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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3059

Chapter 3059 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Motoyama, T.; Imanishi, K.; Yamaguchi, I., 1998:
cDNA cloning, expression, and mutagenesis of scytalone dehydratase needed for pathogenicity of the rice blast fungus, Pyricularia oryzae

Esaka, M.; Teramoto, T., 1998:
cDNA cloning, gene expression and secretion of chitinase in winged bean

Tewari, D.; Goldstein, S.L.; Notkins, A.L.; Zhou, P., 1998:
cDNA encoding a single-chain antibody to HIV p17 with cytoplasmic or nuclear retention signals inhibits HIV-1 replication

Wang Gang; Wan LiChuan;; H.H.nQiao; Wang Ping;; Zhang YanHua, 1998:
CDNA library construction of wheat/rye multi-addition line M17 and differential screening of specific cDNAs related with wheat powdery mildew resistance

Zhou XuePing; Liu Yong; Xue ChaoYang; L.D.Bao, 1997:
CDNA sequence analysis of coat protein gene and its 3' non-coding region of TMV faba strain

Cresnar, B.; Plaper, A.; Breskvar, K.; Hudnik-Plevnik, T., 1998:
cDNA sequence and deduced amino acid sequence of a fungal stress protein induced in Rhizopus nigricans by steroids

I.K.ungIl; Choi JongTae; Hong YongPyo; Kim TaeEun; L.M.Sook, 1997:
CDNAs encoding antigenic proteins in a pathogenic strain of Entamoeba histolytica

MacAdam, M., 1998:
CEBus and home plug & play

Verhagen, J.B.G.M., 1999:
CEC and the saturation of the adsorption complex of coir dust

Castrignano, A.; Mastrorilli, M.; Katerji, N.; Nouna, B.B., 1999:
CERES-Maize and water regime: validation of a new water stress model

Chen HuaiLiang; Feng DingYuan; Mao LiuXi; Zhang XueFen; F.X.angJian, 1997:
CERES-maize model experiment with its application in Henan Province

Briggs, W., 1997:
CFCs linger on

Matsumura, N., 1996:
CFI-based growth modelling for the regional forest planning

Perennou, H., 1998:
CFIA: a national exhibition in the regions

Chambers, C.L.; McComb, W.C.; Tappeiner, J.C.I.I.; Kellogg, L.D.; Johnson, R.L.; Spycher, G., 1999:
CFIRP: what we learned in the first ten years

Godard, J.F.; Ziadi, S.; Monot, C.; Corre, D. le; Silue, D., 1999:
CGA 245704, a benzothiadiazole-derived compound induces resistance in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) to downy mildew of crucifers caused by Peronospora parasitica

Margot, P.; Huggenberger, F.; Amrein, J.; Weiss, B., 1998:
CGA 279202: a new broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide

Harrewijn, P.; Kogel, W.J. de; Piron, P.G.M., 1998:
CGA 293'343 effects on Myzus persicae: electrical penetration graph studies and effect on non-persistent virus transmission

Senn, R.; Hofer, D.; Hoppe, T.; Angst, M.; Wyss, P.; Brandl, F.; Maienfisch, P.; Zang, L.; White, S., 1998:
CGA 293'343: a novel broad-spectrum insecticide supporting sustainable agriculture worldwide

Manicad, G.; Lehmann, V., 1997:
CGIAR: evaluation and new directions

L.W.iSheng; Zhang JianGuo; Liao ZongWen, 1997:
CH4 and N2O emission fluxes from late-rice fields in Guangzhou region and their affecting factors

Anonymous, 1997:
CHEA position paper on breastfeeding

Liu, K.H.; Huang, C.Y.; Tsay, Y.F., 1999:
CHL1 is a dual-affinity nitrate transporter of Arabidopsis involved in multiple phases of nitrate uptake

Vishnevetsky, M.; Ovadis, M.; Itzhaki, H.; Vainstein, A., 1997:
CHRC, encoding a chromoplast-specific carotenoid-associated protein, is an early gibberellic acid-responsive gene

Ashby, J.A.; Sanz, J.I.nacio; Knapp, E.B.onson; Imbach, A., 1999:
CIAT's research on hillside environments in Central America

