Changes in the soil properties of leached smonitza from south-eastern Bulgaria under long-term mineral fertilization of various types of fodder crop rotations

Andonov, D.; Stratieva, S.; Stoyanov, D.

Pochvoznanie, Agrokhimiya y Ekologiya 33(2): 26-29


Accession: 003062962

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A field trial was conducted, under irrigated conditions, in two successive rotations between 1987-96 on leached smonitza soils of the Complex Experimental Station, Yambol, Bulgaria. Five-course uncompacted crop rotations, and 100% compacted fodder crop rotations were used in the study. Changes were found in some soil properties during the experimental period following various types of crop rotation. Soil changes observed were: slight reduction in the volume density of crop rotations compacted with intermediate crops as a result of tillage action; slight acidification of the arable layer resulting from the application of physiologically acidic nitrogen fertilizers; low increase of the organic matter upon growing winter cereal-legume mixtures; and the creation of higher levels of phosphorus and nitrogen supply in the fields where higher fertilizer rates were tested.