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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3064

Chapter 3064 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Calta, M., 1999:
Changes in the whole body mineral concentration of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum) yolk-sac fry exposed to various combinations of aluminium and calcium concentrations in two different acidic water

W.Y.nRui; Zhang Yan; H.X.uRong, 1997:
Changes in the wine consumption model in rural areas of China

Scott, I.; Stear, M.J.; Irvine, J.; Dick, A.; Wallace, D.S.; McKellar, Q.A., 1998:
Changes in the zymogenic cell populations of the abomasa of sheep infected with Haemonchus contortus

Yosef, E.; Ben Ghedalia, D., 1999:
Changes in thioacidolysis products of lignin in wheat straw as affected by SO2 treatment and passage through the gastro-intestine of sheep

Capecka, E., 1998:
Changes in thiocyanate content in some radish Raphanus sativus L. cultivars during hypocotyl-root growth

Palmer, J.L.; Bertone, A.L.; Malemud, C.J.; Mansour, J., 1998:
Changes in third carpal bone articular cartilage after synovectomy in normal and inflamed joints

Delachambre, M.C.aire; Narce, M.; Asdrubal, P.; Poisson, J.P.erre, 1998:
Changes in tissue polyunsaturated fatty acids with age, in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Shiratake, K.; Kanayama, Y.; Maeshima, M.; Yamaki, S., 1998:
Changes in tonoplast protein and density with the development of pear fruit

Schleyer, E.; Sondermann, S., 1997:
Changes in topsoil condition

Rao, S.S.; Sitaramayya, M., 1997:
Changes in total and available soil nitrogen status under integrated nutrient management of rice

Singh, U.C.; Chatterjee, S.R.; Bhattacharjee, S.K., 1996:
Changes in total soluble sugars and free amino acids in cut Raktagandha roses as influenced by preharvest spray of chlormequat, daminozide and Ethrel

Larney, F.J.; Bremer, E.; Janzen, H.H.nry; Johnston, A.M.; Lindwall, C.W.yne, 1997:
Changes in total, mineralizable and light fraction soil organic matter with cropping and tillage intensities in semiarid southern Alberta, Canada

Encinas, O.; Henningsson, B.; Daniel, G., 1998:
Changes in toughness and fracture characteristics of wood attacked by the blue stain fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae

Drescher, A.W.; Herget, W., 1997:
Changes in traditional irrigated agriculture - an example from Southern Spain

Sahay, N.; Agarwal, R.A., 1998:
Changes in transaminase activity following treatment with pesticide mixtures

He,; Wen, J.Q.; Chong, K.; Liang, H.G.o, 1998:
Changes in transcript levels of chloroplast psbA and psbD genes during water stress in wheat leaves

Simeone, A.M.; Cappellini, P., 1997:
Changes in transpiration of peach trees after inoculation with Phomopsis amygdali

Diaz Perez, J.C., 1997 :
Changes in transpiration rates and skin permeance as affected by storage and stage of tomato fruit ripeness

Watmough, S.A.; Hutchinson, T.C.; Sager, E.P.S., 1998:
Changes in tree ring chemistry in sugar maple (Acer saccharum) along an urban-rural gradient in southern Ontario

Najera, A.I.; Barcina, Y.; D.R.nobales, M.; Barron, L.J.R., 1998:
Changes in triacylglycerols during the ripening of Idiazabal cheese

Hellmann, A.W.rnicke, W., 1998:
Changes in tubulin protein expression accompany reorganization of microtubular arrays during cell shaping in barley leaves

Lopez, J.L.; Capote, J.; Caja, G.; Peris, S.; Darmanin, N.; Arguello, A.; Such, X., 1999:
Changes in udder morphology as a consequence of different milking frequency during first and second lactation in Canarian dairy goats

Chien, C.; Kuo-Huang, L.; Lin, T., 1998:
Changes in ultrastructure and abscisic acid level, and response to applied gibberellins in Taxus mairei seeds treated with warm and cold stratification

Kutik, J.; Wilhelmova, N.; Snopek, J., 1998:
Changes in ultrastructure of Phaseolus vulgaris L. cotyledons associated with their modulated life span

Jiao RuZhen; Yang ChengDong; T.X.ngNan; Sheng WeiTong, 1997:
Changes in undergrowth, soil microorganisms, enzyme activity and nutrients in different development stages of a Chinese fir plantation

Reddy, D.S.eenivas; Reddy, G.; Polasa, H., 1998:
Changes in ureides and allantoinase levels following manganese nutrition in pigeon pea and alfalfa

Kirk, O.; Mocroft, A.; Katzenstein, T.L.; Lazzarin, A.; Antunes, F.; Francioli, P.; Brettle, R.P.; Parkin, J.M.; Gaonzales Lahoz, J.; Lundgren, J.D., 1998:
Changes in use of antiretroviral therapy in regions of Europe over time

Hall, T.E.; Shelby, B., 1998:
Changes in use of three Oregon, USA, wildernesses

Liu ShuMin; Bai QuanYang; Wang Wei; Chen GuoYing, 1997:
Changes in vagus discharge during an immune response

Rao, G.G.; Ravender Singh, 1998:
Changes in vegetation on salt affected soils as influenced by rainfall in Bhal area of Gujarat

Elliott, K.J.; Boring, L.R.; Swank, W.T., 1998:
Changes in vegetation structure and diversity after grass-to-forest succession in a Southern Appalachian watershed

Hasegawa, T., 1999:
Changes in vertical distribution of leaf nitrogen with the growth stage and the influence on dry matter production in rice

Yanagisawa, M.; Kono, Y.; Nawata, E.; Sakuratani, T., 1999:
Changes in village-level cropping patterns in the red river delta after Doi Moi: a case study of the Coc Thanh Cooperative in Nam Dinh province, Vietnam

Buloichik, A.A.; Voluevich, E.A., 1997:
Changes in virulence genes frequency in Belarussian population of Puccinia triticina Erikss. in 1980, 1984 and 1994

Hansen, C.M.; Leklem, J.E.; Miller, L.T., 1997:
Changes in vitamin B-6 status indicators of women fed a constant protein diet with varying levels of vitamin B-6

Mezes, M., 1997:
Changes in vitamin E content of blood plasma and liver during early postnatal development in the domestic fowl and geese

Gomez, E.; Martinez, A.; Laencina, J., 1995:
Changes in volatile compounds during maturation of some grape varieties

Collins, H.J., 1999:
Changes in waste management philosophy in Germany. A brief review

Baranovskii, A.Z., 1998:
Changes in water and physical properties of peaty-bog soils drainage and agricultural use

Wilson, S.; Clark, R., 1998:
Changes in water relations of Eucalyptus nitens nursery stock during and after lifting and transplanting

