An alternative method for chelonian shell fracture repair using cyanide acrylate adhesive and cellulose acetate medical tape

Pereira, J.C.D., 1997:
An alternative method for determining dry weight of wood samples

Gall, H.; Muir, A.; Fleming, J., 1998:
An alternative method for determining geometrical parameters of agricultural produce

Lang, Em, 1997:
An alternative method for shear strength assessment

Munoz Mingarro, D.; Llinares, F.; Rubio, F.; Yuste, M.; Rodriguez Barrajo, C.; Jimenez, J.; Troya, M.T., 1998:
An alternative method for the determination of lignocellulolytic enzymatic activities of white rot fungi

Femandes, L.; Carvalho, F.P.; Barreto, M.A.P.; Fonseca, C.W.; Silva, J.F.S., 1997:
An alternative method for the freezing of stallion semen

Damarl, E.; Gun, H.; Ozay, G.; Bulbul, S.; Oechsle, P., 1998:
An alternative method instead of methyl bromide for insect disinfestation of dried figs: controlled atmosphere

Cantini, C.; Gucci, R.; Sillari, B., 1998:
An alternative method to managing olive orchards: the coppiced system

Costa, N.P. da; Neto, J. de B.F.; Krzyzanowski, F.C.; Henning, A.A.; Oliveira, M.C.N. de, 1998:
An alternative procedure in the tetrazolium test for soybean seed

Pakela, Y.; Eicker, A., 1997:
An alternative spawn for use in rural cultivation of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.)

Ruzicic, N.L.; jokic, M.; Oljaca, V.M.; Kovacevic, D.; Glamoclija,, 1997:
An alternative technical-technological tillage of soil for potato production

Moura, M.V.T. de; Leopoldo, P.R.; Junior, S.M., 1999:
An alternative to characterize the hydraulic conductivity in saturated soil

Levine, S.; Saltzman, A., 1998:
An alternative to overnight withholding of food from rats

Tinnin, Robort O., 1998:
An alternative to the 6-class dwarf mistletoe rating system

Tarocco, C., 1998:
An alternative to the traditional system

Ray, S., 1998:
An alternative to water deprivation techniques in animal learning studies

Mayrand, S.M.; Schwarz, D.A.; Green, W.R., 1998:
An alternative translational reading frame encodes an immunodominant retroviral CTL determinant expressed by an immunodeficiency-causing retrovirus

Velde, L.F. te; Blaauwwiekel, E.E.; Sprenger, H.G.; Weits, J., 1997:
An amoebic abscess in the liver; early suspicion, late detection

Kozlov, A.V.; Borisov, M.V., 1999:
An amphibious all-terrain vehicle

Chen, C.H.; Lin, H.J.; Feng, T.Y., 1998:
An amphipathic protein from sweet pepper can dissociate harpinPss multimeric forms and intensify the harpinPss-mediated hypersensitive response

M.XiaoHe, 1997:
An analysis of China's medium and long term grain supply and demand and consideration of measures needed

Boston, K.B.ttinger, P., 1999:
An analysis of Monte Carlo integer programming, simulated annealing, and tabu search heuristics for solving spatial harvest scheduling problems

G.Z.iNan; Jiang YuQin; Leng SuFeng; Wang QingHua; Chen GuoPing, 1997:
An analysis of a high-yielding demonstration of the new cotton cultivar Sumian 11 and its cultural techniques

Budzynski, M.; Sotys, L.; Somka, Z.; Sapua, M.; Kameniak, J.; Payszka, J., 1998:
An analysis of a new system of performance testing Halfbred stallions using the 100-day test

Walczyk, J.; Tylek, P., 1997:
An analysis of a point-method of sowing forest tree seeds

Islam, S., 1998:
An analysis of agricultural productivity in Bangladesh, 1972-1992

Dexter, N.; Meek, P., 1998:
An analysis of bait-take and non-target impacts during a fox-control exercise

Tang ZhengRong; Wang DaoZun; Tan YuJun, 1998:
An analysis of biochemical composition of Chinese soft-shelled turtle: III. Composition of amino acids in muscle

