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Cultivation of the basidiomycete Hericium erinaceus (Bull. ex. Fr.) Pers

Ehlers, S.; Schnitzler, W.H.

Journal of Applied Botany 72(1-2): 43-47


ISSN/ISBN: 0949-5460
Accession: 003083399

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H. erinaceus is a Chinese edible and medicinal fungus. Mycelium growth and fruiting body production of different strains (obtained from USA, Thailand, China and Taiwan) were investigated on 4 substrates (Malt peptone agar (MPA) and mixtures of sawdust (ash or beech) + wheat bran). Yields were in the range 100-300 g/kg substrate (wet weight). Similar yields were obtained from all strains on fine beech sawdust + wheat bran (~250 g/kg). Over all media, the strain from USA had the best yield and a mean biological efficiency of 73.6%. The highest number of fruiting bodies was produced by this strain.

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