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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3086

Chapter 3086 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tsai, C.L.; Kuo, M.Y.; Hahn, L.J.; Kuo, Y.S.; Yang, P.J.; Jeng, J.H., 1997:
Cytotoxic and cytostatic effects of arecoline on oral mucosal fibroblasts

Hanashima, C.; Namiki, H., 1999:
Cytotoxic and growth inhibitory effect of ascorbic acid on cultured bovine vascular endothelial cells

Oberlies, N.H.; Rogers, L.L.; Martin, J.M.; McLaughlin, J.L., 1998:
Cytotoxic and insecticidal constituents of the unripe fruit of Persea americana

Kam, T.S.; Sim, K.M.; Koyano, T.; Toyoshima, M.; Hayashi, M.; Komiyama, K., 1998:
Cytotoxic and leishmanicidal aminoglycosteroids and aminosteroids from Holarrhena curtisii

Glaab, W.E.; Skopek, T.R., 1999:
Cytotoxic and mutagenic response of mismatch repair-defective human cancer cells exposed to a food-associated heterocyclic amine

Jinno, H.; Hatakeyama, N.; Hanioka, N.; Yoda, R.; Nishimura, T.; Ando, M., 1999:
Cytotoxic and porphyrinogenic effects of diphenyl ethers in cultured rat hepatocytes: chlornitrofen (CNP), CNP-amino, chlomethoxyfen and bifenox

Chen, I.S.eng; Lai Yaun, I Lun; Duh, C.Y.h; Tsai, I.L.h, 1998:
Cytotoxic butanolides from Litsea akoensis

Kim, Y.K.; Ryu, S.Y., 1999:
Cytotoxic components from stem bark of Magnolia obovata

Kim SangHyun; Lee KyongSun; Son JongKeun; J.G.ngHoon; Lee JongSoon; Lee ChulHyun; Cheong ChaeJoon, 1998:
Cytotoxic compounds from the roots of Juglans mandshurica

Kofinas, C.; Chinou, I.; Loukis, A.; Harvala, C.; Roussakis, C.; Maillard, M.; Hostettmann, K., 1998:
Cytotoxic coumarins from the aerial parts of Tordylium apulum and their effects on a non-small-cell bronchial carcinoma line

Banskota, A.H.; Tezuka, Y.; Phung, L.K.; Tran, K.Q.; Saiki, I.; Miwa, Y.; Taga, T.; Kadota, S., 1999:
Cytotoxic cycloartane-type triterpenes from Combretum quadrangulare

Maccarrone, M.; Navarra, M.; Corasaniti, M.T.; Nisticò, G.; Finazzi Agrò, A., 1998:
Cytotoxic effect of HIV-1 coat glycoprotein gp120 on human neuroblastoma CHP100 cells involves activation of the arachidonate cascade

Suzuki, T.; Yaguchi, K.; Suga, T.; Nakagawa, Y., 1997:
Cytotoxic effects of 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenyl N-methylcarbamate (terbutol) herbicide on hepatocytes and mitochondria isolated from male rats

Cohen, E.; Quistad, G.B., 1998:
Cytotoxic effects of arthropod venoms on various cultured cells

Rajani Bansal; Saharan, R.P.; Sareen, P.K.; Sikka, A.K., 1997:
Cytotoxic effects of isoproturon in the bone marrow erythrocytes of mice

Nagashima, H., 1996:
Cytotoxic effects of rubratoxin B on cultured cells

Park JonuHeum; Hyun ChangKee; Shin HeuynKil, 1999:
Cytotoxic effects of the components in heat-treated mistletoe (Viscum album)

Beutler, J.A.; Shoemaker, R.H.; Johnson, T.; Boyd, M.R., 1998:
Cytotoxic geranyl stilbenes from Macaranga schweinfurthii

Adair, B.M.; Bradford, H.E.L.; McNulty, M.S.; Foster, J.C., 1999:
Cytotoxic interactions between bovine parainfluenza type 3 virus and bovine alveolar macrophages

Alvarez, L.; Rios, M.Y.; Esquivel, C.; Chávez, M.I.; Delgado, G.; Aguilar, M.I.; Villarreal, M.L.; Navarro, V., 1998:
Cytotoxic isoflavans from Eysenhardtia polystachya

K.H.rngHuey; Yen MingHong; W.R.Rong; Won ShenJeu; Lin ChunNan, 1999:
Cytotoxic isoprenylated flavans of Broussonetia kazinoki

Day ShiowHwa; Chiu NienYung; Won ShenJeu; Lin ChunNan, 1999:
Cytotoxic lignans of Justicia ciliata

Sheu, J.H.; Huang, S.Y.; Duh, C.Y., 1996:
Cytotoxic oxygenated desmosterols of the red alga Galaxaura marginata

Voutquenne, L.L.vaud, C.M.ssiot, G.S.venet, T.H.di, H., 1999:
Cytotoxic polyisoprenes and glycosides of long-chain fatty alcohols from Dimocarpus fumatus

Bos, R.; Hendriks, H.; Scheffer, J.J.; Woerdenbag, H.J., 1998:
Cytotoxic potential of valerian constituents and valerian tinctures

Arisawa, M.; Hatashita, T.; Numata, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Sasaki, T., 1997:
Cytotoxic principles from Chrysosplenium flagelliferum

Kiuchi, F.; Fukao, Y.; Maruyama, T.; Obata, T.; Tanaka, M.; Sasaki, T.; Mikage, M.; Haque, M.E.; Tsuda, Y., 1998:
Cytotoxic principles of a Bangladeshi crude drug, akond mul (roots of Calotropis gigantea L.)

