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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3100

Chapter 3100 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jermy, T., 1998:
Do light traps affect the overall density of insect populations?

Nykvist, N., 1998:
Do logs from tropical rain forests contain more plant nutrients than logs from temperate forests: a literature review

Maxcy, J.G., 1997:
Do long-term contracts influence performance in Major League Baseball?

Pfister, A., 1999:
Do measures against bark beetles cause infestion of new trees?

Tse, R.Y.C., 1998:
Do more tourists lead to higher levels of consumption?

Horry, J.P.; Dolezel, J.; Dolezelova, M.; Lysak, M.A., 1998:
Do natural A x B tetraploid bananas exist?

Willers, P., 1999:
Do nematodes play a role in avocados?

Fellowes, M.D.E., 1998:
Do non-social insects get the (kin) recognition they deserve?

Maas, R. van der, 1998:
Do not irrigate by feel

Wertheim, S.J.; Bootsma, J.H., 1999:
Do not take risks with CCC

Kreuter, M.W.; Brennan, L.K.; Scharff, D.P.; Lukwago, S.N., 1997:
Do nutrition label readers eat healthier diets? Behavioral correlates of adults' use of food labels

Ozcelik, S.; Sanlidag, T.; Celiksoz, A.; Sayg, G., 1997:
Do parasites produce beta-lactamases?

Bauchau, Vincent, 1997:
Do parasitic mites decrease growth of nestling pied flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca?

Dassi, B.; Dumas Gaudot, E.; Gianinazzi, S., 1998:
Do pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins play a role in bioprotection of mycorrhizal tomato roots towards Phytophthora parasitica?

Hsieh, S.D.; Yoshinaga, H., 1999:
Do people with similar waist circumference share similar health risks irrespective of height?

Leber, G., 1997:
Do pesticides have hormone-like effects?

Asthir, B.; Kaur, A.; Basra, A.S., 1998:
Do phytohormones influence the uptake and metabolism of sucrose in spikelets of wheat?

Kuznetsov, V.V.; Bavrina, T.V.; Fam, Z.K.; Litonova, G.N.; Yatsenko, I.A., 1997:
Do phytohormones regulate the synthesis of heat shock proteins in plants?

Bennetzen, J.L.; Kellogg, E.A., 2002:
Do Plants Have a One-Way Ticket to Genomic Obesity?

Woodward, Fi, 1998:
Do plants really need stomata?

Nyenhuis, H., 1998:
Do polecat, stoat and weasel have an effect on the population of wild rabbits?

Battaglia, Emilio, 1998:
Do polysiphonous pollen grains perform aspermatic or anucleate siphonogamy?

Pacejka, A.J.; Gratton, C.M.; Thompson, C.F., 1998:
Do potentially virulent mites affect house wren (Troglodytes aedon) reproductive success?

Camlitepe, Y.; Stradling, D.J., 1998:
Do red wood ant Formica rufa use group specific pheromones for route fidelity? A preliminary survey

Black, R., 1999:
Do refugees degrade the environment? Examples from Senegal and Guinea

Baas, R.; Berg, D. van den; Gislerod, H.R., 1997:
Do roots of rose cuttings suffer from oxygen deficiency during propagation in rockwool?

Cartea, M.; Revilla, P.B.tron, A.M.lvar, R.; Ordas, A., 1999:
Do second cycle maize inbreds preserve the European flint heterotic group?

Duplat, P.; Demarcq, P.; Demolis, C., 1997:
Do silvicultural sheared strips lead to differences between edge trees and inside trees in a young stand of sessile oak?

Schlatte, G.; Kampichler, C.; Kandeler, E., 1998:
Do soil microarthropods influence microbial biomass and activity in spruce forest litter?

Kula, E.; Richterova, D., 1999:
Do solid immissions actually influence rime occurrence?

Harvey, W.J.; Cornwallis, L.J.; Butler, R.C., 1999:
Do specific gravity measurements really predict the dry matter content. Getting it right for process

Cook, R.L.; Rosenberg, M.J., 1998:
Do spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 prevent sexually transmitted infections? A meta-analysis

Jakus, P.M.; Downing, M.; Bevelhimer, M.S.; Fly, J.M., 1997:
Do sportfish consumption advisories affect reservoir anglers' site choice?

Cabin, R.; Mitchell, R.; Marshall, D., 1998:
Do surface plant and soil seed bank populations differ genetically? A multipopulation study of the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri (Brassicaceae)

Stachewicz, V.H.; Enzian, S., 1998:
Do temperature and rainfall limit the occurrence of potato wart in Germany?

