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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3074

Chapter 3074 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Molla, A.H.; Quayyum, H.A.; Islam, M.S., 1996:
Comparative physiology of boro rice seedlings under upland and lowland seedbeds

Schroder, B., 1996:
Comparative physiology of gastrointestinal calcium and phosphate absorption in pigs and small ruminants

Dorchies, P., 1997:
Comparative physiopathology of Oestrus ovis (Linne 1761) myiasis in man and animals

Mishra, D.; Mishra, T.K.; Banerjee, S.K., 1997:
Comparative phyto-sociological and soil physico-chemical aspects between managed and unmanaged lateritic land

Ajaiyeoba, E.O., 1999:
Comparative phytochemical and antimicrobial studies of Solanum macrocarpum and S. torvum leaves

Afaq, S.H.; Tajuddin ; Abdul Wadud; Naheed Parveen, 1997:
Comparative phytochemical and physicochemical studies of Karanj and Karanjwa

Tosi, L.; Zazzerini, A., 1998:
Comparative phytopathological survey of varieties of sunflower

Dayan, F.E.; Hernandez, A.; Allen, S.N.; Moraes, R.M.; Vroman, J.A.; Avery, M.A.; Duke, S.O., 1999:
Comparative phytotoxicity of artemisinin and several sesquiterpene analogues

Conard, S.G.; Sparks, S.R.; Regelbrugge, J.C., 1997:
Comparative plant water relations and soil water depletion patterns of three seral shrub species on forest sites in southwestern Oregon

Zhou He; Greffier, L.; Maitre, J.P., 1998:
Comparative pollen morphology in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. et Coss., Brassica nigra (L.) Koch and Brassica rapa L

E.H.neidy, A.H.; Sekamatte, B., 1996:
Comparative population densities of certain predatory species in two cotton field ecosystems in Uganda

Veerabramhaiah, K.; Sreeraman, P.K.; Naidu, K.S., 1999:
Comparative post-natal histological changes of the epididymis in indigenous and crossbred pigs

Liu, J.; Pope, C.N., 1998:
Comparative presynaptic neurochemical changes in rat striatum following exposure to chlorpyrifos or parathion

Leykun Jemaneh, 1998:
Comparative prevalences of some common intestinal helminth infections in different altitudinal regions in Ethiopia

Phoofolo, M.W.; Obrycki, J.J., 1997:
Comparative prey suitability of Ostrinia nubilalis eggs and Acyrthosiphon pisum for Coleomegilla maculata

Zarkik, S.; Decroly, E.; Wattiez, R.; Seidah, N.G.; Burny, A.; Ruysschaert, J.M.rie, 1997:
Comparative processing of bovine leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein gp72 by subtilisin/kexin-like mammalian convertases

Joshi, A.K.; Shukla, Y.R., 1997:
Comparative production potential and economics of vegetable based cropping systems in H.P

Kazal, M.M.H.; Jaim, W.M.H., 1997:
Comparative profitability of cropping patterns with and without potato in deep tubewell irrigation projects - a study in an area on north-west Bangladesh

Shrivastava, A.K.; Shrivastava, S.P., 1998:
Comparative profitability on the use of tractor vs. animal draft power, Madhya Pradesh, India

Gazi, M.S.; Saha, J.K., 1996:
Comparative progress of development during pre and post liberation period in Bangladesh tea industry

Boiteau, Gilles, 1997:
Comparative propensity for dispersal of apterous and alate morphs of three potato-colonizing aphid species

Stein, H.H.; Aref, S.; Easter, R.A., 1999:
Comparative protein and amino acid digestibilities in growing pigs and sows

Sommer, J.; Benckiser, G.; Ottow, J.C.G., 1998:
Comparative quantification of laughing gas emissions in nitrification and denitrification reservoirs of a communal waste purification plant

Farine, S.; Villard, C.; Moulin, A.; Mouren, G.M.rchis; Puigserver, A., 1997:
Comparative quantitative analysis of sucrose and related compounds using ion exchange and reverse phase chromatographic methods

Lübberstedt, T.; Klein, D.; Melchinger, A.E., 2008:
Comparative Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping of Partial Resistance to Puccinia sorghi Across Four Populations of European Flint Maize

Youssef, M.M.A.; Abd Alla, A.M.; Osman, H.A.; Abou Hadid, A.F., 1998:
Comparative reactions of tomato hybrids and lines against Meloidogyne incognita under plastic house in newly reclaimed soil

Soler Cruz, M.D.; Vega Robles, M.C.; Trapman, J.J.; Thomas, G., 1998:
Comparative rearing of Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) in dead and living tissues and the impact of cold storage on pupal survival

Pernin, P.; Pélandakis, M.; Rouby, Y.; Faure, A.; Siclet, F., 1998:
Comparative recoveries of Naegleria fowleri amoebae from seeded river water by filtration and centrifugation

Heard, D.J.; D.Y.ung, J.L.; Goodyear, B.; Ellis, G.A., 1997:
Comparative rectal bacterial flora of four species of flying fox (Pteropus sp.)

Bengoumi, M.; Essamadi, K.; Charcornac, J.P.; Tressol, J.C.; Faye, B., 1998:
Comparative relationship between copper-zinc plasma concentrations and superoxide dismutase activity in camels and cows

Robinson, A.F.; Cook, C.G.; Bridges, A.C., 1998:
Comparative reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita race 3 (cotton root-knot nematode) and Rotylenchulus reniformis (reniform nematode) on cotton, kenaf, and sunn hemp

Giuliano, W.M.; Patino, R.; Lutz,, 1998:
Comparative reproductive and physiological responses of northern bobwhite and scaled quail to water deprivation

McMillan, W.H.; Shackell, G.H.; Vishwanath, R., 1998:
Comparative reproductive performance

Zhang GenHua; Chen WeiHua; Zhao RuQian; Zhou HaoLiang; Chen Jie, 1997:
Comparative research on insulin-like growth factor-1 concentrations in serum during early posthatch development in layer and broiler chickens

Zhu HaiXia; Wei ZhengGuo, 1997:
Comparative research on management form of agriculture and forestry in rural areas

Takahashi, E.; Maejima, K., 1998:
Comparative research on sodium as a beneficial element for crop plants

Manikandan, P., 1998:
Comparative resistance of Helicoverpa armigera populations to some insecticides in different places of Tamil Nadu

Guzman, L.I. de; Rinderer, T.E.; Delatte, G.T., 1998:
Comparative resistance of four honey bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) stocks to infestation by Acarapis woodi (Acari: Tarsonemidae)

Khan, M.; Jahangir ; Mohibullah ; Ayub, M., 1997:
Comparative resistance of various rootstocks of apple to Phytophthora cactorum, the cause of crown and root rot of apples

Onifade, A.A.; Babatunde, G.M., 1997:
Comparative response of broiler chicks to a high fibre diet supplemented with four antibiotics

Ali, S.A., 1998:
Comparative response of different chemicals as pre-planting seed dressers on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane

Ram Kala; Gupta, S.P., 1999:
Comparative response of some rabi crops to sulphur application in Ustipsamment soil of Haryana

Gupta, S.P.; Satinder Dev, 1999:
Comparative response of some rabi crops to zinc application in Ustipsamment soil of Haryana

Menz-Rademacher, M.; Hallauer, A.; Russell, W., 1999:
Comparative response of two reciprocal recurrent selection methods in BS21 and BS22 maize populations

Bijit Bhattacharyya; Borua, P.K., 1999:
Comparative response of yield components in Solanum khasianum Clarke to different doses of gamma ray treatments

Katsoyannos, B.I.; Papadopoulos, N.T.; Hendrichs, J.; Wornoayporn, V., 1999:
Comparative response to citrus foliage and citrus fruit odour by wild and mass-reared sterile Mediterranean fruit fly males of a genetic sexing strain

Alleman, F.; Michel, J.; Chagneau, A.M.; Leclercq, B., 1999:
Comparative responses of genetically lean and fat broiler chickens to dietary threonine concentration

Glinwood, R.; Du, Y.; Smiley, D.; Powell, W., 1999:
Comparative responses of parasitoids to synthetic and plant-extracted nepetalactone component of aphid sex pheromones

Wright, S.R.; Coble, H.D.; Raper, C.D.J.; Rufty, T.W.J., 1999:
Comparative responses of soybean (Glycine max), sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia), and Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) to root zone and aerial temperatures

Rashid, A.; Qureshi, R.H.; Hollington, P.A.; Jones, R.G.W., 1999:
Comparative responses of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars to salinity at the seedling stage

Mansour, M.M.F.; Salama, K.H.A., 1996:
Comparative responses to salinity in wheat genotypes differing in salt tolerance. 1. Seedling growth and mineral relations

Mansour, M.M.F.; Salama, K.H.A., 1996:
Comparative responses to salinity in wheat genotypes differing in salt tolerance. 2. Cell permeability, osmotic potential and cytoplasmic viscosity

Mihaiu, M.; Stanescu, U.; Mihaiu, R., 1997:
Comparative results of the lipid composition of the fat in milk and suet from cows

Perkovic, S.; Lazarevic, R.; Vukovic, D.; Subotin, L.; Petrovic, M.M., 1997:
Comparative results of transferring frozen embryos using a standard and the one-step method

Thakral, S.K.; Singh, B.P.; Faroda, A.S., 1995:
Comparative returns from Brassica species grown under different irrigation and fertility levels

Sherlija, K.K.; Remashree, A.B.; Unnikrishnan, K.; Ravindran, P.N., 1998:
Comparative rhizome anatomy of four species of Curcuma

Chong, C.; Hamersma, B.; Bellamy, K.L., 1998:
Comparative rooting of deciduous landscape shrub cuttings in media amended with paper mill biosolids from four different sources

Zinn, R.A.; Barrajas, R., 1997:
Comparative ruminal and total tract digestion of a finishing diet containing fresh vs air-dry steam-flaked corn

Tewatia, B.S.; Bhatia, S.K., 1998:
Comparative ruminal biochemical and digestion related physiological characteristics in buffaloes and cattle fed a fibrous diet

Dingyuan, F.; Atreja, P.P., 1998:
Comparative ruminal degradation of mimosine and DHP in cattle and buffalo

Aruna Chhabra; Jasjit Kaur; Malik, R.K., 1999:
Comparative ruminal microbial profile of Indian cattle and buffalo fed on different dietary regimes

Smith, M.A.; Bell, D.T.; Loneragan, W.A., 1999:
Comparative seed germination ecology of Austrostipa compressa and Ehrharta calycina (Poaceae) in a Western Australian Banksia woodland

Bernard, C., 1998:
Comparative seed morphology of five Lolium L. species growing in France

Verma, S.S.ngh; Verma, U.; Dahiya, O.S.; Punia, R.C., 1998:
Comparative seed vigour studies in wheat

Tadesse, N.; Lay, C.; Dybing, C.D., 1997:
Comparative seed yield performance of high-by-high and low-by-high crosses in flax

Ebbett, R.L.; Ogden, J., 1998:
Comparative seedling growth of five endemic New Zealand podocarp species under different light regimes

