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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3099

Chapter 3099 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Prikhod' ko, G., 1998:
Distribution of arsenic in organs and tissues of chickens

Ferreira, J.F.S.; Janick, J., 1996:
Distribution of artemisinin in Artemisia annua

Jokimaki, J.; Huhta, E.; Itamies, J.; Rahko, P., 1998:
Distribution of arthropods in relation to forest patch size, edge, and stand characteristics

Morita, Y.; Maruyama, S.; Katsube, Y.; Fujita, M.; Yokoyama, E.; Inoue, M.; Tsukahara, T.; Hoshino, T.; Shimizu, H., 1997:
Distribution of atypical mycobacteria in environments and wild birds

Kuldeep Singh; Garalapuri, V.N.; Rana, S.K., 1997:
Distribution of available micro-nutrients as related to the soil characteristics of older alluvial plain of central Haryana

Adkoli, N.S., 1999:
Distribution of bamboos in India and their future status

Auboiron, E., 1998:
Distribution of banana germplasm in West and Central Africa

Hernandez Gallego, Y.; Diaz Espejo, A.; Rowe, J.G., 1998:
Distribution of bark macrolichens and its relationship with vegetation in the Alcornocales Natural Park (Cadiz, southern Spain)

Venkatesh, G.; Raj, D., 1994:
Distribution of bee flora, their abundance and blooming period with special reference to Apis dorsata F

Giannakou, U.; Kamarianos, A.; Kousouris, T.H.; Kilikidis, S., 1997:
Distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates in relation to physico-chemical parameters as a tool for assessing river water pollution in a lowland stream, North Greece

Hansen, R.W.; Richard, R.D.; Parker, P.E.; Wendel, L.E., 1997:
Distribution of biological control agents of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) in the United States: 1988-1996

Spetich, M.A.; Parker, G.R., 1998:
Distribution of biomass in an Indiana old-growth forest from 1926 to 1992

Tresierra Ayala, A.; Espinoza, F.; Macedo, J.; Bendayan, M.E.; Bernuy, A., 1997:
Distribution of biovars of Campylobacter jejuni ssp. jejuni and C. coli in monkeys from Iquitos, Peru

Solorio, S.; Badui, E.; Yanez, M.A.; Contreras, A.; Velazquez, J.; Verduzco, R., 1996:
Distribution of body fat as a coronary risk factor

Zhou, W.T.; Chaiyabutr, N.; Fujita, M.; Yamamoto, S., 1999:
Distribution of body fluid and change of blood viscosity in broilers (Gallus domesticus) under high temperature exposure

Anjos, L.A. dos; Viega, G.V. da; Castro, I.R.R. de, 1998:
Distribution of body mass index in the Brazilian population under 25 years of age

Groot, R.C. de; Felton, C.C., 1998:
Distribution of borates around point source injections in dry wood members

Bruschke, C.J.M.; Weerdmeester, K.; Oirschot, J.T. van; Rijn, P.A. van, 1998:
Distribution of bovine virus diarrhoea virus in tissues and white blood cells of cattle during acute infection

Erikson, K.M.; Beard, J.L.; Connor, J.R., 1998:
Distribution of brain iron, ferritin, and transferrin in the 28-day-old piglet

Chardonnens, A.N.; Ten Bookum, W.M.; Kuijper, L.D.J.; Verkleij, J.A.C.; Ernst, W.H.O., 1998:
Distribution of cadmium in leaves of cadmium tolerant and sensitive ecotypes of Silene vulgaris

Moutinho, A.; Love, J.; Trewavas, A.J.; Malho, R., 1998:
Distribution of calmodulin protein and mRNA in growing pollen tubes

Prasad Kumar, 1997:
Distribution of carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Karnataka with notes on their habitats and feeding habits

Gurin, V.M., 1998:
Distribution of carabid beetles of different morphofunctional groups in biogeocoenoses and ecotones of Berezinskii State Biosphere Reserve

Roels, S.P.; Grobet, P.J.; Delcour, J.A., 1998:
Distribution of carbohydrates in gluten fractions isolated from European wheats (Triticum aestivum L.) in a batter system

Surai, P.F.; Speake, B.K., 1998:
Distribution of carotenoids from the yolk to the tissues of the chick embryo

Itakura, S.; Tanaka, H.; Enoki, A., 1998:
Distribution of cellulases in the digestive system of the lower termite and partial purification of cellulases from the termite

Honma, H.; Shindo, H. , 1997:
Distribution of charred plant residues and humus composition in kurobokudo (ando soils)

Quadi Hallmann, A.; Low, A.; Hamacher, J., 1996:
Distribution of cherry leaf roll nepovirus (CLRV) in leaves of deciduous forest trees and herbaceous plants detected by tissue print immunopressblotting (TPI) of whole leaf blades

Overdijk, B.; Van Steijn, G.J.; Odds, F.C., 1999:
Distribution of chitinase in guinea pig tissues and increases in levels of this enzyme after systemic infection with Aspergillus fumigatus

Robertson, A.; Lauenstein, G.G., 1998:
Distribution of chlorinated organic contaminants in dreissenid mussels along the southern shores of the Great Lakes

Forcioli, D.; Saumitou Laprade, P.; Valero, M.; Vernet, P.; Cuguen, J., 1998:
Distribution of chloroplast DNA diversity within and among populations in gynodioecious Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima (Chenopodiaceae)

Korenovska, M.; Zauskova, P.; Polacekova, O., 1997:
Distribution of chromium and nickel in milk

Barloy, F.; Lecadet, M.M.; Delécluse, A., 1998:
Distribution of clostridial cry-like genes among Bacillus thuringiensis and Clostridium strains

Johnson, A.K.L.; Ebert, S.P.; Murray, A.E., 1999:
Distribution of coastal freshwater wetlands and riparian forests in the Herbert River catchment and implications for management of catchments adjacent the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Kaushik, R.D.; Mehta, S.C., 1999:
Distribution of cobalt, iron and manganese forms in soils as influenced by phosphorus application

Ayen, E.; Noakes, D.E., 1998:
Distribution of collagen in the vaginal wall of ewes

Ohnuki Yasuhiro; Terazono Ryuichi; Ikuzawa Hitoshi; Hirata Isao; Kanna Kensaku; Utagawa Hirokatsu, 1997:
Distribution of colluvia and saprolites and their physical properties in a zero-order basin in Okinawa, southwestern Japan

Kulinich, O.A.; Orlinskii, P.D., 1998:
Distribution of conifer beetles (Scolytidae, Curculionidae, Cerambycidae) and wood nematodes (Bursaphelenchus spp.) in European and Asian Russia

Peng FuHua; Westermark, U., 1997:
Distribution of coniferyl alcohol and coniferaldehyde groups in the cell wall of spruce fibres

Radegond, G.; Dimitrov, D.N., 1996:
Distribution of copper, zinc, lead, cadmium and arsenic along the profile of natural and acid-damaged alluvial-meadow soil

Bai ZhanGuo; Wan GuoJiang; Santschi, P.H.; Baskaran, M., 1998:
Distribution of cosmogenic 7Be in surface soils of mountain region and the principles for erosion trace

Anderson, L.K.; Reeves, A.; Webb, L.M.; Ashley, T., 1999:
Distribution of crossing over on mouse synaptonemal complexes using immunofluorescent localization of MLH1 protein

X.L.ngQi; Jiang ZeXiao; Zhou ChangHai; Zhang XueQiang; Ren ZhengXuan; Chang Jiang; X.J.ngTian; L.Y.anBi; Zhang LiLi; Y.S.nHai; Zhang GuangYuan; M.C.engJi, 1999:
Distribution of cysticercosis in China

Amasaki, H.; Takanosu, M.; Mawatari, T., 1999:
Distribution of cytokeratin polypeptides detected by monoclonal antibodies K8.13 and K8.12 in the fetal bovine ruminal epithelium

Lackovic, G.; Rode, B.; Tomaskovic, M.; Balaban, K.; Bilic, V.; Valpotic, I., 1997:
Distribution of cytolytic and suppressor T cell subsets in the small intestine of pigs demonstrated by immunohistochemical methods