Harris, H.E.; Ellison, G.T., 1997:
Do the changes in energy balance that occur during pregnancy predispose parous women to obesity?

Thakur, C.P.; Sinha, G.P.; Pandey, A.K.; Kumar, N.; Kumar, P.; Hassan, S.M.; Narain, S.; Roy, R.K., 1998:
Do the diminishing efficacy and increasing toxicity of sodium stibogluconate in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in Bihar, India, justify its continued use as a first-line drug? An observational study of 80 cases

Hallgren, E., 1996:
Do the weed flora and effect of a herbicide change with time?

Hubmann, M.; Schiebel, W.; Haas, R., 1997:
Do they like the relaunch?

Miller, J.; Bird, P.; Maritz, J., 1999:
Do triploids hold the key to future mandarin cultivars?

Keita-Perse, O.; Roger, P.M.; Pradier, C.; Pugliese, P.; Cottalorda, J.; Dellamonica, P., 1998:
Do viral load and CD8 cell count at initiation of tritherapy influence the increase of CD4 T-cell count?

Landa, A.; Krogstad, S.; Tommeras, B.A.e; Tufto, J., 1998:
Do volatile repellents reduce wolverine Gulo gulo predation on sheep? Results of a large-scale experiment

Mackerras, D., 1998:
Do we agree on the interpretation of some commonly used indicators?

Sever, S.; Horvat, D., 1997:
Do we have a concept of state forests?

Narjes, H.J., 1999:
Do we have overmechanization of harvesters?

Stock, D., 1997:
Do we need adjuvants? Mechanistic studies and implications for future developments

Anonymous, 1996:
Do we need an increase in quota?

Wolton, R., 1999:
Do we need hedges anymore?

Haller, P., 1999:
Do we need new timber construction methods? A contribution to the development of nailed laminated timber

Heller, K.J., 1997:
Do we still need a 'mild yoghurt'?

Kofink, H., 1999:
Do we still need a German Sport Teachers Federation? Yesterday German Sports Teachers Organization (DTLV), today German Sport Teachers Federation (DSLV) and tomorrow?

Cotton, D., 1998:
Do we still need a cohort study of women with HIV infection?

Boussard, J.M., 1997:
Do we still need agricultural policies?

Zimmer, M.; Topp, W., 1998:
Do woodlice (Isopoda: Oniscidae) produce endogenous cellulases?

Hirashima, Y.; Inokuchi, M.; Yamagishi, K., 1999:
Do you believe a swimming wasp?

Diaz Amaris, C.; Quiros Davila, J.E., 1998:
Do you know how much the birds eat in a maize field?

Vanky, K.; Bauer, R.; Begerow, D., 1998:
Doassinga, a new genus of Doassansiales

Speeti, M., 1998:
Doberman hepatitis

Linhart, J., 1999:
Doc. Osvald's legacy to current hop testing

Seitz, H.M.; Gottwald, F.; Proft, J.; Wingen, F.; Maier, W., 1998:
Docetaxel (TaxotereReg.): effectiveness against Plasmodium falciparum in vitro and Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis in vivo

Conquer, J.A.; Holub, B.J., 1997:
Docosahexaenoic acid (omega-3) and vegetarian nutrition

Martinez, M., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic acid ethyl ester as a treatment for patients with generalized peroxisomal disorders

Clandinin, M.T.; Claerhout, D.L.; Lien, E.L., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic acid increases thyroid-stimulating hormone concentration in male and adrenal corticotrophic hormone concentration in female weanling rats

Bechoua, S.; Dubois, M.; Némoz, G.; Lagarde, M.; Prigent, A.F., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic acid lowers phosphatidate level in human activated lymphocytes despite phospholipase D activation

Spector, A.A.; Moore, S.A.; Yorek, M.A., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic acid metabolism and function in the central nervous system: studies with cell culture model systems

Wright, T.; McBride, B.; Holub, B., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic acid-enriched milk

Boehm, G.; Müller, H.; Kohn, G.; Moro, G.; Minoli, I.; Böhles, H.J., 1997:
Docosahexaenoic and arachidonic acid absorption in preterm infants fed LCP-free or LCP-supplemented formula in comparison to infants fed fortified breast milk