Hara, M.; Norisada, M.; Suzuki, M.; Tange, T.; Yagi, H., 1998:
Changes in water relations with temperature decrease in Cryptomeria japonica and Taiwania cryptomerioides

Chartzoulakis, K.P.takis, A.B.sabalidis, A., 1999:
Changes in water relations, photosynthesis and leaf anatomy induced by intermittent drought in two olive cultivars

Erez, A.; Faust, M.; Line, M.J., 1998:
Changes in water status in peach buds on induction, development and release from dormancy

Bliss, F., 1998:
Changes in water supply and irrigation in the Siwa Oasis (Egypt)

Fortun, C.; Fortun, A.; Ceccanti, B., 1997:
Changes in water-soluble and EDTA-extractable cations and enzymatic activities of soils treated with a composted solid urban waste

Phillips, I.; Greenway, M., 1998:
Changes in water-soluble and exchangeable ions, cation exchange capacity, and phosphorus(max) in soils under alternating waterlogged and drying conditions

Mineta, T.; Hidaka, K.; Enomoto, T.; Oki, Y., 1997:
Changes in weed communities in direct-seeded paddy fields under Astragalus sinicus L. living mulch and no-tillage cultivation during three years

Sinzar, B.; Stefanovic, L.; Stanojevic, M., 1998:
Changes in weed flora and maize vegetation after several years of herbicide use

Kwon, O.D.; Guh, J.O.; Shin, H.R.; Park, T.D., 1998:
Changes in weed occurrence and dominance influenced by seeding dates in water seeded rice paddy under no-tillage condition

Davies, D.H.K.; Christal, A.; Talbot, M.; Lawson, H.M.; Wright, G.M., 1997:
Changes in weed populations in the conversion of two arable farms to organic farming

Sago, R.; Matsuda, T., 1997:
Changes in weed seed densities in soil of paddy fields under different weed management

Turley, D.B.; Wright, G.; Hebden, P., 1998:
Changes in weed seedbanks during long-term set-aside

Lobo, D.N.; Bjarnason, K.; Field, J.; Rowlands, B.J.; Allison, S.P., 1999:
Changes in weight, fluid balance and serum albumin in patients referred for nutritional support

Naas, A. el; Revajova, V.; Letkova, V.; Halanova, M., 1999:
Changes in white blood cell count and formation of lesions in mice experimentally infected with Encephalitozoon cuniculi

Nalborczyk, A.; Zebrowski, J., 1997:
Changes in winter triticale shoot morphology induced by low R:FR ratio

Stahl, Erik G., 1998:
Changes in wood and stem properties of Pinus sylvestris caused by provenance transfer

Tisler, V.; Medved, S., 1997:
Changes in wood structure due to irradiation by gamma rays

Anderson, R.B., 1998:
Changes in wood-fired boiler use in West Virginia: a status report

Calderini, D.F.; Slafer, G.A., 1998:
Changes in yield and yield stability in wheat during the 20th century

Mohanna, C.; Nys, Y., 1999:
Changes in zinc and manganese availability in broiler chicks induced by vegetal and microbial phytases

Danek, J.; Wisniewski, E.; Krumrych, W., 1996:
Changes in zinc, copper and iron concentrations in blood serum and semen in stallions during the mating season

Villamediana, P.; Ruttlant, J.; Lopez Bejar, M.A.; Vidal, F.; Paramio, M.T., 1999:
Changes in zona pellucida surface after in vivo and in vitro maturation of caprine oocytes

Molto, M.; Pla, L.M., 1999:
Changes in, and prospects for pig meat prices since 1991

Ramakrishnan, S.; Rajendran, G., 1999:
Changes induced by Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis, individually and in combination, on physiology, chlorophyll and nutrients content of papaya

Rodriguez Rosales, M.P.; Kerkeb, L.; Bueno, P.; Donaire, J.P., 1999:
Changes induced by NaCl in lipid content and composition, lipoxygenase, plasma membrane H+-ATPase and antioxidant enzyme activities of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum. Mill) calli

Hiroi, Y.; Oka, T.; Taniguchi, M., 1997:
Changes of gamma -glutamyltransferase gene expression of livers in weanling rats fed a low soya protein isolate diet

Miao Ying; Cao JiaShu; Zeng GuangWen, 1998:
Changes of 45Ca2+ uptake and translocation in Chinese cabbage at osmotic stress

Berghofer, R.; Wilcke, W.; Linkes, V.; Nestroy, O.; Zech, W., 1997:
Changes of Al and heavy metal concentrations in Slovak soils during the last 25 years

Miao Ying; Jiang YouTiao; Zeng GuangWen; Cao JiaShu, 1997:
Changes of Ca2+ compartmentation and ultrastructure in inner leaves of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris ssp. pekinensis Olson) during the development of calcium-related physiological disorder

Wang JianBo; L.R.ngQian, 1999:
Changes of Ca2+ distribution in mesophyll cells of pepper under heat stress

Konstantinov, Y.M.; Tarasenko, V.I., 1999:
Changes of DNA-topoisomerase I activity from maize mitochondria under the influence of redox conditions

Choi InHyuk; J.Y.ungSuk, 1998:
Changes of ECG and electrolytes in dogs with experimental obstruction of the duodenum

Zhang, W.; Zhang, F.; Shen, Z.; Liu, Y., 1998:
Changes of H+ pumps of tonoplast vesicle from wheat roots in vivo and in vitro under aluminum treatment and effect of calcium

Dong WeiBo; Yan DunYu; Guo XingQi; Zhu XiaoPing, 1998:
Changes of POD and SOD in leaves of different cultivars inoculated with peanut stripe virus

Niu LiYuan; R.Z.engGang; Shi MingWang, 1998:
Changes of SOD and POD activities in wheat leaves infected by wheat powdery mildew and their relationship to resistance

Shen,; Ye,; Xu, L.L.i; Zhang,, 1997:
Changes of ability of scavenging active oxygen during natural senescence of wheat flag leaves

Kondo, S.; Inoue, K.; Tamaki, M., 1999:
Changes of abscisic acid and its metabolite during development of apple fruit

Hao YanHong; L.Q.ngZhang; Q.Q.Huan; X.B.oRong; Wei Ping, 1999:
Changes of activity of Se-GSH-PX and the content of LPO in chickens infected with vMDV

Stojakovic, M.; Jockovic, D.; Bekavac, G.; Purar, B.; Nastasic, A.; Vasic, N., 1998:
Changes of agronomic traits in corn under the effect of S1 recurrent selection for resistance to stalk rot (Fusarium graminearum)

Chang, H.; Tsai, C.; Li, C., 1999:
Changes of amino acid composition and lysinoalanine formation in alkali-pickled duck eggs

