Character association and path coefficient analysis in indica x japonica doubled haploid population of rice

Bagali, P.G.; Shailaja Hittalmani; Shashidhar, H.E.

Oryza 36(1): 10-12


Accession: 003063463

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A field experiment was carried out at Mandya, Karnataka, India in the wet season of 1995 to dissect grain yield-related attributes in an indica-japonica haploid population of rice. Some 114 homozygous lines were evaluated in replicated trials for growth, yield and yield-related traits. The correlation coefficient of grain yield with panicle density, number of filled grains panicle-1, panicle weight, harvest index and fertility (%) was significant at the genotypic level. Harvest index and 1000-grain weight had significant positive association with grain yield both at the phenotypic and genotypic levels. Panicle weight followed by number of grains panicle-1 and harvest index had the greatest positive direct effects on grain yield plant-1 at the phenotypic level. Panicle weight showed high positive indirect effects through harvest index and number of grains.