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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3057

Chapter 3057 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zimkova, M., 1997:
Botanical changes in grass/white clover swards without fertilizer input

Queiroz Voltan, R.B.netti; Jung Mendacolli, S.L.iza; Passo, F.A.tonio; Santos, R.R.beiro Dos, 1996:
Botanical characterization of strawberry cultivars

Siviero, P.; Barbuzzi, G., 1998:
Botanical characters and biology

Huang TsengChieng; Huang ShingFan; Yang KuohCheng, 1995:
Botanical collection in Taipingtao

Passalacqua, N.G., 1998:
Botanical composition and phytogeography of the rock crevice flora of some mountain tops in the southern Apennines

Coppedge, B.; Leslie, D.J.; Shaw, J., 1998:
Botanical composition of bison diets on tallgrass prairie in Oklahoma

Bontti, E.; Boo, R.; Lindstrom, L.; Elia, O., 1999:
Botanical composition of cattle and vizcacha diets in central Argentina

Camarao, A.P.; Marques, J.R.F.; Mendonca, C.L.G.; Rodrigues Filho, J.A.; Carvalho, N.N. de, 1997:
Botanical composition of forage and water-buffalo diet in native pastures of Amazon floodable lowlands

Trzaskos, M.; Czyz, H.; Gos, A.; Kitczak, T., 1997:
Botanical composition of littoral meadow sward against the background of habitat diversification

Bauer, M. de O.; Nascimento Junior, D. do; Regazzi, A.J.; Silva, E.A.M. da, 1998:
Botanical composition of the diet of cattle on concave and convex reliefs of a natural pasture in Vicosa, Minas Gerais

Lima, J.A. de; Nascimento Junior, D. do; Pereira, J.C.; Regazzi, A.J., 1997:
Botanical composition of the diet selected by cattle on a natural pasture

Kasperczyk, M.; Goab, B., 1999:
Botanical composition of untreated mountain pastures

Mrkvicka, J.; Vesela, M.; Vrzal, J., 1998:
Botanical composition of unutilized meadows and the nitrate concentration in lysimetric water

He, S.; Xia Bin; Qian JunQiu, 1999:
Botanical garden and biodiversity protection and utilization in cities

H.Shan An, G.Yin, 1997:
Botanical gardens in northwestern part of China

Schmidt, O.; Aurich, O.; Lopez, N.; DePrado, R.; Walter, H., 1998:
Botanical identification of Spanish Echinochloa biotypes with differential responses to quinclorac

Gupta, R.C., 1997:
Botanical identity of Jivanti - the Ayurvedic rejuvenant par excellence

Alm, T.; Alsos, I.G.; Often, A.; Piirainen, M., 1998:
Botanical impressions of the Kola peninsula

Kareem, A.A.dul; Gunasekaran, K.; Anbalagan, G., 1998:
Botanical pesticides in integrated pest management

Daya Ram, 1998:
Botanical pesticides: present status and future prospects

Muzika, R.M.; Hunsucker, R.; DeMeo, T., 1996:
Botanical reconnaissance of Big Run Bog candidate Research Natural Area

Stalling, C.M., 1997:
Botanical reconnaissance of Carlton Ridge Research Natural Area: mid- to high- elevation subalpine habitats

Royte, J.L.; Sperduto, D.D.; Lortie, J.P., 1996:
Botanical reconnaissance of Nancy Brook Research Natural Area

Sangster, A.G.; Hodson, M.J., 1997:
Botanical studies of silicon localization in cereal roots and shoots, including cryotechniques: A survey of work up to 1990

Rivera, D.; Linares, E.; Carrizosa, M.S.; Ramirez S.C., 1997:
Botanical survey and germplasm collecting of wild Rubus species in the Palmar basin, municipality of Ubaque (Cundinamarca, Colombia): I. Distribution and ecology

Yurtsev, B.A., 1998:
Botanical-geographic features of the arctic tundra subzone of the Chaun Chukotka

Rebristaya, O.V.; Khitun, O.V., 1998:
Botanical-geographical features of the Central Yamal flora

Oakley, L.J., 1999:
Botany and systematics of Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers

Veena Chandra, 1997:
Botany of neem

Sperati, G., 1998:
Botany of the Dominican monks. Rare plants of Italy. Saffron crocus of the Navelli plain (Abruzzo)

Artaud, C.R., 1998:
Botany section

Gummer, D.L.; Forbes, M.R.; Bender, D.J.; Barclay, R.M.R., 1997:
Botfly (Diptera: Oestridae) parasitism of Ord's kangaroo rats (Dipodomys ordii) at Suffield National Wildlife Area, Alberta, Canada

Gewirtzman, A.; Rabinovitz, H., 1999:
Botfly infestation (myiasis) masquerading as furunculosis

Ashman, R.B.; Fulurija, A.; Papadimitriou, J.M., 1999:
Both CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes reduce the severity of tissue lesions in murine systemic candidiasis, and CD4+ cells also demonstrate strain-specific immunopathological effects

Hirose, T.; Sugiura, M., 1997:
Both RNA editing and RNA cleavage are required for translation of tobacco chloroplast ndhD mRNA: a possible regulatory mechanism for the expression of a chloroplast operon consisting of functionally unrelated genes

Raccurt, C.P.; Cordonnier, C.; Gontier, M.F.; Brasseur, P., 1998:
Both human subcutaneous dirofilariasis cases previously diagnosed in Amiens (France) are probably not autochthonous

Chou BenShan; Shiau ShiYen, 1999:
Both n-6 and n-3 fatty acids are required for maximal growth of juvenile hybrid tilapia

Muszynski, K.W.; Ohashi, T.; Hanson, C.; Ruscetti, S.K., 1998:
Both the polycythemia- and anemia-inducing strains of Friend spleen focus-forming virus induce constitutive activation of the Raf-1/mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transduction pathway

Serio, F. di; Alioto, D.; Ragozzino, A.; Flores, R., 1998:
Both the small circular RNAs and the double-stranded RNAs associated with the chlorotic rusty spot disease of sweet cherry are also found in sour cherry with similar symptoms

Perez, O.A. de; Koscinczuk, P.; Flinta, S.M.; Maidana, H.R.; Sanchez Negrette, M., 1997:
Bothrops alternatus envenoming in young dogs

Minkus, G.; Hillemanns, M., 1997:
Botryoid-type embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of liver in a young cat

Johnson, G.I.; Joyce, D.C.; Gosbee, M.J., 1998:
Botryosphaeria (Anamorphs Fusicoccum and Dothiorella), Diaporthe (Anamorphs Phomopsis spp.) and Lasiodiplodia: infection and defence