Fesefeldt, A.; Kloos, K.; Bothe, H.; Lemmer, H.; Gliesche, C.G., 1998:
Distribution of denitrification and nitrogen fixation genes in Hyphomicrobium spp. and other budding bacteria

Rashid, M.A.; Nooruddin, M.; Dey, A.S., 1996:
Distribution of dermatomycosis in cattle, goats and their in contact humans

Hesler, Louis S., 1998:
Distribution of diabroticine beetles among flowers and other structures of wild host plants in south Texas

Vaskovsky, V.E.; Khotimchenko, S.V.; Boolukh, E.M., 1998:
Distribution of diacylglycerotrimethylhomoserine and phosphatidylcholine in mushrooms

Ocha, W., 1998:
Distribution of diameter increment over tree basal area in mountain spruce stands

Gupta, R.K.; Srivastava, P.C., 1998:
Distribution of different forms of phosphorus in acid soils of Sikkim

Chaudhary, K.; Prasad, B., 1997:
Distribution of different forms of potassium in alluvial soils of Bihar

Sharma, Y.K.; Gangwar, M.S., 1997:
Distribution of different forms of sulphur and their relationship with some soil properties in Alfisols, Inceptisols and Mollisols of Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh

Khan, M.Z.hirul Islam; Asaduzzaman, M., 1998:
Distribution of different types of ovarian arteries in the domestic hen, Gallus domesticus

Plyushcheva, G.L.; Darchenkova, N.N.; Akimova, R.F., 1997:
Distribution of diphyllobothriids of medical significance in Russia

Dorovskikh, G.N., 1997:
Distribution of diplozoids on the gills of ide in the basin of the mid-course of the River Vychegda

Baz, A.M.serrat, V., 1999:
Distribution of domestic Psocoptera in Madrid apartments

Kokay, I.C.; Ebert, P.R.; Kirchhof, B.S.; Mercer, A.R., 1999:
Distribution of dopamine receptors and dopamine receptor homologs in the brain of the honey bee, Apis mellifera L

Celano, G.; Dichio, B.; Montanaro, G.; Nuzzo, V.; Palese, A.M.; Xiloyannis, C., 1999:
Distribution of dry matter and amount of mineral elements in irrigated and non-irrigated olive trees

Carcamo, H.A.; Parkinson, D.; Bargshoon, D., 1998:
Distribution of earthworms along a sharp acidification gradient

Goodman, D.; Trofymow, J., 1998:
Distribution of ectomycorrhizas in micro-habitats in mature and old-growth stands of Douglas-fir on southeastern Vancouver Island

Gervais, B.R.; Shapiro, A.M., 1999:
Distribution of edaphic-endemic butterflies in the Sierra Nevada of California

Logan, D.P., 1997:
Distribution of eggs and larvae of Childers canegrub, Antitrogus parvulus Britton (Coleoptera: scarabaeidae), in relation to patches of canegrub-damaged sugarcane

Uren, A.; Serifoglu, A.; Sarikahya, Y., 1998:
Distribution of elements in honeys and effect of a thermoelectric power plant on the element contents

Tanaka, T.; Jiang,; Kouno, I., 1998:
Distribution of ellagic acid derivatives and a diarylheptanoid in wood of Platycarya strobilacea

Hayward, Craig J., 1997:
Distribution of external parasites indicates boundaries to dispersal of sillaginid fishes in the Indo-West Pacific

Ylmaz, H.; Goz, Y.; Bozkurt, H., 1999:
Distribution of fascioliosis and intestinal parasitosis in the Ziya Gokalp Primary School, Ercis, Van, Turkey

Murkovic, M.; Hillebrand, A.; Draxl, S.; Pfannhauser, W.; Winkler, J., 1999:
Distribution of fatty acids and vitamin E content in pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo L.) in breeding lines

Grondin, I.; Smadja, J.; Farines, M.; Soulier, J., 1997:
Distribution of fatty acids in internal and external positions of triacylglycerols in 2 cyclopropanoid oils: litchi and longan

Overgaard, L., 1998:
Distribution of females has a positive effect on whelping results

Hayashi, N.; Li, C.; Li, J.; Iwano, M.; Naito, H.; Yoshino, R.; Kato, H., 1997:
Distribution of fertile Magnaporthe grisea fungus pathogenic to rice in Yunnan Province, China

Boldt, P.E.; Rosenthal, S.S.; Srinivasan, R., 1998:
Distribution of field bindweed and hedge bindweed in the USA

Auzi, A.A.; Hartley, T.G.; Waterman, P.G., 1997:
Distribution of flavonoids, alkaloids, acetophenones and phloroglucinols in the genus Bosistoa (Rutaceae)

Kim JongHwa; Son ChangYoul, 1998:
Distribution of floral anthocyanins in the species of genus Hibiscus

Ibaraki, Y.; Nikaido, T.; Kurata, K., 1998:
Distribution of fluorescence emitted by acridine orange during somatic embryogenesis of carrot (Daucus carota L.)

Pirnat, J., 1997:
Distribution of forests in the Ljubljana townscape

Rajkumar, G.R.; Patil, C.V.; Prakash, S.S.; Yeledhalli, N.A., 1997:
Distribution of forms of iron in relation to the properties of rice soils

Rao, C.S.; Jagdish Prasad; Singh, S.P.; Takkar, P.N., 1997:
Distribution of forms of potassium and K release kinetics in some Vertisol profiles

Pal, S.K.; Sachdev, C.B.; Gaikwad, S.T.; Rana, K.P.C., 1996:
Distribution of forms of potassium in bench-mark pedons of Gujarat

Ghosh, B.N.; Mukhopadhyay, A.K., 1997:
Distribution of forms of soil potassium in some Inceptisols of West Bengal

Barbalat, S.; Borcard, D., 1997:
Distribution of four beetle families (Coleoptera: Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, phytophagous Scarabaeidae and Lucanidae) in different forest ecotones in the Areuse Gorges (Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Rubio, B.; Gil Sotres, F., 1997:
Distribution of four major forms of potassium in soils of Galicia (N.W. Spain)

Rudramurthy, H.V.; Dasog, G.S.; Patil, P.L., 1997:
Distribution of free iron oxides in red and black complex soils

Guo, X.; Wu, L., 1998:
Distribution of free seleno-amino acids in plant tissue of Melilotus indica L. grown in selenium-laden soils

Vernin, X.; Brossard, D.; Cavard, P.; Decoene, C.; Hutin, C., 1998:
Distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. Channels and operators of the French network

Bagalwa, M.; Baluku, B., 1997:
Distribution of freshwater snails the intermediate hosts of human schistosomiasis in Katana, sud-Kivu

Tassin, B., 1998:
Distribution of fruits and vegetables in the UK: logistics and strategies

Desjardins, A.E.; Plattner, R.D.; Lu, M.; Claflin, L.E., 1998:
Distribution of fumonisins in maize ears infected with strains of Fusarium moniliforme that differ in fumonisin production

Wille, P.; Aeschbacher, R.; Boller, T., 1999:
Distribution of fungal endophyte genotypes in doubly infected host grasses

Sousa, E.M.R. de; Tomaz, I.L.; Moniz, F.A.; Basto, S., 1997:
Distribution of fungi associated with Platypus cylindrus Fab. (Coleoptera: Platypodidae)

Barakat, A.M.tassi, G.B.rnardi, G., 1998:
Distribution of genes in the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana and its implications for the genome organization of plants

Vendramin, G.G.; Anzidei, M.; Madaghiele, A.; Bucci, G., 1998:
Distribution of genetic diversity in Pinus pinaster Ait. as revealed by chloroplast microsatellites

Knoll, S.; Rowell Rahier, M., 1998:
Distribution of genetic variance and isolation by distance in two leaf beetle species: Oreina cacaliae and Oreina speciosissima

Carrier, D.J.lie; Van Beek, T.A.; Van Der Heijden, R.; Verpoorte, R., 1998:
Distribution of ginkgolides and terpenoid biosynthetic activity in Ginkgo biloba

