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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 3061

Chapter 3061 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Astolfi, S.; Biasi, M.G. de; Luna, M.; Passera, C., 1997:
Carboxylation activity and content of non-structural carbohydrates in leaves from different cuts of Medicago sativa L. cv. Lodi sown in different years

Manikandan, P.; Ravisankar, S., 1998:
Carboxylesterase activity associated with organophosphate resistance in Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Tamil Nadu

Konno, Y., 1996:
Carboxylesterase of the rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), responsible for fenitrothion resistance as a sequestering protein

Moskalyk, L.A., 1998:
Carboxypeptidase B in Anopheles gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae): effects of abdominal distention and blood ingestion

Raj, A.B.; Richardson, R.I.; Wilkins, L.J.; Wotton, S.B., 1998:
Carcase and meat quality in ducks killed with either gas mixtures or an electric current under commercial processing conditions

Sales, J.; Horbañczuk, J.; Dingle, J.; Coleman, R.; Sensik, S., 1999:
Carcase characteristics of emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Iskandar, S.; Resnawati, H.; Zainuddin, D., 1999:
Carcass and carcass cuts of F1 crossbred Pelung x Kampung chickens given diets varying in protein content

Aass, L.; Vangen, O., 1998:
Carcass and meat quality characteristics of young bulls of Norwegian cattle and crossbreds with Angus, Hereford and Charolais

Fisher, A.V.; Bayntun, J.A.; Enser, M., 1998:
Carcass and meat quality characteristics: venison in a competitive market

Garcia Macias, J.A.; Nunez Gonzalez, F.A.; Rodriguez Almeida, F.A.; Prieto, C.; Molina Dominguez, N.I., 1998:
Carcass and meat quality in Pelibuey wethers

Margarit, R.; Morera, P.; Kuzminsky, G., 1999:
Carcass and meat quality in rabbits bred on pasture

Krzecio, E.; Kocwin Podsiada, M.; Przybylski, W.; Kury, J., 1998:
Carcass and meat quality of HALNHALn heterozygous pigs from the PBZ-23 line and F1 crossbreds (PBZ-23 x Pietrain)

Pla, M., 1999:
Carcass and meat quality of growing rabbits under high ambient temperature using high fat diets

Pla, M.; Cervera, C., 1997:
Carcass and meat quality of rabbits given diets having a high level of vegetable or animal fat

Horvathova, V.; Chudy, J.; Lagin, L.; Benczova, E., 1994:
Carcass and technological value of the chickens Starbro and Hybro hybrids

Bora, A.; Baruah, R.N.; Baruah, K.K.; Bora, R.K.; Saikia, B.N., 1997:
Carcass characteristics and body composition of meat of rabbit fed on three levels of dietary fibres

Sevi, A.; Casamassima, D.; Tantillo, G.; Muscio, A., 1997:
Carcass characteristics and cholesterol content of meat and some organs of lambs

Dawa, O.; Tawah, C.L.; Mawaina, T., 1996 :
Carcass characteristics of adult sheep and goat breeds in the subhumid and semi-arid zones of Cameroon

Okon, B.I.; Ogunmodede, B.K., 1996:
Carcass characteristics of broilers fed periwinkle flesh and palm kernel cake

Karim, S.A., 1998:
Carcass characteristics of native and crossbred yearling sheep

Perez, M.P.; Maino, M.M.; Soto, C.A.; Pittet, D.J.; Palominos, R.X., 1997:
Carcass characters in Criollo kids. Effects of feeding and sex

Schmidt, G.S.; Custodio, R.W.S., 1998:
Carcass characters in improved and crossbred broilers

Rajcheva, E.; Shindarska, Z., 1997:
Carcass composition depending on degree of maturity in live weight of dairy and fine-wool lambs

Gamallo, E.; Rosenberg, S.; Domingo, E.; Bramardi, S., 1995:
Carcass composition of Criollo kids

Soch, M.; Rehout, V.; Kosvanec, K.; Citek, J.; Hajic, F.; Kadlec, J.; Novotny, D., 1998:
Carcass composition of F1 Bohemian Red x Bohemian Red Pied bulls and purebred Bohemian Red Pied bulls

A.S.bbagh, T.; Malik, R.C.; Razzaque, M.A.; Abdullah, T., 1996:
Carcass composition of Naeemi, Texel, Chios, Naeemi x Texel and Naeemi x Border Leicester-Merino lambs