Ozeki, A.; Hitotsuyanagi, Y.; Hashimoto, E.; Itokawa, H.; Takeya, K.; de Mello Alves, S., 1998:
Cytotoxic quassinoids from Simaba cedron

Sheu, J.H.; Wang, G.H.; Sung, P.J.; Chiu, Y.H.; Duh, C.Y., 2007:
Cytotoxic sterols from the formosan brown alga Turbinaria ornata

Phillips, A.N., 1998:
Cytotoxic-T-cell responses in early HIV-1 infection

Berthe Corti, L.; Jacobi, H.; Kleihauer, S.; Witte, I., 1998:
Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of a 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and hexogen contaminated soil in S. typhimurium and mammalian cells

Ugur, M.S.; Gurkan, E.; Koksal, E.P.; Tuzlaci, E., 1998:
Cytotoxicity assay and fibrinolytic evaluation of Heracleum sphondylium and Ferulago thirkeana

Gurkan, E.; Koksal, E.P.; Sarioglu, I., 1998:
Cytotoxicity assay of Chrysanthemum coronarium

Gurkan, E.; Hirlak, F., 1998:
Cytotoxicity assay of Sophora jaubertii

Khan, M.R., 1998:
Cytotoxicity assay of some Bignoniaceae

Gurkan, E.; Sarioglu, I.; Oksoz, S., 1998:
Cytotoxicity assay of some plants from Asteraceae

Chavez, P.I.; Sanchez, L.A.; Gonzalez, F.A.; Rodriguez, J.L.; Axelrod, F., 1997:
Cytotoxicity correlations of Puerto Rican plants using a simplified brine shrimp lethality screening procedure

Lowe, G.; Droz, A.S.; Vilaivan, T.; Weaver, G.W.; Tweedale, L.; Pratt, J.M.; Rock, P.; Yardley, V.; Croft, S.L., 1999:
Cytotoxicity of (2,2':6',2''-terpyridine)platinum(II) complexes to Leishmania donovani, Trypanosoma cruzi, and Trypanosoma brucei

Avila, H.; Rivero, J.; Herrera, F.; Fraile, G., 1997:
Cytotoxicity of a low molecular weight fraction from Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) gel

Syu, W.J.; Shen, C.C.; Don, M.J.; Ou, J.C.; Lee, G.H.; Sun, C.M., 1998:
Cytotoxicity of curcuminoids and some novel compounds from Curcuma zedoaria

Mohanan, P.V.; Rao, J.M.; Kutty, M.A.S.; Devi, K.S., 1998:
Cytotoxicity of extracts of Solanum trilobatum and anti-carcinogenic activity of Sobatum

Descampiaux, B.; Cotelle, N.; Catteau, J.P.; Peucelle, C.; Leroux, J.M.; Erb, F., 1999:
Cytotoxicity of lindane and paraquat to human hepatoma cell lines

Fadl Allah, E.M., 1997:
Cytotoxicity of mycotoxin, fumonisin B1 produced by Fusarium moniliforme on onion root tips

Atopkina, L.N.; Malinovskaya, G.V.; Elyakov, G.B.; Uvarova, N.I.; Woerdenbag, H.J.; Koulman, A.; Pras, N.; Potier, P., 1999:
Cytotoxicity of natural ginseng glycosides and semisynthetic analogues

Bondy, G.S.; Armstrong, C.L., 1998:
Cytotoxicity of nephrotoxic fungal toxins to kidney-derived LLC-PK1 and OK cell lines

Gao YongGui; Shen ShengRong; Yang XianQiang; Chen ZhengXian, 1996:
Cytotoxicity of tea polyphenols and it's influence on the SOD activity stressed by reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Dubey, N.K.; Kishore, N.; Varma, J.; Lee, S.Y.ung, 1997:
Cytotoxicity of the essential oils of Cymbopogon citratus and Ocimum gratissimum

Ghareeb, A.; George, N.M., 1997:
Cytotoxicity of the insecticide Temik 15G (Decarb) in mitotic and meiotic cells of Vicia faba plants

Cornwell, D.G.; Jones, K.H.; Jiang, Z.; Lantry, L.E.; Southwell Keely, P.; Kohar, I.; Thornton, D.E., 1998:
Cytotoxicity of tocopherols and their quinones in drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant leukemia cells

Rodríguez, J.A.; Haun, M., 1999:
Cytotoxicity of trans-dehydrocrotonin from Croton cajucara on V79 cells and rat hepatocytes

Parreira, V.R.; Yano, T., 1998:
Cytotoxin produced by Escherichia coli isolated from chickens with swollen head syndrome (SHS)

Ding KaiYu;; Hong DeYuan; Y.Z.iHui, 1998:
Cytotype variation and cytogeography of Scilla sinensis (Louriro) Merrill (Hyacinthaceae) in China

Horgan, F.G.; Myers, J.H.; Meel, R. van, 1999:
Cyzenis albicans (Diptera: Tachinidae) does not prevent the outbreak of winter moth (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in birch stands and blueberry plots on the lower mainland of British Columbia

Anonymous, 1999:
Czech Republic: toward EU accession. Main report

Brabenec, V.; Sarecova, P., 1998:
Czech agrarian sector problems connected with future negotiations on the admission of the Czech Republic to the EU

Vladimir, B.; Pavla, S., 1998:
Czech agrarian tasks in the transition period of association of the Czech Republic with the EU

Doucha, T., 1998:
Czech agricultural trade as a part of the strategic development of agriculture

Patzak, J.; Oriniakova, P.; Matousek, J.; Svoboda, P., 1999:
Czech hop characterization using RAPD method and genetic distance analysis of selected genotypes

Kudela, V., 1999:
Czech nomenclature of plant diseases

Serrano, L.E.; Murano, E.A.; Shenoy, K.; Olson, D.G., 1997:
D values of Salmonella enteritidis isolates and quality attributes of shell eggs and liquid whole eggs treated with irradiation

Hopkins, D.W., 1996:
D- and L- amino acid metabolism in soil

Bernard, N.; Johnsen, K.; Gelpi, J.L.; Alvarez, J.A.; Ferain, T.; Garmyn, D.; Hols, P.; Cortes, A.; Clarke, A.R.; Holbrook, J.J.; Delcour, J., 1997:
D-2-hydroxy-4-methylvalerate dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. II. Mutagenic analysis of catalytically important residues

Alvarez, J.A.; Gelpi, J.L.; Johnsen, K.; Bernard, N.; Delcour, J.; Clarke, A.R.; Holbrook, J.J.; Cortes, A., 1997:
D-2-hydroxy-4-methylvalerate dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus: I. Kinetic mechanism and pH dependence of kinetic parameters, coenzyme binding and substrate inhibition