Amezquita, E.; Ashby, J.; Knapp, E.K.; Thomas, R.; Muller Samann, K.; Ravnborg, H.; Beltran, J.; Sanz, J.I.; Rao, I.M.; Barrios, E., 1998:
CIAT's strategic research for sustainable land management on the steep hillsides of Latin America

Pia, J.F., 1999:
CIESA Project: biointensive mini-farming in Patagonia

Xin, J.; Zazueta, F.S.; Smajstrla, A.G.; Wheaton, T.A.; Jones, J.W.; Jones, P.H.; Dankel, D.D.I.I., 1997 :
CIMS: an integrated real-time computer system for citrus microirrigation management

Anonymous, 1997:
CIRAD's major research effort

Bacilieri, R.; Alloysius, D., 1999:
CIRAD-Foret's research on rattan domestication and silviculture

Azizur Rahman, 1999:
CIRDAP 2020: A vision for the future

Anonymous, 1998:
CIRDAP pilot project experiences: group formation and solidarity for self-reliance

Warden, J., 1998:
CJD no worse in Britain than elsewhere

Haq, M.A. ul; Sadiq, M.; Hassan, M. ul, 1999:
CM 98 (CM 31-1/85): a very high-yielding, disease-resistant mutant variety of chickpea

Moro, D.; Sckokai, P., 1997:
CMO milk reform and the production quota market

Mate, V., 1997:
CMO proposal for milk from high-producing regions

Civantos Lopez Villalta, L., 1997:
CMO reform: the current situation concerning olive oil

Stiewe, G.; Robbelen, G., 1997:
CMS tournefortii: chances and limitations of another hybrid system for rape breeding

Reed, J.B.; Morse, L.S., 1998:
CMV retinitis and the controversies associated with highly active antiretroviral therapy and the immune recovery hypothesis

Zhu LingFeng; Sun GuoYing; Wang QiGuo et al., 1996:
CNDO/2 calculation of the structure of 5-nitro-2- furanethenoid derivative and its analogue

Anonymous, 1999:
CNEL - II report on agriculture

Haffar, O.K.; Smithgall, M.D.; Popov, S.; Ulrich, P.; Bruce, A.G.; Nadler, S.G.; Cerami, A.; Bukrinsky, M.I., 1998:
CNI-H0294, a nuclear importation inhibitor of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genome, abrogates virus replication in infected activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Geraci, G., 1997:
CNR P1: a new hybrid citrus rootstock selected in Sicily

Holland, N.R.; Deibert, E., 1998:
CNS actinomycosis presenting with bilateral cavernous sinus syndrome

Zhu, M., 2007:
CNS active principles from Alangium plantanifolium

Malaya Gupta; Mazumder, U.K.; Bhawal, S.R., 1999:
CNS activity of Vitex negundo Linn. in mice

Kidney, D.D.; Kim, S.H., 1998:
CNS infections with free-living amebas: neuroimaging findings

Rangasamy, P.; Ranganathan, T.B.; Mohanasundaram, K.; Kannaiyan, S.; Palanichamy, G.A.; Sundaram, P.S.; Moorthy, K.N.; Vaidyanathan, P.; Rangaswamy, M.; Karivaratharaju, T.V., 1997:
CO 1: a new Sesbania rostrata for irrigated rice farming

Rangasamy, P.; Muralidharan, V.; Chelliah, S.; Ranganathan, T.B.; Gopalan, A.; Mohanasundaram, K.; Vaidyanathan, P.; Balasubramanian, A.; Moorthy, K.N.; Shanmugasundaram, P.; Subbulakshmi, B.; Rangaswamy, M., 1997:
CO 46: a medium duration brown plant hopper resistant rice variety

Espie, W.E.; Madden, R.H., 1998:
CO2 = longer life milk?

