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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3095

Chapter 3095 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Dibenzylbutane lignans from Virola sebifera leaves

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Diced and sliced mango preserved by combined methods. Selection of alternatives

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Dicellomyces calami sp. nov., from India

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Dicentric chromosome bridges in root tips and micronuclei in pollen tetrads induced by X rays and maleic hydrazide in Tradescantia clone BNL 4430

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Dichlobenil: acute and subacute toxicity to carp

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Dichlofop methyl residues in different cheese types in the Egyptian market

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Dichlorvos: carcinogenic for man? Position paper

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Dicots improve forage quality

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Dictionary geotechnical engineering. English-German, Volume 1

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Dictionary of biological control and integrated pest management

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Dictionary of carbohydrates

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Dictionary of entomology, plant pathology and nematology

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Dictionary of forest-damaging air pollutants with English-German and German-English indexes

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Dictionary of gardening

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Dictionary of plant genetics and molecular biology

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Dictionary of sport ethics: commissioned by the Federal Institute of Sport Science

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Dictionary of veterinary epidemiology

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Dictionary of veterinary nursing

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Dictyocauliasis in donkeys - a constant threat for horses

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Dictyocaulosis in a dairy herd

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Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (Cobbold, 1884) in a donkey

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Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (Cobbold, 1884): comparative analysis of the occurrence in horses, mules and donkeys

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Dictyostelid cellular slime molds from Hawai'i

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Dictyostelium discoideum fatty-acyl amidase II has deacylase activity on Rhizobium nodulation factors

Jahns, P.H.yde, S., 1999:
Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide alters the pH dependence of violaxanthin de-epoxidation

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Dicyphus pallidicornis - a noxious pest of the foxgloves Digitalis purpurea and D. lanata

Korcz, A., 1997:
Dicyphus pallidicornis Fieb. (Heteroptera: Miridae), a pest of Grecian foxglove and common foxglove (Digitalis lanata and D. purpurea)

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Did 'paleo-polyploidy' really occur in Proteaceae?

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Did Milwaukee experience waterborne cryptosporidiosis before the large documented outbreak in 1993?

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Did Sutton and Boveri propose the so-called Sutton-Boveri chromosome hypothesis?

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Did organochlorine pesticide use cause declines in Mauritian forest birds?

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Did the 1995 Farm Bill address the critical issues? Discussion

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Did the Green Revolution hurt the poor? A reexamination of the early critique

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Dideoxy fingerprinting: application to the genotyping of Echinococcus

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Diderma platycarpum var. platycarpum, a new British record

Wei ChuanZhao; Harada, Y., 1998:
Didymella fagi sp. nov. and its anamorph Ascochyta fagi, causing the yellow leaf spot disease of Fagus crenata and Quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata in Japan

Grin' ko, N.N., 1997:
Didymella stem rot of tomato

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Die back and gummosis induced by Lasiodiplodia theobromae (Pat.) Griffon & Maubl., on three citrus tree species

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Die back of leguminous trees in young plantations caused by Haplosporella in central India

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Die-back of Phragmites australis in European wetlands: an overview of the European Research Programme on Reed Die-back and Progression (1993-1994)

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Die-back of container-grown Douglas-fir seedlings: associated microclimate

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Dieback and canker in Australian pistachios

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Diel feeding pattern and ration of two sizes of silver barb, Puntius gonionotus Bleeker, in a nursery pond and ricefield

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Diel feeding rhythms and daily food consumption of juvenile Atlantic salmon in the River Alta, northern Norway

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Diel feeding rhythms of greenback flounder Rhombosolea tapirina (Gunther 1862): the role of light-dark cycles and food deprivation

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Diel patterns of CO2 exchange in rainforest canopy plants

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Diel rhythm of the horse chestnut leafminer (Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic) (Lepidoptera, Lithocolletidae) captures by traps baited with virgin females

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Diel variability of mercury phase and species distributions in the Florida Everglades

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Diel variation of lipid reserves of zooplankton cultivated in outdoor plankton tanks

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Dieldrin absorption into several crops

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Dieldrin concentration in carrots grown in dieldrin contaminated krasnozem and solonized brown soils treated with brown coal

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Dielectric characterisation of soil

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Dielectric constant and electrical conductivity of contaminated fine-grained soils

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Dielectric moisture sensor for cereal grains and soybeans

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Dielectric properties measurement techniques and applications

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Dientamoeba fragilis masquerading as allergic colitis

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Dientamoeba fragilis: A harmless commensal or a mild pathogen?