L.XiaoMing, 1996:
Changes of amount and function of immunocytes in blood from IBDV-infected chicks after inoculation with infectious bronchitis (IB) vaccine

Karczmarczyk, S.; Freidrich, S.; Kowalski, W.; Rakowski, D.; Wojtasik, D., 1999:
Changes of anatomical and morphological features and yield of spring cereals caused by irrigation and mineral fertilization

Vidal Valverde, C.; Pascual Montaner, M.; Diaz Pollan, C.; Vicente, G.; Frias, J., 1998:
Changes of antinutritional factors during germination of peas

Peng ChangLian; Lin ZhiFang; Lin GuiZhu, 1999:
Changes of antioxidative ability in leaves of rice cultivars grown under enriched CO2

J.Z.oLiang; Dai HongFen; Zhang ZhaoQi, 1998:
Changes of ascorbic acid and glutathione contents during chilling injury of mango fruit

Wang GuanGhuo; Zhu CuiWu, 1996:
Changes of available-P measured by anion resin method in paddy soils after phosphate rock application

Bartolozzi, F.; Rocchi, P.; Camerini, F.; Fontanazza, G., 1999:
Changes of biochemical parameters in olive (Olea europaea L.) leaves during an entire vegetative season, and their correlation with frost resistance

Ryu KyoungPyo; Lee KyoungKap, 1997:
Changes of blood chemical values in suckling calves

Yeh SungLing; Liu MeiYuan; Chen WeiJao, 1998:
Changes of body composition and energy metabolism in obese women before and after weight reduction

L.H.iChen; Chang ChyanHsing; Wang HsiuFen; Cheng ChihKai, 1998:
Changes of body composition and liver function in rats with continuous and cyclic parenteral nutrition

Gao NingGuo; Han ZhengKang, 1997:
Changes of body weight gain, digestive and metabolic function of broiler ducks fed barley based diet supplemented with crude enzyme preparation

Gipiskiene, R., 1998:
Changes of botanical composition of clover timothy mixture applying various cultivation practices

Zong Hui; H.W.nYu, 1998 :
Changes of calcium messenger component during storage of apple with sodium alginate coating

Peng Shu' ang; Luo Chong; Zhang WenCai, 1998:
Changes of calmodulin during flower differentiation of pear

Minami, M.; Toyota, M.; Inoue, T.; Nemoto, K.; Ujihara, A., 1998:
Changes of capsaicinoid contents during maturing stage in chili pepper (Capsicum spp.)

Gao DongSheng; Xia Ning; Wang XingAn, 1999:
Changes of carbohydrate content and effect of exogenous growth substances on dormancy breaking during the dormancy period of peach shoots

Molinari, S., 1999:
Changes of catalase and SOD activities in the early response of tomato to Meloidogyne attack

Seong RakChun; Choi KyuHoon; Minor, H.C., 1998:
Changes of chemical composition during seedling development in soybean

Enishi, O.; Shijimaya, K., 1998:
Changes of chemical composition of plant parts and nutritive value of silage in male sterile rice plant (Oryza sativa L.)

Cardelli, R.; Benitez, C., 1998:
Changes of chemical properties in two soils amended with moist olive residues

Szotyk, G.; Walendzik, R.J., 1998:
Changes of chemical properties of soils in the north-eastern region of Poland in 1988-1996

Sekulic, P.D., 1997:
Changes of chemical soil properties under the effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers

Liu Fan; Tan WenFeng; H.J.Zheng; L.X.eYuan; Violante, A., 1998:
Changes of clay mineral association after high-gradient magnetic separation

Stochmal, A.; Oleszek, W., 1997:
Changes of cyanogenic glucosides in white clover (Trifolium repens L.) during the growing season

Sugiyama, T.; Mase, T., 1999:
Changes of cytokinin levels in tuberous roots of sweet potato during budding

Zhu MeiYun; Tian YouLiang; Guo LianSheng, 1996:
Changes of drought-enduring physiological characters of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica under different climatic moisture

Wedzony, M.; Filek, M., 1998:
Changes of electric potential in pistils of Petunia hybrida Hort. and Brassica napus L. during pollination

Zhou BiYan; J.Z.oLiang; Y.Y.ngChang; Zhao XiaoDong; Y.Y.oXiong, 1998:
Changes of endogenous hormones in litchi fruits during fruit development

Kojima, K.; Shiozaki, K.; Koshita, Y.; Ishida, M., 1999:
Changes of endogenous levels of ABA, IAA and GA-like substances in fruitlets of parthenocarpic persimmon

Chen XinLu; Han Jin; Wang LiangYing; S.X.eHeng, 1999:
Changes of endogenous phytohormones in the course of forcing peony in greenhouse

Wang RuiYing; Y.Z.enWen; Pan QingMin; X.Y.Min, 1999:
Changes of endogenous plant hormone contents during grain development in wheat

L.B.ngZhen; W.Y.n; Tian RuiHua; Suo LanDi;, 1998:
Changes of endogenous plant hormones in seeds of Chinese hawthorn (Crataegus pinnatifida) during dormancy and post-maturation

Willenbrink, J.; Bonnett, G.D.; Willenbrink, S.; Wardlaw, I.F., 1998:
Changes of enzyme activities associated with the mobilization of carbohydrate reserves (fructans) from the stem of wheat during kernel filling

Kisza, J.; Juskiewicz, M., 1998:
Changes of fat and cholesterol during the manufacture of some cheeses

Tong ShengYing, 1997:
Changes of fatty acid composition in carp during winter; Zhang YengJun; et al., 1998:
Changes of female's eggs and ovaries of Blattella germanica

Schmidt, G., 1997:
Changes of forest areas in the former Governmental District of Stralsund (Swedish-Western Pomerania) during 1700-1815

Mun HyeongTae; Nam MiSook; Cho SamRae, 1996:
Changes of forest soil and herbaceous layer composition by group breeding of herons

Zhang LinSheng; Jiang JiYun; Zhang BaoJun; Cao Rang, 1998:
Changes of free amino acid in developing grain of wheat

Kondo, S.; Tomiyama, A., 1998:
Changes of free and conjugated ABA in the fruit of 'Satohnishiki' sweet cherry and the ABA metabolism after application of (s)-(+)-ABA

Hansen, H.D.rffling, K., 1999:
Changes of free and conjugated abscisic acid and phaseic acid in xylem sap of drought-stressed sunflower plants

Wang ShaoXian; Lin XiaoMin; Liu BaoGuo, 1999:
Changes of free proline content in anther and pollen germination in virus-infected plants of tomato

L.W.i; Sun ZhongHai; Zhang WenCai, 1997:
Changes of freezing-resistance in citrus protoplasts during cold acclimation

Wojnicka Potorak, A., 1997:
Changes of genetic structure of Pinus sylvestris L. populations exposed to industrial pollution