Elgar, H.J.; Burmeister, D.M.; Watkins, C.B., 1997:
CO2 and O2 effects on a browning disorder in 'Braeburn' apple

Iacono, F.; Martinelli, L., 1998:
CO2 assimilation and transpiration balance in species of genus Vitis cultivated in vivo and in vitro. Estimation of stomatal and cuticular transpiration in vitro

Ortiz Hernandez, Y.D.; Livera Munoz, M.; Carrillo Salazar, J.A., 1999:
CO2 assimilation by pitaya Hylocereus undatus under field conditions

Hernandez, Y.D.O.; Munoz, M.L.; Salazar, A.C., 1996:
CO2 assimilation in young shoots of pitahaya (Hylocereus undatus)

Goffings, G., 1997:
CO2 damage in Conference pears

Genty, B.; Meyer, S.; Piel, C.; Badeck, F.; Liozon, R., 1998:
CO2 diffusion inside leaf mesophyll of ligneous plants

Hirose, T.; Ackerly, D.D.; Traw, M.B.; Ramseier, D.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1997:
CO2 elevation, canopy photosynthesis, and optimal leaf area index

Vu, J.C.V.; Gesch, R.W.; Allen, L.H.J.; Boote, K.J.; Bowes, G., 1999 :
CO2 enrichment delays a rapid, drought-induced decrease in Rubisco small subunit transcript abundance

Golovko, T.K.; Garmash, E.V., 1997:
CO2 exchange and growth of Rhaponticum carthamoides under the conditions of the middle taiga subzone of northeastern Europe: 2. Photosynthesis/respiration ratio as an index of the productivity and adaptive responses of plants

Stopar, M.; Gregorcic, A.; Batic, F., 1998:
CO2 exchange rate of apple fruitlets before the abscission

Anonymous, 1997:
CO2 extracts - food and medicine?

Reinhold, J.; Gabel, H.; Baier, D.; Koller, M.; Soyez, K., 1998:
CO2 fertilizing with compost waste gases

Blanke, Michael M., 1997:
CO2 fluctuations and CO2 fluxes in a fruit tree orchard

Grogan, P., 1998:
CO2 flux measurement using soda lime: Correction for water formed during CO2 adsorption

Garmash, E.V.; Golovko, T.K., 1997:
CO2 gas exchange and growth in Rhaponticum carthamoides under the conditions of middle Taiga subzone of northeastern Europe: 1. Dependence of photosynthesis and respiration on environmental factors

Heissner, A., 1998:
CO2 gas exchange and water uptake of sweet pepper plants under the conditions of water stress

Kosobryukhov, A.A.; Mudrik, V.A., 1997:
CO2 gas exchange of pine needle upon action of SO2 against the background of natural and increased CO2 concentration

Raveh, E.; Nobel, P.S., 1999:
CO2 uptake and water loss accompanying vernalization for detached cladodes of Opuntia ficus-indica

Hempel, B., 1999:
CO2-extract from German chamomile - proposed medicinal use

Davies, D.H.K.; McRoberts, N.; Foster, G.N.; Whytock, G.P.; Evans, K.A.; McKinlay, R.D.; Wale, S., 1997:
COIRE: the impact of the presence of weeds, pests and diseases on crop qualities

Barrington, S.; Choiniere, D., 1999:
COMPOWER, a computer system to optimise standby power units for dairy operations

Harrington, J.T.; Glass, P.A., 1996:
CONIFERS: a computer program for liquid fertilization in container nurseries

Anonymous, 1997:
COPA and COGECA express support for milk production quotas

Rangaswamy, M.; Thiyagarajan, K.; Rangasamy, P.; Jayamani, P.; Ponnusamy, A.S.; Latha, R.; Vaidyanathan, P., 1999:
CORH2, a new medium-duration rice hybrid

Orts, R., 1998:
CORPEN: persuasion not constraint

Oakley, S.R., 1998:
CPCSD Acala GTO Maxxa and Acala C-141: new Californian Acalas for the San Joaquin Valley

Ben Arie, R.; Sarig, P.; Cohen Ahdut, Y.; Zutkhi, Y.; Sonego, L.; Kapulonov, T.; Lisker, N., 1998:
CPPU and GA3 effects on pre- and post-harvest quality of seedless and seeded grapes

Cruz Castillo, J.G., 1998:
CPPU foliar sprays increase the growth of 'Red Caturra' coffee plants in the nursery

Famiani, F.; Antognozzi, E.; Tombesi, A.; Moscatello, S.; Battistelli, A., 1998:
CPPU induced alterations in source-sink relationships in Actinidia deliciosa