Madsen, L.; Frøyland, L.; Dyrøy, E.; Helland, K.; Berge, R.K., 1998:
Docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acids are differently metabolized in rat liver during mitochondria and peroxisome proliferation

Emmett, J., 1999:
Doctor's orders

Uriarte, F.J.; Ell, S.R., 1997:
Doctor, there are maggots in my nose

Shi BiQing; Fang Wei; Wang XueQing, 1998:
Document analysis for articles studying Phyllostachys pubescens in China

Quek, P., 1997:
Documenting indigenous knowledge - a challenge for all

Smith, G.F., 1999:
Documenting plant diversity on a global scale: recent progress with the Species Plantarum: Flora of the World project

Gomez Fort, R., 1999:
Documenting the details: implementation of the Plan of Management through a visitor management strategy

Dougherty, M.H.milton, G., 1997:
Dodecanoic acid is the oviposition pheromone of Lutzomyia longipalpis

Tao, R.; Ozawa, K.; Tamura, M.; Sugiura, A., 1997:
Dodecaploid plant regeneration from endosperm culture of persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)

Pengelly, A., 1999:
Dodonea viscosa

Gratton, C.; Welter, S.C., 1999:
Does enemy-free space exist? Experimental host shifts of an herbivorous fly

Prostermann, R., 1998:
Does the danger of private property for land exist?

Chen, K.; Hui JianGuo; Chen, P., 1999 :
Does China discriminate among origins in the pricing of its wheat imports?

Sinha, P.; Ghoshal, U.C.; Choudhuri, G.; Naik, S.; Ayyagari, A.; Naik, S.R., 1997:
Does Entamoeba histolytica cause irritable bowel syndrome?

Grant, I.R., 1998:
Does Mycobacterium paratuberculosis survive current pasteurization conditions?

Buryskova, L., 1999:
Does Pivot 100 LC damage subsequent cultivation of sugarbeet?

Huang, K.; Gordh, G., 1998:
Does Trichogramma australicum Girault (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) use kairomones to recognise eggs of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)?

Jerome, N.; Mousset, J.L.; Messager, B., 1998:
Does a recommended feed ration exist?

Skinner, D.C.; Evans, N.P.; Malpaux, B., 1997:
Does a short loop feedback mechanism for the control of luteinizing hormone secretion exist in the ewe?

Baumgartner, R.N.; Ross, R.; Heymsfield, S.B., 1998:
Does adipose tissue influence bioelectric impedance in obese men and women?

Mossman, C.A.; Srivastava, N.P., 1999:
Does aggressive behavior of Peromyscus leucopus influence isolation of habitat islands?

Niklowitz, M.; Eich Hoechli, D., 1997:
Does alcohol consumption correlate with sexual risk behavior? A conceptional discussion based on a sample of HIV-infected gay men

E.Khatib, A.A., 1998:
Does allelopathy involve in the association pattern of Trifolium resupinatum?

Glynn, A.W.; Thuvander, A.; Sundström, B.; Sparen, A.; Danielsson, L.G.; Jorhem, L., 1999:
Does aluminium stimulate the immune system in male rats after oral exposure?

Hegedus, A.; Erdei, S.; Barnabas, B.; Horvath, G., 1998:
Does aluminium-stress impair the photosynthetic activity in wheat?

Art, T.; Duvivier, D.H.; Votion, D.; Anciaux, N.; Vandenput, S.; Bayly, W.M.; Lekeux, P., 1998:
Does an acute COPD crisis modify the cardiorespiratory and ventilatory adjustments to exercise in horses?

Dagg, J.; Scheurer, S., 1997:
Does aphids' ammonia excretion limit their ant attendance?

Krug, H.; Kailuweit, D., 1999:
Does asparagus cultivation pose an environmental risk? N-fertilizers, Nmin-residues and yield

Bachmann, H.P., 1998:
Does aspartate metabolism contribute to the late-blowing defect?

Borgmann, K.L.; Waller, D.M.; Rooney, T.P., 1999:
Does balsam fir (Abies balsamea) facilitate the recruitment of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)?

Anonymous, 1997:
Does better nutrition improve academic achievement? Yes

Chandran, Suresh, 1997:
Does biotechnology need a new database treaty?

Julio; Montpetit; Perry, 1998:
Does blood acid-base status modulate catecholamine secretion in the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)?

Schek, A., 1998:
Does butter prevent atherosclerosis and cancer?

Rommers, J.M.; Meijerhof, R., 1998:
Does cage size affect the productivity and welfare of female rabbits?

