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Chapter 3,106

Effect of chromium picolinate and riboflavin supplementation on the performance and body composition of broiler under heat stress

Kwon, S.K.; An, B.K.; Kang, C.W.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 41(3): 311-316


Accession: 003105663

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Seventy-two male Ross broilers, 22 days of age, were assigned to 3 treatments, control, chromium picolinate 5 mg/kg (Cr) and chromium picolinate 5 mg/kg + riboflavin 10 mg/kg (CrRib). During the 28-day study, all broilers were housed in an environmentally-controlled room maintained at 34 degrees C. Feed intake and liveweight gain of the CrRib group were higher (P<0.05) than the other groups at 42 days. Feed conversion rates did not differ between treatments and began to decrease from 3 weeks.

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