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Assessment of runoff and erosion potential of small agricultural watersheds by using the WEPP model

Klik, A.; Hebel, B.; Baumer, O.W.

Zeitschrift fur Kulturtechnik und Landentwicklung 38(4): 149-153


ISSN/ISBN: 1609-901X
Accession: 003047780

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Soil erosion is one of the major threats of the resource soil. Current computer simulation capacities coupled with available information should be used to identify opportunities to design farming systems that can resist damage from infrequent events of various duration and intensities. Surface runoff and soil erosion occurring from storms with different return periods were calculated for three small agricultural watersheds in Austria by using the physical based WEPP simulation model. Impacts of conservation tillage and grass filter strips were simulated. The results show an increase of water retention by using conservation measures. The total amount of sediment yield leaving the watershed is also greatly reduced. In some areas the investigated conservation methods will not be enough for sufficient soil protection. The study showed that the WEPP model is a powerful tool to determine the erosion potential of agricultural watersheds and to evaluate the impact of different management practices.

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