Wingerden, W.K.R.E. van; Heeren, N.M., 1998:
Does cattle grazing facilitate Stenobothrus stigmaticus (Rambur) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) by improving quality and accessibility of Deschampsia flexuosa?

Andlauer, W.; Furst, P., 1999:
Does cereal reduce the risk of cancer?

Kovaleva, L.V.; Roshchina, V.V., 1997:
Does cholinesterase take part in the pollen-pistil intercellular interactions?

Parfitt, R.L.; Hill, L.F.; Scott, N.A., 1997:
Does contact of Pinus radiata slash with soil influence post-harvest nutrient losses?

Barry, P., 1997:
Does cranberry juice play a therapeutic role in urinary tract infections? A literature review

Benoit, D.L.; Cavers, P.B., 1998:
Does cropping sequence affect the abundance and physical state of Chenopodium seeds in the seed bank?

Reano, R.; Pham, J.L., 1998:
Does cross-pollination occur during seed regeneration at the International Rice Genebank?

Olsen, S.F.; Salvig, J.D.; Secher, N.J., 1998:
Does dietary docosahexaenoic acid in human pregnancy affect offspring brain development: opportunities for research

Hwang ; Ryan, D., 1998:
Does dietary linoleic acid attenuate the efficacy of n-3 fatty acids in suppressing arachidonic acid metabolism?

Veenstra, K.; Byrne, D., 1999:
Does dispersal affect the reproductive physiology of the sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci?

Pinckney, T.C., 1997:
Does education increase agricultural productivity in Africa?

Pelleymounter, M.A.; Baker, M.B.; McCaleb, M., 1999:
Does estradiol mediate leptin's effects on adiposity and body weight?

Weston, S.B.; Zhou, S.; Weatherby, R.P.; Robson, S.J., 1997:
Does exogenous coenzyme Q10 affect aerobic capacity in endurance athletes?

Heggset, O.S., 1998:
Does extra acid in the feed at whelping time affect the incidence of metritis or litter size?

Ganga, Z.N.; Posa, M.C., 1996:
Does farmer participation make a difference? Selection of sweetpotatoes in the northern Philippine highlands

Messias de Bragan ca, M.; Mounier, A.M.; Prunier, A., 1998:
Does feed restriction mimic the effects of increased ambient temperature in lactating sows?

Ribeiro, K.T.; Madeira, J.A.; Monteiro, R.F., 1998:
Does flooding favour galling insects?

Sandeep Mohapatra; Barrett, C.B.; Snyder, D.L.; Basudeb Biswas, 1999:
Does food aid really discourage food production?

Sarapatka, B.; Dlouhy, J., 1998:
Does food price reflect its real costs for production?

Grushecky, S.T.; Liebhold, A.M.; Greer, R.; Smith, R.L., 1998:
Does forest thinning affect predation on gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) larvae and pupae?

Murali, K.S.; Setty, R.S.ddappa; Ganeshaiah, K.N.; Shaanker, R.U.a, 1998:
Does forest type classification reflect spatial dynamics of vegetation? An analysis using GIS techniques

Langlois, B., 1999:
Does free mating permit genetic management of populations?

Hymus; Ellsworth; Baker; Long, 1999:
Does free-Air carbon dioxide enrichment affect photochemical energy use by evergreen trees in different Seasons? A chlorophyll fluorescence study of mature loblolly pine

Przybylski, M.; Felsenstein, D.; Freeman, D.; Littlepage, L., 1998:
Does gambling complement the tourist industry? Some empirical evidence of import substitution and demand displacement

Guedon, G.; Bourgoin, F.; Decaris, B., 1998:
Does gene horizontal transfer occur in lactic acid bacteria co-cultures?

Skinner, D.C.; Caraty, A.; Evans, N.P., 1998:
Does gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the cerebrospinal fluid modulate luteinizing hormone release?

Denmead, O.T.; Mayocchi, C.L.; Dunin, F.X., 1997 :
Does green cane harvesting conserve soil water?

Hooftman, D.A.P.; Diemer, M.; Lienert, J.; Schmid, B., 1999:
Does habitat fragmentation reduce the long-term survival of isolated populations of dominant plants? A field design

Almond, L.; Harris, J., 1997:
Does health related exercise deserve a hammering or help?

