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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3052

Chapter 3052 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hampton, R.O.; Keller, K.E.; Baggett, J.R., 1998:
Beet western yellows luteovirus in Western Oregon: pathosystem relationships in a vegetable-sugar beet seed production region

Agranovsky, A.A.; Folimonov, A.S.; Folimonova SYu; Morozov SYu; Schiemann, J.; Lesemann, D.; Atabekov, J.G., 1998:
Beet yellows closterovirus HSP70-like protein mediates the cell-to-cell movement of a potexvirus transport-deficient mutant and a hordeivirus-based chimeric virus

Dieringer, G.; Cabrera R.L.; Lara, M.; Loya, L.; Reyes Castillo, P., 1999:
Beetle pollination and floral thermogenicity in Magnolia tamaulipana (Magnoliaceae)

Sakai, S.; Momose, K.; Yumoto, T.; Kato, M.; Inoue, T., 1999:
Beetle pollination of Shorea parvifolia (section Mutica, Dipterocarpaceae) in a general flowering period in Sarawak, Malaysia

Sumana Saha; Dinendra Raychaudhuri, 1998:
Beetles (Brenthidae, Helotidae and Meloidae) of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

Byk, A.; Mazur, S.; Smolenski, M., 1998:
Beetles (Coleoptera) caught in bird boxes of the Kampinos National Park

Szafraniec, S., 1997:
Beetles (Coleoptera) new for the Babia Gora massif. II

Owen, J.A., 1997:
Beetles (Coleoptera) recorded from various Irish sites in 1993, 1994 and 1996

Hofe, H. vom; Gerstmeier, R., 1997:
Beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in river banks - investigation of a complex biotope

Owen, J.A., 1999:
Beetles occurring underground at the roots of old trees on Ashtead Common, Surrey, Great Britain

Schulz, H., 1998:
Before multi-purpose tractors

Lendvai, B., 1997:
Before the completion of privatization of the dairy industry

Lorrain, R., 1998:
Before the establishment of a fruit tree nursery. Methods to control the risk of nematodes

Lim Applegate, H.; McClintock, A., 1999:
Bega river catchment: river flow access and irrigated dairy farms

Vear, F., 1997:
Beginnings of large-scale cultivation

Ebeling, W., 1997:
Beginnings of structural IPM

Azmi, R.; Kiew, R., 1998:
Begonia lazat (Begoniaceae), a new culinary begonia from Borneo

Agrawal, P.K., 1999:
Begunia Khajara, a submergence tolerant and highly embryogenic low land cultivar of Eastern India

Eigenbrode, S.D.; White, C.; Rohde, M.; Simon, C.J., 1998 :
Behavior and effectiveness of adult Hippodamia convergens (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) as a predator of Acyrthosiphon pisum (Homoptera: Aphididae) on a wax mutant of Pisum sativum

Alexander, B.M.; Stellflug, J.N.; Rose, J.D.; Fitzgerald, J.A.; Moss, G.E., 1999:
Behavior and endocrine changes in high-performing, low-performing, and male-oriented domestic rams following exposure to rams and ewes in estrus when copulation is precluded

Edwards, R.L.; Edwards, E.H., 1997:
Behavior and niche selection by mailbox spiders

Nuwayri-Salti, N.; Matta, M.; Shbaklo, Z.; Lakkis, M.; Kabbani, Z.E., 1998:
Behavior in a mouse model of isolates of Leishmania donovani sensu lato cultured from the blood of patients with chronic cutaneous lesions

Carrera, M.; Gomez Aparisi, J., 1998:
Behavior of 'Conference' pear, self-rooted or grafted on different rootstocks

Pereira, J.; Gutierrez, S.; Subero, L.J., 1996:
Behavior of 15 genotypes of Sesamum indicum L, against Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid

Yang ZhongQi; Xie EnKui, 1998:
Behavior of Chouioia cunea Yang (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Jacxsens, L.; Devlieghere, F.; Falcato, P.; Debevere, J., 1999:
Behavior of Listeria monocytogenes and Aeromonas spp. on fresh-cut produce packaged under equilibrium-modified atmosphere

Razavilar, V., 1997:
Behavior of Listeria monocytogenes in a soft fresh type cheese without lactic starter affected by serotype, temperature and storage time

