Section 4
Chapter 3,038

An analysis of relationships among climate forcing and time-integrated NDVI of grasslands over the U.S. northern and central Great Plains

Yang LiMin; Wylie, B.K.; Tieszen, L.L.; Reed, B.C.

Remote Sensing of Environment 65(1): 25-37


ISSN/ISBN: 0034-4257
DOI: 10.1016/s0034-4257(98)00012-1
Accession: 003037174

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Time-integrated normalized difference vegetation index (TI NDVI) derived from the multitemporal satellite imagery (1989-93) was used as a surrogate for primary production to investigate climate impacts on grassland performance for central and northern Great Plains grasslands. Results suggest that spatial and temporal variability in growing season precipitation, potential evapotranspiration, and growing degree days are the most important controls on grassland performance and productivity.