Bierkens, J.; Klein, G.; Corbisier, P.; Van Den Heuvel, R.; Verschaeve, L.; Weltens, R.; Schoeters, G., 1998:
Comparative sensitivity of 20 bioassays for soil quality

Fairchild, J.F.; Ruesssler, D.S.ane; Carlson, A.R.n, 1998:
Comparative sensitivity of five species of macrophytes and six species of algae to atrazine, metribuzin, alachlor, and metolachlor

Figueroa, J.V.; Alvarez, J.A.; Canto, G.J.; Ramos, J.A.; Mosqueda, J.J.; Buening, G.M., 1996:
Comparative sensitivity of two tests for the diagnosis of multiple hemoparasite infection of cattle

Wang, G.; Mulligan, M.J., 1999:
Comparative sequence analysis and predictions for the envelope glycoproteins of foamy viruses

Attoui, H.; Charrel, R.N.; Billoir, F.; Cantaloube, J.F.; de Micco, P.; de Lamballerie, X., 1998:
Comparative sequence analysis of American, European and Asian isolates of viruses in the genus Coltivirus

Ansari-Lari, M.A.; Oeltjen, J.C.; Schwartz, S.; Zhang, Z.; Muzny, D.M.; Lu, J.; Gorrell, J.H.; Chinault, A.C.; Belmont, J.W.; Miller, W.; Gibbs, R.A., 1998:
Comparative sequence analysis of a gene-rich cluster at human chromosome 12p13 and its syntenic region in mouse chromosome 6

Kano, T.; Hiyama, T.; Natsuaki, T.; Imanishi, N.; Okuda, S.; Ieki, H., 1998:
Comparative sequence analysis of biologically distinct isolates of citrus tristeza virus in Japan

Widjojoatmodjo, M.N.; Gennip, H.G.P. van; Smit, A.J. de; Moormann, R.J.M., 1999:
Comparative sequence analysis of classical swine fever virus isolates from the epizootic in the Netherlands in 1997-1998

Desiere, F.; Lucchini, S.; Brüssow, H., 1999:
Comparative sequence analysis of the DNA packaging, head, and tail morphogenesis modules in the temperate cos-site Streptococcus thermophilus bacteriophage Sfi21

Kaye, J.N.; Love, S.; Lichtenfels, J.R.; Mckeand, J.B., 1998:
Comparative sequence analysis of the intergenic spacer region of cyathostome species

Tsuji, M.; Kim, S.J.; Kubota, S.; Onuma, M., 1997:
Comparative sequence analysis of the major piroplasm surface protein gene of bovine benign Theileria parasites distributed in East Asia

Park SeungChan; Foster, S.P., 1998:
Comparative sex pheromone-associated behavior of Planotortrix notophaea and P. octo (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Lai, X.; Marchetti, M.; Petersen, H., 1999:
Comparative slow-blasting in rice grown under upland and flooded blast nursery culture

Lytle, D.E.; Cronan, C.S., 1998:
Comparative soil CO2 evolution, litter decay, and root dynamics in clearcut and uncut spruce-fir forest

Kochansky, J.; Knox, D.; Shimanuki, H., 1999:
Comparative stability of oxytetracycline and tylosin in sugar syrup

Fousekis, P., 1998:
Comparative statics on a two-country, one-commodity, two-factor agricultural trade model with process-generated pollution

Bona, C.; Morretes, B.L. de, 1997:
Comparative stem anatomy of Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. and A. aquatica (Parodi) Chodat. (Amaranthaceae)

Yurina, N.P.; Odintsova, M.S., 1998:
Comparative structural organization of plant chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes

Pitulle, C.; Garcia-Paris, M.; Zamudio, K.R.; Pace, N.R., 1998:
Comparative structure analysis of vertebrate ribonuclease P RNA

Iwanaga, Y.; Lee KimMu; Fan PingChin; Tsuji, M., 1998:
Comparative studies for development of three different geographic strains of Schistosoma japonicum cercariae in five subspecies of Oncomelania hupensis

Roth Maier, D.A.; Kirchgessner, M.; Erhardt, W.; Henke, J.; Hennig, U., 1998:
Comparative studies for the determination of precaecal digestibility as a measure for the availability of B-vitamins

Abiola, S.S., 1997:
Comparative studies of avian eggs in Nigeria

Qamar, F.; Khan, S.A.; Khan, H.A.; Shakir, M.A., 1996:
Comparative studies of different nematicides against plant parasitic nematodes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) in Pakistan

Abebe, W.; Asfaw, T.; Genete, B.; Kassa, B.; Dorchies, P., 1997:
Comparative studies of external parasites and gastro-intestinal helminths of chickens kept under different management system in and around Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Rickling, S., 1999:
Comparative studies of gene expression in persistent and non-persistent stages of Dictyocaulus viviparus

Liu, F.Y.; Hodgson, J.; Barry, T.N., 1997:
Comparative studies of herbage intake and performance of lambs grazing Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) pastures in winter

Liu, F.Y.; Hodgson, J.; Barry, T.N., 1997:
Comparative studies of herbage intake and performance of lambs grazing Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) pastures under rotational management in summer

Gregory, Richard D., 1997:
Comparative studies of host-parasite communities

Han ZhengMin; L.C.uanDao; Huang MinRen, 1998:
Comparative studies of isolates of Marssonina brunnea in China

Sen, P.; Biswas, A.; Ray, B.K.; Borah, R.C.; Deka, P.C., 1998:
Comparative studies of isozymes in Oryza sativa L. and Oryza rufipogon Griff

Cai, Y.; Kumai, S.; Zhang JianGuo; Benno, Y., 1999:
Comparative studies of lactobacilli and enterococci associated with forage crops as silage inoculants

Mardamshin, A.G.; Zagidullin, A.M.; Valieva, R.D.; Ziyakaeva, K.R., 1997:
Comparative studies of mitochondrial genomes from whole pea plants and cultured cells

Ono, Y.; Goto, T.; Nasu, R.; Iwamoto, H.; Takayama, K.; Nakanishi, Y.; Manda, M., 1998:
Comparative studies of muscle histochemical characteristics of ducks between free range and housed, and among three breeds

Huang ZhuoLie; Pan Tao, 1998:
Comparative studies of peroxidase activities and isoenzymes in six varieties of sugarcane

Tzvetkova, V., 1998:
Comparative studies of plasma lipids in pigs 14 h and 20 h after last feeding

Kucera, L.J.; Niemz, P.; Fliesch, A., 1998:
Comparative studies of properties of Norway spruce using resonance frequency and sound velocity

Strekozov, N.I.; Iolchiev, B.S.; Abilov, A.I.; Vinogradov, V.N.; Kiseleva, E.G.; Sipko, T.P., 1997:
Comparative studies of reproductive qualities of European bison and cattle

N.RiSu, 1997:
Comparative studies of secondary xylem on stem and root of Corylus heterophylla

Z.Y.anGang; Zhang WenHui; W.S.uangXiu; Zhou FuJun; Yang FenJian, 1997:
Comparative studies of sexual reproduction and asexual propagation between populations of Adenophora lobophylla and A. potaninii

Stanisavljevic, M.; Rankovia, M.; Mitrovic, O.; Milosevic, S.; Dzajevic, R., 1996:
Comparative studies of some raspberry cultivars under different agroecological conditions

Knuesel, I.; Murao, S.; Shin, T.; Amachi, T.; Kayser, H., 1998:
Comparative studies of suidatrestin, a specific inhibitor of trehalases

Schumacher, U., 1996:
Comparative studies of the ecology of animal production on organic and conventional dairy farms in Central Hessen

Tolpeshta, I.I.; Sokolova, T.A.; Sizemskaya, M.L., 1997:
Comparative studies of the effects of irrigation and agricultural afforestation on the salinization status of Solonetz soils in the North Caspian Plain

Selmer Olsen, E.; Sorhaug, T., 1998 :
Comparative studies of the growth of Lactobacillus plantarum in whey supplemented with autolysate from brewery yeast biomass or commercial yeast extract

Hernandez, C.; Bello, F.J.; Duran, F.; Olano, V.A.; Ferro, C., 1996:
Comparative studies of the life cycle of the mosquito Aedes taeniorhynchus (Diptera: Culicidae) from two colonies from the Colombian Atlantic coast

Volkmar, C., 1997:
Comparative studies of the occurrence of epigeal spiders in the abandoned coal strip mine Konigsaue and adjacent cereal fields

Mujica Paz, H.; Ducamp Collin, M.N.; Lebrun, M.; Reynes, M., 1997:
Comparative studies of the permeability for gases of fresh fruit synthetic wrappers

Bodenkamp, K., 1998:
Comparative studies of the rearing of finishing pigs on deep litter and fully slatted floors

Nakayasu, K.; Fukushima, M.; Sasaki, K.; Tanaka, S.; Nakamura, H., 1999:
Comparative studies of the reduction behavior of chromium(VI) by humic substances and their precursors

Schmidt, G., 1997:
Comparative studies of the rooting capacity of softwood cuttings taken from different parts of the stock plants, on the example of two Hungarian Sorbus cultivars

Rai, S.; Hossain, M., 1998:
Comparative studies of three traditional methods of seed rhizome storage of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) practiced in Sikkim and Darjeeling hills

Raychaudhuri, S.S.; Srimanta Pramanik, 1997:
Comparative studies on DNA content and superoxide dismutase isozymes of Plantago ovata, P. psyllium, P. indica, P. lanceolata

Mizianty, M.; Cenci, C.A.; Niedzielski, M.; Bednarek, P., 1997 :
Comparative studies on Polish and Italian populations of Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata (Poaceae)

Chemengich, B.T.; Khaemba, B.M., 1998:
Comparative studies on biological performance of the cotton stainers Dysdercus cardinalis Gerst and Dysdercus fasciatus Signoret bred on different hosts; H.L.Xia; L.J.aJue, 1997:
Comparative studies on chromosome in varieties of Paeonia rockii and Paeonia suffruticosa

Zia ur Rehman ; Salah ud Din ; Salariya, A.M., 1999:
Comparative studies on composition of commercial indigenous and imported date varieties

Liebert, F.; Wecke, C., 1998:
Comparative studies on different treatments of the raw materials cotton seed, wheat bran and peas as well as the feeding value of compound broiler feeds with high contents of these components

M.F.rooq Ch; Khokhar, K.M.; Hafeezur Rahman; Bhatti, M.H., 1998:
Comparative studies on early production of some tomato hybrids under plastic tunnel during spring season at Islamabad

Stanev, S.; Dimova, V.; Popova, J., 1998:
Comparative studies on enclosure (wall) construction for single-span agricultural buildings

Wang JinQiu; L.D.Shang; Cao JiXiang, 1998:
Comparative studies on feed efficiency of five freshwater planktonic algae for the rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus. Optimal algal densities and corresponding population increases of the rotifer

Ishii, H.; Iwamoto, S.; Nishimura, K.; Fukaya, M., 1998:
Comparative studies on fungicide sensitivity and other characteristics in Colletotrichum isolated from various plant species

