Characterization of naturalized populations of tall wheatgrass. 1. Growth habit, colour and plant height

Borrajo, C.I.; Alonso, S.I.; Monterubbianesi, G.

Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 17(4): 395-403


Accession: 003065113

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21 entries of tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum [Elymus elongatus]) collected in Buenos Aires province in 1994 and the cultivar El Vizcachero INTA were evaluated for growth habit, foliage color and maximum height. Green-blue foliage (VG) and semi-erect habit (S) were observed most frequently. Contingency tables analysis showed significant differences in S and VG among populations ( alpha = 0.05). Entries showed an average height of 156.5 cm, and only 4 entries differed significantly from the tallest population.