Wright, E.R.; Rivera, M.C.; Palmucci, H.E., 1996:
Botrytis cinerea in plants grown for cut flowers in Argentina

Palmucci, H.E.; Rivera, M.C.; Wright, E.R., 1997:
Botrytis cinerea on potted ornamentals in Argentina

Hari Chand, 1997:
Botrytis grey mould of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in India - a review

Trottin Caudal, Y., 1998:
Botrytis in tomato crops: situation and control methods

Santomauro, A.; Tauro, G.; Sorrenti, M.; Guido, M.A. de; Pollastro, S.; Faretra, F., 1998:
Botrytis protection of table grapes

Horita, H., 1997:
Botrytis rhizome rot of German iris caused by Botrytis convoluta in Hokkaido

Noguer, F., 1998:
Botrytis: measures for optimizing its control

Jefferis, K.R.; Kelly, T.F., 1999:
Botswana: poverty amid plenty

Nevin, T., 1998:
Botswana: the jewel shines brighter

Piasentier, E.; Mills, C.R., 1999:
Bottle feeding of kids: 2. effects on the quality of carcass and meat

Mies, B.A., 1999:
Bottle-trees and heat on Socotra (Yemen): a big-foot story. A temperature study of Adenium socotranum (Apocynaceae) and Dendrosicyos socotrana (Cucurbitaceae)

Payne, W.H.; Holliday, I.; Aitken, R., 1997:
Bottlebrush flowers

Loyola Rodriguez, J.P.; Pozos Guillen, A. de J.; Hernandez Guerrero, J.C., 1998:
Bottled drinks as additional source of fluoride exposure

Anonymous, 1999:
Bottled milk - again?

Araki, H.; Tachida, H., 1997:
Bottleneck effect on evolutionary rate in the nearly neutral mutation model

Wang, J.; Caballero, A.; Keightley, P.D.; Hill, W.G., 1998 :
Bottleneck effect on genetic variance. A theoretical investigation of the role of dominance

Hegde, S.N.; Krishna, M.S., 1999:
Bottleneck effect on intra- and interspecific competition in Drosophila malerkotliana

Leybourne, S.L.; Grant, M., 1999:
Bottlenecks in the informal food-transportation network of Harare, Zimbabwe

Jehle, R., 1999:
Bottlenecks of SME and their elimination in services and crafts in rural areas of the Czech Republic

Dalgaard, T., 1997:
Bottom up modelling of scenarios for environmental impact in livestock intensive areas

Younis, T., 1997:
Bottom-up implementation after Rio: rural community participation in Scottish forestry

Glawischnig, W.; Schopf, K.; Schonbauer, M., 1999:
Botulism in a cattle herd

Bowles, M.R.; Mulhern, T.D.; Gordon, R.B.; Inglis, H.R.; Sharpe, I.A.; Cogill, J.L.; Pond, S.M., 1997:
Bound Tris confounds the identification of binding site residues in a paraquat single chain antibody

L.S.uDing; L.X.eLian; Zhang ShaoLan; M.J.Chun, 1998:
Bound residue of cetane in soil and rice plant

Chen ZuYi; Cheng Wei; Cheng Bing, 1996:
Bound residues of 14C-chlorsulfuron in soils and their ecological efficiency

Rascio, A., 1997:
Bound water in plants and its relationships to the abiotic stresses

Paasi, A.; Raivo, P.J., 1998:
Boundaries as barriers and promoters: constructing the tourist landscapes of Finnish Karelia

Glazkov, M.V., 1998:
Boundaries of the structural-functional domains in eukaryotic chromosomes

Clark, R.; Duron, G.; Quispe, G.; Stocking, M., 1999:
Boundary bunds or piles of stones? Using farmers' practices in Bolivia to aid soil conservation

Rabideau, A.; Khandelwal, A., 1998:
Boundary conditions for modeling transport in vertical barriers

Schwartz, R.; Mcinnes, K.; Juo, A.; Wilding, L., 1999:
Boundary effects on solute transport in finite soil columns

Martin, T.; Hinckley, T.; Meinzer, F.; Sprugel, D., 1999:
Boundary layer conductance, leaf temperature and transpiration of Abies amabilis branches

Sturniolo, G.; Presti Costantino, M.R.L.; Callipari, O.; Lombardo, S.; Pellicano, G.F.; Santoro, M.; Ricciardi, F.; Costantino, G.; Manzo, A.; Rosa, F.L., 1996:
Boutonneuse fever. Epidemiological considerations

Neupaney, D.; Ishioroshi, M.; Samejima, K., 1997:
Bovine beta -lactoglobulin A investigated for structural changes induced by mechanical agitation, pH and heat

Prinzenberg, E.M.; Erhardt, G., 1997:
Bovine beta -lactoglobulin I is identified by amplification created restriction site using SmaI

Bewley, M.C.; Qin, B.Y.; Jameson, G.B.; Sawyer, L.; Baker, E.N., 1997:
Bovine beta -lactoglobulin and its variants: a three-dimensional structural perspective

Daubenberger, C.; Taracha, E.; Gaidulis, L.D.vis, W.; Mckeever, D., 1999:
Bovine gamma delta T-cell responses to the intracellular protozoan parasite Theileria parva

Erhardt, G.; Prinzenberg, E.M.; Buchberger, J.; Krick Saleck, H.; Krause, I.; Miller, M., 1997:
Bovine kappa -casein G: detection, occurrence, molecular genetic characterization, genotyping and coagulation properties

Brown, W.C.; McElwain, T.F.; Palmer, G.H.; Chantler, S.E.; Estes, D.M., 1999:
Bovine CD4+ T-lymphocyte clones specific for rhoptry-associated protein 1 of Babesia bigemina stimulate enhanced immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) and IgG2 synthesis

Sinclair, M.C.; Gilchrist, J.; Aitken, R., 1997:
Bovine IgG repertoire is dominated by a single diversified VH gene family

González, L.; Buxton, D.; Atxaerandio, R.; Aduriz, G.; Maley, S.; Marco, J.C.; Cuervo, L.A., 1999:
Bovine abortion associated with Neospora caninum in northern Spain

Kim DaeYong; Hwang WooSuk; Kim JaeHoon; Hur Kwon; Lee ByeongChun; Jean YoungHwa; Rhee JaeChin; Choi SangHo, 1997:
Bovine abortion associated with Neospora in Korea

Caldow, G.L., 1998:
Bovine abortion outbreak associated with Neospora and other infectious agents

Otter, A.; Wilson, B.W., 1997:
Bovine abortion outbreaks associated with Neospora and other infectious agents