Hong DeLin; Pan EnFei; Chen ChangQing, 1998 :
Comparative studies on harvest index between hybrids and pure lines in japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Pal, Y.; Chei, J.C.; Gupta, A.K.; Yadav, M.P., 1998:
Comparative studies on heat tolerance in ponies and donkeys

X.P.ngDong; Li, M.; Lin QiYing; Xie LianHui, 1997:
Comparative studies on host reactions and serological characterization of the two-subgroup isolates of cucumber mosaic virus

Viswanathan, S.; Ratish, G.; Reddy, G.R.; Suryanarayana, V.V.S., 1999:
Comparative studies on immunoreactivity of truncated recombinant proteins of foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) produced in E. coli and insect cells

Yoshida, K.; Ohguchi, T., 1998:
Comparative studies on infection behavior of four isolates of Peronospora parasitica differing in pathogenicity to cotyledons of cruciferous plants

Selvakumar, P.; Ashok Pandey, 1999:
Comparative studies on inulinase synthesis by Staphylococcus sp. and Kluyveromyces marxianus in submerged culture

Itoh, J.I., 1999:
Comparative studies on leaf epidermal features in Poaceae

Zhang ShuoXin; Hanno, R.; Zhang YuanYing, 1996:
Comparative studies on measurements of plant water potentials with an air chamber and an oil chamber

Bhuyan, P.; Nath, D.R., 1998:
Comparative studies on meat quality traits of squab and pigeons of Assam

Malik, C.P.; Sharma, A.; Kaur, A., 1998:
Comparative studies on metabolites concentration patterns of in vitro and field-raised maize kernels from tip and middle ear positions

Nemeth, I.; Sarfalvi, B., 1998:
Comparative studies on methodology of weed surveys

Hofmann, U.J., 1997:
Comparative studies on organic and conventional integrated cropping systems in viticulture

Shkinkis, C., 1997:
Comparative studies on performance of longitudinal and transverse drainage in Latvia

Dong HeZhong; Shen GuiFang, 1997:
Comparative studies on peroxidase activity of upland cotton and sea-island cotton during fiber cell elongation

Kaiser, B., 1998:
Comparative studies on persistent and preovulatory follicles in the mare

L.R.ngHe; Y.H.i; Tang ChongQin; Liu LiNa; Kuang TingYun; T.Z.ngPing; Black, C.C., 1998:
Comparative studies on photoinhibition in rice cultivar Lemont and Qiguizao

Mahakunkijcharoen, Y.; Osada, Y.; Nara, T.; Horie, T.; Takatsu, K.; Kojima, S., 1997:
Comparative studies on schistosomulicidal activity of mouse and rat eosinophils

Qian XiuZhen; W.X.aoMing; X.Z.enXiu, 1998:
Comparative studies on seed coat decoration ultrastructure of several species of genus Brassica and related genera

Sakr, M.M.E.L.S.A.d E L.H.; Baz, A. g I.O.; Ibrahim, M.A.M., 1997:
Comparative studies on some peanut genotypes. 1. Growth behaviour

Zhang CaiYing; Chang WenSuo, 1998:
Comparative studies on some quality characters of different winter wheats

Sano, Y.; Tanahashi, M.; Kawata, M.; Kojima, M., 1997:
Comparative studies on soybean mosaic virus strains B and C: nucleotide sequences of the capsid protein genes and virulence in soybean cultivars

Nagpal, A.K.; Kiradoo, B.D.; Purohit, R.; Mal, G.; Kumar, R., 1998:
Comparative studies on stall-feeding and continuous pasture grazing systems on camel production

Chang ZhongJie; Y.Q.Xing, 1997:
Comparative studies on the Ag-NORs of seven fish species of the Abramidinae (Cypriniformes)

Kim JongHwa; Son ChangYeol; Kyung HeiYoung; Kim YoungJin, 1999:
Comparative studies on the Hibiscus syriacus and its allied species based on RAPD analysis

Rodkhum, C.; Runglertkriangkrai, N.; Thaweetavonsawat, P.; Nithiuthai, S.; Prechatangkit, B.; Kositamongkol, T.; Chungpivat, S., 1997:
Comparative studies on the anthelmintic efficacy of nitroscanate, mebendazole and a combination of pyrantel, febantel and praziquantel against hookworms and ascarids in puppies

Iwanaga, Y., 1997:
Comparative studies on the antigenic structures of five subspecies of Oncomelania snails by immunoelectrophoresis

Walochnik, J.; Picher, O.; Aspock, C.; Ullmann, M.; Aspock, H., 1997:
Comparative studies on the behaviour of limax amoebae (Acanthamoeba and Hartmannella) on cultures of different Gram-negative bacteria

Kitamura, K.; Iwami, J., 1998:
Comparative studies on the biology of dryinid wasps in Japan. 14. Sex allocation and size of Haplogonatopus apicalis (Hymenoptera: Dryinidae), in relation to instars of host nymphs and host sex

Genlin, W.; Jie, C.; Weihua, C.; Zhaoyu, H., 1998:
Comparative studies on the concentrations of GnRH, LH, inhibin in serum and inhibin and gonadal steroids in follicular fluids of Erhualian and Large White gilts

Krautwald Junghanns, M.E.; Kostka, V.M.; Dorsch, B., 1998:
Comparative studies on the diagnostic value of conventional radiography and computed tomography in evaluating the heads of psittacine and raptorial birds

Gokce, G.; Sahin, M.; Genc, O.; Sural, E., 1997:
Comparative studies on the efficacy of tilmicosin and danofloxacin in treating calf pneumonia

Reena Tiwari; Qureshi, T.A., 1998:
Comparative studies on the fecundity of Macrobrachium dayanum (Henderson, 1893) collected from two ecologically different aquatic systems

Han DeJu; H.J.Xiang; Hong Fong, 1996:
Comparative studies on the feeding habit and digestive organs of Siniperca fishes of Lushui Reservoir

Becker, B.; Huber, H.; Holzapfel, W.H., 1998:
Comparative studies on the growth of some food associated pathogenic bacteria in selected media using turbidimetric measurements

Nicka, A.; Obwaller, A.; Auer, H.; Aspock, H., 1998:
Comparative studies on the immune response of selected patients and controls to antigens of Ascaris, Toxocara and Toxascaris

Wenger, A.K., 1997:
Comparative studies on the intake and digestibility of various fibre-rich rations and feeds for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas

Wang ZhiNing; J.D.oFan; X.F.Hua, 1997:
Comparative studies on the karyotypes of four cultivated species in Gossypium

Wang ChuanGui; K.S.uHua; Fei BenHua; Sheng GuoXing, 1998:
Comparative studies on the major wood physico-mechanical properties of Cunninghamia lanceolata from different provenances

Mai KangSen, 1998:
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Comparative study for a new position of sugarcane preparatory device

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Comparative study in the recovery and clean up efficiency of methods used in the analysis of organochlorinated pesticides in english lettuce (Lactuca sativa)

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Comparative study of a piecewise linear regression model with the conventional regression model for assessing nonlinear environmental responses of crops

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Comparative study of inspection techniques of the diaphragm for the diagnosis of bovine cysticercosis

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Comparative study of molasses exhaustion in pans and crystallizers with adverse conditions of raw material. 1

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Comparative study of morphological and yield characters among Cauvery genotypes

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Comparative study of national forest recreational activities between Japan and the United States

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Comparative study of natural carob fibre and psyllium husk in rats. Influence on some aspects of nutritional utilisation and lipidaemia

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Comparative study of respiratory metabolism in three types of sugarbeet calli, a normal and two habituated ones (organogenic and non-organogenic)

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Comparative study of romifidine and detomidine in the preanaesthesia of the horse

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Comparative study of root systems in Citrus macrophylla seedlings and microcuttings propagated in vitro

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Comparative study of sodium stibogluconate and meglumine antimoniate for the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the endemic area of Corte de Pedra, Bahia, Brazil

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Comparative study of some aspects of the reproductive biology of indehiscent sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

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Comparative study of static pile composting using natural, forced and passive aeration methods

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Comparative study of stomata and some other properties in three new Croatian wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes

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Comparative study of susceptibilities of germinated and ungerminated conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus to various antifungal agents

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Comparative study of tethering and loose housing. 1. Effect on the fertility of cows

Bader, E., 1997:
Comparative study of tethering and loose housing. 2. Effects on the fertility of different breeds types of cow

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Comparative study of tethering and loose housing. 3. Correlations between fertility traits and lactation number

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Comparative study of the acute toxicities of alpha , beta , gamma , and delta isomers of hexachlorocyclohexane to freshwater fishes

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Comparative study of the aromas of Hypericum L. species from Portugal using olfactroscopy

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Comparative study of the biodiversity of sphecid wasps collected via a Malaise trap in a sandy area in the Duera valley (Spain) (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae)

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Comparative study of the capacity of germination and of adhesion of various hydrocolloids used for revegetation by hydroseeding

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Comparative study of the characteristics of American white oak (Quercus alba) and European oak (Quercus petraea and Q. robur) for production of barrels used in barrel aging of wines

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Comparative study of the clinical efficacy of suxibuzone and phenylbutazone in the treatment of musculoskeletal inflammatory disorders in horses

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Comparative study of the components of Piper methysticum G. Forster of different origin

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Comparative study of the composition of buds of some Populus L. species using an HPLC method

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Comparative study of the development of zygotic and somatic embryos of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

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Comparative study of the effect of teicoplanin and vancomycin upon the phagocytic process of peritoneal macrophages

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Comparative study of the effect of using insecticide-impregnated bed nets and indoor residual spraying on malaria control in the Solomon Islands

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Comparative study of the effects of PP333 and GA3 on wheat

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Comparative study of the effects of testing laboratory, counting method, storage and shipment on somatic cell counts in goat milk

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Comparative study of the essential oils from Rosmarinus eriocalyx Jordan & Fourr. from Algeria and R. officinalis L. from other countries

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Comparative study of the essential oils of three Achillea species from Iran

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Comparative study of the mineral composition of red clays in Hungary

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Comparative study of the morphology and characteristics of soils used for rice and non-rice based cropping sequence in Haryana

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Comparative study of the myiases produced by Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel, 1858) and Lucilia cuprina (Wiedemann, 1830) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in artificially infected sheep

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Comparative study of the oil and supercritical CO2 extract of Mexican pimento (Pimenta dioica Merrill)

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Comparative study of the oxidation of atrazine and acetone by H2O2/UV, Fe(III)/UV, Fe(III)/H2O2/UV and Fe(II) or Fe(III)/H2O2

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Comparative study of the photooxidative response in leaf discs from plants with different photosynthetic pathways

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Comparative study of the plasma pharmacokinetics and tissue concentrations of danofloxacin and enrofloxacin in broiler chickens

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Comparative study of the reproductive functions of Australian Merino and Pleven Blackhead rams

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Comparative study of the resistance or susceptibility of local Nigerian and exotic chickens to infectious bursal disease

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Comparative study of the separation and determination of aspartame and its decomposition products in bulk material and diet soft drinks by HPLC and CE

