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An anther-derived, early-maturing and cold-tolerant rice variety Hwadongbyeo

RDA Journal of Crop Science 40(2 PART 2): 51-57

An anther-derived, early-maturing and cold-tolerant rice variety Hwadongbyeo

"Hwadongbyeo" is an early and cold-tolerant Japonica rice (Oryza sativa) developed from a cross between Daegwanbyeo and SR13345-20-1 by anther culture technique at National Crop Experiment Station in 1997 and released in 1998. This variety is early maturing with growth duration of 117 days from seeding to heading. It is resistant to lodging with short height of 73cm in culm length and erect plant type. Compared with Odaebyeo, Hwadongbyeo has some less tillers but more spikelets and better in grain ripening. Hwadongbyeo is resistant to stripe virus and moderately resistant to leaf blast. It is, however, susceptible to other major rice disease and insect pests. Milled rice of Hwadongbyeo is non-glutinous endosperm, medium small grain and translucent without white center and white belly, and its palatability of cooked rice is excellent. The yield performance is about 5.50MT/ha in milled rice at the ordinary planting and normal fertilizer level. Hwadongbyeo would be well adaptable in thenothern plain and east southern coastal area of Korea.

Accession: 003037357

Related references

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