Effect of cottonseed meal with shell + urea and urea on milk yield and composition in lactating dairy cows

Cerci, I.H.; Guler, T.; Ozbey, O.

Saglk Bilimleri Dergisi 10(2): 209-214


Accession: 003105967

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The effects of rations including 6.5 kg barley straw, 2.82 kg wheat bran and 9.82 kg concentrate feed containing cottonseed meal with shell-urea (PTK+Urea group) or urea (Urea group) as nitrogen source on feed intake, milk yield and composition in 8 Holstein dairy cows (2 month postpartum) were investigated. At the end of study, feed intake, milk yield and feed efficiency were 18.12, 18.14 kg; 14.16, 14.40 kg and 1.25, 1.30 kg feed/kg milk in the PTK+Urea and Urea groups respectively. DM, ash, protein and fat ratio of milk were 12.41, 12,61; 0.75, 0.75; 3.78, 3.80 and 3.58, 3.49% in the groups respectively. The differences were not significant for all parameters.