Piroth, L.; Duong, M.; Quantin, C.; Abrahamowicz, M.; Michardiere, R.; Aho, L.S.; Grappin, M.; Buisson, M.; Waldner, A.; Portier, H.; Chavanet, P., 1998:
Does hepatitis C virus co-infection accelerate clinical and immunological evolution of HIV-infected patients?

Ramondenc, I.; Pinel, C.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Grillot, R., 1998:
Does hydrocortisone modify the in vitro susceptibility of Aspergillus fumigatus to itraconazole and amphotericin B?

Bowen, R.A.; Wierzbicki, A.A.; Clandinin, M.T., 1999:
Does increasing dietary linolenic acid content increase the docosahexaenoic acid content of phospholipids in neuronal cells of neonatal rats?

Makarova, O.V., 1997:
Does it pay to produce potatoes in the Ryazan' province at the present time?

Lerman, Z., 1998:
Does land reform matter? Some experiences from the former Soviet Union

Osborne; Roche; Garcia; Kimball; Wall; Pinter; Morte; Hendrey; Long, 1998:
Does leaf position within a canopy affect acclimation of photosynthesis to elevated CO2?. Analysis Of a wheat crop under free-air co2 enrichment

Lazarini, C.A.; Vassilieff, I., 1998:
Does magnesium chloride modify aldrin-induced neurotoxicity in rats?

Stanner, S.A.; Bulmer, K.; Andrès, C.; Lantseva, O.E.; Borodina, V.; Poteen, V.V.; Yudkin, J.S., 1997:
Does malnutrition in utero determine diabetes and coronary heart disease in adulthood? Results from the Leningrad siege study, a cross sectional study

Parker, W.E., 1998:
Does mapping have a role in potato cyst nematode (Globodera rostochiensis & G. pallida) management strategies?

Kuroda, H.; Nakahara, K.; Murakami, N., 1998:
Does melatonin really suppress the testosterone release in rat Leydig cell in vitro?

Orth, D.; Carrere, P.; Lefevre, A.; Duquet, P.; Michelin, Y.; Josien, E.; L.H.mme, G., 1998:
Does mixed grazing by horses and cattle under conditions of understocking affect forage use?

Jensen, T.K.; Hjollund, N.H.; Henriksen, T.B.; Scheike, T.; Kolstad, H.; Giwercman, A.; Ernst, E.; Bonde, J.P.; Skakkebaek, N.E.; Olsen, J., 1998:
Does moderate alcohol consumption affect fertility? Follow up study among couples planning first pregnancy

De-Groot, R.; Evans, J., 1999:
Does more preservative mean a better product?

Gusewell, S., 1998:
Does mowing in summer reduce the abundance of common reed (Phragmites australis)?

Roff, D.A.; Mousseau, T.A., 1999:
Does natural selection alter genetic architecture? An evaluation of quantitative genetic variation among populations of Allonemobius socius and A. fasciatus

Schwenke, G.D.; Peoples, M.B.; Turner, G.L.; Herridge, D.F., 1998:
Does nitrogen fixation of commercial, dryland chickpea and faba bean crops in north-west New South Wales maintain or enhance soil nitrogen?

Wilkinson, E.A.J., 1998:
Does oral zinc aid the healing of chronic leg ulcers? A systematic literature review

Mantinger, H., 1999:
Does our present day assortment of apple varieties match market requirements?

Witcombe, J.R., 1999:
Does plant breeding lead to a loss of genetic diversity?

Shatar, T., 1998:
Does precision agriculture make economic sense?

Weisser, M.; Rudin, C.; Battegay, M.; Pfluger, D.; Kully, C.; Egger, M., 1998:
Does pregnancy influence the course of HIV infection?

Joyce, D.C.; Johnson, G.I.; Gosbee, M.J., 1998:
Does preharvest stress of plants affect postharvest decay of their fruit?

Collazos, J., 1997:
Does prior tuberculosis protect human immunodeficiency virus-infected persons from Mycobacterium avium complex disease?

Baghurst, P.; Record, S.; Syrette, J., 1997:
Does red meat cause cancer?

Wessels, J.; Anandajayasekeram, P.; Rooyen, C.J. van; Marasas, C.; Littlejohn, G.; Coetzee, C., 1998:
Does research and development pay - the case for Proteaceae

Monath, T.P.; Giesberg, J.A.; Fierros, E.G., 1998:
Does restricted distribution limit access and coverage of yellow fever vaccine in the United States?