Bhuiyan, S.H.ssain; Itami, Y.; Rokui, Y.; Katayama, T.; Izumori, K., 1998:
D-Allose production from D-psicose using immobilized L-rhamnose isomerase

Chiavaro, E.; Bonardi, S.; Maggi, E., 1998:
D-Amino acids in foods of animal origin: molecular markers for contamination, ripening, authenticity and processing

Yang Guang; Che XiBing; Gofman, R.; Ben Shalom, Y.; Piestun, D.; Gafny, R.; Mawassi, M.; Bar Joseph, M., 1999:
D-RNA molecules associated with subisolates of the VT strain of citrus tristeza virus which induce different seedling-yellows reactions

Baker, D.H.; Webel, D.M.; Fernandez, S.R., 1998:
D-allothreonine has no growth promoting efficacy for chicks

Wright, R.J.; Thaxton, P.M.; El-Zik, K.M.; Paterson, A.H., 1998:
D-subgenome bias of Xcm resistance genes in tetraploid Gossypium (cotton) suggests that polyploid formation has created novel avenues for evolution

Buemann, B.; Toubro, S.; Astrup, A., 1998:
D-Tagatose, a stereoisomer of D-fructose, increases hydrogen production in humans without affecting 24-hour energy expenditure or respiratory exchange ratio

Freer, S.; Skory, C.; Bothast, R., 1997:
D-xylose metabolism in Rhodosporidium toruloides

Lespinasse, Y.; Parisi, L.; Pinet, C.; Laurens, F.; Durel, C.E., 1999:
D.A.R.E., a pan-European project coordinated by the National Research Institute in Angers. Towards durable apple tree resistance to scab and powdery mildew

Schnell, S.A.; You, S.; E.H.lawani, M.E., 1999:
D1 and D2 dopamine receptor messenger ribonucleic acid in brain and pituitary during the reproductive cycle of the turkey hen

Vig, R.; Venkatachalam, T.K.; Uckun, F.M., 1998:
D4T-5'- as a potent and non-toxic anti-human immunodeficiency virus agent

Freiberg, H.; Friedrich, H., 1997:
DAINet and information on biological diversity

Bienvenido, J.F.; Iribarne, L.; Guirado, R.; Becerra, A.; Rodriguez, F.; Ayala, R.; Corral, A., 1997:
DAMOCIA-SIM, a generic tool for radiation simulation into mild winter region greenhouses

Ayub, M.; Khan, M.; Jahangir ; Moran, J.; Hassan, S., 1997:
DAS-ELISA could not detect Citrus tristeza virus in Malakand Division

Loague, K.; Abrams, R.H., 1999:
DBCP contaminated groundwater: hot spots and nonpoint sources

Robledo, M.A., 1999:
DBM as a source of competitive advantage for the hotel industry

Neff, M.M.; Neff, J.D.; Chory, J.; Pepper, A.E., 1998:
DCAPS, a simple technique for the genetic analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms: experimental applications in Arabidopsis thaliana genetics

Foster, N.W.; Morrison, I.K.; Hazlett, P.W.; Hogan, G.D.; Salerno, M.I., 1996:
DConservation of carbon and nitrogen is recommended following 20 years of study in fertile and infertile jack pine stands

Henny, Charles J., 1997:
DDE still high in white-faced ibis eggs from Carson Lake, Nevada

Mora, M.A.; Wainwright, S.E., 1998:
DDE mercury, and selenium in Biota, sediments, and water of the Rio Grande-Rio Bravo Basin, 1965-1995

G.K.Yu; Zhai HuQu, 1999:
DDRT-PCR method and its application in rice genetics and breeding

Anonymous, 1998:

Deka, K.C.; Goswami, M.M., 1997:
DDT and HCH residues in market samples of certain milk products and eggs in and around Jorhat

Pardio, V.T.; Waliszewski, S.M.; Aguirre, A.A.; Coronel, H.; Burelo, G.V.; Infanzon, R.R.M.; Rivera, J., 1998:
DDT and its metabolites in human milk collected in Veracruz city and suburban areas (Mexico)

Briceno Leon, R., 1996:
DDT and the modernization of Venezuela

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DDT group compounds in fish and shellfish from the Mersey Estuary and Liverpool Bay

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DDT levels in the blood of waders (Aves, Charadriidae) from the North-West Province (South Africa)

Heberer, T.; Dunnbier, U., 1999:
DDT metabolite bis(chlorophenyl)acetic acid: the neglected environmental contaminant

Shen, K.; Novak, R.F., 1997:
DDT stimulates c-erbB2, c-met, and STATS tyrosine phosphorylation, Grb2-Sos association, MAPK phosphorylation, and proliferation of human breast epithelial cells

Roberts, D.R., 1998:
DDT versus deltamethrin impregnated bed nets

Sayles, G.D.; You, G.; Wang, M.; Kupferle, M.J., 1997:
DDT, DDD, and DDE dechlorination by zero-valent iron

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DDT, global strategies, and a malaria control crisis in South America

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DDT/DDE and infant exposure

Yin RunSheng, 1998:
DEA: a new methodology for evaluating the performance of forest products producers

Leo, C.P.; Hsu, S.Y.; McGee, E.A.; Salanova, M.; Hsueh, A.J., 1998:
DEFT, a novel death effector domain-containing molecule predominantly expressed in testicular germ cells

Mano, I.; Driscoll, M., 1999:
DEG/ENaC channels: a touchy superfamily that watches its salt

Braga, J.L.; Souza, E.M. de; Nascif, C.; Oikawa, M.K.; Alves, N.R.; Pereira, N.V.L., 1999:
DELEITE: a dairy cattle expert system accessible through the Internet

Brooks, D., 1998:
DESSAC and its winter wheat fungicide module

Stagnitti, F.; Austin, C., 1998:
DESTA: a software tool for selecting sites for new aquaculture facilities

Hansen, P.A.; Han, D.H.; Nolte, L.A.; Chen, M.; Holloszy, J.O., 1997:
DHEA protects against visceral obesity and muscle insulin resistance in rats fed a high-fat diet