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Comparative study of the serum specific gI antibody titre response in pigs after intranasal and intramuscular vaccination against Aujeszky's disease with a modified live virus

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Comparative study of the species diversity of the main communities in South Songnen Plain

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Comparative study of the use of oxen and heifers as draught animals in northern Sierra Leone

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Comparative study of three Panicum maximum Jacq cultivars, Coloniao, Tobiata and K-187 B, cut at four frequencies and two heights

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Comparative study of three coprological techniques for Fasciola hepatica diagnosis in ruminants

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Comparative study of three doses of atracurium in dogs (Canis familiaris)

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Comparative study of tolerability and efficacy of iron protein succinylate versus iron hydroxide polymaltose complex in the treatment of iron deficiency in children

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Comparative study of trace element status in camel and cow

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Comparative study of trace metals accumulated in the muscle tissues of the most common and marketable sea food in Alexandria waters

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Comparative study of two isolates of Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby) Dowson, originating from different geographical zones

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Comparative study of two methods for determining lactoperoxidase

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Comparative study of two methods for determining the oil content of lemon fruits

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Comparative study of two secondary forest areas in the Nucleo Santa Virginia, Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar

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Comparative study of viral encephalopathy and retinopathy in juvenile sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax infected in different ways

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Comparative study of vitamin premixes for rabbits

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Comparative study of wastewater purification efficiencies of two emergent helophytes: Typha latifolia and Juncus subulatus under arid climate

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Comparative study of water balance models for regions with humid climate

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Comparative study of water relation in three cultivars of rapeseed (Brassica campestris L.) under non-irrigated and irrigated conditions

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Comparative study of yield, composition, properties and technological properties of milk of Zigay and Karakachan sheep breeds III. Fatty acid composition of milk and white brine sheep cheese

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Comparative study on agricultural development among Japan, Taiwan province and Shanghai

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Comparative study on artificial ageing methods in evaluating the storability of rape (Brassica napus L.) seeds

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Comparative study on biochemical and molecular genetical methods for identification of species and strains of bifidobacteria

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Comparative study on biochemical changes of callus with distinct differentiating potentiality during in vitro culture of tomato

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Comparative study on characteristics of P fixation by Mn, Fe and Al

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Comparative study on cold resistance of apricot varieties

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Comparative study on complement fixation test and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the identification of foot-and-mouth disease virus in Bangladesh

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Comparative study on composition and quality of mature and full-mature okra seeds and their oils

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Comparative study on determination of fumagillin in fish by normal and reversed phase chromatography

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Comparative study on different drying procedures and finishing treatments for maize

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Comparative study on digestion and utilization of diets with different protein levels for Asiatic black bears

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Comparative study on digestion rates of coarse cellulose between combined bamboo powder feed and regular feed for giant pandas

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Comparative study on fatty acids of Steinernema carpocapsae cultured by different media

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Comparative study on fibre digestion and rumen digestion dynamics in small ruminants fed various low-quality roughage

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Comparative study on five isolates of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides causing guava anthracnose in Egypt and its control

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Comparative study on five successive nuclei seed of Dendera cotton cultivar and the corresponding farmer's seed in general use

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Comparative study on genetic gains of Chinese fir improved varieties

Ying JiHua, 1997:
Comparative study on growth and soil properties under different successive rotation of Chinese fir

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Comparative study on local and foreign germplasm sources with a view to developing a breeding programme for water melon (Citrullus lanatus (Thumb.) Mansf.)

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Comparative study on marrow cells of bactrian camel and horse

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Comparative study on methods for identification of chloroplast DNA of cultivated and wild species in section Cepa of Allium

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Comparative study on microbial and chemical transformation of eleven sulfonylurea herbicides in soil

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Comparative study on penetration characteristics of modern wood coatings

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Comparative study on polymorphism of serum transferrin and amylase among populations of domestic yak and yak with wild blood

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Comparative study on prevalence of protozoan parasites in pure and hybrid carps

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Comparative study on productive and reproductive performance of triple crossbred cattle

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Comparative study on protein and isoenzyme polymorphism of Schistosoma japonicum from four districts of mainland China

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Comparative study on recombined labneh, with buffalo and cow milk labneh. I. Effect of salt level on consumer acceptability

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Comparative study on remediation of saline-alkali grassland

Zhen YuGuo;, 1998:
Comparative study on rumen fermentation in sheep and goat fed various low-quality roughage

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Comparative study on simple fuzzified selection criterion in controlling inbreeding

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Comparative study on soluble proteins in Culex fatigans larvae and pesticide-resistant larvae in Guizhou

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Comparative study on some basic physical-chemical traits of meat (m. long. dorsi) from buffalo calves and calves

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Comparative study on some physiological characteristics of wheat waterlogged at seedling and booting stage

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Comparative study on specific leaf weight in the leaves of nucleo-cytoplasmic hybrids and their parents of grain sorghum

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Comparative study on structure characteristics of hilly latored soils under different vegetation in south subtropics

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Comparative study on techniques for measuring water consumption by transpiration in poplars

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Comparative study on the behavioral, ventilatory, and respiratory responses of hypogean and epigean crustaceans to long-term starvation and subsequent feeding

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Comparative study on the biology of two Anastatus spp. parasitizing Tessaratoma papillosa eggs

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Comparative study on the competition of Chenopodium album L. and Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert with sugar beet

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Comparative study on the effect of chelated multimicronutrient compound and mixture of monomicronutrient compounds on the growth and nutrient uptake in some plants

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Comparative study on the effect of cyclic nucleotides related to the function of Biomphalaria glabrata hemocytes and human granulocytes

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Comparative study on the effect of storage on hatching of Coccinella septempunctata L. eggs laid by adults originating in field and laboratory

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Comparative study on the effectiveness of antifungal agents in different regimens against vaginal candidiasis

Ridla, M.; Uchida, S., 1999:
Comparative study on the effects of combined treatments of lactic acid bacteria and cellulases on the cell wall compositions and the digestibility of Rhodesgrass (Chloris gayana Kunth.) and Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silages

Ridla, M.; Uchida, S., 1999:
Comparative study on the effects of combined treatments of lactic acid bacteria and cellulases on the fermentation characteristic and chemical composition of rhodesgrass (Chloris gayana Kunth.) and Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) silages

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Comparative study on the efficiency of some chemicals used for controlling wax moths and their effects on honey bees behavior toward the treated combs

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Comparative study on the environmental quality between forest and farmland region

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Comparative study on the essential oils of needles from the three species of subsect. Cembrae of Pinus from the Daxing'an Mountains in China

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Comparative study on the growth of marine wood-boring teredinids from length frequency data at Tuticorin harbour - South India

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Comparative study on the important agronomic characters in the nucleo-cytoplasmic hybrid of wheat

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Comparative study on the in vitro antibacterial activity of Australian tea tree oil, cajuput oil, niaouli oil, manuka oil, kanuka oil, and eucalyptus oil

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Comparative study on the indica-japonica differentiation of nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA and chloroplast DNA in cultivated rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Comparative study on the insect forms of a low virulence isolate of Trypanosoma cruzi (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) developed in cimicid bugs and in its regular insect vector species

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Comparative study on the isoenzyme patterns of Oncomelania snails in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces

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Comparative study on the niche of Osmia excavata Alfken and O. jacoti Cockerell in apple orchards

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Comparative study on the optimum weight of slaughter for purebred and three- and four-breed crossbred pigs

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Comparative study on the properties of glutamic acid decarboxylase from flat pea

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Comparative study on the ratio of length and mid-shaft cross-sectional area of long bones of limbs of the buffalo and the ox

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Comparative study on the repeated determination of leaf rust resistance genes of wheat cultivars

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Comparative study on the reproductive potential of male morphotypes of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) in broodstock rearing and larval production

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Comparative study on the sex-specific photoreceptors of the compound eye in dipterous insects

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Comparative study on the shade-tolerance of eight garden plants

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Comparative study on the shock absorption capacity of digital bones of the buffalo and the ox: anatomical approach

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Comparative study on the triglyceride composition of almond kernel oil. A new basis for cultivar chemometric characterization

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Comparative survey of pollen structure and ultrastructure of different species within subgenus Soja

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Comparative survey of the market for sales of forest products in countries of the Asia-Pacific region

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Comparative susceptibility of Africanized honey bees from south Texas to infestation by Acarapis woodi

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Comparative susceptibility of Glossina longipennis and G. brevipalpis to pathogenic species of Trypanosoma

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Comparative susceptibility of conifers to larch dwarf mistletoe in the Pacific Northwest

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Comparative susceptibility of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss and brown trout Salmo trutta to Myxobolus cerebralis, the cause of salmonid whirling disease

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Comparative susceptibility of rainbow trout and coho salmon to ectoparasites of economic importance

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Comparative susceptibility of subalpine firs to Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe

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Comparative susceptibility of two members of the Anopheles oswaldoi complex, An. oswaldoi and An. konderi, to infection by Plasmodium vivax

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Comparative symptomology of chilli leaf curl disease and biology of tarsonemid mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) (Acari : Tarsonemidae)

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Comparative test for the detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in crucifer seeds

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Comparative testing of Bulgarian calendula (Calendula officinalis) cultivars

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Comparative testing of anticoccidials in broiler chickens: the role of coccidial lesion scores

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Comparative testing of several juvenile hormone analogues in two species of locusts, Locusta migratoria migratorioides and Schistocerca gregaria

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Comparative tests of new summer Chinese cabbage varieties

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Comparative tests with the osmotic blotter method for detection of Drechslera spp. in barley seeds

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Comparative the suitability for mechanical harvesting of two olive cultivars

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Comparative thermal physiological ecology of syntopic populations of Cacama valvata and Tibicen bifidus (Homoptera: Cicadidae): modeling fitness consequences of temperature variation

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Comparative tillage costs for crop rotations utilizing minimum tillage on a farm scale

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Comparative topographic study on microhardness of metacarpal and metatarsal bones in equids (Equus cabalus and Equus asinus)

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Comparative toxic effect of some pyrethroids on Tribolium castaneum F. collected from three localities

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Comparative toxicity of ammonium and nitrate compounds to Pacific treefrog and African clawed frog tadpoles

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Comparative toxicity of different formulations of cypermethrin, deltamethrin and permethrin against Drosophila melanogaster (K.U. strain)

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Comparative toxicity of foliar and systemic applications of acetamiprid and imidacloprid against the cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)

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Comparative toxicity of four insecticides, including imidacloprid and tebufenozide, to four aquatic arthropods

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Comparative toxicity of heavy metals to some yeasts isolated from Saudi Arabian soil

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Comparative toxicity of pesticides to Typhlodromus athiasae (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

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Comparative toxicity of some insecticides to the weevil, Myllocerus viridanus Fabricius (Coleoptera : Curculionidae), a pest of tasar food plants

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Comparative toxicity of two herbicides, molinate and thiobencarb, to Brachionus calyciflorus

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Comparative toxicity, residual nature and effect on respiration of boron compounds in a lower termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

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Comparative toxicological studies of RB-a (neem extract) and Coopex (permethrin + bioallethrin) against Sitophilus oryzae with reference to their effects on oxygen consumption and GOT, GPT activity

