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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3042

Chapter 3042 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

van't Wout, A.B.; Ran, L.J.; Kuiken, C.L.; Kootstra, N.A.; Pals, S.T.; Schuitemaker, H., 1998:
Analysis of the temporal relationship between human immunodeficiency virus type 1 quasispecies in sequential blood samples and various organs obtained at autopsy

Peng, C.C.ung; Tzen, J.T.C., 1998:
Analysis of the three essential constituents of oil bodies in developing sesame seeds

Legierse, K.C.H.M.; Verhaar, H.J.M.; Vaes, W.H.J.; Bruijn, J.H.M. de; Hermens, J.L.M., 1999:
Analysis of the time-dependent acute aquatic toxicity of organophosphorus pesticides: the critical target occupation model

Sun SongLin, 1997:
Analysis of the turning function of transporting trucks transformed from walking tractors

Miyake, Y.; Matsumoto, Y., 1997:
Analysis of the user radius and attitudes of allotment gardens for the aged

Zhirin, V.M.; Yastrebova, N.V., 1997:
Analysis of the values of the vegetation index and inventory data for the forests of northern Yakutia

Clouvel, P.; Chanselme, J.L.; Cretenet, M.; Jallas, E.; Sequeira, R., 1997:
Analysis of the variability of fiber quality

Madrigal Huendo, S., 1995:
Analysis of the variability of mensurational characteristics at the Barranca de Cupatitzio experimental forest

Adamska, E.; Olejniczak, J., 1997:
Analysis of the variability of morphological traits and meiosis (PMCs) in reciprocal hybrids between Cuphea tolucana 629 and Cuphea wrightii 651

Fedorova, M.V.; Serbenyuk, S.A., 1999:
Analysis of the variability of the swarming behaviour of males of Aedes communis (Diptera, Culicidae)

Song YuXie; Wang LiYing; Liu Ying, 1995:
Analysis of the variations in peroxidase isoenzymes of half-sib families of locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) in a seed orchard

Varga Haszonits, Z.; Varga, Z.; Lantos, Z.; Kajdi, F.; Vamos, O., 1998:
Analysis of the water supply conditions of maize on the basis of 110 years' data series

Dinev, Dimit"r, 1997:
Analysis of the widths of cow-units and pig-units for small family farms in Bulgaria

Mittelstadt, H.; Fischer, C., 1998:
Analysis of the winterhardiness of new apple cultivars

Ruelas Monjardin, L.C.; Chavez Cortes, J.M., 1997:
Analysis of the wood industry in Veracruz

Cai ZhiYong; Zhao QuanHua; Wang Zhuan; Zhang HongSheng; Guo ChunQiong, 1999:
Analysis of the yield of hybrid wheat variety Luomai 4

Guberac, V.; Radic, D.; Perkovic, A., 1996:
Analysis of the yield of the maternal component of maize hybrid OSSK 247 in seed production

Siband, P.; Wey, J.; Oliver, R.; Letourmy, P.; Manichon, H., 1999 :
Analysis of the yield of two groups of tropical maize cultivars. Varietal characteristics, yield potentials, optimum densities

X.J.n; Hong YongHui; Zhu JinQiu; Lin WenJiang; Chen ZeXiang; Huang YaoPing, 1998:
Analysis of the yields of strobili in a clonal seed orchard of Pinus massoniana

Kamboj, R.D.; Singh, M.; Raval, B.R., 1997:
Analysis of threats to Gir ecosystem

Mougel, F.; Fontanillas, P.; Queney, G.; Mounolou, J.C.; Monnerot, M., 1997:
Analysis of three wild populations of European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) using microsatellite loci

Chang KwanSoon, 1996:
Analysis of topographic environment for urban forest area in Taejon City using Landsat-5 TM and digital terrain elevation data

Ohtsuki, K.; Okuno, S.; Tanida, K.; Sato, K.; Nakamura, Y., 1998:
Analysis of total and free amino acids in Mat-cha (powdered green tea) with an HPLC-amino acid analyzer

Sharma, J.P., 1998:
Analysis of total biomass and its partitioning in different plant types in rice

Zheng XiaoLian; Dong JinGao; Q.Q.uSuo; L.D.ngMei, 1998:
Analysis of toxicity composition and bioassay of BC-toxin from Botrytis cinerea

