Section 4
Chapter 3,080

Control of Schizophyllum commune and Ophiostoma piliferum growth in wood by solarization

Nicolotti, G.; Martinis, R.; Tamietti, G.

Material und Organismen 32(1): 67-78


ISSN/ISBN: 0025-5270
Accession: 003079607

Solarization, or solar heating, was applied to pine and beech logs to control the blue staining caused by Ophiostoma piliferum (Fr.: Fr.) Wint and sapwood rot caused by Schizophyllum commune Fr. During the three year experiments solarization caused a significant increase of the temperature inside the logs pile with highest values at the top, where Tm, Tmax and Tmin were 9.5, 11.2, and 6 degreeC higher than at the base. The treatments also caused a loss in wood moisture ranging from 15 to 17% in beech and 11 to 23% in pine. In 1994 and 1995 solarization eradicated O. piliferum from more than 90% of pine logs and strongly reduced the infestation at the bottom of the pile. In 1996 it eradicated the fungus completely. Instead solarization had little effect on colonization by S. commune, the positive isolates being reduced by only 16 to 28%. Laboratory trials carried out to determine the thermal threshold for mycelium growth in Petri dishes and death in wood were in agreement with field experiments.

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