Rogers, R.W.; Stride, C., 1997:
Distribution of grass species and attributes of grasses near a bore drain in a grazed semi-arid subtropical grassland

Aggarwal, P.K.; Chauhan, S.S.; Karmarkar, A.; Ananthanarayana, A.K., 1998:
Distribution of growth stresses in logs of Acacia auriculiformis

Horky, D.; Illek, J.; Pechova, A., 1998:
Distribution of heavy metals and their ultrahistochemical determination in the organs of calves

Horky, D.; Illek, J.; Pechova, A., 1998:
Distribution of heavy metals in calf organs

Jordao, C.P.; Pereira, J.L.; Jham, G.N.; Bellato, C.R., 1999:
Distribution of heavy metals in environmental samples near smelters and mining areas in Brazil

Angelova, V.; Ivanov, A.; Braikov, D., 1998:
Distribution of heavy metals in grapes of some dessert varieties grown in an industrially polluted region

Toli, K.; Misaelides, P.; Godelitsas, A., 1997:
Distribution of heavy metals in the aquatic environment of the Kerkini lake (N. Greece): an exploratory study

Pietrantonio, P.V.; Heinz, K., 1999:
Distribution of heliothine larvae in B.t. and non-B.t. cotton in Texas

Font, William F., 1997:
Distribution of helminth parasites of native and introduced stream fishes in Hawaii

Pabst, R.J.; Spies, T.A., 1998:
Distribution of herbs and shrubs in relation to landform and canopy cover in riparian forests of coastal Oregon

Besendorfer, V.; Samardzija, M.; Busic, M.; Solic, M.E.ita; Papes, D., 1997:
Distribution of heterochromatin and location of nucleolar organizing region in Allium commutatum Guss

Paczoska Eliasiewicz, H.; Rzasa, J., 1998:
Distribution of histamine in laying hen ovary

Schmid, A.; Becherer, C., 1999:
Distribution of histamine in the CNS of different spiders

Kushad, M.M.; Guidera, M.; Bratsch, A.D., 1999:
Distribution of horseradish peroxidase activity in horseradish plants

Subbarayudu, B.; Ram, RL., 1997:
Distribution of host plants of the lac insect, Kerria lacca (Kerr.)

Cathomas, G.; Stalder, A.; McGandy, C.E.; Mihatsch, M.J., 1998:
Distribution of human herpesvirus 8 DNA in tumorous and nontumorous tissue of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with and without Kaposi's sarcoma

Korotkov, Y.S.; Kislenko, G.S., 1997:
Distribution of hungry and gorged imagoes of Ixodes persulcatus (Ixodidae) as established by total tick counts on square plots

Felsot, A.S.; Cone, W.; Yu, J.; Ruppert, J.R., 1998:
Distribution of imidacloprid in soil following subsurface drip chemigation

X.W.nBin; Raoult, D., 1997:
Distribution of immunogenic epitopes on the two major immunodominant proteins (rOmpA and rOmpB) of Rickettsia conorii among the other rickettsiae of the spotted fever group

Afellah, M.; Ben Hamadi, I.; Smaili, C.; Hilal, A.; Chemseddine, M., 1997:
Distribution of infestation of the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae (Gmel.) (Dipt., Teph.) in an olive orchard in the Sais of Morocco

Stenger, R.; Priesack, E.; Beese, F., 1998:
Distribution of inorganic nitrogen in agricultural soils at different dates and scales

Ylmaz, H.; Turkdogan, K.; Berktas, M.; Akman, N.; Tuncer, I.; Algun, E.; Gul, A.; Goz, Y., 1997:
Distribution of intestinal parasites among 14 year olds and older patients admitted to the Parasitology Laboratory of the Medical Faculty, Yuzuncu Yl University

Alim, A.; Atas, A.D.; Vural, H.; Aygan, C.; Kahraman, O.; Keskek, Z.; Ozturk, S., 1998:
Distribution of intestinal parasites among the children aged 6-12 years in the Orphanage of Sivas province

Inceboz, T.; Canbolat, A.; Inan, S.; Ertabaklar, H.; Uner, A., 1998:
Distribution of intestinal parasites diagnosed between 1995-1996 in the Izmir Dr. Behcet Uz Children's Hospital

Guryuva, S.S.; Aktas, M.; Aydn, G., 1998:
Distribution of intestinal parasites in 4086 patients seen by the Parasitology Laboratory of the Refik Saydam Hygiene Centre in 1994-1995 in Ankara

Ozbilge, H.; Seyrek, A.; Aslan, G.; Tasc, S., 1998:
Distribution of intestinal parasites in Sanl Urfa

Ylmaz, H.; Cesur, Y.; Ozkaya, E.; Godekmerdan, A.; Gul, A., 1997:
Distribution of intestinal parasites in children aged 0-13 years admitted to the Parasitology Laboratory of the School of Medicine, Yuzuncu Yl University

Tanrverdi, S.; Kara, H.; Azder, A.K.; Koltas, S.; Ozcan, K., 1998:
Distribution of intestinal parasites in pre-school children

Curiel, D.; Bellemo, G.; Marzocchi, M.; Scattolin, M.; Parisi, G., 1998:
Distribution of introduced Japanese macroalgae Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyta) and Antithamnion pectinatum (Rhodophyta) in the Lagoon of Venice

Haidouti, C.; Massas, I., 1998:
Distribution of iron and manganese oxides in Haploxeralfs and Rhodoxeralfs and their relation to the degree of soil development and soil colour

Hekmat, S.; Mcmahon, D.J., 1998:
Distribution of iron between caseins and whey proteins in acidified milk

Mete, P.K.; Samanta, A., 1996:
Distribution of iron fractions in red and lateritic soils of West Bengal

Shim, M.Y.; Starr, J.L.; Neller, K.P.; Woodard, K.E.; Lee, T.A.Jr, 1998:
Distribution of isolates of Sclerotium rolfsii tolerant to pentachloronitrobenzene in Texas peanut fields

Draye, X.D.lvaux, B.S.ennen, R., 1999:
Distribution of lateral root primordia in root tips of Musa

Abreu, C.A.arecida De; Abreu, M.F.rreira De; Andrade, J.C.rlos De, 1998:
Distribution of lead in the soil profile evaluated by DTPA and Mehlich-3 solutions

Pielesz, A.; Wochowicz, A.; Baranowski, R., 1996:
Distribution of lead, cadmium, copper, zinc and iron in wool fleece

Novotny, V.; Leps, J., 1997:
Distribution of leafhoppers (Auchenorrhyncha, Hemiptera) on their host plant Oxyspora paniculata (Melastomataceae) in the understory of a diverse rainforest

Suda, A.; Hashimoto, O.; Ogawa, K.; Kurohmaru, M.; Hayashi, Y., 1998:
Distribution of lectin binding in spermatogonia of Syrian hamsters in gonadally active and inactive states

Himmat Singh, K.C.; Pokhriyal, T.C., 1998:
Distribution of leguminous and non-leguminous nitrogen fixing plants in relation to altitudinal variations in eastern part of Nepal

Mestres, F.; Serra, L., 1999:
Distribution of lethal genes and their allelism in the O chromosome of Drosophila subobscura

Skerratt, L.F.; Middleton, D.; Beveridge, I., 1999:
Distribution of life cycle stages of Sarcoptes scabiei var wombati and effects of severe mange on common wombats in Victoria

Ripa, R.; Rodriguez, F.; Rust, M.K.; Larral, I., 1999:
Distribution of liquid food and bait in colonies of Argentine ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Gorska Brylass, A.; Butowt, R.; Rodriguez Garcia, M.I., 1998:
Distribution of loosely-bound calcium in the vegetative and generative cells of the pollen grains in Chlorophytum elatum

Chen WenSheng; Aasted, B., 1997:
Distribution of lymphocytes in blood and tissues from mink infected with Aleutian disease parvovirus (ADV) - a pilot study

Kitagawa, H.; Hiratsuka, Y.; Imagawa, T.; Uehara, M., 1998:
Distribution of lymphoid tissue in the caecal mucosa of chickens

Bartos, L.; Perner, V., 1998:
Distribution of mating across season and reproductive success according to dominance in male red deer