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Comparative toxicology of borates

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Comparative trace-element excretion in the camel and cow

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Comparative trial of 7 planting and pruning systems for Conference pear trees

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Comparative trial of Bulgarian and foreign lucerne varieties

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Comparative trials of spelt wheat varieties

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Comparative trials of the organoleptic qualities of the beverage of Catimor T5175, Variedad Costa Rica 95, Caturra and Catuai in eight coffee producing regions of Costa Rica

Astua Roman, G.; Aguilar Vega, G.J., 1998:
Comparative trials of the organoleptic qualities of the beverage of Catimor T5175, variety Costa Rica 95, Caturra and Catuai in 8 coffee-producing regions of Costa Rica

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Comparative trials using albendazole and mebendazole in the treatment of soil-transmitted helminths in schoolchildren on Penang, Malaysia

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Comparative trials with parathion-ethyl 20EC on the suitability of two test methods to evaluate the side-effects of pesticides on Typhlodromus pyri Scheuten (Acarina: Phytoseildae) in the laboratory

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Comparative ultrasonographic imaging of equine lameness

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Comparative ultrastructure of Aurantiactinomyxon and Raabeia, actinosporean stages of myxozoan life cycles

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Comparative uptake, translocation, and metabolism of root-applied isoxaben in ajuga (Ajuga reptans) and two ornamental Euonymus species

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Comparative utilization of complete feed containing siris (Albizia lebbeck) pods by sheep and goats

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Comparative utilization of high inclusion rates of three by-product feed resources by finishing broilers in the tropics

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Comparative utilization of natural energy in agriculture. (Solar energy required and predicted in two different countries)

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Comparative utilization of sewage sludge, poultry droppings and groundnut cake rations by West African Dwarf goats

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Comparative value of two Western-blot assays for the diagnosis of hydatidosis

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Comparative variety trials in the rice field

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Comparative variety trials of grain sorghum hybrids

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Comparative vector competence of Dermacentor variabilis and Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) for the agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis

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Comparative vegetative anatomy of two saprophytic orchids from tropical America: Wullschlaegelia and Uleiorchis

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Comparative vegetative development of divaricating and arborescent Sophora species (Fabaceae)

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Comparative virulence of duck, chicken and bovine strains of Pasteurella multocida for mice

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Comparative virulence of nuclear polyhedrosis virus from laboratory and field collected Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)

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Comparative virulences of certain geographical isolates of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (Bm NPV) to silk worm

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Comparative virus resistance and fruit yield of transgenic squash with single and multiple coat protein genes

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Comparative water budgets in catchments of temperate areas (Mont Lozere, France)

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Comparative wood resistance of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.), paulownia (Paulownia tomentosa Steud.) and eucalypt (Eucalyptus saligna Sm.) against some wood rotting fungi

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Comparative yield and nutritive value of forages from two cereal-legume based cropping systems. 1. Crop yields and the nutritive value of forages

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Comparative yield performance of okra cultivars under Islamabad condition

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Comparative yield trials of Russian and foreign varieties

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Comparative zinc concentrations in tissues of common carp and other aquatic organisms

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Comparative zoology of Archeaognatha and Zygentoma

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Comparative-pathological observations on SPF chicks artificially infected with different strains of infectious bursal disease virus

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Comparativist study of state promotion of science and technology. Cases: Botswana and Singapore

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Compared development between grapevine rootstocks grown from cuttings and from micropropagation

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Compared effects of pea and wheat cultivation on the soil nitrogen balance: results of the follow-up of a long term trial

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Compared effects of sudden and progressive impositions of salt stress in three durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) cultivars

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Compared feeding patterns in ad libitum intake of dry forages by horses and sheep

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Compared growth of Italian ryegrass (Lolium italicum ) on termitic material

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Compared metabolic effects of seaweed fibres in pigs and humans

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Compared morphological characteristics of the four larval stages of Culex (Culex) pipiens Linnaeus from Tunisia (Diptera, Culicidae)

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Compared sensitivity of species, genera and families of molluscs to biodegradable pollution

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Compared with parenteral nutrition, enteral feeding attenuates the acute phase response and improves disease severity in acute pancreatitis

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Comparing Asian shrimp farming: the domestic resource cost approach

Buick, R.; White, E., 1999:
Comparing GPS guidance with foam marker guidance

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Comparing Gompertz and Richards functions to estimate freezing injury in Rhododendron using electrolyte leakage

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Comparing RUSLE, EROSION 2D/3D, and WEPP soil loss calculations with four years of observed data

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Comparing analysis of endogenous IAA, GA1+3+4+7 in rice male-sterile line with alloplasm-homokaryon

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Comparing analysis of lawn mixtures cultivated in Podlasie region

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Comparing antiscabies treatments

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Comparing calculated and measured water consumption in a study of the (minimal) transpiration of cucumbers grown on rockwool

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Comparing callus growth with discoloration and electrical conductivity as measures of stem injury after freezing woody plants

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Comparing canola and wheat seedling use of different sources of phosphorus

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Comparing cereal growing between Australia and the UK

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Comparing clones of Pinot Noir. I. Agronomic results

Maigre, D.; Aerny, J.; Murisier, F., 1999:
Comparing clones of Pinot noir. II. Analytical and organoleptic results

Leahy, K., 1996:
Comparing cost of old and new methods of IPM leaf miner control

Sourell, H.; Scheibe, D., 1999:
Comparing costs of irrigation machines and nozzle boom carriers

Wilkins, J.R.; Bunn, J.Y., 1997:
Comparing dietary recall data for mothers and children obtained on two occasions in a case-control study of environmental factors and childhood brain tumours

Miller, J., 1996:
Comparing different cleaning processes for milking machines

Martinec, M.; Hartung, E.; Jungbluth, T., 1999:
Comparing different filter material for biofilters

Berger, F. von, 1999:
Comparing different forecasting systems for fire blight

Bouma J.; Droogers P., 1999:
Comparing different methods for estimating the soil moisture supply capacity of a soil series subjected to different types of management

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Comparing drip and micro spray fertigation

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Comparing heat stress effects on male-fertile and male-sterile tomatoes

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Comparing methods to detect more than one QTL on a chromosome

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Comparing milk production costs in selected countries

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Comparing neural networks and multivariate discriminant analysis in the selection of new crop varieties

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Comparing observed and simulated water storage during drainage to select hydraulic parameters for volcanic soils

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Comparing occupational techniques for fattening pigs

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Comparing operating ratios for small and medium hotel and restaurant businesses. a decision support system using Internet technology

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Comparing oral and intramuscular administration of medetomidine in cats

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Comparing predictors of willingness to treat HIV+ patients for New York City male and female general practice dentists 50 years of age or younger

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Comparing pulsated ultraviolet light and postharvest fungicide for peach fruit decay control

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Comparing responses of grain legumes, wheat and canola to applications of superphosphate

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Comparing results of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) and wels (Silurus glanis L.) cultures involving different metabolic food rations

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Comparing sampling schemes for monitoring pollutant export from a dairy pasture

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Comparing states with and without growth management analysis based on indicators with policy implications

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Comparing sugarcane breeding strategies by Monte Carlo simulation

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Comparing systems of ration formulation for dairy cows

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Comparing the Palmer Drought Index and the standardized precipitation index

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Comparing the adaptation of sunola, canola and mustard to three soil climatic zones of the Canadian prairies

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Comparing the economic value of mountain biking estimated using revealed and stated preference

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Comparing the economic value of reducing fire risk to spotted owl habitat in California and Oregon

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Comparing the effects of landscape fragmentation by forestry and agriculture on predation of artificial nests

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Comparing the effects of pH on the sorption of metals by soil and by goethite, and on uptake by plants

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Comparing the effects of paper pulp and lime additions to acid tropical soils using batch experiments

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Comparing the field performance of mechanical cane planters

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Comparing the first and second hundred AIDS cases in Hong Kong

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Comparing the line-transect and photographic methods of dead vegetal cover measurement, under two tillage methods, after the harvest of a soyabean crop

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Comparing the monetary impacts on the agricultural sector in European countries

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Comparing the preferences of three herbivore species with resistance traits of 15 perennial dicots: the effects of phylogenetic constraints

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Comparing the properties of Escherichia coli branching enzyme and maize branching enzyme

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Comparing the richness of metazoan ectoparasite communities of marine fishes: controlling for host phylogeny

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Comparing the seed cotton and wheat marketing chains in Sindh

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Comparing the use of contraceptives in Jordan in 1983 - 1990

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Comparing the world's egg industries: eggs, and how much feed can be bought

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Comparing three bee species for controlled pollination of selected Brassicaceae

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Comparing tillage techniques by using a new infiltration method

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Comparing topical scabietic treatments will soon become extinct

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Comparing transducer type on a roller gin stand feed control

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Comparing tree-ring chronologies and repeated timber inventories as forest monitoring tools

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Comparing two methods for addressing uncertainty in risk assessments

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Comparing vermicomposts and composts

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Comparing yield and yield components of some selected poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) lines

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Comparision of development and fecundity of the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner), feeding on different organs of maize

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Comparision of the major components of the oils of eight selections of Cymbopogon martinii (Roxb.) Wats. var. martinii

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Comparison among 18 hexyl esters of 1-naphthylacetic acid used on grapevine

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Comparison among different broiler-rearing technical crafts

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Comparison among different irrigation systems in the tatura trained kiwi orchard

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Comparison among different samples of niclosamide ethanolamine salt wettable powder in molluscicidal effect and quality

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Comparison among different types of spatially distributed field information of possible use in precision farming

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Comparison among mapping methods for detecting QTLs and estimating their effects

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Comparison among six milk claws for sheep milking

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Comparison among species and varieties of Echinochloa in their mesocotyl growth responses to ethylene

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Comparison among three azalea (Rhododendron spp) flower blights

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Comparison analysis on extractives from 7 plantation softwood species

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Comparison and analysis of sequences of SSUrDNA fragments amplified from different geographical isolates of Plasmodium vivax of China

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Comparison and analysis of several methods for examination of swine trichinosis

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Comparison and characterization of tomato big bud- and sweet potato little leaf-group phytoplasmas

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Comparison and evaluation of alternative methods for the application of fungicides to cashew trees for the control of powdery mildew disease

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Comparison and evaluation of litter treatments in a floor housing system for laying hens using different litter material

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Comparison and evaluation of mechanistic rumen models

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Comparison and selection of EMC/ERH isotherm equations for rice

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Comparison and stability analysis of yields of new mid-season indica rice cultivars in southern China

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Comparison and utilization of genetic variation for 4 corn synthetic populations and their parent populations

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Comparison between CP/MAS 13C-NMR and pyrolysis-GC/MS in the structural characterization of humins and humic acids of soil and sediments

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Comparison between CPTU data, mechanical and consolidation behaviour of soils - statistical and mathematical analysis

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Comparison between F1's and their parental genotypes for the patterns of character correlation and path coefficients in chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

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Comparison between IMMUNODOT tests and the intradermal skin test in atopic dogs

