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Critical level of CO2 and O2 in dynamic controlled atmosphere storage on Delicious strain apple

Liang Xiaoe; Zhao Men; Shi JianXin; Qi ShouChun; Wang ChunSheng

Journal of Fruit Science 14(1): 11-15


Accession: 003082253

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The effects of different concentrations of CO2 and O2 in storage were studied on apple Delicious under 2 dynamic temperature treatments. The extreme values of dynamic controlled atmosphere indices under the 2 simulated dynamic temperatures were 20% CO2 and 2% O2. For a storage period of 180 days and maintenance of the commercial storage standard for apples, the threshold values were 3% O2 and 9% CO2 under 10 degrees C dynamic temperature and 3% O2 and 12% CO2 at 15 degrees.

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