Anuez, M.; Delgado, A.; Llerandi, R., 1998:
Carcass composition of crossbred Holstein bulls fed concentrates and forage

Poonia, J.S.; Singh, B.; Batabyal, A.K.; Kalra, S., 1997:
Carcass evaluation in different grades of Nali

Bueno, M.S.; Santos, L.E. dos; Cunha, E.A. da; Roda, D.S., 1997:
Carcass evaluation of kids slaughtered at different body weights

Moura, A.A. de; Luchiari Filho, A.; Junqueira, F.J., 1998:
Carcass evaluation of young Beefalo x Nelore, Canchim x Nelore and commercial Nelore bulls

Kallweit, E.; Henning, M., 1998:
Carcass evaluation systems in the EU

Ferreira, J.M.; Braga, M.S.; Sousa, R.V.; Campos, E.J.; Vieira, E.C., 1999:
Carcass fatty acid composition of broilers fed different energy sources

Taboada, P.; Peraza, R.; Espinosa, N.; Quinones, R., 1996:
Carcass losses in broilers during processing, storage and commercial distribution

Muller, J.K.; Eggert, A.K.; Sakaluk, S.K., 1998:
Carcass maintenance and biparental brood care in burying beetles: are males redundant?

Signoretti, R.D.; Araujo, G.G.L. de; Silva, J.F.C. da; Valadares Filho, S. de C.; Cecon, P.R., 1999:
Carcass physical composition of Holstein calves fed diets with different levels of concentrate

McGregor, B.A., 1996:
Carcass quality and commercial acceptance of Angora goat kids fed supplementary energy and slaughtered at four months of age

Kirchgessner, M.; Jamroz, D.; Eder, K.; Pakulska, E., 1997:
Carcass quality and fatty acid composition in growing geese fed various rations

McKeith, F.K.; Ellis, M., 1998:
Carcass quality and improvers

Grzeskowiak, E.; Pospiech, E.; Borzuta, K.; Strzelecki, J., 1998:
Carcass quality and meat quality in pigs of different genetic origin

Micol, D.; Picard, B.; Brelurut, A.; Theriez, M., 1997:
Carcass quality and muscle characteristics in red deer production: effects of age and sex

Preziuso, G.; Russo, C.; Campodoni, G.; Cianci, D., 1997:
Carcass quality and physico-chemical characteristics of meat in sheep

Eckert, R.; Zak, G., 1998:
Carcass quality and the incidence of the PSE and DFD meat in crossbred pigs from Polish Large White sows and Polish Landrace boars, the F1 boars (line 990 x Pietrain) and purebred Pietrain boars

Weglarz, A.; Szarek, J.; Mazur, A.; Ormian, M.; Zapletal, P.; Gardzina, E., 1996:
Carcass quality of Polish Black-and-White, Polish Red-and-White and Simmental bulls and of the F1 crossbreds of Polish Black-and-White with Simmental

Surdacki, Z.; Lecyk, K.; Burdzanowski, J., 1995:
Carcass quality of Puawy pigs and their crossbreds with Polish Landrace and Pietrain breeds

Kralik, G.; Kusec, G.; Scitovski, R.; Skrtic, Z.; Petricevic, A., 1998:
Carcass quality of broilers related to growth rate in fattening

Padhi, M.K.; Senani, S.; Saha, S.K.; Rai, R.B., 1997:
Carcass quality of different crossbred chicken

Bankovskaya, I.B., 1996:
Carcass quality of pigs with differing stress susceptibility

Gowda, S.K.; Sastry, V.R.B.; Katiyar, R.C., 1998:
Carcass traits and meat quality in rabbits fed neem kernel and mustard-meal supplemented diets

Melnychuk, V.L.; Robinson, F.E.; Renema, R.A.; Hardin, R.T.; Emmerson, D.A.; Bagley, L.G., 1997:
Carcass traits and reproductive development at the onset of lay in two lines of female turkeys

Perotto, D.; Moletta, J.L.; Cubas, A.C., 1999:
Carcass traits of Canchim, Aberdeen Angus and reciprocal crosses finished in confinement

Pal, U.K.; Agnihotri, M.K.; Sinha, N.K., 1997:
Carcass traits of Muzaffarnagari lambs under intensive and semi-intensive management systems