Jiang ZhiWen; Xia Jun; Y.Y.Min; W.H.aBu; Chen GuaLiang; Tao MinFei, 1999:
Bovine adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH)-receptors and regulation of transforming growth factor (TGF) beta 1

Lafi, S.Q.; Hailat, N.Q., 1998:
Bovine and ovine mastitis in Dhuleil Valley of Jordan

Hullinger, G.; Sangster, L.; Colvin, B.; Frazier, K., 1998:
Bovine arsenic toxicosis from ingestion of ashed copper-chrome-arsenate treated timber

Montenegro James, S.; James, M.A., 1998:
Bovine babesiosis: recent advances in diagnosis

Duarte, R.T.; Carvalho Simões, M.C.; Sgarbieri, V.C., 1999:
Bovine blood components: fractionation, composition, and nutritive value

Goldammer, T.; Brunner, R.M.; Kuhn, C.; Weikard, R.; Schwerin, M., 1999:
Bovine chromosome fragment specific libraries-tool for the generation of region specific high density marker maps

Marshall, R.N.; Catchpole, J.; Green, J.A.; Webster, K.A., 1998:
Bovine coccidiosis in calves following turnout

Playford, R.J.; Floyd, D.N.; Macdonald, C.E.; Calnan, D.P.; Adenekan, R.O.; Johnson, W.; Goodlad, R.A.; Marchbank, T., 1999:
Bovine colostrum is a health food supplement which prevents NSAID induced gut damage

Varaschin, M.S.; Wouters, F.; Prado, E.S., 1998:
Bovine congenital erythropoietic porphyria in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Brglez, J., 1996:
Bovine cysticercosis in Slovenia

Kawahata, K.; Goto, T., 1997:
Bovine early pregnancy factor in recipient serum with embryo transfer on the day more than 5 days different from the estrus cycle of donor

Pusterla, N.; Steiger, B.; Schorno, U.; Braun, U., 1997:
Bovine ehrlichiosis in central Switzerland

Peippo, J.; Moisio, S.; Markkula, M., 1999:
Bovine embryo diagnostics

Akhter, S.; Owen, E.; Theodorou, M.K.; Butler, E.A.; Minson, D.J., 1999:
Bovine faeces as a source of micro-organisms for the in vitro digestibility of forages

Mezo Menendez, M.; Sanchez Andrade, R.; Martinez Santiago, J.L.; Diez Banos, N.; Diez Banos, P.; Morrondo Pelayo, P., 1998:
Bovine fascioliasis: evaluation of parasitological parameters and immune response in experimental and natural infections

Torgerson, P., 1999:
Bovine fasciolosis - an update and refresher

Sheldon, M., 1997:
Bovine fertility - practical implications of the maternal recognition of pregnancy

Kuliman, M.E.; Maas, R.F.M.; Judah, D.J.; Fink Gremmels, J., 1998:
Bovine hepatic metabolism of aflatoxin B1

Kweon, C.H.; Kang, S.W.; Choi, E.J.; Kang, Y.B., 1999:
Bovine herpes virus expressing envelope protein (E2) of bovine viral diarrhea virus as a vaccine candidate

Rocha, M.A.; Gouveia, A.M.G.; Leite, R.C., 1998:
Bovine herpesvirus 1 and artificial insemination in cattle

Castro, R.S.; Rabelo, S.S.A.; Nascimento, S.A. do; Frutuoso, E.M.; Silva, F.A.G., 1998:
Bovine herpesvirus 1 and bovine diarrhoea virus in cases of broncho-pneumonia in calves in the micro-region of Garanhuns, Pernambuco, Brazil

Schröder, C.; Keil, G.M., 1999:
Bovine herpesvirus 1 requires glycoprotein H for infectivity and direct spreading and glycoproteins gH(W450) and gB for glycoprotein D-independent cell-to-cell spread

Cook, N., 1998:
Bovine herpesvirus 1: clinical manifestations and an outbreak of infections pustular vulvovaginitis in a UK dairy herd

Meyer, G.; Hanon, E.; Georlette, D.; Pastoret, P.P.; Thiry, E., 1998:
Bovine herpesvirus type 1 glycoprotein H is essential for penetration and propagation in cell culture

Ramirez, C.E.; Tittarelli, C.M.; Lasta, G.; Giuliodori, M., 1996:
Bovine hypocuprosis in the Magdalena district, Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Benakhla, A.; Lonneux, J.F.; Mekroud, A.; Losson, B.; Boulard, C., 1999:
Bovine hypodermosis in north-eastern Algeria: prevalence and intensity of infestation

Rodrigues, C.G.; Muller, E.E.; Freitas, J.C. de, 1999:
Bovine leptospirosis: serology at dairy farms in the Londrina region, Parana State, Brazil

Levkut, M.; Lesník, F.; Bálent, P.; Zajac, V.; Korim, P.; Sláviková, K., 1997:
Bovine leukemia virus-induced clinical signs and morphological changes of encephalitozoonosis in rabbits

Chevallier, N.; Berthelemy, M.; L.R.un, D.; Lainé, V.; Levy, D.; Schwartz-Cornil, I., 1998:
Bovine leukemia virus-induced lymphocytosis and increased cell survival mainly involve the CD11b+ B-lymphocyte subset in sheep

Dequiedt, F.; Cantor, G.H.; Hamilton, V.T.; Pritchard, S.M.; Davis, W.C.; Kerkhofs, P.; Burny, A.; Kettmann, R.; Willems, L., 1999:
Bovine leukemia virus-induced persistent lymphocytosis in cattle does not correlate with increased ex vivo survival of B lymphocytes

Chowdhury, M.K.; Shamsuddin, M.; Bhuiyan, M.M.U.; Alam, M.G.S., 1998:
Bovine luteal response to prostaglandin preparations available in the local market

Clercq, K. de; Lambot, M.; Hubert, P.; Strobbe, R.; Debecq, J.; Letesson, J.J.; Danes, M., 1996:
Bovine lymphocyte responses to foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) antigens

Jensen, H.E.; Aalbaek, B.; Bloch, B.; Huda, A., 1998:
Bovine mammary protothecosis due to Prototheca zopfii

Bates, P., 1998:
Bovine mange in Great Britain

Martin, P.C.; Garcia, R.; Elias, A., 1998:
Bovine manure silage for growing bulls

Hamann, J., 1997:
Bovine mastitis

Denamiel, G.; Gentilini, E.; Rumi, M.V.; Perez Monti, H., 1997:
Bovine mastitis - typing catalase negative cocci

Farca, A.M.; Nebbia, P.; Robino, P., 1999:
Bovine mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus: a new therapeutic approach in vitro

Anonymous, 1998 :
Bovine meat: balance and perspectives at the dawn of 2000

D.S.uza da Cunha, M.L.R.; D.C.nha, A.R.; Hirooka, E.Y., 1996:
Bovine milk and soyabean: microbiological and nutritional interaction resulted from the mixture of both components

Nakano, T.; Ozimek, L., 1999:
Bovine milk glycosaminoglycans

Deepak Shah, 1997:
Bovine mortalities in Maharashtra: an intra-regional analysis

Trinca, L.A.; Miller, B.; Beard, F.R., 1999:
Bovine mortality composting in northern Utah

Brugere Picoux, J.; Adler, C.; Chastant, S.; Millemann, Y.; Remy, D., 1998:
Bovine neosporosis: a major cause of abortion?