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Comparison between Neemazal-T/S and syringa extracts: laboratory trials

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Comparison between PCR and detection of antigen in sera for diagnosis of pulmonary aspergillosis

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Comparison between PVY isolates obtained from potato and tobacco plants grown in Poland

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Comparison between RNA electropherotyping and nucleic acid hybridization for the detection of rotavirus in faecal samples of diarrhoeic calves

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Comparison between Rapid. EnsReg. pneumallergens (Dexall/All-Diag) and CAP system RASTReg. (Pharmacia) and skin prick tests

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Comparison between a live and an inactivated vaccine against Newcastle disease in village chickens. A field study in northern Malawi

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Comparison between a live, attenuated anticoccidial vaccine and an anticoccidial ionophore, on performance of broilers raised with or without a growth promoter, in an initially Eimeria-free environment

Helmy, E.I.; Hindy, M.A.; Hassan, N.A.; E.I.ery, S.M., 1997:
Comparison between aerial and ground spraying against the California red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Mask.) and Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead) on citrus trees

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Comparison between airborne pollen at 2 different sites in the mountain valley of Davos

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Comparison between analytical methods for organic carbon and organic matter determination in sandy spodosols of France

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Comparison between analytical results of plant sap analysis and the dry ashing method for tomato plants cultured hydroponically

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Comparison between animal protein concentrate and fish meal for laying hens

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Comparison between aseric and seric culture-derived exoantigens of Babesia divergens in their ability to induce immunoprotection in gerbils

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Comparison between both rates of nitrogen mineralization in soils and nitrogen absorption of spring wheat plant using the days transformed at standard temperature

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Comparison between classical and artificial xenodiagnosis in the chronic phase of Chagas' disease

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Comparison between common vetch and barley to phosphorus fertilizer application

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Comparison between conventional polyester sutures and stainless steel staple in partial pulmonary lobectomy in the dog (Canis familiaris)

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Comparison between different levels of the selected hematological, biochemical indices and macroelement content in blood serum and bone tissue of lambs from autumn and spring lambings. III. A method for assessing the live bone mineral composition in lambs in the neonatal period

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Comparison between different times of application of slow release nitrogen fertilizers on grapevines. Preliminary results

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Comparison between dodecanedioic acid and long-chain triglycerides as an energy source in liquid formula diets

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Comparison between drop cloth and suction sampling in cotton during 1998

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Comparison between efficiency of part- and complete-lactation record in progeny testing Fleckvieh bulls

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Comparison between emergence and egg laying in apple leafcurling midge (Dasyneura mali)

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Comparison between essential oil yield and constituents of an allotetraploid somatic hybrid of Citrus and its parents

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Comparison between evaluation methods of bean cultivars adaptability and stability

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Comparison between evapotranspirometric measurement and FAO methodologies in determination of potential evapotranspiration

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Comparison between extra virgin olive oil and oleic acid rich sunflower oil: effects on postprandial lipemia and LDL susceptibility to oxidation

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Comparison between extractable components of salted and dried versus grilled and dried flying fish

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Comparison between fluorescein diacetate and differential fluorescent staining procedures for determining fungal biomass in soils

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Comparison between forage systems for housed or grazing dairy cows

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Comparison between greenhouse type, and their effects on two lettuce cultivars yield, and Botrytis incidence

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Comparison between growth responses of autotrophic and heterotrophic populations of lichen photobiont Trebouxia irregularis (Chlorophyta) on Cu, Hg and Cd chlorides treatment

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Comparison between hair (St. Croix) and wool (Targhee and Dorset) lambs regarding the effect of heat stress on food and water intake, digestive function and nitrogen balance

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Comparison between hazelnut kernel oil meal and some plant protein supplementation in broiler diets

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Comparison between hill and row plots methods on selection of soybeans for aluminium tolerance in a Brazilian Savannah (Cerrado) acid soil

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Comparison between human and armadillo Paracoccidioides brasiliensis isolates by random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

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Comparison between immunoassay and thin-layer chromatography for determination of aflatoxins, ochratoxin A and zearalenone in corn and corn meal

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Comparison Between in Vivo and in Vitro Metabolite Production of Morus nigra

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Comparison between incomplete gamma type and parabolic exponential functions to fit lactation curves of Holstein cows

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Comparison between levels of trace elements in normal and cancer inoculated mice by XRF and PIXE

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Comparison between low-end discrete and high-end continuous measurements of air quality in swine buildings

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Comparison between marker-assisted selection and phenotypical selection in a set of Arabidopsis thaliana recombinant inbred lines

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Comparison between methods for determination of available phosphates in the soil

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Comparison between methods using low-toxicity solvents for the extraction of lipids from herring (Clupea harengus)

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Comparison between methyl and pentafluorobenzyl esterification for analysis of 9 phenoxy acid herbicides in agricultural products

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Comparison between micro and tube virus neutralization tests for detection of serological responses to infectious bursal disease virus following vaccination

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Comparison between microscopic and automated differential leukocyte counts in the silver fox (Vulpes vulpes) and the blue fox (Alopex lagopus)

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Comparison between multivariate methods applied for the evaluation of genetic divergence in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

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Comparison between muzzle pattern ridge characteristics of Bos indicus, Bos taurus and their crossbreds

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Comparison between nitrate and ammonium nutrition in fennel, celery, and Swiss chard

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Comparison between nylon and steel threads for the immobilization of experimentally induced patellar fractures in dogs

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Comparison between oat hay and kiwifruit-wheat straw silage as feeds for growing lambs

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Comparison between on-farm and nucleus-flock estimated breeding values in Sarda dairy sheep

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Comparison between organolepsis and levels of total volatile bases in the grouper (Acanthistius brasilianus)

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Comparison between pasture sampling and tracer lambs to evaluate contamination of sheep pastures by nematode infective larvae

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Comparison between pigs and poultry in the prediction of the dietary energy value of fats

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Comparison between predicted volumes estimated by taper equations and true volumes obtained by the water displacement technique (xylometer)

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Comparison between rainfed forage systems for dairy sheep. III: economic results

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Comparison between root systems of plug-grown cabbage seedlings and conventionally grown ones after transplanting

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Comparison between site-specific DNA binding proteins of male and female Schistosoma mansoni

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Comparison between some different methods for evaluating soil drainable porosity

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Comparison between steam-injection pressing and conventional hot pressing in producing poplar particleboards

Wang JieYing; Cui WenBin; Liu ZhengTian, 1997:
Comparison between steam-injection pressing and conventional hot pressing in producing poplar particleboards. Part 2: to improve the dimensional stability of particleboards with steam-injection pressing

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Comparison between steeping and pelleting a mixed diet at different calcium levels on phytate degradation in pigs

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Comparison between the Reed and Orr, Lactopep and Neill media for the in vitro maintenance of Tritrichomonas foetus and Campylobacter fetus isolates or conjugates

Mendes Costa, M.C.; Moraes, W.B.C., 1999:
Comparison between the content of all soluble carbohydrates present in distinct fractions of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

E.B.siony, A.Z.; Metwaly, H.M.; Sawsan ; Mansour, A.; E.S.rafy, A.M.; Aly, H.M.; Aziz, H.A., 1997:
Comparison between the conventional and the creep lamb feeding systems

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Comparison between the essential oil and supercritical carbon dioxide extract of Salvia fruticosa Mill

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Comparison between the essential oil and supercritical carbon dioxide extract of Teucrium polium L

Park ChoiKyu; Lyoo YoungSoo; Lee ChangHee; Jung JongWook, 1998:
Comparison between the indirect immunofluorescent antibody (IFA) test and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of antibody to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

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Comparison between the natural postnatal maturation and the spermine-induced maturation of the rat intestine

Marnet, P.G.; Richard, S.; Renaudeau, D.; Portanguen, J., 1999:
Comparison between the oxytocin response to suckling, a mixed system of suckling and milking, and exclusive milking in Lacaune ewe

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Comparison between the seed extraction and seedling emergence methods for weed seedbank evaluation

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Comparison between the yield of rice grain stored in the husk and stored as polished grain

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Comparison between three amperometric sensors for phenol determination in olive oil samples

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Comparison between three methods of alkaline phosphatase determination in plasma samples with different degree of hemolysis in cattle, sheep and pigs

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Comparison between three selection procedures derived from bulk method in F8 lines of bread wheat

Soutrenon, A.; Levy, A.; Legrand, P.; Lung Escarmant, B.; Guillaumin, J.J.; Delatour, C., 1998 :
Comparison between three stump treatments to control Heterobasidion annosum (urea, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, Phlebiopsis gigantea)

Hornburg, V.; Luer, B., 1999:
Comparison between total- and aqua regia extractable contents of elements in natural soils and sediments

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Comparison between tsetse fly synthetic diet and bovine blood on reproduction and survivorship in Tabanus nigrovittatus (Diptera: Tabanidae)

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Comparison between two P. falciparum diagnostic methods based on HRP-II detection

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Comparison between two analytical methods for determining lignin concentration of some forage grasses

Heral Llimous, G.; Fallavier, P., 1997:
Comparison between two dry mineralization methods (with and without HF) of palm leaves for determination of potassium - influence of silica

Maringoni, A.C.; Kimati, H.; Kurozawa, C., 1998:
Comparison between two extraction methods of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli from bean seeds

Kalfarentzos, F.; Kokkinis, K.; Leukaditi, K.; Maroulis, J.; Onoufriou, A.; Alexopoulos, K., 1998:
Comparison between two fat emulsions: intralipidReg. 30% vs intralipidReg. 10% in critically ill patients

Bueno, J.M.; Cardona, C.; Quintero, C.M., 1999:
Comparison between two improvement methods to develop multiple insect resistance in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Xue XiuKang; Tong ShuZheng; W.K.Xuan; Chen ChangFa; Zhan YouSheng, 1996 :
Comparison between two kinds of Chinese fir stands originated from seedling planting and stump sprouting

Hrissanthou, V., 1998:
Comparison between two mathematical models for the computation of sediment yield from a basin

Calabrese, M.S.; Sartori, G.; Zanella, A., 1997:
Comparison between two recent humus form classifications: the Referentiel Pedologique and the Green taxonomy

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Comparison between two stem taper equations, and validation on an independent sample. Case study of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) in north-eastern France

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Comparison between two systems of training in dense peach orchards

Anthonis, J.; Ramon, H., 1998:
Comparison between two techniques for modelling agricultural spray booms

Monastra, F.; Salvador, F.R. de, 1999:
Comparison between vertical axis and Y-shaped apricot training systems

Sautter, K.D.; Marques, E.N.; Santos, H.R. dos, 1996:
Comparison by faunistic indexes of the population of Collembola (Insecta) between three fertility levels of no-tillage, conventional tillage and a natural ecosystem (grassland)

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Comparison for activities of superoxide dismutase and catalase between scab-resistant and susceptible wheat varieties

Bae, Soon Do, 1997:
Comparison in damaged aspect of wild persimmon fruit by second generation larva of persimmon fruit moth, Stathmopoda masinissa Meyrick