Nofal, R.Y.; Toth, S.; Virag, G.M., 1996:
Carcass traits of New Zealand White, Californian rabbits and their reciprocal crosses

Kasat, M.; Baghel, R.P.S., 1998:
Carcass traits of broilers influenced by levels of fish meal protein and qualities of fish meal

Zalewski, W.; Litwinczuk, A.; Litwinczuk, Z.; Gajda, J.; Podolak, G.; Jankowski, P., 1998:
Carcass value and meat quality of calves with different levels of Limousin inheritance, finished on pasture with their dams

Zajac, J.; Nogaj, J.; Bielanski, P., 1998:
Carcass value and physical and chemical traits of meat in crossbred rabbits

Adilovic, S.; Milanovic, A.; Adilovic, E.; Sakic, V., 1998:
Carcass value of Nicholas and Johnson turkeys

Voriskova, J.; Frelich, J.; Pribyl, J., 1998:
Carcass value of bull-crosses of Czech Pied and Black Pied cattle with beef breeds

Gruszecki, T., 1998:
Carcass value of crossbred lambs from mating Polish Lowland ewes with meat-type rams

Budzynski, M.; Zin, M.; Znamirowska, A., 1996:
Carcass value of horses in relation to live classification

Simoes, J.A.; Mendes, I.A., 1997:
Carcass yield and offal in lambs

Jorge, A.M.; Alencar Fontes, C.A. de; Freitas, J.A. de; Soares, J.E.; Rodrigues, L.R.R.; Resende, F.D. de; Queiroz, A.C. de, 1997:
Carcass yield and prime cuts in cattle and buffaloes slaughtered at different stages of maturity

Arguello, A.; Gines, R.; Capote, J.; Lopez, J.L., 1998:
Carcass yield of Canary Caprine Group kids weaned with three reared methods

Caballero de la Calle, J.R., 1996:
Carcass yield of Talaverana x Manchega sucking lambs

Lisboa, J.S.; Silva, D.J. da; Almeida e Silva, M. de; Soares, P.R.; Albino, L.F.T., 1999:
Carcass yield of three genetic groups of broiler chickens submitted to diets with different protein levels

Lazzari, G.L.; Pagani, J.L., 1996:
Carcass yield of two commercial broiler strains

Perrier, G., 1998:
Carcasses with less fat due to feed rationing

Davidson, L.A.; Lupton, J.R.; Jiang, Y.H.; Chapkin, R.S., 1999:
Carcinogen and dietary lipid regulate ras expression and localization in rat colon without affecting farnesylation kinetics

Toth, B.; Erickson, J.; Gannett, P.; Patil, K., 1997:
Carcinogenesis by the cultivated baked Agaricus bisporus mushroom in mice

Praast, S., 1998:
Carcinogenic materials in woodworking

Komulainen, H.; Kosma, V.M.; Vaittinen, S.L.; Vartiainen, T.; Kaliste-Korhonen, E.; Lötjönen, S.; Tuominen, R.K.; Tuomisto, J., 1997:
Carcinogenicity of the drinking water mutagen 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone in the rat

Rodriguez Velasco, H.; Diaz Aparicio, E.; Morales Alvarez, J.F.; Velazquez Quezada, F.; Cooea Giron, P., 1998:
Card-test antibodies against Brucella abortus smooth strains in pigs at two antigen concentrations

Eelen, H.; Bulcke, R.; Kint, S., 1999:
Cardamine as a problem weed in container grown plants

Bay, T.; Gracia, I.; Cavero, J.; Zaragoza, C., 1997:
Cardamine hirsuta infesting nursery stock imported with the peat?