Pan TianJinn; Chen LihHo; Tseng HsinLien; Y.C.enMei, 1999:
An analysis of business and financial risk for the Taiwan farmers' associations

Bazek, M., 1996:
An analysis of changes in the employment levels on the new farms which had been transformed from state farms

Zeng YaWen; X.F.Rong; Liang Bin; Wen GuoSong; Y.C.angRong; Chen Yong, 1998:
An analysis of compatibility between Yunnan naked rice and its test varieties

Chen MingTsann, 1998:
An analysis of compensation for the restricted use of farmland in water resource protection areas in Germany

Lorenzini, G.; Sparago, E.; Martini, P.; Panattoni, A., 1999:
An analysis of components of resistance to Uromyces caryophyllinus in carnation

Jen IAn, 1997:
An analysis of composite board importers' determinant factors on their purchase decisions in Taiwan

Jones, E., 1997:
An analysis of consumer food shopping behavior using supermarket scanner data: differences by income and location

Weber, K.; Roehl, W.S., 1999:
An analysis of consumers' risk approach and risk behaviour in the context of gambling

Liu HanCheng; Pong DaoYi; L.S.iSan; F.Y.; Qing ZhongHai; Huang XiBao; Y.B.nXing; Xiao WeiTai, 1998:
An analysis of cost-effectiveness of snail-eradication with niclosamide in the field

Hamasaki, T.; Okada, M., 1996:
An analysis of crop growth under plastic films with different long-wave radiation transmittance

W.W.nnYih; T.S.nHsien; Wang DarHsiung, 1998:
An analysis of current timber consumption situation in Taiwan - 1995

Paralkar, R.M.; Patil, J.G.; Deshmukh, R.B.; Mehetre, S.S., 1997:
An analysis of degree of dominance for yield and its components in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)

L.X.angGe; Jing YuanShu, 1998:
An analysis of ecological characteristics of upland-raised broadcast-transplanted rice fields

Czaja, H.; Adamik, P.; Choroszy, B.; Trela, J., 1998:
An analysis of estimates of breeding value of Polish Red-and-White bulls in 1980-96

Zajac, S., 1998:
An analysis of export and import of wood and wood-based products in Poland in 1987-1996

Lan HaiTao; L.Y.eYun, 1999:
An analysis of factors restricting employment expansion and market recovery in the construction of small cities and towns

Johnson, D.T., 1998:
An analysis of farm product market supply and prices in Samoa - past, present and future

Neve, P.; Mortimer, A.M.; Putwain, P.D., 1997:
An analysis of farmer participation in conservation oriented management on set-aside land in England

Badal, P.S.; Dhaka, J.P., 1998:
An analysis of feeding pattern and cost of milk production in Gopalganj district of Bihar

Zhao TianCheng; Zhang JianMing; M.Y.nRui, 1998:
An analysis of fertility factors for spring wheat in the mountainous areas of southern Ningxia

Kucera, M.; Szovics, P., 1999:
An analysis of financial costs and economic gain of information systems in business enterprises

Paralkar, R.M.; Patil, J.G.; Deshmukh, R.B.; Mehetre, S.S., 1997:
An analysis of generation means for yield and its component traits in blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper)

Anonymous, 1999:
An analysis of global fertilizer application rates for major crops

H.G.angHua; Xie Rong; Yang ZhengLin; Zuo YongShu; Shao QiMing, 1997:
An analysis of grain-filling in heavy-spiked sub-subspecific hybrids of rice (Oryza sativa)

Chandrashekar, T.R.; Nazeer, M.A.; Marattukalam, J.G.; Prakash, G.P.; Annamalainathan, K.; Thomas, J., 1998:
An analysis of growth and drought tolerance in rubber during the immature phase in a dry subhumid climate

Bhuyan, R.P.; Hazarika, C., 1997:
An analysis of growth and instability in tea production in Assam

Favreau, J.F.E.; Legere, G.F.F., 1999:
An analysis of harvesting costs in mixedwood forest

