Distribution of oestrus in Australian Merino ewes after sychronization of oestrus with prostaglandins

Aisen, E.G.; Alvarez, H.; Larreguy, D.O.

Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 15(3/4): 982-983


Accession: 003098190

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In 1993 and 1994, in Argentina, 428 and 150 Australian Merino ewes respectively were injected twice with 50 mu g prostaglandin, with an interval of 11 days between treatments. In the 2 years 81.6 and 63.3% respectively of ewes exhibited oestrus 15-23 days after the 2nd injection, and 75% of oestrous females conceived. The highest incidence of oestrus occurred on days 19-21 after the 2nd prostaglandin injection.