Danziger, F.A.B.; Politano, C.F.; Danziger, B.R., 1998:
CPT-SPT correlations for some Brazilian residual soils

Decoin, M.; Boisleux Charlet, C., 1997:
CROs: group portrait. Enquiry into companies able to farm out studies into new agricultural products to CROs

Follett, R.F., 1998:
CRP and microbial biomass dynamics in temperate climates

Johnson, T.B.; Yancy, J., 1997:

Player, M.R., 1997:
CSR Central Laboratory - a world class laboratory

Sasaki, M.; Hayashi, Y.; Koie, H.; Yamaya, Y.; Kimura, J.; Manglai, D.; Kawashima, S.; Endo, H.; Yamamoto, M., 1999:
CT examination of the guttural pouch (auditory tube diverticulum) in Przewalski's Horse (Equus przewalskii)

Rha, S.E.; Ha, H.K.; Kim, J.G.; Choi, B.I.; Kim, P.N.; Lee, M.G.; Shim, J.C.; Yu, E.; Auh, Y.H., 1999:
CT features of intraperitoneal manifestations of parasitic infestation

Giron, J.; Sans, N.; Poey, C.; Fajadet, P.; Fourcade, D.; Senac, J.P.; Railhac, J.J., 1998:
CT-guided percutaneous treatment of inoperable pulmonary aspergillomas: a report of 42 cases

Hermel, E.; Hart, A.J.; Miller, R.; Aldrich, A.J., 1999:
CTL and sequence analyses of MHC class IB antigens Qa1c (H2-T23r) and Qa1d1 (H2-T23f)

Millar, A.A.; Clemens, S.; Zachgo, S.; Giblin, E.M.; Taylor, D.C.; Kunst, L., 1999:
CUT1, an Arabidopsis gene required for cuticular wax biosynthesis and pollen fertility, encodes a very-long-chain fatty acid condensing enzyme

Lavi, E.; Strizki, J.M.; Ulrich, A.M.; Zhang, W.; Fu, L.; Wang, Q.; O'Connor, M.; Hoxie, J.A.; González-Scarano, F., 1997:
CXCR-4 (Fusin), a co-receptor for the type 1 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1), is expressed in the human brain in a variety of cell types, including microglia and neurons

Berkowitz, R.D.; Beckerman, K.P.; Schall, T.J.; McCune, J.M., 1998:
CXCR4 and CCR5 expression delineates targets for HIV-1 disruption of T cell differentiation

Zaitseva, M.B.; Lee, S.; Rabin, R.L.; Tiffany, H.L.; Farber, J.M.; Peden, K.W.; Murphy, P.M.; Golding, H., 1998:
CXCR4 and CCR5 on human thymocytes: biological function and role in HIV-1 infection

Berndt, C.; Möpps, B.; Angermüller, S.; Gierschik, P.; Krammer, P.H., 1998:
CXCR4 and CD4 mediate a rapid CD95-independent cell death in CD4(+) T cells

Simmons, G.; Reeves, J.D.; McKnight, A.; Dejucq, N.; Hibbitts, S.; Power, C.A.; Aarons, E.; Schols, D.; D.C.ercq, E.; Proudfoot, A.E.; Clapham, P.R., 1998:
CXCR4 as a functional coreceptor for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection of primary macrophages

Verani, A.; Pesenti, E.; Polo, S.; Tresoldi, E.; Scarlatti, G.; Lusso, P.; Siccardi, A.G.; Vercelli, D., 1998:
CXCR4 is a functional coreceptor for infection of human macrophages by CXCR4-dependent primary HIV-1 isolates

Wang ZiXuan; Berson, J.F.; Zhang TianYuan; Cen YinHua; Sun Yi; Sharron, M.; hai; Peiper, S.C., 1998:
CXCR4 sequences involved in coreceptor determination of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 tropism

W.J.n; Zhuang PeiJun; Tang ZhengHua; Pan Hua; W.X.angFu, 1999:
CYP6B2 expression in insecticide-resistant and -susceptible strains of Helicoverpa armigera

