Composition of gallstones in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu State

Jayanthi, V.; Palanivelu, C.; Prasanthi, R.; Mathew, S.; Srinivasan, V.

Indian Journal of Gastroenterology Official Journal of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology 17(4): 134-135


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-8860
PMID: 9795499
Accession: 003076459

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The composition of gallstones from patients residing in Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu State, India was examined. The stones were classified using the Bernhoft criteria and were correlated with the morphological characteristics. Of the 105 gallstones analysed, 67 (63.8%) were of the pigment variety and 36 (34.8%) of the intermediate/mixed type. There were only 2 cholesterol stones. The mean proportions of cholesterol, bilirubin and Ca in the pigment and intermediate stones were 7.1%, 26.1% and 7.8% and 30.2%, 18.4% and 6.3%, respectively. The mean proportion of bilirubin in the pigment stones was higher than in the intermediate type. Morphologically, pigment stones were black in 55% and amorphous in 63%; the intermediate stones were hard in 50% and of variegated colour ranging from yellow to ivory white in 61%; both cholesterol stones were multiple, hard and brown. It is concluded that there is a predominance of pigment and intermediate gallstones (98%) in this district. These stones have reduced cholesterol and an increase in the proportions of bilirubin and Ca.