Cieslik, E.; Praznik, W., 1998:
Changes of glycoalkaloid content in potato tubers of selected varieties during vegetation and storage

Chiou TouzhShiang; Peh HuoCheng; Yeh LiTzu, 1998:
Changes of growth performance and blood constituents in growing geese

Zhou ZhiYong; Liu ZhongGui, 1996:
Changes of haematopoietic cell differentiation function of the bone marrow in chickens infected with chicken anaemia virus

Yamazoe, K.; Inaba, T.; Bonkobara, M.; Matsuki, N.; Ono, K.; Kudo, T., 1998:
Changes of hepatic tissue phospholipid peroxidation, malondialdehydes, and antioxidative enzyme activities in dogs with halothane inhalation

Paczoska Eliasiewicz, H.; Rzasa, J.; Mika, M., 1998:
Changes of histamine concentration in chicken oviduct during the egg-laying cycle

Asano, Y.; Ohte, N.; Kobashi, S., 1996:
Changes of hydrochemical processes along forest succession - catchment observation on the three different successional stages

Zheng ShiMin; Liu ZhongGui; Yang Rui; Zhang Li;; Liu ChunYan; Yang LiPing, 1997:
Changes of immunoglobulin levels in body fluids of chicks infected with chicken anaemia virus after vaccination against ND virus

Sasaki, K., 1998:
Changes of important forest diseases in Hokkaido

Scharf, M.E.; Neal, J.J.; Bennett, G.W., 1998:
Changes of insecticide resistance levels and detoxication enzymes following insecticide selection in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.)

Kikuta, J.; Kadota, E.; Saitoh, R.; Iwabuchi, S., 1998:
Changes of iodine concentration in the milk of dairy cows following application of 0.1% iodophor teat disinfectant

Tse, E.O.; Gregoire, F.M.; Reusens, B.; Remacle, C.; Hoet, J.J.; Johnson, P.R.; Stern, J.S., 1997:
Changes of islet size and islet size distribution resulting from protein-malnutrition in lean (Fa/Fa) and obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats

Johansson, Thomas, 1997:
Changes of land use during 300 years in the oak-dominated landscape near Bjarka-Saby, SE Sweden

Auglys, V., 1996:
Changes of land use in Lithuania

Sasakura, S.; Tarumoto, Y., 1999:
Changes of land use in area with a combination of paddy and upland fields in southern Japan

Zhang ChuFu; Peng ShaoBing; Bennett, J., 1998:
Changes of levels of glutamine synthetase isoforms in roots and leaves in response to nitrogen fertilizer application at different growth stages in irrigated rice

Ogawa, A.; Tsujinaka, T.; Yano, M.; Morita, S.; Taniguchi, M.; Kaneko, K.; Doki, Y.; Shiozaki, H.; Monden, M., 1999:
Changes of liver-enriched nuclear transcription factors for albumin gene in starvation in rats

Takimoto, H., 1998:
Changes of long-term run-off properties due to land reclamation

Zhong Pi; L.Q.ngZhang; Gao XueJun;; Mao FengJuan, 1997:
Changes of lymphocyte chemiluminescence in chicks after infection with Marek's disease virus (MDV)

Kacik, F.; Kacikova, D.; Giertlova, Z.; Geffert, A., 1999:
Changes of maple wood lignin (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) due to hydrothermal treatment

Zhang YinLong; Lin Peng, 1998:
Changes of mass and energy in the course of decomposition of Kandelia candel roots in the Jiulongjiang River estuary

Radulovic, S., 1999:
Changes of meadow vegetation and population of the shrub Amorpha fruticosa L. affected by the shade of forest plantations

Kim PanKyung; Park SeungChun; Sohn CheonBae; Kim MyungHee; O.T.eKwang, 1998:
Changes of microbiological distribution in food waste for animal feed

X.S.iXiong; Huang BingQuan; Y.X.uLin, 1997:
Changes of microtubular organization during embryo sac development in rice

Cai Xue, 1996:
Changes of microtubular skeleton in the generative cell in pollen tube during mitosis of Lilium davidii

Costa, R.; Mayntz, M.; Sender, G., 1998:
Changes of milk compounds and fatty acid composition during suckling meals and the effect of after-stimulation on fatty acid composition in cows milk. A pre-study

D.S.ntis A.L.ndi; Genchi, 1999:
Changes of mitochondrial properties in maize seedlings associated with selection for germination at low temperature. Fatty acid composition, cytochrome c oxidase, and adenine nucleotide translocase activities

Zeng XiBai; Xie DeTi; Qing ChangLe; Hou GuangJiong, 1999:
Changes of nitrogen in three purple soils during the growing period of lettuce under different illumination conditions

Kajfes, Z.; Bukvic, Z.; Jurisic, M., 1997:
Changes of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in liquid manure decomposition by stages

Krakowski, L.; Krzyzanowski, J.; Wrona, Z., 1998:
Changes of non-specific immunity in piglets in the postnatal period

Macik Niewiadomy, G.; Niewiadomy, A., 1996:
Changes of nucleic acid levels in tissues of Avena sativa L. and Sinapis alba L. treated with O-(2-methyl-2-aminopropyl)-N-cyclohexyl carbamate

Chen, Wen Shaw, 1997:
Changes of nutrient content in longan leaves from flowering to fruit development

Komosa, A.; Olech, R., 1996:
Changes of nutrient solution in greenhouse tomatoes grown in a closed system. II. Micronutrients

Rahman, M.H.bibur; Suzuki, S.; Kusuda, R.; Kawai, K., 1998:
Changes of outer membrane and S-layer protein profiles of Aeromonas hydrophila by starvation

Tao MengChun; Lai ZhongXiong; Pan LiangZhen, 1998:
Changes of peroxidase activity at the flower-bud differentiation stage in Chinese narcissus

Cui KeMing; Wei LingBo; L.J.Huai; L.S.aoWen, 1995:
Changes of peroxidase and esterase isozymes during the periodicity of cambial activity in Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent

Massacci, A.; Iannelli, M.A.; Pietrini, F.; Villani, M.C., 1998:
Changes of photochemical and CO2 assimilation activities in response to growth at low temperature and high light in a chilling sensitive maize genotype as compared with a tolerant maize genotype

A.X.Zhen; Zhang ZhenXian; Cui ZhiFeng; Chen LiPing, 1998:
Changes of photosynthetic rate, MDA content and the activities of protective enzymes during development of ginger leaves

Zaidelman, F.R.; Belichenko, M.V.; Pudule, A.D., 1997:
Changes of physical properties of floodplain soils as influenced by drainage and sprinkler irrigation in vegetable crop rotations