Akashi, T.; Aoki, T.; Ayabe, S., 1998:
CYP81E1, a cytochrome P450 cDNA of licorice (Glycyrrhiza echinata L.), encodes isoflavone 2'-hydroxylase

Benveniste, I.; Tijet, N.; Adas, F.; Philipps, G.; Salaün, J.P.; Durst, F., 1998:
CYP86A1 from Arabidopsis thaliana encodes a cytochrome P450-dependent fatty acid omega-hydroxylase

Jimenez, J.M., 1996:
CYTED-IBEROEKA: an R&D programme for Latin America

Antongiovanni, M.; Costantini, F.; Vincenzi, S. de; Pauselli, M., 1999:
Ca salts of olive and palm oils fed to dairy cows: some aspects of the effect on milk yield and composition

Goto, S.; Eguchi, H., 1997:
Ca, Mg and K release rates from some green manure and composts under field conditions

Schultheiss, G.; Martens, H., 1999:
Ca-sensitive Na transport in sheep omasum

Orlov, V.S.; Rabinovich, S.A.; Bukhtin, B.A.; Dadasheva, N.R.; Maksakovskaya, Y.V., 1998:
Ca-transport blockers as reversants of drug resistance in malaria parasites. Communication 2. Effects of praziquantel on chloroquine and compound R-70-Zh resistance in Plasmodium berghei

Chang MinHwang; Lin HuiChen; Hwang PungPung, 1998:
Ca2+ and Cd2+ accumulation in larval tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) acclimated to waterborne Cd2+

Banerjee, C.; Sarkar, D.; Bhaduri, A., 1999:
Ca2+ and calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase from Leishmania donovani

Lu, H.G.; Zhong, L.; de Souza, W.; Benchimol, M.; Moreno, S.; Docampo, R., 1998:
Ca2+ content and expression of an acidocalcisomal calcium pump are elevated in intracellular forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

Woodruff, R.I.; Dittmann, F.; Telfer, W.H., 1998:
Ca2+ current from oocyte to nurse cells and suppression of uridine incorporation in the germinal vesicle of Hyalophora cecropia

Chen LiSong; Liu XingHui, 1997:
Ca2+ messenger system in plants and its relation to stress-resistance

Calder, G.M.; Franklin-Tong, V.E.; Shaw, P.J.; Drøbak, B.K., 1997:
Ca2+ oscillations in plant cells: initiation by rapid elevation in cytosolic free Ca2+ levels

Murata, Y.; Yoshihashi, M.; Obi, I.; Kakutani, T., 1998:
Ca2+ regulation of outward rectifying K+ channel in the plasma membrane of tobacco cultured cells in suspension: a role of the K+ channel in mitigation of salt-stress effects by external Ca2+

Chen HsienJung; Kuc, J., 1999:
Ca2+-dependent excretion of salicylic acid in tobacco cell suspension culture

Eto, K.; Takahashi, N.; Kimura, Y.; Masuho, Y.; Arai, K.I.; Muramatsu, M.; Tokumitsu, H., 1999:
Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase cascade in Caenorhabditis elegans

Decker, K.L.M.; Boerner, R.E.J., 1997:
Ca:Al ratio effects on growth and competitive interactions of northern red oak (Quercus rubra) and yellow-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)

Hayashi, S.; Kanuma, T.; Ganno, K.; Sakaue, O., 1998:
Cabbage head recognition and size estimation for development of a selective cabbage harvester

Fodor, M.; Viczian, O.; Mergenthaler, E.; Sule, S., 1999:
Cabbage infected with phytoplasma from the aster yellows group in Hungary

Adriaenssens, W., 1997:
Cabbage lettuce in winter culture. Samir gets good marks

Bleyaert, P.; Adriaenssens, W.; Vergote, N., 1997:
Cabbage lettuce late culture. Cristel remains a valuable cultivar

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1997:
Cabbage lettuces in autumn culture. Soil covering and irrigation

Bleyaert, P.; Adriaenssens, W.; Vergote, N., 1997:
Cabbage lettuces in early autumn culture. Interesting newcomers

Prestele, C.; Laun, N., 1998:
Cabbage the ecological way: control of caterpillars with Bacillus thuringiensis

Kalebbo, G.D., 1998:
Cabbages in concrete

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 1999:
Cabbages. Cultivar trial of early cultivation of savoy cabbage, white cabbage and red cabbage

Rooster, L. de; Spiessens, K., 1999:
Cabbages. Overwintering or early cultivation?