Jaime Pastor, V., 1999:
An analysis of hotel prices employing hedonic functions

Lee HwangJaw, 1996:
An analysis of household expenditures for flowers

Muraro, R.P.; Castle, W.S.; Wheaton, T.A.; Whitney, J.D.; Tucker, D.P.H., 1995:
An analysis of how planting density and rootstock vigor affect the economic performance of 'Valencia' trees

Paris, Q.H.witt, R., 1998:
An analysis of ill-posed production problems using maximum entropy

Eswarappa, G.; Shashidhar, K.C.; Shivamurthy, M., 1997:
An analysis of impact and constraints of watershed development programme in Karnataka

T.S.nHsien; W.W.nnYih, 1999:
An analysis of import trade dependence of forest products between Taiwan and mainland China

Wang Rong; X.L.Xing, 1999:
An analysis of incomes of residents of rural areas of Jiangsu Province

Curtale, F.; Pezzotti, P.; Saad, Y.S.; Aloi, A., 1999:
An analysis of individual, household, and environmental risk factors for intestinal helminth infection among children in Qena Governorate, Upper Egypt

Reddy, P.P., 1997:
An analysis of inter-regional and temporal variations of costs, productivity and sources of growth of paddy in Andhra Pradesh

Rajendran, K.; Prabaharan, R., 1999:
An analysis of investment on milk production

Lewandowski, A.; Siwecki, R., 1998:
An analysis of isoenzymatic variability of plus trees of sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Lieb.) from the Smolarz Forest District

Halakatti, S.V.; Sundaraswamy, B., 1997:
An analysis of job performance of agricultural assistants in Dharwad district under T & V system

Itoh, H.; Yamashita, R., 1999:
An analysis of lettuce growth in a plant factory. Multivariate analysis on time course of fresh weight

Mattila, A., 1999:
An analysis of means-end hierarchies in cross-cultural context: what motivates Asian and Western business travellers to stay at luxury hotels?

Ruscica, D.; Cacciola, E.; Rosa, R. la; Spina, L., 1998:
An analysis of microbiological risks in durum wheat and flours

Otero, M.; Gonzalez, C.; Hidalgo, C., 1997:
An analysis of mixed beef and sheep production systems in Tandil District

Huang WenYuan; Hewitt, T.I.; Shank, D., 1998:
An analysis of on-farm costs of timing N applications to reduce N losses

Ishibashi, S., 1997:
An analysis of operation effects on selective-cutting forests

Sarma, A.K.; Kharmowphlang, M.D., 1995:
An analysis of overdues of agricultural credit in East Khasi Hill District of Meghalaya State

Guru, M.K.; Khanna, P., 1997:
An analysis of physical and dietary environment and nutritional status of adolescent mothers

X.F.Lin; Yang ZiPing; L.L.i; Liu ChengQuan; Zhao Fei, 1997:
An analysis of plasmid profiles of Yersinia pestis isolated from a natural plague foci in Xinjiang, China

Ramirez, M.A., 1998:
An analysis of policies concerning land development in Colombia

Reyes, L.A.; Yencho, C.; Velasco, A.C.; Calvert, L., 1997:
An analysis of populations of Tagosodes orizicolus (Muir) as a vector of rice hoja blanca virus in rice areas of Colombia

Cheng WanLi; Lai WeiChih, 1998 :
An analysis of precipitation in Taiwan over the last 40 years

Mazumdar, D.K.; Das, A.K., 1999:
An analysis of production performance of pulses in Assam

Gautam, D.S.; Rajput, R.L.; Mishra, M.K., 1997:
An analysis of rape seed and mustard production in Gird region vs Madhya Pradesh

Chiang FuSung; Sun ChinHwa; Wen ChengHui, 1998:
An analysis of recent fisheries compensation cases in Taiwan and their application

Gaur, G.K.; Chhabra, A.K.; Satya Paul; Ahlawat, S.P.S., 1998:
An analysis of relative growth in Landrace x Desi crossbreds

Tripathi, R.S., 1995:
An analysis of rural economy of the Garhwal Himalaya

Zhang DongQing; Zhao JianYi; Huang XiaoJun, 1998:
An analysis of several characters of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) germplasm