Treder, W.; Olszewski, T.; Cieslinski, G., 1997:
Changes of physio-chemical soil properties as an effect of a drip irrigation of plum trees

Zhang FengLu; Wang ZhiMin; Zhao Ming; Wang, S.; Zhao JiuRan; Guo JingLun, 1999:
Changes of phytohormones during the period of maize kernel abortion

Zhao DeGang; Han YuZhen; F.Y.ngFu; Guo FengLi; Meng FanJing, 1999:
Changes of plant hormones in inflorescence during sex determination in maize

Li, Xiu Ju, 1997:
Changes of plant hormones in the abscission of soybean reproductive organ

Suzuki, S.; Chiyonobu, H.; Aoike, S.; Kodate, S.; Ikumi, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Fujitake, N.; Otsuka, H., 1998:
Changes of plant vegetation and soils with years in man-made forests formed by close planting nursery stocks of laurel trees. 1. Changes of vegetation with years

Suzuki, S.; Chiyonobu, H.; Aoike, S.; Kodate, S.; Ikumi, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Fujitake, N.; Otsuka, H., 1998:
Changes of plant vegetation and soils with years in man-made forests formed by close planting nursery stocks of laurel trees. 2. Changes of soil properties with years

Deguchi, Eisaburo, 1998:
Changes of plasma cortisol, glucose and nonesterified fatty acid concentrations, total and differential leukocyte counts and phagocytic function of neutrophils in peripheral blood during short period after grouping unfamiliar piglets

Keller, H.L.; Gherman, L.I.; Kosa, R.E.; Borger, D.C.; Weiss, W.P.; Willett, L.B., 1998:
Changes of plasma fructose and glucose when simple sugars are used as energy supplements for new born calves

Rio, J.A. del; Arcas, M.C.; Benavente, O.; Sabater, F.; Ortuno, A., 1998:
Changes of polymethoxylated flavones levels during development of Citrus aurantium (cv. Sevillano) fruits

Xiao FengHui, 1998:
Changes of protective enzymes and accumulation of polyamines induced by boron deficiency in roots of rape seedlings

Abak, K.; Sar, N.; Cetiner, B., 1999:
Changes of protein, fat content and fatty acid composition in naked pumpkin seeds influenced by sowing time

L.L.Ping; Han Tao; Liu JiaYang; Guo DongMei, 1998:
Changes of quality, related enzyme activity and astringency in individually packaged, air-evacuated persimmons during cold storage

Schoene, F.; Fritsche, J.; Bargholtz, J.; Leiterer, M.; Jahreis, G.; Matthaeus, B., 1998:
Changes of rapeseed and linseed oil during processing

Fujimoto, N.; Kawabe, J.; Mataki, Y., 1997:
Changes of residual stresses in sugi log treated by direct heating method

Kitsaki, C.K.; Vemmos, S.N.; Tzoutzoukou, C.G., 1999:
Changes of respiration rate, ethylene evolution, and abscisic acid content in developing inflorescence and young fruit of olive (Olea europaea L. cv. Konservolia)

Uchida, T.; Kosugi, K.; Mizuyama, T., 1999:
Changes of runoff characteristics from soil pipes at mountainous watershed

Dubuc, G.R.; Phinney, S.D.; Stern, J.S.; Havel, P.J., 1998:
Changes of serum leptin and endocrine and metabolic parameters after 7 days of energy restriction in men and women

Yamada, Yutaka; Kawai, Yasuo, 1997:
Changes of sex steroids and prostaglandins around induced ovulation

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Characteristics of baled silage on Irish farms

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Characteristics of beet fiber and processed foods containing beet fiber

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Characteristics of biological effectiveness of diets

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Characteristics of biomass allocation and cone production in the crown controlled and the uncontrolled trees in the grafted seed orchard of the Korean pine

Itoh, N.; Makita, T.; Koiwa, M., 1998:
Characteristics of blood chemical parameters in male and female quails

Lee, K.J.; Kang, M.S.; Lee, Y.K.; Chang, K.W., 1998:
Characteristics of bovine milk protein for young dairy bulls in Korea

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Characteristics of carcass composition, fat metabolism and meat quality of genetically different pigs

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Characteristics of cattle farming systems in Sri Lanka

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Characteristics of cattle slaughtered within the Xth Region (Chile) according to the terms stated by the official Chilean standards for classification and carcass grading

Sheng, Xuebin, 1997 :
Characteristics of change of humic substance in soil in degraded grass lands

Verger, J.P., 1999:
Characteristics of chestnut coppices in Limousin

Cruz Navas, R.M.; Leyva Leyva, S.; Orozco Lopez, J.; Castellanos Chavez, J.; Levario Carrillo, M., 1996:
Characteristics of children with a diagnosis of malnutrition at the IMSS-Solidaridad hospitals in Chihuahua

Alegbejo, M.D.; Orakwue, F.C.; Ado, S.G., 1999:
Characteristics of chilli pepper cultivars released by the Institute for Agricultural Research Samaru Nigeria

Park KyungSeok, 1997:
Characteristics of colonial forestry policy in Korea by period classification

Raymond, D.A.; Voroney, R.P.; Chong, C., 1997:
Characteristics of composts derived from waxed corrugated cardboard

Choi, H.C.; Kim, K.S.; Kim, I.S., 1998:
Characteristics of contaminant transport in bank filtration through dunes

Ferrero, A.; Vidotto, F., 1997:
Characteristics of crodo rice at emergence

Courtois, R.; Ouellet, J.P.; Gagne, B., 1998:
Characteristics of cutovers used by moose (Alces alces) in early winter

Wolf, P.F.J.; Kraft, R.; Verreet, J.A., 1998:
Characteristics of damage caused by Cercospora beticola (Sacc.) in sugar beet as a base of yield loss forecast

Janloo, S.M.; Dolezal, H.G.; Gardner, B.A.; Owens, F.N.; Peterson, J.; Moldenhauer, M., 1998:
Characteristics of dark cutting steer carcasses

McWilliams, W.H.; White, R.; Arner, S.L.; Nowak, C.A.; Stout, S.L., 1996:
Characteristics of declining forest stands on the Allegheny National Forest

Lekshmi, S.; Rugmini, P.; Thomas, J., 1998:
Characteristics of defaulters in agricultural credit use: a micro level analysis with reference to Kerala

Muhsin, T.M.; A.R.baiy, K.K.; A.D.boon, A.H.A., 1999:
Characteristics of dermatophytoses in Basrah, Iraq

Zha, Y.; Gao, J., 1997:
Characteristics of desertification and its rehabilitation in China

Jiao Wei; Chai JunJie; Osman, I.; Q.Q.n, 1998:
Characteristics of development and morphology of Echinococcus granulosus of camel origin in north Xinjiang