Dong JinGao; L.Z.engPing; L.B.ngHua; Wang RuiYao, 1996:
Analysis of toxicity composition of Ht-toxin produced by Helminthosporium turcicum

Sancho, A.; Pedro, A.; Fossati, R.; Benavent, J.A., 1998:
Analysis of training needs in tourism in the Valencian community

McDonald, R.E.; Mossoba, M.M., 1998:
Analysis of trans fatty acids

MacDonald, R.J.; Swift, G.H., 1998:
Analysis of transcriptional regulatory regions in vivo

Zadorozhnii, K.M., 1996:
Analysis of tree genotypes of Pinus sylvestris with different levels of tolerance to Heterobasidion annosum

Srivastava, S.; Prakash, B., 1996:
Analysis of trends in market arrivals and prices of pigeonpea in Uttar Pradesh

Glenn, D.M., 1999:
Analysis of trickle and pulse microsprinkler irrigation of processing apples

Collomb, M.; Butikofer, U.; Spahni, M.; Buhler, T., 1998:
Analysis of triglycerides. III. Comparison of multiple linear regression, principal components analysis and partial least squares methods for the determination of foreign fats in milk fat using capillary gas chromatography

Takagi, M.; Ohashi, K.; Morimura, T.; Sugimoto, C.; Onuma, M., 1998:
Analysis of tumor suppressor gene p53 in chicken lymphoblastoid tumor cell lines and field tumors

Y.Zhi Biao, L.Han Xia, 1996:
Analysis of two antisense transgenes inhibiting expression of their endogenous genes in transgenic tomatoes

Juchniewicz, M.; Kucka, E.; Tywonczuk, J.; Lipinski, K., 1995:
Analysis of unit costs concerning weight gains as dependent on 00 rapeseed cake content in feeding fattener pigs

Abraitis, R.; Eriksson, G., 1998:
Analysis of unreplicated Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) provenance trials

Nunez Sanchez, N.; Garrido Varo, A.; Serradilla Manrique, J.M.; Ares Cea, J.L., 1999:
Analysis of untreated and homogenized ewe milk cheese by near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy

Jones, B.R.; Kirkman, J.H.; Hogan, J.; Holmes, S., 2005:
Analysis of uroliths from cats and dogs in New Zealand, 1993-96

Fidel, P.L.; Luo, W.; Steele, C.; Chabain, J.; Baker, M.; Wormley, F., 1999:
Analysis of vaginal cell populations during experimental vaginal candidiasis

Charan Singh; Devagiri, G.M., 1997:
Analysis of variability in morphological traits in Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle provenances

Devendra Kumar; Alok Kumar; Hooda, J.S., 1997:
Analysis of variability parameters for some quantitative traits in field pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Bohmer, L.; Hildebrandt, G., 1998:
Analysis of variance of bacterial counts in milk. First communication: characterization of total variance and the following variance components in a milk storage experiment: random sampling error; methodological error; and variation between parallel errors

Gomez, M.; Gonzalez Txabarri, E.; Avila, W.J., 1998:
Analysis of variation in blood cells by fluorescent lectins in Euskal Aerzain Txacurra dogs

W.D.anXing; Shu QingYao; Xia YingWu; Jing XiaoYang; Liu GuiFu, 1999:
Analysis of variation in thermo-sensitive genic male sterile leaf color mutant lines induced from indica rice (Oryza sativa) by 60Co- gamma irradiation

Salas, G.; Devani, M.; Ledesma, F., 1998:
Analysis of varietal behaviour of soyabeans in northwestern Argentina: 1997/98 season. Conclusions of a technical workshop held at the Estacion Experimental Agroindustrial `Obispo Colombres'

Zhang ShaoLing; Hiratsuka, S., 1999:
Analysis of varietal differences in self- and cross-incompatibility reactions of Japanese pears using stylar culture technique

Zhang Ze; L.C.eng; Xiang ZhongHuai, 1998:
Analysis of variety stability based on AMMI model

Zhang Ze; L.C.eng; Xiang ZhongHuai, 1998:
Analysis of variety stability based on the AMMI model in silkworm

Deng MaoBin; Fang YanMing; Peng Ye; Cheng JianYin; Y.L.Peng; Sheng WenMing, 1999:
Analysis of vascular-plant flora at Longwangshan, Anji, northern Zhejiang Province