Brugere Picoux, J.; Adler, C.; Chastant, S.; Millemann, Y.; Remy, D., 1998:
Bovine neosporosis: clinical case in a cattle dairy herd

Cerone, S.; Sansinanea, A.; Streitenberger, S.; Garcia, C.; Auza, N., 1998:
Bovine neutrophil functionality in molybdenum-induced copper deficiency

Hirsbrunner, G.; Ebeid, M.; Eicher, R., 1998:
Bovine ocular squamous cell carcinoma: a report of 21 cases (1990-1996)

Dominko, T.; Mitalipova, M.; Haley, B.; Beyhan, Z.; Memili, E.; McKusick, B.; First, N.L., 1999:
Bovine oocyte cytoplasm supports development of embryos produced by nuclear transfer of somatic cell nuclei from various mammalian species

Bols, P.E.J.; Kruif, A. de, 1998:
Bovine oocyte retrieval: which follicles to puncture?

Yousef, M.I.; Zeitoun, M.M., 1998:
Bovine ovarian follicular fluids modulate the release of transaminases, acrosome reaction and motility of the rabbit sperm in vitro

Lai, C.C.; Henningson, C.; DiMaio, D., 1998:
Bovine papillomavirus E5 protein induces oligomerization and trans-phosphorylation of the platelet-derived growth factor beta receptor

Stocco dos Santos, R.C.; Lindsey, C.J.; Ferraz, O.P.; Pinto, J.R.; Mirandola, R.S.; Benesi, F.J.; Birgel, E.H.; Pereira, C.A.; Beçak, W., 1998:
Bovine papillomavirus transmission and chromosomal aberrations: an experimental model

Skiadopoulos, M.H.; McBride, A.A., 1998:
Bovine papillomavirus type 1 genomes and the E2 transactivator protein are closely associated with mitotic chromatin

Dorchies, P., 1998:
Bovine paramphistomosis in France: an increasing parasitosis

Mage, C.; Dorchies, P., 1998:
Bovine paramphistomosis: relationship between faecal egg count and parasites load

Muller, W.; Zucker, B.A.; Sanchez, A.R.; Ulmer, S.; Younan, M., 1998:
Bovine paraplegic syndrome (Mal de Aquidaban) in Paraguay caused by C. perfringens toxovar D

Scala, A.; Ligios, C.; Satta, G.; Gaetani, W.; Sini, T., 1997:
Bovine parasitoses: epidemiological findings in Sardinia

Lobb, D.A.; Loeman, H.J.; Sparrow, D.G.; Morck, D.W., 1999:
Bovine polymorphonuclear neutrophil-mediated phagocytosis and an immunoglobulin G2 protease produced by Porphyromonas levii

Kaushik, S.N.; Garg, R.C., 1995:
Bovine population dynamics, growth rate and projections for Meerut Mandal (region) in Western Uttar Pradesh

Datta, T.N.; Khanna, R.S., 1999:
Bovine population in Rajasthan - an inter-regional analysis

Sota, R.L. de la, 1998:
Bovine reproductive ultrasonography

Cedeno, I.; Bermudez, C.; Margolles, E.; Barrera, M.; Bulnes, C., 1999:
Bovine retinal S-antigen: purification and use in studies of retinitis pigmentosa in Cuba

Thérien, I.; Moreau, R.; Manjunath, P., 1999:
Bovine seminal plasma phospholipid-binding proteins stimulate phospholipid efflux from epididymal sperm

Carli, G.A. de; Silva, A.C. da; Rott, M.B.; Tasca, T.; Castilhos, D.; Hypolito, L.; Wendorff, A., 1997:
Bovine serum for the culture of Trichomonas

McNair, J.; Elliott, C.; Bryson, D.G.; Mackie, D.P., 1998:
Bovine serum transferrin concentration during acute infection with Haemophilus somnus

Anonymous, 1998:
Bovine somatotropin (BST)

Hutjens, M., 1999:
Bovine somatotropin applications: the role of nutrients and additives

Londono, A.A.S.; Campos Valadares Filho, S. de; Silva, J.F.C. da; Pereira, J.C.; Cecon, P.R.; Fonseca, F.A.; Matos, F.N., 1997:
Bovine somatotropin for lactating dairy cows. 1. Milk yield and composition

Heeschen, W.H., 1997:
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE): risk analysis of milk and milk products - a model

Vitarana, T., 1997:
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and Sri Lanka

Almond, J.W., 1998:
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Griffin, J.M.; Collins, J.D.; Nolan, J.P.; Weavers, E.D., 1997:
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in the Republic of Ireland: epidemiological observation 1989-1996

Zecchini, M.; Meneghi, D. de; Rubelli, M.; Crimella, C., 1999:
Bovine theileriosis

Pellegrin, A.O.; Martins, N.E.; Lage, A.P.; Costa, G.M. da; Gomes, L.I.; Reinato, A.P.R.; Leite, R.C., 1998:
Bovine trichomonosis in the State of Minas Gerais: occurrence and treatment

Silva, R.A.; Egüez, A.; Morales, G.; Eulert, E.; Montenegro, A.; Ybañez, R.; Seidl, A.; Martín, A.; Dávila, R.; Ramirez, L., 1998:
Bovine trypanosomiasis in Bolivian and Brazilian lowlands

Denny, G.O.; Wilesmith, J.W., 1999:
Bovine tuberculosis in Northern Ireland: a case-control study of herd risk factors

Schmitt, S.M.; Fitzgerald, S.D.; Cooley, T.M.; Bruning-Fann, C.S.; Sullivan, L.; Berry, D.; Carlson, T.; Minnis, R.B.; Payeur, J.B.; Sikarskie, J., 1997:
Bovine tuberculosis in free-ranging white-tailed deer from Michigan