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DHFR gene point mutation as a predictor of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to cycloguanil in malaria cases from Africa imported to France

Lam, G.; Hall, B.L.; Bender, M.; Thummel, C.S., 1999:
DHR3 is required for the prepupal-pupal transition and differentiation of adult structures during Drosophila metamorphosis

Gianoli, E.; Niemeyer, H.M., 1998:
DIBOA in wild Poaceae: sources of resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) and the greenbug (Schizaphis graminum)

Fuentes-Contreras, E. {a}; 1 ; Niemeyer, H.M.; 1 Departamento de Ciencias Ecologicas, F. de Ciencias, U. de Chile, C. 653, S., C., 1998:
DIMBOA glucoside, a wheat chemical defense, affects host acceptance and suitability of Sitobion avenae to the cereal aphid parasitoid Aphidius rhopalosiphi

Cambier, V.; Hance, T.; Hoffmann, E. de, 1998:
DIMBOA, principal factor for the resistance of cereals against aphids, myth or reality?

Shahid, M.; Esen, A., 1998:
DIMBOA-glu concentration in different taxa of teosinte

Happ, G.; Aquilla, E.M.rtick, M.Y.ncker, C.W.jciechowski, J.F.x, L., 1999:
DLA-DRB1 histocompatibility genotyping using RT-nested PCR and cycle sequencing

Kennedy, L.J.; Carter, S.D.; Barnes, A.; Bell, S.; Bennett, D.; Ollier, B.; Thomson, W., 1999:
DLA-DRB1 polymorphisms in dogs defined by sequence-specific oligonucleotide probes (SSOP)

Mairock, H., 1997:
DLG quality certification 1996: Bavarian dairy and cheese factories achieve outstanding results

Anonymous, 1997:
DLG feed value tables - ruminants: 7, extended and revised edition

Aalbers, P.; Balkhoven, H.; Kers, M.; Wijk, L. van, 1997:
DLV-Welte scab model available next season

McMichael, M.; Hall, H.G., 1996:
DNA RFLPs at a highly polymorphic locus distinguish European and African subspecies of the honey bee Apis mellifera L. and suggest geographical origins of New World honey bees

Nelson, G.B.; Ross, J.A., 1998:
DNA adduct formation by the pesticide alachlor and its metabolite 2-chloro-N-(2,6-diethylphenyl)acetamide (CDEPA)

Ericson, G.; Lindesjoo, E.; Balk, L., 1998:
DNA adducts and histopathological lesions in perch (Perca fluviatilis) and northern pike (Esox lucius) along a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon gradient on the Swedish coastline of the Baltic Sea

Walsh, P.; E.A.louni, C.; Nadeau, D.; Fournier, M.; Coderre, D.; Poirier, G.G., 1997:
DNA adducts in earthworms exposed to a contaminated soil

Grif, V.G., 1998:
DNA amount per genome in plant biosystematics

Bennett, M.D.; Leitch, I.J.; Hanson, L., 1998:
DNA amounts in two samples of angiosperm weeds

Ahmed, A.S.N.; Khan, J.R.; Ganai, N.A., 1999:
DNA amplification assay for rapid detection of bovine tubercle bacilli in semen

Arnab Sen; Balyan, H.S.; Sharma, P.C.; Ramesh, B.; Alok Kumar; Roy, J.K.; Varshney, R.K.; Gupta, P.K., 1997:
DNA amplification fingerprinting (DAF) as a new source of molecular markers in bread wheat

Caetano Anolles, G.; Schlarbaum, S.E.; Trigiano, R.N., 1999 :
DNA amplification fingerprinting and marker screening for pseudo-testcross mapping of flowering dogwood (Cornus florida L.)

Deng, M.Y.; Fratamico, P.M., 1997:
DNA amplification using tableted PCR reagents for identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 isolated from foods

Vornam, B.; Franke, A., 1997:
DNA analyses of poplar samples to determine species identity

E.B.shlawy, I.; Aly, S.M.; Fahmy, I.A., 1999:
DNA analysis of hepatocytes: a novel method for estimating the value of liver tissue vaccine (LTV)

Zhao AiZhen; Han WenYu; Wang ShiRuo; Liang HuanChun; Wang XingLong; Feng LaiKun, 1999:
DNA analysis of plasmids and chromosomes of chicken Escherichia coli

Polgar, Z.; Wielgus, S.M.; Horvath, S.; Helgeson, J.P., 1999:
DNA analysis of potato + Solanum brevidens somatic hybrid lines

Caetano-Anolles, G., 1998:
DNA analysis of turfgrass genetic diversity

Brown, W.C.; Estes, D.M.; Chantler, S.E.; Kegerreis, K.A.; Suarez, C.E., 1998:
DNA and a CpG oligonucleotide derived from Babesia bovis are mitogenic for bovine B cells

H.Q.ngHai;; Zheng MingQiu; Cai BaoXiang, 1998:
DNA base composition and homology values in the isolates of Riemerella anatipestifer

Luis, A.S.; Karin, J.S.; Schmeda-Hirschmann, G.; Griffith, G.A.; Holt, D.J.; Jenkins, P.R., 2007:
DNA binding alkaloids from Prosopis alba

Wang, S.F.; Miura, K.; Miksicek, R.J.; Segraves, W.A.; Raikhel, A.S., 1998:
DNA binding and transactivation characteristics of the mosquito ecdysone receptor-Ultraspiracle complex

Krusell, L.; Rasmussen, I.; Gausing, K., 1997:
DNA binding sites recognised in vitro by a knotted class 1 homeodomain protein encoded by the hooded gene, k, in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Hall, B.D., 1998:
DNA changes accompanying the evolution of plant species

Shahjehan, Inayat Ali, 1997:
DNA clones to distinguish Anopheles culicifacies sibling species

Léry, X.; Charpentier, G.; Belloncik, S., 1999:
DNA content analysis of insect cell lines by flow cytometry

Kumar, A.; Prasad, A.B., 1998:
DNA content in Hordeum vulgare IB65 following treatment of its dry and dormant seeds with industrial effluents