Panaiotis, C.; Loisel, R.; Roux, M., 1998:
Analysis of vegetation response in natural gaps in an old-growth forest of Quercus ilex in Corsica (Mediterranean island)

Gospodaric, Z.; Goglia, V.; Beljo, R., 1999:
Analysis of vibrations at handles of single axle tractor and power tiller

Aizawa, H.; Suzuki, N.; Ariizumi, T., 1998:
Analysis of village classification and distribution structure from the perspective of relationships between villages and key settlements in a depopulated area

Yurov, G.K.; Kadykov, V.A.; Neugodova, G.L.; Naroditskii, B.S., 1998:
Analysis of virion core polypeptides of egg-drop syndrome virus

Ochoa, J.; Louwers, J.; Broers, L., 1998:
Analysis of virulence and evolution of the Ecuadorian population of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici) in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Song YuLi; H.W.nLan; Zhang ZhongShan, 1997:
Analysis of virulence genes of Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici and the resistance of wheat cultivars in Henan Province

Pope, G.M.; Rich, B.; Papageorgiou, J.; Doherty, W.O.S.; Edye, L.A., 1999:
Analysis of volatile organic acids in vapour condensates from a low-grade vacuum pan at Mulgrave Mill

Moio, L.; Diana, M.; Prete, G. del; Landa, G. di; Valentino, A.A.; Bianco, A., 1998:
Analysis of volatiles of corks affected by yellow stain and greening and corked wines using GC-sniffing and GC/MS techniques

Anonymous, 1997:
Analysis of water allocation under South African law

Forest, F., 1996:
Analysis of water status at the plot level for a better understanding of agroclimatic risks in the tropics. Presentation of the SARRA software

Paz, J.; Batchelor, W.; Colvin, T.; Logsdon, S.; Kaspar, T.; Karlen, D., 1998:
Analysis of water stress effects causing spatial yield variability in soybeans

Ibrahim, S.M.; Shindo, H., 1999:
Analysis of water-stable soil aggregates with special reference to degree of aggregation

Puricelli, E.C.; Tuesca, D.H., 1997:
Analysis of weed community changes and their determining factors in no-tillage systems

Akimoto, H.; Matsuzaki, M., 1998:
Analysis of weight growth in the domestic fowl (Kumamoto breed) using the 4-point method with the Richards growth model

Sumanovac, L.; Brkic, D.; Jurisic, M.; Juric, T.; Guberac, V., 1998:
Analysis of wheat yield obtained using a system of permanent tracks

Gonzalez de Llano, D.; Santa Maria, G., 1997:
Analysis of whey proteins during ripening of Afuega'l Pitu cheese by reversed phase HPLC

Su, W.; Mertens, J.A.; Kanamaru, K.; Campbell, W.H.; Crawford, N.M., 1997:
Analysis of wild-type and mutant plant nitrate reductase expressed in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris

Popescu, F., 1995:
Analysis of wilt resistance (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lini (Bolley) Snyd and Hans) in F2-F4 linseed segregating populations

Ndiema, C.K.W., 1998:
Analysis of wood-stove flue gas

Juric, T.; Emert, R.; Sumanovac, L., 1997:
Analysis of work by a planter with two elastic discs for tobacco planting

Liu ZhengXue; Liu Fei, 1998:
Analysis of yield and its stability in new soyabean varieties by the high stability coefficient method

Wang HaiYang; Zhang JunXi; G.G.nBao et al., 1998:
Analysis of yield components of wheat and high-yield cultivation methods in coastal areas

Bravo, F.; Grau, J.M.; Gonzalez Antonanzas, F., 1996:
Analysis of yield models for Populus x euramericana in the Duero basin

Palumbo, M.; Spina, A.; Boggini, G., 1997:
Analysis of yield of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) in different cropping systems typical of the inland area of southern Italy

Srivastava, J.P.; Kamalesh Ram, 1998:
Analysis of yield stability in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Gupta, C.R.; Awasthi, O.P., 1999:
Analysis of yield variation in coffee under different canopy shades

Meyer, K.; Usleber, E.; Martlbauer, E.; Bauer, J., 1997:
Analysis of zearalenone metabolites in the bile of gilts with reproductive disorders

Graser, R.; Vincek, V.; Takami, K.; Klein, J., 1998:
Analysis of zebrafish Mhc BAC clones