Rodriguez V.S.; Mesa, L.M.; Paez F.G.; Leon P.G., 1997:
Behavior of Sporothrix schenckii and Cladosporium carrionii in culture media based on native gum exudates

Effendi, I., 1998:
Behavior of Water User's Association and the implication on organization dynamics

Lavado, R.S.;, A.F.; Segat, A.M.L.; Gutierrez Boem, F.H., 1996:
Behavior of a tracer and native ions in saline soils

Luo, Y.; TeBeest, D.O., 1998:
Behavior of a wild-type and two mutant strains of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides f.sp. aeschynomene on northern jointvetch in the field

Tsuge, S.; Ikawa, Y.; Hikichi, Y.; Nakazawa Nasu, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Kubo, Y.; Horino, O., 1999:
Behavior of bioluminescent transconjugants of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in compatible and incompatible rice leaves

Schwartzkopf Genswein, K.S.; Stookey, J.M.; Welford, R., 1997:
Behavior of cattle during hot-iron and freeze branding and the effects of subsequent handling ease

Muller, G.W.; Pompeu Junior, J.; Carvalho, S.A. de; Teofilo Sobrinho, J., 1998:
Behavior of citrus varieties on 'Gou Tou' orange in Sao Paulo state, Brazil

Frazzi, E.; Calamari, L.; Calegari, F.; Stefanini, L., 1998:
Behavior of dairy cows in environments with different cooling systems during the summer

Panigrahi, A., 1998:
Behavior of dormancy in some snails and slugs of Darjeeling Himalayan region

Mewa Singh; Mridula Singh; Kumar, M.A.; Kumara, H.N.; D.S.uza, L.; Anantha, B.A.; Krishna Sharma, 1998:
Behavior of lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus) in vulnerable and relatively secure habitats in the rain forests of Western Ghats, India

Butzonitch, I.; Colavita, M.; Capezio, S.; Huarte, M., 1996:
Behavior of local isolates of PVX and PVYN in the screening for resistance of potato viruses X and Y

Ali, A.A., 1998:
Behavior of mesophilic lactic starters in skimmilk retentate

Kawamura, N.; Yamashiki, N.; Bando, H., 1998:
Behavior of mitochondria during eupyrene and apyrene spermatogenesis in the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera), investigated by fluorescence in situ hybridization and electron microscopy

Peyer, S.M.; Cramer, S.M., 1999:
Behavior of nailed connections at elevated temperatures

Shibuya, K.; Matsunaga, T.; Uwasawa, M., 1998:
Behavior of nutrients in the rhizosphere of spinach cultivated in light-colored Andosol upland fields

Vieira, R.F.; Fronza, V.; Ferreira, R.T., 1999:
Behavior of pea cultivars and lines at Patos de Minas and Uberaba, Minas Gerais state

Cattivello, C.; Donna, E. della; Pantanali, R., 1997:
Behavior of peat substrates during cyclamen and poinsettia cultivation

Pavlotskaya, F.I., 1997:
Behavior of plutonium in the soils of the Ural region

Vassiliou, Z.; Christou, M., 1999:
Behavior of processing tomato varieties in Greece

Wei YuLing; Huang YuLing, 1998:
Behavior of sequential extraction of lead from thermally treated lead(II)-doped alumina

Seman, D.H.; Stuedemann, J.A.; Hill, N.S., 1999:
Behavior of steers grazing monocultures and binary mixtures of alfalfa and tall fescue

Andrade, E.O.; Pinto, C.A.B.P.; Cardoso, M. das G.; Souza, J.C. de, 1998:
Behavior of tetraploid-diploid (4x-2x) potato hybrids of Solanum tuberosum L. x (S. tuberosum L. x S. chacoense Bitt)

Hirama, J.; Onodera, M.; Hamamoto, T.; Takahashi, N.; Miura, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Hirota, N., 1997:
Behavior of the bio-electric potential on the leaf for the 1/f fluctuated light stimuli

Frick, A.; Zebarth, B.J.; Szeto, S.Y., 1998:
Behavior of the soil fumigant methyl isothiocyanate in repacked soil columns