Antognoli, M.C.; Pereira, J.J.; Rodriguez, F.; Garbaccio, S., 1998 :
Bovine tuberculosis on a dairy farm

Lilenbaum, W.; Schettini, J.; Ribeiro, E.R.; Souza, G.N. de; Moreira, E.C.; Fonseca, L., 1998:
Bovine tuberculosis: prevalence and epidemiology on 13 farms in the lakes region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Kumamoto, K.; Tenjinki, T.; Seguchi, H.; Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, R.; Tateyama, S., 1998:
Bovine tumours detected at Miyakonojo Meat Inspection Office of Miyazaki Prefecture during 1974-1996

Woods, R.D.; Kunkle, R.A.; Ridpath, J.F.; Bolin, S.R., 1999:
Bovine viral diarrhea virus isolated from fetal calf serum enhances pathogenicity of attenuated transmissible gastroenteritis virus in neonatal pigs

Tsuboi, T.; Imada, T., 1998:
Bovine viral diarrhea virus replication in bovine follicular epithelial cells derived from persistently infected heifers

Fray, M.D.; Mann, G.E.; Clarke, M.C.; Charleston, B., 1999:
Bovine viral diarrhoea virus and ovarian function in cattle

Lambot, M.; Hanon, E.; Lecomte, C.; Hamers, C.; Letesson, J.J.; Pastoret, P.P., 1998:
Bovine viral diarrhoea virus induces apoptosis in blood mononuclear cells by a mechanism largely dependent on monocytes

Hare, W.R., 1998:
Bovine yew (Taxus spp.) poisoning

Jain, P.K.; Budhwani, K.S.; Anju Gambhir, 1998:
Bowel perforation with Taenia saginata

Prueger, J.H.; Hatfield, J.L.; Aase, J.K.istian; Pikul, J.L.Jr, 1997:
Bowen-ratio comparisons with lysimeter evapotranspiration

Sinibaldi, R., 1997:
Bowling - a strike for inclusion

Gardner, B.A.; Dolezal, S.L.; Dolezal, H.G.; Shearhart, C.W., 1998:
Boxed beef value and percentage yield of steers in the Oklahoma Steer Feedout program

Ustun, N.S.; Evren, M., 1998:
Boza production using different raw materials and composition of the produced bozas

Bertalot, M., 1997:
Bracatinga, an option for agrisilviculture

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Brace analysis methods for discrete compression webs

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Breeding can contribute greatly to healthy udders, and as a result, to efficient milk production

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Breeding genetically manipulated traits

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Breeding grape for seedlessness

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Breeding grape vine rootstocks

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Breeding groundnut for drought adaptation in Senegal

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Breeding in 1997

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Breeding in small populations

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Breeding intensive winter bread wheat varieties for southern Ukraine

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Breeding livestock for reduced reliance on chemicals

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Breeding local crops

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Breeding meat-type sheep in Turkey and its future (a review)

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Breeding muscadine and southern bunch grapes

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Breeding new tobacco lines for the Aegean region through anther culture

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Breeding of Alstroemeria through interspecific crosses and embryo-rescue

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Breeding of Eqie No. 1 eggplant - a new F1 hybrid with early maturity and long purple fruit

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Breeding of Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. in Tripura: performance of a few stress tolerant clones in the early phase

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X.R.iYang; Zhao SuiTang; Feng Wei E., 1997:
Breeding of Kang 4 and Kang 7 sorghum hybrids and inheritance of the resistance to head smut in sorghum

Hong, K.W.n; Ryu, K.S.n; Hwang, S.J.; Sohn, B.H.e; Kang, P.D.n; Choi, S.R.un; Seol, K.Y.ul; Lee,; Kim, K.M.eong, 1996:
Breeding of Kumokjam, an artificial diet adaptable silkworm variety, for spring rearing season

Liang ZhiHuan; Zhang Qing; Gao ChunMei, 1998:
Breeding of Mengjiao 3 pepper

Falcinelli, M.; Veronesi, F.; Barcaccia, G.; Belardinelli, A., 1997:
Breeding of Poa pratensis L. by manipulation of its reproductive system

Huang MengJiao; Cao JinCheng, 1997:
Breeding of SAC Yuqin celery and its characteristics

Shaug SuePea; L.K.oDuhug; Hsu FuHsing; Hong KuoYuan; L.C.iHsin; Chen KuenJaw; Jin WenWey; Chen Wen; Chen YuhYann; Chang ShiChyuan; Huang YawwSing, 1997:
Breeding of Sudan grass Taishi No. 1

Xiehe, T.; Zhangqian, L.; QianYi, X.; Zugo, C.; Yunhua, C.; Gaofeng, Z., 1997:
Breeding of Zi-Biao S line, the indica photo thermosensitive genic male sterile line with recessive purple leaf marker

L.G.nYi; Gao MuQiang; Geng JianFeng; Yuan YuXiang; Zhang XiaoWei; Jiang WuSheng; Han YongPing, 1999:
Breeding of a new Chinese cabbage variety Yubaicai 11 with spring and autumn adaptation

Wang LanLan; Cheng Hong; X.Z.en et al., 1998:
Breeding of a new F1 hybrid of hot pepper 'Longjiao No. 1'

Chung BongNam; Joung MyeoungIll; Kim JaeYeong; Kim ByeongHyeon; Chung SoonKyoung, 1998:
Breeding of a new Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 'Hwahong' for summer cultivation

L.J.aWang; Sun ZhongKui; Zhang WenZhu, 1999:
Breeding of a new cucumber variety 'Jinyou No.2' for solar greenhouse production in winter and spring

Jeong MyeongIl; Chung BongNam; Kim JaeYeong; Bae SuYoung; Lee YoungRan; Kim ByeongHyeon, 1998:
Breeding of a new cultivar Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. friedrichii 'Hongkwang' with red color for grafting cactus

Jeong MyeongIl; Chung BongNam; Kim JaeYeong; Bae SuYoung; Won JeYang; Kim ByeongHyeon, 1998:
Breeding of a new cultivar Gymnocalycium mihanovichii var. friedrichii 'Myeongweal' with red and yellow color for grafting cactus

X.Y.eJin; Ran RuLai, 1998:
Breeding of a new early maturing cucumber cultivar Huahuanggua No.1

H.XueAn, 1998:
Breeding of a new maize variety Yuyu 25

Doi, Y.; Ito, M.; Fujita, M.; Domon, E.; Ishikawa, N.; Katayama, T.; Kamio, M., 1999:
Breeding of a new naked barley waxy cultivar Daishimochi