Kumar, A.; Prasad, A.B., 1998:
DNA content in dominant flora growing under stress of industrial effluents

Lee, J.; Yen, Y.A.umuganathan, K.B.enziger, P., 1997:
DNA content of wheat monosomics at interphase estimated by flow cytometry

Palus, J.; Dziubatowska, E.; Rydzynski, K., 1999:
DNA damage detected by the comet assay in the white blood cells of workers in a wooden furniture plant

Schoket, B., 1999:
DNA damage in humans exposed to environmental and dietary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Vigreux, C.; Poul, J.M.; Deslandes, E.; Lebailly, P.; Godard, T.; Sichel, F.; Henry Amar, M.; Gauduchon, P., 1998:
DNA damaging effects of pesticides measured by the single cell gel electrophoresis assay (comet assay) and the chromosomal aberration test, in CHOK1 cells

Arai, M.; Kakutani, T.; Kubochi, F.; Mizukoshi, C.; Kunisada, K.; Kim, H.S.; Miyake, H.; Kawai, S.; Yamane, A.; Kimura, M.; Kawamoto, F.; Wataya, Y., 1998:
DNA diagnosis of malaria on Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands

Cubero, O.F.; Crespo, A.; Fatehi, J.; Bridge, P.D., 1999:
DNA extraction and PCR amplification method suitable for fresh, herbarium-stored, lichenized, and other fungi

S.Y.ngJuan; Wang Ting; Yang WeiDong; Hang Chao; Fan GuoKuan, 1998:
DNA extraction and RAPD analysis of Podocarpus

Bourrain, M.; Achouak, W.; Urbain, V.; Heulin, T., 1999:
DNA extraction from activated sludges

Ehara, H.; Kosaka, S.; Hattori, T.; Morita, O., 1997:
DNA extraction from dried leaflets of sago palm (Metroxylon spp.) for RAPD analysis

Nota, Y.; Takenaka, O., 1999:
DNA extraction from urine and sex identification of birds

Yin TongMing; Han ZhengMin; Huang MinRen, 1998:
DNA extraction methods from vegetative tissue of conifers

Sharma, A.; Niphadkar, M.P.; Kathirvel, P.; Nagaraju, J.; Singh, L., 1999:
DNA fingerprint variability within and among the silkworm Bombyx mori varieties and estimation of their genetic relatedness using Bkm-derived probe

Vankan, D.M.; Burns, B.M., 1997:
DNA fingerprinting - how it works and applications for the beef industry

Signer, E.N.; Dubrova, Y.E.; Jeffreys, A.J.; Wilde, C.; Finch, L.M.; Wells, M.; Peaker, M., 1998:
DNA fingerprinting Dolly

Choi, S.H.; Lee, S.B.; Kim, H.U., 1997:
DNA fingerprinting and physiological characteristics of lactic acid bacteria used to manufacture yogurt

Dobinson, K.F.; Patterson, N.A.; White, G.J.; Grant, S., 1998:
DNA fingerprinting and vegetative compatibility analysis indicate multiple origins for Verticillium dahliae race 2 tomato isolates from Ontario, Canada

Veronesi, F.; Falcinelli, M.; Barcaccia, G.; Albertini, E., 1997:
DNA fingerprinting as a tool for marker-assisted characterization and selection in alfalfa

Antonius, K.; Werlemark, G.; Nybom, H., 1997:
DNA fingerprinting demonstrates extremely low levels of genetic variation among blackberry cultivars grown in Finland

Changmai, S.K.; Dharmeswar Das, 1998:
DNA fingerprinting in Assam local goat (Capra hircus) by BKM-(8) probe

Siraj, S.S.; Seki, S.; Taniguchi, N., 1998:
DNA fingerprinting in a Malaysian strain of Javanese carp, Puntius gonionotus (Bleeker), detected by YNZ22 DNA probe

Muraleedharan, P.; Khoda, V.K.; Shah, R.B.; Balani, N., 1998:
DNA fingerprinting in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) using minisatellite probes

Parmar, S.N.S.; Singh, L.; Rao, G.V.; Mishra, S.K.; Reddy, A.R., 1998 :
DNA fingerprinting in poultry using multilocus probe Bkm-2(8)

Semyenova, S.K.; Vasilyev, V.A.; Steklenev, E.P.; Prosniak, M.I.; Ryskov, A.P., 1999:
DNA fingerprinting in the representatives of the subfamily Bovinae using the (TTAGGG)4 telomeric marker

Castellá, G.; Cano, J.; Guarro, J.; Cabañes, F.J., 1999:
DNA fingerprinting of Fusarium solani isolates related to a cutaneous infection in a sea turtle

Clifton Hadley, R.S.; Inwald, J.; Archer, J.; Hughes, S.; Palmer, N.; Sayers, A.R.; Sweeney, K.; Embden, J.D.A. van; Hewinson, R.G., 1998:
DNA fingerprinting of Mycobacterium bovis isolates using spoligotyping - epidemiological issues

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Damage prognosis from analysis of young needles

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Damage status and nutrient supply of Douglas-fir in the Belgian Ardennes

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Damage thresholds for cabbage root fly Delia radicum (L.) in cauliflower assessed from pot experiments

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Damage to Pinus merkusii wood due to attack by wood destroying organisms and methods of control

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Damage to ash (Fraxinus L.) seeds by Pseudargyrotoza conwagana F. moth (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

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Damage to birch stands caused by rime in the Sneznik forest administration area

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Damage to cattle hides: detection, frequency and economic importance

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Damage to cultivars of winter oilseed rape by pests

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Damage to cultivated plants caused by geese, ducks and swans - results of a survey

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Damage to maize stems and cobs caused by the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.) larvae

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Damage to oak (Quercus robur) and beech (Fagus sylvatica) grown on former agricultural land, and new sprouts by root collar regeneration

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Damage to ornamental plants by Phytomyza atricornis

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Damage to residual trees during partial harvests: measurement, analysis, and implications

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Damage to roots of Musa cultivars by Radopholus similis with and without protection of nematicides

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Damage to sports turf by the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne naasi in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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Damage to stands of different forest ecosystems in Croatia