Kluge, R.A.; Modolo, V.A.; Jacomino, A.P.; Scarpare Filho, J.A.; Tessarioli Neto, J.; Minami, K., 1998:
Behavior of three vegetable fruits subjected to intermittent warming during cold storage

Maleszewski, M.; Kuretake, S.; Evenson, D.; Yanagimachi, H.; Bjordahl, J.; Yanagimachi, R., 1998:
Behavior of transgenic mouse spermatozoa with galline protamine

Yaron, B.; Dror, I.; Graber, E.; Jarsjo, J.; Fine, P.; Gerstl, Z., 1998:
Behavior of volatile organic liquid mixtures in the soil environment

Melo Lacerda, L. de; Zucchi, R., 1999:
Behavioral alterations and related aspects in queenless colonies of Geotrigona mombuca (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae)

Sammons, A.E.; Edwards, C.R.; Bledsoe, L.W.; Boeve, P.J.; Stuart, J.J., 1997:
Behavioral and feeding assays reveal a western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) variant that is attracted to soybean

Birketvedt, G.S.; Florholmen, J.; Sundsfjord, J.; Osterud, B.; Dinges, D.; Bilker, W.; Stunkard, A., 1999:
Behavioral and neuroendocrine characteristics of the night-eating syndrome

Gutierrez, C.F.reres, A.R.ina, M.C.brera, R.G.nzalez-Coloma, A., 1997:
Behavioral and sublethal effects of structurally related lower terpenes on Myzus persicae

Allain, S., 1999:
Behavioral approach of strategic management in a farm: the case of equipment decisions in cropping areas

Augusto, S.C.istina.; Garofalo, C.A.berto., 1998:
Behavioral aspects of Hoplostelis bilineolata (Spinola) (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae), a cleptoparasite of Euglossa cordata (Linnaeus) (Hymenoptera, Apidae), and behavior of the host in parasitized nests

Boecking, O.; Spivak, M., 1999:
Behavioral defenses of honey bees against Varroa jacobsoni Oud

Carroll, M.H.nlon, A.H.nlon, T.Z.ngerl, A.; Berenbaum, M., 1997:
Behavioral effects of carotenoid sequestration by the parsnip webworm, Depressaria pastinacella

Davis, J.A.; Paylor, R.; McDonald, M.P.; Libbey, M.; Ligler, A.; Bryant, K.; Crawley, J.N., 1999:
Behavioral effects of ivermectin in mice

Riters, L.V.; Balthazart, J., 1998:
Behavioral evidence for individual recognition in Japanese quail

Grandin, T.; Deesing, M.J., 1998:
Behavioral genetics and animal science

Price, E.O., 1998:
Behavioral genetics and the process of animal domestication

Zeigler, H.P., 1997:
Behavioral morphology of the pigeon's peck: ingestion, prehension and cognition

Maistrello, L.; Sbrenna, G., 1998:
Behavioral profiles in laboratory colonies of Kalotermes flavicollis (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae) with different social environments

Ferrando, S., 1998:
Behavioral research on AIDS--protease inhibitors and the new millennium: comment on Kelly, Otto-Salaj, Sikkema, Pinkerton, and Bloom (1998)

Collar, J.L.; Avilla, C.; Duque, M.; Fereres, A., 1997:
Behavioral response and virus vector ability of Myzus persicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) probing on pepper plants treated with aphicides

Sato, T.; Nakamuta, K.; Nakashima, T., 1998:
Behavioral response of Dacne picta (Coleoptera: Erotylidae) to different growing stages of the shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes

Bernklau, E.J.; Bjostad, L.B., 1998:
Behavioral responses of first-instar western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) to carbon dioxide in a glass bead bioassay

E.Hamid, A.Z.A., 1996:
Behavioral responses to amino acids by Biomphalaria alexandrina snails intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni

Tindo, M.; Turillazzi, S.; Dejean, A., 1997:
Behavioral role differentiation in the primitively eusocial wasp Belonogaster juncea juncea (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Wadden, T.A.; Scarwer, D.B., 1999:
Behavioral treatment of obesity. New approaches to an old disorder