Yang FengMei; Wang ZuoYi; Wang ZhiQiang et al., 1997:
Breeding of a new pepper variety 'Shenjiao 5'

Kawakatsu, M.; Nakano, M.; Kuranouchi, T.; Ogata, N.; Mechelke, W.; Tanaka, M., 1998:
Breeding of a new rhizomania resistant sugar beet cultivar Schwert and its characteristics

Higashi, T.; Saito, S.; Takita, T.; Yamaguchi, M.; Sunohara, Y.; Yokogami, N.; Ikeda, R.; Tamura, Y.; Oyamada, Z.; Kowata, H.; Inoce, M.; Matsumoto, S.; Kataoka, T., 1999:
Breeding of a new rice cultivar with low amylose content Snow Pearl

Wei WenXing; Wei ShuangLing; Zhang HaiYang; Ding FaYuan; Zhang TiDe; L.F.ngYin, 1999:
Breeding of a new sesame variety Yuzhi 11

Duan Gui E.; L.W.iDong; X.J.nJu; Niu Duo, 1997:
Breeding of a new soybean variety, Yudou 21, with small grains, high yield and high protein content

Yang GuoHong; Kang ZhiHe; Xiao LizHen; Hou LiXia; Yang XiaoPing; G.J.anHui, 1999:
Breeding of a new starch-processing type sweet potato variety Yushu 13 with high yield and multi-resistance

Chen HuiMin; Wei DongMei; Tang JianKui, 1997:
Breeding of a new tomato cultivar Yu Fan Qie 5

Hirasawa, H.; Nemoto, H.; Suga, R.; Ishihara, M.; Hirayama, M.; Okamoto, K.; Miyamoto, M., 1998:
Breeding of a new upland rice variety Yumenohatamochi with high drought resistance and good eating quality

Wang HongChang; Pan XiuQing; Liu ZunShan; W.Z.aoHui, 1997:
Breeding of a new watermelon variety Jixigua No. 4

Lei ZhenSheng et al., 1998:
Breeding of a new wheat variety, Yumai 47, with high yield and good quality

Cao LiYong; Qian Qian; Zhu XuDong; Zhen DaLi; Min ShaoKai; Xiong ZhenMin, 1999:
Breeding of a photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterile indica rice Zhongzi S with a purple-leaf marker and the heterosis of its hybrid rice produced with it

Maksimovic, D.; Knezevic, D.; Paunovic, A.; Mihajlija, G.; Dusanka, M., 1997:
Breeding of barley at the Centre for Small Grains in Kragujevac

Hagnefelt, A.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of carrot

Gauciene, O.; Viskelis, P., 1997:
Breeding of carrot hybrids F1 in Lithuania

Wang Yong; Duan Yu; Ren XiaoYun et al., 1998:
Breeding of carrot varieties Jinhong No. 1 and Jinhong No. 2

Rydberg, I., 1998:
Breeding of catch crops - a way to reduce nitrate leaching from arable land

Leijon, S.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of cauliflower, white cabbage and Chinese cabbage

Ali, M., 1997:
Breeding of cotton varieties for resistance to cotton leaf curl virus

Guo ErNan; Jiang JianGuo; Yang RongDuo; M.H.ngLiang, 1996:
Breeding of cultivar Taihujing No. 3 and its characteristics

Yan ShuZhi; Meng SuQin; Dong ShaoZhen; Zhao DaPeng; Chen XinPing;, 1999:
Breeding of disease-resistant, dwarfing apple rootstock U8

P.HuiMing, 1998:
Breeding of double low sterile line Ning A6 in rapeseed (Brassica napus) and its utilization

Shi ZeBin; Guo XinGang, 1999:
Breeding of early ripening pear variety Cuiguan and its cultivation

Dong ShiJun; L.C.unShou; L.G.anTu; Fan TianYun, 1996:
Breeding of early-maturing, wild abortive indica CMS line Zhe38A

Huang BiQi, 1998:
Breeding of eggplant F1 hybrid 'Jinshan Long'

Burlini, F., 1998:
Breeding of emus in Italy

Tsuda, S., 1996:
Breeding of flowering plants by genetic engineering

Lindvall, E.; Gradin, L.A., 1997:
Breeding of fodder crops for northern Sweden

Helgadottir, Aslaug, 1996:
Breeding of fodder grasses for northern regions

Susek, D., 1996:
Breeding of garden plants at selection centre of Semenarna enterprises

Steinrucken, G., 1998:
Breeding of genetically modified sugarbeets

Acciarri, N.; Schiavi, M.; Vitelli, G.; Maestrelli, A.; Forni, E.; Giovannessi, L., 1998:
Breeding of green curded cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L., Botrytis group) for fresh market and freezing

S.X.eJun; Zhang HuanJia; Yang XianMei et al., 1998:
Breeding of heading Chinese cabbage resistant to TuMV

Fujita, M.; Ito, M.; Domon, E.; Ishikawa, N.; Doi, Y., 1999 :
Breeding of high-lysine naked barley, Parental line No. 2

Luo JingLong; Liu JiaZhong; Wang ZhongYi, 1999:
Breeding of hybrid cotton Biaoza A1 with multiresistance, high yield and high efficiency

Takayama, T.; Taya, S., 1998:
Breeding of hybrid wheat utilizing male sterility induced by interaction between Sv type cytoplasm and 1BL-1RS chromosome. Part 2. Agronomic and quality characteristics of F1 hybrid wheat

Hagnefelt, A.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of iceberg lettuce

Leijon, S.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of leek

Tohno Oka, T.; Ohnishi, M.; Taniguchi, Y., 1999:
Breeding of low-polyphenol barley line and the degree of browning after boiling treatment

Bernal, R.V.; Ortiz, R.E.P.; Montiel, N.G.; Macias, M.S., 1996:
Breeding of maize tropical landraces by recurrent selection

Persson, G.; Lohde, J., 1998:
Breeding of malting barley for beer and whisky

Vishwanathan, G.; Madusudan, P.S.; Babu, V.N.; Jathanna, D., 1997:
Breeding of mosquito Aedes sp. larvae in different water samples from Bangalore

Nita, Z.; Orowska Job, W., 1996:
Breeding of naked oat varieties at the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Experiment Station at Strzelce

Liu WeiHong; Zheng WeiYin; Song BaoLin, 1999 :
Breeding of new Chinese cabbage hybrid 'Yubaicai No.8'

Wei ShunLian; Song MinXia; H.Q.Zan, 1999:
Breeding of new Chinese cabbage variety - 'Zaoshu No.6'

Zhang Min, 1998:
Breeding of new apple cultivar Yueshuai and its development prospects