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Damage to trees and soil caused at timber harvesting in late thinnings of pine stands

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Damage to vegetation by locust in western Rajasthan

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Damage to vegetation caused by de-icing salts in a subalpine Norway spruce stand

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Damage to winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and winter triticale (Triticosecale Wittm.) caused by winter kill in Guterfelde/Brandenburg 1996/97

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Damage tolerance and cotyledonary resource use in the tropical tree Gustavia superba

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Damage-induced accumulation of phytoecdysteroids in spinach: a rapid root response involving the octadecanoic acid pathway

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Damage-inducibility of primary and secondary metabolites in the wild parsnip (Pastinaca sativa)

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Damaged Varroa mites in the debris of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies with and without hatching brood

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Damages of Brevipalpus russulus and B. obovatus and scanning electron microscopic morphology comparison

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Damages of Goniolimon tataricum in Rheinland-Pfalz

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Damages to vegetables by calotropis grasshopper, Poecilocerus pictus around Gwalior (M.P.)

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Damaging effects of a surplus of N-compounds in forest ecosystems and drinking water supply

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Damalinia (Tricholipeurus) zaganseeri, n. sp. (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae), a parasite from Procapra gutturosa (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) in Mongolia

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Dambo irrigation: an integral component of small scale farming systems in southern Africa

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Dambreak flood impact on mountain stream bedload transport after 13 years

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Dammarane-type triterpene glycosides from the leaves of Rhoiptelea chiliantha

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Dammer bee, Trigona iridipennis Smith (Apidae: Meliponinae) in Kerala

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Damping characteristics of balance-weight oscillation and tensile force stability under a new bandsaw straining device

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Damping-off in Tecomella undulata - a new disease from India

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Damping-off of Casuarina junghuhniana and Lagerstroemia speciosa caused by Rhizoctonia solani

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Damping-off of Swiss chard, caused by Rhizoctonia solani, in California

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Damping-off of cabbage plug seedlings caused by Pythium megalacanthum de Bary

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Damping-off of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.): isolation of causal agents and selection of microorganisms for its biological control

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Dampness and airway inflammation and systemic symptoms in office building workers

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Dams, cows, and vulnerable people: anthropological contributions to sustainable development

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Dams, resources and the politics of environment in mainland Southeast Asia

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Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Iberian Peninsula: migrations or metapopulation dynamics? (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Danainae)

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Dance drug education in clubs: evaluation of the London Dance Safety Campaign

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Dance in education: process v product-The balancing act!

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Dance in physical education: are we in step?

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Dancing in the sky: enhancing quality of life for people with AIDS-related dementia and their caregivers

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Dancing with fire: ecosystem dynamics, management, and the Karner blue (Lycaeides melissa samuelis Nabokov) (Lycaenidae)

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Dancing with the state: the role of NGOS in health care and health policy

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Dandelions of Great Britain and Ireland

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Dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis: causes and management

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Daneliya, a new sweet cherry variety

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Danger ahead for European Union

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Danger of foot and mouth disease for Slovene animal breeding

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Danger to pigs due to crushing can be reduced by the use of a simulated udder

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Danger underground

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Dangerous ecological effects of apple cultivation

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Dangerous invaders - ornamental plants as problem weeds

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Dangerous liaisons? Seasonal migration and agrarian change in West Bengal

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Dangerous pests for ornamental trees and shrubs

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Dangerousness and inefficacy of the use of antibiotics

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Dangers for human health with the oak processionary moth

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Dangers in extrapolating dose rates of triclabendazole (Fasinex, Ciba-Geigy, Switzerland) between ruminant species

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Danisco Seed cultivars for the North Caucasus

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Danisco sugar development center

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Danisco's Kopingebro (Sweden) Sugar Factory: increased capacity through technology

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Danish Meat Research Institute. Annual report 1997

Anonymous, 1999:
Danish Meat Research Institute. Annual report 1998

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Danish Plant Directorate - annual report

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Danish agricultural economy - autumn 1997

Anonymous, 1998:
Danish agricultural economy - autumn 1998

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Danish agriculture and its sustainability: a profile

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Danish dairy scene changing fast

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Danish development cooperation with India - in a poverty reduction perspective

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Danofloxacin as an efficient antimycoplasmal agent

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Danone at Lacapelle-Marival (Lot): A new factory for concentrating milk

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Danone backs environmentally-friendly packaging

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Danone. A slimming programme prior to launch on Wall Street

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Danshenol-A and 15-epi-danshenol-A from the roots of Salvia glutinosa

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Daphne gnidium L. bark and leaf extracts: skin damage by topical application

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Daphnia magna ecotoxicity test with parathion

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Dappled coat in Andalusian horses

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Dare to share! Dare-to-Share Fair at the 9th conference of the International Soil Conservation Organisation (ISCO), Bonn, Germany, 26-30 August 1996

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Darier's disease and pityriasis versicolor

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Daring to dream: the work of rural foyers

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Darjeeling Tea, Malabar Pepper and complexity of geographic appellations

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Dark induction and genetic stability of somatic embryos of zonal geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum Baily)

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Dark respiration of variegated leaves in plants of different life forms

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Dark-dependent soluble guanylyl cyclase activity in locust photoreceptor cells

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Dark-induced accumulation of mRNA for a homolog of translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) in Pharbitis

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Dark-induced ascorbate deficiency in leaf cell walls increases plasmalemma injury under ozone

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Darkening of raw potato tuber flesh under conditions of application of the herbicide Sencor 70 WP

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Darnall delivery monitoring system

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Darwinian medicine? Lessons from avian blood parasite ecology

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Dasheen mosaic potyvirus of edible and ornamental aroids

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Dasheen mosaic virus causing mosaic disease of Pinellia cordata

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Dasheen mosaic virus infection of Dieffenbachia and Aglaonema in Egypt

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Dasineura Rondani, 1840 (Insecta, Diptera): proposed designation of Tipula sisymbrii Schrank, 1803 as the type species

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Dasineura oxycoccana, new pest of blueberry in Italy

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Data Envelopment Analysis - a description of the method and a proposal for its integration in a comprehensive management information system