Hicks, T.A.; McGlone, J.J.; Whisnant, C.S.; Kattesh, H.G.; Norman, R.L., 1998:
Behavioral, endocrine, immune, and performance measures for pigs exposed to acute stress

Heemstra, J.M.; Kronberg, S.L.; Neiger, R.D.; Pruitt, R.J., 1999:
Behavioral, nutritional, and toxicological responses of cattle to ensiled leafy spurge

Mihina, S.; Brestensky, V.; Szabova, G.; Botto, L., 1997:
Behaviour and cleanliness of dairy cows in differently designed cubicles

Potter, D.A.; Williamson, R.C., 1997:
Behaviour and cultural control of black cutworms in golf-course turf

Link, D.; Maffini, P.R.; Grutzmacher, A.D., 1997:
Behaviour and damage by Holochilus brasiliensis in irrigated rice

Vernozy-Rozand, C.; Meyrand, A.; Mazuy, C.; Delignette-Muller, M.L.; Jaubert, G.; Perrin, G.; Lapeyre, C.; Richard, Y., 1998:
Behaviour and enterotoxin production by Staphylococcus aureus during the manufacture and ripening of raw goats' milk lactic cheeses

Mohguen, K.; Abdelguerfi, A., 1999:
Behaviour and evaluation of some tall fescue populations (Festuca arundinacea Schreb)

Roussev, N.; Arvey, C., 1997:
Behaviour and health status of high-productivity dairy cows, housed loose in individual hutches in open and closed barns

Richard-Yris, M.A.; Guémené, D.; Lea, R.W.; Sharp, P.J.; Bédécarrats, G.; Forasté, M.; Wauters, A.M., 1998:
Behaviour and hormone concentrations in nest deprived and renesting hens

Janssen, A.; Pallini, A.; Venzon, M.; Sabelisi, M.W., 1998:
Behaviour and indirect interactions in food webs of plant-inhabiting arthropods

Gonyou, H.W., 1997:
Behaviour and productivity of pigs in groups composed of disproportionate numbers of littermates

Perry, R.N.; Aumann, J., 1998:
Behaviour and sensory responses

Olsen, K.H.; Bjerselius, R., 1998:
Behaviour and sex hormone levels in brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) males paired with females

Afellah, M.; Hamadi, I. ben; Smaili, C.; Hilal, A.; Chemseddine, M., 1997:
Behaviour and timing of emergence of final-instar larvae of Bactrocera oleae Gmel. (Dipt., Tephr.) from olives

Sevi, A.; Casamassima, D.; Marinelli, N.; Milano, R., 1999:
Behaviour and welfare assessment in stabled horses having a different number of accesses to paddocks

Kilgour, R.J., 1997:
Behaviour as a possible criterion for selection for lamb survival

Wang ShiPing; L.Y.ngHong, 1997:
Behaviour ecology of grazing sheep V. Interrelation between ingestion behaviour and sward characteristics

Wang ShiPing, 1997:
Behaviour ecology of grazing sheep. II. Influence of stocking rates on foraging behaviour of wethers

Xu, H.Y., 1996:
Behaviour in rabbits

Fournioux, J.C.; Grenan, S.; Kindt, S., 1998 :
Behaviour in the greenhouse of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars from microcuttings propagated in vitro by various means

Sugita, S.; Morita, S.; Yamamoto, M.; Hoshiba, S.; Uemura, T., 1998:
Behaviour investigated in calves waiting for an automatic milk replacer feeding system

Blackshaw, R.P., 1999:
Behaviour mediated population regulation?

Alonso Sebastian, R.; Serrano, A.; Villa, A., 1997:
Behaviour models as stock market appraisal instruments. An application to food industries in Madrid's stock exchange market

Diedrichsen, I., 1997:
Behaviour modification in nutritional medical consultation

Schulz, E.; Klimanek, E.M., 1996:
Behaviour of beta -HCH in highly polluted floodplain soils ion the Dessau region of the Mulde floodplain

Martin, B.; Fereres, A., 1998:
Behaviour of Aphis gossypii and Myzus persicae on resistant and susceptible Cucumis melo lines

Cai FuLong; Lin ZhiFeng; Chen Ying; Chen ShuMei; Yiang JiaDong; Cai Feng; Qian LuMin, 1997:
Behaviour of BHC and DDT at the mouth of the Zhujiang River, China