Sunil Kanwar, 1999:
Does risk matter? The case of wage-labour allocation by owner-cultivators

Maekawa, M.; Rikiishi, K.; Matsuura, T.; Noda, K., 1997:
Does root participate in cool-injury tolerance at the booting stage in rice?: a preliminary study

Beyers, J.L.; Wohlgemuth, P.M.; Wakeman, C.D.; Conard, S.G., 1998:
Does ryegrass seeding control postfire erosion in chaparral?

Drevon, J.J.; Fleurat Lessard, P.; Irekti, H.; Jaillard, B.; Payre, H., 1998:
Does salinity affect the morphology of parenchyma cells in N2-fixing nodules of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)?

Fernald, L.; Ani, C.C.; Grantham McGregor, S., 1997:
Does school breakfast benefit children's educational performance?

Stone, J.S.; Rideout, D.B., 1997:
Does sealed bidding promote competition in the auctioning of public timber?

Fort, K.P.; Richards, J.H., 1998:
Does seed dispersal limit initiation of primary succession in desert playas?

Cloete, S.W.P.; Greeff, J.C.;, E., 1997:
Does selection for an increased clean fleece weight affect the coefficient of variation of fibre diameter?

Djawdan, M.; Rose, M.R.; Bradley, T.J., 1997:
Does selection for stress resistance lower metabolic rate?

Eckert, C.; Schaefer, A., 1998:
Does self-pollination provide reproductive assurance in Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae)?

Liukkonen Anttila, T.; Putaala, A.; Hissa, R., 1999:
Does shifting from a commercial to a natural diet affect the nutritional status of hand-reared grey partridges Perdix perdix?

Brun, J.M.; Poujardieu, B., 1998:
Does size reduction in female rabbits effect the total weight of weaned young rabbits by time unit?

Clemens, J.; Huschka, A., 1998:
Does slurry treatment reduce laughing gas emission?

Daw, S.K.; Destefano, S.; Steidl, R.J., 1998:
Does survey method bias the description of northern goshawk nest-site structure?

Heins, V., 1997:
Does the CBD matter? A case of Hoechst research centre in India

Buckingham, D.E., 1998:
Does the World Trade Organization care about ecosystem health? The case of trade in agricultural products

Bauhus, Juergen, 1998:
Does the abscission of fine roots lead to immobilization of nitrogen in microbial biomass during in situ soil nitrogen mineralization measurements?

Barat, L.; Chipipa, J.; Kolczak, M.; Sukwa, T., 1999:
Does the availability of blood slide microscopy for malaria at health centers improve the management of persons with fever in Zambia?

Anonymous, 1997:
Does the boom in organic milk products point to a huge undiscovered market?

Anonymous, 1998:
Does the breeding of fallow deer in enclosures pose a problem for animal welfare?

Lipovsky, M.M.; van Elden, L.J.; Walenkamp, A.M.; Dankert, J.; Hoepelman, A.I., 1998:
Does the capsule component of the Cryptococcus neoformans glucuronoxylomannan impair transendothelial migration of leukocytes in patients with cryptococcal meningitis?

Vindedzis, S.A.; McCann, V.J., 1997:
Does the eating match the teaching? Food habits in people with non insulin dependent diabetes

López-Osuna, M.; Velázquez, J.R.; Kretschmer, R.R., 1997:
Does the eosinophil have a protective role in amebiasis?

Agabita, M.F.; Gregori, M., 1997:
Does the farm business have a strategy?

Konnert, M.; Spiecker, H., 1996:
Does the felling of individual trees influence the genetic structure of stands?

Debras, J.F.; Faivre d' Arcier, F.; Buffiere, M.J.; Rieux, R.; Simon, S.; Kretzschmar, A., 1998:
Does the global load in a pear orchard of psyllids and predators describe an equilibrium of predators/prey and does it permit a control strategy?

Jarvi, A.; Karlstrom, B.; Vessby, B., 1998:
Does the glycemic index concept work in practice?

Stefanic, I.; Rozman, B., 1997:
Does the integrator's strength affect competitiveness of hog production in Croatia?

Omarov, M.D.; Omarova, Z.M., 1997:
Does the method of propagation affects the root system in feijoa?

Stelter, C., 1998:
Does the modelling of habitat quality by a single capacity suffice for understanding the population dynamics of butterflies?

Whitehead, P.F., 1998:
Does the plain tiger, Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Danainae) breed in Greece?