Chu KaiOn; Tin KamChung, 1999:
Analysis of zinc undecenoate and undecenoic acid in athlete's foot cream

Fournier, J.B.; E.H.urch, M.; Martin, G.J., 1998:
Analysis of zinc, copper and lead in wine. Comparison between the total concentrations analysed by atomic absorption spectrometry and the concentrations of free ions determined by polarography

Wang Tai; Tong Zhe; Kuang TingYun; Tang PeiSong, 1996:
Analysis on amino-terminal sequence and purification of a 61 kDa protein from photo-sensitive nuclear genic male-sterile rice

Dai SuXian; Xie ChiJun; L.Q.Nian; Chen Dong; Zheng RuQin, 1998:
Analysis on aromatic constituents of five well-known strains from Fenghuang Dancong tea cultivar

Diao ChunYou; Miao RonGrong; L.Y.nMei, 1998:
Analysis on cause of regional distribution of wheat sharp eyespot (Rhizoctonia solani) outbreak in Jiangsu Province

Liang HongYun; Zhuo Ya; G.L.;, 1997:
Analysis on crossbreeding and improving result for introduced Tianzhu white yak

Lin JinXiang; L.Y.uSong; Chen BaoJian; Zhang RongYan; Chen YouZhu, 1998:
Analysis on distribution of the residual Oncomelania snails in Fujian for recent 10 years

Zhu YuQiu; Zhang GuoQuan, 1997:
Analysis on domestic documents on ginkgo

Wen XiangZhen; L.Y.Ling; Wen BianYing;; Guo ShiMi, 1998:
Analysis on effect of temperature and heat under coverage with perforated plastic film mulch condition

H.D.oLong; W.X.anHong; Guo ZaiXuan, 1997:
Analysis on epidemiological characteristics of Giardia lamblia in Qinghai

W.A.Zhong; Zhu WeiFang; Tan MuZhen; Chen DeXing, 1997:
Analysis on esterase isozyme of Shangnong fragrant and black glutinous rice varieties and their hybrid lines

Q.L.Jun; F.Z.Tian, 1998:
Analysis on factors affecting efficiency of pesticide application

Yang ZhangPing; Wang XingLong; Bei ShuiRong; J.L.n; Miao LongWen; Zhang MingHui, 1997:
Analysis on factors influencing calving interval of dairy cattle

Zong XueMei; Yao KeMin, 1998:
Analysis on fertility category and stability of new lines of sterile rice

Hou ZhuQiang; Bao FuCheng, 1999:
Analysis on flow pattern of compressible fluid permeating through wood

Chi Jian; L.S.oPing; Cai FuChun, 1996 :
Analysis on growth of young Pinus massoniana with provenance test

Zhu En; Lin TianJie; S.C.en; Chen ChunHong; Y.J.Zhu, 1998:
Analysis on high-effect arrangements of vegetable crop seasons for modern greenhouses introduced in Shanghai

Wang JunYun; Q.J.ngQi; Wang RongQi; Guan LiRen; Ren HaoYun; Chang, K.P., 1996:
Analysis on homology in several isolates of Leishmania from Karamay, Xinjiang

L.B.n; Wang WeiXin, 1999:
Analysis on internal density deviation of particleboard made in China

L.Z.enYu; L.K.i; Zhou Qing; Wang HuiQiang; Yan PeiLin; L.J.aChun; M.M.oLin; Zhang GuoLin, 1997:
Analysis on introduction of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica Litvin. and its resistance to Dendrolimus spectabilis in Qinhuangdao region

Dai ZhiYi; Yang YiZhong; Huang DongLin; Wang ChunAn; Gao TaiDong; Wang ShenYuan; Zhang YinGui; Gao LianYi, 1997:
Analysis on mechanism of forming destructive type infestation of Ostrinia furnacalis in cotton fields

Yuan ShiLu et al., 1996:
Analysis on nutrients and karyotype of Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. & Wils

L.Xin et al., 1998:
Analysis on pheromone of the different voltinism ecotypes of Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee)

Huang BaoLing; Yang YaoQing; Meng YuChai; Zhang LianFen, 1997:
Analysis on population density of Eucalyptus urophylla

L.B.n; Zhou MeiJian; Tang ZhaoQun, 1999:
Analysis on quality of 3-ply parquet made in China