Sarigiannidou, D.; Koidis, P.; Batzios, C.; Mantis, A., 1999:
Behaviour of Bacillus cereus spores during heat processing of whey and in Mizithra cheese

Ahmed, F.A.; Ahmed, A.M., 1997:
Behaviour of Bent Eisha date palms to spraying boron

Henriquez, C.; Bertsch, F., 1997:
Behaviour of Ca, Mg and K under potassium fertilizer and dolomitic liming in a Costa Rican Andisol

Anonymous, 1998:
Behaviour of Cabernet Franc on different rootstocks

Toro, H.; Elortegui, S.; Chiappa, E., 1996:
Behaviour of Centris matrix tamarugalis (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae). Part III. Predation by lizards (Iguanidae)

Oliveira, G.P. de; Freitas, A.R. de, 1997:
Behaviour of Haematobia irritans on farms with different cattle management

Bod' a, K.; Solovyev, A.Y.; Kost' al, L' ; Guryeva, T.S.; Sabo, V.; Jurani, M., 1998:
Behaviour of Japanese quail under conditions of weightlessness

Menendez, S.; Centeno, J.A.; Hermida, M.; Godinez, R., 1999:
Behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes in processed cheese, cooked ham and hamburgers: the effect of different packaging

Haberhauer, G.; Gerzabek, M.H.; Temmel, B., 1997:
Behaviour of MCPA in laboratory and lysimeter studies

Delschen, T.; Hembrock Heger, A.; Leisner Saaber, J.; Sopczak, D., 1999:
Behaviour of PAH in the soil/plant system. PAH-contamination of cultivated plants over the air-/soil path

Lecoq, M.; Foucart, A.; Balanca, G., 1999:
Behaviour of Rhammatocerus schistocercoides (Rehn, 1906) hopper bands in Mato Grosso, Brazil (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Gomphocerinae)

Moretti, G.; Venturi, A., 1998:
Behaviour of Sangiovese and Montepulciano on various rootstocks in repeated cultivation (replanting) in the first years of establishment

Pantoja, A.; Mejia, O.I.; Ramirez, L.M.; Escalona, L.E.; Messa, N.C.; Duque, M.C., 1998:
Behaviour of Schizotetranychus oryzae on nine rice varieties

Traore, D.; Vincent, C.; Stewart, R.K., 1997:
Behaviour of Smicronyx guineanus Voss (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), potential biocontrol agent of Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. (Scrophulariaceae)

Silva, M.T.B. da, 1997:
Behaviour of Sternechus subsignatus (Boheman) in ten summer rotation species and trapping crops for no-tillage system

E.A.lam, M.; Ambri, A.; Azzaoui, A., 1996:
Behaviour of Troyer citrange in calcareous soils: bibliographic review

Pompeu, J.J.; Figueiredo, J.O. de; Laranjeira, F.F., 1999:
Behaviour of Valencia sweet orange grafted on trifoliate hybrids in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Mazza, S.M.; Martinez, G.C.; Rodriguez, V.A., 1997:
Behaviour of Zn and K foliar concentrations and their associations in Valencia Late orange (Citrus sinensis)

Cerruto, E.; Failla, S., 1999:
Behaviour of a sprayer in a citrus grove

Castagnoli, F.; Polverari, A.; Marte, M., 1997:
Behaviour of an accession of Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum towards cucumber mosaic virus

Marcati, C.R.; Lucia, R.M.D., 1996:
Behaviour of angico-vermelho (Anadenanthera peregrina (Benth.) Speg.) glued with PVA (polyvinyl acetate) and resorcinol formaldehyde

Dimitrov, D.N.; Mitova, I.G., 1998:
Behaviour of chemical elements in plant species growing in Alluvial-Meadow soil (fluvisols) contaminated by oil products

Prasongsidh, B.C.; Kailasapathy, K.; Skurray, G.R.; Bryden, W.L., 1998:
Behaviour of cyclopiazonic acid during the manufacture and storage of yogurt

Szyndler, J.; Kaczor, A., 1997:
Behaviour of dairy cows in litter and litter-free tie-in stalls of different size