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Comparison in ethylene biosynthesis among attached and detached fruits of several apple cultivars during maturation

Zhou GuangHong; Tume, R.K., 1998:
Comparison of beta -carotene distribution among the lipoproteins in small intestinal epithelial cells and serum in bovine

Michaelson, G.J.; Ping, C.L., 1997:
Comparison of 0.1N sodium hydroxide with 0.1M sodium pyrophosphate in the extraction of soil organic matter from various soil horizons

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Comparison of 1-D and 2-D modeling of overland runoff and sediment transport

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Comparison of FDR- and SDR-derived tetraploid progeny from 2x x 4x crosses using haploids of Solanum tuberosum L. that produce mixed modes of 2n eggs

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Comparison of FIREReg. feeders with conventional feeders for growing-finishing swine

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Comparison of GRA1 gene amplified in vitro from different geographical and heterologous Toxoplasma gondii isolates

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Comparison of Japanese strawberry cultivars in China

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Comparison of Markovian matrix models of a primary successional plant community

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Comparison of Mehlich II and Mehlich III extraction for determination of available phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium in soils of the Czech Republic

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Comparison of PCR and microbiological assay for the detection of Pasteurella multocida in dogs

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Comparison of PCR, BIO-PCR, DIA, ELISA and isolation on semiselective medium for detection of Xanthomonas albilineans, the causal agent of leaf scald of sugarcane

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Comparison of QTLs for seed germination under non-stress, cold stress and salt stress in tomato

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Comparison of RT-PCR assay and virus isolation in cell cultures for the detection of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) in field samples

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Comparison of Radix Angelicae pubescentis and substitutes - constituents and inhibitory effect on 5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase

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Comparison of Russet types

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Comparison of Sabouraud dextrose agar with an alternative selective medium for the detection of dermatophytes and the results of a clinical survey of cats and dogs

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Comparison of Scotch pine Christmas tree varieties in Virginia

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Comparison of Spathiphyllum cultivars

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Comparison of Staphylococcus aureus recovered from personnel in a poultry hatchery and in broiler parent farms with those isolated from skeletal disease in broilers

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Comparison of Stenocarpella maydis isolates for isozyme and cultural characteristics

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Comparison of T3, T4 and FT3, FT4 levels in the sera of perinatal layer and broiler chickens

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Comparison of Tettnanger, Saaz, Hallertau and Fuggle hops grown in the USA, Australia and Europe

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Comparison of Yersinia CIN agar and mouse inoculation assay for the diagnosis of plague

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Comparison of a S gene sequence of the HBV-like virus from chickens and that of human hepatitis B virus (HBV)

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Comparison of a continuous suture pattern with a simple interrupted pattern for enteric closure in dogs and cats: 83 cases (1991-1997)

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Comparison of a deep litter system with the sloped floor technique in cattle housing

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Comparison of a detergent scrub and a swab technique for the quantification of aerobic bacteria on canine skin

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Comparison of a digestion-sedimentation technique with the Kato-Katz technique in the detection and quantification of S. mansoni eggs in light to moderate infections

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Comparison of a dot immunobinding assay and the serum agglutination test for detecting serological responses in vaccinated and unvaccinated chickens following challenge with Salmonella gallinarum

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Comparison of a genetic algorithm and mathematical programming to the design of groundwater cleanup systems

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Comparison of a microbiological assay and a fully automated chemiluminescent system for the determination of vitamin B12 in food

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Comparison of a new chromogenic agar with the germ tube method for presumptive identification of Candida albicans

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Comparison of a new triazole antifungal agent, Schering 56592, with itraconazole and amphotericin B for treatment of histoplasmosis in immunocompetent mice

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Comparison of a non-commercial concentrate with two commercial concentrates as fattening foods for Nile or silver tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus and red tilapia Oreochromis sp

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Comparison of a non-destructive acoustic method with an intrusive method for firmness measurement of kiwifruit

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Comparison of a novel wax-teat bougie with conventional teat bougies and a teat cannula for treatment of wounds in the papillary lactiferous sinus of dairy cows with special reference to endoscopy of mucosal reactions

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Comparison of a parasite lactate dehydrogenase-based immunochromatographic antigen detection assay (OptiMALReg.) with microscopy for the detection of malaria parasites in human blood samples

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Comparison of a peroxidase-catalyzed sanitizer with other egg sanitizers using a laboratory-scale sprayer

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Comparison of a rapid dipstick test and thick blood films for detecting parasites of plasmodium falciparum used under typical conditions at a semi-rural hospital in Cote d'Ivoire

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Comparison of a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction assay and virus isolation for the detection of classical swine fever virus

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Comparison of a sandwich ELISA and dot-blot hybridization to detect duck hepatitis B virus in duck serum samples

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Comparison of a skidder and a front-end loader for primary transport of short-rotation trees

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Comparison of a time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the analysis of atrazine in water

Wang, L.C., 1998:
Comparison of a whole-blood agglutination test and an ELISA for the detection of the antigens of Dirofilaria immitis in dogs

Ehrlein, H.; Haas Deppe, B., 1998:
Comparison of absorption of nutrients and secretion of water between oligomeric and polymeric enteral diets in pigs

Ward, C.D.W.; Resurreccion, A.V.A.; McWatters, K.H., 1998:
Comparison of acceptance of snack chips containing cornmeal, wheat flour and cowpea meal by US and West African consumers

Weathers, R.M.; Beckholt, D.A.; Lavella, A.L.; Danielson, N.D., 1999:
Comparison of acetals as in situ modifiers for the supercritical fluid extraction of beta -carotene from paprika with carbon dioxide

Ohbayashi, H.; Mitsuhashi, J.; Sato, K., 1997:
Comparison of acetylcholinesterases from adult heads of the flesh fly, Sarcophaga peregrina (Diptera: Sarcophagidae) and from its cell line, in response to several inhibitors

Kozloski, G.; Rocha, J.; Ribeiro-Filho, H.; Perottoni, J., 1999:
Comparison of acid and amyloglucosidase hydrolysis for estimation of non-structural polysaccharides in feed samples

Duff, M.C.; Mason, C.F.V.; Hunter, D.B., 1998:
Comparison of acid and base leach for the removal of uranium from contaminated soil and catch-box media

Hunter, D.; Mcmanus, M., 1999:
Comparison of acid phosphatases in two genotypes of white clover with different responses to applied phosphate

Hansen, B.; Nielsen, K.E.ik, 1998:
Comparison of acidic deposition to semi-natural ecosystems in Denmark-coastal heath, inland heath and oak wood

Luo Shengguo; White, R.E., 1997:
Comparison of acidity parameters for soils under perennial and annual pastures in Victoria

L.F.Zhuang; X.Z.Wei; Liu MinHua; Zhang JinZhi;;; W.H.ngYu, 1998:
Comparison of additivity of amino acid digestibility of feedstuffs determined with caecectomized and intact cockerels

Dodson, J.M.; Clark, C.G.aham; Lockhart, L.A.; Leo, B.M.; Schroeder, J.W.; Mann, B.J., 1997:
Comparison of adherence, cytotoxicity, and Gal/GalNAc lectin gene structure in Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar

Cabanne, F., 1999:
Comparison of adjuvants for herbicides: the case of terpenoids

Hoshi, S.; Uchino, A.; Saito, N.; Kusanagi, K.I.; Ihara, T.; Ueda, S., 1999:
Comparison of adjuvants with respect to serum IgG antibody response in orally immunized chickens

H.J.Z.; D.C.istofaro A.; Violante A., 1999:
Comparison of adsorption of phosphate, tartrate, and oxalate on hydroxy aluminum montmorillonite complexes

Viguie, A.; Masirevic, S.; Vear, F.; Grezes Besset, B.; Labrouhe, D.T. de, 1999:
Comparison of aggressive isolates of Phomopsis/Diaporthe helianthi (which causes Phomopsis in sunflowers) of French and Yugoslav origin

H.M.nFu; Liu HueyIng; Chu ChienLiang; Liu SinYie, 1997:
Comparison of agronomic characteristics and chemical composition among different Hsian-tsao strains (Mesona procumbens Hemsl)

Sardinha, L.B.; Lohman, T.G.; Teixeira, P.J.; Guedes, D.P.; Going, S.B., 1998:
Comparison of air displacement plethysmography with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and 3 field methods for estimating body composition in middle-aged men

Wolschrijn, C.F.; Venker-van Haagen, A.J.; van den Brom, W.E., 1997:
Comparison of air- and bone-conducted brain stem auditory evoked responses in young dogs and dogs with bilateral ear canal obstruction

Biaggi, R.R.; Vollman, M.W.; Nies, M.A.; Brener, C.E.; Flakoll, P.J.; Levenhagen, D.K.; Sun, M.; Karabulut, Z.; Chen, K.Y., 1999:
Comparison of air-displacement plethysmography with hydrostatic weighing and bioelectrical impedance analysis for the assessment of body composition in healthy adults

Olorede, B.R.; Ajagbonna, O.P.; Babatunde, G.M., 1995:
Comparison of air-dried and oven-dried poultry droppings in broiler rations: effect on performance, organ weights and haematological parameters

Jung HeeSuk; Lee NamHo; Lee JuneHo; Kwon JuYong, 1997:
Comparison of air-drying process in four seasons for some softwood lumbers

Williams, R.A.; Koroma, M.M.; Hodges, M., 1997:
Comparison of albendazole and levamisole chemotherapy on prevalence and intensity of common soil-transmitted helminth infections in school children, Sierra Leone

Mir, Z.; Mir, P.S.; Acharya, S.N.; Zaman, M.S.; Taylor, W.G.; Mears, G.J.; McAllister, T.A.; Goonewardene, L.A., 1998:
Comparison of alfalfa and fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) silages supplemented with barley grain on performance of growing steers

Gallandt, E.R.; Mallory, E.B.; Alford, A.R.; Drummond, F.A.; Groden, E.; Liebman, M.; Marra, M.C.; McBurnie, J.C.; Porter, G.A., 1998:
Comparison of alternative pest and soil management strategies for Maine potato production systems

Hoffman, A.M.; Kupcinskas, R.L.; Paradis, M.R., 1997:
Comparison of alveolar ventilation, oxygenation, pressure support, and respiratory system resistance in response to noninvasive versus conventional mechanical ventilation in foals

Chu, F.H.; Yeh, S.D., 2008:
Comparison of ambisense m RNA of watermelon silver mottle virus with other tospoviruses

Abe, H.; Kawakita, Y.; Miyashige, T.; Morimatsu, M.; Saito, M., 1998:
Comparison of amino acid sequence of the C-terminal domain of insulin-responsive glucose transporter (GLUT4) in livestock mammals

Janusauskaite, D., 1997:
Comparison of ammonium nitrate, urea and liquid urea as supplementary fertilizers for winter wheat

Bufogle, A.Jr.; Bollich, P.K.; Kovar, J.L.; Lindau, C.W.; Macchiavellid, R.E., 1998:
Comparison of ammonium sulfate and urea as nitrogen sources in rice production