L.B.n; Tang ZhaoQun; X.L.nLin, 1998:
Analysis on quality of medium density fiberboard made in China

L.B.n; Tang ZhaoQun, 1997:
Analysis on quality of particleboard made in China

Gao YanChun, 1998:
Analysis on reasons for the Yellow River's dry-up and its eco-environmental impacts

L.GuoZhen, 1997:
Analysis on salt movement in soil under different crops

L.GuoZhen, 1998:
Analysis on soil evaporation and salt accumulation in the marginal zone of the oases in Tarim River basin

Chen YiDing, 1998:
Analysis on status and the main points causing changes of soil available potassium in arable lands of Zhejiang Province

W.F.Liang; W.J.anQiao; Qian HongSheng, 1998:
Analysis on temperature-lowering effect of introduced plastic-sheet greenhouse in summer

Wang Wu; Wang FengYou; L.Z.enBin; Cai TiJiu, 1997:
Analysis on the cause of catastrophic flood in South Yichun

Zhang XinMin; Tang Ping, 1998:
Analysis on the changes of income and expenditure of rural residents in the past 20 years

Hou HeTing; Hou XuDong; Y.Z.iBen; Wang LiangQun, 1997:
Analysis on the combining ability of nine sorghum characters

Liu ChunSheng; W.W.nNeng; Zhang JiaLin et al., 1997:
Analysis on the effects of anticoagulant rodenticides for ten year use in the residential quarters in Changsha Islet, Zongyang County, Anhui Province

Zhang Chun; Gong JianXin; Y.S.eng, 1998:
Analysis on the flood occurred in Urumqi River on July 19, 1996

H.D.Ting; W.C.ngSong; Ding JianLin; H.S.aoFeng; Sun JianGuo; Y.C.iWei, 1999:
Analysis on the formation of bamboo shoot output of Phyllostachys praecox f. prevernalis

L.H.a; Zhang XiaoGuang; Yan DaCheng, 1998:
Analysis on the infections of Lyme borreliosis in the schizophrenia

Wang ShaoHai; H.L.; Kang ZaiBin, 1999:
Analysis on the isoenzyme patterns among the natural isolates of Oncomelania snail in mainland China

Xie Zhuang; Cheng RuiHe; Han YuGang, 1998:
Analysis on the lambing effects of rams in Hu sheep

Pan XiaoBiao; H.D.oGen; Q.W.iDong, 1998:
Analysis on the main agronomic characters and discussion on high-yield breeding of early indica hybrid rice

Ahmad, M.; Sivarajasingam, S., 1998:
Analysis on the productive and reproductive traits in Sahiwal cows

Wang JinFu; L.S.aoHong; Chen Rui; Wang LingLing, 1997:
Analysis on the relative fitnesses of three organophosphate resistant strains of Culex pipiens pallens

Wang QingHua; Wang Yan; Jia Ru, 1999:
Analysis on the reliability of using forestry trucks

Zeng YuLin; Zhang JiMin; Xia MiaoYing; L.Z.Min; Cheng Zhong; L.Y.nlin, 1997:
Analysis on the results of ten years surveillance after filariasis being controlled in Yangcheng City

Wang WeiMing, 1999:
Analysis on the spatial pattern of grasshopper population in the alpine prairie

Li, Zhonglai, 1997:
Analysis on the yearly dynamics relation between body flea index and population of Citellus dauricus

Wang JinFu; L.S.aoHong; Chen Rui, 1999:
Analysis on variation of resistance to chlorpyrifos in Culex pipiens pallens due to amplification of esterase B2 gene

Abreu, R.L.S.; Fonseca, C.R.V.; Marques, E.N., 1997:
Analysis species of Scolytidae collected in the primary forest of the State of Amazonas

Preti, F.; Galeotti, L.; Brugioni, M., 1999:
Analysis the flood event of June 1996 in Versilia-Garfagnana for river training works

Bergeijk, J. van; Goense, D.; Speelman, L., 1999:
Analysis, design, and implementation of an information system for spatially variable field management

Fight, R.D.; Chmelik, J.T., 1998:
Analysts guide to FEEMA for Financial Analysis of Ecosystem Management Activities

Sutton, A.; Dawson, H.; Hoff, B.; Grift, E.; Shoukri, M., 1999:
Analyte comparisons between 2 clinical chemistry analyzers