Corazza, E.J.; Silva, J.E.; Resck, D.V.S.; Gomes, A.C., 1999:
Behaviour of different management systems as a source or sink of carbon in relation to cerrado vegetation

Metwally, M.A.; Mowafy, L.E.M.; Fouda, M.M.; Fares, I.M., 1998:
Behaviour of dromedary camels in two systems of husbandry

Joublan M.J.P.; Finot S.L.; Venegas V.A.; Wilckens E.R.; Belgeri, I., 1996:
Behaviour of five-year-old Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia N.) cv. Shinseiki grafted on Pyrus calleryana D. and Pyrus betulaefolia B

Toral, O., 1998:
Behaviour of forage tree species during their initial developmental stages

Moura, V.P.G.; Oliveira, J.B.; Vieira, V. de M., 1995:
Behaviour of four provenances of Eucalyptus brassiana at Planaltina, Federal District, cerrado region

Koniger, M.; Wallnofer, P.R., 1998:
Behaviour of growth inhibitors propham (IPC) and chlorpropham (CICP) in potatoes after different cooking methods

Grutzmacher, A.D.; Nakano, O., 1997 :
Behaviour of house fly, Musca domestica L., in relation to the use of transparent plastic bags containing water

Porkert, J.; Solheim, R.; Flor, A., 1997:
Behaviour of hybrid male Tetrao tetrix x T. urogallus on black grouse leks

Liu XiaoChong; Liu QiongYing; Kuang YanHua, 1998:
Behaviour of iodine - 125 in agro - ecosystem

Ahmad, N.; Hussain, T.; Ashraf, M., 1997:
Behaviour of irradiated and native pink bollworm moths in the cotton field

Leite, L.G.; Alves, S.B.; Wraight, S.P.; Galaini Wraight, S.; Roberts, D.W., 1996:
Behaviour of isolates of the fungus Zoophthora radicans on Empoasca kraemeri

Ramirez, A.; Quiles, A.; Hevia, M.L., 1998:
Behaviour of kids in their first hour of life

Luchsinger L.A.; Guzman R.C., 1998:
Behaviour of late-sown early maize hybrids, and their response to different nitrogen fertilizer rates

Caldeira, M.V.W.; da Silva, E.M.R.; Franco, A.A.; Zanon, M.L.B., 1999:
Behaviour of leguminous trees inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Lelis Morello, C. de; Peluzio, J.M.; Coelho, R.M.S.; Fernandes, D.M., 1998:
Behaviour of maize cultivars in Tocantins State 1994/95

Tiwari, R.K.S.; Singh, J., 1999:
Behaviour of mango cultivars against red rust (Cephaleuros virsence K.) and anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes) of mango leaves

Cabrera Asencio, I., 1997:
Behaviour of medium-day onion cultivars in the South of Puerto Rico

Rousseau, P.; Levasseur, P.; Dividich, J. le; Vaudelet, J.C., 1998:
Behaviour of newborn piglets related to thermoregulation

Liu YanZhou; Kong QingNi; Zhang Xu; Huang NongRong; Lin DaoXuan; Cai HanXiong; Liang Quan; Liang YouQiang; Liang ChengYing, 1996:
Behaviour of paddy population structure of early cropping indica rice with different seedling raising approaches and transplanting densities

Vieira, R.F.; Vieira, C.; Ferreira, R.T., 1999:
Behaviour of pea cultivars in Vicosa, Zona da Mata, Minas Gerais

Horn, T.; Marx, G.; Borell, E., 1999:
Behaviour of piglets during castration with or without local anaesthesia

Raj, A.B., 1999:
Behaviour of pigs exposed to mixtures of gases and the time required to stun and kill them: welfare implications

Logar, B.; Stuhec, I.; Kovac, M.; Skaza, D., 1996:
Behaviour of pigs of different MHS genotypes in barren environment

Nunes, A.L.; Adis, J., 1994:
Behaviour of populations of Tucayaca gracilis (Giglio-Tos 1897) (Orthoptera-Acrididae) during oscillatious in water levels in the floodplains of Central Amazonia

Gennari, M.; Ferraris, L.; Negre, M.; Ambrosoli, R., 1998:
Behaviour of prosulfocarb in three Italian soils

