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Chapter 3,107

Effect of different amounts of crude protein and metabolizable energy on the performance of Rhode Island Red laying hens during the growing phase

Rosa, A.P.; Zanella, I.; Thier, J.; Vieira, N.S.

Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia 26(1): 159-163


Accession: 003106603

From 6 to 21 weeks old 480 Rhode Island Red laying hens weighing initially about 350 g were assigned to 4 treatment groups and given to appetite diets with CP 14% (T1 and T2) or 16% (T3 and T4) and ME 2650 (T1 and T3) or 2750 (T2 and T4) kcal/kg. Egg production at 21 weeks old was greater in hens given 16% than in those given 14% CP.

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