Matthie, J.; Zarowitz, B.; D.L.renzo, A.; Andreoli, A.; Katzarski, K.; Pan, G.; Withers, P., 1998:
Analytic assessment of the various bioimpedance methods used to estimate body water

Schmid, B.H., 1997:
Analytic solution of the transient storage equations-accounting for solute decay

Heltai, G.; Debreczeni, K.; Balint, A.; Notas, E.; Tarr, Z.; Jozsa, T., 1998:
Analytical and methodological development of 15N tracer technique for soil nitrogen transformation studies

Demmel, M.; Auernhammer, H., 1998:
Analytical and modelling deduction of requirements on tractor concepts for cultivation and application purposes

Queiroz, M.R.; Nebra, S.A., 1997:
Analytical and numerical solutions of the diffusional model applied to the drying of bananas

Miller VanCleave, B.I.; Workman, S.R.; Serrano, S.E.; Edwards, D.R., 1999:
Analytical and physical models for drainage research subject to transient boundary conditions

Melis, P.; Cattivello, C., 1999:
Analytical and practical evaluations of some substrates for pot plants

Winandy, J.E.; Hernandez, R., 1998:
Analytical approach to determining the effects of incising on bending strength and stiffness of glued laminated beams

Bruijn, J.M. de; Bout, M., 1999:
Analytical approach to white sugar quality - anions, cations and their probable origin

Smouse, P.E.; Chevillon, C., 1998:
Analytical aspects of population-specific DNA fingerprinting for individuals

Kiseleva, R.M.; Okunev, A.S.; Sverdlova, V.P., 1996:
Analytical aspects of the detection of nitrates and nitrites in milk products

Nadinic, E.L.; Lopez, P.; Saavedra, C.; Najera, M.T.; Bandoni, A.L.; Debenedetti, S.L.; Spegazzini, E.; Castro, M.T., 1999:
Analytical assays of Argentine herbal drugs known as 'nencia'

Tsukurov, A.M., 1999:
Analytical calculation of soil compaction

Cisse, M.; Ly, I.;, N.D.; Arbelot, B., 1997:
Analytical characteristics of commercial poultry diets in Senegal

Saviozzi, A.; Levi Minzi, R.; Riffaldi, R.; Cardelli, R., 1997:
Analytical characteristics of freshly pressed olives

Giuffre, A.M.; Poiana, M.; Mincione, B.; Picone, R.M.; Tripodi, G., 1999:
Analytical characterization of the lipid fraction extracted from seeds of Calodendrum capensis (Rutaceae)

Sidahmed, Mm, 1998:
Analytical comparison of force and energy balance methods for characterizing sprays from hydraulic nozzles

Saulnier, G.M.; Obled, C.; Beven, K., 1997:
Analytical compensation between DTM grid resolution and effective values of saturated hydraulic conductivity within the TOPMODEL framework

Gelosa, L., 1998:
Analytical controls of yoghurt and yoghurt-based foods

Boyanov, B., 1997:
Analytical description and study of the dynamic behaviour of a downstream level stabilization system with AVIO (AVIS) regulatory gates

Palmer, Ivan S., 1998:
Analytical detection of selenium in water, soil, and plants

Dobarganes, M.C.; Marquez Ruiz, G., 1998:
Analytical evaluation of fats and oils by size-exclusion chromatography

Ottaviani, F.; Bozzini, M.; Sois, S. da, 1997:
Analytical evaluation of foods. Archilab software for management and elaboration of data

Sjarief, R.; Hatmoko, W.; Weert, R. van der, 1998:
Analytical framework for water resources planning in Indonesia

Ostfeld, A.; Muzaffar, E.; Lansey, K.E., 1999:
Analytical ground-water flow solutions for channel-aquifer interaction

Heinen, M., 1999:
Analytical growth equations and their Genstat 5 equivalents

Ho, C.K., 1998:
Analytical inverse model for multicomponent soil vapor extraction

Feger, W.; Brandauer, H.; Ziegler, M., 1999:
Analytical investigation of the sesquiterpene hydrocarbons of distilled lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle)

Welzen, P.C. van, 1998:
Analytical key to the genera of Thai Euphorbiaceae

Boghra, V.R.; Gojiya, N.S., 1999:
Analytical laboratory management

Godbout, S.; Fafard, M.; Picard, A.; Marquis, A., 1998:
Analytical load calculation for the design of liquid manure concrete tanks