Hoenderken, J.A., 1998:
Cabins on self-propelled spraying machines - comfort is not a luxury

Visser, R.J.M.; Stampfer, K., 1998:
Cable extraction of harvester-felled thinnings: an Austrian case study

Aulerich, E., 1997:
Cable logging: a better, more environmentally friendly harvesting method

Sturos, J.A.; Thompson, M.A.; Blinn, C.R.; Dahlman, R.A., 1996:
Cable yarding as a low-impact alternative on sensitive sites in the Lake States

Haque, M.E.; Uddin, M.N.; Jalal, M.S., 1996:
Cabralealactone and isofouquierone from the stem bark of Amoora cucullata L. (Meliaceae)

Blackmore, C.G.; Grimstad, P.R., 1998:
Cache Valley and Potosi viruses (Bunyaviridae) in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus): experimental infections and antibody prevalence in natural populations

Howard, J.; Senior, D.F., 1999:
Cachexia and nutritional issues in animals with cancer

Mizrahi, Y.; Nerd, A.; Nobel, P.S., 1997:
Cacti as crops

Baldwin, J.G.; Mundo-Ocampo, M.; McClure, M.A., 1997:
Cactodera salina n. sp. from the Estuary Plant, Salicornia bigelovii, in Sonora, Mexico

Muniz V.R., 1998:
Cactophagus spinolae (Glyllenhal, 1838), prickly pear weevil, (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Rhynchophoridae)

Gardiner, D.F.lker, P.C.rr, T., 1999:
Cactus extract increases water infiltration rates in two soils

Guevara, J.C.; Pizzi, D.R., 1998:
Cactus pear world status and economic feasibility in Mendoza

Karnowski, W.; abanowski, G., 1998:
Cacyreus marshalli - a potential pest of Pelargonium in Poland

Trematerra, P.; Zilli, A.; Valentini, V.; Mazzei, P., 1997:
Cacyreus marshalli, a new pest of geranium in Italy

Germain, J.F., 1999:
Cacyreus marshalli, a new pest of pelargonium

Sokolov, V.A.; Sharaeva, O.A., 1997:
Cadastral valuation of forest resources and rationalization of forest utilization

Cerdà, J.; Reidenbach, S.; Prätzel, S.; Franke, W.W., 1999:
Cadherin-catenin complexes during zebrafish oogenesis: heterotypic junctions between oocytes and follicle cells

Simon, Laszlo, 1998:
Cadmium accumulation and distribution in sunflower plant

Candelaria, L.M.; Chang, A.C., 1997:
Cadmium activities, solution speciation, and solid phase distribution of Cd in cadmium nitrate and sewage sludge-treated soil systems

Nakhone, L.N., 1997:
Cadmium adsorption and desorption on humic acid, montmorillonite, goethite, kaolinite and calcareous clay

Houpert, P.; Mehennaoui, S.; Federspiel, B.; Milhaud, G., 1997:
Cadmium and lead elimination through milk in the ewe

Krupa, J.; Godek, E.; Bernat, E., 1999:
Cadmium and lead levels in muscles, liver and kidney of goats and sheep from Krosno region

Shalaby, E.A.; Elsokkary, I.H.; E.S.yed, S.H.; Othman, A.Y., 1999:
Cadmium and zinc bioaccumulation and excretion by earthworms: Aporrectodea caliginosa and Aporrectodea rosea from industrially polluted soils of El-Tabia at Abu Qir area

Pochwaowski, M., 1996:
Cadmium and zinc content in uterine myomas in women living in Legnica, Walbrzych and Wroslaw

Cabrera, C.; Ortega, E.; Lorenzo, M.L.; López, M.C., 1998:
Cadmium contamination of vegetable crops, farmlands, and irrigation waters

Eklund, G., 1997:
Cadmium exposure and health risks for man and animals

Eklund, G.; Oskarsson, A., 1999:
Cadmium exposure in children from infant formulae