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Data analysis of maintainability test on 190A agricultural diesel engine

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Data and viewpoints on the evaluation of functional traits of dairy cattle. 1. Reproductive performance (review)

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Data base for estimation of nitrogen flow in a region

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Data bases and computer graphics in zoological investigations

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Data basing census on small rodents and analyses of effects of environmental changes on small mammal rodent populations using the data base

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Data capture on the other side of the world. Milk recording in New Zealand relies on farmers themselves wanting to participate

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Data collection system in Latxa and Carranzana sheep breeding programme

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Data correlation in on-line solid-phase extraction-gas chromatography-atomic emission/mass spectrometric detection of unknown microcontaminants

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Data error effects on net radiation and evapotranspiration estimation

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Data for developing a conformation score in Limousin cows

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Data for evaluating the effects of selenium

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Data for loose housing with litter for dairy cattle

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Data for model operation, calibration, and evaluation

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Data for physiological interpretation of fruit load on storage quality of 'Jonathan' apples

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Data for selecting potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) parents less susceptible to black spot caused by bruising

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Data for the ruminal protein degradability and acid detergent insoluble protein content of feeds in Hungary

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Data from selected U.S. Geological Survey national stream water quality monitoring networks

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Data information system as a support for irrigation management in the (Ecuadorian) Andes

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Data logger of machine path and instrument for measuring field surface as new agricultural applications of GPS and DGPS systems

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Data logging and monitoring of an integrated rural energy system

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Data management and health records during the farrowing period

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Data management for long-term field trials

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Data management system for the spruce budworm pheromone trapping network: user's guide

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Data management systems for in-situ genetic conservation: developing a standard environmental data model

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Data needs for sustainable decision making

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Data on the biology of Phyllotreta vittula (Redtenbacher, 1849) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Alticinae)

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Data on the biology of cornflower (Centaurea cyanus L.) I. Germination biology and growth analysis

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Data on the biology of cornflower (Centaurea cyanus L.). II. Nutrient uptake, allelopathy and seed production

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Data on the bird lice (Mallophaga) of some bird species from the Danube Delta (North Dobrogea, Romania)

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Data on the fauna and ecology of Coleoptera on Barsakel'mes Island (Aral Sea)

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Data on the germination biology of annual mercury (Mercurialis annua L.)

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Data on the macroscopic fungi of forests of Mts. Mecsek

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Data on the occurrence of Cybocephalus politus (Gyllenhal, 1813) and Cybocephalus fodori Endrody-Younga, 1965 (Coleoptera: Cybocephalidae) in Poznan

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Data on the spread of annual mercury (Mercurialis annua L.) in Kisalfold

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Data on the vegetation and bioclimate of Valle de Aran

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Data on hard disks instead of printouts.

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Data processing: working procedures made easier: sport information technology and team work

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Data requirements of the Federal Environmental Agency for assessing the effects of plant protection products on terrestrial plants

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Data sheets and lists from a collection made by the village of Marofandilia, Morondava region, Madagascar

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Data smoothing filter design using genetic algorithms

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Data structure and mixed model technology in pig breeding programs

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Data to the Heteroptera fauna of the Bukk Mts N Hungary

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Data to the spider fauna (Araneae) of Koros-Maros National Park (Hungary)

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Data transformation and standardization in the multivariate analysis of river water quality

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Data transformations between soil texture schemes

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Data transmission in AGIS, the Swiss federal information system for agricultural policy management

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Data treatments for relating metal-ion binding to fulvic acid as measured by fluorescence spectroscopy

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Data warehouse - a new tool in extension service to Swedish milkproducers

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Data-based selection of medical supplies for wilderness travel

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Databank-aided modelling of height curves

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Database analysis on malaria and its vectors in northern Thailand

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Database development of agricultural information for image data

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Database information management through the World Wide Web

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Database management systems for conservation of genetic diversity in Turkey

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Database marketing in travel and tourism

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Database marketing: a potent tool for hospitality marketers

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Database mining of turfgrass cultivar performance

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Database of biologically active peptide sequences

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Database of mouse strains carrying targeted mutations in genes affecting cellular responses to DNA damage. Version 2

Friedberg, E.C.; Meira, L.B., 1999:
Database of mouse strains carrying targeted mutations in genes affecting cellular responses to DNA damage: version 3

Conte, E., 1997:
Database on pesticides accessed through the internet

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Database on the structure of large subunit ribosomal RNA

Peer, Y. van de; Robbrecht, E.; Hoog, S. de; Caers, A.; Rijk, P. de; Wachter, R. de, 1999:
Database on the structure of small subunit ribosomal RNA

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Database review: on full text database file ESAKIA produced in the Central Library of Kyushu University for public use on an on-line network

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Database-related accuracy and uncertainty of pedotransfer functions

Oppermann, M., 1999:
Databased marketing by travel agencies

Gelbart, William M., 1998:
Databases in genomic research

Kanehisa, M., 1998:
Databases of biological information

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Datal White

Al-Hooti, S.; Sidhu, J.S.; Al-Otaibi, J.; Al-Ameeri, H.; Qabazard, H., 1997:
Date bars fortified with almonds, sesame seeds, oat flakes and skim milk powder

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Date of earlywood-latewood transition in provenances and families of loblolly pine, and its relationship to growth phenology and juvenile wood specific gravity

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Date of harvesting of maize and its effect on losses of grain in the field and during storage of unthreshed spikes

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Date of planting effects on seeded turf-type buffalograss

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Date of sowing on the incidence of stemfly, Melanagromyza phaseoli (Coquillett)

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Date palm DNA mini-preparation without liquid nitrogen

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Date palm diseases in the United Arab Emirates

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Date palm problems and the need for biotechnology

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Date palm water requirements in the interior region of the Sultanate of Oman

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Dates and dynamics of bud development in grafted hazelnut

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Dates of bloom and maturity of several apricot selections from European breeding programmes

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Dates of exclusion and grazing of grasses in the Cerrado region

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Dating of archaeological wood from Kaunas Castle by dendrochronological and radiocarbon methods