Geetika Kalra; Bhatla, S.C., 1999:
Distribution of membrane-bound calcium and activated calmodulin in cultured protoplasts of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Zhao Jie; Zhou Chang; Yang HongYuan, 1998:
Distribution of membrane-bound calcium and activated calmodulin in isolated zygotes and young embryos of wheat

Kot, F.S.; Green Ruiz, C.; Paez Osuna, F.; Shumilin, E.N.; Rodriguez Meza, D., 1999:
Distribution of mercury in sediments from La Paz Lagoon, Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico

Gosar, M.; Pirc, S.; Sajn, R.; Bidovec, M.; Mashyanov, N.R.; Sholupov, S.E., 1997:
Distribution of mercury in the atmosphere over Idrija, Slovenia

Kragelund, L.; Hosbond, C.; Nybroe, O., 1997:
Distribution of metabolic activity and phosphate starvation response of lux-tagged Pseudomonas fluorescens reporter bacteria in the barley rhizosphere

Rahman, S.; Nagatomo, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Takaki, H., 1998:
Distribution of micro elements in an Andisol profile in Takatoge, Kagoshima, Japan

Patel, K.P.; Patel, K.C.; Ramani, V.P.; George, V., 1998:
Distribution of micronutrients and sulphur in profiles of some soil series in Amdavad district

Zhang HuanCho; X.H.ngQiang; Y.Y.anChun; Luo RuYing, 1997:
Distribution of micronutrients in parent rock-soil-forest system in the southern forestry areas of China

Sheeja, S.; Kabeerathumma, S.; Pillai, N.G., 1996:
Distribution of micronutrients in sweet potato growing soils of India

Balachandran, C.; Arumughan, C., 1998:
Distribution of mineral constituents in different regions of coconut endosperm

Lopez Fandino, R.; D.L.F.ente, M.A.gel; Ramos, M.; Olano, A., 1998:
Distribution of minerals and proteins between the soluble and colloidal phases of pressurized milks from different species

Correa, B.; Galhardo, M.; Costa, E.O.; Sabino, M., 1997:
Distribution of molds and aflatoxins in dairy cattle feeds and raw milk

Kostecki, M.; Grabarkiewicz Szczesna, J.; Golinski, P., 1997:
Distribution of moniliformin in different parts of corn plant inoculated with Fusarium subglutinans

Burlak, V.A.; Pankova, T.F., 1997:
Distribution of natural parasites, fungi and microspridians, in a population of malarial mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) before and after infection with the entomopathological bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

VandenBygaart, A.J.; Protz, R.; McCabe, D.C., 1999:
Distribution of natural radionuclides and 137Cs in soils of southwestern Ontario

Martinez Aguirre, A.; Perianez, R., 1999:
Distribution of natural radionuclides in sequentially extracted fractions of sediments from a marsh area in Southwest Spain: U isotopes

Pozdnyakov, S.E.; Shvydkiy, G.V.; Mikhailov, S.V., 1998:
Distribution of nematode larvae, Anisakis simplex, in fishes with different types of fat deposition

Hanel, Ladislav, 1998:
Distribution of nematodes in soil, mycorrhizal soil, mycorrhizae and roots of spruce forests at the Boubin Mount, Czech Republic

Anburaj, A.; Hemalatha, S.; Francis, K., 1996:
Distribution of nitrate reduction in maize, sorghum and pearl millet seedlings

Dias, M.A., 1989:
Distribution of nitrate reduction in two Portuguese rice cultivars: importance of the stem

Stoichev, D.; Stoicheva, D.; Kercheva, M.; Lazarov, A.; Dervenkov, K., 1998:
Distribution of nitrogen in the intermediate vadose zone of a watershed

Obarska Pempkowiak, H.; Klimkowska, K., 1999:
Distribution of nutrients and heavy metals in a constructed wetland system

Mitsimbonas, T.; Karyotis, T.; Haroulis, A.; Argyropoulos, G., 1996:
Distribution of nutrients and heavy metals in agricultural soils of Larissa region

D.R.jck, G.; Schrevens, E., 1998:
Distribution of nutrients and water in rockwool slabs

Tamimi, Y.; Matsuyama, D.; Ison-Takata, K.; Nakano, R., 1999:
Distribution of nutrients in cut-flower roses and the quantities of biomass and nutrients removed during harvest

Nebe, W.; Bartelt, D., 1999:
Distribution of nutrients in the aboveground biomass of select tree species in the Erzgebirge

Ben-Zvi, A.A.mon, B., 1998:
Distribution of occurrence days of runoff peaks in Israel and its shifts for high-discharge events

Aisen, E.G.; Alvarez, H.; Larreguy, D.O., 1995:
Distribution of oestrus in Australian Merino ewes after sychronization of oestrus with prostaglandins

Eguchi, Sei Ichi, 1998:
Distribution of opal phytoliths and their mother plants in the coastal zone of Japan

Chubirko, M.I.; Sharinova, L.F.; Popova, T.I.; Morozova, N.N.; Starostina, L.S., 1997:
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Distribution of peak flow derived from a distribution of rainfall volume and runoff coefficient, and a unit hydrograph

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Distribution of pesticides

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Distribution of phosphate in a plot

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Distribution of photo-induced and non-photo-induced sporulator physiotypes of Bipolaris oryzae in Japan

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Distribution of plant species in Israel in relation to spatial variation in rainfall

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Distribution of plasmid-borne stress protein genes in Streptococcus thermophilus and other lactic acid bacteria

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Distribution of populations of phyllophage insects in relation to the landscape/ecological characteristics of the sites

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Distribution of potassium and calcium in sweet potato by X-ray analytical microscope

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Distribution of potato viruses in Yugoslavia

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Distribution of potential dengue vectors in major townships along the national highways and trunk roads of northeast India

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Distribution of predaceous mites (Phytoseiidae) in orange tree (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck)

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Distribution of pressure from rubber track on soil

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Distribution of primary forest plant species in a 19-year old secondary forest in French Guiana

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Distribution of profits in companies incorporated under Civil Law - the example of dairy farms

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Distribution of prolactin-immunoreactive neurons in chicken brain

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Distribution of radionuclides in the wood and roots of Scots pine

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Distribution of rainfall and soil moisture content in the soil profile under citrus tree canopy and at the dripline

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Distribution of reduviid fauna in tropical rain forest (Western ghats) and Sivakasi (semi arid area) Tamil Nadu, south India

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Distribution of resources plants in the Mt. Homyong (Gyonggi-do)

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Distribution of restriction endonucleases among some entomopathogenic strains of Bacillus sphaericus

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Distribution of ripening of three strawberry cultivars in relation to average 24 hours' day air temperature

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Distribution of root-knot nematodes species and races infecting vegetable crops in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Distribution of salmonella in feeds of animal and plant origin

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Distribution of salts in newly reclaimed soils under sprinkler irrigation system

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Distribution of sandal spike disease in the forests of Tamil Nadu

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Distribution of saplings in relation to canopy conditions in an old growth beech (Fagus crenata)-Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) mixed forest in Sado Island, central Japan

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Distribution of sensitivity responses to cymoxanil within global populations of Phytophthora infestans

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Distribution of sensitizations in childhood asthma according to age. Correlation with clinical and pulmonary function data

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Distribution of serious lowland weeds in Oita Prefecture. 1. Distribution in northern and central districts of Oita Prefecture

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Distribution of small-mammal groupings in northern taiga forests in the lower reaches of the Onega basin

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Distribution of soil P and K as affected by NP-fertigation in high density apple orchards

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Distribution of soil actinomycetes and their relationship with soil properties beneath different forest communities

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Distribution of some characteristics in the sweet cherry progeny 'Bigarreau Burlat' x 'Stella'

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Distribution of some elements in soils of the Barada River bank in Syria

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Distribution of species attributes in secondary succession of an overgrazed pasture in East Hungary

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Distribution of species of the genus Trifolium L. in abandoned cultivated land

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Distribution of starch, soluble sugars and activities of invertases in soyabean explants under different sucrose concentrations and nitrogen sources

