Section 4
Chapter 3,107

Effect of different sources and levels of phosphorus on P uptake and soil available P in rice-wheat sequence under acid soil condition of Assam

Goswami, J.; Baroova, S.R.

Annals of Biology 14(2): 141-147


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-0153
Accession: 003106905

In a rice-wheat rotation under acidic soil condition of Assam, water soluble phosphatic fertilizer viz., single super phosphate (SSP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) proved better in the first crop rice, whereas the rock phosphates viz., Mussorie rock phosphate (MRP) and Purulia rock phosphate (PRP) registered superiority in the second crop wheat with respect to P uptake and build-up of soil available P. Higher levels of P up to 90 kg P2O5/ha applied to the first crop recorded higher direct and residual response. Direct P application to wheat recorded higher values of uptake and soil build-up of P over the carry over P irrespective of sources.

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