Effect of foliar application of gibberellic acid on seed yield and quality in hybrid rice

Jagadeeswari, P.; Kumar, S.S.; Ganesh, M.; Anuradha, G.

Oryza 35(1): 26-30


Accession: 003107885

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Field trials were carried out to study the effect of foliar application of gibberellic acid (GA3 at 0, 25, 50, 75 or 100 g/ha) and spacing (20, 25 and 30 cm) between cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) and restorer lines on seed yield and quality of hybrid rice. There were significant increases in plant height, panicle exsertion, number of filled grains per panicle, percent outcrossing and grain yield per plant, but marked decreases in seed germination percentage, viability and vigour index, with increasing GA3 application rate. Spacing between CMS and restorer lines had no significant effect on these parameters except grain yield per plant. It is concluded that since GA3 application is inevitable in hybrid seed production plots, it should be applied with caution since higher doses are detrimental to seed quality.