Borovik, T.E., 1996:
Characteristics of diet treatment of children with food allergy

Narojek, L., 1998:
Characteristics of dietary habits of women in Warsaw families in 1995

Guinee, T.P.; Auty, M.A.E.; Harrington, D.; Corcoran, M.P.; Mullins, C.; Mulholland, E.O., 1998:
Characteristics of different cheeses used in pizza pie

Kisza, J.; Juskiewicz, M., 1996:
Characteristics of different protein preparations obtained from milk

Mochizuki, Atsushi, 1998:
Characteristics of digestive proteases in the gut of some insect orders

L.X.uQi; Jin LongGuang; Zhou LuZe; Y.D.ngChi, 1998:
Characteristics of direct sown double-cropped hybrid rice and its cultural techniques in coastal regions of Zhejiang Province

Baranova, N.S.; Lesnyak, O.M.; Obraztsova, R.G.; Mel'nikov, V.G.; Andreeva, E.A.; Beikin, Y.B.; Laikovskaya, E.E.; Kufko, I.T.; Baranov, A.A., 1997:
Characteristics of disorders of the peripheral nervous system in Lyme-borreliosis in the endemic region of Russia

Park, S.; Joe, K.S.; Han, S.H.; Kim, H.S., 1999:
Characteristics of dissolved organic carbon in the leachate from Moonam sanitary landfill

Okamoto, A.; Nonaka, M., 1999:
Characteristics of dorsal leaf surface in the species of subgenus Rhododendron section Tsutsusi in Japan

Fumuro, M., 1997:
Characteristics of dry matter production and assimilate partitioning in the dwarf phenotype of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) cv. Nishimurawase

Chowdhury, S.R., 1998:
Characteristics of dry matter production and partitioning in edible yam (Dioscorea spp.) cultivars

Fushimi, A.; Matoba, K.; Tamura, Y., 1998:
Characteristics of dry matter production and rhizome growth in Calystegia japonica Choisy

W.W.iMing; Song XiangFu; Ying HuoDong; Zhu Min; L.Y.ngLiang, 1998:
Characteristics of dry matter production of rice grown in floating beds

Macht, M., 1999:
Characteristics of eating in anger, fear, sadness and joy

E.G.ndy, E.A.; Arram, G.A.; E.F.ll, E.A.; Abdou, A.M., 1997:
Characteristics of egg production populations. 1. Genetic variation in related traits in groups of fowls differing in genetic background

E.G.ndy, E.A.; Arram, G.A.; E.F.ll, E.A.; Abdou, A.M., 1997:
Characteristics of egg production populations. 2. Using different multivariate methods to partition the variability in egg production in groups of chickens differing in genetic background

Abikusno, N.; Kusumaratna, R.K., 1998:
Characteristics of elderly club participants of Tebet Health Center, South Jakarta

Harazono, Y.; Yoshimoto, M.; Mano, M.; Vourlitis, G.L.; Oechel, W.C., 1998:
Characteristics of energy and water budgets over wet sedge and tussock tundra ecosystems at North Slope in Alaska

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Characteristics of energy metabolism in males with mental retardation

Hirata, M.; Nakashima, T.; Fukuma, T., 1999:
Characteristics of eosinophilic inclusions within Schistosoma japonicum eggs

Fechtal, M.; Aberchane, M.; Alaoui, M.I.; Benjilali, B., 1995:
Characteristics of essential oils of Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Prokopowicz, J., 1997:
Characteristics of existing forms of organization and agricultural production intensity in the Kurpiowska valley

Shang HongSheng; Wang LiGuo; L.H.Ping; Jing JinXue, 1997:
Characteristics of expression of high-temperature resistance to stripe rust in wheat

Aizaki, H.; Nagaki, M., 1996:
Characteristics of farming organizations and the regulations of cooperative operating facilities - a case of carry-in scheduling adjustment activities for efficient operation of cooperative rice drying and processing plant

Yang ZaiQing; Gan Li, 1998:
Characteristics of fat metabolism and cyclic AMP regulation in pigs at different growth stages

Palic, T.; Rajic, I.; Nikolic, Z., 1997:
Characteristics of feed digestion in poultry

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Characteristics of first-antler growth in reindeer and their association with seasonal fluctuations in steroid and insulin-like growth factor 1 levels

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Characteristics of fish farming in the forestry zone of Central Cameroon

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Characteristics of flour made from winter wheat grain contaminated with deoxynivalenol

Konchits, V.V.; Fedorova, V.G.; Chutaeva, A.I., 1996:
Characteristics of food interactions between carp and silver crucian cultured together with other kinds of fish in fish ponds

Flemming, S.P.; Holloway, G.L.; Watts, E.J.; Lawrance, P.S., 1999:
Characteristics of foraging trees selected by pileated woodpeckers in New Brunswick

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Characteristics of forest biomass in markets in Northern and Northwestern Parana regions

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Characteristics of forest habitats selected by white-tailed deer in winter at the northern limit of its range

Stark, M.; Lett, B.; Meszaros, K., 1999:
Characteristics of forestry marketing

Hershey, K.T.; Meslow, E.C.arles; Ramsey, F.L., 1998:
Characteristics of forests at spotted owl nest sites in the Pacific Northwest

Gorska, E.; E.H.j, K.O.; Russel, S., 1997:
Characteristics of four cellulolytic strains of Bacillus sp. isolated from soil

Sun Jianzhong, Y.M.nghua; Sheng Xuebin; Liu Quanyou, 1995:
Characteristics of frail eco-environment in Hebei plateau

Aas, O., 1997:
Characteristics of freshwater anglers fishing without the compulsory national fishing licence in Norway

Sharma, H.K.; Singhal, R.S.; Kulkarni, P.R., 1998:
Characteristics of fried paneer prepared from mixtures of buffalo milk, skimmed milk, soy milk and buttermilk

Fukuda, F., 1999:
Characteristics of fruit development in relation to physiological fruit drop in peach

Myhra, H.H.; Holos, S.B.; Gobakken, L.R., 1997:
Characteristics of fungal colouration in hardwoods

W.Gang, 1997:
Characteristics of gaps in Korean pine broadleaved forests in Changbai mountain

Matuschka, F.R.; Allgöwer, R.; Spielman, A.; Richter, D., 1999:
Characteristics of garden dormice that contribute to their capacity as reservoirs for lyme disease spirochetes

Waga, J., 1996:
Characteristics of gliadin and glutenin protein subunits of winter wheat varieties and forms from the collections of the Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute and their relation to sedimentation value

Munro, K.I.; Wellington, J.E.; Love, D.N.; Whalley, J.M., 1999:
Characteristics of glycoprotein B of equine herpesvirus 1 expressed by a recombinant baculovirus