Schöniger, R.; Lindemann, P.; Grimm, R.; Eckerskorn, C.; Luckner, M., 1998:
Cardenolide 16'-O-glucohydrolase from Digitalis lanata. Purification and characterization

Kreis, W.; Hensel, A.; Stuhlemmer, U., 1998:
Cardenolide biosynthesis in foxglove

Endo, H.; Warashina, T.; Noro, T.; Castro, V.H.; Mora, G.A.; Poveda, L.J.; Sanchez, P.E., 1997 :
Cardenolide glycosides from Thevetia ahouai (Linn.) A.DC

Gómez-Aldaraví Gutiérrez, R.; Otero Coto, E.; Chorro Gascó, F.J.; Muñoz Gil, J.; Losada Casares, A.; López Merino, V., 1999:
Cardiac cysts. A case of isolated cardiac hydatidosis

Marin-Neto, J.A., 1998:
Cardiac dysautonomia and pathogenesis of Chagas' heart disease

Silverman, D.W., 1998:
Cardiac failure

Erentürk, S.; Kocazeybek, B.; Oner, A.; Sönmez, B., 1998:
Cardiac hydatid cyst in left ventricle

Fadouach, S.; Azouzi, L.; Mehadji, B.A.; Tahiri, A.; Chraibi, N., 1997:
Cardiac hydatid disease revealed by suppurative pericarditis

Ozkul, I.A.; Tunca, R.; Oge, S., 1999:
Cardiac hydatidosis in two cows

Olkowski, A.A.; Korver, D.; Rathgeber, B.; Classen, H.L., 1999:
Cardiac index, oxygen delivery, and tissue oxygen extraction in slow and fast growing chickens, and in chickens with heart failure and ascites: A comparative study

Paraguassu, A.A.; Souza, V.T.F. de; Moreira, E.L.T., 1997:
Cardiac lesions in canines (necropsy findings)

Yunis, N.A.; Stone, V.E., 1998:
Cardiac manifestations of HIV/AIDS: a review of disease spectrum and clinical management

Saadeh, A.M.; Farsakh, N.A.; al-Ali, M.K., 1997 :
Cardiac manifestations of acute carbamate and organophosphate poisoning

Sierra, M., 1998:
Cardiac monitor to screen for Chagas heart disease

Chapadeiro, E.; Silva, E.L.; Silva, A.C.; Fernandes, P.; Ramirez, L.E., 1999:
Cardiac neuronal depopulation in hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi

Wideman, R.F., 1999:
Cardiac output in four-, five-, and six-week-old broilers, and hemodynamic responses to intravenous injections of epinephrine

Venco, L.; Morini, S.; Pedemonte, F.; Sola, L.B., 1999:
Cardio-pulmonary filariosis in the cat

Syah, Y.M.; Pennacchio, M.; Ghisalberti, E.L., 1998:
Cardioactive phenylethanoid glycosides from Lantana camara

Barus, V.; Tukac, V., 1997:
Cardiofilaria pyrrhurae (Nematoda: Oswaldofilariidae) from a new host

Lin, C.M.; Lai, C.P.; Fang, T.C.; Lin, C.L., 1999:
Cardiogenic shock in a patient with glyphosate-surfactant poisoning

Kattinger, P.; Ewringmann, A.; Weyland, J.; Skrodzki, M., 1999:
Cardiological examination in rabbits

Pietri, S.; Maurelli, E.; Drieu, K.; Culcasi, M., 1997:
Cardioprotective and anti-oxidant effects of the terpenoid constituents of Ginkgo biloba extract (EGb 761)

Silva Polydoro, A. da; Natalini, C.C.; Schossler, J.E.W.; Aguiar Hennemann, C.R. de; Cassol, D.S.; Futema, F., 1997:
Cardiopulmonary alterations with romifidine, tiletamine/zolazepam and halothane in horses

Bennett, R.A.; Schumacher, J.; Hedjazi-Haring, K.; Newell, S.M., 1998:
Cardiopulmonary and anesthetic effects of propofol administered intraosseously to green iguanas

Hodgson, D.S.; Dunlop, C.I.; Chapman, P.L.; Grandy, J.L., 1998:
Cardiopulmonary effects of anesthesia induced and maintained with isoflurane in cats

Faunt, K.K.; Cohn, L.A.; Jones, B.D.; Dodam, J.R., 1998:
Cardiopulmonary effects of bilateral hemithorax ventilation and diagnostic thoracoscopy in dogs

Machin, K.L.; Caulkett, N.A., 1998:
Cardiopulmonary effects of propofol and a medetomidine-midazolam-ketamine combination in mallard ducks

Schwaiblmair, M.; Beinert, T.; Vogelmeier, C.; Fruhmann, G., 1997:
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing following hay exposure challenge in farmer's lung

Wagner, A.E.; Dunlop, C.I.; Chapman, P.L., 1999:
Cardiopulmonary measurements in dogs undergoing gastropexy without gastrectomy for correction of gastric dilatation-volvulus

