Comparison of yield and the content and amino acid composition of protein in the grain of spring triticale as affected by intercropping with legumes

Pisulewska, E.; Zajac, T.

Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej w Szczecinie, Rolnictwo 65(2): 325-333


Accession: 003075618

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In field trials on brown soil at Wielopole in 1987-89, spring triticale cv. Jago and oats cv. Komes and Markus were grown in pure stands or intercropped with Trifolium pratense or T. pratense + Lolium multiflorum. In trials on degraded chernozem at Prusy in 1990-92, triticale cv. Jago and spring wheat cv. Broma were grown alone or intercropped with garden or field peas. Intercropping increased grain yield on brown soil but reduced it on chernozem. At Wielopole yield variations between years were greater than those between treatments. The presence of legumes increased the protein content of the cereal grain at Wielopole. Protein quality (total and limiting amino acid contents and essential amino acid index) of oat grain was improved in the mixture with T. pratense and L. multiflorum; that of triticale grain was best in the mixture with T. pratense. At Prusy the mixtures of cereal grain and pea seeds had higher total and limiting amino acid contents and essential amino acid index than the corresponding cereal alone, except in the mixture of spring triticale and garden peas.