K.J.anGuo; Jiang HaiDong; L.J.anFei; W.C.un; Chen ShaoShang, 1998:
Characteristics of grain filling and coordination of sources and sinks during the filling period in relation to different source-sink types in rice

Akimov, S.V.; Oksinyuk, A.N., 1997:
Characteristics of growth and internal traits in boars of different genotypes

Lee WeiHyun; Choi ChungDon; Won JongGun; Kim ChilRyong; Choi BooSull; Yeo SooKab, 1998:
Characteristics of growth and weed occurrence in no-tillage rice cultivation

Nagata, K.; Yoshinaga, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Takanashi, J.I.hi, 1997:
Characteristics of growth and yield of Japanese high-yielding rice varieties cultivated in the Shikoku area

Nakajima, N.; Hiradate, S.; Fujii, Y., 1999:
Characteristics of growth inhibitory effect of L-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) on cucumber seedlings

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Characteristics of growth of lactose-assimilating yeast in aerobic conditions

Hernandez Lopez, A.; Martinez Reyes, M.; Vargas Hernandez, J.J.; Velazquez Martinez, A.; Angeles Perez, G., 1996:
Characteristics of growth rings and wood density at different stem heights in thinned stands of Pinus patula

Jang HanIk; Han JeamWha; Kim KiYoul; Lee HeeJae, 1998:
Characteristics of harvested fruits from different set positions on main branches of 'Whangkeumbae' pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) trees trained to a Y-trellis system

Mudefar ; Suhardi, 1997:
Characteristics of high yielding sugarcane cultivars selected in P3GI in Historic Land, Rejoagung Sugar Manufacture, Indonesia

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Characteristics of humic acids of some Venezuelan soils

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Characteristics of humic substances in cultivated and natural forest soils of Sikkim

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Characteristics of hybrid wheat variety Luomai 4 and its prospects

N.J.Qin; Heber, A.J.; Lim, T.T.; Diehl, C.A., 1999:
Characteristics of hydrogen sulfide concentrations in mechanically ventilated swine buildings

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Characteristics of hydroxamic acid induction in wheat triggered by aphid infestation

Lopata, A.L.; Zinn, C.; Potter, P.C., 1997:
Characteristics of hypersensitivity reactions and identification of a unique 49 kd IgE-binding protein (Hal-m-1) in abalone (Haliotis midae)

Kowalewska, A.; Siwinska, A.; Gut, W., 1997:
Characteristics of immunological response of the virus of tickborne encephalitis in new foci of infection in 1993 and 1995

Safalaoh, A.C.L., 1997:
Characteristics of indigenous chickens of Malawi

Kubotera, H.; Yamada, I., 1997:
Characteristics of induration of tephra-derived soils in Kyushu (2) strength of soil block and micromorphology of Nigatsuchi

Blennerhassett, M.G.; Bovell, F.M.; Lourenssen, S.; McHugh, K.M., 1999:
Characteristics of inflammation-induced hypertrophy of rat intestinal smooth muscle cell

Kim SeungHyun; Moon DooKhil; Lee JongSuk; Hong Jeong, 1998:
Characteristics of interspecific hybrid between Lilium longiflorum 'Nellie White' and L. callosum

Barcikowska, B.; Kaasa Janowska, M.; Mackowiak, M.; Zwierzykowska, E., 1997:
Characteristics of interspecific hybrids between yellow-seeded forms of Brassica carinata and B. campestris

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Characteristics of intrafield water holes in western Pomerania in relation to differentiation of the young-glacial landscape and human impact

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Characteristics of kefir prepared with different grain:milk ratios

Knapp, E.; Hanzer, V.; Weiss, H.; Camara Machado, A. da; Katinger, H.; Laimer da Camara Machado, M., 1997:
Characteristics of large-scale production of phytosanitary improved in-vitro fruit tree cultivars using in-vitro elimination treatments and serodiagnostics

Lee, S.W.o; Kim, S.C.ang; Kim, W.W.o; Han, S.D.n; Yim, K.B.n, 1997:
Characteristics of leaf morphology, vegetation and genetic variation in the endemic populations of a rare tree species, Koelreuteria paniculata Laxm

Kim WolSoo; Chung SoonJu, 1998:
Characteristics of leaves, roots, and fruit as influenced by energized-functional water supply in Fuji apple trees

Zossi, S.; Delfini, A., 1996:
Characteristics of lemon essential oil produced in Tucuman during 1990-1994

Law, K.N., 1998:
Characteristics of life cycle assessment for pulp and paper industry

Kochubel, S.M.; Kufrik, G.I.; Korneev, D.Y., 1999:
Characteristics of light fragments from different thylakoid regions of maize mesophyll

Jeffery, N.M.; Sanderson, P.; Newsholme, E.A.; Calder, P.C., 1998:
Characteristics of lipid and lymphocytes collected from the lymph of rats fed a low fat diet or high fat diets rich in N-6 or N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Mataev, S.I.; Sukhovei, Y.G.; Petrov, S.A.; Unger, I.G., 1997:
Characteristics of lipid metabolism in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases living in Tyumen region

Greene, W.; Jackson, B.; Woodruff, D., 1998:
Characteristics of logging contractors and their employees in Georgia

Liu YuKuo; Seki, M.; Tanaka, H.; Furusaki, S., 1998:
Characteristics of loofa (Luffa cylindrica) sponge as a carrier for plant cell immobilization

Liersch, J.; Szymanowska, E.; Krzymanski, J., 1997:
Characteristics of low morphine poppy strains evaluated in COBORU in 1996

Liersch, J.; Szymanowska, E.; Krzymanski, J., 1998:
Characteristics of low morphine poppy varieties submitted for official testing to COBORU in 1997

Mansour, E.H.; Khalil, A.H., 1999:
Characteristics of low-fat beefburgers as influenced by various types of wheat fibres

Brodin, S.V.; Yanovich, V.G., 1996:
Characteristics of lysine metabolism in different organs and tissues in cattle and laboratory animals

Yan JingXiu; Chen JianGuo; Cheng SanLiu; Yang XinChun; Zhang WenYi; Zhang Xu; Yao YueMing; Shen MingXing; Feng DuanXing, 1998:
Characteristics of machine-planted rice and ways of increasing plant quality

Lachnicht, S.L.; Parmelee, R.W.; McCartney, D.; Allen, M., 1997:
Characteristics of macroporosity in a reduced tillage agroecosystem with manipulated earthworm populations: implications for infiltration and nutrient transport

Lee MunJung; Kwon TaeRyong; Pae DoHam; Kim DalUng; Choi BooSull, 1999:
Characteristics of major local cultivars of red pepper (Capsicum annuum) grown in Youngyang region

van der Hoek, W.; Amerasinghe, F.P.; Konradsen, F.; Amerasinghe, P.H., 1998:
Characteristics of malaria vector breeding habitats in Sri Lanka: relevance for environmental management

