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Chapter 3,075

Comparison of meat quality in young Black-and-White breed bulls and their hybrids with beef breeds

Groth, I.; Wielgosz Groth, Z.; Kijak, Z.; Pogorzelska, J.; Wronski, M.

Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences 8(2): 145-156


ISSN/ISBN: 1230-1388
Accession: 003074597

Meat quality was assessed in 51 crossbred bulls, progeny of Polish black and white cows (12.5-50% Holstein) and Belgian Blue, Aberdeen-Angus, Charolais and black and white sires. Bulls were fattened from 6 to 20 months of age on a diet composed of maize silage, given ad lib., 1 kg of meadow hay and 1-2 kg concentrate, ensuring daily gains of about 800 g. Meat quality was assessed in samples collected from the longissimus dorsi and semitendinosus muscles.

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