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Diet & nutrition situation in rural India

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Diet and foraging group size in the yellow mongoose: a comparison with the suricate and the bat-eared fox

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Diet and gastric cancer

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Diet and gene expression in the intestine

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Diet and headache

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Diet and health: new problems/new solutions

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Diet and the prevention of cancer - an update

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Diet composition and sex influence bioperiodicity in rat's central nervous system histamine (H1) receptors

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Diet composition and size-related changes in the feeding of pikeperch, Stizostedion lucioperca (Percidae) and pike, Esox lucius (Esocidae) in the Lake Peipsi (Estonia)

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Diet composition and the regulation of food intake and body weight

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Diet composition, length-weight relationship and condition factor of Barbus species ruippell, 1836 (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Lake Awassa, Ethiopia

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Diet digestibility in captive Alpine ibex (Capra ibex ibex)

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Diet energy requirements of growing Holsteins

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Diet enriched with procyanidins enhances antioxidant activity and reduces myocardial post-ischaemic damage in rats

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Diet evolution in Tilapia rendalli kept in a heterogeneous breeding system in Lubumbashi, Congo

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Diet in phenylketonuria: how long? Policies under discussion

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Diet induced thermogenesis with oral & intravenous feeding in chronically undernourished human subjects

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Diet influences development of the pig (Sus scrofa) intestine during the first 6 hours after birth

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Diet modulates Th-1 and Th-2 cytokine production in the peripheral blood of lupus-prone mice

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Diet of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (L.)) and brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in sympatry in two high altitude alpine lakes

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Diet of an oil bird (Steatornis caripensis) colony in the Carrasco National Park, Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Diet of feral house cats Felis catus, ferrets Mustela furo and stoats M. erminea in grassland surrounding yellow-eyed penguin Megadyptes antipodes breeding areas, South Island, New Zealand

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Diet of house mouse in village shops, flour mills and poultry farms in central Punjab

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Diet of introduced roan antelope at Weenen Nature Reserve, South Africa

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Diet of tawny owls (Strix aluco) in relation to field vole (Microtus agrestis) abundance in a conifer forest in northern England

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Diet of the red-cockaded woodpecker in the Apalachicola National Forest

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Diet only and diet plus simvastatin in the treatment of heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia in childhood

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Diet restriction enhances compensatory liver tissue repair and survival following administration of lethal dose of thioacetamide

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Dietary treatment of people at high coronary risk

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Diethylcarbamazine in the treatment of bancroftian filariasis

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Difference between a testis and an ovary

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Difference between lambs with chronic and mild dermatophilosis in frequency of alleles of CD3 gamma

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Difference in cadmium accumulation in hulled grains of paddy rice among positions in the ear

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Difference in diffuse site factors due to spatial distribution of sky luminance

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Difference in leaf quality between canopy trees and seedlings affects migration and survival of spring-feeding moth larvae

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Difference in mobility of the pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, between two isolates, OKD-1 and OKD-3, with different pathogenicity

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Difference in occurrence of pine needle gall midge and sucking insects in pure-pine and mixed-pine stands

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Difference in rooting response between the juvenile and adult tissues of Casuarina equisetifolia Forst

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Difference in system of current photosynthesized carbon distribution to carbon and nitrogen compounds between rice and soybean

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Difference in temperature profiles optimum for germination of either ascospore and/or conidia, signifies the release as primary inoculum or secondary inoculum, respectively

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Difference of ABA and GA1 levels between chilling-resistant and chilling-sensitive varieties of rice during chilling stress

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Difference of egg diapause in two host races of the spirea aphid, Aphis spiraecola

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