Raffaella, D.C.; Andrea, A.; Lucia, G.; Agostino, S.; Franco, S.G., 1998:
Does the pre-treatment of sunflower seedlings with Cd influence the effects of ozone on photosynthesis?

Shindler, B., 1998:
Does the public have a role in forest management? Canadian and U.S. perspectives

Eckstein, D.; Burgert, I., 1998:
Does the ray tissue contribute to the biomechanics of living trees?

Fortun Lamothe, L.; Bolet, G., 1998:
Does the size of the female parent affect reproductive ability?

Wilde, G.; Roozeboom, K.; Claassen, M.; Sloderbeck, P.; Witt, M.; Janssen, K.; Harvey, T.; Kofoid, K.; Brooks, L.; Shufran, R., 1999:
Does the systemic insecticide imidacloprid (Gaucho) have a direct effect on yield of grain sorghum?

Sakai, S.; Harada, Y., 1998:
Does the trade-off between growth and reproduction select for female-biased sexual allocation in cosexual plants?

Scholes, R.J., 1999:
Does theory make a difference?

Liebhold, A.M.; Muzika, R.M.rie; Gottschalk, K.W., 1998:
Does thinning affect gypsy moth dynamics?

Doussot, R., 1997:
Does thinning make trees grow faster? The case of beech

Riso, P.; Pinder, A.; Santangelo, A.; Porrini, M., 1999:
Does tomato consumption effectively increase the resistance of lymphocyte DNA to oxidative damage?

Drury, J.A.; Nycyk, J.A.; Baines, M.; Cooke, R.W., 1998:
Does total antioxidant status relate to outcome in very preterm infants?

Lee, H.L.; Mustafakamal, I.; Rohani, A., 1997:
Does transovarial transmission of dengue virus occur in Malaysian Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus?

Jones, S.; Sadler, T.; Low, N.; Blott, M.; Welch, J., 1998:
Does uptake of antenatal HIV testing depend on the individual midwife? Cross sectional study

Chandran, K.; Rajgopal, K.; Radhakrishnan, T., 1998:
Does variability exist in the old groundnut cultivar TMV 2 collected from different parts of southern India?

Bullock, D.G.; Bullock, D.S.; Nafziger, E.D.; Doerge, T.A.; Paszkiewicz, S.R.; Carter, P.R.; Peterson, T.A., 1998:
Does variable rate seeding of corn pay?

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Doing policy work

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Domovictus - functionality of whey-based texture improvers for yoghurt

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Domtar Papers' land application: experience at Cornwall

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Don't give your heifers a holiday this summer!

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Don't leave EMU to chance - a banking perspective

Anonymous, 1998:
Don't lose sight of senior citizens as a market with growth potential

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Don't overdo it with pollenizers

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Dongkui Yangmei, a very promising arbutus variety

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Donkey feeding

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Doping: seeking the causes

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Doramectin and levamisole for the control of cattle helminths at the beginning of the dry season

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Doronomyrmex kutteri (Buschinger, 1965) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) - a representative of a genus new to Poland

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Dose confirmation study of a 10 g liter-1 non-aqueous injectable formulation of moxidectin against naturally acquired infestations of cattle lice on cattle in New York

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Dose effect and benefits of glycopyrrolate in the treatment of bradycardia in anesthetized dogs

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Dose mortality response of Tribolium confusum larvae to malathion

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Dose-dependent selective cytotoxicity of extracts from marine green alga, Cladophoropsis vaucheriaeformis, against mouse leukemia L1210 cells

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Dose-dependent sensitivity of malaria mosquito (Anopheles messeae) larvae with various inversion genotypes to the entomopathogenic bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis

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Dose-mortality relationship of entomogenous fungus, Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. against mango mealy bug, Drosicha mangiferae (Green)

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Dose-response relationship and irreversible obstructive ventilatory defect in patients with consumption of Sauropus androgynus

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Dose-response relationship in the microbial suppression of Sclerotium rolfsii by Trichoderma pseudokoningii, strain MTCC 3011

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Doses of herbicide Butisan S on fodder swede

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Dossier - desertification in Mediterranean environments

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Dossier on quality. 'Open house' in the food industry

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Dossier. Increasing the litter size of sows: present knowledge, possible developments and consequences

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Dossier. Precision Agriculture. Information technology

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Dossier: Christmas marketing

Anonymous, 1998:
Dossier: Protection of land resources in Mediterranean areas

Anonymous, 1997:
Dossier: architecture and tourism

Anonymous, 1997:
Dossier: certification: each to his own method!