Sebastian, R.A.; Perez, A.V., 1997:
An analysis of stock markets quoted food sector companies, using multivariate techniques

Lee HwangJaw, 1998:
An analysis of structural change in household food expenditures in Taiwan

Minowa, Y., 1997:
An analysis of subjective forest information with nonlinear engineering methods - selection of trees to be thinned using an artificial neural network

Barshaw, D.E.; Rich, D.R., 1997:
An analysis of substrate selection by postlarval American lobsters, Homarus americanus, using a dynamic optimization model

Karlsson, A.; Albrektson, A.; Forsgren, A.; Svensson, L., 1998:
An analysis of successful natural regeneration of downy and silver birch on abandoned farmland in Sweden

Chandra, S.; Smith, B.H., 1998:
An analysis of synthetic processing of odor mixtures in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Loveland, T.R.; Zhu ZhiLiang; Ohlen, D.O.; Brown, J.F.; Reed, B.C.; Yang LiMin, 1999:
An analysis of the IGBP global land-cover characterization process

Eisenberg, J.N.; Seto, E.Y.; Colford, J.M.; Olivieri, A.; Spear, R.C., 1998:
An analysis of the Milwaukee cryptosporidiosis outbreak based on a dynamic model of the infection process

Anonymous, 1998:
An analysis of the butter market

Wen HuaiNan; Zhu Guang, 1997:
An analysis of the adaptability of japonica rice cultivars for use as late-cropped rice in Northern Zhejiang

Hafi, A., 1997:
An analysis of the balance of regional supply and demand for feed and the influence of the Australian pig industry

Ovsyannikov, V.I.; Virchenko, M.I., 1998:
An analysis of the basis for and consequences of carrying out land reform in Russia

Kozowski, W.; Stachowski, T., 1996:
An analysis of the buyers and markets of a dairy cooperative

A.H.Ping; Wang RuiPu, 1999:
An analysis of the causal factors to agricultural development in China's less developed regions

Brayley, R.E., 1997:
An analysis of the challenges and opportunities for the resort industry in attracting and serving guests with physical disabilities

Yao GuoGuang; Zhang JianLiang; Bian YongGao; Zhang MingHua; Shen Ming, 1998:
An analysis of the changes in the characteristics of the leading late japonica rice cultivars in the Jiaxing region

Zhao LiFen; Feng HengWen, 1998:
An analysis of the characters of seed set in different boll periods of the upland cotton

Chen ZuHai; Liu JinLan; Nie YiChun, 1997:
An analysis of the combining ability of economical characters possessed by the germplasmic lines of a race of Gossypium hirsutum and an evaluation of its utility

Kirsten, J.F.; Ohene Anyang, E.; Rooyen, J. van, 1998:
An analysis of the comparative advantage and policy incentives of commercial wheat production in South Africa

ojek, J., 1997:
An analysis of the competitive performance of saddle horses with Hanoverian and West Pomeranian inheritance

Bondurant, J.A.; Misra, S.K., 1999:
An analysis of the cottonseed pricing structure in Texas

Jen IAn; T.S.nHsien; W.W.nnYih, 1998:
An analysis of the current market situation of wooden frame house construction in Taiwan

Jen IAn; W.W.nnYih; Chen LihChin; T.S.nHsien, 1997:
An analysis of the current situation of the wood flooring market in Taiwan

Malevolti, I., 1997:
An analysis of the decision-making process in an agricultural enterprise: a learning curve between logic, causality and creativity

Hou LiJun, 1999:
An analysis of the difficulties in the ongoing reform of China's grain marketing system

Hernandez, J.W., 1999:
An analysis of the drought of 1996 in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

X.S.aoAn; Liu Jian, 1998:
An analysis of the eco-economic benefit of triple-cropping patterns for rice fields in the Changjiang River Bank Area, Jiangsu

Yang DaSan, 1999:
An analysis of the ecological environment in the Changjiang River valley from the inundation in 1998