Cattet, M.R.; Caulkett, N.A.; Streib, K.A.; Torske, K.E.; Ramsay, M.A., 1999:
Cardiopulmonary response of anesthetized polar bears to suspension by net and sling

Quandt, J.E.; Robinson, E.P.; Rivers, W.J.; Raffe, M.R., 1998:
Cardiorespiratory and anesthetic effects of propofol and thiopental in dogs

Hubbell, J.A.E.; Hinchcliff, K.W.; Schmall, L.M.; Muir, W.W.I.I.I.; Robertson, J.T.; Sams, R.A., 1999:
Cardiorespiratory and metabolic effects of xylazine, detomidine, and a combination of xylazine and acepromazine administered after exercise in horses

Pypendop, B.; Verstegen, J., 1999:
Cardiorespiratory effects of a combination of medetomidine, midazolam, and butorphanol in dogs

Muir, W.W.; Gadawski, J.E.; Grosenbaugh, D.A., 1999:
Cardiorespiratory effects of a tiletamine/zolazepam-ketamine-detomidine combination in horses

Filho, F.M.; Gomez de Segura, I.A.; Tendillo, F.J.C.; Nascimento, P.R.L.; Paula, A.C. de; Frias, A., 1998:
Cardiorespiratory effects of acepromazine, xylazine and midazolam in combination with different isoflurane concentrations in dogs

Muir, W.W.; Gadawski, J., 1998:
Cardiorespiratory effects of low-flow and closed circuit inhalation anesthesia, using sevoflurane delivered with an in-circuit vaporizer and concentrations of compound A

Grosenbaugh, D.A.; Muir, W.W., 1998:
Cardiorespiratory effects of sevoflurane, isoflurane, and halothane anesthesia in horses

Lee, C.D.; Blair, S.N.; Jackson, A.S., 1999:
Cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, and all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality in men

Muñoz, A.; Riber, C.; Santisteban, R.; Rubio, M.D.; Agüera, E.I.; Castejón, F.M., 1999:
Cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations in horses competing in cross-country events

Anderson, J.W.; Smith, B.M.; Washnock, C.S., 1999:
Cardiovascular and renal benefits of dry bean and soybean intake

Aminkov, B., 1998:
Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of epidural administration of lidocaine, fentanyl and morphine in dogs anaesthetized with halothane

Aminkov, B.; Pascalev, M., 1998:
Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of epidural vs intravenous xylazine in sheep

Toohey, M.L.; Harris, M.A.; DeWitt, W.; Foster, G.; Schmidt, W.D.; Melby, C.L., 1998:
Cardiovascular disease risk factors are lower in African-American vegans compared to lacto-ovo-vegetarians

Kamath, S.K.; Hussain, E.A.; Amin, D.; Mortillaro, E.; West, B.; Peterson, C.T.; Aryee, F.; Murillo, G.; Alekel, D.L., 1999:
Cardiovascular disease risk factors in 2 distinct ethnic groups: Indian and Pakistani compared with American premenopausal women

Mann, J., 1998:
Cardiovascular diseases

Medeiros, I.A.; Pires, S.L.S.; Almeida, R.N.; Thomas, G., 1998:
Cardiovascular effects of an aqueous fraction of the ethanol extract of the leaves of Cissampelos sympodialis Eichl. in the rat

Torske, K.E.; Dyson, D.H.; Conlon, P.D., 1999:
Cardiovascular effects of epidurally administered oxymorphone and an oxymorphone-bupivacaine combination in halothane-anesthetized dogs

Pascoe, P.J.; Ilkiw, J.E.; Fisher, L.D., 1997:
Cardiovascular effects of equipotent isoflurane and alfentanil/isoflurane minimum alveolar concentration multiple in cats

Golden, A.L.; Bright, J.M.; Daniel, G.B.; Fefee, D.; Schmidt, D.; Harvey, R.C., 1998:
Cardiovascular effects of the alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist medetomidine in clinically normal cats anesthetized with isoflurane

Junge, R.E.; Mezei, L.E.; Muhlbauer, M.C.; Weber, M., 1998:
Cardiovascular evaluation of lowland gorillas

Bohn, F.K., 1998:
Cardiovascular findings in a group of dogs with suspected heart disease