M.D.Hua; Hou Feng; L.S.uZhen et al., 1998:
Breeding of new cucumber cultivar Jinlu No.4

Sugiyama, K.; Noguchi, Y.; Sakata, Y.; Morishita, M.; X.Q.Xin; Tong YaoMing; Y.Z.engWen; Chen YouYuan; Zheng HongQing; L.S.iJun; Chen HaiRong; Y.J.Zhu, 1998:
Breeding of new cultivars of cucumber and strawberry with multiple disease resistance under Japan and China collaborative program

Lazauskas, J.; Maknickiene, Z., 1998:
Breeding of new fodder cultivars of yellow lupin

Liu Ying; Jing ShuZhong; Zhang LiZhu et al., 1999:
Breeding of new pea variety 'Shijiatiancuiwan No. 1' for edible pods

Fan HongLiang; L.J.a' An; Wan ChangZhao; Hou GenBao; Shi Biao; Zhang JianMing, 1997:
Breeding of new rice variety Qiufeng and a study of its characteristics

X.T.Wei; Zhu YaYing; W.S.engXi; Ding XinShun; Kang GaoQiang; Zhu LongYing, 1999:
Breeding of new tomato variety Puhong No. 2

Lin JiaBao; Huang DanFeng; Liu ZhiRui, 1998:
Breeding of pakchoi (Brassica chinensis var. communis) - new variety Shanghong Green Big-Leafstalk

Jakubowski, T., 1998:
Breeding of peach cultivars in Poland

Leijon, S.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of pickling cucumber

Stepanov, V.; Fedorov, V.; Tarachenko, A., 1998:
Breeding of pigs for meatiness

Jakubowski, T., 1998:
Breeding of plum cultivars in Poland

Hartmann, W., 1998:
Breeding of plums and prunes resistant to sharka (plum pox virus)

Hartmann, W., 1999:
Breeding of plums at Hohenheim

Rupa Upadhyay; Ram, H.H.; Singh, D.K., 1997:
Breeding of potential of bottle gourd strains collected from Uttar Pradesh

X.H.Jin; Zhou YongJian; L.J.nMing et al., 1998:
Breeding of processing tomato F1 hybrid Hongza 14

Espinel, S.; Aragones, A., 1998:
Breeding of radiata pine (Pinus radiata D.Don) in the Basque country

Luna Flores, M.; Gutierrez Sanchez, J.R., 1998:
Breeding of rainfed maize for the north-central part of Mexico

Shchori, Y.; Kochba, M., 1998:
Breeding of red and green kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos manglesii)

Hwang, J.K.; Paek, K.Y.; Cho, C.H., 1998:
Breeding of resistant pepper lines (Capsicum annuum L.) to bacterial spot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria) through anther culture

Muraki, M.; Monma, E.; Inoue, Y.; Kato, A.; Koinuma, K., 1999:
Breeding of silage maize (Zea mays L.) cultivar Nasuhomare

Lalic, A.; Kovacevic, J.; Novoselovic, D., 1998:
Breeding of six-rowed winter barley at the Osijek Agricultural Institute

Jonusyte, R., 1997:
Breeding of sown vetch (Vicia sativa L.) in Lithuania

Yagasaki, K.; Kitamura, K., 1997:
Breeding of soyabean isogenic lines with different subunits of glycinin and their biochemical characterization

Vrataric, M.; Sudaric, A.; Duvnjak, T., 1997:
Breeding of soybeans (Glycine max (L) Merril) for yield and major agronomic traits in the Osijek Agricultural Institute-Croatia

Hagnefelt, A.; Olsson, K., 1999:
Breeding of spinach

Joung HyangYoung; Kim HyoungDeug; Choi SungRyul; Kim TaeIl; Shin HakKi; Kim JaeYoung; K.J.eYeong; Keun OhKun; Choi ChangHak, 1998:
Breeding of spray carnation 'Saetbyul' for cut flower

Yang ChengShan, 1997:
Breeding of sugar apple (A. squamosa L.) - seedling lines selection

Kuranouchi, T.; Ogata, N.; Tanaka, M., 1996:
Breeding of sugar beet CMS lines with different cytoplasms. 2. Breeding of sugar beet CMS seed parent lines with different cytoplasms

Costache, C.; Costache, M.; Tanasescu, C.; Tanasescu, M., 1996:
Breeding of summer-autumn tomatoes resistant to attack by the fungus Verticillium dahliae Kleb

Miao MeiHua; Yang ShuYun; Xue Ping et al., 1997:
Breeding of super early and high yielding hot pepper cultivar 'Lianjiao No. 1'

Schmidt, H.; Burghardt, M.; Willers, A.; Radies, M.; Timmann, E.M.; Kopcke, K.; Schulze, M.; Ketzel, C., 1999:
Breeding of sweet cherries at Ahrensburg

Zhang BaoXi; Yang GuiMei; Guo JiaZhen; Huang SanWen; D.M.iZhen, 1999:
Breeding of sweet pepper F1 hybrid 'Zhongjiao No. 8'

Yang GuiMei; Zhang BaoXi; Guo JiaZhen et al., 1998:
Breeding of sweet-hot pepper F1 hybrid Zhongjiao 10

Sun JiYe; Wang JingYing; Liu JunXia et al., 1997:
Breeding of the French kidney bean variety 83B

Shen YouZhang; Zhai Pin; Zhang ZhenHua; Zhu JinJia; Zhu ManXing; Meng ZhengPing, 1997:
Breeding of the Su(I), a new strain of coarse-wool rabbit

L.Y.uHua; Chen LiangGui; Lin YuQun; Zhang BingFa, 1998:
Breeding of the new northern European type cucumber cultivar Shenqing 971

Almantas, G., 1996:
Breeding of the new red fescue cultivars

Chen XiuLan; M.H.ngXiang; Dai ZiLin; Duan XinMei; Chen XiaoQiang, 1997:
Breeding of the new strawberry cultivar Shuoxiang

Meng ZhaoGui; Q.M.nXue; Wei Li; Jiao XinHai, 1996:
Breeding of the new summer millet variety Yugu 6

Sun DeXi, 1999:
Breeding of the new very early maturing watermelon cultivar Bianzaolu

Chen LiYun; L.G.oTai; Liu GuoHua; Xiao CenLin, 1997:
Breeding of the newly-developed three-line hybrid rice Xinxiangyou 80

Takamura, T.; Sugimura, T.; Tanaka, M.; Kage, T., 1998:
Breeding of the tetraploid yellow-flowered cyclamen with eye

