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Bud-take and growth of sweet cherry trees budded on different rootstocks

Sitarek, M.; Grzyb, Z.S.

Journal of Fruit and Ornamental Plant Research 6(1): 23-31


Accession: 003057443

Bud-take and growth of several sweet cherry cultivars (Rivan, Burlat, Merton Premier, Buttner's Red and Hedelfingen) grafted on clonal rootstocks F12/1, P-HL A and P-HL C were studied during three consecutive years. Mazzard seedlings (Prunus avium L.) served as a control. Tested rootstocks did not have an effect on the number of buds taken but modified tree growth in a nursery. Trees on rootstocks of P-HL series were smaller and their trunks were thinner than the trees of the same cultivars grafted on P. avium and F 12/1 rootstocks. 'Hedelfingen' trees on P-HL A showed obvious symptoms of incompatibility demonstrated as leaf yellowing and growth inhibition in the middle of the growing season. For that reason this combination is not recommended for practical use.

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