Mallon, P., 1997:
Dossier: cinema and tourism: a marriage to consummate

Anonymous, 1998:
Dossier: environmental management

Anonymous, 1998:
Dossier: managing parkland trees

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Dossier: mixtures and companion trees

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Dossier: mulching in afforestations of agricultural land

Anonymous, 1999:
Dossier: naturism

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Dossier: our competitor, Spain?

Chaspoul, C., 1998:
Dossier: private management of public facilities

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Dossier: regeneration and growth of Douglas fir

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Dossier: the wood industry in the South Pacific

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Dossier: tourist accommodation of the future: forecasting, it's not science fiction!

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Dossier: travel guides

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Dot blot hybridization for diagnosis of rabies virus in animals

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Dot enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of antibodies to canine adenovirus-1

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Dot immunobinding assay for detection of mite antigens in house-dust samples

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Dot-ELISA for detection of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in broth media

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Dot-enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of canine adenovirus type-1 antigen

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DOT-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DOT-ELISA) for evaluating IgG antibody avidity in toxoplasmosis

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Dothistroma needle blight of limber pine in Montana

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Double aortic arch in a Siamese cat

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Double breasting technique for residual cavity in hepatic hydatid

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Double calibration (external calibration and stable isotope dilution) for determining selenium in plant tissue by hydride generation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

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Double cross maize hybrids produced with lines improved by gamete and backcross selection

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Double diffusion treatments

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Double fertilization and seed formation of Calycanthus chinensis

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Double sampling for stratification: a forest inventory application in the Interior West

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Double tyres save the ground

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Double-strand break-induced recombination between ectopic homologous sequences in somatic plant cells

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Doubling profits for trade

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Downer cow syndrome: the role of metabolic disorders

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Downloading distribution

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Downy mildew control: notes on the occurrence of fungicide resistance

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Dracunculiasis and onchocerciasis

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Dracunculiasis surveillance

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Dracunculiasis surveillance, 1998

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Dracunculiasis. Certification of eradication

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Dracunculiasis. Certification of transmission-free status

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Dracunculiasis: report of an imported case in the United States

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Draft animal power and its research in Ethiopia

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Draft guidance on the calculation of predicted environmental concentration values (PEC) of plant protection products for soil, ground water, surface water and sediment

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Draft of primary tillage implements in sandy loam soil

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Draft power requirement in hill farming

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Dragonflies (Odonata) as bioindicators of environment quality

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Drain envelopes

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Drainage basins-the only way is up! Actions aimed at improving the quality of water in Brittany

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Drainage for the 21st Century - policy issues and strategies for emerging problems

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Drainage for the 21st century in non chernozem area of Russia

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Drainage in Japan

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Drainage systems in the Segura river (Spain)

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Draught force prediction for narrow tines

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Drawbar pull characteristics of the four-wheel-drive and the two-wheel-drive tractors

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Dreamtime mountains. Towards a philosophy of nature-related sports

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Drench application of Neemark and Nimbecidine against root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita of okra

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Dressing of pea (Pisum sativum L.) and soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) seeds with bacteria antagonistic against pathogenic soil-borne fungi

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Dried and preserved ornamental plant material: not new, but often overlooked and underrated

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Dried green and purple lavers (nori) contain substantial amounts of biologically active vitamin B12 but less of dietary iodine relative to other edible seaweeds

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Dried imitation cheese for pizzas

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Dried milk product Laktan in the feeding of young male cattle

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Dried mix for milk shakes and ice cream

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Drift reduction using different nozzle types

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Drifting behaviour of drones of different races

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Drink milk - feel good: motto at the International Milk Day

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Drinking water hygiene

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Drip irrigation in Israel

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Drip irrigation in a temperate climate

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Drip irrigation of strawberries in the Santa Maria Valley of California

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Drip irrigation or sprinkler machines for cucumber cultivation?

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Drive-by sampling of aliens across a rainfall gradient in karoo rangelands, South Africa

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Dromius fenestratus (Fabricius) (Carabidae: Lebiini: Drominiina) possibly established in North America

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Drop method as a quantitative bioassay method of chemotaxis of Aphanomyces cochlioides zoospore

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Drop size and velocity from fan nozzles

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Drop spectra for pneumatic atomizers at low discharge rates

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Droperidol/domitor combination in preanaesthesia in pigs

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Drosophila immunity: analysis of larval hemocytes by P-element-mediated enhancer trap

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