Effect of crossing local goats using improved sires of Damascus and Jamnabary breeds on slaughter weight and carcass composition

Mokhtar, S.A.; Kaschab, S.E.L.; Soliman, I.O.

World Review of Animal Production 31(1/2): 105-112


Accession: 003106018

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Eight Jamnapari x Aradi and 9 Damascus x Aradi male goats were slaughtered at an average age of 14 months. For the 2 breed types, body weight at slaughter averaged 34.9 and 39.8 kg (P<0.05), warm carcass weight 16.1 and 18.2 kg (P<0.05), dressing percentage 50.1 and 50.5, lean percentage 69.8 and 71.5, and fat percentage 4.4 and 3.7. Damascus x Aradi carcasses had more fat in the extremities (shoulder and leg) and less fat in the mid-dorsal area (loin and rack) than Jamnapari x Aradi carcasses. The weights of feet and liver, expressed as g/kg empty body weight, were higher in Jamnapari x Aradi than Damascus x Aradi carcasses (P<0.05).