Section 4
Chapter 3,102

Early cultivation of cabbage. White cabbage, red cabbage and savoy cabbage at their best, but cover is essential

Rooster, L. de

Proeftuinnieuws 8(18): 33-35


Accession: 003101278

Nine white cabbage, 8 red cabbage and 8 savoy cabbage cultivars were compared during 1998 in Belgium. Cultivars were sown on 2 January, planted out on 17 March, covered with fleece, and harvested between 22 May and 18 June (white cabbage), 4 June and 9 July (red cabbage), and 26 May and 9 July (savoy cabbage). Bolting was a problem in white cabbage, especially in early cultivars (Elisa, Speedon, Farajo, Chacha and Balbro).

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