Zhang Qi; Yang WenCai; Shi AiNong; Wang ChunLian; Que GengSheng; Zhao BingYu; Xing QuanDang, 1998:
Breeding of three near-isogenic japonica rice lines with major genes for resistance to bacterial blight

X.H.Jin; Zhou YongJian; L.J.nMing et al., 1997:
Breeding of tomato F1 hybrid 'Hongza No. 18'

Wang Fu; X.X.angYang; L.J.ngFu et al., 1998:
Breeding of tomato F1 hybrid Dongnong 706 for processing

X.T.Wei; Zhu LongYing; Kang GaoQiang; Chen LongYing, 1998:
Breeding of tomato variety Shenfen No.3 - a special tomato variety for protected-land cultivation

Ignatova, S.I.; Gorshkova, N.S., 1999:
Breeding of tomatoes with complex resistance to stress factors

Petrova, E., 1997 :
Breeding of tulips

Yoshida, T., 1998:
Breeding of two-rowed naked barley varieties with BaYMV resistance

Meng, X.D.; Ma, H.; Wei, M.; Xing, Y.X., 1999:
Breeding of vegetable crops for protected growing conditions

Kilchevsky, A.; Khotylyova, L.; Peshich, V.; Kogotko, L.; Schoor, A.; Gavrilov, A.; Kruk, A., 1999:
Breeding of vegetables with minimum pollutant accumulation

Sousa, C.N.A. de; Gomes, E.P.; Moreira, J.C.S.; Sartori, J.F.; Duca, L. de J.A. del; Scheeren, P.L.; Silva, S. dos A. e; Linhares, W.I., 1998:
Breeding of wheat cultivars at the Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Trigo - 1986 to 1990

Gataulina, G.G., 1999:
Breeding of white lupin (Lupinus albus) in Russia

Hasegawa, A.; Takagi, T.; Miki, M.; Goi, M., 1996:
Breeding of yellow coloured Clivia miniata Regel

Fugro, P.A.; Rajput, J.C., 1999:
Breeding okra for yellow vein mosaic virus resistance

L.ChangLan et al., 1996:
Breeding on the goat horn pepper Jinong no. 5

Wang DerNan; Hsu ShowFong, 1997:
Breeding papaya resistant or tolerant to papaya ringspot virus

Mishich, P.; Todorovich, R.; Zec, G., 1998:
Breeding peach cultivars for fresh use and canning

Liverani, A.; Calisesi, F.; Bendandi, C., 1997:
Breeding peach for resistance to brown rot

Perez Gonzalez, S., 1997:
Breeding peaches for powdery mildew (Sphaeroteca pannosa) resistance in the subtropical regions of central Mexico

Ranalli, P.; Parisi, B., 1997:
Breeding peas for industrial use

Ranalli, P.; Parisi, B.; Fantino, M.G., 1998:
Breeding peas for zootechnical use in Italy

Aranzana, M.J., 1998:
Breeding pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) for resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)

Doyle, J.; Ferguson, L., 1998:
Breeding persistent figs with Calimyrna quality

Romer, P.; Caligari, P.D.S.; Rahim, M.A.; Huyghe, C.; Hardy, A.; Neves Martins, J.; Sawicka Sienkiewicz, E., 1999:
Breeding perspectives of Lupinus mutabilis in middle Europe

Zimmer, M.; Kautz, G., 1997:
Breeding phenological strategies of the common woodlouse, Porcellio scaber (Isopoda: Oniscidae)

Harries, H.C., 1998:
Breeding phytoplasma disease resistant coconuts: alternative strategies for field exposure trials

Smirnov, V., 1997:
Breeding pigs for adaptability to commercial conditions

Forattini, O.P.; Kakitani, I.; Sallum, M.A.M., 1997:
Breeding places of Aedes scapularis (Diptera: Culicidae) in artificial containers

Mangurkar, B.R., 1998:
Breeding policy for sustained milk production

Cetin, O.; Tepeli, C.; Krkc, K., 1997:
Breeding possibilities for pheasants (P. colchicus) under intensive conditions in a cold climate zone: 1. Egg production and hatchability

Cetin, O.; Krkc, K.; Tepeli, C., 1997:
Breeding possibilities for pheasants (P. colchicus) under intensive conditions in a cold climate zone: 2. Growth and carcass characters

Arnone, S.; Bacchetta, L.; Musmeci, S.; Ciccoli, R.; Gioia, V. di; Cristofaro, M.; Sonnino, A., 1996:
Breeding potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) for resistance to Colorado potato beetle and potato tuber moth in Italy

Salhuana, W.P.llak, L.; Ferrer, M.P.ratori, O.V.vo, G., 1998:
Breeding potential of maize accessions from Argentina, Chile, USA, and Uruguay

Braun, H.J.; Ekiz, H.; Eser, V.; Keser, M.; Ketata, H.; Marcucci, G.; Morgounov, A.; Zencirci, N., 1997:
Breeding priorities of winter wheat programs

Zhao QuanHua; Cai ZhiYong; Wang Zhuan; Huang QuanMin, 1999:
Breeding procedure and main characteristics of new wheat variety Luomai 4

Song HongChao; Ren MingQuan; Zhou Yang; Zhao XianLin; Kang MingHui; D.L.ngZhu; X.X.angYang; X.W.iGang, 1997:
Breeding procedure and primary characteristics of new wheat cultivar Zhenghan 1

Nakazawa, Y.; Tetsuka, T.; Iimure, K.; Sadahira, S.; Akagi, T.; Hamada, S.; Ookawa, H., 1999:
Breeding procedure for the new rush cultivar Hinomidori

Izimi, K.; Mitsukawa, M.; Syodai, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Niizeki, H., 1998:
Breeding procedure of a new rice cultivar Kumamoto 3

Fujishiro, T.; Hayashi, H.; Norizuki, Y., 1996:
Breeding processes and characteristics of a newly bred leaf mustard (Brassica juncea Coss.) Ohyama-Sodachi

Bierwagen, R.; Sao, K.Y.; Dario, F.R.; Ferreira, M., 1996:
Breeding program for Zeyheria tuberculosa

Olesen, I.; Bentsen, H.B., 1999:
Breeding programs for sustainable fish production

Gregory, K.E.; Cundiff, L.V., 1999:
Breeding programs to use heterosis and breed complementarity

Nakahori, T., 1996:
Breeding progress and characteristics of a new rice cultivar 'Aokei 115'

Falloon, P.G.; Andersen, A.M., 1999:
Breeding purple asparagus from tetraploid Violetto d'Albenga

Man ShuDuo; Niu JianZhe; Cong PeiHua; Qin HeLan, 1999:
Breeding report of new late apple variety Huahong

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