Phillips, M.; Gianessi, L.P., 1998:
An analysis of the economic benefit provisions of the Food Quality Protection Act

Tosun, C., 1999:
An analysis of the economic contribution of inbound international tourism in Turkey

Uva, W.F.L., 1999:
An analysis of the economic dimensions of the New York State greenhouse industry

Lachowski, W., 1997:
An analysis of the effect of some factors on wool production traits in sheep

Uno, T., 1998:
An analysis of the existential and using volume of the resources in the rural area

Shi XingYu; W.J.ngYun, 1997:
An analysis of the feasibility of the pattern of late rice cultivars in central Zhejiang

Pod' yablonskaya, L.M.; Pozdnyakov, K.K., 1999:
An analysis of the financial activity of enterprises in the creamery and dairy industry of Moscow

Singh, B.P.; Prem Kalra; Romana, H.S., 1997:
An analysis of the flora of Churu (north Rajasthan)

Leatherberry, E.C.; Schmidt, T.L.; Strickler, J.K.; Aslin, R.G., 1999:
An analysis of the forest resources of Kansas

Gai JunYi; Qiu JiaXun; Zhao TuanJie, 1997:
An analysis of the genetic relationship of Nannong 493-1 and Nannong 1138-2 with their derivative cultivars and their potential in future breeding

Gerritsma, W.S.ebagyo, F., 1999:
An analysis of the growth of leaf area of oil palms in Indonesia

Campos, J.C. de; Landgraf, P.R.C., 1996:
An analysis of the growth of nine forest species in the Alfenas region of Minas Gerais

Zhu Guan E., 1996:
An analysis of the high yielding technology of broadcasting seedlings of early rice

Morris, T.R.; Gous, R.M.; Fisher, C., 1999:
An analysis of the hypothesis that amino acid requirements for chicks should be stated as a proportion of dietary protein

Deepak, M.S.; Spreen, T.H.; VanSickle, J.J., 1996:
An analysis of the impact of a ban of methyl bromide on the U.S. winter fresh vegetable market

Prahasto, H.; Hariyatno, D.; Irawanti, S., 1997:
An analysis of the impact of wood administration policy on the government revenues from forest products fee (IHH) and reforestation fund (DR) : Case study in West Kalimantan province

Kassie, M.; Jabbar, M.A.; Kassa, B., 1998:
An analysis of the implications of forage legumes and a cereal-based cropping system for sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia: a linear programming approach

Cullen, M.; Lambe, J.; Kearney, J.; Gibney, M., 1999:
An analysis of the incremental value of retaining brand-level information in food consumption databases in estimating food additive intake

Berrett, T.; Slack, T., 1999:
An analysis of the influence of competitive and institutional pressures on corporate sponsorship decisions

Lawrence, M.A.; Rutishauser, I.H.E.; Lewis, J.L., 1999:
An analysis of the introduction of folate-fortified food products into stores in Australia

Dormont, L., 1998:
An analysis of the limited colonization of Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra L.) cones by insects

Canavari, M.; Ragazzoni, A., 1999:
An analysis of the market and production costs for pears

Jones, J.; Carver, A., 1996:
An analysis of the market for milk production quotas

N.YuJuan, 1996:
An analysis of the method for promoting weak tillers to produce effective panicles in early rice

Klewiec, J.; Baranowski, A., 1999:
An analysis of the mortality rate of lambs from ewes of different breed types

Chung JooSang; Park EunSik; Kim KyuHun, 1996:
An analysis of the national project to promote management of private forest management cooperatives: actual state of its management and knowledge of its members

Jeffrey, D.; Barden, R.R.D., 1999:
An analysis of the nature, causes and marketing implications of seasonality in the occupancy performance of English hotels

Liu MingTang; Wei JianRong, 1997:
An analysis of the nutrients in Camponotus japonicus Mayr

Frelich, J.; Marsalek, M.; Riha, J., 1997:
An analysis of the performance of beef herds in different production regions

Stenzel, R.; Chabuz, W.; Stanek, P., 1998:
An analysis of the population of bull dams in Poland in 1994-1996