Strunk, H., 1997:
Dating of geomorphological processes using dendrogeomorphological methods

Dhar, B., 1999:
Daurala Sugar Works

Codianni, P.; Troccoli, A.; Galterio, G.; Pogna, N.E.; Fonzo, N. di, 1998:
Davide, the first genetically improved hulled wheat variety

Anonymous, 1998:
Dawson plant adds value to AMPI line

Swain, A.; Narvaez, V.; Burgoyne, P.; Camerino, G.; Lovell-Badge, R., 1998:
Dax1 antagonizes Sry action in mammalian sex determination

Anonymous, 1998:
Day on sugar technology organized by ANTZA at Ferrara

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Day-night changes of the amount of subunit-c transcript of the V-ATPase in suspension cells of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L

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Day-night variation of thermoregulatory responses of heifers exposed to high environmental temperatures

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Day-old vaccination with live-in-oil vaccines: Newcastle disease (ND) and infectious bursal disease (IBD) in chicks and ND in turkey poults

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Day-time variation in methane emission from two tropical urban wetlands in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Day-to-day changes in the cholinergic system during the 5th instar of the uzi-infested silkworm Bombyx mori

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Day-to-day consistency in amount and source of carbohydrate intake associated with improved blood glucose control in type 1 diabetes

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Daytime and night time motor activity of the small bowel after solid meals of different caloric value in humans

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Daytime mechanical water circulation of channel catfish ponds

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Dazhoumang, a rare and valuable mango variety

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Dbh basal area of natural stands in the Biaowieza National Park

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DctBD-dependent and -independent expression of the Sinorhizobium (Rhizobium) meliloti C4-dicarboxylate transport gene (dctA) during symbiosis

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Dde I restriction fragment length polymorphism in the Bison bonasus untranslated region of kappa -casein gene

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De Marke and its economic objectives: the comparison with LEI data of random sampled farms on sandy soils

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De novo lipogenesis predicts short-term body-composition response by bioelectrical impedance analysis to oral nutritional supplements in HIV-associated wasting

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De novo methylation and co-suppression induced by a cytoplasmically replicating plant RNA virus

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De novo regeneration of various explants of Withania somnifera (L.) Dun

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De novo reverse transcription of HTLV-1 following cell-to-cell transmission of infection

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De novo synthesis of amino acids by the ruminal bacteria Prevotella bryantii B14, Selenomonas ruminantium HD4, and Streptococcus bovis ES1

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De-agrarianisation in sub-Saharan Africa: acknowledging the inevitable

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De-agrarianisation: blessing or blight?

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De-linking trends in the element cycle dependent upon tree species and forest structure. Part 2. The amount of substances in the soil water

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De-monetisation, inflation and coffee: the demand for money in Uganda

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DeLIMiting development

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Deacetylation as a determinant of sulphonamide pharmacokinetics in pigs

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Deacons as health facilitators in Ethiopia

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Dead apex of Cordyline australis caused by Fusarium moniliforme var. subglutinans

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Dead branches disease - a new disease of Encaluptrsis by diplodia

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Dead cells do tell tales

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Dead mothers and injured wives: the social context of maternal morbidity and mortality among the Hausa of Northern Nigeria

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Dead oak wood in a commercial forest as a habitat for xylobiont insects

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Dead reckoning for DGPS support systems

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Dead wood in Hasbruch

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Dead wood in forests is also important for small mammals

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Dead wood in multi-functional forest

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Dead wood in natural forests and consequences for nature conservation and forestry

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Dead wood puts life into managed forests

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Dead wood research in forest reserves of north western Germany: methodology and first results

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Deadly remedies

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Deafness in puppies in Belgium: a two-year retrospective study

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Dealer networks - a problem in sight in the Spanish agricultural mechanization sector

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Dealing properly with the dialectical relationship between agricultural industrialization and the household responsibility system

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Dealing with Scots pine stems containing logs of more than one grade in Brandenburg

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Dealing with conflict: natural resources and dispute resolution

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Dealing with danger: the normalization of risk in cycling

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Dealing with deficiencies in different types of sport: learning from mistakes!

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Dealing with fever of unknown origin in an HIV-infected patient

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Dealing with growing labor scarcity: the adoption and impact of mechanical and chemical technologies in the Asian rice economies

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Dealing with head lice

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Dealing with natural hazards from an engineering scientific point of view

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Dealing with poverty and income distribution issues in developing countries: cross-regional experiences

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Dealing with the unexpected nematode

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Dealing with timberland investment risk: theory versus practice for institutional owners

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Dealing with yard trimmings in the Puget Sound

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Deamidation kinetics of casein precipitated by carbon dioxide compared with commercial caseinates

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Dean Foods. Sewing up the frozen category

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Dear Mr Code

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Dearomatized tailor-made hydrocarbon fluids in co-adjuvants or adjuvants in tank mixes

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Death and longevity of palms

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Death at the border

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Death mechanisms in cultured cells infected by Semliki Forest virus

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Death of trees in forest and fruit orchard ecosystems caused by unspecific decline disease-a comparative analysis

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Death of vigorous trees benefits bark beetles

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Death, trauma and ritual: Mozambican refugees in Malawi

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Death-watch beetles: undertakers of our churches

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Deaths associated with ivermectin treatment of scabies

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Deaths from pesticide poisoning in Spain from 1991 to 1996

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Debarking burned logs using the Deal processor

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Debaryomyces prosopidis sp. nov., a yeast from exudates of mesquite trees

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Debate on the general principles of the Codex in Paris

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Debates and realities of participative policies for environmental management: the case of Senegal

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Debating the Earth: the environmental politics reader

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Debeaking of poultry, from the aspect of animal welfare

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Debittering casein hydrolysates with octadecyl-siloxane (C18) columns

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Debt and deforestation: a tenuous link

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Debt-for-nature swaps: an overview

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Debt-funded environmental swaps in Africa: vehicles for tourism development?

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DebutReg. for volunteer potato control in sugar beet

Power, S.; Tseitkin, F.; Vikram Mehta; Lavery, B.; Torok, S.; Holbrook, N., 1999:
Decadal climate variability in Australia during the twentieth century

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