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Distribution of streptomycin-resistant strains of Erwinia amylovora in Israel and occurrence of blossom blight in the autumn

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Distribution of substance P binding sites in equine airways

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Distribution of sugars and related enzymes in the stem and blossom halves of 'Valencia' oranges

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Distribution of sulfate and organic carbon in a prairie till setting: natural versus industrial sources

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Distribution of sulfur within oilseed rape leaves in response to sulfur deficiency during vegetative growth

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Distribution of sylvatic species of Trichinella in Estonia according to climate zones

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Distribution of taxa with alkaloids and/or related compounds in Vikos-Aoos National Park (NW Greece)

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Distribution of the Anopheles quadrimaculatus sibling species complex in Louisiana

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Distribution of the Aphyllophorales over territory of St. Petersburg

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Distribution of the Asteraceae of Coahuila, Mexico

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Distribution of the CCR5 gene 32-bp deletion in Europe

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Distribution of the Colombian species of Uredinales in relation to taxonomical groups of its hosts

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Distribution of the Criconematidae in Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands

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Distribution of the ERE-1 family in Perissodactyla

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Distribution of the Japanese and Russian genotypes of Varroa jacobsoni

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Distribution of the Robertsonian translocation and its effect on fertility in cattle

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Distribution of the Simulium metallicum complex in Mexico in relation to selected environmental variables

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Distribution of the activity of triacyloglycerol lipase in the tissues of female Ascaris suum (Nematoda)

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Distribution of the blinding and nonblinding strains of Onchocerca volvulus in Nigeria

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Distribution of the causal fungi of dermatomycosis in cattle, goats and their in contact humans

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Distribution of the dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, 1806) in Italy: a public health problem

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Distribution of the fireflies Luciola cruciata, L. lateralis and Hotaria parvula in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, central Japan

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Distribution of the floating-leaf macrophyte Nelumbo lutea (American water lotus) in a coastal wetland on Lake Erie

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Distribution of the genus Trichius Fabricius, 1775 in eastern Germany (Col., Scarabaeidae, Trichiinae)

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Distribution of the insertion element IS240 among Bacillus thuringiensis strains

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Distribution of the invasive reed Phragmites australis relative to sediment depth in a created wetland

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Distribution of the isolates of different virulence groups of Verticillium dahliae in Hebei cotton-growing areas

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Distribution of the larval stages of Lepeophtheirus salmonis in three bays on the west coast of Ireland

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Distribution of the leaf scald pathogen in infected sugarcane stalks

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Distribution of the microbial biomass in forest soils of the Tuscan Apennines

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Distribution of the oestrous cycle and short luteal phases at the beginning of the postpartum period in crossbred cows

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Distribution of the organic phosphorus in red soil complexes and their correlation with soil phosphatase

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Distribution of the pepper nematode, Trophotylenchulus piperis on black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) roots

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Distribution of the red cereal leaf beetle (Oulema melanopus L.) and the blue cereal leaf beetle (Oulema lichenis Voet) in wheat crops

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Distribution of the soil seedbank and influence of fire on seedling emergence in Acacia saligna growing on the central coast of New South Wales

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Distribution of the tarnished plant bug (Heteroptera: Miridae) within cotton plants

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Distribution of the weed dogs mercury (Mercurialis annua L.) in Vas Department

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Distribution of thiabendazole-resistant Colletotrichum musae isolates from Guadeloupe banana plantations

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Distribution of three Hieracium species in the Mt Possession area, mid Canterbury, New Zealand

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Distribution of three genetic markers and malaria in other backward castes of Kheda district, Gujarat

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Distribution of throughfall and stemflow in multi-strata agroforestry, perennial monoculture, fallow and primary forest in central Amazonia, Brazil

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Distribution of tick-borne spirochetoses in the Baltic region in relation to their dissemination by migratory birds

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Distribution of tissue cysts in organs of rats fed Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

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Distribution of tobacco rattle virus in tubers of resistant and susceptible potatoes and systemic movement of virus into daughter plants

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Distribution of tocopherols and tocotrienols in the main products of wheat and rye milling

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Distribution of toxigenic Clostridium botulinum in soils of productive zones of gardens and other plants in Argentina

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Distribution of trace elements in several ombrotrophic peatbogs in the Bohemian massif

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Distribution of trace elements in soil from repeated sewage sludge applications

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Distribution of trace metals in different tissues in the rock oyster Crassostrea iridescens: seasonal variation

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Distribution of transposable elements in Drosophila species

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Distribution of tritiated dihydromicrocystin in swine

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Distribution of tuberose mild mosaic potyvirus in tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)

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Distribution of two isoforms of NADP-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase in soybean (Glycine max)

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Distribution of uranium-238 in environmental samples from a residential area impacted by mining and milling activities

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Distribution of urease in the seeds of some Egyptian species of Malvaceae and Tiliaceae

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Distribution of uropathogenic virulence factors among Escherichia coli strains isolated from dogs and cats

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Distribution of various forms of phosphorus in some typical soil profiles of Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh

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Distribution of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the natural ecosystem

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Distribution of viral antigen in uterus, placenta and foetus of cattle persistently infected with bovine virus diarrhoea virus

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Distribution of vitamin A, retinol-binding protein, cellular retinoic acid-binding protein I, and retinoid X receptor beta in the porcine uterus during early gestation

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Distribution of vitamin E in the liver of pigs of different ages

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Distribution of volatile sulfur compounds in an interspecific hybrid between onion (Allium cepa L.) and leek (Allium porrum L.)

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Distribution of water-stable aggregates and aggregating agents in Cerrado Oxisols

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Distribution of weed species in agricultural lands of Cheju Island

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Distribution of xylomycetophagous scolytids (Trypodendron and Xyleborus) in Estonia

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Distribution of yeast species in clinical specimens: comparison of CHROMagar Candida medium with biochemical identification method

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Distribution of zinc and lead fractions within a forest Spodosol

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Distribution of zinc and magnesium in buffalo, bull and ram semen and effect of cold shock

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Distribution of zinc in the substantia nigra of rats treated with 6-hydroxydopamine

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Distribution of zinc, copper and cadmium forms in soils as influenced by soil pH

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Distribution patter of trace element in Jilin central area's phaeozem in

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Distribution pattern and binomial sampling for Frankliniella occidentalis and Orius spp. in sweet pepper crops

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Distribution pattern and identity of powdery mildew of composites in the districts of Agra division

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Distribution pattern and substratum analysis of Shimla hill orchids

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Distribution pattern of Crocidolomia binotalis on cabbage at Hyderabad

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Distribution pattern of Diachlorini s. str. (Diptera: Tabanidae)

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Distribution pattern of Parthenium hysterophorus in cultivated and uncultivated lands

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Distribution pattern of a flavonoid extract in the gastrointestinal lumen and wall of rats

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Distribution pattern of diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) on cabbage at Hyderabad

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Distribution pattern of microflora in different forest areas

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Distribution pattern of moulds in cheese

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Distribution pattern of organotin compounds at different trophic levels of aquatic ecosystems

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Distribution pattern of rare earth elements in fern

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Distribution pattern of the sugarcane shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snellen

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Distribution pattern of vertical conveyor reapers in selected districts of Haryana (India)

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Distribution patterns and habitat characterization of Elmidae and Hydraenidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) in the Weidlingbach near Vienna, Austria

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Distribution patterns for stable 133Cs and their implications with respect to the long-term fate of radioactive 134Cs and 137Cs in a semi-natural ecosystem

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Distribution patterns of 104 kDa stress-associated protein in rice

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Distribution patterns of Microcotyle nemadactylus (Monogenea) on gill filaments of Cheilodactylus variegatus (Teleostei)

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Diversity of denitrifying microflora and ability to reduce N2O in two soils

Melzer, M.J.; Bidochka, M.J., 1998:
Diversity of double-stranded RNA viruses within populations of entomopathogenic fungi and potential implications for fungal growth and virulence

Mico, E.; Verdu, J.R.; Galante, E., 1998:
Diversity of dung beetles in Mediterranean wetlands and bordering brushwood

Ginwal, H.S.; Dubey, R.C.; Singh, R.P., 1996:
Diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in different central Himalayan oak forests