Menghini, S., 1998:
An analysis of the quality of allocation of public resources using a multi-criteria approach: the case of Regulation CEE 2078/92 in Tuscany

Zhao RuYing; Bian QiuGao; Zhang YueHua, 1997:
An analysis of the relationship between barley yield and climatic factors in the Jiaxing region

Janik, T.; Kamyczek, M.; Rychlik, T.; Parys, A.; Orzechowska, B., 1996:
An analysis of the relationship between lipoprotein allotypes Lpb and Lpr and performance traits in Duroc and Pietrain pigs

Mol, J.J.W., 1999:
An analysis of the remediation of oil contaminated refinery sites

Dwiprabowo, H.; Prahasto, H.; Soenarno, 1997:
An analysis of the role of forestry educated workers in forest concessions

Arya, H.P.S.; Dana, S.S., 1996:
An analysis of the role of veterinary officer in animal husbandry development programme

Sierota, Z., 1997:
An analysis of the root rot spread in a Scots pine stand growing in post-agricultural land

Anonymous, 1997:
An analysis of the rural economic situation in China in 1996-1997

Zhang XiaoHui; L.M.i, 1997:
An analysis of the scale of pig production by farmers' households and the feed conversion ratio in China

Ogata, Y.; Nobuchi, T.; Fujita, M., 1996:
An analysis of the seasonality of wood formation in cinnamon trees and eucalyptuses by knife-cutting method

Zhang RunJie; Zhou Qiang; G.D.Xiang, 1998:
An analysis of the spatial structure of Nilaparvata lugens in paddy fields and simulation of its spatial distribution

Semina, G.A., 1999:
An analysis of the state of the potato market during 1998

Tachibana, S., 1997:
An analysis of the structure of the Japanese softwood timber market: an econometric study

Gravenor, M.B.; Kwiatkowski, D., 1998:
An analysis of the temperature effects of fever on the intra-host population dynamics of Plasmodium falciparum

Goncharov, V.D.; Losev, S.D., 1997:
An analysis of the utilisation of material resources in processing industry enterprises

Church, A.C.; Stevens, P.F., 1997:
An analysis of the variation within Cratoxylum arborescens (Clusiaceae) in Malesia

Xiao TangBiao, 1997:
An analysis of the widespread re-establishment of the clan in rural areas - survey report in Jiangxi Province

Nan CeXiong; L.W.i; Bai GuoHua; Liu DunHui, 1997:
An analysis of the yield components of Emian 18 and a discussion on culture oriented to high yield

Dominiak, B.C.; Rafferty, T.D.; Barchia, I., 1998:
An analysis of travellers carrying fruit near Griffith, NSW, during Easter 1996 to assess the risk for Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt))

Sahewalla, I.P.; Borthakur, N., 1996:
An analysis of trends and determinants of tea production in Assam

Kairiukstis, L.; Vencloviene, J., 1998:
An analysis of variation in tree-rings: application of Poisson's cyclic process for climatic prognoses

Chung JinChul; Jang KyuKwan; Choi JeongHo; Jang SeogKi; O.D.ngHoon, 1997:
An analysis of vegetation-environment relationship and forest community in Mt. Unjang by TWINSPAN and ordination

Mueller, C.A.; Wall, D.L.; Cottrell, S.P., 1997:
An analysis of vehicle accidents involving white tailed deer: a geographic information systems case study

Lee, S.G.; Lee, H.W., 1996:
An analysis of wind force coefficients for structural design of greenhouses

Mathew, J., 1998:
An analysis of world coconut situation

Hoque, M.S.; Daulotun Nessa; Hasan, S., 1997:
An analysis of yield components in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

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An assessment of the allelopathic potential of the invasive weed Alliaria petiolata (Brassicaceae)

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An assessment of the economic effectiveness of recreation policy using contingent valuation

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An assessment of the effects of the dual co-disposal of phenol and waste activated sewage sludge with refuse on the refuse anaerobic fermentation and leachate quality

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An assessment of the functioning of the agricultural advisory system in Poland