Medeiros Silva, P.R. de; Quessada, A.M.; Freitas, M.V. de M., 1999:
Behaviour of shop assistants in veterinary pharmacies when faced with cases related to bovine mastitis

Stainer, R.; Pernter, P., 1999:
Behaviour of smooth-skinned mutants of variety 'Golden Delicious'

Assis, R.L.; Ferreira, M.M.; Morais, E.J. de; Carneiro, C.J.G.; Dias Junior, M. de S., 1998:
Behaviour of soil moisture and water storage in Eucalyptus urophylla plantations at different spacings compared with the Cerrado vegetation at Bocaiuva (MG)

Chira, E., 1998:
Behaviour of some carrot (Daucus carota L.) genotypes in storage

Tanasescu, C.; Tanasescu, M.; Carstoiu, F., 1996:
Behaviour of some early tomato F1 hybrids grown under plastic at I.C.L.F. Vidra

Lionakis, S.M.; Loxou, B.K., 1997:
Behaviour of some mango cultivars in the greenhouse, under net and outdoors in the area of Chania Crete

Ahmed, F.F.; Ragab, M.A.; Mansour, A.E.M.; Hammam, M.S., 1998:
Behaviour of some mango cultivars to spraying of paclobutrazol on panicles

Kurmi, K., 1997:
Behaviour of some modern rice varieties under the late planting rainfed situation of southern Assam

Horciu, V.; Rascanescu, M.; Szekeli, A.; Sarbu, M.; Talpau, R., 1997:
Behaviour of some native and foreign sugarbeet varieties to attack by rhizomania caused by beet necrotic yellow vein furovirus (BNYVV)

E.B.ry, F.A.A.; E.M.geed, H.A.A.; Allah, W.R.R., 1997:
Behaviour of some new spinach hybrids cultivated at various sowing dates

Botu, I.; Achim, G.; Badea, J., 1998:
Behaviour of some plum rootstocks in Romania's conditions

Hassikou, K.; Hassikou, R.; Douira, A., 1997:
Behaviour of some rice cultivars in relation to Curvularia lunata

Costache, C.; Costache, M.; Argatu, C.; Carja, M., 1996:
Behaviour of some rose cultivars to attack by the fungus Botrytis cinerea Pers

Balinov, I.; Balinova, A.; Nachkova, V., 1997:
Behaviour of some systemic soil applied N-methylcarbamate insecticides in greenhouse tomato plants

Ciolpan, G.; Bude, A., 1997:
Behaviour of some winter barley and two-rowed barley lines and varieties in Moldavia

Krsnik, B.; Pavicic, Z.; Yammine, R.; Balenovic, T., 1997:
Behaviour of sows on day 20 after farrowing

Rossetto, C.A.V.; Novembre, A.D. da L.C.; Marcos Filho, J.; Silva, W.R. da; Nakagawa, J., 1997:
Behaviour of soyabean seeds during the initial phase of germination

Bjorkqvist, T.; Lautala, P.; Saharinen, E.; Paulapuro, H.; Koskenhely, K.; Lonnberg, B., 1999:
Behaviour of spruce sapwood in mechanical loading

Santos, I.C. dos; Casali, V.W.D.; Miranda, G.V., 1998:
Behaviour of ten cultivars of lettuce fertilized with urban waste compost

Barbeau, G.; Morlat, R.; Asselin, C.; Jacquet, A.; Pinard, C., 1998:
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Beneficial effects of alcohol usage?

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Benefits of feeding animals with waste products

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Benefits of multiple mates in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus

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Benefits of rearing dairy heifers to achieve high target weights at calving

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Benefits of sustainable shrimp culture

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Best value takes over

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Better maintenance enhances productivity and savings in energy

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Better management of companies through social dialogue

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Better protection of water resource quality

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Better quality lucerne from earlier cutting

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Better results come with cooperation

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Better service, more satisfied clients thanks to QMS

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Better sheep, improved wool

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Better storage of harvested roots

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Better techniques for managing bloodworms and aquatic earthworms

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Better to measure savings than to save on measuring

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Better use of calcium and iron. Improving of foods with bioactive proteins and peptides

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Better use of the advantages of surfactants

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Better weed control with finer droplets

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