Tinajas Ruiz, Antonio, 1998:
Cardiovascular health and trans fatty acid consumption

Jamison, J.R., 1998:
Cardiovascular health: a case study exploring the feasibility of a diet relatively rich in monounsaturated fats

Seinost, G.; Gasser, R.; Reisinger, E.; Rigler, M.Y.; Fischer, L.; Keplinger, A.; Dattwyler, R.J.; Dunn, J.J.; Klein, W., 1998:
Cardiovascular manifestations of Lyme disease and effects upon left ventricular dysfunction

Marini, R.P.; Li, X.; Harpster, N.K.; Dangler, C., 1999:
Cardiovascular pathology possibly associated with ketamine/xylazine anesthesia in Dutch belted rabbits

Tsi, D.; Tan, B.K.H., 1997:
Cardiovascular pharmacology of 3-n-butylphthalide in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Mutoh, T.; Tsubone, H.; Nishimura, R.; Sasaki, N., 1997:
Cardiovascular reflex mechanisms by topical instillation of capsaicin and distilled water into the larynx in anesthetized dogs

Taylor, A.E., 1999:
Cardiovascular responses to scorpion venom

Rissel, C.; Lesjak, M.; Ward, J., 1998:
Cardiovascular risk factors among Arabic-speaking patients attending Arabic-speaking general practitioners in Sydney, Australia: opportunities for intervention

Sogni, S., 1997:
Cardoon cultivation

Graifenberg, A.; Giustiniani, L.; Botrini, L.; Temperini, O., 1998:
Cardoon cultivation and saline stress

Mathew, P.A.; Dhandar, D.G., 1997:
Cardozo Mankurad - a breakthrough in mango (Mangifera indica L.) selection

Lepage, P.; Spira, R.; Kalibala, S.; Pillay, K.; Giaquinto, C.; Castetbon, K.; Osborne, C.; Courpotin, C.; Dabis, F., 1998:
Care of human immunodeficiency virus-infected children in developing countries

Emrich, E.; Hermann, H.D.; Richartz, A.; Stumpe, E.; Papathanassiou, V.; Braun, S.; Schlattmann, A., 1998:
Career expectations in child and youth competitive sport (study group 6)

Schilling, G., 1998:
Careers in sport: for a long time a blind spot

Sylvester, C., 1998:
Careers, Callings, and the Professionalization of therapeutic recreation

Ryan, C., 1997:
Caregivers of the elderly: lack of nutrition knowledge

Genot, B.; Fernandez, G.; Deprez, C.; Hullebroeck, M.L.; Brasset, B.; Maenhout, B., 1998:
Carfentrazone-ethyl (Spotlight 24 EC): new perspective for potato haulm desiccation

Genot, B.; Hullebroeck, M.L., 1998:
Carfentrazone-ethyl + mecoprop-P (Platform S): a new herbicide for the control of cleavers and other broad-leaved weeds in wheat and barley

Shires, S.W.; Bourdouxhe, L.A.; Crossman, A.R.; Genot, B.; Laffranque, J.P.; Leblanc, J., 1997 :
Carfentrazone-ethyl: a new herbicide for the rapid control of key cereal broad-leaf weeds

MacDonald, J., 1999:
Cargill's acquisition of Continental Grain: anatomy of a merger

Angelillo, I.F.; Torre, I.; Nobile, C.G.; Villari, P., 1999:
Caries and fluorosis prevalence in communities with different concentrations of fluoride in the water

Anonymous, 1998:
Caring for animals. 1998 AVMA Directory and Resource Manual

Siddiqi, M.R., 1998:
Carinoscapter cornutus gen. n., sp. n., Diploscapter striatus sp. n. and D. angolaensis sp. n. (Rhabditida: Diploscapteridae)

Vizgarra, O.N., 1998:
Carioca beans: beans of untraditional colours for Argentina

Nabut, N.; Utsi, W.J.S., 1997:
Cariogenicity of school lunch

Meeningen, M.L. van, 1998:
Carl Johan Schonherr - an entomologist worth remembering. Part 1

Sawwan, Jamal, 1998:
Carnation production and quality of three cultivars as affected by plant density

Ozgumus, A.; Korkmaz, G.C.; Ozgur, M.; Yazgan, S., 1999:
Carnation production in perlite and peat-perlite mixes