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An assessment of the perception of management and leadership skills by intercollegiate athletics conference commissioners

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An assessment of the potential of optimisation in real time irrigation management

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An assessment of the present status of in vitro culture of lupins

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An assessment of the production and marketing systems of sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) in Grenada

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An assessment of the recent trend of pH and base cation content in some forest soils in the Vosges Mountains, NE France

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An assessment of the resistance of regionalized and promising cultivars of winter triticale to pests

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An astructural analysis of national forest policy and employment

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An attempt at ecological classification of the vegetation of floodplain meadows. Estimation of the hay yielding capacity of the meadows of the Oka floodplain

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An attempt to a list of indicator fungi (Aphyllophorales) for old forests of beech and fir in former Yugoslavia

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An attempt to apply the concept of targeted management (controlling) in conditions of transformation of food economy enterprises

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An attempt to apply the method of comparative statistical analysis to the evaluation of the financial situation of forest divisions

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An attempt to categorise reclaimed land in the area of Maritsa- Iztok

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An attempt to characterize complex properties of agroecosystems based on soil fauna, soil properties and farming system in the north of Poland

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An attempt to characterize the growth rate of chicken broilers using orthogonal polynomials

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An attempt to classify the working elements of agricultural machines

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An attempt to decrease cadmium accumulation in animal tissue by means of antagonistic influence of other mineral elements and complexing compound

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An attempt to decrease pig carcass fatness by nutritive factors

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An attempt to determine the uniformity of plants in industrial sugarbeet crops

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An attempt to distinguish plant response to soil pH from the response to Ca2+ when liming acid soils

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An attempt to eradicate Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae from a farrowing-finishing unit by medication

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An attempt to estimate the share of human cases of salmonellosis attributable to Salmonella originating from pigs

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An attempt to evaluate the frequency of the HALn gene in the Polish population of Pietrain pigs

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An attempt to evaluate the impact of understorey on soil, microclimate, and vegetation in pine stands on poor sandy forest soils

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An attempt to evaluate the relationships between the elements of a multitude-theory model of a piggery ventilation system

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An attempt to illustrate the malaria situation in Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad

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An attempt to improve microclimatic conditions in a selected piggery. Part I. Evaluating the effect of microclimatic factors on environmental conditions in a piggery

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An attempt to optimize somatic cell counts transformation in milk

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An attempt to quantify the incidence of the guest ant Formicoxenus nitidulus (Nyl.) in association with Formica lugubris Zett. on the Muttersberg-Massiv (Austria: Vorarlberg, Lechtaler alps)

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An attempt to reduce collapse through introducing cell-wall deformations

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An attempt to select di- and tetraploid annual forms in Dactylis glomerata L

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An attempt to select genotypes of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) with high androgenetic response

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An attempt to synthesize a new vulgare by the recombination of genomes between Aegilops ventricosa (DDMM, 2n = 28) and Triticum durum (AABB, 2n = 28)

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An attempt to use polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum

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An attractive trap to capture Diabrotica speciosa (Ger.) and Cerotoma arcuata tingomariana Bechyne

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An audit of the investigation and treatment of folic acid deficiency

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An aural myiasis case in a 54-year-old male farmer in Korea

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An autecological study on Iris pseudacorus L. (Iridaceae)

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An autocrine progesterone positive feedback loop mediates oxytocin upregulation in bovine granulosa cells during luteinization

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An automated machine for removal of plastic mulch

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An automated relative-addition rate nutrient-dosing system for use in flowing solution culture

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An automated sampling system for measuring soil pH

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An automated system of non-cash payments on the wholesale food market

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An automatic procedure for determination of available iron in Indian soils

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An automatic spray control for airblast sprayers: first results

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An autopsy study of the prostate in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: evidence for excessive apoptosis and intracytoplasmic epithelial inclusions

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An average soil erosion rate for Europe: myth or reality?

