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Effect of ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps clareae Delfinado and Baker, on brood and brood activity of Apis mellifera Linn. bees in Himachal Pradesh (India)

Sharma, S.D.; Kashyap, N.P.; Desh Raj; Sharma, O.P.

Journal of Entomological Research 22(1): 39-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-9519
Accession: 003107175

The impact of ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps clareae, infestation on brood and brood activity of honey bee, Apis mellifera, was studied in Kangra Valley (Himachal Pradesh). The depressed, punctured and bald broods appeared when the mite infestation in a colony increased beyond 55%. The T. clareae infested colonies showed a decline in brood activity during the monsoon and post monsoon seasons.

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