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Bioconversion of d-limonene to oxygenated compounds by endogenous enzymes of the citrus peel

Lee MinHsiung; Liu Hwang; Su NanWei; Ku KwoLung; Choong YoukMeng

Journal of the Chinese Agricultural Chemical Society 37(1): 1-18


ISSN/ISBN: 0578-1736
Accession: 003052734

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The possibility of converting d-limonene [(+)-limonene] (terpene hydrocarbons) to oxygenated compounds using enzymes extracted from fruit peel of Citrus poonensis was investigated. After reaction at room temperature (30 degrees C) for 14 days with enzymes from fruit peel, part of the d-limonene did convert to oxygenated compounds, including alpha -terpineol, linalool and linalool oxide. The d-limonene contents decreased from 876.5 to 609.7 mg/g essential oil, with a conversion rate of 30-32%. On a percentage basis, d-limonene contents decreased from 95.6 to 79.3% with a concomitant increase of oxygenated compounds from 4.4 to 20.7%. These reactions improved the flavour and quality of the essential oil.

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