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An avirulent mutant of rabies virus is unable to infect motoneurons in vivo and in vitro

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An early F1 hybrid of tomato - Longfan No. 3

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An early maturing and high yielding bitter gourd F1 hybrid - 'Cuilu No. 1

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An early warning system for IPM-based rodent control in smallholder farming systems in Tanzania

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An early, high-quality and disease resistant rice cultivar Longxuan 948 for cool areas

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An early, new hsian rice cultivar Xiang Zao Xian 17

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An economic analysis of the cost-effectiveness of privatizing additional production of catchable rainbow trout: A case study in Colorado

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An economic analysis of the effect of price policy on consumer and producer welfare of some cereal crops in Iraq

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An economic evaluation of public and organized wildfire detection in Wisconsin

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An economic evaluation of single stem cut rose production

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An economic evaluation of the effect of age on performance in Stara Zagora Finewool sheep

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An economic evaluation of utilization of home-produced (Russian) and foreign agricultural technology

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An economic perspective on food safety in fruit and vegetable production

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An economic picture of hard-wheat cultivation

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An economic study of cultural weed control methods in soyabeans

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An economic survey of pigs raised on kitchen waste in north Taiwan

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An economic technique for sustained culture of brine shrimp, Artemia salina, for small scale hatchery use

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An economic threshold for tick control considering multiple damages and probability-based damage functions

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An economic threshold model for controlling tick-induced disease and productivity losses in cattle

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An economic valuation of water based recreation in the Great Barrier Reef marine park

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An economic-environmental model of an organic dairy farm for an evaluation of sustainability in agriculture

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An economical, portable system for hatching brine shrimp Artemia spp

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An economy of the production of ecological products in Slovakia and the possibilities of their export

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An ecoregional analysis of morphological variation in British Columbia coastal strawberries (Fragaria) for germplasm protection

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An edaphic evaluation of a mixed cropping system based on cocoa grown in combination with oil palm in southwestern Nigeria

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An effect analysis of incentive contracts and cost uncertainty on crew's labor force and operating profit

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An effect of elastic properties of tires on a lateral stability of vehicle

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An effect of pine volatiles on departure of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) from Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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An effect of the low-temperature induced processes of dissociation-association on the molecular state of casein

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An effective alternative for the management of weed resistance

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An effective and economically feasible treatment of organophosphate pesticide and common salt to eradicate the fish ectoparasite, Argulus japonicus Thiele in carp culture ponds

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An effective chemical trunk treatment for Fuller's rose weevil control

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An effective detection of potato virus Y using RT-PCR technique

Artamonova, N.M., 1997:
An effective herbicide

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An effective manual on breast self-examination

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An effective maturity prediction program for peppermint oil crops

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An effective mensuration technique for multipurpose management using fish-eye photographic images

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An effective method for control of pineapple powdery scales

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An effective method of controlling late leaf spot in groundnut based on leaf wetness index

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An effective mineral supplement in a diet for pigs

Yao LiSheng; Gao HengGuang; G.L.iShun; H.S.unZhen; Sun MingFa; Yan GuoHong; Tang HongSheng, 1997:
An effective pathway to breed for strong restorer lines of hsian rice - testing at early generation of restorer/restorer with keng rice pedigree

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An effective preparation for preserving hay with a high moisture content

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An effective preservative treatment of Borak bamboo (Bambusa balcooa Roxb.)

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An effective system of labour remuneration for workers in agricultural enterprises

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An effective timber joint developed at Tu-Delft

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An efficient agriculture as an important instrument of security policy

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An efficient and accurate method for mapping forest clearcuts in the Pacific Northwest using Landsat imagery

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An efficient and indigenous device for lac-insect pest management

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An efficient and scalable method for the isolation of costatolide, a naturally-occurring anti-HIV agent, from the latex of Calophyllum teysmannii var. inophylloide

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An enlightenment of the advance in science and technology and the development of world-wide agriculture

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An enumeration of Myrsinaceae of Taiwan

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An enumeration of Taiwan Boraginaceae

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An environment friendly boiler for generation of power of process steam in sugar industries

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An environmental approach to intestinal microflora in fish

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Crawford, S.A.; Gardner, I.A.; Hedrick, R.P., 1999:
An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of antibodies to channel catfish virus (CCV) in channel catfish

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