Mori, H.; Sato, T.; Nagase, H.; Takada, K.; Nagasaka, M.; Yamazaki, F., 1998:
Analytical method for screening and quantification of phosphated amino acid herbicides in the serum of acutely intoxicated patients using HPLC with a diode-array-detector

Tanaka, T.; Kawakami, S.; Kojima, N.; Aoki, N.; Ueno, Y., 1997:
Analytical method of trichothecin in agricultural products by capillary GC-ECD

Rodriguez Bernaldo de Quiros, A.I.; Gonzalez Castro, M.J.; Lopez Hernandez, J.; Simal Lozano, J., 1998:
Analytical methods applied to the determination of aromatic components of plant foodstuffs

Landgraf, A., 1998:
Analytical methods for bacterial count quality controls. A new generation of equipment: testing the Bactoscan FC. Part 1

Perennou, H., 1997:
Analytical methods for detecting coliform bacteria

Berezko, V.A., 1996:
Analytical methods for determining moisture content in butter in a two-screw-type extruder

Trugo, L.C.; Baer, D. von, 1998:
Analytical methods for the analysis of antinutritional factors in legume seeds

Goretti, E.; Giovanni, M.V. di, 1998:
Analytical methods for the benthic component in a Central Italian water course (Torrente Fersinone)

Perez, R.A.; Sanchez Brunete, C.; Miguel, E.; Tadeo, J.L., 1998 :
Analytical methods for the determination in soil of herbicides used in forestry by GC-NPD and GC/MS

Tseng, S.H.iang; Lee, W.C.en; Chang, P.C.iou; Chou, S.S.ou, 1998:
Analytical methods for the determination of acifluorfen and bentazone residues in crops

Shaikh, B., 1999:
Analytical methods for the determination of diuretics in bovine milk

Aprea, C.; Sciarra, G.; Bozzi, N., 1997:
Analytical methods for the determination of urinary 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid in occupationally exposed subjects and in the general population

David, I., 1998:
Analytical methods to model the vacuum induced air and groundwater flow using horizontal drains for aquifer remediation

Cohen Maurel, E., 1996:
Analytical methods. Are there any salmonellae?

Mmolawa, K.; Or, D., 1999:
Analytical model for water and solute dynamics under drip irrigated crop

Cancalon, P.F., 1999:
Analytical monitoring of citrus juices by using capillary electrophoresis

Schulten, H.R.; Leinweber, P.; Schnitzer, M., 1998:
Analytical pyrolysis and computer modelling of humic and soil particles

Repa, S.; Spanik, F., 1999:
Analytical relationship between soil moisture under spring barley and arable land soil - standard of Agrometeorological Station

Gupta, J.P.; Submaria, N.M., 1997:
Analytical sampling of soils of Jammu region of J&K for sulphur content

Flury, M.; Wu, Q.J.; W.L.oSheng; X.L.nLin, 1998:
Analytical solution for solute transport with depth-dependent transformation or sorption coefficients

Natu, R.B., 1997:
Analytical studies on composition of spray pond water

E.Sheshtawy, M.S.A., 1998:
Analytical study for production costs of some industrial goods by Kaha foods industrial company

Korraa, D.M.M.; Mohmmed, D.S.A., 1998:
Analytical study of some aspects of agricultural credit and marketing credit in Assiut governorate

Megahed, M.; Kamel, O.M., 1998:
Analytical study on obstacles of rice transplanting system in Egypt

Rahmani, M.; Hodges, A.; Kiker, C., 1999:
Analyzing compost economics

Carlson, W.R., 1999:
Analyzing crosses involving misdivision

Saxena, A.K.; Nautiyal, J.C.; Foot, D.K., 1997:
Analyzing deforestation and exploring policies for its amelioration: a case study of India

Saxena, A.K.; Nautiyal, J.C., 1997:
Analyzing deforestation: a systems dynamic approach

Goldsmith, P.D.; Sporleder, T.L., 1998:
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Anatomy special

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Ancient but new-style milk beverage - kefir

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And what if we allow marketing for tourist attractions?

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Andhari Tiger Sanctuary (Maharashtra): a case for people's participation in the management of protected areas

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Andricus corruptrix in the West Midlands

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