Gullino, M.L.; Garibaldi, A., 1997:
Carnation: the diseases of bacterial origin

Vilarnau, A., 1998:
Carnations and minicarnations

van Kempen, T.A.; Odle, J., 1995:
Carnitine affects octanoate oxidation to carbon dioxide and dicarboxylic acids in colostrum-deprived piglets: in vivo analysis of mechanisms involved based on CoA- and carnitine-ester profiles

Wittek, T.; Elze, K.; Scharfe, S.; Seim, H., 1999:
Carnitine concentration in blood serum of pig in relation to the reproduction

Iben, C.; Meinhart, S., 1997:
Carnitine in broiler chicken - influence of L- and DL-carnitine

Jost, M.; Bracher Jakob, A., 1996:
Carnitine in piglet feed at a reduced protein content

Gaetano, A. de; Mingrone, G.; Castagneto, M.; Calvani, M., 1999:
Carnitine increases glucose disposal in humans

Rebouche, C.J.; Seim, H., 1998:
Carnitine metabolism and its regulation in microorganisms and mammals

Schmidt, I.; Herpin, P., 1998:
Carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT I) activity and its regulation by malonyl-CoA are modulated by age and cold exposure in skeletal muscle mitochondria from newborn pigs

Philips, D., 1998:
Carnival and control: the commodification of the carnivalesque at Disneyland

Sennepin, A., 1998:
Carnivory among termites: from cannibalism to predation

Carvajal Murcia, J.; Nates Parra, G.; Montenegro, C.B., 1995:
Carnoy fixative, a technique for examining chromosomes in Hymenoptera

Batlle, I.; Tous, J.; Rallo, J., 1998:
Carob genetic resources in the Balearic Islands

Sharangi, A.B.; Paria, N.C., 1997:
Carotene content of carrot (cv. Pusa Kesar) root as influenced by different levels of nitrogen and potassium

Nair, S.G.; Jos, J.S.; Lakshmi, K.R., 1996:
Carotene enhancement in cassava through gene pool development

Kritchevsky, S.B.; Hughes, T.A.; Belcher, J.; Gross, M., 1999:
Carotenoid and lipid/lipoprotein correlates of the susceptibility of low-density lipoprotein to oxidation in humans

Murphy, J.B.; Morelock, T.E., 1999:
Carotenoid antioxidant levels in spinach: preliminary screening

Baracaldo, C.M.; Navarro, L.C. de, 1998:
Carotenoid bioavailability

Belozerskaya, T.A.; Ershov, Y.V.; Petrova, N.E.; Dmitrovskii, A.A.; Kritskii, M.S., 1998:
Carotenoid biosynthesis activation induced by genetic damage to transport mechanisms in plasma membranes of fungal cells

Boger, P.; Sandmann, G., 1998:
Carotenoid biosynthesis inhibitor herbicides - mode of action and resistance mechanisms

Godoy, H.T.; Rodriguez Amaya, D.B., 1997:
Carotenoid composition of Brazilian nectarine (Prunus persica)

Olmedilla, B.; Granado, F.; Blanco, I.; Gil Martinez, E., 1998:
Carotenoid content in fruit and vegetables and its relevance to human health: some of the factors involved

Yanar, M.; Celik, M.; Yanar, Y.; Kumlu, M., 1998:
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Carrying capacity of bridges in the existing forest transportation network

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Carrying out agricultural industrialization to promote rural stability and development

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Carrying out four transitions is the key to helping poor areas of the countryside

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Cartel law and horse racing. Legal problems in financing gallop and trotting sports

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Case for diagnosis

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Case study on the role of cooperative societies in the promotion of a peninsula

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Cash register

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Cashew processing and marketing

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Cashewnut industry in India

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Cashewnuts - is India's global leadership sustainable?

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Cassava: a root crop for our time

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Caste and annual income of coconut climbers: a multi-dimensional study

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Castelnuovo, a quality broad bean

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Castration at 3 days of age temporarily slows growth of pigs

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Castration of stallions by ligating the spermatic cord

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Casual sex work and sex-tourism

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Casuarinas for salt-affected land

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Cat-scratch encephalopathy

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Cat-specific IgA antibodies in breast milk from atopic and non-atopic mothers: detection of Fel d 1-IgG immune complexes in cord blood and sera

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