Mclaughlin, M.J.; Maier, N.A.; Rayment, G.E.; Sparrow, L.A.; Berg, G.; Mckay, A.; Milham, P.; Merry, R.H.; Smart, M.K., 1997:
Cadmium in Australian potato tubers and soils

Olsson, K.; Svensson, R.; Hagnefelt, A., 1999:
Cadmium in Swedish carrots

Niemyska ukaszuk, J.; Miechowka, A., 1999:
Cadmium in rankers from the non-forest areas of the Tatra National Park

Roberts, A.; Longhurst, R.; Brown, M., 1997:
Cadmium in soil and plants and its cycling in sheep-grazed hill country pastures

Yadav, P.; Srivastava, A.K., 1998:
Cadmium induced mitotic anomalies in Hordeum vulgare and Setaria italica

Narayanan, K.R.; Lyla, P.S.; Khan, S.A., 1998:
Cadmium induced typhlosole-like growth in the midgut of the crab Scylla serrata (Forskal)

Sinha, G.M., 1999:
Cadmium intoxication and the effects of chelating agents on the gonadal maturation of the fish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Dwivedi, S.K.; Swarup, D.; Dey, S., 1997:
Cadmium level in bovine milk from different industrial localities of India

Gray, C.W.; McLaren, R.G.; Roberts, A.H.C.; Condron, L.M., 1999:
Cadmium phytoavailability in some New Zealand soils

Hyun HaeNam; Chang, A.C.; Parker, D.R.; Page, A.L., 1998:
Cadmium solubility and phytoavailability in sludge-treated soil: effects of soil organic carbon

Filius, A.; Streck, T.; Richter, J., 1998:
Cadmium sorption and desorption in limed topsoils as influenced by pH: isotherms and simulated leaching

Kumar, M.K.S.; Selvam, G.S.; Jasmine, P.S., 1998:
Cadmium tolerance and metal accumulation by bacterial strain isolated from industrial effluents

Savithramma, N.; Swamy, P.M., 1995:
Cadmium tolerance by an aquatic fern Salvinia molesta Mitchell

Gupta, SK.; Singh, S.; Baskar.; Sundararaman, V., 1997:
Cadmium toxicity in earthworm, Metaphire posthuma: ultrastructural changes in secretory cells of clitellar epithelium

Pawaiya, R.V.S.; Charan, K.; Manna, J., 1998:
Cadmium toxicity in rabbits - haematological and pathological studies

Rossi, C.; Padilha, P.M.; Padilha, C.C.F., 1998:
Cadmium uptake and growth of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Carioca)

Tack, F.M.G.; Esteban Mozo, J.; Verloo, M.G., 1998:
Cadmium uptake by cucumber plants as affected by fluctuations in nutrient solution cadmium concentration during growth

Gaszczyk, R.; Muszynski, P.; Paszko, T., 1998:
Cadmium, cobalt, lead, and nickel interaction with fertilizing cations in mineral soils

Cibulka, J.; Sisak, L.; Pulkrab, K.; Miholova, D.; Szakova, J.; Fucikova, A.; Slamova, A.; Stehulova, I.; arlakova, S., 1996:
Cadmium, lead, mercury and caesium levels in wild mushrooms and forest mushrooms and forest berries from different localities of the Czech Republic

Zasadowski, A.; Przaa, F.; Rotkiewicz, T.; Kupis Froyn, B.; Wadyka, I., 1997:
Cadmium, selenium and fenitrothion influence on the vitamin A (retinal) and carotene concentration in chicks liver

Shalini Mehindirata; Ali, S.T.; Siddiqi, M.T.O.; Muhammad Iqbal, 1999:
Cadmium-induced changes in foliar responses of Solanum melongena L

Stroinski, A.; Kozlowska, M., 1997:
Cadmium-induced oxidative stress in potato tuber

Stoyanova, D.P.; Tchakalova, E.S., 1997:
Cadmium-induced ultrastructural changes in chloroplasts of the leaves and stems parenchyma in Myriophyllum spicatum L

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Calculation on the structure of five-arch greenhouse

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Calculus for cells in grain silos

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