Chen Hang; Zhu YuJie; F.D.Zhi; Wang YinZheng, 1998:
Diversity of edible vegetables in China

Gers, C., 1998:
Diversity of energy fluxes and interactions between arthropod communities:from soil to cave

Danielson, P.; Foster, J.; Cooper, S.; Fogleman, J., 1999:
Diversity of expressed cytochrome P450 genes in the adult Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata

Griswold, K.; White, B.; Mackie, R., 1999:
Diversity of extracellular proteolytic activities among Prevotella species from the rumen

Baudry, J.; Jouin, A.; Thenail, C., 1998:
Diversity of field margins on farms in hedgerow landscapes

Dedieu, B.; Chabosseau, J.M.rc; Benoit, M.; Laignel, G., 1998:
Diversity of flock management in extensive conditions

Dietrich, M.; Scheidegger, C., 1998 :
Diversity of forest lichens in Switzerland. A pilot study in the central plateau and the pre-alps

Ito, Yosiaki, 1997:
Diversity of forest tree species in Yanbaru, the northern part of Okinawa Island

Dreyfus, P., 1999:
Diversity of functional approaches to stand dynamics and production - the relevance to forest management

Fukuda, M., 1999:
Diversity of genetic resources in the Shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes

Galosi, C.M.; Norimine, J.; Echeverría, M.G.; Oliva, G.A.; Nosetto, E.O.; Etcheverrigaray, M.E.; Tohya, Y.; Mikami, T., 1998:
Diversity of genomic electropherotypes of naturally occurring equine herpesvirus 1 isolates in Argentina

Hao ZhanQing; Tao DaLi; Zhao ShiDong, 1994:
Diversity of higher plants in broadleaved Korean pine and secondary birch forests on the northern slope of Changbai Mountain

Tyree, M.T.; Sobrado, M.A.; Stratton, L.J.; Becker, P., 1999:
Diversity of hydraulic conductance in leaves of temperate and tropical species: possible causes and consequences

Peever, T.L.; Liu, Y.C.; Milgroom, M.G., 2008:
Diversity of Hypoviruses and Other Double-Stranded RNAs in Cryphonectria parasitica in North America

Zhang ShiGuang; Wei JianFu; H.A.Min; J.G.angHai; Chen XingQuan; Huang Qiong, 1999:
Diversity of ice nucleation active bacteria on plants in Yunnan Province

Pangtey, Y.P.S.; Samant, S.S.; Ranal, R.S., 1996:
Diversity of introduced weeds in the flora of Naini Tal (Kumaun Himalaya)

Olaya, G.K.ller, W., 1999:
Diversity of kresoxim-methyl sensitivities in baseline populations of Venturia inaequalis

Pei YanLong; Lian Zheng; Gao LiZhi; Hong DeYuan, 1998:
Diversity of landraces and wild relatives of the soyabean in China

Zhang, Z.Y.; Wen, J.; Lu, B.R., 1997:
Diversity of leaf epidermal structures used in biosystematics of rice species

Greenblatt, C.L.; Davis, A.; Clement, B.G.; Kitts, C.L.; Cox, T.; Cano, R.J., 1999:
Diversity of microorganisms isolated from amber

Laguna Cerda, A.; Castillo Gonzalez, F.; Livera Munoz, M.; Lopez Peralta, M.C., 1998:
Diversity of morphological characters of ornamental interest in 86 half sib families of dahlia

Baba, Y.; Shimozawa, T., 1997:
Diversity of motor responses initiated by a wind stimulus in the freely moving cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus

Boonthavikoon, T., 1998:
Diversity of mushrooms in the natural pine-deciduous dipterocarp forest and pine plantation in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

Juskaitis, R., 1997:
Diversity of nest-boxes occupants in mixed forests of Lithuania

Juskaitis, R., 1997:
Diversity of nesting box occupants in mixed forests of Lithuania

Chen JingRong; Han SuFen, 1999:
Diversity of nodule bacteria isolated from the root nodules of leguminous trees in East China

Iannacone Oliver, J.A., 1998:
Diversity of parasitoid fauna of the leafminer fly, Liriomyza huidobrensis (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on beans in the Lima area of Peru

Mrfat Vukelic, S.; Kojic, M.; Ajder, S.; Dajic, Z., 1997:
Diversity of pasture communities flora - type Nardetum in Serbia

Bipin Behari; Rao, N.R., 1997:
Diversity of plant resources at Amortala, Doimara and Papum reserved forests, Arunachal Pradesh

Pulawska, J.; Malinowski, T.; Sobiczewski, P., 1998:
Diversity of plasmids of Agrobacterium tumefaciens isolated from fruit trees in Poland

Mars, M.; Marrakchi, M., 1999:
Diversity of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) germplasm in Tunisia

Chudzicka, E.; Skibinska, E., 1998:
Diversity of reactions of insect communities as a response to anthropogenic pressure

Wang, E.T.; van Berkum, P.; Sui, X.H.; Beyene, D.; Chen, W.X.; Martínez-Romero, E., 1999:
Diversity of rhizobia associated with Amorpha fruticosa isolated from Chinese soils and description of Mesorhizobium amorphae sp. nov

Hadri, A.E.; Spaink, H.P.; Bisseling, T.; Brewin, N.J., 1998:
Diversity of root nodulation and rhizobial infection processes

Germida, J.J.; Siciliano, S.D.; Freitas, J.R. de; Seib, A.M., 1998:
Diversity of root-associated bacteria associated with field-grown canola (Brassica napus L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Przybylska, J.; Zimniak Przybylska, Z.; Krajewski, P., 1999:
Diversity of seed albumins in some Lathyrus species related to L. sativus L.: an electrophoretic study

Przybylska, J.; Zimniak Przybylska, Z.; Krajewski, P., 1998:
Diversity of seed albumins in the grasspea (Lathyrus sativus L.): an electrophoretic study

Hartl, L.S.efelder, S., 1998:
Diversity of selected hop cultivars detected by fluorescent AFLPs

Jurgens, G.S.ano, A., 1999:
Diversity of soil Archaea in boreal forest before, and after clear-cutting and prescribed burning

Balagurunathan, R.; Xu, L.; Jiang, C., 1996:
Diversity of soil actinomycetes from South India and South China

Sharma, M.C.; Masih, S.K.; Sharma, C.B., 1998:
Diversity of some medicinal plants in in-situ plots

Katsifas, E.A.; Giannoutsou, E.P.; Karagouni, A.D., 1999:
Diversity of streptomycetes among specific Greek terrestrial ecosystems

Ayres, M.P.; Claussen, T.P.; MacleanStephen F.Jr.; Redman, A.M.; Reichardt, P.B., 1997:
Diversity of structure and antiherbivore activity in condensed tannins

Choe, Jae Chun, 1997:
Diversity of subcortical arthropod communities in tropical and temperate forests

Rodriguez Manzano, A.; Rodriguez Nodals, A.; Fundora Mayor, Z.; Castineiras Alfonso, L., 1999:
Diversity of taro Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott in Cuba. I. Subterranean organs

Rodriguez Manzano, A.; Rodriguez Nodals, A.; Fundora Mayor, Z.; Castineiras Alfonso, L., 1999:
Diversity of taro Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott in Cuba. II. Foliar organs

Benitez de Rojas, C.E., 1997:
Diversity of the Solanaceae in the Andes of Venezuela

Krajcovic, V., 1996:
Diversity of the environment in relation to biodiversity and to agricultural management systems in the West Carpathians

Stilmant, D.; Lecomte, P.; Fabry, L., 1998:
Diversity of the feeding value of conserved forage in three Belgian regions

Wipf, D.; Fribourg, A.; Munch, J.C.; Botton, B.; Buscot, F., 1999:
Diversity of the internal transcribed spacer of rDNA in morels

Ibarra Nunez, G.; Garcia Ballinas, J.A., 1998:
Diversity of three spider families (Araneae: Araneidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiidae) on coffee in Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico

Zygmunt, R., 1998:
Diversity of trees species vitality in the Swiety Krzyz strict reserve