Chotmongkol, V.; Sukeepaisarncharoen, W.; Thavornpitak, Y., 1997:
Comparison of amphotericin B, flucytosine and itraconazole with amphotericin B and flucytosine in the treatment of cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS

Hiratsuka, S.; Nakashima, M.; Kamasaki, K.; Kubo, T.; Kawai, Y., 1999:
Comparison of an S-protein expression between self-compatible and -incompatible Japanese pear cultivars

Estrada-Peña, A.; Ascher, F., 1999:
Comparison of an amitraz-impregnated collar with topical administration of fipronil for prevention of experimental and natural infestations by the brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus)

Gruessner, B.; Shambaugh, N.C.; Watzin, M.C., 1995:
Comparison of an enzyme immunoassay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry for the detection of atrazine in surface waters

Tomankova, O.; Homolka, P., 1997:
Comparison of an enzymic technique and a mobile bag technique for estimating intestinal digestibility of feed undegradable protein

Agarwal, G.S.; Batra, H.V., 1999:
Comparison of an inhibition enzyme linked immunosorbent assay with other serological tests for detection of antibodies to Brucella

Langewald, J.; Ouambama, Z.; Mamadou, A.; Peveling, R.; Stolz, I.; Bateman, R.; Attignon, S.; Blanford, S.; Arthurs, S.; Lomer, C., 1999:
Comparison of an organophosphate insecticide with a mycoinsecticide for the control of Oedaleus senegalensis (Orthoptera: Acrididae) and other Sahelian grasshoppers at an operational scale

Watson, K.; Sardana, V.; Sander, G.; Hogarth, W., 1997:
Comparison of analytical and numerical results for nonhysteretic redistribution in a vertical bounded soil profile

Norris, C.S.; Tsao, M.; Haggarty, N.W.; Otter, D.E., 1998:
Comparison of analytical methods to quantify whey proteins

Lechon, Y.; Garcia Valcarcel, A.I.; Matienzo, T.; Sanchez Brunete, C.; Tadeo, J.L., 1997:
Comparison of analytical procedures for determination of soil sorption coefficients of some triazine herbicides

Konopka, B., 1997:
Comparison of anchoring of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in mixed fir-spruce stand

Ko, J.C.; Smith, T.A.; Kuo, W.C.; Nicklin, C.F., 1998:
Comparison of anesthetic and cardiorespiratory effects of diazepam-butorphanol-ketamine, acepromazine-butorphanol-ketamine, and xylazine-butorphanol-ketamine in ferrets

Ko, J.C.; Nicklin, C.F.; Montgomery, T.; Kuo, W.C., 1998:
Comparison of anesthetic and cardiorespiratory effects of tiletamine-zolazepam-xylazine and tiletamine-zolazepam-xylazine-butorphanol in ferrets

Constable, P.D.; Hinchcliff, K.W.; Muir, W.W., 1998:
Comparison of anion gap and strong ion gap as predictors of unmeasured strong ion concentration in plasma and serum from horses

Humphreys, J.; Jansen, T.; Culleton, N.; Macnaeidhe, F.S., 1998:
Comparison of annual herbage yield, botanical composition and mineral content of swards of perennial ryegrass sown with white and red clover

Strongin, S., 1997:
Comparison of ant diversity in the leaf litter of mixed and pure native tree plantations in the humid Atlantic lowlands, Costa Rica

Dik, A.; Elad, Y., 1999:
Comparison of antagonists of Botrytis cinerea in greenhouse-grown cucumber and tomato under different climatic conditions

van Baaren, J.; Boivin, G.; L.L.nnic, J.; Nenon, J.-Pierre., 1999:
Comparison of antennal sensilla of Anaphes victus and A. listronoti (Hymenoptera, Mymaridae), egg parasitoids of Curculionidae

Barnabas, B.; Orosz, A.; Obert, B.; Kovacs, G., 1998:
Comparison of anther culture characteristics and spontaneous genome doubling in androgenic plants using maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids with varying DH line parentage

Arakawa, O.; Shinoda, M.; Hiraga, M.; Wang, H., 1999:
Comparison of anthocyanin synthesis of true-to-type 'Tsugaru' apple and its red sport strains

Nam, M.S.; Yu, D.Y.; Shimazaki, K., 1998:
Comparison of antibacterial activities of Korean Native goat, bovine, goat, sheep and horse lactoferrin

Morin, D.E.; Shanks, R.D.; McCoy, G.C., 1998:
Comparison of antibiotic administration in conjunction with supportive measures versus supportive measures alone for treatment of dairy cows with clinical mastitis

Bottarelli, E.; Ossiprandi, M.C.; Freschi, E.; Cattabiani, F., 1997:
Comparison of antibiotic resistance in 137 Yersinia enterocolitica isolates from pigs, horses and dogs

Pereira Chioccola, V.L.; Costa, F.; Ribeirao, M.; Soares, I.S.; Arena, F.; Schenkman, S.; Rodrigues, M.M., 1999:
Comparison of antibody and protective immune responses against Trypanosoma cruzi infection elicited by immunization with a parasite antigen delivered as naked DNA or recombinant protein

Thacker, E.L.; Thacker, B.J.; Boettcher, T.B.; Jayappa, H., 1998:
Comparison of antibody production, lymphocyte stimulation, and protection induced by four commercial Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterins

Saniewska, A.; Zuradzka, I., 1999:
Comparison of antifungal properties of new garlic varieties

Martinez, P.; Favi, M.; Hernandez, G.; Rodriguez, L., 1999:
Comparison of antigens and immune response in mice challenged with standard challenge virus (SCV) and street and fixed isolates, presumably atypical of the rabies virus

Eugenio Arteaga, U.; Paulina Villaseca, D.; Auristela Rojas, O.; Antonio Arteaga, L.I.; Marcelo Bianchi, P., 1998:
Comparison of antioxidant actions of estriol and estradiol on low density lipoproteins in post menopausal women

Wu, K.; Weng, Y.; Fei, X.; Yang, W.; Sun, X., 1998:
Comparison of antisenile effects of seed oil of Camellia grijsii and certain other oil from woody crops on 2BS cell culture

Hermoso, A.; Perez, E.; Carbonell, E.A.; Real, V., 1998:
Comparison of aphid sampling methods (Homoptera, Aphidinea) in citrus

Kamenova, I.; Lohuis, D.; Peters, D., 1998:
Comparison of aphid transmission of plum pox virus isolates and purification of their helper components

Gad, M.; Schmidt, G.; Gerzson, L., 1997:
Comparison of application methods of growth retardants on the growth and flowering of Fuchsia magellanica Lam

Hamm, P.; Clough, G., 1999:
Comparison of application methods on deposition and redistribution of chlorothalonil in a potato canopy and potential for control of late blight

Isoi, T., 1997:
Comparison of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal flora under different cropping systems in a light-colored Andosol of Japan

Karademir, N.; Guvenc, T.; Yarim, M., 1998:
Comparison of argyrophil nucleolar organizer region counts, proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) indices and mitotic indices in fibromas and fibrosarcomas

Smothers, C.D.; Sun, F.; Dayton, A.D., 1999:
Comparison of arithmetic and geometric means as measures of a central tendency in cattle nematode populations

Stevens, P.S.; McKenna, C.E.; Blank, R.H.; Tomkins, A.R.; Steven, D., 1997 :
Comparison of armoured scale spray thresholds in kiwifruit

Cao Xuan Thanh Phuong; Bethell, D.B.; Pham Tung Phuong; T.T.i Tuyet Mai; Tran Thi Nhu Thuy; Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha; Pham Thi Thu Thuy; Nguyen Thi Tuyet Anh; Day, N.P.J.; White, N.J., 1997:
Comparison of artemisinin suppositories, intramuscular artesunate and intravenous quinine for the treatment of severe childhood malaria

Mallasen, M.; Valenti, W.C.troni, 1998:
Comparison of artificial and natural, new and reused, brackish water for the larviculture of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii in a recirculating system

Mueller Feuga, A.; L.G.edes, R.; Herve, A.; Durand, P., 1998:
Comparison of artificial light photobioreactors and other production systems using Porphyridium cruentum

Bozan, B.; Sagdullaev, B.T.; Kozar, M.; Aripov, K.N.; Baser, K.H.C., 1998:
Comparison of ascorbic and citric acid contents in Rosa canina L. fruit growing in the Central Asian region

Chalah, T.; Brillard, J.P., 1998:
Comparison of assessment of fowl sperm viability by eosin-nigrosin and dual fluorescence (SYBR-14/PI)

Takahashi, Tadashi, 1998:
Comparison of assimilation rates in leaves at various nodes in canopies of three spring wheat cultivars with different plant forms

Adam, M.; Mossoba, M.M.; Dawson, T.; Chew, M.; Wasserman, S., 1999:
Comparison of attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy to capillary gas chromatography for trans fatty acid determination

Syakalima, M.; Takiguchi, M.; Yasuda, J.; Morita, Y.; Hashimoto, A., 1998:
Comparison of attenuation and liver-kidney contrast of liver ultrasonographs with histology and biochemistry in dogs with experimentally induced steroid hepatopathy

Laveissiere, C.; Penchenier, L.; Sinda, D.; Zoulani, A., 1998:
Comparison of attractant systems for control of Glossina in Congo

Kaneps, A.J.; Huber, M.J.; Snyder, S.P., 1999:
Comparison of autogenous cancellous bone grafts obtained from the sternum and proximal portion of the tibia of llamas

Aguilar, C.; Ferrer, I.; Borrull, F.; Marce, R.M.; Barcelo, D., 1998:
Comparison of automated on-line solid-phase extraction followed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization and particle beam mass spectrometry for the determination of a priority group of pesticides in environmental waters

Bruton, J.M.; Hoogenboom, G.; McClendon, R.W., 1998:
Comparison of automatically and manually collected weather data

Mikutenas, S., 1999:
Comparison of autumn and spring grass sowing on cultivated low peat

Tugnoli, V., 1998:
Comparison of autumn-sown sugarbeet cultivars: results of three years of National Sugarbeet Growers Association testing in four environments

Leach, J.E.; Stevenson, H.J.; Shield, I.F.; Scott, T.; Milford, G.F.J., 1999:
Comparison of autumn-sown white lupin cultivars (Lupinus albus) for the UK

Guzman, M.; Romero, R., 1997:
Comparison of azoxystrobin, propiconazole and difenoconazole fungicides on black Sigatoka control (Mycosphaerella fijiensis Morelet) in bananas (Musa AAA)

Primavesi, A., 1999:
Comparison of bacterial products and their effects on soil, plant health and yield

Pla, S.; Moreno, P.; Monerris, C.; Rodriguez, M.C.; Perez, N., 1999:
Comparison of bacteriological quality of 'horchatas' at the processing industry and marketing points in the health areas of Alcoi and Xativa

Christley, R.M.; Hodgson, D.R.; Rose, R.J.; Reid, S.W.J.; Hodgson, J.L., 1999:
Comparison of bacteriology and cytology of tracheal fluid samples collected by percutaneous transtracheal aspiration or via an endoscope using a plugged, guarded catheter

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