Czyz, H.; Jakubowski, P., 1999:
Characteristics of meadow plants communities in the Warta river valley

Kim, D.H.; Lee, M.; Kim, I.S.; Kim, T.H.; Lee, Y.C.; Chae, H.S.; Kim, W.B.; Chung, I.B., 1998:
Characteristics of meat quality & carcass traits between the PSE and normal pork classified by CIE L* value

Ramesh, K.J.; Iyengar, G.R., 1999:
Characteristics of medium range rainfall forecasts of the Asian summer monsoon

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Characteristics of meiosis in hybrids S. cereale (2n = 28) x triticale (2n = 42)

Wang, Z.; Zeng, D.P.trick, W.J., 1997:
Characteristics of methane oxidation in a flooded rice soil profile

Sidorenko, N.N.; Lysak, L.V.; Kozhevin, P.A.; Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1998:
Characteristics of microbial complexes in urban soils

Youn, A.; Ollinger, M.; Scott Kantor, L., 1999:
Characteristics of mid-Atlantic food banks and food rescue organizations

Erba, E.M.; Pratt, J.E.; Wasserman, W.C.; Alexander, C., 1998:
Characteristics of milk assembly

Tsuji, K.; Okamoto, C.; Kabata, K.; Hattori, N.; Koutaka, T.; Kikuchi, M., 1997:
Characteristics of milk composition and milk production in Japanese Brown cows

Queiroga, R.C.R.E.; Trigueiro, I.N.S.; Ferreira, M.C.C., 1998:
Characteristics of milk of crossbred goats in Brejo Paraibano during the lactation period

Doh GeumHyun; Kong YoungTo; Kang EunChang, 1998:
Characteristics of mineral treated woods, manufacture of plywood: mineral composites and their fire resistance properties

Ohno, Y., 1998 :
Characteristics of miscellaneous cereals: yield and growth of sorghum with different sowing times

Sehgal, O.P.; Sinha, R.C., 1998:
Characteristics of monoclonal antibodies to lucerne transient streak sobemovirus and their use in epitope localization

Durand, R.; Faraut Gambarelli, F.; Pratlong, F.; Paul, M.; Rivollet, D.; Houin, R.; Deniau, M., 1998:
Characteristics of multiple isolates of Leishmania infantum in an AIDS patient

Abbas, H.K.; Pantone, D.J.; Paul, R.N., 1999:
Characteristics of multiple-seeded cocklebur: a biotype of common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.)

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Characteristics of nervous activity in young Arab horses

Hall, M.B.; Pell, A.N.; Chase, L.E., 1998:
Characteristics of neutral detergent-soluble fiber fermentation by mixed ruminal microbes

Zerbe, H.; Schneider, N.; Ossadnik, C.; Wensing, T.; Kruip, T.; Grunert, E.; Leibold, W., 1998:
Characteristics of neutrophilic granulocytes from blood and uterus of periparturient cows

Amiri, A.; Mahfoozi, S.; Hosseini, K.; Hosseinipour, M.H.; Mohamedi, M.; Tahir, M., 1998:
Characteristics of new spring wheat cultivars released in Iran

Saito, H.; Kurosawa, K.; Ohtake, M., 1998:
Characteristics of new sugarbeet variety Megumi

Starcevic, M.; Miladinovic, Z.; Stevanovic, D., 1997:
Characteristics of new sweet spice pepper genotypes

Hayashi, K.; Takamatsu, N.; Tsukui, A.; Okada, T.; Mori, M.; Umemura, Y., 1997:
Characteristics of new types of potatoes

H.G.oSong; Wang ZhiBin; Wang Ling; Han JinFeng; M.L.n, 1999:
Characteristics of nicotine accumulation and effect of some nutrients on nicotine content of flue-cured tobacco

Shiratani, E.; Takahashi, J.; Yoshinaga, I.; Hara, T.; Inoue, H., 1998:
Characteristics of nitrogen discharge from a barley field and estimation model

Yang, X.; Zhang, J.; Ni, W.; Dobermann, A., 1999:
Characteristics of nitrogen nutrition in hybrid rice

Sakai, K.; Fukuda, M.; Hara, M., 1996:
Characteristics of nobile type Dendrobium cultivars. II. The high temperatures needed to promote flowering on pseudobulbs

Jun, W.J.; Seib, P.A.; Chung, O.K., 1998:
Characteristics of noodle flours from Japan

Agbalyan, E.V.; Buganov, A.A., 1996:
Characteristics of nutrition in patients with arterial hypertension

Konno, H.; Tsumuki, H.; Yamasaki, Y., 1998:
Characteristics of pectic polysaccharides from rice shoots

Huffman, P.A.; Arkoosh, M.R.; Casillas, E., 1997:
Characteristics of peripheral blood cells from rainbow trout evaluated by particle counter, image analysis, and hemocytometric techniques

Stueland, D.; Gunderson, P., 1997:
Characteristics of persons with learning disorders in central Wisconsin who suffer agricultural injuries

Szpendowski, J.; Smietana, Z.; Panfil Kuncewicz, H., 1998:
Characteristics of physico-chemical properties of sodium caseinate produced batchwise and by extrusion processing

Rha EuiShik; Kim JinKey, 1998:
Characteristics of phytolith on rice leaf

Staszewski, T.; Uzieblo, A.; Szdzuj, J., 1998:
Characteristics of pine needles from trees of different age growing in the protective zone of Konin aluminum smelter

Bruchwald, A.; Kliczkowska, A., 1997:
Characteristics of pine stand quality class in Poland

Capogna, D., 1998:
Characteristics of plant manufactured in Italy for artisan-style processing of milk

Beppu, K.; Kataoka, I., 1999:
Characteristics of pollen germination in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)

Zhong Fei, 1998:
Characteristics of polyphenol oxidase and its inhibition in Red Delicious apple

Yemenicioglu, A.; Cemeroglu, B., 1998:
Characteristics of polyphenol oxidase in Hale Haven peaches

Rabe, M.J.; Morrell, T.E.; Green, H.; Devos, J.C.Jr.; Miller, C.R.chard, 1998:
Characteristics of ponderosa pine snag roosts used by reproductive bats in northern Arizona

Rychlik, T.; Kaczor, U.; Wierchos, E.; Marchwica, E., 1997:
Characteristics of populations of prolific Olkuska sheep and selected sheep breeds with regard to blood groups and polymorphism of haemoglobin and transferrin

Zeiruk, V.N., 1998:
Characteristics of potato protection in allotments and farmers' fields

Bakulina, V.A.; Timofeeva, I.I., 1997:
Characteristics of potato varieties added to the state register from 1996

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