Colas, V.; Lacourt, I.; Ricci, P.; Vanlerberghe-Masutti, F.; Poupet, A.; Panabières, F., 2008:
Diversity of Virulence in Phytophthora parasitica on Tobacco, as Reflected by Nuclear RFLPs

Hovemeyer, K., 1999:
Diversity patterns in terrestrial dipteran communities

Sarnaik, D.A.; Verma, S.K.; Verma, D.P., 1998:
Diversity studies in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

Mahto, J.L.; Singh, S.N., 1996:
Diversity studies in linseed

Clark, C.A.; Chen, C.; Ward-Rainey, N.; Pettis, G.S., 2008:
Diversity Within Streptomyces ipomoeae Based on Inhibitory Interactions, rep-PCR, and Plasmid Profiles

Zahran, Hh, 1997:
Diversity, adaptation and activity of the bacterial flora in saline environments

Clark, Lynn G., 1997:
Diversity, biogeography and evolution of Chusquea

Holmes, P.M.; Cowling, R.M., 1997:
Diversity, composition and guild structure relationships between soil-stored seed banks and mature vegetation in alien plant-invaded South African fynbos shrublands

Killeen, T.J.; Jardim, A.; Mamani, F.; Rojas, N., 1998:
Diversity, composition and structure of a tropical semideciduous forest in the Chiquitania region of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Mamgain, S.K., 1999:
Diversity, ecology and distribution of Indian Lactuceae (Asteraceae)

Fiala, B.; Jakob, A.; Maschwitz, U.; Linsenmair, K.E., 1999:
Diversity, evolutionary specialization and geographic distribution of a mutualistic ant-plant complex: Macaranga and Crematogaster in South East Asia

Pitrat, M.; Chauvet, M.; Foury, C., 1999:
Diversity, history and production of cultivated cucurbits

Lindroth, R.L.; Hwang ShawYhi, 1996:
Diversity, redundancy, and multiplicity in chemical defense systems of aspen

Assis, J.M.F.; Camillo, E., 1997:
Diversity, seasonality and aspects of biology of solitary wasps (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae, Vespidae) in trap-nests in the Ituiutaba region, MG

Lahde, E.; Laiho, O.; Norokorpi, Y., 1999:
Diversity-oriented silviculture in the Boreal Zone of Europe

Blekesaune, A.; Follo, G., 1999:
Divided opinions about milk. Dimensions of the milk debate in Norway

Anonymous, 1999:
Divided opinions on the risks of eating cheese made from unpasteurized milk

Kaiser, R.A.; Phillips, L.M., 1998:
Dividing the waters: water marketing as a conflict resolution strategy in the Edwards Aquifer region

Weber, H.C.etelat, A.C.ldelari, D.F.rmer, E., 1999:
Divinyl ether fatty acid synthesis in late blight-diseased potato leaves

Grechkin, A.N.; Hamberg, M., 1996:
Divinyl ether synthase from garlic (Allium sativum L.) bulbs: sub-cellular localization and substrate regio- and stereospecificity

Cooperband, L.R.; Gale, P.M.; Comerford, N.B., 1999:
Division S-2 - soil chemistry. Refinement of the anion exchange membrane method for soluble phosphorus measurement

Zhang ChunMing, 1999:
Division and development strategy of tourism in Altay prefecture, Xinjiang

Sokhi, S.S.; Munshi, G.D.; Kaur, S., 1998 :
Division of Nematology, Indian Institue of Horticultural Research, PO Hessarghatta, Bangalore 560 089, Karnataka, India

M.Q.ngWen; L.Z.aoZhe; Yang ShangMing; Zhao JinHua, 1997:
Division of Xilin Gol grassland in Inner Mongolia, China

Naug, D.; Gadagkar, R., 1998:
Division of labor among a cohort of young individuals in a primitively eusocial wasp

Trumbo, S.T.; Huang,; Robinson, G.E., 1997:
Division of labor between undertaker specialists and other middle-aged workers in honey bee colonies

Almeida, R. de; Soares, A.E.E., 1997:
Division of labour among worker honey bees homozygous and heterozygous for the mutant allele chartreuse-limao (chli)

Reznikova, Z.I.; Novgorodova, T.A., 1998:
Division of labour and exchange of information within ant colonies

Kharkiv, V.A., 1998:
Division of labour in a colony of the slavemaker Formica sanguinea (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) using an unusual slave species

Anonymous, 1998:
Division of responsibility for EU agricultural policy

Anonymous, 1998:
Division of responsibility for agricultural policy in the European Union

Bobrinev, V.P.; Malykh, O.F., 1998:
Division of the Chita territory into forest improvement regions

Baland, J.M.; Platteau, J.P., 1998 :
Division of the commons: a partial assessment of the new institutional economics of land rights

Brown, R.C.; Lemmon, B.E., 1998:
Division polarity and plasticity of the meiosis I spindle in Cypripedium californicum (Orchidaceae)

Missohou, A.; Bonfoh, B.; Kadanga, A.K., 1998:
Djallonke sheep at Kolokope (Togo): reproductive traits in ewes and viability of lambs

W.C.unFu; Wen Liu; Jing Liu; Yeh ChyonHwa, 1998:
Dl-Fenfluramine inhibits ethanol-induced ascorbic acid release in rat striatum studied by microdialysis

Keith, L.M.; Partridge, J.E.; Bender, C.L., 1999:
dnaK and the heat stress response of Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea

Kohl, K.I., 1997:
Do Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. ecotypes from metalliferous soils and non-metalliferous soils differ in growth response under Zn stress? A comparison by new artificial soil method

Jernstrom, H.; Johannsson, O.; Borg, A.; Olsson, H., 1998:
Do BRCA1 mutations affect the ability to breast-feed? Significantly shorter length of breast-feeding among BRCA1 mutation carriers compared with their unaffected relatives

Ranjan Ramasamy, 1998:
Do C3b-CR1 interactions contribute to rosette formation by Plasmodium falciparum?

Ashburn, D.; Joss, A.W.; Pennington, T.H.; Ho-Yen, D.O., 1998:
Do IgA, IgE, and IgG avidity tests have any value in the diagnosis of toxoplasma infection in pregnancy?

Weber, A.; Ewringmann, T.; Potel, J., 1998:
Do Listeria spp. cause abortion in the horse?

Rogers, M.E.; Evans, P.M., 1996:
Do Melilotus species have a role for saline areas in Australia?

Chandel, R.S.; Jain, S.P., 1998:
Do Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) harbinger grassroots level growth in agricultural R & D Process? : An enquiry through SWOT analysis

Taylor, A.; Seel, W.E., 1998:
Do Striga hermonthica-induced changes in soil matric potential cause the reduction in stomatal conductance and growth of infected maize plants?

Pehrson, B.; Danielsson, D.A., 1997:
Do Swedish farm animals need chromium supplements?

Current, D., 1997:
Do agroforestry systems generate benefits for rural communities? Research results from Central America and the Caribbean

Glagau, K., 1998:
Do air-extraction nozzles bring advantages?

Ricci, M.; Eaton, L., 1997:
Do all existing Sophora toromiro descend from one individual?

Robinson, S.P.; Remedios, D.; Davidson, R.N., 1998:
Do amoebic liver abscesses start as large lesions? Case report of an evolving amoebic liver abscess

Woodall, G.; Stewart, G., 1998:
Do anthocyanins play a role in UV protection of the red juvenile leaves of Syzygium?

Gould, K.S.; Quinn, B.D., 1999:
Do anthocyanins protect leaves of New Zealand native species from UV-B?

Hance, T., 1997:
Do aphids survive over summer in maize crops in Belgium? A test of the 'aphid reservoir' hypothesis

Boxem, T., 1998:
Do autumn calving cows have the best performance?

Clark, I.A.; Jacobson, L.S., 1998:
Do babesiosis and malaria share a common disease process?

Jay, J.M., 1997:
Do background microorganisms play a role in the safety of fresh foods?

Holl, Karen D., 1998:
Do bird perching structures elevate seed rain and seedling establishment in abandoned tropical pasture?

Wagner, R.H. {a}; 1 ; Davidar, P.; Schug, M.D.; Morton, E.S.; 1 Department of Biology, Y.U.iversity, N.Y.rk, O., M.J. 1P3, C., 1997:
Do blood parasites affect paternity, provisioning and mate-guarding in purple martins?

Derner, J.D.; Briske, D.D., 1999:
Do caespitose and rhizomatous grass growth forms constitute unique functional groups?

Mitchell, R.; Villalobos, C., 1999:
Do cattle prefer burned or non-burned Bothriochloa ischaemum?

Hansen, S.L., 1999:
Do changes in chemical composition during storage of raw onions (Allium cepa) influence the quality of deep fat fried onions?

Drouet, J.L.; Moulia, B.; Bonhomme, R., 1999:
Do changes in the azimuthal distribution of maize leaves over time affect canopy light absorption?

Rolls, B.J., 1999:
Do chemosensory changes influence food intake in the elderly?

Cashin, P.; Liang Hong; McDermott, C.J., 1999:
Do commodity price shocks last too long for stabilization schemes to work?

Buzby, J.C.; Ready, R.C., 1996:
Do consumers trust food-safety information?

Perrot, V., 1997:
Do consumers want or need novel food products?

Woods, R.K.; Weiner, J.M.; Abramson, M.; Thien, F.; Walters, E.H., 1998:
Do dairy products induce bronchoconstriction in adults with asthma?

Clark, L.J.; Barraclough, P.B., 1999:
Do dicotyledons generate greater maximum axial root growth pressures than monocotyledons?

Lemieux, H.; Blier, P.; Dutil, J.D., 1999:
Do digestive enzymes set a physiological limit on growth rate and food conversion efficiency in the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)?

Lemieux, H.; Blier, P.; Dutil, J.D., 1997:
Do digestive enzymes set a physiological limit upon growth rate and conversion efficiency in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)?

Feddersen Petersen, D.U., 1997:
Do dogs communicate when barking?

Davis, S.L.; Cheeke, P.R., 1998:
Do domestic animals have minds and the ability to think? A provisional sample of opinions on the question

Spinka, M.; Duncan, I.J.H.; Widowski, T.M., 1998:
Do domestic pigs prefer short-term to medium-term confinement?

Rhone, S.A.; Hogg, R.S.; Yip, B.; Sherlock, C.; Conway, B.; Schechter, M.T.; O'Shaughnessy, M.V.; Montaner, J.S., 1998:
Do dual nucleoside regimens have a role in an era of plasma viral load-driven antiretroviral therapy?

Onstad, D.W.; Gould, F., 1998:
Do dynamics of crop maturation and herbivorous insect life cycle influence the risk of adaptation to toxins in transgenic host plants?

Cairney, J.W.G.; Burke, R.M., 1998:
Do ecto- and ericoid mycorrhizal fungi produce peroxidase activity?

Ben Shahar, Raphael, 1996:
Do elephants over-utilize mopane woodlands in northern Botswana?

Dubbert, M.; Tscharntke, T., 1997:
Do endophyte fungi protect their host grasses from herbivory?

Muck Weymann, M.; Lukesch, J.; Kaltwasser, A.; Zeller, K.; Joraschky, P., 1999:
Do extracts of St. John's wort change autonomic functions in depressive patients?

Abraham Verghese; Devi, K.S., 1998:
Do fallen leaves indicate gall population on mango tree?

Freedman, R., 1997:
Do family planning programs affect fertility preferences? A literature review

Gisser, M.D.vila, A., 1998:
Do farm workers earn less? An analysis of the farm labor problem

Alden, E., 1998:
Do farmed mink need to swim?

Witcombe, J.R., 1999:
Do farmer-participatory methods apply more to high potential areas than to marginal ones?

Engsted, T., 1998:
Do farmland prices reflect rationally expected future rents?

Parri, S. {a}; 1 ; Alatalo, R.V.; Mappes, J.; 1 Department of Biological and Environmental Science, U. of Jyvaskyla, P.O.B.x 35, F.-40351 Jyvaskyla, F., 1998:
Do female leaf beetles Galerucella nymphaeae choose their mates and does it matter?

Jager, A. de; Mokwunye, A.U.; Smaling, E.M.A., 1998:
Do fertilizers play a major role in sustainable agricultural development in West Africa?

Denys, C., 1997:
Do field margins contribute to the enhancement of species diversity in a cleared arable landscape? Investigations on the insect community of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris L.)

Bronstein, J.L.; Vernet, D.; Hossaert Mckey, M., 1998:
Do fig wasps interfere with each other during oviposition?

Gibb, 1997:
Do flatfish feed like other fishes? A comparative study of percomorph prey-capture kinematics

Fineblum, W.L.; Rausher, M.D., 1997:
Do floral pigmentation genes also influence resistance to enemies? The W locus in Ipomoea purpurea

Ali, M.; Bi, J.; Young, S.; Felton, G., 1999:
Do foliar phenolics provide protection to Heliothis virescens from a baculovirus?

Jansen, P.A.G., 1997:
Do forest projects stand a chance in the fiscal green regulation?

Kirton, L.G.; Brown, V.K.; Azmi, M., 1999:
Do forest-floor wood residues in plantations increase the incidence of termite attack? - testing current theory

Mcelwain, J.C., 1998:
Do fossil plants signal palaeoatmospheric CO2 concentration in the geological past?

Meiracker, R.-Van-Den; Sabelis, M., 1999:
Do functional responses of predatory arthropods reach a plateau? A case study of Orius insidiosus with western flower thrips as prey

Skinner, M.F.; Payn, T.W.; Lowe, A.T.; Kimberley, M.O.; Graham, J.D., 1999:
Do genetic improvements in radiata pine seedlings confound their use as indicators of change in soil quality?

Chiapusio, G.S.nchez, A.; Reigosa, M.; Gonzalez, L.P.llissier, F., 1997:
Do germination indices adequately reflect allelochemical effects on the germination process?

Hahn, C.N.; Mayhew, I.G., 1999:
Do giraffe roar?

Piersma, Theunis, 1997:
Do global patterns of habitat use and migration strategies co-evolve with relative investments in immunocompetence due to spatial variation in parasite pressure?

Andlauer, W.; Furst, P., 1997:
Do grain, flour and bread help to prevent cancer?

Candolfi, M.P.; Koblet, W.; Candolfi Vasconcelos, M.C., 1997 :
Do grapevines mobilize wood reserves to ripen the fruit?

Beier, P.; Noss, R.F., 1998:
Do habitat corridors provide connectivity?

DeJong, T.M.; Tsuji, W.; Doyle, J.F.; Grossman, Y.L., 1997:
Do high density systems really pay? - Evaluation of high density systems for cling peaches

Barker, A.M.; Brown, N.J.; Reynolds, C.J.M., 1999:
Do host-plant requirements and mortality from soil cultivation determine the distribution of graminivorous sawflies on farmland?

Nguyen, M.H.; Clancy, C.J.; Yu, V.L.; Yu, Y.C.; Morris, A.J.; Snydman, D.R.; Sutton, D.A.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1998:
Do in vitro susceptibility data predict the microbiologic response to amphotericin B? Results of a prospective study of patients with Candida fungemia

Alexander, C.; Goodhue, R.E.; Rausser, G.C., 1999:
Do incentives matter? Product quality and contract incentives in processing tomatoes

Olff, H.; Bakker, J.P., 1998:
Do intrinsically dominant and subordinate species exist? A test statistic for field data

Remmers, G.G.A.; Stamatak, E.; Gadanaki, M., 1998:
Do it sistimatika: on the learning paradigm of Cretan organic olive growers seeking a rural future

Bailey, W.J., 1998:
Do large bushcrickets have more sensitive ears? Natural variation in hearing thresholds within populations of the bushcricket Requena verticalis (Listroscelidinae: Tettigoniidae)

Agrawal, Anurag A., 1997:
Do leaf domatia mediate a plant-mite mutualism? An experimental test of the effects on predators and herbivores

Trabaud, L.; Renard, P., 1999:
Do light and litter influence the recruitment of Cistus spp. stands?

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